Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 23
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 23
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A-24--«NOEf ENOENT ^ ···*· tM - »*· »·»·*·»«· I $ $ Gross National Product Hit |600 Billion as Predicted By ARDEN COOPER jsaid the gross national sun of all. 'Clcopalra* Earnings at $14 Million NEW YORK CR -- Customer Shot in Bar Argument ALWAYS AT year cJI when you've a ceed to be illed--4hit'i Classified ads.! Dial KE 2-5959 now. °r «£« 5' ear " » *to£! serTe Boarf '* cost, [Century-Fox Film Re ~ 'ported Thursday. indus-| Tte income came from film The production ! 4 per cent for 1963 of boom fell 62, it was $551.9 bil- increase ia .government January, otherj figures showed was S5S5.1 billion.'trial production showed little^tals for HI engagements orbL i ... - Zanuck, presl- jdent of Twentieth Centcry-jSt He was admitted to St total conditioa was reported Is j-aj^ing starts, and retail sales. $55 million in the next three good. = eminent p r e d i c t Ion. With'««owances for pnce price inflation taken into ac- creases. count, the gain was 5i per] Recent reports on cent. [income, housing, and The Commerce 155 per cer.t, after Private surveys Indicateor four years, $11 million ia- that major industries plan'above its cost [considerable increases ia out-! It was reported that Elira- Birds Find Out, T/iey'Ii Chirp Defense LOS ANGELES (CNS)--Some 4,000 feathered friends of a man once charged with "ducknaprag" Thursday faced the possibility of going hungry if their benefactor Is convicted of a traffic violation. Raymond Lopez, 72, who, along with two ether persons was arrested last May for allegedly taking ducks from MacArtbur Park Lake, appeared in Municipal Court to ask for continuance of his trial on a traffic citation. The retired movie makeup man said he had four prior traffic violations and if convicted this time he faced loss cf his driver's license. Lopez was cued last Dec. 27 while returning from an afternoon cf feeding ducks and pigeons in MacArthur Park and was charged with stopins his car on a freeway ramp. Lopez said if he lost his license he wouldn't have any way to get to the park, where he daily feeds the birds. and equip-.beta Taylor, one of the stars^Iked Into the police station. There "is fairly general^ the film, has received put a .25-caLber automatic MJ C. M a income taxes will provide) 7jnuck said the eompany,Copulos. He told police he a gradually increasing spur to made a profit cf at least $9.1 shot Huffpower w h e n h e business as the year pro- million in 1963. It lost $39.-.thought the other was reach- gresses. Dr. Walter \V. Heller, chief economic adviser 796,000 in 1962. The expenses L.B. Residents Favor Conservation Works Most Long Beach residents differed strongly. Of the Re- annual rate cf $380 billion. favor the establishment cf a publicans. 70.3 percent chosejwith a sharp gain in autoino- ,,,. ~t ,^c^,,^.« rTM**TM, private enterprise. Among,b:!e pjrchases contributing natural resources c*""TM-B e m o c r a t s ^ 5^5 p^eat about $2 billion to the over- two program to meet a ra-' pickc j civil service. Fat! increase. ttorul unemployment situa-^=^ tion which they consider severe. Bat the residents differ widely by political party as to whether the program!^ should be conducted by the government. These conclusions were reached in a recently completed sampling of public rpinion by a graduate class in attitude and opinion measurement at Long Beach State College. THE SURVEY was directed by Dr. Roy K. Heintz, associate professor of psychology at LBSC. The natural resources conservation program has been under discussion is a means cf meeting the challenges ol unemployment, automation, high-school · dropouts »nd phasing out of defense orders in some parts of the nation. Sixty-nine percent of those Interne wed considered the current unemployment problem as either "serious" cr "severe." The opinion w»j shared by nearly two-thirds cf the Republicans and three- fourths cf the Democrats. · · * · · ' SIXTY-NINE percent ilso favored the conservation program, including 56.7 percent of the Republicans and 81 percent of the Democrats. Park and recreation facilities, fire prevention and wasteland reclamation were' the three most favored proj-[ ects. j Opinion was fairly evcnlyj split on whether the program' should be administered by' civil sen-ice or contracted to private enterprise. However, Republicans and Democrats company economx atmser to'Vresl- established the cost cf -deo-jto $44 millioa by ._, dent Johnson, predicts the patra" at $35 milHon but said such as negative prints and Gross National Product wfliJThursday it had been swoHen'advertising. I reach about $623 billion for the year--a full 100 points above 1961. THERE WERE substantial increases ia corporate profits in 1963, and both private and government payrolls showed considerable gains. There was a less pronounced advance in the income received by snail businessmen and professionals. Farm income dipped to the 1961 leveL Disposable personal income totaled $40X4 billion for the year, compared with $284.4 billion in 1962. Personal savings rose from $29.1 billion to $23.3 billion, In the final three months of 19S3. consumer expenditures roie $5 billion, to an 25-year-old Long Beach IN APPLE VALIEY BLOSSOM Corp., re-! m « «v«ved menL ; Wounded by .25-caliber bul the disagreement R E S E R V A T I O N S : Lei| (tick ' A -·Lrt vi/e IJo to orntl ·*·«· !Jn "Wt tar* room It fill coiifry /or b«f e«t,/ flog -- fit »fari coj tfrifts. W* lore room" for b«f ca« foyolfr -- foyetfy fe fit Uijf«^ T Sfofes of America. Tlcrt a 6e »o 50-50 /n)«rj'ca§f«Bt. Tttrt 11 room ltr« for ikojV* wle ere /mtrteait and lofliig tfst.** .-; " -- Tteotfert Jteeitvtfr' A few shooting, 27. cf earlier had ling for a weapon. Uifrmify «f At d 1. Simday'l «t 11 f*- Sti Kodra Predicts Co. f:r *"-' ilumistm *wsla; asi ' " ' t ttia coTtri. .'// GA 2-21SS · I: r r BARKER BROS. SH, pJ iF^Z - *V#*--"'t'\ £·--*-$! £ S£j "- ·*"*"^» f- ^ s ?-'' *" r : t-l\$'\ r-'3 p#-J" TM»v--· »« TW- -i ·-*. n'**,l«-\ t *i *-^"i 5 it ·'· fx_ J '-'a /ix · ^V-'-vf *^\ #"* -^ ^ v * ^a^rv- r.7 / ·/·-·',--'''* ? ··".'V'-''·' A f *£~~~ "4! r, - *~Z | -··- ritf- 4 - .-./· / :sr } '* J \\\ .\ - · -'-^-.4l t»l A t - , tiitV 1 -* - , * *f +.S" "'? \ * - *, ' r ' **~ f 1 1 "f * k l£ * ^^ii^^^a/l***** *..*J».-^... * \-*--*-X*" l^t.^jt.l.'^t--^^.^U^-J »-·« -*J»*4*u^t x +.*3 *" '* _ _ _ - - _ _ _ _ _ _ . ** 2 Days Only! Friday and Saturday Only! LIMITED QUANTITIES. NO MAIL. PHONE OR HOLD ORDERS. ALL SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE. ALL SALES FINAL r. drawer Itlack decorator chest Plastic tub chair. 15 colors .. _.. Hi-hack toanjre chair. 9 colors Apiece trim line sectional sofa 7' sofa, 3 fabric?, 16 colors . -, i · ' '-' j: f 5».C9 51.09 111.00 311.00 Ladies pillow bock swivel rocker 65. 99-10 value i: in Beige, gold, toast or green. table thcp Walnut lamptable, nurb'e top Italian provinciil cocktail table French provincial commode, leather top_ Mahogany cocktail table, marble top 70.00 119.50 479.50 2.3950 49^*, 25.M 49^5 . 25.00 51.93 30.00 G9.93 35.00 Old disposer finally quit? Buy a new lrouble-fre« Waste Kir.e Universal today. Quiet...just above a whisper. Special nrivel impellers male it Jam-free. Built to last, from the finest stainless, tool and surgical I tee Is. See your Waste Kmi Universal plumber dealer today. loose pillow hack sofa _______________ .. French Provincial wing lounge chair _ Fr. Prov. armless cocVtail chair _ Leather lounge chair ..... ____ Lounge chair and ottoman __ Vibrator, reclining- chair __ 319^3 0953 S69.50 159J50 13950 24 5. 113. 45. 263. 107. IrcHcn provincial marble top tabtes 55.00 eech . Beautiful inserts cf marble. Choose cocktail lamp cr . commode in these tables. " roorrs WASTE KTNCT UNIVERSAL 5 pc. French provincial dining rocrn r , rtg. 339^0 245. White and fruitwood finish or all fruitwood, junior oval table, 3 cine fide and 1 arm chair. 5 pc. Ital dininjr, white chry. or all chry, oval table, 3 tide 1 ana chair *i\ beioom 328.00 nutiresjes, tei tpringi --. -Assorted mattress or spring 1 , ea. pt 5935 24.W ' ; 510 coil mattress or sprinjr. ea. pc .. C9.93 2S.09 Simmons quilted, twin cr full, ea. pc 59.93 3J.C4 · Extra Ions set. twin or f uH S9.95 46.00 · J Barker's own 720 coil set 119.50 74J)0 '. . . s , ngi, fcroadloorrt " " ^ . - ^ Wool pile random sheared .. 9.93 sq. yd. 7.9S . High low loop nylon pile 7.95 sq. yd. 5.JS : Random sheared wool pile li£5sq.yd. 1M Loop all wpol pile 12^3 sq. yd. 7.*t ^ Heavy acrilan pile. 11.05 sq. yd; 8.1 S ' Ixxip all nylon pile 8.95 sq. yd. 6.77-: Wool pile scro3 wCton. 9.93 sq yd. HI Cut and nncnt nylon pile 955 sq. yd. 7.44 Heavy acrilan pile 1255 sq yd. t.M'' 3 pc. fronsitiond bedroom 198. .rej. 65" triple dresser, vertical mirror, twin cr full ilze piccl headboard. WTiite finish. heavy phjih nylon pile broadloom 5.99 Oir heariest quality 1 Doable laminated jute baelinjv Cream, cocoa, or beige. ' 510,000 insured savings 3 piece an cherry Mm, 65" triple dresser, vert, mirror, ful or twn. chair hdbd. 29950 248.00 3 piece French bedroom in white or all cherry triple dresser, mirror, headboard 213-50 183.00 French bedroom, white and cherry, or all cherry, triple drea, mirror, queen hdbd_ 289.50 24S.OO efi ilecpert curfint *nd drtpct Simrnoas deluxe double studio couch 87. Opens easily to lloep two comfortably. Tailored kick pleat valance, 2 bolsters. diseonrinaed, hand aaided bedspreads twin cr fnH, rej. 4933 Deep pnff, Kodel filled bedspreads, jumbo weJt bottom, 9 colors available. Kin?, dual size, 6953 59.SS F I R S T and P I N E i n^EjacEAN^mj EARNINGS PAID 4 TIMES A YEAR 6 piece stndi'9 d«n j!rou5\ colors 219.50 I jw.son sofa bel, nanifahyde, colors 2C9XO 8.S" colonial, sofa bed. colon TMJW Jlodem sofa r*3. foam rnbf*r nijhions 269.50 Colonial sofa bed, box pleats 279.50 rroJtrn, ce.-if«mpof»ry 3-piece brushed white bedroom 451.00 3-piece tawny wabot bedrooan 26-1.00 Ebony/marble f how tables .. 3950 177X0 115.03 217.03 211.00 222.C9 2?».CO lif^o 27.11 op 5 piece dinette, table 33"xJ3" to 60"__ __ 11153 5 piece set, UHe SO"ilO" to 48" ___ 8753 5 piece set, table S5"xlS" to GOT. ....... __ 169.00 5 piece dinette taHe -12** round to 61" ____ 125.50 5 piece dinette, table 3C" round to CO". _____ 106.05 ren iKop pieces wx let, table 32"i51". 17955 , . _________ 5 piece set, table 40" round or 28"xl6' _ 15155 5 piece set, table 40" round, 3 colors __ 153jOO 5 pitte set, table 43" round or S2"x5r. ~ " 2 10.00 , . __ . 5 piece set, taHe 42" round or 32~xJ5" _ 220.00 7 piece set, table 31'xGO", eolors._ _ 315.00 5 piece set, table 40" round or 23"il6" _ 17953 7*.; 54.- IOJ, 77.' 73, 111." II. 111. 23 J.. 1IS.V t catered modern trim line sofa 1 66. "la* 239-50 Foam n:bber cuiHons, lonz wcarir^ soft plastic cover in choice of 18 colors. tferf a 16 ca. ft. frost free refrigerator freezer 299. 150-Ib. bottom freezer, puU oat thelf, double crisper drawers, deep door shelves. LONG BEACH STORE, Broadway at Locust HE 6-9251 BARKER BROS. SHOP yOKDAY AND FKIDAY; I J O t a f pjn. » ; OTHE« DAYS " * ? . f:33 to 5:30 .1.''

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