Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 20, 1988 · Page 14
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 14

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 20, 1988
Page 14
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Page Iran-Contra Changed U.S.-Israel Relationship WASHINGTON (AP) - The tangied, complicated and close relationship between the United States and Israel is underscored by developments in the Iran-Contra affair and the Iraqi oil pipeline deal, which converged in November 1985. By coincidence, that mont also saw a serious rift in U.S.-Israeli relations when Jonathan Jay Pollard, a counterterrorism expert at the Naval Investigative Service was arrested as a spy for Israel. An examination of what led up to the events of November 1985 provides insight into the relationship between Israel and the United States and the interaction between officials from the two countries. Two independent counsels, James McKay and Lawrence Walsh, are investigating the Iraqi pipeline proposal and the Iran-Contra affair, respectively. They have begun to share information in a search for links between the cases. What is clear is that at least two of the same people dealt with both cases; private citizens used their friendships with government officials to make money, and international policy was affected by business interests. At the same time that Israelis were shipping U.S.-made weapons to Iran in an effort to free American hostages in Lebanon, businessmen were enlisting friends at the highest levels of both governments to guarantee the safety of a proposed Iraq oil pipeline from Israeli bombing attacks. Late in the year, the Israelis gave White House aide Oliver L. North free rein over $850,000 in excess profit from the Iranian arms sales. Most of that money went to the Nicaraguan Contras, according to a congressional report. Here is a loose chronology: On November 21,1985, North worked franticaily in his National Security Council office to sort out foul-ups in the plan to have Israel ship 80 Hawk missiles to Iran as part of a deal to release six American hostages held by pro-Iranian groups in Lebanon. Desperate for help, he called his boss, Robert C. McFarlane, then national security adviser, the State Department and the CIA. The Israelis had flown the first batch of U.S.-made weapons to Tehran in late August, leading to freedom for hostage Benjamin Weir in Septe ber. Details for future shipments were ironed out by North and Amiram Nir, an aide to Shimon Peres, then Israel's prime minister. Handling operational details on the Israeli side was Adolph Schwimmer, an arms dealer, founder of Israel Aircraft Industries and one of Peres' closest friends. President Reagan had given his blessing to the project. On Nov. 22, an Iranian middleman transferred $24 million — payment for 80 Hawks — into Swiss bank accounts controlled by an Israeli intermediary. North had ordered Schwimmer to place $1 million in a Lake Resources account run by private businessmen working with North. The money was to cover transportation costs of flying the missiles from Israel to Iran. Ultimately, only 18 of the 80 Hawks were flown to Tehran on Nov. 24. Shipments were halted because the Iranians complained they had been cheated on the kind of missiles sent to them; no hostages were released. Because only 18 Hawks were delivered, more than $800,000 remained in bank accounts under North's supervision. That money was spent on the Nicaraguan Contras — the first diversion of money to the rebels, and it appears to derive from Israeli funds, a congressional report on the Iran-Contra affair says. "North testified that in early 1986 he told the Israelis that the money had been used 'for the purpose of the Contras' and they acquiesced," the report said. The Israelis said North told them Dec. 6,1985, that he intended to use proceeds from the Iran arms sales to help the Contras. American investigators have been unable to question Israeli officials face-to-face about the Iran-Contra case. Yossi Gal, a spokesman at the Israeli Embassy, did not return telephone calls asking about the diversion. The Israelis gave the congressional Iran-Contra committees written chronologies, but no one was interviewed in person. Walsh has not been able to question Israelis, either. About the time the missiles were en route to Iran, another project that involved Israel and the United States came to a boil: the proposal by the Bechtel Group Inc. and Swiss businessman Bruce Rappaport to build a $1 billion, 540-mile pipeline to run from Iraq's Kirkuk oil fields to the Jordanian port of Aqaba. The route ran near the Israeli border. Rappaport, who has a relationship with Peres that goes back 45 years, had hired as his attorney, E. Robert Wallach, a San Franciscan with close ties to Attorney General Edwin Meese. On Sept. 19,1985, four days after hostage Weir was freed, Peres wrote Meese asking the attorney general to advise Secretary of State George P. Shultz about Israel's interest in the pipeline. Promoters of the project planned to pay Israel to keep Jerusalem from bombing the pipeline in the territory of its enemy, Iraq. A week later, Wallach wrote Meese about Rappaport's purported arrangement to pay Israel — and Peres' Labor Party. The debt apparently involved Israel's role in freeing Weir, the memo said. Rappaport "indicates that Peres emphatically indicated that the release of Weir was a result of the state of Israel, and no one else," Wallach wrote. In his memo, Wallach says "there is a feeling that the U.S. 'owes' and that the accomplishment of this project, as outlined in my memo, is appropriate." Pharos-Tribune, Logansport, IOGANSPORT METAL CULVERT CO., INC. Hwy. 24 W. 753-5157 Keep Cleaning Agents Out Of Reach! POISON- PROOF YOUR HOME CASS COUNTY CHILDREN'S HOME 1339 Pleasant Hill Logansport 753-3927 KEEP OUR CHILDREN SAFE! AAA Chicago Motor Club AAA Travel Agency Logansport Mall 753-5108 Help Save Our Kids. Prated LOGANSPORT ACAf 419 E. Market Logansport ENGINEERING AGGREGATES CORP. 1. Keep household products and medicines out of reach and out of sight of children, preferably is a locked cabinet or ctoset. Even if you must leave the room for only an instant, remove the container to a safe spot. 2. Store medicines separately from other household products and keep these items in their original containers-never in cups or soft-drink bottles. 3. Be sure that all products :;v are properly labeled, and read the label before using. 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