Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1963 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1963
Page 25
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Help Wonted (Worn.) 24 t CASUALTY INSURANCE ',, . GIRL WITH BRAINS · · -ruiii *rpur ' 1" L 611MORE CO. 4I30AUANT1CAVE LONG IE1CM Help Wonted (Men) 24 WANTED 10 TELEPHONE SOLICITORS - fO« IONS BEACH GARDEN 6ROVE SOUTH BAY AND BELLROWER i'«-t-rp SPBtMC CSIVE. Monday Aartf lit OPENING NEW AREAS USING LATEST ' CRISS-CROSS TOP COMMISSIONS CASH ADVANCES DAILY WCH Full O« »«T TIME: III OFFICE NCAREST YOU OR IX YOUK HOME ALSO: N«ed on« rt Room Manager wim Mlin* cxocrieno car. SELIFLOWER: X71T4 CELL' * * f LOWER »LVO- »tt tONS BEACH 302 I, AKAHEUK. «··*- I5M GARDCM GROVE: TOST WESTMINSTER ILVO. KM. HI SOUTH «AY: W51J HAWTHORNE AVC-* RNL * Awiy »«m.fa1pm.t«o7Dm. WE DID IT AGAIN! THIS TIME WI SatCTEO IONS IEACH AS THE ID- CATION F01 GUI NEWEST IIANCH OFFICE. OUR ORGANIZATION IS MADE UP txcuisrvaT OF YOUNG MEN IS TO n. WE WIU EMP1.OY TWENTY SUCH MEN TO FILL THE EXISTING POSITIONS AT THE NEW OFFICE. THE YOUNG MEN SELECTED WILL IE GrVEN A GUARANTEE PLUS COMMISSION. INTHV1EWS Will IE CONDUCTED NIGHTLY BETWEEN S AND 3 7 f.M. AT 1109 W1UARO. ; LONG IEACH. ; BROWN SHARPE Automatic Operifor Swing Stoft Mult 1. £xp.n«nccj APPLY 1 A.m. to X PJUL ROBERTSHAW : FULTON CONTROLS LI. ILVD. at L.I. FREEWAY | BE ONE OF THE - FIRST 5 " · ATPVI · SEE AO CLASS 22 COLLECTION WGR. Hl'e ccmi der This posi* m to 6c the too ODDOrtumTy ta trie Southland tor * ^ake charge- man win finance exa. The ia:anr h It afl above Bie ever ace. Age 3S- 45. Hay w*. J*arry besctin. Cal Mr. Hat. LO AWT · ·· TUKE FINANCE Ca GOO Firestone Blvd.. Soutn Gate THIS IS IT National Corporation WiBi · newFy oVvelooed M e* aowaacJL. Company otters guarantee- profit Tearing; benus. Com- wny irts-rance. Na door to door. No phone soi.cmn*. For tntervew, - "*· "SHM ASSISTANT SALES MANAGER Ooet your e«ft cfflc* to I lo 4 ma. V you want fa wort, MOT- «u L. ·- i'vd-. Suite TOT ZSTt C. f*c. Csf. Hwy_ Suite »* Carpet Salesman ImmrdiatB eoening. Floor time. Best or* m Orange Ce. -CARPET CITY . DCFER! ENCEO WINDOW COVERING SALESMAN Venetian BflnoV-Traverw Rod*-- Wifidow Shactev- Etc. TAILOR OOVRN EYMAN) Steady wort, 53 weeki year, Wew store. Kif n S*Qre for V«n. Costa wtna. can WE fr-373*. ram tor work M Order Deot. Must ftave H S. education I able Hi start work immediately. ST2I per w*, CaH IV. $000* after DANCE teacherv *u* or part time 3* to J2 yri. EJCO, not rtecessary. We »i waia at Mm experts*. Aooty M person J to 1 a rrv » Mr. Fard. Fretf AsTalre JTudio. »ll C. Ocean, new. Frroar* lor fcsemtihf. e(*c- Ira mechanical «ss*mwy, tecftn C/TY TKAOE SCHLS. HE 7231 $CC AO CLASS C nevus Reprr*enTativ«. E *c* fieo 1 ecoorlbnrtv wit* to* pay tor ITw ngttt man. Ka onstrvKtion kptewi- ·CO* r*c. we ftriia, TE S-7IV1 TREE TRIMJWCeS CITY OF L01U KEAO4 ari «: aVMdwa* mm: ta 1 jr,E»-- Fufl ar fart T«ne. Soeciat route work, fro ra. MC. Excel, eararrg*. A0D*T HJ B-m. Ofl^T 10K C. Wardlow. AK1VXL. CONTROL OFFICER CUT CF LOm tCACH $m*fl an^mat cart era. (C RVtCE rafto* arvndarrf, E »· »«r:ence4 lun*-v« »r*te«. *e*er ence retjutretf. Acdr X33 r.oif- SERVtCC STA. *r*«nd. (Hncrr room, Comm. * C3* m* DDL C'JTiieWJ EmsfovmenT Aaener T« Elm. ler« ftcacA. Wt .-3i*1 JKASTtR tarMr wantfj IT 73 mo« Own 1 BJrt. n* Lakewoctf ttv* (Cor. iafcewdL a swamiv *3*- rw ALL arvuntf Cook. ITaTun cotem roer. To* waoev 5*e Otef, 7U E. Ftrestone- Hw4- Oownr*. m*t CHW*-. C*» r»»4J pe*w*«r n i T3:B. Arf for mr. wiTson LOCK.HCCO ELECTRONICS hcTpWoafedlMei) 2 NEEDED 6 SALESMEN T» r«'» tr« t^iJccf »**wT«f Oi«Tr«Te4 J*c?t^*«'» in Scu^er* CaHfftraio. A g t IS f* 4S. Na axperTene* ·ecttwry. We *3| Ha · f»*. Afpff wt pertan «nTr 1* Jap Clittr^Tc. Ciorfi Chtrrelet )7150LoVewo3d RW, BRLROWER I*V Wonted (Meal 2. r v AMBITIOUS MEN W« «r« is Mf4 ·! ·)·· w^« pou«u · fcumiltf rfc. ftir« t» fucctti. A ^r»- Ittslon*! circtf tpporfunity: blf«r« «bov« «w«r. · g« incotnt. tftfirrt M- u^r vJ ·J»l«cm««t (if 1 «1nt «nM}. To. CM futtlfr for *t'n tf. por+unltj 3 yc ( trn»rr l^c follew'fif ^Kici^pf^ei*: OVEK 30-Att HO At»l{( MAVt CA* HEAT APPEKAUCE WIU.IVE. HOKEST. MujtrxM S«t«s txp*ri«nc« l«tpM birf lot Btctttiry; wt wrl tr«;« qii4E^«j ptrum. AppT. OJ-IT AKCELES ABlf» MAUSOUUM BRANCH EXECUTIVE TRAINEE hot an average Trvining pro- fan» ... not an artfinar* lob. Thi» uniout Management .Trtift Ing ^roorara tono-« a wen- Manned comareticnsrve ichetfuie . . »fwlelei voa the test e Dortunltv 1o devetoa auickhr vrto a resoonsifaic euortive M ·- nance ... van von tuB ulanr while vm learn, with Mcrcasrt feaetf en your r«*t af eroarcu. Age 21 to 2», Mfnc ecMeg* pre- lerred, tiberat taianr. car allowance, M modera emplcve bene- HOUSEHOLD RNANCE CORPORATION ISO So. Grand Le» Xno« « SOLICITORS WANTED FOR THIS NEWSPAPER PART TIME OR FUU TIME. IB YEARS OR OVER. EXPERIENCED MEN WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR CREW MANAGER. APPLY 1011 E. IOTHST, 9:30 TO 11:00 AJX, M O N D A Y . THURSDAY OR FRIDAY. · · · e · .$ $ $ YOUNG MEN'S DREAM Start Immediately Tut i» a brand new adver- tsing prftrirn m wtiicfc men are needed to c*rt on lingle ·irtl. » VQV are a sharp »oun« man and can live en 1134.50 per week after deductions, and nave a sincere dnJri for pro- mot on and iteadv work, aoolv M 1717 tons BeecA » vS- CompTon, Suite 209, 11 a.m. ASSISTANT AOE 1* TO M Yourig fn-n to assist irtanaoer to Order Oetrt. MwiT be neat ao- fftftra able Jo converge t*v WJifletittv. no experience re- vulred. ST2» per week sararv ID trtDse wh» Rapid at vancrmenf to m«n »,?o ouality. CALL BETWEEN * AJU. and } PJJ Mr. KICiN , I7*066 · · · 20% FEES DrTrer, trtighi (3) -J2.85 MtcKama IfrucV) .»3JI Mechanic HcTpen . J2J Becfrie Arc WeWerj J2.9! 1 2 EMPLOYERS AGENCY 1507 E. AL.CNDRA COMPTOK RETIRED SERVICE MEN OR WOMEN Want to double your tncame? tf ran would ft are nest appear toff willing to work; kkita meet peoole, came hi A t*'* to v TBS n vour ooDonunitv to HV crease VQUT Income. Age ri n barrier, Ke wi give vro ft-amin -- ar reouirei Acpfy m person. AruGtLES ABBEY VAUSOLEU IttS E. CompTon KEvl^ Common. IBM TAB OPER. Eic11enf ecDortunitv for experienced 403 and eQ2 ecera- tor. must be aaie ta wire. ANCHOR-HOCKING GLASS CO. «SS E. S?nd PL t A 13 ASSEMBLERS ELECTRONIC fiesuno, wire prea. cvfrirg. etc. E»rm too o«v « 3-4 wks. ·.tST COAST TRADE SCHOOU See K C T V school ad el. 22. COLLEGE STUDENT Worn ing Hovrs Defivenr, S^ock I, M*irt, MIGDALL PHARMAC SPn Atlantic Avc^. VLB ELECTRONIC TECHUClANi Ta maint^n 1 cpera^c Hob radio locations t convnuntcaTions eoura. M^-vt be tree to fravef ; tiave Jnd class phone Ji cense Phone CE 3-^14 for aoDolntmeri VETERAN? »Ute4 er I rourg or T Stron ar ftialed? He«d · lab? See Mr. Strecker LAU1UDRT DRIVE « -- tVnaieiJ route, experienced. Rtiddieaeed man preferred. STcatfy work ttie OO*WtV CCW.VUNI LAUWDRT. Kt7 PtiiOK, 1 b so. ef frestone B=vd^ Downev Fu« erne. Atio A-l mechanic rrt Ji« 5 r» t TE S x U lS\E»V«:E II25C Les A amitoi IN*. PosHbn Wi4 Futir* A»Jirjnf stewartf to we--', w stuff Aporv Perionoef Dent. 'AMRASSAOOR HOTEL 3 MEN to sefl SI aopriantn ** aoo* eriry. Ma can«asS'n wee mm vorrnvy guar. Oaf I tten ro-noe GUARDS ·artfime 43 to XI. Uniforms fum. Harbor Aria, ».lm:ngton, Wrtti a» MU Atfawi Bivd^ Wilmjrgto*. *.·£ TtAJH YOU T9 ·m the RE. LteenM test L*! Prooertv -- i*1 Piaoeity * Wake S'DJOI 4 per vear. Car Kr Torer tar aooT. -A J7x?t SERVICE STATION MAN Excenenf to* ff ouadfje* m ftetrfiower livtf., ion* »*»cJ ExP. fere gn car mechanic, tfun W.^iT^^aiVTi; JOURNEYMAN BARBES ri»TT;»E. M* JrtJ SELL *w M:«»-«n Tcadi^na Kj OW». l»»Jl WMtf^J Hi^ts · mniiiimom. C«1 3SJ7I9I. jn. T«dl wriT»n - w.nm»*-t C*: Ir^nrci. ·» C. Vtmunt. Artf«ini ! fiCTOT KANCM -- ri» fK« irr ftienra «»-, 1M rj« F£«SIOME*. mm IUX1E V-T .. ff Waited (Meil 2 3 DEALS A DAY Dxnemic New **f-r*~~i fft-*«t $50 Deal · Immtfitlt Sil* JKar«v ffrcr iherl »-».-m C4T»d M'tyntB wifll FT^tnt- a*«. : 5 M. "tii-M 5 Mr. LM AtmM I M a MMJT *rt rridn 1251 Gaylord lt!p Wanftd (Meal 24 H Tl Construction !ns n sctors on California Water Resources Development , System Current vtcjndes locjfed pnnunly m the Centril ViJey of Noridera Cit- Forrui. Opporfuiuftei to worl on i'n« consfrucKon cl challenging long rang* C*E- FsrrJi Sfifc water proj- eci that wil cover tfie Sttte wHlt t svttera of djm, resenrom. canals, aqueduch, nj pumping planh to transfer wafer from border to border. OuaSfieafioni required: Rre yeart cl experienc* ' in field inspection or tu- pems'on en heary construction such *s dams, aqueducts, bridges, hm- nek. pTpeHnes, c a n a l s , p'ers, wharves, and roads. SALARY RANGE $590 -- $717 Applications accepted through APRIL 15. 1963 Write for application form or c*I in person: State Personnel Board 107 So. Broadway. LA. 12 MA 0-2790 YOUNG MAN TO ASSIST TOUN3 MAN NEEDED TO ASSIST WAN ASK IN LOCAL BUSINESS. WI DESIRE WAN WITH Hi EDUCATION. 11 TO 24 YIS. OF AGE. UUST IE NEAT IN AfPEAKANCE t ABLE TO START WORK IMMEDIATE- IT. CALL 436-1934 AFTE* 1 A.M. ASK FOR UK. SMOKE. SALARY J5S1 MO. Overseas Employment NOW AVAILABLE For Srof Wan. a to H. IM MAUJUT. CNLAIUD, SWITZERLAND. AUSTRALIA. SOUTH AKE*:CA. Large Infematienal Cora, tvcano fria its forwign DocratiDn. needs at enct S men ID answer our rx- lertslv* · monftit manasem«nl B-ain«e preoram. PoiiTiom of JiSOOT to I?COOO wm M avinatlf lo mnt who Quality and arv «·- Kcfed. saianr, ect. »in M «.»- amea at tanf'dennal interview. Cal HE 7-1501 BAKERY ROUTE SALESMEN $54S AVTRAGE PROFIT F£» MONTH Si5 n t;30 prolit oer werk wtii teamino. Harking caoiTal necw sarr want to t« your awn o?st Do V39 TiXc ffic ctiailens* of nakinB success vour eoat. Aop v Anon, mm Fru IS am. ME I-IMO 2iM E »T» ST. 1 1 GOLDEN KRUST BAKERY ATTENTION ALL SOYS n Y8S. AND Vf. A FEW COOO rATINC AJO5NINS ffOUTES OPEN m AREAS. PCM TO DCfAH »LVO. AlAMITOS TO 77KO Fl. CALL IWDtPCND- tlT. HE *l»l, EXT. 29. AUTO SALESMAN Oltf ntabKinetf «rm das opening tor ftww 1, U3C4 Car Salesmen -- TOI» COWM_ IKS.. CENEFITS. ·AID VACATIONS A HOITOAYS. APPLY l» PERSOM ONLY. SEE Wff DALT3N OR MR HYCER. J f. tAMERDIN PONT1AC Ot N. LONG tEACH BLVO. cowpTon UVEV/IRE DRIYER-SALESMEN WANTED NO AGE LIMIT NO INVESTMENT SEE UR. MOSHrER 1401 w urn sr L · BE ONE OF THE FIRST 5 ATPVI . SfE AO CLASS 22 SALESMAN New in*d c»n. fi» t«s*rr«nci needed, ft* !T*IM voo trc«. C«ni ·nil* wv p*«t-» flrom 1st o*y. UB to siKft tna^Muit t« n «r «iorr. l» ». 1.1 llo*.. Cemwo. REAL ESTATE SALESMEH »I50 WEEK DRAW Hartf ·rorttrs need anv aatfv Ha rracr. r«c. «v. Rjiatr V.E 43E5: Hi 1 rul . * IBM TAB i W1RIN * Traf* now-- PAT LATER Ca! Tf4« Sdiooli - HE zn SEE A3 CLASS a i Serv. Sfafion Mechanic 1 t«rabt« man v~manaoenaf p» -. stnt^al. Sal. * permanent! oos ton. CU WoooVwft. Lahrwoo*. ACf «3 lAKRiER »n IfS DEMAN9! EARM 17 H* BE 1CT1 MS I. 7m. ME SCO: FULL TIOE t FAIT Tl«r£ ^ Fvtler ITCH C* TE t *7S C HUSHES AIRCRAFT . CAM YOU SEU. TOURSELF? I HerpWa»ftd(Mfil 2( DRIVERS WANTED Job Security Full-Time Good Earnings Diamond Cab 1444 SIR HUICISCO elpWoBfeoMMtil 24 Help Wonted (Met) lit LCMNIC1AXS INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT SERV!GEM. A ~ K I ' Must bt ftmtHar wlrh n- diafrial insfrurr.enfafion, pyromtfrtci 4 fesf »qwp- ment. R«|twej goed «r.«- cXarucal i « l e c f r i e a l baclgrourj. Worl »s pri- m*r3y at eutTomer loc«- Tions. c CONTACT L R. BI6BEE PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC COMPANY - 4230 CHALET DRIVE Bel Gardens SPruc. 3-2020 A» (gual CCDoriun:r» EraKvtr YOUNG MEN AAA-I CO. NOVv 1 HIRING ACES 11 TO S 3 Depis. Open Camoanv trairuna, $480 Per Mo. tf au^rifirt «t Dcrunaat kitervi*,*. 43-I209 MHRIC PERV3NNEL AOEKCY FREE IUYER Elasncx njter _fcMCB WELDIN «ur«rvisor . USD PROO. foreman, sheet mvtat va METAL liners "A- O _tt-ll fcr. TEST ledl oneumatifi . 1500 TRAINEE. m. COB. nor. SCS DBAFT^UAH « K5H ACCCC cl«. I im. Cod tos FEE TRAINEES. 14 rrs. COB. .fc 143 CHEMttST. IT. las eXD. S500 STRUCTURAL t*« esrimaror S7tx PLANT ertor. flauROrv S6SO r:« t 7m. LI CE '-(CM RNANCE FIELD Manager Asst, Mgr. Eiorrrcnct In loan A finarrcr field M C*l!fomj*. P» d VKition. S-Bav w«*, B»id tnsurjnct. other co. bertfiti. S*l- ·rv oven. Bv ccDoinTmcnt onlv. CA 4^74 R E V Q L U T I O K A . I V DfVLSF IN T.FACH1MG HAS CHEATED OPtW- IAANENT POSITION) WITH 1M- TeRKATtONAL CCNCERX. Mo txpericrrc* neoKMnr. We wm fr« n von for «n(jir«ct Sain «nd Public Reijticm wort. UttJ mitrt ODDorlimjt:«5. FOR IMTEKVlEW APPLY f* E- MARKET ST. TUE A*f VpV^SHAmp^ PART-TIME COLLEGE IAEN PEFCVREO 9:30 A.M TO 10 A M 1 MONDAY THRU SATURDAY US. wav»l Station C«t« 1. B:.5c 46 U n. tret to irivcf Wn^ra St«m and rtfursL AMvt ·wtr«or t*n»- kfiBS to ll*rt *« *·»·» vou. Tr*rrv oortation fui-nishett Set MTV Ra*bourn. KtacfcsTont Hotel. 10 a.m.* o.m. S h*nd niilen, stripper 1 D«tche1 A* B REltrPER5OhiEL~AGEl. S Ct 715 Long Bereft Blvd. Suit* »12- Timrt BidQ. HE S-"3t7 r*»» me *.E- lk*m*4 tpfi -- Lfsl PtTOerrv -- Sett Prooe-fv -- *U*f VOOOO + t«r v*»r, Cal fAr. N : ctiol-son, HA S-TaC*. PhysTdarvSurgeon 1MO. pirTical practice Anaheim. Wr t» kKlu*nfl uraone. to P^X Bex IV S WV£N tmmed. tor food rout« bt Van Pedro, film, «nd Torr*nc«. fuH or pt. time. Herd car. Ajao V a.m.. n* Wilmington Bftfl. eating tfioo. JuUrsf be ttiorounti!* exa. See Kr. Love. Fedn-W Sreet. 1S50 Canal A^e., Lono Be»cft EXP. CAFETERIA COOK Hlon-*rtfiker. Appty kn penon. W71 Pai» Verde Lone Beacft ·nT. pmsicner accessed. £4 W. WirKftor PL PART Time ttS9 *r* comolp*« re- Kir CaJibriTTe of L 1 m, B^owrv vlor trnfrunreirts. Pit, CA J-597S PART time 21-CX S evev ft Sat.. L- B. aria, to wkhr. guarantee fo irrart TW 7-59S7. t B m. to 1L PAST Hme. 1100 to 1158 wk. USfl reouired «· car. We ram. Bon A HUT, In*.- Prea- Telegram. WANTED-- 4_rCE NJSED mSURAMCE ACHT INTERESTED IK P A R T - EJCr*. jervlci it*. Attendant. Mectl tncrined. 3» C. ArtrW*. See Paul. SliOO TO CCOO montTui* tor top »alevn*n. mTyvKw Mon. tttri Frt. 30 ».m. 2»33 East *na*em. CAiuVASSCRS -- House to ticnn*. Bltfo. Canrr«e?3ri. W«*.fy guar. + commt S Bay wee*. MXITH IAAM 4 wife ctert. Liquor store, Sober, tonert. Fvrm. «ot. * ularv. TE JOSH. BUY BONOS MA* AGE ft Trainee. Or»enr Srwe. Age 2*3*. AccTv 53 Pine Avf. EXPERIENCED Servtct Starion ar* tentUnt. 3401 OUWTT. Help Wonted (Meg) 26 Manufacturing COST : ESTIMATOR |mm«Jii*« epen'ngi ti'iN For · Manufacturing C«xf btiTrafor w'rfr a mmTmum el S years* erfer'nncf rt mHi- Fttry tVctrenlci if eT a « 1 r f. rrefereflce »-l b« f'vti fo canJiJaf* wrrit eiperTeitca a« foHowrr * 2 flan m torf e\f- tr*;fj on CPFf CieJ prlc* aiJ fTrre »t i trt*. tena? eofrfraeH. ' I yeen HI reTafeJ fnarT.(fae*.inn9 feTA el Uart-ufactur'ng Enj'n* erir j. 1ni.n*r"al £»- Cineerlng er PracSjcfToe 1 Lig^term« r ln«*rstaf« locafeJ .· Orange CavR+y In a fcroai prodltid tine M reftge «ntr»- -1 menta^ctt a«J eFen plttt- -j an* wrrei.rT.inTigi a«J fc«n*- 1 1 f h CO -rp** * t'« »'^» i» r «fv , atrt ·t-pTor^" rt i For More Infonrvsticn f Visif or Contact T C LJ^fltf nr 0 C. Hoe|ter» Personnel Off.c* MA Ml 71 or FSt 2-2222 INTERSTATE ELECTRONICS COKPOB.AnON (09 E. Vcrmesf, Aiakeim ' Aa aouaf apporl^^» cmD*cvcr SALES TRAINING PROGRAM Mtto ouatttted r-ea M t« j foa aaf^arvji ruinL/acturers at addjng aiacfiinci. caJcv laton. ar*g cash revsters. 3 la a avwms .rainirg vr«- ·rountf Requires 1 year of DIRECT CLLIKG EXPERk EKCC. Saiarv antf exoens^s wiiite )· vaiM^a. Protev.-tr tout and com- »any benefits. tra *Ing e*w*J'feJ will ea^v UOCB »a Stfl.000 Year. wifB eooortynjtv tor »4venca- For m*ormjtroii er A0ixrin1rrwnt All HARRY WILLIAMS HE, »CXS VICTOR Comptometer Corp. 1324 PINE AYE Long Beach SALESMEN Need a P«y R*"ne7 Matt Mort Meney Now FULL Ot i»AIT TIME EstabJIsft voursetf · a ttriirh* career and make real money. Sea Famous Kjiaee Shon. L-A Ware- heuse. We *ve, yo»» ieii* *-jnun«, Comoiet* line. Big dairy cocrtnv,,- *ort» * liber,** bonus. Wew security be^eijr .nsurance plan. Con pieit s-lling kit fumisned t-ee. SEE X R. COOPER. DISTRICT SALES V. AM ACER. AT ur "Sf3LSa?V L ·· FRIDAY. APRIL $T« BETWEEN X ft 3 30 *.U- SALC% OFFICE. 307T W. |TH ST. t- X Ptwre OUnfcir.1 1-4J72 Management Trainee A^merieafl btvestment Corner*, titm is setting an aiert aoBrn- ^ve man in rua for manace- Reouirements: Age 21 flirouot. 21 At least a tuon schoot eAxation. wininoness to wort ft toarm. Car reowtretL Exgerienc* kn consumer fce'^tS? bSf not "regufrel. IC * * Wl Cerrtad Mr. . E. Beaucftarno ""·"ffiiw, 1 -*"* JU 7\ Men Over 19 Ta deliver Coffee Vaktrs ft make adverting'avt- Ears $1» per week lo Hart. Aaory 10 a.m. stum, er 2 a.m. ·fww- .I 71 ' Long teach ftvO.. Suite ZM. Cometon. WHOLESALE ButriOutor wanted tor Long Rcacb by naionaffy known ·nanufactxrrer of houMnoltf and cosmetics (inc. Qualification. Sue- cmTu! riousa to-hotn* eoerience and ability la team to rtcnjit and Ira:* oraier orBanizatlon Unvsual erooortunity tor au^.f.ed man to a wofiTela bvurrtis of K s own. FtKme L.C Tomekins, S6^7.0« or wnre Raw lei on, Oeot, ·TO, 30* Adeline, Oakland TRAINEE Associates scevnt Corg^ a ·at on v:4e finance Company fcas eoening fcir trainee. ReautremenTs are: AOC sva, tn-oft school arai, ·am* calleoe prefer red. Exceirent eccorhmi Ties tor atfvancemenL AAatiy Carncarry benetits. For at Entment call CA « 866*. Mr. rk:t. STEVENS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY fcuning MadL A _,, S12S + Tun-et La^n A SJ 00 Kand Saw. tree hand . _ ttTi Purtcft Prns. It. exp yg. . »T «9 nriSo.LB ftj. Onotn. VE 1-5191 ^r SALESMEN '· Ooenmg In Long Bead) arta for toa fljo?rt men to sell a business service to sm*n busmeue*. Salary and comrrtiajtm. Complete fra n- Irt^, Hi SCHOOL grad: krajnea _ IX) CHEM.ST. degree, U 3 SSO CENEBAL leffoer accounrt*rt. degree, lite ezo . BQV 3*3 tSOC HARBOR EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 1IOW.Oceef.Bl»i.HE2-S993 WE NEED WEN For Factory Erancfc M t.t TRAIH. fCH »PFOI«iT. PH. ^rnt GOLDEN WEST PEBSONVEL AGENCY It FINE. KM. TI4 He 7-C5CI IUKY FINE CPtl'KCS STATION AHENDANT Local exa. prrf. CHEVRON STATION nsn Las Alamitos ftivi at St. Cloud era* ga~de*nng end m^-ntrn ante · day wt. hiferylews 1 to 1 p m les Artos Onve la Theater, 2SOI Bellrtower Blvd., Long Reich, OP£«ilN tor counter sa'nrran Wrtding ft tnckntnaf eou omen tfjstriftulor. txper. »ref. Prrm» rrent. Emolove tenefitv 1*2» W FRY COOKS _ .. --US-Ill th r CHEF _.. Oper Ka deoniH: tm 15% of Tst ma C ·»!*,*"» Employment Agency 114 Elm, Long Br-cfi HE 7-2TT MEN-- Wear and sell corns irf'y orv eetectatle tiair pieces. Fun w frarl time. Revolutionary. "Tony." «*-3r». PRESSERS. SPOTTERS, V A t K F R C O U N T E R S . EX P. KARBO" CVFAKERS ASSM, 2S2 U B TOUWG inen. 113S. Perm, Sartr career. C«. benef t-t car fyrm. s? »k, ouar. Start »mTTT-d. SERVICE STATION MAN Mint be exe. * brakes ft tune ue OowT* Shtn. T» C. Pac CiT Hy TERMITE CONTROL hTicedw-Sarewriwt. PTrrrtv ttadi SALESMEN Too frvn onty. f am 1330 t*r vk tro Ph. tor acuf, F*rr*n CA JOCT 'vvji^^^ararFiJ-isr feTpWaattdlMea) » C YOUNG MAN £ 19 TO 26 targe Corporation wW tmctov ·Max* »^l» ax.Nk M« ***·»«-· ·· ·* oanduct bu.ur«i» .nteryiewk. E«- 1 * r ** 11 - o^*..**"*^ *i'*ry* Tt * "· ' Can Personne.. f a.m. lo J BJB^ r K.I *-ATH. K y AIRLINE « flllM t (TOUK tow. JUI to tote vtula «a^iift« Classct t«'« Urtlrw SciwoiiVacWitL t«l SM M Can a rltta Waited 27 " UAl ESTATE - * SALESPEOPLE i Wt Viav* ecvnings tor l aggressive , Rtal Estji* Pacs^ Mf atraid 10 1 vort. Ear* more and leara more botxrt plan- none berter. Ask tor ] TO V7291 - HA 54*21 1 OBAN REALTY. INC, TEACHERS rwedetf for lumber i*ort. C»TI i Mrs. Jofmson. TOoai »-tt33S. CUTRIBUTORS .VANTCO. Party I 1 an CXDFT. h*ip*jf to mtrvduc* ROWN JEWELS at .n« KLTCH- C 4 Y cleaning ewenence -- pressers. seamstresses counter B^rti. 1129 Attanhc Ave.. LI Property MoaogemeBt 30 WAKT exper cpi«- manaoe 17 vniTv *Kf3Jar. Some majrrternnce. Fur*. SBie., ut'L CE M71 after IB a.m. COUPLE TO MA* *GE \9 fU*N imiTS. -SEAR KE:» CtViC CENTER. PLCK.ERT RLTY^ HE M1O Work Wonted 3) (Wemea) LO* CASH RATE FOR WORK WANTED CLASSIFICATION A* a Dutilic service, ffie Woe- pendent. Press- Tiir,jr am otters a *aw caia rat ot J2c cer line tor adsv to be »iac*d In ft* Work wanted Cassjtication, Pl*c* your ad at nv of our offices: OCnMslTOAN *tti ft Pint BELLFLOAEft *O E. Belmonf CAROtM GROVE _ m ^ 9t£i Garden Grove »'vd- LAKEWOOD SDi* Facurry tokA Cook, ctk- tvoirt Car. CE 1*1 -T3 LAOY de»:'*» «ay wort kftoru FrL ft Sat. Every either Thurv Can »tter « *.rtx 2frUei. EXCa. Irorung HE 2-0025 l ROM ING « my feome. »TJ3 tw. Keat ft Int. ^*nt. IRONING, GE 9-7804 '~6eT"ijTi« ft Pameer. U1* S-7DG. MS«.PR.*URSEomcanio«i tor 1 or t attum. Drive. «3»«7L HEAVY cleaning, window*, e/a is. etc, Cef. Can ME *3CSt aft. 1 a.m. PRACTICAL, furs*. Rets. Eloerty pret. Live to- HA S-*** KURSE-- Prac. EfTlcienf kind, ta- C*J ft rH. Live aut. l*£ *KW 190B Juniero. «33-35fl IRONING IK UY HOME, SI HR. GA 7-CtTX Can anvhrr*. *h«lper. GA 7 XX; KE «-*Z3a. PRAC. nur»-- Refined, Y*«rs f»x. FHAC, r.ur»e. Loc Caoae'e, Reti. Yrv e«B. OrX retv HE I-CTT. RELIABLE woman »arH Jou«- war* ty day ar «****. TE V?9?1. Rcfs. HE imX KEAT IRONING. VtC O* STnd ft Cherry. Tr* CA 11077. Work Wasted 32 Mn CHAUFFUER. Would like to tfrve for eioerty tatki if you Mve a car, x days a week. Pnone KOVlfcG. having, gar* tr«rt ft tot ciean DO, ttouse wrectmg. Tree DAM-- THE HANDY UAN Cean m. fc*utmg Tree work. Odd tobt. GA J-ES4 er «3 36«7 CARPENTRY, recairs. roofs, fmcn, windcwi. plaster. Free est GE CERTIFIED itvarn liner. Ytars of excer. m*interiance. Write Ind. Press-Teieoram. Box V US*. CARPENTRY, an reDAJrs, rougrV fintsft can:rwtv ou»lty «ork. PK *U*« tncfined. .wanti steady work ME »4237. MAM, acre 54, wwJi bob to Hauor stori. tart time »r fvfl time. CE t 5792 L B MAW 22. 4 children. Pckua .ruck. WeeA work. Call Cl -3117. ta-FT. »ir. »!e* V» T. pickue, Travi or household. Re**. 43»tiSi HAlTLlrVlG. lite moving. R««. Have pickup. GA 4SJOS BONDAELE wmrg. cemertl ft »ar* work, cu-rk, rr**c- reas. S6SO63S CEKtRAL HOME REPAIRS LET GfORE DO IT, GE f46Sfl CLEAN davenports ft cfiairs, w * PAINT INO-Brvsn. roll ar sarw. Long Ben. ft Lk.d. Ref. GE ««H] tE. electrenici tech. ft wrtter. Some caot«l. Mew op* z*s«a MOVI-NG- ft Hauling. Garaoe. tot ft trasH cteati UP. GA *-»?» CALL ROY DORO 1 *- WO JOB TOO SWALL HE 71735; GA 753 LlHT fcau!ing-grr*ral cWjnuo 13 we GA I-.SW HAVE nc^^wji^w- PART Tl^E work. Painting, yard, cteaning. artv fll i rt». GA J-rTftA fclAht Vb'ANTS JAKlTOR WORK VERY REASONABLE. CA THW CARPENTRY, ouai t^ed dcoenflsfi'i ·nvttiifig wool «**s. GE *M9T Work Wanted 33 rMe*. itMTtm m your »rea. t»tt strg S'ock Factory. Cler-cal. »*c, Part Time -- Fi*n Tirr^ AIRL1KE SCHOOL PACIFIC CaK *^-TIZI your autv ft fiowev Reas. F*-nl ino. 35Jnii L4evfK«tj i^"n- Only* HAPPY HRS. DAY NURSERY Age* 2 tu .CnJergartea t A *L to f PJH. Trama. avail ATotner^ care Homrii*e atmcv priere Rn. CE f 1077, Su"-et Bcti The mdepe^Je"t. Pre^s Te rvar" ·ycammends m»r a" -e^rentrs M caretyrry cnekid rw*tf.rfl t-ey s !Tfia «rd c.ra ·· ·*-*»» ct* M%- *-· RFLTABLE tfay care age M y^r Fence* v«- Rrfs CE ASTCI TMFA.NT ft C*i^ care. DM «r *M^1 ^me. Fenced y*. a~a ST.9 ! GOOO care w *f ttome. Day or 2* Nr. ca-^. CS-TSit. L«4 ·'ta KelpWeattd 27 Help Woated 27 IMem. *»m«i) (Mca., Warn**) EUIUCHG Offers a Ceree REQUIREMENTS: · A "Bimlndj" rfnVe t« k worl full te. · Acfv* reef e-.+«*e Rca*i.« ·enact. BENEFITS · A fetJIrff *e.T«Vafcnsed oa^an. SALES VCXUVE LAST TUI. per tfey. I rfairi per veek · A troJan prgteuToflal ap 9 fwsV. Over SSO.OOO efired-Kiai? prcgrarn i* ffig · "rVcf^-iar'ra;" tenirt p!«i ct ia.ouo per year. · Crtoic* of LatfvocdT, Les Gard'tN Greva, Anefce'm, .orl M. !ADER r INC. r in Real Estate ·fcov* »**Tt9« and* wMTirj t» BT -TTHfj f« enroll M real ei+»^» ·rowrtd^ my!fpT«-«ffTe« erja*- UP 11% OVIR SAUE rclKDO ftlr.f proyam, 4 from of Kneel p'vi "per*cn*r* a^ttrtion. prcacV ·Tpleriit) l*t fart.4 »eft- par jraar m adveTfUTngw Largest OmfaJ S*«re» for TsfTngs. · f» taTvsTc* w^g e»** «· arcen Arros. Lotf leacV. Wntmnfar. VTarte* or luefa Parl grrTce* to Far farMtd. CorMcituri litcrritw Cell Mr. tub ME 3-5133 of GA ,3-6476 :or*ofCHdrei 33 B » OftL£H!U.-- « vtart' ti0*r«nct. C SUM. ^icKu* nn»gt avtllabJc. 1171 Otl 1C* Av,. PK. 'I IXU ·rtjp. il] »or mol».T«it lartel l« «fo.l randlTion. SJn 2. NA VV27 liseeCoaeeotWoattd 6) V*nf Tli* Higgles* Prices? U« n««4 ranors. rvfrla. washers ·ONO-S STOVE WORKS KE tw« MI East on S OPEN K01I. Th£j SAT. CAS1 FOR YOUR STOVE CE «2«1 UT oil russ. *»fv ·unutum. Ckaii tar. Haul Eras*. GA 4-3*31 UNOLE newseaDcni. f^ct oo st*. »t. ran Rn ar anr. HE tXH "Si sn^'Sj *" ptv °TM ( - daclinery and Toots i5 mixm, eomciei* MIHJO. Rtasoit- abi«. »»«rs» »rtf s P.M. Mot'rl HoaoTg Equip. i tOWN MOTOR -- K» fc- eaoacilv. FORKLIFT -- 2K fc, COCO CCK- OITION. PK 26441 2$ POLA COLOR Polaroid Linj Camerj COLOR RLM IS HERE and we kave ffl And the cameras Vat inaki beautiful color pictum. cavE m TODAY «HILE THE SUPPLY LAST I! Jlftanv Other $oeCar» an photoar aortic Eontnment CITY PHOTO l7l9£.AMVV m HE 5-8923 Foam Rcbber 71-B SHREOOE9 FOAU IB. tj»-3»C - UPHOLSTERY TtoKICS From ?»c ra. HA'JCAHYOE t PIAST1C LEATHERETTE CEMNANTS from We rt. TWIN IIE 4" VStTHANE FOAM WAITRESS $14 M FASRicvSvtr~K» roll to ctioosa from. lankam^carA tVtlcomMt ACME MATTRESS FACTORY lm EAST AKAH^IU · tana e«acn CEf-nn KSCmtarUT -- Teefl^ JLart 1 1*1 · Pnt*V BESI TILt MAM, Tae.u A*r« I |%I r °3» T romera, SoppCes AS 1 BUT ·'0*]' 5 ctoiSoL* at ritficutoiv* to« vncn. ML a .CUP.Y PHOTO Iff* Lane. «*»c* tlvd. HE MMO! 1 4HccQaaeo9S for Sole 72 TRASH CANS DELIVER ua wrfflms--na to* n sman. pwr. anow, shrand U. Ooen *ai 4 rnv A Sun. SDC1 Oten-ir CA MbU OK SALE-- Pcrlidl keer pox, converted for I fcras. Complete w fl» mafrDnt ft aortaoie affw nation. Valued at «t.4S4 W 1 * take 1500 *5fc. Mint Mtl tmmeij a*err, Cetv tact Terr* A«anei« at Cl-CCt STEAU ctearxitrfl fnachinei. 1 IM] movrrted an TK» W«CM aickkro, t It 3* mounted 00 ITS- ft steam fteig.tteam tunt. nSCft- rS£O BUILD1N WA It HALS-Lumer o*.m, BHvwl ( .Mjrrteifra LONG BEACH Fvxe ft Ma-erial. UM E Anvwim SI CE l«l.Cf AO'A'ERL tawv knivn. etc. tiar e^ed TrasN cam. f ertilli«r%. OLOUP, ran-* way bed witn oootf lorire fined «n*Ttr»-a Exdt. CDTV a:ten. KS JE 7-263.; _ANVAS work, wijrine or eommt Tarcne tor arrv me. Bit- Rite SaitRUtrrs. UO V. lllh. HE l-*£4 V OTHES eo»es. Ranawav ft pulley ties. ImlaMina, recair, rt'ine. m E Kartrt CA 1MJ :HROWE »»cn-n wt. « cna-rs. Cootf conitfion. tT7J(L TiTtwr bail set. V, TO J-7467. T-AY GROUND eouip. Creative HO ·alvanind school tvoe. Cham ink S*Jv mauf. reiedk. Cc. fcE »*il r CABINETS-- Frvni rv ta a*. st»jr In* smt too ft kink. 430 A*. tantic. Suit* 15 CA 74VS3 Ct RAVI (C TlLE-SVc so- ft. ft oa . CERAMIC TILE CENTER *ru LB. Brvd. HE 1 fcO CANVAS, fiwjgatryoe by Vie yard. Taroi ft reoair. Pararnount Sale*. tUO] Paramount Blvd. L B ar Bondolas, adlintab-e *fie'vt» M aood cord, wrerles*- st*nlr«.v, MS. Winfeld cAtia. US aow. Oi r- Vl J-CVT. W.H1TC baby bed ft m«rrmv Good WEB COR tramfiltjt- tare recorder. CHAVBLtSS CRAKtC SOIL Extra RICH. MELLOW CE i-Oll ELECTRIC add. mach. W key. t9 column, Wi CE MatJ HIOEABEO. til, e«« din. set, crw. tble. ft ctin. m ic. HE tVtal IT* S-nL tat. fnodet TV. Like rrw. W table ft aerial. CE J-U3f 4 PR. DRAPERIES ft VAt-AMCES. S.^. TO 7 -!*J KEVER set of 2*nt Crev Wes^emt. ylHceDoQccni for Soft 72 ftVTCI ffat!o«i touiDwienL PV e)u*r* ti.iri Ftyln« X .wa Afla«. nc. NL»: B«r«nr cnavW. · ft n-vott; Huntr w»ye ^ 5* r *?g!ri e^t~extwTete;"lir.: "^5eidaVi!"*n? · Nau9iM« * tta+f*r,+4e COM O-rf-Jlc ft, 54" W«ft {Value* t» d-- Aut» fc^nl Mat Ctvert IrttaCed *rt« . W*t S*Wr. XSI C. Sm ME e-TTO NEW TRASH CANS CALVANIZEO ft STEEL L*ed cans. t*tt ft fiber. A-1 XCl Lor* Beadt B'vtf. CA A3I14 BRAKE REUNE-- $12.95 Labor. Lining · »,OCt mile »*·*-. OouTi Sftet, }QB C Pae. Cst Hv. la «. Funwnire. clothe*. lo«- mi»- ceilaneoui tterrr*. 3S3I Twcter Lane. Let A:*mttm. C£ WS43. desk* ft cfiaJn. Paramount Safe*. aQOO P^ramourtl B'vfl^ L.B. Eoucrno TABLES REKT-BUY Slautv-- Refaxacrsor -- VA. Beiti Sa:c« VIVTV HE VK-t CC *-31tf LEC fange, refrig., washer, en* tablet ft lamps, rwv-rrte. ACsc. TRASH CANS DELIVER Ct »»m can Sm. zx) E. I7m Wrought Iron S Glass Oiniiif s«t. IT2J. CC Itt7 · BRAKES REUNED Tiserrt. TAX E. m. HE nei UTIO SJU-E until Easter -- Out- Brown bov't ILI» U ctamino, t^c- a-brac. fnifcM. 1700 Nlaolc. B*nflr. IKATTR£$S rmovatrt. veur cover. gft^iT""'' F1 C, t«R!t- ·COMPL. Bearoont «-». Maole ft UJTOO. Retng, ft Stovt. SJVI ftarrrut. Wt incL power *ois. an tood condL Vrrv rtn. CE 13464. 3HO» F. «lu ard. 17J Sa AmertCM., 3*4 E. 4m. HE J-OTl Cost tnudi more. 43A-S02 PV YWQOO LOW LOW PR tCE S BAUER lit Redondo CE 4-2S17 UK-K CASH tor furniture and arrbcuer WA S-U1S CLClrt window sraors tOX eft. Mason ft Tun 55«t Atlantic USED RUGS-- M t^n. S19 ft UC- 1I3S CTWITT. HE J-i.ra STAUFPER -- Mew reducing tflucft. Srl^ 1330, sac S*S. »Et»*^er 4-7*il SAVE 170. La-Voltcge Fatio ·*?!. Mew Sac. S3a V. 1 S3O. RUC 17»U green Sreadioom. ISO; tan. rlec. huVr. M. 43S-U3L ) lh ALL bctfs iprwioi ft man. Good eond. KW E. Ocean BU Act. ttl ttircv chairs. IBTTPV vicl. dishei* Frlo., frurrors, intlQuev Jlfl W. 4fti *E T or dr» botne box; *· a ter h fcfc. 11 lAanfia Or. Pft, 430-2507 CaD aa Eipert 35 Coll as Expert 35CeU ai Expert 35 Yoa Sue Time and Money When You (5AILH Af»1 'l?)X[PlfRT Asphalt Pa^ir.R BLACKTOP DHP SEAL DBrVEWAYS PARKING LOTS BRUSHCOAT-- NO THIW SPRATS Free LOW COST Cttimate GA 7SM3 er CE rr07 DRIVEWAY resair »erv.ce. an tvDes of awhart L toncrete wort. Free ertmat. SMflia Patin L Partrrs Idv Seat Coated JL1Y COLOR- PH. »3**TT. Auto- Pa in tin* Pa!rt. ITai AaJnuTc*. HE 7 2Sn BookAeepin* 5emce bus. JATL Fmiev. UK S-41*. * · PjcfciA Deliver. 433-7*1 t^a-YneiA euriman. RtM ratcv Paoe wt», ca.. iaif vtdondo. one. CtJsTOM cabmeti ... k itctten re- mooeMnv. Beas. ratn. ME 3Xtt Carpentry plumbino, elec work, wh*t liave VBU? Anv too. J*v. C2-BC7. "HOWE ttr!Drovttrent Jttjn"-- Re- rxxte, e«tr» raomv. ratio, e^raoe. ctosrfv cittinerv fen- fO-Wtr MO M» too vnail. R«avwjoe ra^ei- Famiry man. GA 1 M.51 CAflPENTCK, rtmotlrt aim iHehtie doors. Wan trvoct-eut CA J*07». CARP EWTER-- Remcfirt 1 recwr. Smal totn t u»c. C-E 7-**7T LlC*HT cabinet er cw^rnter wort. Vrnr reawnable. eJ^STS*. DUTCH eai-oenTer, 78 vn. e»D«r, M reealr, t»om«, J. EnertL TO 7-6*17 CARPENTER, remodHing t ·**- Carpetfat CARPETS Cerarac TH^ «rauTin«, etc Cl-lTOO, CA J-C*11 tlLE ktnfaned -- »las.l*e. ceramic WF 1 * remodel repair, ceramic tiie Free «t. Georve. CA UlCl FINEST .wrtmansriiB. N«w. re- Concrcte Work AUTISTIC PATIO CO, Pre«nti TK Rnej* Cement Wcri (tWrwavi at ft-oup ertce*) Cxaert On:on-- ^rve nT. CE IE-3 |o» to» large or small. Lie. Insurance. 30 m. Free estimate. CAl-^S ar CE2«S1 BF.A* STATE CEVENT COM 54. AT fvpes of cem-ytt wort, IJ »rv tr« est. HA J-446J antTime PLANTERS -- PATHOS -- FtNCCS CEWCNT, PAT tO SLABS, -· hv. Borcftn. Ka led 1M vrA. CA J 77»f CCMtCKT «'ORK AS kinih. Free Est. t-E (OSn CEMENT SLABS. WALKV PATtOf POffCHES- Free esf CA %ld CONCRETE or ftgn« wofk bv tf»v er lob. free «Tima*e. CC *HM OUALITY CemerTt work. A1 *ineh. krw price. Free e4. CA Ii*ll P*rco Consfrucf'son Co. SA^ISBUBY c«nr. Ca. a«MiTiem I serwicv. Lie contractors, C» TOO ar^-trne. ·CO"* ACOiTrrX, REMODEL, ar · EMOOCLnuO ft »sdin«m Quat tv wort enlv Frte 1*1. CA I*C7 i BF^cOCUivG k room aodtoftv i WJ-rm CA *KM ' Draftsman GA 3-4337 cr HE 7-7J63 | Dmscttfcfng ; MAX C-S A^eratorfs t Omv nafelrto 15*1 Cherrv. CA K557 i ALTtRATrONS ... «*-rwn** r«f. E- 1 Mfenced. Can CA J-IBI. 1 Uectricini5 BOR6MAWS aCCTR-C Range * «xr hoc* up* Servici ! Far »*e TV at E*edr trvn« * »»TWT.-» tor Htxrvroower * STA* DELTA ELECTRTC co KOVTM LOMO BEACH CA .VS7S5 i » LL STRXKLAHO CO. E«clnc , Lans, Sf*aK ar »c» fobs. Ftre eit 74 Mo-jr Service CE t?n 1 LKtNSED ELECTRICIANS ; Quality work. rr"odei, r«o*r 1 new com* Free rtt TO 1433A. lELICf«:C work done, «ny rme £ ! reasonabx PH. ·C76CV1 j »vrP*S lLECTRJC-S.aeci* «*n»« l~A.V. 3* ar »enr« HA f C37 CCRDAY Electnc C*. lkren*rt w rfncinjt ! r CEOAt ft retf** fcrc- mvrer^l i franr P*c la fl-3 IT; reAwiM «--t C«H *5C. L. F. 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Heaters GA J-r*5; CA J-0?P« Stmoaon ft rroain. CA l-*77 PLUMBrN - Heating - Air-ctmd , PLUVBJNG-- an hrnds. Sell ft repair water heaters. GA 4-8E44. Rrdro, r\' HiFI Service Service. Service call tt. P* 433 30W Hoofing ROCfiNG. Snirrgies ft snakes aur saK'a't*/ AHiTCOMS ROOF'N CORP. V1» 1XZ* E»«: H* *W» MO BLUE CHIP STAMPS RE ROOF, REPAIR. COATING. DEPtKDABLE ROOF Ca. G «-*C7 8LT -WELL. ROOF CO. * Est. 1934. 1UO On cvmt Bank terms. ALL, ftors recover r? hrV DM 47W4 FC£E ESTIATATES-BANK TER'-S FREE !MSPErT.on ft ESTIMATES ROGER HAMPER CE IRV4 RCROCF WITH SEARS frF SffTTL ert %1 S3 LB. Bfvd. Sandbtastin* m r "W°w =!S5 S /ss FREE SANOSLAST SAMDfiLAST tor reca-n* or restucc* Re*v Free ev-ma-e. CA*n«S :- T ^*!r«:ezilft Gjtteri CUTTERS · conductors. *ow«- sooutw Hashing, ventv sheet metaf yenti laflng, rr*t jurjnt «nd tac a snk fcocdv. sT»inmi stret, reMT- tng ft w^idina. j r cood. BtacCLOSKEY JWEET JKETAL 1313 V. tTTTl V HE **?7f RA1M CUTTERS, sheet metal wort. Slove Repair. 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