Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 2, 1960 · Page 36
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 36

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1960
Page 36
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PAGEJ* ____ _ IflLEVISION i SERVICE 0AR-HOME RADIO-HI-FI X CECIL GAVER «44 E. Speedway EA 7-S571 (fours Daily 8-9 Sunday I2-* '* Serving Tucson 34 Years -Bat Masterson T U C S O N D A I L Y CITIZEN THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 2, TONIGHT K.VOA-TV Ch. 4-, 6:30 p.m. I** "' Pretented by HACKER FURNITURE ·:h Bricnda Starr if better than ever! See her on the Citizen's comic page every Har. CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -f- How would you rate Thomas Jefferson a m o n g I'.S. presidents? Adlai Stevenson, visiting Jefferson's home here, says either No. 1 or No. 1 with possibly Lincoln in the top spot. Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt he placed next in order. EDDIE BOTFELD'S Model Bakery WEDDING CAKES at «/ 2 PRICE SPECIAL FRIDAY and SATURDAY D O N U T S REG. 60 e NOW ONLY 39 1 South Sixth Avenue Doors Off Broadway Como's Finale A Ball- Minus Any Guest Stars i * By FRED DANZIG NEW YORK--UPI--Down with high-priced, fraidy- cat guest stars. Perry Como's final show of the season proved that guest stars are not an essential ingredient when it comes to whipping'up superior TV entertainment. Ust niRht's NBC-TV color show -- TOPS ON TV TONIGHT CHANNEL 4 FEATURING Lowell Thomas Carnegie was a ball . . . all th« way. It pavp us more production and directorial daring, more spontaneity and clean fun than any- i thing Perry has done since, well, last year's finale, Again, he called upon thp unheralded regulars on The show--the singers, idiot-board i hoys, choreographer Louis Da ; Prnn and others--to perform. Given their moments in the spot; light, all hands * served up some , exciting, delightful sounds, dances and informal party-type nonsense. ; It's a shame this sort of show ' oomes but once a year. If I have ' any reservations about this hour, '' it is rhat Perry should have let , his choral director, Ray Charles, i sing- Charles stopped the show J last year_and I guess Perry's only : protecting himself. j Looking back on Como's first ! season in this Wednesday time slot, I'd say of his finale and that superb show with Bing Crosby Mar. 16 -- these were his fifust hours. "Game of Hearts," the U.S. SPECIAL · EXPERT RADIO-TV SERVICE WE DO OUR OWN FINANCING SOUTHGATE Shopping Ctnttr Steel hour play seen on CBS-TV j | last night, had a big ace up its j i sleeve: no happy ending. I j This was a story about two j i lonely adults--he, a square; she, j on the rebound--who meet in an 110:15 i a r t museum and talk themselves into believing they're in love. After setting a date for the wedding, they realize it's not really a good match and the girl, played by Jeff Donnell, finds the courage to call, the whole thing off. Through ftis sad experience, she learned to be herself and not pretend she's someone else. An adaptation by Philip Lewis of a story by Douglas Rae, the play required much greater insight and subtle shading of character, a calmer sensitivity, to develop its greatest impact The dialogue was just a few degrees too obvious. Although Miss Donnell and Arthur Hill, as her boy friend, occasionally conveyed the torments they were going through, the production failed.to help them overcome the daytime serial patina. Betsy Palmer and Robert Webber, as a handsome, carefree, compatible engaged couple, went through their roles with glad hearts and good cheer. It was, however, a nice try for the Steel Hour. TONIGHT ] 7:M p.m.--PAT BOONE. French j singer Jacqueline Boyer is the i guest. (Channel 9) | 7:30 p.m.--SUMMER ON ICE. Tab Hunter, Gisele MacKenzie and j Craig Stevens don skates t o ; join the 1961 Ice Capades in a ! revue on ice. (Channel 4) I 8:JO p.m.-THE U N T O U C H ABLES. In "The Artichoke King." the artichoke king gets murdered. Robert Stack stars. (Channel 9) p.m. -- J A C K PAAR. Joey Bishop concludes his stint as host during the final week of Paar's vacation. Guests are Faye Emerson, Shelley Winters and Pat Harrington Jr. (Channel 4) MOVIE. Rock Hudson a n d } Yvonne De Carlo play at be-i ing "Sea Devils." 4 (1947) j (Channel 9) ·· 10:45 p.m. -- MOVIE. D e r m o 11 Walsh finds himself in a "Bond of Fear." (English, 1953) (Channel 13) 11:01 p.m.-MOVIE. Bing Crosby takes a "Paris Honeymoon." (1938) (Channel 4) Old Tires Burn At Salvage Yard Those heavy clouds of black smoke seen by many motorists returning home from ; work yes. I terday evening came from a fire i at a North Stone avenue salvage yard, police said. Fire Capt. Robert Rojeski said the blaze at the Pappadeas Co., 1800 N. Stone Ave., apparently started from spontaneous com- bustiou. The bUick smoke caused by t number of old tires that were burned, he said. No loss was reported. Two en- j gines responded to the fire call shortly after 6 p.m. SOCIAL INTRODUCTIONS (Not a Lonely Hearts Club).. A service dedicated to refined ladies * gentlemen wishing to meet same. Legitimate, immediate results with ALICE ABBOTT. Your hostess since 1*42. Escorts. Private -Licensed--AX 8-M61. T.V. b ^lmmm* mr S3. 50 Serviet Chart* EA 7- Palmistry Readi*** Help f o l v t and overcome p r · b · , lems. Readings as( o r e satisfaction. Bring ad fer reduction. . 4511 S. Ith Avt. » a.m. to II p.m. SUMMER SPECIAL TV SERVICE GUARANTEED S3.50 Day Night ATLAS EA 7-4518 K y«u cm tmr bvt don't untttr- rt«nd, !·!»«*··»· w*uW Hkt t* help you. Whatmir ytw w»«r · hcartnf ·1*1 »r nor, r*t m f iv» you « frM audUmttric h»«rlng analysis. LEARN AIOUT OUR NEW HEARING AIDS · a-Tranilitar Medal* · "3 Magic Step" MocUli · ly«|lwi M«xi*lf · All-at.thw-lar MtwUle · Easy lIsfMiirtfl with AVC Our now ntxUk «· th« »mt)ll«it, HflMtit, m»*t *wnv«nls)nt HMrinfl ·idt p*)Mlbl« thr»Ufh ic!«nti«c KN.rch. U» «· Mf y*« ·»!« SONOTONE OF TUCSON H. r. MA 3-4U1 E. Jacks' a it TERRIFIC 3 DAY OFFER! VACUUM CLEANERS! ALL MAKES! Reconditioned by Hub Store* UMMER Fully Guaranteed Full Price NOTHING DOWN 3 MO WANTED INDUSTRIAL WORKERS who want to pay their transportation costs to and from work by saving money on their mjlk and eggs. call at THE DOBE BARN 4565 So. 6th Ave. JUMPER CAPTAIN CHAIR CUSHIONS -2 DOOR Automatic Defrost REFRIGERATOR OHL1M REDWOOD RADIO DIAL Stations lire responsible for all program lictiajts. BASEBALL U of A HOUSTON Broadcast Live by Bernle Perlln Air Time 7:25 GAME TIME - 7:30 KOLD RADIO J4M ON YOUR DIAL Sponsored by Pirn* Savincs *30-Doy Exch. Priviltgt Complttt with AHochmtnti ***** FREE!! Fabrics of Your Choice FREE ! Sewing Instructions I960 Modtl ^·Jjt^^fu^f^^^'^' I ^^^Oa9^i^fl^fmiV^^'^^^rttl^mimnm*mi^^ii^m,m ti mm ELECTRIC PORTABLE (ROUND BOBBIN) * 5 YR. GUAR. · ZIG ZAGS · BUTTONHOLES · DARNS t. MENDS · SEWS ON BTJTTOJIS · QUILTS · SEWS ON ZIPPERS · SEWS IN ALL DIRECTIONS WITH FREE ATTACHMENT FULL PRICE N o. |HE ICE CAPADES FIRST TIME ON TV THIS YEAR! tTTTTT ( STORES ) $ 4MO. MOUSE SEWING CENTER 1838 E, BROADWAY For Free Horn* Demonstration DIAL MA 4-2546 I Open Won., Wed. * Fit Till » P- M,-p«i!y t« i P, M. View "BRAVE STALLION" on KGUN-TV tonight. 6-6:30 Sav. CAL-RAY and CRISPYS Wrapper* for FREE BONUS! Buy 15c Rid* a) Famous 1. KIDDIELAND For Vz Price with ANY CAL-RAY or CRISPYS Wroppen NO Ouonrity Limit Get Terrific 2. DISCOUNTS on 45 ond LP RECORDS at MILES 400 N. 4ih AVE. · with TMO 25e, 29c, 39e, 49c Wrappers Cai Ray Coo'kies and Crifpyj Potato Chips ARE FRESHER-- Madt Daily IN TUCSON ! TAB HUNTER GISELE MACKENZIE IYOUR HOST CRAIG STEVENS ·UPHOLSTERY SPECIAL FREE ONIGHT LIVING COLOR CHANNEL 4 TIME 7:30 NOW WE WILL UPHOLSTER BOTH SOFA AND CHAII SUPCOYERS With Each Upholstery Job EVERYTHING INCLUDED · Complete Stripping · Frame* Regtoed « Springs RetiM · New PMMbit · New Fabric · New Webbing · New Styft* · New CnhiM Units · Free Decorator Serriee » Free PJek-U» mt STATES BREWERS FOUNDATION FABIIC A UlOt TNCIUDID KTAN KEVT KCEE KTKT KCUB ' S:00 p.m. News-Spts-LIndherf News and Sporta Hews iSm-Marlc Carp*' News-Frank KalU Danny Day Show News-Boh Johnson So. Arli. News-Rollin E News-Music . 'Johnny Hyde Show 3:30 p.m. Morgan Eealty-Bowler Claudio Jimenez Wea.-M»t;1c Carpet Frank Kalil Panny Day Know News--Johnson Nrws-Orvnl Anrlersoa Music-Tucson News Johnny Hyde Show (1:00 p.m. Gospel. Son*. Llfflln* Claudio Jlmenei ' News-Msijlc Carpet Nws-Alan Jsy Show Danny D»y Show KMOP Newj-SUn off («:II) KTUC Snls.-Wra.-N^w* . KOLD Perlln Spts-CBS. N»w« KAIR Johnny Hyde Show «:."»0 p.m. Buck to the Blhla Hrnry Vllleeas Sign Off Alan Jsy Show Danny n«y Show rinney-Muslc-Daly H»rmon-Ornel«s Johnny Hyde Show 7:00 p.m. Newj-Ros»rv-Wamer Sljm Off-7:is Alan Jay Show Danny Day Dinner Melodies Manny Omelas Johnny Hyde Show 7:30 n.m U-of A Baseball Alan Jay Show Ron Irvln Show J.'wU-H'-atter-Steni V at A Baseball Johnny Hyde Show f-.on p.m. KTAV TJ Bf A Baseball KTKT Nws-Alan Jay Show Ron Irvln Show Pnrtv.Lln^ V of A Baseball Johnny Hyde Show «,:3i n.m KTAN V e t A Baseball KTKT Alan Jay Show KCUB Ron trvin Show KTUC Newg-Tninkly Hecords KOLD TJ of A Baseball KAIR Johnny Hyde Show f :on n.m KTAN TJ ot A Baseball KTKT Alan Jay Show KTAN KEVT KCEE KTKT KCUB KTTTC KOLD KAIR KTAN KEVT KTKT KCUB KTUC KOLD KAIR KTAN KTKT KCUB KTITP KOLD KAIR KCUB KTUC KOLD KAIR Son Irvin Show Frankly Record* U of A Baseball Gary Palant Show 9:30 p.m. Vof ABas"eba01\ Alan Jay Show Ron Irvln Show News-Frankly Record* U of A Baseball Gary Palant Show 10:00 ,».m. Local Nws-Best Sellers Alan Jay Show Ron Irvln Show ; News-Frankly Records Local Nws-B*est jSellers Richfield Hptr-Musle Gary Palant 10:30 p.m. KTAN Budwei«r Best Sellers KTKT Alan Jay Show KCUB Ron Irvin Show KTUC Frankly Records KOLD CBS Variety KAIR Gnry Ps!«nl Show 11:00 p.m. KTAN Local Nws-Best Sellers KTKT Al»n Jay Show KCUB Ron Irvln Show KTUC Silver Norturn* KOLD CBS Variety KAIH Gary PaUnt Show 11:80 p.m. KTAN NiKhtbeat KTKT Alun Jay Show KCUB Strictly Colletlat* KTUC Silver Norturn* KOLD Dane* Till Mldnifht KATR Gary Palant Show 12:00 mldnljrht KTAN Sign Off KTKT New»-D*ve Nelson KCUB Strictly Colleriat* KTUC Fields Follies KOLD News: Sim Of! KAITI Dud Kllburn 12:30 a.m. KTKT Dave Nelson Show KCUB. Strictly Collfflate KAIR Total Llvln« New* 1:N a.m. KTKT C»ve Nelson Show KCUB Sian Off KTUC Fields Follies KAIR Kllbum (till ) 1:M a.m. KTKT Dave Nelson CtU «V KTUC Fields Follies 'all nite) KAIR Total Living New* PRI. MORNING 4 l.m. KTAN La Hora Mexican* KTKT News-Dave Nelson KTUC Field* follies KAIR Dud Kilburn 4:30 a.m. KTAN La Hora Mexican* KTKT Dave Nelson Show KTUC Fields Follien' KAIR Total Livlni News .VOO a.m. KTAN La Hora Mexlcana KTKT Newj-Dave Nelson KMOP News--Johnson KTUC Fields Follies KAIR Dud Kllburn 5:30 a.m. KTAN La Hora Mexican* KEVT Sign On KTKT Dave Nelson Show KMOP News--Johnson KTUC Fields Follies-Chapel KOLD Manny Ometay KAIR Total Livinu News KFMM (M.S me.) dauicil Music, Lfcht Opera, Light Selection* Broadcasting H Hri. t day. f.nn ».m. LJ Hera Mexlcana Lorenzo Falma Nws-Chrls Murry Chuck Lee Show News--Johnson News-Sundial Manny Om*las Ware Avery Show KTAN KEVT KTKT KCUB KMOP KTUC KOLD KAIH KTAN Rancher'* Cal-Llndber KEVT Lorenzo Palma KCBE Sifn On^leUrMediUU. KTKT Chris Murry *how KCUB Chapel ot the Air KMOP News--Johnson KTUC News-Sundial KOLD Wake lip ta Murie KATR Marc Avery Show 7:00 a.m. KTAN News-Ltndben. Show KEVT Lorenio Palma KCEB News-Hf W Way KTKT Nws-Chris Murry KCUB Chuck Lee KMOP News-Jehnaen KTTTr New-P'tn «v Cnrercf KOLD "World Nws Roundup KAIR Mare 'Avery Shew ?:M a.m. KTAN News-Spts-Llndberf KIVT Hubbard-Falma KCEE Wea.-HiriW«v KTKT Chris Murry Show KCUB Chuck Lee . KMOP, News--Johnaen ICTTtc Rita and Encore* KOLU Tucker-Tue»on News KAIR Marc Avery Show · 8:00 a.m. KTAN Newn-Teny KEVT Raul Camei K£EE NewsllSM) Munfc KTKT Nws-Chris Murry KCUB Chuck Lee KMOP News--McKeehan KTT1C Hemmlnrwr-t.. Lltfl* KOLD CBS News Music KAIR Mart Avery Show 8:30 a.m. : KTAN News-Tony Perry KEVT Haul Gamez KCEE HUM Way-Adven. In So KTKT Chris Murry Show KCUB Chuck Lee KMOP News--McKeehan KTTTC Le* l,1«l. KOLD Frank Goss-Musie KAIR Marc Avery Show *:0n a.m. KTAN News. Emphasis. Perry KEVT Della-Jlminei KCEE Stock Mkt. RprL-Musle KTKT Nws-Chrls Murry KCUB Chuck Lee Show KMOP News--McKeehan KTUC LeeUttl* KOLD Nrws-Musle KA^TR Mare Avery Show _»:.·»« a.m. KTAN rvews Tony Perry Show KEVT Claudio Junenei KCEE Showcase KTKT Chris Murry Show KCUB Chuck Lee KMOP News--McKeehan KTUC Pt. Laws-News-Harvey KOLD Say It With Music KADt KTAN KEVT KCEE KTKT" KCUB KMOP KTUC KOLD KAIR KTAN KEVT Marc Avery Show 10:00 «.m. New«. Emphaiij. Perry Raul Gumex T«acinatini Story-Musli Nw»-Chrii Murry Chuck Lee New*-McKeehan Newt--Tom Maolef Happlnesi-Jnd Mrt. B. Marc Avery Show 10:.10 a.m. News-Bob Wajrner Haul Gamez Showcase Tom Breneman Chuck Lee News--McKeehan News-Tom Maple» Dr. Malone-Ma Perktei Mare Avery Show 11:00 «. m . Newi-Empha«t»-Wat-Be Claudio Jimenei Woman'* News-ShttcMt New«-T»m Breneman Bill Rudd Show KMOP News-McKeehan KTUC Newi-Tom Maple* KOLD Whip. SU-Cpl. Nxt. Dr KATR Glen Adamt Show 11SW «.m. KTAN Bob Wamier Show TCTVT Claudio .Tlmene* KCCK gnowcaae KTKT Tom Breneman KCUB Carlton Frederic)TM KMOP Newa--McKeehan KTUC Heatter-T. Maples KOLD Helen Trent-Buttram KAIR Glen Adami Show KTKT KCUB KMOP KTUC KOLD KAIR KTAN KEVT TvCEE KTKT KCUB PRI. AFTERNOON 11:00 noon Newi-Bmphaiii-Wai-ne News: Jimenei ISM News-Music Nws-Tom Breneman Bill Rudd Show % News-Bob Wall* Flnner-Wea-News News-Music Glen Adams Show 1530 p.m. News-Bob Warner Lorenzo Palms Melody in Hi-Fi Tom Breneman Show Bill Rudd News-Bob Wolf* Dodger Baseball Garry Moore-Crosby Glenn Adams Show 1:00 p.m. News-W.fner JUul Gtmez News-Melody HI If Nws-Tom Breneman Bill Rudd News-Bob Wolf* IXxJier Baseball News-Godfrey Glen Adams KTAN KEVT KCEE KTKT KCUB .KMOP KTUC KOLD KAIR KTAN KEVT KCEE KTKT ·KCUB KMOP KTUC KOLD KAIR KTAN KEVT KCEE KTKT KCUB KMOP KTUC KOLD KAIR p.m. KTAN Tony Perry Show KZVT KCEE KTKT KCUB KMOP KTUC KOLD KAIR Rau] Game*. Melody in HJ-TJ Tom Brtntituui Show Bill Rudd . News-Bob Well* DodierBaaebaJ] Arthur GwWrey Glenn Adamr Show 2:00 p.m. KTAN .News-Tony Perry Shtr* KEVT Lorenzo Palma KCJ3C Entertainment New* KTKT Nws-Tom Brentmin KCUB Bill Rudd KMOP Newt-Bob Wolfe KTUC Dodfrr Baieball KOLD News-House Party KAIR Johnny Hyde Show 2:»p.m. KTAN nny Perry Shew KEVT Lorenie Paima TKCSK Melody In HiTl KTKT Tom Brtnemsn Ihow KCUB Bill Rudd KMOP News-Bon Waif* · KTUC Dodjer Baa»b«Jl KOLD ItM Club Music KAffi Johnny Hyd* Shew 3:00 p.m. KTAN Wally Undbarf Show KtVT Cl audio Jimen«i KCEE . N.ws-Mailc Carp** KTKT Niwa-rrank Ktlil KCUB tansy Day Show KMOP News--Wolfe KTUC KOLD KAIR KTAN KIVT KCEK KTKT KCtTB KOLD KATR 14M Club Ifuaie Johnny Hyde Show t:M: ·Wally] Raul Gamax Matic Carpet JTrink Kalll Shew Danny Dav KMOP News-Welt* KTDC News-Tryout Tl»i» 14SO Club Mtule Jehnny Hyde Shew 44M p.m. New*-LJndber« Clsudta Jfancnw KTAN mvT KdX KTKT KCUB KMOP KTUC KOLD KAIR KTAN KEVT KCEE KTKT KCUB KMOP KTUC KOLD KAIR News-Frank Kalll Danny Day News--Welle Tryout Ttoie-N«w» News-Mutlc-News Johnny Hyde Show 4:M p.m. News-Llndberf Raul Garnti Mafic Carpet Frank KalU sjuew Danny Day News--Wo»* Father At Ftv* 1490 Club Muiie Johnny Hyde Shew 3:00 p.m. KTAN News-Spts-Lindberi KEVT Newi-Quihuii KCEE Mafic C«rpet KTKT News-Frank Kalfl KCUB D«nny Day Show KEVT News-- Villeias KTUC So. Ariz. News Rollln R XOLD News-Music KADI Johnny Hyde Show «:* P.M. KTAN Mori an »eatty-Bowla» KEVT Claudio Jlnwntt KOCt Ma«ie Carpet KTKT Frank Kali] KCUB Danny Day Show KMOP News-Johnson XTUC Hews-O Andcnet) KOLD Music-TuMon Newt KAJlt Johnny Hyd* Shew KVOA-NBC KUAT-UofA KGUN-ABC KOLD-CBS channel 4 channel I channel 9 channel IS THURS. NIGHT 5:M p.m. 4 Womtn's Rpt-Texs^o Nw* 9 Marshal Kay -Runn 13 Floverland--Douf Edwds. 5:M p.m. 4 Wea-Spts-New? « Rocky * His Friends 13 ToTrll Tne Truth 6:00 n-m. 4 Huckieberrv Hound 9 Brave SUUton 13 Nws-Wel'SpU. fi-^o p.m. 4 Bat Mjstcrson , I Test Pattern t Steve Canyon 13 Johnny Rinro ?:·» p-m. 4 Bachelor Father 8 Danny Dee * Pat Bnonr 13 Zane Grcv Theatr* 7:M p.m. 4 Summer On Ice 5 T»mptst In a Test Tub* « The Real McCoyj 13 Markham M:M p.m. 4 Summer On Ice « Tempest in a Terl Tub* t Man Hum 13 Interpol Callings'^ p.m. 4 B»dcr 714 « an Yrs. Changed World 5 The Untouchables 13 Lock-Up '·- M p.m. 4 Cannonball « News-Slim Off 9 Th« Untouchables 13 Trackdown 1:30 p.m. 4 Producers Choice « News -Sim Off 5 The Untouchable* IS The Texan 111 IK) p.m. 4 New;-Wea-Jack Pair t Panorama-Early Show 13 Not For Hire 1 11:30 p.m. 4 Jack Pear Show · Early Show 13 News-- Movie 11:00 p.m. 4. BU Movie P Early Show 1.1 Late Movie 11:30 p.m. 4 Bif Movie 9 Eartv Show-Newt 13 Late Movie 12: M midnight 4 FRI. M O R X I X G 4 Sijro on a 4. 1 7:M a.m. TUCSON TV NOTICE; Information in this Dill is provided by the TV stations. The Citizen assumes M responsibility for errors caused by last-minute changes. *NFBS--Not Furnished by Station 4 Today 13 Tert Tun w -Capt Kftn.ff.Ytre* 7:M a.m. 4 Today 13 CapUln Kinfaroe 8:M «.m. 4 Douch R Mi 13 Red Howe 8:.KI a.m. 4 Play Your Hunch 13 On The Go :W a.m. * Pric* Is Rirhtfc) 13 I Lev* I.ucv !»:30 «.m. « ConwTttratioii 9 Test Pattern 4 Truth Or Consequence* » Satellite Pollca 13 Love n Ufa · 4 It Could B« You(e » Romper Room 13 S»trc)i-«uKJ««i Llfht 11-AC «.m. 4 Mornlni Movlsi * Restless Gun 18 Hiwa? Patrol 11-10 a.m. 4 Mornlnf Mov1« * Lave That Job 13 As Th« World Turns 12:00 firm* 4 Queen Par A Day -PR1. AFTERNOON ^2·M^ p.m. 4 Loretla Youn* Theater » Burns *z Allen 13 House Party 1rfH p.m. 4 Youns Dr Malane * About Face* 13 Tht Milllonilr. 1:WI p.m. 4 From These Root* » Gall Storm .fhow U Verdict Is Your» p.m. 4 Conwdy Kayhousa * Beat the Clock U Brighter Day-gK. Storm S:M p.m. ' « Yancty Durrlnfcr 5 Who Us You Trust 13 Wfe 0* VlHit 3:00 p M. 4 TV Movi* Hour 5 Am. Bandstand 11 4 TV Movk Hour » Am. Bandstand II Vlsltin 4:00 n.Bj. 4 TV Mnvi, Hour * Am. Bandstand 13 News-Mayor Kan 43* p.m. 4 TV Movie Hour * Marshall Kay Gumi IS stayer Karl »:«! p.M. 4 Woman 'f Kpt-T«ocaee Newt t Marshal Kav Gunn 13 Gardenini Tlpt-Deut Xdm. p.m. « Test Pattern · Rln Tin Tin 13 Sheriff Of C«ehl*» OTHER ARIZONA TELEVISION KTVK ABC Phoenix Ch. 1 KPHO Phoenix Ch. I I.M * »:SO *:«n *:3(l »;» · 3n « (V) *:W 1:00 ·nnmsDAY M«rdu»« Rocky * rrleixla Patrick- Wen. -Gart Steve CattJ'On 7:00 Pat Boon* 1:» Real McCoT» *:00 Donna Re»d :3n Untouchanln · :r« Untouchables *:.W Tak* a Good look 11:0* Rmtlcn Gun 1«*!IO Galexle Theater "=* ^" l TM a t j *°* . 13:00 Ranch Pty ' Z:3n ** y Mra « nl rRIDAY JS:M The Shrood Of Tm 10:3fl All Star Thentr* ' :00 Or* tr C«Un THtlKSnAY ':30 Besi of HoUywond 10:30 JC Rodiw P«nt)« Waterfront *:* Best of Hollywood Uf« ot Rile? S:SO Man Called X rRJDAT Newi-Wea-Sot* 9-rtn The CaHfornJini Quit* Draw MeGr *:m Kot for Hire Best ot HeltywaM! '8:96 WtWf-*«s.-Sp*« 10:30 Cartoon] artd 11.00 Cartoon-Movl* 11:30 Movfrttmn 1Z N UatfeTim* l!:3ft Movletime T:JO Gil« Storm Snow Z:M B«at th« Clock J:JO Who Bo V ^ u Trust *:00 Amer Btnflnand 1:SO Amer BantlnHTKi 1:«*IXarri«IJaiA 1:30 Newi-Movt* J:l»r MtivtPlnTM 5 M. Mnvwtfrn* I:M Mmrfetim. 4:00 Amcr. Hand*tait« 4:M MarauM ··Mi Marque* *:» Rln Tin TM J:3» My Ltttte M«rf»* 4 in IT a Waltm txi (f. Wellaf* :00 »r»v» Stalllen 1:30 LH. of Rfl«T KOtX fenwnli THirRSDAT «:on Rerlwi Revue 5.*50 Movte-Edward* 8;3o Revion Revu* J 3n IWB Whiter Olyrnp »:0» Zawe Grey TheatM niTtJAT 7.3ft Markhim TniM) Mfllien t Men*. 7-SB Csrpt Kansjeroo » - 30 On The Ge t'BO I Lev* Ltey 9 :30 10:00 1-nvenJTJni 10 JO »«r*i-GTj)d U. Vl :* As' WOT Jd Turn* f 2:80 BetHtr Or Wort* .«:» flora*, Party 1:f» Th«Milf«.nalr« 1:** Brftei Oiy-Storm J:,10 Edf* Of Nl**1 3:00 Snfe *:» tray M«vl* «H» fcrly Mnvt* 4:XI E«ly Men* I:WT0*ajr a .'Aft KVAR MKCk.II 'I Mil»«.TI*T »:OB We».-Wrw» S:» T»l« «* PJatnWnw S -fw Mflc« H*mm»T 7'W B»rn»l»T Tsrfnw n » W«wi-Amtfnny fli remit* «-J« Cent. CTissj'm Tederr »:oo Prtc» Is R1**T(el «:» Ctn-fittfti-Wtm Jl-Sfi Lerett* Vttant IM-tam,*.VOH* v.-m*«*_»*«, tfr.W Tt CmrM** * /c Tl ^*ft We^wav^r RWflBSi TI-KL)IIS»I!I r J.-«o CewwSy J:* AtftWMKiTlM*).

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