Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 30, 1950 · Page 19
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 19

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 19
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TOO FAT FOR UNCLE--Thomas E. Quails, of Tulare, C%lif., 441 pound, 22-year-old inductee is one of the heaviest men deferred during the present crisis by any U.S. draft board. Having scales which only recorded to 300 pounds, army personnel had to use a freight scales, Capt. L. M. Gervin, (center), reads off the poundage to Sgt. Perry Baldwin. ' - , . ·· '-,' ·_ Executives Club Speaker Will Be Dr. Ralph J. Gampell ·'·' First of B series of six fall and winter.speakers being brought hire by the Tucson Executives' club will be Dr. Ralph J. Gampell, now off" San Francisco, who describes himself .as a "refugee from Britisti socialized medicine." Dr. Gampell,' who will ,be making his second appearance -in Tucson, will be the Speaker'at .the Executives' club opening meeting at 'the Pioneer h'^tel, 6:30 p.m., Nov. 6. Dr. Gamp- bgjl addressed the Plma County Medical society here last winter. tThe theme of the former British doctor's address will be .that he fle'd the red tape-of British gov- ertament controlled practice of medicine and,'-If socialized medicine should come to the U. S,, he ·will again take flight. He is the »ithor of an article in Collier's Bjagazine, entitled "The Doctor Brushed Off Utopia." ·^President Charles W. Towne also miUnounced the Executives' club ·w^ll have monthly meetings in De- cwnber, January, March and April. ToHvne said other speakers would b'« Dr. Gerald Wendt. interpreter c£ science; Herbert and Eleanor Ifllmann .of Tucson, explorers and photographers; Judge Harold C. K-essinger, -on the'-subject, "Can Man: Save Himself from His Own inventions?"; Geoffrey O ' H a r a , tompuser of famous songs and Hyltty speaker; and.for the final a In Show rade Fatling By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD; Oct. 30.(ff--Look: Kg back at the news:... The death of Al Jolson was a rrave loss to the .,magic-of-'the ·how world. .Hlsv'.tireless singing «nd^egtlh'vlll ; "be missed by the aatlbn. -,"-v . - " ' . - . : :3BKer' the 1 -firct shock 'of Jolson* paSiing .Yfas-.'over,: Hollywood ob- ·efi^fsf'discussed the significance eigt. They; concluded' that a great trjiJjTof. 'American show_business Is : V true "that" Jolson. could "keep vp^'wlth;-today's -popular favorites --iwe.Bop.es/the Crosbyj,-;the Ben- a^C'mnd Sinatras". -Bu,t actually he harked to the time when our national amusement was not as'mec- hanized arid^standardized-'as it Is today. .-'-· 7- - " J Had Great/Contemporaries k Jolson £ot his start' in-- minstrel ·howg and vaudeville'.'He-climbed to top fame.in.Broadway shows at the Winter.-'-Garden.-Among his contemporaries were such great great names as Will Rogers, W. G, Welds, Lillian-Russell,- George M, Cohan, Eddie Foy, Bert-Williams, Marilyn Miller, Weber and Fields. All are now dead;: . ; , And minstrel shows'and vaude- cille .are dead!. too.: The question arises: Where will -the Jolsons- of the futere come from?-..:,'." . ·":'..'.-. ^Speaking of old-timers, there are still »ome around and'they're go- Ing strong. People Hke Eddie Cantor, Jimmy Durante, Ed :· Wynn, Bobby Clark, George , Jessel :and gophie .Tucker. And' speaking: of Dr. Ralph J. Cfampell family night even in "April, Jack Schultz, 21-year-old adventurer. Spphie'Tucker recalls^tliis. week's rumor-"that Judy-Garland will play the, red. hot mama's'-life.on the screen. Vocally, that sounds like a good idea, but'the make-up men will have.to work miracles to supply a resemblance . . . . 4 - Title Brings Issues Title of- the week is "Love .Is Beter Than Ever," which will star Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Parks. Like the industry's current slogan, "Movies Are Better Than: Ever," this-brings up a number of .-issues. Did love.' like the movies, hit a slump after the war? If love is better than ever, how much ,b'etter? What has brought the ;improvement? This is-very confusing. May- be-they'd'better call the picture "Love-Is as Good'as .It Ever Was." At" 'the' risk of sounding "like Johnny-one-note, I would like to point out Hollywood's' latest mis- Handling" of T 'the news'pa'per"' profession. In "September Affair" Joan Fontaine returns fronr-a: disappearance. She is surroundRd by- reporters at the airport and all of them- : throw .question "at her. at once. Naturally she can't hear any of .them'andS»h« uhrugs off the whole thing. Oh, really! . Bulgaria Says Greek Troops Violate Border PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia, Oct..30, (^--Bulgaria has protested to.the United -Nations that Greek troops have' attacked her: territory:' Six time's recently with automatic weapons; 'Prague radio reports. .'The broadcast said Bulgarian Foreign ·Jpnister Mincho Neyphev cabled the protest to U.N; ; Secretary General -Trygve Lie.:.' . ' - ' ' . " · ' Holt Paddles 60P Canoe In Comeback Try CHARLESTON, W. Va.; Oct. 30. (#)--Eush D". Holt, wio rode to Washington on the crest of the new] Deal tidal wave in 1934. I* trying to paddle back ,in an unfamiliar Republican craft. - ' · ,' Holt'g Republican, backers -are supremely confident he will make it; Democrat party wheelhorseg are worried, to say the least. The comeback efforts of former U. S. Sen. Holt to rnseat Fair Deal Rep. Cleveland M, Bailey is the greatest thing West Virginia can offer in the way of a political contest of national significance. The principals in this neat political drama are well, cast as direct opposites; Plodding, pipe - smoking Cleve Bailey, 6'4, is a straight party man who rarely has been out of line with the administration during his two terms on Capitol hill. He has the 100 per cent endorsement of labor. The bustling ex-Sen. Holt has b e e n expounding conservative theories of government that were shared by Republicans long before he finally renounced the Democrat faith and joined up with them. - · . lakes Ironic Twist An "ironic twist to the bitter con test - in West Virginia's third con gres'sional district is that to, win Holt" must'off set the opposition of a segment of voters whose help was largely responsible for sending him to. a Democratic senate' seat back in the New Deal days. This is. .the important United Mine Workers' vote, considered vit al in most state-wide elections. The third district mine vote is centere in Fayette county,'most populous of the district and the only one which Holt himself concedes in advance that he .will lose. Holt ex pects to overcome this loss with a strong showing from agricultura" counties. · Back .in 1934, Fayette miners turned, out to give Holt solid back ing" with dollar contributions and ballots'. They did so at the bidding of their mine labor leaders .anc such political idols as Sen. M. M Neely. Holt had made a name foi himself'in the state legislature-by leading a sensational investigation of public utilities. Holt went to Washington as the youngest man ever elected to th U. S. senate--so'3'Oung, indeed, tha he had to wait'until his 30th birth day on June 19, 1935, before taking the oath. ' Holt, Neely Part In a matter of months, Holt and Neely came .to a .parting of the ways and the junior senator took a road sharply to the- right of the New Deal route. · .. .. When Holt came up for re-elec tion in" 1940, Neely, the party ,boss of West Virginia, had. quit his sen ate seat to run for governor. Neely had handpicked his running for the senate, Harley M. Kilgore Holt went-down'to defeat in the primary. ' , He has been doing the same thing as-a Democrat with disheartening regularity evsr since when he sought major office--the nomina tion for governor in 1944 .arid fo: senate (against Neely) in-1948. Holt managed to. keep in thi fringe of the political limelight bj getting himself re-elected to the state legislature, where his favor ite diversion - has been needling whatever: Democratic administra ! tion is currently in power. Tfominee of Both i One year he held the unique,dis tinction of being the · nominee - o both Democrats' and Republicans for house of delegates from Lewis county, ; . .' . . . - . · . ; This year, at 45,' it looked-: like Holt's political goose was cooked as a Democrat. Victory-hungry. R e p u b lic.an would welcome any candidate-who looked like he could win an ,elec lion. So Holt shucked the Democrati toga he had worn for'two decade; and came forth in.,new politics tjaiment. He won -the Republican nomination .handily in a field o four contestants.' - · Already there's Republican talk of grooming'him for governor in 1952--if he can win Cleve Bailey's congressional seat. MR. "WESLEY O. BRAMHAXL", secretary of the Tucson Game 'Protective. association,.has announced! that the-'l association^ regular monthly"mi:eting-|wiU ,be held on Monday, Oct. .30,1 rather than on Tuesday, '-pet 31,'. a*' originally scheduled. · '' ' , Mondiy Iv.nlna, Oct. M, 1M A-single'silkworm.'may spin'400 to lIOOO yards-ot filament. VACATION Thru U* WOMEN! Atl«sr...her« a i dependable feminine hvrienic wwh th»t removes offeniivt- -odotl. Be immiculite. Do not ruk 1 offending. TAKARA is » refreihinj, cooling;cleiuumg, soothing douche, tfconomicml ud' easy to use. Sold on a money-back guarantee. Gtt u today at your drug or department ftore. T A K A R A T R A V E L S E R V I C E TELEPHONE 2 - 8 8 » 7 40 e. BROADWAY rutsoN WeeWy So/7/ngi Truman Unpopular With Some Vandals KANSAS CITY, Oct. 30. (ffH-A bust of President Truman on the campus of the University of Kan sas Cityihas been splattered with paint for.the second time ia three days. " . . · ' · - . ; Red' and white enamel was spilled 'over the bronze,biist. - - - . . University authorities . flamed -vandals--.or Halloween pranksters both times. . _. " o'connor BRINGS TO YOUR ATTENTION SWEDISH CRYSTAL Sugar Creamers Choice of Shapes 3.95 p , Bud Vases Small Medium 2.50^ 2.95..^ 3.95^ Open Evening! 12 Noon -8:30 P.M. 2744 E. Broadway nethinf to tquil It Ihl, M .( N«w York f I N E PORTRAITS Of * M E N , -'.. '* W O M E N + CHILDREN .* CANDID WEDDINGS only from NEW ORLEANS Ev«ry Saturday at ,71:30 /. M. 11 nAVC HAVANAlml tonft.,»* II-UATi GUATEMALA /UO Up. 1R-DAY GUATEMALA TOUR C^MOim* 10-UAl Vii HAVANA WW.Up "Jin« doys in fascinating Guatemala. Viii( ha Sonic Highland!. Hotels with bath, ntali, ligh'tiaoing, included. *P/oj U. S, Tax. Full information on rtqunif $·· Our Authoriitd Ttoval Agtnt Or UNITID FRUIT COMPANY 321 St. Charles. St., New Orleans 4, La 5TOODY Jt Western Wjys 376 South Stone Avenuf Dorothy Gray Showed Her QUICKLY Don't yon want to trim down your hips. It's time to wear your ' . faJU clothes, ' and sleek hips are a necessity. ~oine in today · for a free treatment and see hmv yon, too, can reduce "the easy way." Try a,vapor bath and a genuine Swedish Massage. Yon'll JoTe itl The NIBLACK SYSTEM Phone 2-1852.for courtesy treatment. How to Look Younger... This woman is over 30 --though you'd never guess it! She is just one of thousands who fiave proved that Dorothy Gray Cellogen Cream can help take years off your looks! Now you have a chance to learn, the facts! For one month, only, you can get a special trial jar of this famous cream,- containing 10;000 International Units of natural estrogenic hormones per ounce. Accept this-trial offer made especially for women over 30. One jar will^-we think-- convince you that beauty need not live by the calendar. 1-oz. trial jar $1.25, plus tax. Limited Time Only T.ED. LITT CONGRESS SCOTT .p^vfcT v*o*v V_ 1 ^X Winner o* th« x . . 1950 FASHION ACADIMY AWARD » PIN CHECKS F A S H I O N ON. A MAJOR SCALE . . . F i n e crease - resistant rayon pincheck. .Flattering mandarin neckline, staccato jet buttons and full shirred skirt, sizes 9-15. $12.95 SPECIAL GROUP SUITS-COATS '9075 Valnes to $49!93--All-Wool Gabardines.... ··^·F · USE OUR ' LAYAWAY PLAN NORTH PARK yfafe^ty Telephone 2-5855 Ext. 23 This-week w»" shall bs bobbing for apples;-in no time at all -we'll be basting ,.the Thanksgiving Turkey! Then as though we were seeing how fast we can" rip'the,months " off ths calendar, well be trimming . o u r 'Christmas trees! And THAT my dear so and so's, ends this half-century year! I don't know about you ... as for ME, I've just grown used to writing I960 on my' checks . . . In case time gets away from YOU in this same disconcerting manner, you'll want to be jotting down a Christmas 'idea, here and there! .Some of the most exciting women in Europe' use the Italian perfumes, now-procurable in Tucson at Lazza-' ' -mi's Old Adobe Shop THE G O L D E N SHELL One, Notre S^omana (a' night in Rome); another Violetta Di Parma (Parma' Violet) . . . are .a thought, if there, is some exciting AMERICAN woman whom 'you care to please! The Lazzarinis keep open house, every evening. ADDRESS: 40 W. BROADWAY; DIAL 3-5301. IT is easy to understand, why anthropologists would be interested in CLAY LOCKETT'S Indian- Shop.- Here they can see the finest Indian Pottery, 'Rugs, Basketry : and; Jewelry'. . . without having to DIG IT UP! That is why they, and other · erudite friends were invited to -see- the NEW Clay Lockett Shop recently, at .a sort f of informal - house-warming. The shop has been completely - done.' over, with "an ; eye to emphasizing the great - beauty of Indian Arts at their best. It is both a museum and a shop .: . . for 'though much that is here, is worthy a collector's interest ... all .is for sale. Here are- ths revered old, and the stirring new desfgns of master craftsmen. And if one cares to. delve into the fascinating subject of INDIAN ARTS, there is a notable and most complete library in the shop, for source material! ADDRESS: 32 W. BROADWAY. DIAL 2-5391. THE SALTERS of ARIZONA- STUDIOS are ' past-masters at designing beautiful Lamps. 'and Lamp fixtures . of ,,T'N ' ... .and they have an expert Mexican, Tin-smith to execute their-des'igns. This metal is a natural accompaniment of ; all things southwestern but it. is likewise' at _home with, modern, interiors ... . . And-DQNT throw away the ,ofd; Cedar Chest that has ..lon.g·: been an, eyesore, "though "badly needed for 'storage! Let Leiohne' Salter cast an artistic spell over it, · and it will end its days masquerading as a 16th century'- piece, or as a treasure chest washed"- ashore from some old Spanish' 'Galleon! ADDRESS: 18 W.BROADWAY. DIAL3-815!.' Virginia Desmond ' had an idea . . . ths-need for a TUCSON .BRIDGE CLUB. It is now a reality, in a beautiful ' Adobe structure (the Mayn.ard h o m e ] , with beamed^ ceilings and handsome winter-ready fireplace. The popular spot at the mo- ment'is the roomy screened porch off the grassed patio. Rubber Bridge is played every afternoor r and evening; duplicate Tuesday and Thursday nights, and Satur-^ day afternoon. Rates are' reasonable. The club is open to , visitors and. other nonmembers. But what 1 want MOST- to tell you is about BRIDGE LESSONS under ,a competent' teacher, starting this very MONDAY, OCT.. 30. ,Jhere'll be two lessons I a .week, if you're going to do it, you' should enroll AT ONCE. ADDRESS: 1339 E. PRINCE RD., DIAL. 5-0053, What is that old saying about "a bird 'in the hand is worth two in the bush?" Well one' visit to ' THE. SCHWING GIFT 'SHOP , 2704.N. CAMPBELL will'also take care of a trip to the photographer. You see-Mrs. Schwing -runs the, G I F T S H O P with its many kinds of Gift ideas . . . while her son GORDON (same location] is the photographer, who is totalling up an enviable list of satisfied customers. You'll be one, too, should you decide to let him do you, or someone-in your f a m . i l y , as a thoughtful Christmas : present! M a ke appointments by 'dialling 5-1398. · · · Patrice Munsel, the ravishing Opera singer, and PAT Wlt- . SON designer'are: just 'like THAT . . . having gone to school together in Spokane. SOof course PAT is designing some marvelous things in s u e d e - f o r this agile beauty! I saw her fitting faultlessly a Fuschia-red Weskit to. Miss Munsel's slim body. To wear with it she is making. a swinging suede skirt of a fascinating , luminous purple-blue! Miss Munsel's m o t h e r . . . a petit* red - blonde had c h os e n Green-Suede-for her suit... and what a subtle green .it was.. . ; somewhere between the lushness of an-avocado's meat arid the earth green of 'an olive's skin. Pat's making this- charming- singer of ths blue-black tresses a · long dance skirt 'of cool ice blue! If PAT keeps on custom-making . such personality-provoking clothes for such imagination-provoking, personalities . . ..SHE'S made. Pat Wilson Originals,, Address: 39, W. Council In The Pinle Adobe. Dial 3-9662. Our pioneering forefathers left many, an heirloom pifece of furniture to their, offspring. Todiy I saw furniture , of'equal 1 dignity and. durability, in CUSTOM STU. DIOS Heywood-Wakefield pieces. They were built by conscientious. Massachusetts workmen whose .ancestors, no doubt, built our own prized .antiques. Fashioned of SOLID BIRCH, they'have . the staunchness of the .rock- abound, coast from whence' they.come! What is known as SALEM,-in Old. Colonial forms, has the flavor of early America Tn its drop-leaf tables,, o p e n cupboards, four poster" beds; while ' WESTWOOD (blonde Birch), fs modern in feeling ... It Is · ·good:- to know that so beautiful a. wood as Birch, has been found miraculously impervious- to temperature ."and climate'. . . so can be moved practically. anywhere on the globe .' . . One'. can' buy a separate cupboard' top here, for a separate chest, and thereby have a · 'Welch cupboard. I was interested because I'd been searching for just that. A D - ' DRESS: 185 E. .BROADWAY. DIAL 4-13.12. A. SEGAL, the new owner of T U C S O N ' S B O O K SHOP,, 29 S.-CONVENT, was born in Boston, attended Harvard,-Yale, U; of California; studied in Vienna, and is'both a psychologist and teacher. A r t h r i t i s brought him to Tucson .- . '. and Tucson gave him' ths one thing" he has alwayi w'anfed '. ;·. a Book Shop of OLD BOOKS! Out-of- print books; hard-to-find books V.': he'll track them down for you, w i t h ' o u t ' charge; he'll BUY- books . . . especially old-ones, (not recent editions);, he has, ALL KINDS of, books, and the prices- are tempting.- You may, brows* without question . '.. t . and leave without buying-. .. IRyou-can bear" fo. ExactJocafion^l/^bjocfc south" of "the'Greyhound. Bui- Station'. .'. 29 South Convent. . - . AMERICAN ART WEEK Nov. I to 7, will be observed by the new Tucson Chapter o f v The- American Artists, Professional League in this manner: Exhibitors will show their paintings at substantially reduced prices. 'iAn oKginal in every home" is the aim of the national ' league. Local headquarters are at THE MADE-IN-TUCSON ART SHOP, 80 S. STONE. HALLOWE'EN bei'rig tha children's' festive eve, Host · B u f f urn, of BUNGALOW- INN Is seeing to it that tha children have their-very own . menus with 50,c meals, and'a. Grab Bag full of Hallowe'en^ -prizes, for those who eat every scrap on their plates! That's EASY.. .'-. for what child . or ' grown-up would want to .leave even.a'crumb of such delectable goodnessl. The children like · the idea . . . and fJieir parents lik« the charcoal-broiled steaks,;. the table-tossed salads . . . the candlelight, and, quistl These- exciting .things hap: pen- every .evening except Sunday-. ..at BUNGALOW INN,'31 N. SCOTT. DIAL 3-8591. · · - . · · Those monogrammed and . hand-paint'ed TEASERS originated by Florence Aspell of THE- RAMADA SHOP, Tha Pink. Adobe, 49 W. COUNCIL are now being carried by three -out-of-state shops . , . Denver, La 'Jplle, and Palm Springs . '.-.. and more are. clamoring for them.. You're on the .ground floor . . .better get one of'ths new Dpnkey .or Elephant ones BEFORE'election. Of course these are just an aperitif 1- If you have an appetite'for this country's casual and exciting clothes . .',. they're here.,DIAL. 3-9652. We no longer have to say GRONDONA'S ARE mov- " ing . '. .- now we, can say they HAVE moved! You can see their new .store . .'. in fact you're invited, to their formal opening THIS' Men- ! day -evening from 7:30 -to 10 p.m. The new location is 3021 E. SPEEDWAY, near. Country Club. More China, more Crystal, more Gifts, make -it a spot of sparkling beauty! And. added Sterling Silver and Housewares'(not carried a t - their smaller Broadway Shop) make this a - Home-keeping store of satisfying completeness! · · · CHELIN, 'the. photographer allows more .than-cne person in a picture, and extra- poses WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE! Also in .buying a dozen 3x5 (.14.50 a o'oz.), or 5x7 (18.50 a doz.), you are GIVEN an additional 8x10 : photograph. A dozen in this. -size would ; be 25.00. But what dozen gifts of another kind; could you buy for so little '. . -. and what" gift COULD you buy, that would giye so much pleasure? Pictures that are true likenesses are taken at CHELIN'S horns or YOURS. DIAL.5-2770; · · · One of the most puzzling things of my life, has- now been solved,. Why does ths same coffee, made the same- way have. a different flavor one morning after the other? BECAUSE of the chlorine' in the water! A chemist tell$me it depends on the quantity and the chemical action on the morning brewi- Solution? Use R A I N B O W WATER. It's ALWAYS ths' same ... and COFFEE will taste like the nectar it really is! Address: 332.E. 7th st.; . Dial 2-4645 for deliv.ry. s - · - · · · Signed, ' -

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