The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 25, 1906 · Page 7
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 7

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 25, 1906
Page 7
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HOME- SEEKERS' RATES ONE FARE PLUS $2 For tlio round trip \vitli minimum of jTowry Tuesday during Si-ptuinlior, (Ictob'T. November, ami Ii'v.'inliiT. linv. Inclusive from St. 1'aiil ami Mlunwipolis to points in Minnesota, North Dakota, Manitoba, Western Ontario and the Canadian Northwest and on thi> :iml third TiU's- daysdurlnir Si'pt«inl>«r. <>[•«,- biT, and XoviMtiluT, r.«l, to points in Montana and Idaho, Nonheast,- ern Oregon, Eastern Wcshingi- ton and Eastern British Columbia. See the finest agricultural lands in the Great Northwest. Low- rates afford an excellent opportunity to secure a farm in a rich and growing country, where yields are larjre, where excellent markets are near at hand and where irrigated districts present splendid opportunities and sure crops. Tickets bear final return limit of 21 days, with liberal stopover privileges. Go West Yin thu j^orthern pacific J^y. Ketwwn Kt. Paul and Minu<-ut>o!i« and the Pacific North-west. A. M. CLIVCKNO. GEN. PPS. AGENT. ST. P«ut.. "INN. I For In." 1 houkl-ts and informatio?! ' about land \vrite C.W. MOTT, (Sen. Kmlpr.ition A^t St. Pnul, Minn. For rates and Information write D.B. GARDINER, Dist. Pas. Agt., 3O6 MIMOUWI THUBT BLDO. Sr.Louiw.Mo. FIQR10& AND RLTUPJ Oct. I6lh and Nov. 2Qih, VIA SOUTHERN BY., FROM ST. LOUIS To all points except Jacksonville and Key West, and points within a radius of 25 miles; of Jacksonville, and points on the Florida East Coast Uy.; also to many points in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virjrina. Tickets <rood 30 days and allow stopover privileges !foin<f and returning. ONE FARE PLUS $2 FOR ROUND TRIP To practically- all points in the Southeu -it on same dates, with same limits, but no rate will be higher tiian $20. On Sept. 4th and 18th, Oct. 2nd and Kith, Nov. <ilh_-and 20th, tickets will be sold "to Florida East Coast points and practically all points in Florida and the Southeast at one fare plus $2 for the round trip, good 30 days. Write for particulars to J. C. BEAM, JR., Asst. Gen. Passenger Agent, SOUTHERN RAILWAY, St. Louis. Mo. $40.000 : in cash premiums will be awarded at the MISSOURI STATE FAIR. SEDALIA Sept. 29th»0d. 5th You certainly want to see the Bigg-est, Brightest and Best • Fair ever held in Missouri. Ven/Low Rates from all points in Missouri For tickets on sale Sept. 28th -! to October 4th, good until and "including October 5th, 1906. Be sure your ticket reads via theM.K.&T. Ry. Shuttle-' train service between Sedalia, and the State Fair grounds. THE M. K.&T. Missouri, Kansas & Texas Ry Dr. Frances H. Singer Osteooathic Physician Successor to I)i. Gene vie ve F. LauKhllu F1TZPATR1CK BUILDING, 504 Washington St., Chillicothe, MO- TELEPHONE 4-H. CONSULTATION FRhE DB,. H. M. GR&CE, Physician and Surgeon. Rooms 3. 4 and 5, Wall- brunn building-. Phones: Office 398: residence 399. JTE. CALLAWAY, M. D Anv Chronic Ailment. Disease, Eye, Ear. Noe and Throat iriven special attention. Office in Walbrunn Bld'# Office Phone 57. Residence Pho-«J.l- NEARLY 4OO,OOO 9 OOO PACKAGES of this most nutritious of all foods have already been consumed but CHEER UP! Uneeda Biscuit Good wheat is plentiful. Flour mills are grinding steadily. NATIONAL. BISCUIT COMPANY bakeries, the cleanest, largest, most modern in the world, are working day in and day out to supply you with your favorite soda cracker. So Uneeda Biscuit are still in abundance— the price is the same— NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY TO DELICATE WOMEN You will never get well and strong, bright, happy, hearty and free from pain, until you build up your constitution with a nerve refreshing, blood-making tonic, like It Makes Pale Cheeks Pink It Is a pure, harmless, medicinal tonic, made from vegetable Ingredients, which relieve female pain and distress, such as headache, backache, bowel ache, dizziness, chills, scanty or profuse menstruation, dragging down pains, etc. It Is a building, strength-making medicine for women, the only medicine that is certain to do you good. Try it Sold by every druggest in $1.00 bottles. WRITE 0S A LETTER freely and frankly, In strictest confidence, telling us all your symptoms and troubles. We \rill send free advice (in plain sealed envelope), how to cure them. Address: Ladies' Advisory Dept., The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. "TOO ARE FRIENDS of mine," writes Mrs. F. L. Jones, of GalIatin,,Tenn.: "For since taking Cardui I have gained 3S lbs.,andam in better health than for the past 9 years. I tell my husband that Cardui is worth its weight in gold to all suffering ladies.'' In 1895 we built our first factory. Today we own snd operate 5 large factories and make more fine shoes than any other House in the West. This fact is a guarantee to you that Diamond Brand Shoes are right in every way. Our supremacy as manufacturers of fine shoes is assurance that the cheaper grades of Diamond Brand shoes possess equal superiority over other lines at the same prices. ASK YOUR DEALER. FOR DIAMOND BRAND SHOES * DIAMOND BRAND SHOEMAKERS m MAKE- MORE FINE OTHER HOUSE /N SHOES THAN ANY THE WEST.. ---- TG the West and Northwest AUGUST 27 to OCTOBER 31 From Chillicothe, Mo., DR. W.H. PERRY, Homeopath Office Rooms 1 and 2 WaHbrunn buildinif. Residence 1542 west Calhoun St. Office ohone. No. 531: residence ohone. No. 593. AH calls in citv and countrv answered promptly - 1 - y or nitfht. $27.30 $27.30 $24.80 $22.30 $1730 CHICHESTER-S ENGLISH • :.:.;.! PILLS THE 1>JAHOM> T BRA7O>. A L«id <i«Jd metallic l* 1 *^, sr.fledV^ Jwfth JilueRibbon. T*fct no other. V/ fBoy uf your t)ntxgt£t &&•*• ;Kk d.r CHI-CHEg-TEKl* EKCLISB. rt» OIAilOM* BRi>VB PILLS, <***., yean' itguief a *att Safest. AlMys ] Kellihlc. SoW tyffrsf&a f,crf*lM. j ** to Portland, Tacoma. Seattle. Vlctoria,-Vancouver and many other points in the Pacitic Northwest. to San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Die<fO, and hundreds of points in California. to Spokane and other points in the famous "Inland Empire" of Eastern Washington. to Salt Lake City, Ogden, Butte, Helena, Anaconda, Missoula, and other Utah and Montana points. to Billings, Mont,metropolis of a large and prosperous farming and stock-raising 1 region. \st in" for further jnforraation, please. R. B. Jordan, Agent, " X> C., B. &Q- Ry. EXCITING NOVELS BY OPPEHHIEM Novel readers everywhere \vill be glad to have a tip on the brilliant new romance, "The Great Secret," by E. Phillip Oppenheim, author of "A Pripce of Sinners," "The Mysterious Mr. Sabin" and other noted books. It is one of the most fascinating tales of mystery and action in recent fiiction. If you read the first page you simply can't get away from the magic spell of the story till the mystery is the last chapter. Suppose you were quietly undressing in your room at a London hotel when suddenly a terrified man rushed in, locked your door, and told you that the men outside were going to kill him. Suppose you liked the man's looks, so that your fighting blood was up to defend him. What would you do when his enemies burst in your door and tried to drag him off without law or warrant? And suppose the man possessed some momentous secret which made him the victim of an international conspiracy, and that a beautiful American girl seemed to be one of the conspirators. Interesting, is it not? Well, that is only a hint of the first chapter, and the story carries one along in a whirlwind of mystified excitement to th« end. Mr. Oppenheim is a wizard with a pen. Americans are only beginning to realize that he is one of the greatest masters of exciting narratives in this decade. He is an Englishman witn an American wife, and characters from both countries figure in his novels. "The Great Secret" is a marvel_of its kind. The first installment will appear in the Sunday Manazine of The Chicago'.Record-Herald, Sept. 30. A cold taken at this time of the year is generally hard to get rid of but it will not be able to withstand Bee's Laxative Honey and Tar. That will cure all colds, coughs, croup, whooping cough, etc., by driving them out through the bowels. If you have a cold, try it and if not cured get your money back. No opiates. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. CAUGHT A BIG OCTOPUS. Mobile, Ala., Sept.. 25-A 500- pound octopus was caught today by a fishing party in Mississippi sound and killed after a struggle that lasted eight hours. The octopus towed the boat of the party stern first for ten miles. It finally was killed with rifles. «.~*-»»^ John Leavell of Chula was a business visitor in the city TueP- day, and called substantially on the CONSTITUTION. You little knew when first we met That some day you would be The lucky fellow I'd choose to let Pay for my Rocky Mountain Tea.—N. J. Swetland Drug Co. Mrs. R. Barney went to Kansas City Wednesday on a visit to friends. "Pimples call for immediate treatment. There's nothing more offensive and dreaded than a pretty face covered with eruptions. The body must be kept perfectly healthy with Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea- Tea or Tablets 35 cents.—N. J. Swetland Drug Co. Good for the couy;h, removes the cola, the cause of the cough. That's the work of KENNEDY'S LAXA- TI5?E HONEY and TAR — the .pri^ma} laxatiye cough syrup 06ntiain§ up opiates, " gold by Mexico received a nesv hose wagon and the Hilo d op harness Tuesday and the city is now put- ing on a metropolitan air. Dur- ng the trial run the city editor of he Intelligencer was honored with !ie first ride and during the trip le suffered a severe fright and lost his hat but he s=ays the ride was inc. When Mexico ^els ap-to- latc fire headquarters like Chillicothe she may then bo proud of lerself. CATTLE STEADY TOWER. Kansas City, Sept. 25—Steers, best steady, others slow to lOc lower; top, §5-80: cows and heifers steady; stockers dull, weak; calves steady to easy. Hogs, strong to 5c higher; top, S660; bulk, 86.35;a$6 55. Sheep steady. Cattle-Receipts 18,000, including 1,000 Southerns; Native steers, 8-1.00(«(5 50; southern steer?, §2 75(<>; I 00: southern cows §2.00(t>.3.00; Native cows nnd heifers, S1.75;a500; stock ers and feeders S2.oO(n!.4 50; bulls, S2.00(g3 10; calves 53.00 @(i.25; western fed steers ?3.40(<i 5.00; western fed cows S2.00 ; «3 75. Hogs—Receipts 10,000; htavy 86.25^640; packers 8*530(^6.50; piga and lights, §15 00u<0 60. . Sheep—Receipts 8,000; Muttons S4.SO(-i5.a'):lambs SO 00@7.-!0; range wethers, $-125(a585: fed ewes, S4.00(«5.40. KANSAS GIT? URAIN Kansas City, Sept. 25—Wheat— Sept. 66,'.|C; Dec 6S'.|C; May 72' 4 c; Cash No. 2 hard H9,a69Wc; No. 3, 68</!;69; No. 2 red 69, l .<c; No. 3, 66(a6Sc. Corn—Sep 42'.ic;Dec 3S' 4 'e;May 3S?4c;Cash No. 2 mixed -Mia ,13.'.ic; No.2 white, -15(o'45.Wc. Oats—No. 2 white 31'«.33c; No. 2 mixed, # 1 }••(«; 32 J-aC. Kant as City Produce. Kansas City, Sept. 25—Butter— Creamery, 2Ic; packing 16h'c. Eggs—21c. If all dyspepsia sufferers knew what Dr. Shoop's Restorative would do for them, Dyspepsia would practically bo a disease of the past. Dr. Shoop's Restorative reaches stomach troubles by its direct tonic action upon the inside nerves—the true stomach nerves. Stomach distress or weakness, fullness, bloating, belching. We recommend and sell Dr. Shoop's Restor&tive. The N. J. Swetland Drug Co. No one would buy a sailboat vs-ith sails that could not be rnefed. There is always that possibility of a little too much wind that makes cautious man afraid to go un- provided. The thinking man, vhose dtomach sometimes goes jack on him, provides for his .tomach b}' keeping a bottle of KODOL for DYSPEPSIA within each. Kodol digests what you eat and restores the stomach to the iondition to properly perform its unctions. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. A. W. Mullins, Jr., of Linneus ransacted business in the city today. uKll^Ii Sp.'ivfn Uri'tmonL rLMnov-y-i I&rd.Sottor Oullouii-'cl Lumps nnd Blcin- shes from horse.«. Hloort spavins. Curbs jpllnls. swwmey. Klnii Bono. stIBus Sprains, i>'l Swollen Tlmiius. Oouahs, etc lavo 150 by UKB of one bottle. Wiirnti.ti'd the most — onderful Rleinlsh Cure every known >o!d hy the N.,1. SwolaUid Uruz Oo O. J. Bush of Dawn was a Wed- lesday business visitor in the city. Removes the microbes which mpoverish the blood and circula- ion. Stops all trouble that inter- eres with nutrition, That's what Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea will do. Tea or Tablets, 35 cents, wetland Drug compauy. CANDIDATES' CARDS The CONSTITUTION prints candidates' cards in any size or quan- f. Prices reasonable; work the best. dtf Pinesalve cleanses wounds, is highly antiseptec, uneaqueled for cracked hands. Good for cuts.Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. I have in my possession at my 'arm, nine miles northeast of Clhillicothe, Mo., ten head of 2- year-old steers, one black and the •est reds and roans; some dehorned and others with horns. Owner obtain these cattle by paying 'or this advertisement and other •xpenses. Job a Tye, ' R. F. D. No. 2, Wheeling, Mo. A sour stomach, a bad breath, a pasty complexion and other consequences of a disordered digestion are quickly removed by the use of Ring's Dyspepsia Tablets. Two days treatment free. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. After eaiin?, persons of a bHiotis iiabit W il! derive £eat benefit by taking one of lhe«e pills. If you have been DRINKING TOO MUCH, they will promptly relieve the nansea, SICK HEADACHE———' nn dnervousnesswhichfollows,«je the appetite and remove gloomy feelings. Elegantly sugar coated. No Substitute. Mt. Oliv.e, Sept. 26^-(Special Correspondence)—Wheat sowing and corn cutting are the order of the day. Lewis Schwab went to Utica Thursday to make cider, T. P. Williams and wife, J. W. Christiso n and wife visited C. W. Kirk and family Sunday. John Raulie of Vernon, Texas, arrived Wednesday on a visit .to relatives. Robert Williams, wife and son, Rodger,visited J. T. Williams and family Sunday. Mrs. Hattis Tiberghien visited her sister, Mrs. William Walby, at Breckenridge last week. John Minnick and wife of Lock- springs visited Elizabeth Dryden Sunday. Mrs. Nellie Seidel of Chillicothe and Miss Maggie Young of East Springhill visited John Schwab and wife Sunday. Miriam and Delia Purdin and Tina Brown are visiting in Linn county this week. Bud Volk and wife visited at the home of John Schwab Sunday. William Nothnagel visited Charley Raulie and wife Sunday. Rev. Carney preached to a large audience Sunday morning and evening. t Omer Haines called on lady friends in Pleasant Ridge neighborhood Sunday pvening. la these days of rush and hurry courtesy is often forgotten. In the mad, pell moll rush of our life little things arc done to oSend that we rather remained undone. A hastily eaten meal and its resultant headache may cause us social or financial loss. The wise man or womam is the one who relieves little ills of this sort by a little dose of KODOL for DYSPEPSIA. It digests what you eat and puts yojir stomach back into shape. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. WABASH BATES If you want to go to New York now is the time, the rate is very low, first class tickets and first class service. Homeseokera excursions. One fare plus §2 for the round trip, tickets on sale first and third Tuesday of each month, limited for return 21 days from date of =alo. \V. E. CREAMER, Agent. If you like Coi'iee but dare not drink it, try Dr. Shoop's Health Coffee. It's true that real cofiee does disturb the Stomach, Heart and Kidneys. But Dr. Shoop's Health Coffee has not a grain of true coffee in it. It is satisfying, wholesome and harmless even to ,he youngest child. Being made from parched grains and malt it forms a food-like drink.yet having the true ilavor of Old Java _and Mocha Coffee. Sold by P. T. Aboil and E. J. Barneyback. is *• Whenever a sore or ulcer does not heal and shows signs of chronic, it should aronse suspicion, because many of these P Iace f Cancer. It may appear as an ordinary sore at first, an . d " treatment as such, with some simple salve, wash or plaster, with that the place will heal, but the real seat of the trouble is in the cannot he reached hy external remedies, and soon the sore will return awhile the deadly poison begins to eat into the surrounding flesh and the ulcer spreads rapidly, becoming more offensive and alarming until at last the sufferer finds he is afflicted with Cancer. Cancerous ulcers often start from a boil, wart, mole or pimple, which has been bruised or roughly handled, showing that the taint is in the blood, perhaps inherited. Another cause for non-healin given ^E 1 *i"..' . I was suTffrinff grea ous ulcer on my leit breast, beeun to eat. an ^^ s * 1 ^ e3 tae^tb/tro'uble waa her isfted I would havp prone ulcers and .11.11 OlU£i (-tiu.s'L. J-v^i »juj_. **>_»'.•••.-, _ * —/y sores i9 the remains of some constitutional disease or the effects of * "»« __ spell of sickness. S. S. S. goes down to the ^Q| 4^1 48^' ve ' "*- t S. For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of ST. JOSEPH AND RETURN FOR §3.10 vii the Burlington Route. For the Horse Show at St. Jo- ;eph wo will sell round trip tickets Sept. 22 to 29th inclusive good re- ;urning not later than Oct. 1st for S3.10. For further information call on or address, R. B.JORDAN, Agent. Hard to Find. It would be hard to find a more perfect curative medicine for disordered digestive organs than that gentle tonic digestant, and torpid liver regulator, known as DR. CALDWELL'S (LA.XA.TIVK) SYRUP PEPSIN. No other medicine has its spueiBu power over these delicate tint! important organs'of your body, utiuu which you have to depend for energy to carry on your daily work. It cleanses, digests, stimul-rUes and oures. Sold by all Druggists at 50c dnd §1.00. Money back if it fails. MR. BRYAN liTMEMPHIS Memphis, Tenu., Sept. 25—William J. Brj'nn, accompanied by Mrs. Bryao, arrived here e.arly today from New Orleans. The visitors were met at the station by a reception committee and were escorted to a hotel for a few he rs' rest. Despite a downpour of rain a large crowd greeted Mr. Bryan. It had been planned to have Mr. Bryan deliver an address at the baseball park, but owing to the inclement weather the Lyceum theater was used. Mrs. Bryan will leave her husband here and go direct to Lincoln, Neb. Mr. Bryan will leave tonight for Little Rock and Oklahoma. At 10 o'clock Mr. Bryan was escorted to the theater by the committee. Bee's Laxative Honey and Tar, the original laxative cough syrup, acts as a cathartic on the bowels. It is made from the tar gathered from the pine trees of our own country, therefore it is the best for children. It is good for coughs, colds, croup, whooping cough, etc. Try our free offer. Sold by th.e Jvf. J. Swetland Drug Co. pe o scne. . . . ery root of the trouble and cures so thorottg-n- ly that there is never ar.y sipi of the trouble in after years. As soon as the system geW under the inHuence of S. S. S. the place begins to improve, the dischargee gradually grows less, the in flainm atioa leaves, the flesh resumes its healthy color, and soon the sore is well, because every vestige of the cause has been removed from the blood. Book on sores and ulcers and medical aa- vice without charge. rH£ SWIFT SPESSF3C CO., ATLASZTAt GA* «^?e^gJ® PURELY VEGETABLE. NAMED HIM W.J.BRYAN Route 3, Sept. 26—[Special Correspondence)—The corn cutting is j 3. about over in this section. i J Cider was free at Henry Caddell's Monday all on account of the. arriyal of a big boy. They have named him William Jennings Bryan. G. M. Mathews is preparing to take a trip to South Missouri and Arkansas. Rev. Whaley conducted a meeting at the Brassfield school house last week. School opened at the Brassfield school Monday with John Lowe as teacher. D. J. Gillispie has moved to Chula and has taken charge of! the pool room he recently purchased from G. W. Caddell. W. M. Hawley has moved to | Springhill. j L. M. Kilburn was over from j Chula buying cattle one day last! week. i DR.J.J1SHELTON, | £ Oculist and Catarrh Specialist •£ Limits his pnii-tlci- entirely to Sur- K«ry ;ui(l I);iS!'S of tin- Eye, Ear, Nose, & Throat, And thi.'f«>rri'i:£inn of Errors of Refraction by Scientific Fitting of Glasses. Hactnrioscnpipnml Rlood examinations mnde for Physk-ijuis who are not prepnri'il to make them. OlllMoverCiLORE & MILLER Tis Washington St. Cuillicothe. Mo. Ti-lrplH>ni.-s: Olllcc. 1W; Kvs. 333. ri-I-X-I-M-I-K-I-r-I'-H-I-K-H-M^ [.H-;..I..K..M-H-I";"I':'M M"t I M'** DAVIS d SONS, f ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS. Notary always in office. II "* Office: 516 Washington " St., Chillicothe, Missour :: -I-K' i': I..H-H..I..I..H-H' : i m i 'M-* A bath cleanses the skin and; rids the pores of refuse. A bath makes for better fellowship and j iitizenship. Not only should the , outside of the body be cleansed, j 3ut occasional use of a laxative or j tathartic opens the bowels and j clears the system of effete matter.! Best for this are DEWITT'S LITTLE EARLY RISERS. Pleaeant ittlo pills that do not grippe or | sicken. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy- BEAU BRUMMEURRESTED. El Reno, Nev., Sept. 25—About ;wo weeks' ago a fine-haired young fellow named J. O. Osborne arrived in this city from Mangum. He put up at the Kerfoot hotel and ordered the best tha house could afford. He also bought the Sam Peach railroad and was going to ship it to Granite. He chartered Belomy's lake and gave boating parties. The "bon-ton" of the city took him around the city in their automobiles and. he was made much of by the ladies, but on last Saturday the stern hand of ;he law, in the person of City Marshall Stant Jackson, fell heavily upon his shoulders. He is now in the county jail at Mangum charged with obtaining money under false pretenses. I aupdry The products of this Laundry will correspond nicely with Asphalt Streets and F.lee- ti-ic Cars. We cater to the trade that knows. proprietor. KANSAS CITY AND RETURN FOR $3.00 via the Burlington route. On sale Sept. 30th to Oct. 6th inclu- | sive good to return not later than Oct. 8th. For further information call on or address, R. B. JORDAN, Agent. Andrew Prager of Jackson township was in the city on business Wednesday and called to renew old friendship with his favorite paper. Inflammatory Bneumatism Oared in 3 O avs. Morton L. Kill, of Lebanon. Ind., s»ys: "llywlfe bod Inflammatory Rheumatism inovurv muscle and Joint: her suffering was terrible and her body »nd face were swollen almost beyond recognition: had been lu bed for six weeks and had olKht physicians, hat received no benefit until she tried the Mystic Onrr for Rhflnmatlsm. It gitvn Immediate relic t and sh« wosnblu to walk about in tlin-i' days. Him sure it savi'd her llfi.-." Sold by N. J. Swi'tlnml Drug Company. PUBLIC SALE I will sell at public auction at my farm, 3,'i miles ciistof CliilllcotlH 1 , on TUESDAY, OGT. 2, The following described property: One gentle busfiry horse, 1 draft horse, I five-year-old gelding, 1 one-year-old gelding, 1 four-year- old riiare and'colt, (i milch cows, 5 steer calves, 2 heifer calves, 4& shoats. 4 brood sows, with pigs by side. 1 thoroughbred Poland-China boar. 1 mower. 2 cultivators, 3 breaking- plows, 2 harrows,2-rakes, 2 wagons, 1 two-seated carriage, 1 rubber tire single buggy, 4 -sets doubleharness, 2 sets single buggy harness, 40 acres corn in field, 20 trees of apples in orchard, 35 loads of dry stove wood, 1 Newman Bros.' organ, all my household and'.kitch- erTfurniture and other things too numerous to mention. £fl. E. KLEIN Coi. £. Slifer, Sue. JeSerson City, Sept "£y— Governor Folk today offered a reward of S150 for the arrest and conviction of George Kendrick, who killed Walter Thurbull in Crawford county on -July 4, 190-1. F. L. Kincade of Hamilton was a business visitor in the city Wednesday. HEAVENLY HASH FRESH EVERY DAY Mr. and Mrs. Al Harker of Ottumwa were in the city Wednea- day and attended the funeral of irs. Edward Crockett. | M : Is to love children, and no bottle can be completely, aappy T»itn- out them, yet the ordeal through •which the expectant mo-th&r must pass usually is soffull of suffering, danger and fear that she looks forward to the critical hour •wrtb' apgrehension and dread. Mother's Frientt*tgFtts.pene- trating- and soothing- properties, allays nausea, nervousness^ and all unpleasant feelings, and so prepares the system for tfcw ordeal that she passes through the event safely and -with, but little suffering, as numbers have testified and said, "it is worth its weight in gold." $1.00 per bottle of druggists. Book containing valuable inform ition mailed free. THE BRADF1ELD REGULATOR CO., Atlanta,6«. L *£.«^ *

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