Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1969 · Page 31
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 31

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1969
Page 31
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"c. |4-- INDEPENDENT (AMI PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) [Hcto W«nH4 140 Help Wauled 160 : Help Wanted 1M Help Wanted 1M! IWOMtN) (WOMEN! (WOMEN) i Ol'CfC- 1 '** 5^'" '??""('!. Hi S 1«0 BEAUTY OPERATOR tvfi. mw* 6? h-ji Mv'»* 0*."" - » hieh commission. d?7-?23 Mp BEAUTY OPERATORS Full llmf. G'JV. c:w» PRINCESS BEAUTY SALO f ; 11?!K LOS ALAMITO BLVD Lex Alamiios 431-2501 i BEAUTY OPERATOR. Hgl j:\'f *hop. Full or rort lime. MR. PIERRE'S G A 2 t t 5 t ; GA 2-K31. . o* Beauty. 3CW SaVe Fe. i2f-?s:5 ! PILLING Typist, exo. fast. 57*, week to Marl , ir.s. Frrm Scaring pla-i. V,'s. Pierce, Jj;-044- - Bkkpr. F/C $500 ! FREE ALSO FFF JOF!, : ECHO AGENCY ; 1V7 pfl'Mswff PI S^V- "BkkpTTT" "' . $500. SIERRA EMPLOYMENT AGENCY S330 Clark, LrWd. ME 351*' BOOKKEEPER, F C or re'.ent Trsduate. 5 days. 4262512 Bookkeeper -- Secretary PERM Fart time for 1 m*n. T X ; ECUTIVE OFFICE VARIED. RE iUME TO 429 Winstow. L B . Cdl.f W514 Bookkeeper, Full Charge for Progressive construction Co benefits, permanent A advancement. Call 564-444S BOOKKEEPER, F-C Must type, xlnt working cond. fall Mr. Cox Ot 831-0757 Fpr CPA efiice. Advancement f. benefits. Permanent. 5*4-4443. CAR HOPS, experienced. Aor^v AS.W. 17654 Bellllnwer Bl. 10 o: CASHIER I Check cashing window/Credit Dent. Relief clerk. Discount Der Slorp. L A . Co. Must have £*P. m handling money, casino larq-- Qnanfitv of chocks, utility b'lis. monev orders. Top pay fnr right r*rson. Call Mrs. Anderson \VA 3 6503 i CASHIER. Mature widow pref. Adi'U book store (adult novels, ctrire mass. nudisl publications). Retail book store, downtown L.R. 1 Dav or nitfit shifts. Perm, onnnr. i for advancement. Bondable. C^l 9 j lo 5 onlv Mon. thru Fri.. 437-3390 CASHIER-HOSTESS | Lucy's. 509a Long Beach Blvi CASHIER-HOSTESS . Cocktail exo. Interv. 11 io 4. Ace 35-40. Lucy's, 5096 L.B. Blvd. CASHIER: 28 to 50. exp. Ladles Riady-to-w»ar, xlnt work corxf. MODERN WOMEN 434 Pine Ave. experience necessary. GF S-3H7 CHEMICAL lab secretary with experience as technician in duality con- trot bench work. 437-9974. CLAIMS GIRL Fire casualty experience with old Insurance nppncv. Good frinue benefits. HE 7-0411 CLEANERS-COUNTER Exoer. full time. Apoly Swiss Cleaners 2115 E. 10th CLEANING WOMAN-- experienced, to clean vocoted oofs. Rets. Box A 6505 indeocnd Press Telcpr. Bright Energetic Girl WITH INITIATIVE WANTED FOR BUSY AD AGENCY. 3 TO 5 YEARS EXPERIENCE WITH GOOD OFFICE SKILLS, SHORTHAND 8. MEDIA WORK DESIR ABLE- SEND RESUME TO: Martin Wolfson Advertising 3450 E. SPRING LB MWA CLERICAL, PART TIME . General office, mommas. Some CLERK TYPIST BURROUGHS CORPORATION has owning for cleric typist. High school graduate. Many fringe ben cfits- Good working conditions. Advancement oooortunltv. Eauai OP Dortunity employer. Contoct Mrs. Smyth af 477-9906 for noaointmeni. CLERK/SALES AUDIT · Uxo. on 10 kev adding mach., compose daily weekly sales re- oorts, knowledge of cash register helpful but not nee. Gd. opportunity for rich! nerson. Call Mrs. An- CLERK TYPE $490 Company looking for girl lo train « "Trouble Shooter" "xpedite orders: much public contact. Key spoil Good benefits. 100% FREE. JOBS GALE GOODWIN PERSONNEL AGENCY W47-K East Florence, Downey 92W52I From L.B. 860-19b MfQ exper desired VIRTUE BROS. MFC 19*01 So. Santa Fe Comoton CLERK TYPIST We have 3 openinas for clerk · typists. If vou are over 25, mghichool grad, and can tvoe 50 WPM, you mav nuallfy for one of tries* oositions. Good salary, excellent employee benefits. In new modern office Apolv 9 to 3 p.m. GENERAL TELEPHONE DIRECTORY CO. U75XIMENO. LB. (Near traffic circle) An Enual Oooorlunlfv Emnlover CLERK TYPIST Position available In International Dept. Tvp* invoices, extend and *otai. Check (reiphi bills against rates on tile. Type «ome corresoondence, must iyos 50 to cO, have oood (inure antitude. FOR INFORMATION AND APPOINTMENT CALL Purex Corp. Ltd. l Wilmington, Calif. 835-82'! 1 An Eaual OpDortunily Employer Clerk $350 Tvpe, file charts. SIERRA EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 5230 Clark. Lkwd- ME 3-S147 CLERK TvoiSt, car . . . lo $346.64 Gavlord Employment Agency 1F.36 Atlantic Ave. i9I-234? COCKTAIL WAITRESS RIO TAN. 39 Lorm Beach Blvd. St nllcrs Club "H 1 ocusl The Hnnevmooncr. 143 L.B. Blvd. TN Playroom 241 E. Ocean COCKTAIL WAITRESS 3908 Atlantic Ave., L.B. COCKTAIL WAITRESS oEE MR. ROMEO. 10 AM to Noon nr after 2 PM Java Lanes 3SQO E. Pac Cst Hwv Young, attractive, no exp. nee. COCKTAIL WAITRESS Young attractive, no exp. nee. COCKTAIL WAITRESS Red Mill, 115 Locust. No exp. nee SINGLE. Broadway Cafe, 1100 E. Broadway. L.B. Inculre 6 am In 10 am Mon. thru Friday. COOK with Hospital Diet exper. Aop'v In oerson, Mrs. Young, Food Service Pioneer Blvd., Artesla. COUNTER girts ex. Cleaners Assoc. ?292 L.B, Blvd. Appl/ a.m. onlv. Dental-- Front Desk Girl Must hove knowledge of Dcnistrv, all phases. Min. 2 vrs experience Top r-ov, frinoe benefits. A-i oHirc -- L»kewood. Mr. Wood 531-7373 DENTAL ASSISTANT Choir side, e/pcriencod, rcdieni bat. Cdll 941-2326. OFNTAL Ass't, cxp. Aar 2025- fcves, wkcnds. 525-3765 aft. 2 Dictaphone t/O $450 FREE ALSO FEE JOBb ECHO AGENCY 11057 Btlllloww Bl. IK-Mli DISPATCHER WUrntnpton Cab Comixjnv 127 W B St. Wilmington Exec. Rep-- G/O 4425^ C " ECHO AGENCY ::f,l erllf.owf El 925 «7! EXEC. SECRETARY 5^rna : OMicr. Lori 6f?rh " FACT.PAC^ER"52y|6~ ECHO AGENCY ; \RU Bfll'lfwrr r-l. ^*6« "Figure ClerV $433 H-lfVl CM. -^ 5IERRA EMt"LOY,V.t::r AOF^CY "Sal" Friday"/" $410! ,M|RRA 'EMPLOYMENT AGENCY j G.v ~i-"rniv';f; A^frir v rrvrc «n'i 1 ollicc MiO'li rrrl.-rrrd Will I'am, mo. 6« j:/!. | gal friday $500 "GAL""FR(DAY J ~G"ENERAL"~dmCE | mirr.'"rt R nn r'viidrfi. Mu^t hove nun. 1 vr. BlVig. r,p.. tviw 4-1 Cfitl r\5-v1S71 h.-t Horn A . 1pm GENERAL OFFICE Porf-tlrpp. Good c^rionalitv. lite ivrme. Some credit C«D. LUTZ ALTO SALES 711 N. L B. BLVD.. COMPTOM Kft-illl, ! General Ofc to $400 IP'.'. t.'D-? «!T II'P rn'c. dntn LB I GOLDtN V.'ESI AOEIICY 19 Pn? Rm 314 HE 7-0501 GENERAL OFFICE i Tvnp ?0 wrnp. Hfavy fl'ina. j 1507 V.'. 13?nri S'. Garrfcn* i GENERAL OFFICE ! Swing shW for hosritil. j r.nnif PRX rxotr needed, rO \V. Coniptc-n Blyd . Comoton. Med. Claims Process $420 ' M.^.^H"^ ? VP4'5 CV'tVt i tV.i-LOYVENI AGENCV .1(1* E. 'li «4!«l MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST fyll tune. CKffrifnrM only, for n-fd:t4t " r oyo^ Ffinje benefit* MEDICAL SECRETARY Acfuratf tviMig Ct X-rav rtDoH--. reccrti^ri'sf v/o-fc ve-y I'l* b~"l MEDICAL TRANSCRIBER A'.ust kr\QH mrdic^l tcrminolOT/ t\'p* «i least iO wpm. S day v' Mrt .iuwflsha. R'IO HONDO HOS PUAL. *Kfl Telcqraoh Rri. Dow nev 10 1-6761 MEDICINE Treatment tlur'.r, Mending-Ironing Ldry Lady IHTFRCOWMUHIIY EXCEPT IO»'L Children s Home I'M Grand MODEL PART TIME Showroom fitting fashion photopr^- D'IV riemonstralioni. VOGUE AGFNCY GA 7 4277 MODELS timf OK. Top Pav-Wo Tee. Call Mr. Tvbrlng 38S-71M "MTST OPERATOR farrer opportunity In eicnand«na pronr?ssive orosnuntion for cxrc- iicncod full time person. Friontfiv environment, modern wjuiommt. liacrdl benefit orosram. MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 2S01 Atlantic Ave., 1 .B. An equal ooporiunitv cnv'ovcr NCR CXD 3100-3300 . . to S45C Gavlord Employment Aoencv 1S36 Atlantic Ave. 591-23-19 HUR5ITS AIDS-ORDERLIES Conv. Hosp. 2309 N. Santa Fe Lyn. NURSES aids, experienced dedicated onlv, for convalescent hasoi Ui. 63S-9377. N U R S E S AIDE Excer'd. Dsv shifts. Los Alaniltoi area. 4'il-5?31 (7U) JA 7-173^ general office ? 3 7 5 ' Ni IRSFS AIDF^ lip frtiludc. liee olsn Iff ' 1 \ _ ^ l \ ^ l _ v J / \H-'1_.J mnri!ia rcr-.snnn osr'c. 1 , n tn ; A 7 t« i i:j w Sin si pine he 2-81" w 1 f t r U 1 1 C.IRL in- 1.511 office, MM nn, E '»i Woodruff Sables Hosp. ternponi. Mo txper required bn: ! 17SW) So. Woodruff Ave. Bellflower GIRL FRIDAY to $ 1 2 5 11627 LB Blvri. l.vnwood 'f-31-61S. l i GIRL FRIDAY Liaht tvpintj nencra' office WDfk. Full iime position. Aprslv Certified Life Insurance Co. Suite 603 320 Pino A«a or ohone 437-1713 order dpsk dctt. We train no exo. ncc. 19 Pine Rm. 507--10-1. Grocery Checker Exp. GREATER CENTRAL MARKFT 17308 Bellflower Bl. Beilfl. HARDWARE Slnre Clerk exo. HOUSEKEEPER $350 Bev. Hills, Pnlos Verdes MBC Agency 432-6444 25J E. FIRST ST. LONG BFACH HSKPR live in $220 mo, 3 children 1. 10 A 13) Over 30 v old. Lakewood 925-1012 after 12. mother of 2V: vr old olrl. live-in or out Private room Ba.. good salary. Seal Beach, Write Rox A - 10V22, Independent Press releornm 6 h Pine. HOU5FKFFPER. 5 davs 6 am to 6 D.m. 2 boys, 10 £ 12. Prefer live out. 421-0319 after 5 D.m. business counle 2 school aqe children. Live-In, want mature fldv interested in good permanenl iomc. Salary, room A hoard. 867- HOUSEKEEPER live in for partially hlind man. HE 6-0328 HOUSEKEEPER live in or out. HOUSEKEEPER, live In nice horns La Mirada, swim pool, nvt room IV 5200 mo. 4 nice kids. Please call Bettv 71 4-894-251 J HSKPR-Cook for elderly lady em cloved son. Light work, under 50. Call after 6 D.m. GE 4-1575 HSKPR. -live In S3004- R8 Gavlord EmoIovmenT Agency IB3A Atlantic Ave. 591-23J9 HOUSEKEEPER-babviitter, live in- 1774 HSKPR. Live in. English boamsh soeakinq orct. Small child OK. 632-9901 aft 6 D.m. HOUSEKEEPER rhild care, live in, full time. Priv room. References reuulred. 596-7853 HOUbbKbbPbR care elderly Irfdy, live in references. 421-2J79 HOUSEKEEPER for Guest Home, over 50. Live in. -I3B-6616; 439-5346. cooking. No drink or smoke. Live in Own rm, hath 7V. ret. 1200 mo. to start 421-2397 mo. Wilmington Drea. Salary ooen Call Mr. Nesslev 830-6404. KFY PUNCH OPERATORS SR. All shifts. Call 426-5501 KEYPUNCH OPERATOR Career ooeninas for operators with *t least 1 vr cxp. on Aloha Numeric IBM enuioment. Qpenlna new office In Huntington Be«ch rioht off San Diego Freewav. Excellent free benefits. Permenant steadv work. Pleasant Brmosonere. DAY SHIFT C*11 for aroointm*nt 334-1213 Unigfird Insurance Group KEYPUNCH TRNEE $400 · M=titirws Employment Agency KFY PUNCH OPERATOR Permanent Uvil servifc twwilion : wilh Port oi Los Anseles. 1 $489 per month ; CALL MRS. JAMES ! 332-7241 i KirCHEN HELP-- 9 am to 3 Dm j N.L.B. Restaurant-- ME 3-0243 KITCHEN HELP-- Exper. for Conval. MOSD. 2309 N. Santa Fe, Lyn. KITCHEN help to preoare salad\ and seafood. Acplv Queen .Elizabeth Restaurant, 5870 Naoles Pirn*. 5-4 D.m. KITCHEN HELPER Woman for general cleaning A am 104-30 p.m. -424-1285. LAB TECHNICIAN Physician Office. Srott J Miohell, M.D. 6510 E. Sortno, LB HA 5-74QR LADIES: Phone catoloouc orders star:. HA 9-18«- LADIES A Marshall Field famllv owned cn- tcrori^e has-sevcral openings in lo; cai .irea Age 25-50. ! FOR INFORMATION WRITE ! J E R R Y JOHNSON : 4220 L B BLVD.. LONG BEACH L A BEE LINE FASHIONS ( : u1l ir par! lime. No cxoer. nrrd- cri Ctir ner Inrrcs'.e vcur person- fll v.-arorobe income. Call 633-7032 or (714) S22-/647 LADY pensioner unattached to carr (or piacrlv ocntlcman, rm, board R, small salary. 434-4105 Laundry-Shirt Pressers TOP PAY. Dutch Village Laundrv. 5944 E. South, Lakewood 367-Miv aik for Mr. Grant. LORY- -- Active worker. Par) lime for fluff fold. 3510 E. Broadwev. LEGAL SECRETARY Top girl to handle heavy desk In Personal Injury office. Must be experienced. Salary S500. 425-3631 between 6 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. LIBRARIANS CITY OF LONG BEACH SSv4.$734. LIP Science Dcg. Phone Mrs. Hcnsclmon 437-0141 3333 Atlantic Ave. 426-0301 LVN-- full time relief, S27-S30 $h M. /,',rs. Clark 667-1761 LVNs Full nr part time, PfM or n'ahb 1775 Chestnut An cnus! onportumt/ omnlover time. Local Re's. 5525 E. Pac. Cst. Hwv. V \ A i D oe.iulv shon to SI. 75 hr. Gavlord Gn'.nlovment Aoencv 1R3A Atlantic Ave 591-234? MANAGER-- full lime mature worn- store. Experienced preferred. AD- nlv Helen Grace Candies 17411 RHIflowrr Blvd.. BcMtlOWCr Inter vicv/s bdwcen n O:30 am 1:30 pm Monday thro'ioh Frld«v. E. Market. G A 2-0059 MANICURIST MAWEUSE-- No Lie. nectsssrv. Will Iram. ADDl. CM-163; NURSES AIDES EXP'U HIILCRFST COHVAL. HOSP NURSING HELP RN's-- Full Part Time SURGICAL TECH-Exper. PIONEER HOSPITAL UN 5-6291 NURSES aide. Convalescent Hospital, experience preferred, apply GOLDEN HAVEN CONVAL HSP- 260 E. Market, taking applications for RNs, LVNs S. aides. _ALL SHIFTS 425-4631 NURSES AIDES: All shifts Convalescent Hosp. 636-0346 Gaylord Emnlovment Agencv 1S36 Atlantic Ave. 591-23X9 NURSES AIDE txueriencerJ, o" shifts, ncvj HOSD. Benefits 595-4336 Occupational Therapist Convalescent HOSD. Arts crafts, music, recreation: Benefits, oopor- tunltv 595-4336 Office Jobs -- Temporary WESTERN GIRL/MEN 130 PINE MEZ., L.B. OFFICE MACHINE rrierfen and NCR. Apply Douglass Muffler Mfo. Co. 5536 Shull Ave. Bell Gardens 773-1965 or 927-1417 (ncdr L.B. Freewav Firestone OPERATORS Whv Iravel? Slave monev, work In Long Beach. Single needle, sew overlock, presser. Top wages paid. Work all year 'round. Lady's swim wear sportswear. Apply Califor- ORDERLY 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. INTERCOMMUNITY EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN'S HOME 2666 Grand PART TIME-MILITARY WIVES Promotion adv. Call «6-//08 payroll to $500 long beach, negotiate fee marina personnel 122 w. 5th St. at Dine he2-fl?ll PRX oper. evenmo hours 2 to 10, ex- per pref, telephone answering serv., Cvoress area, call Mon thru ·ri. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., 714-828-4101. PBX Gen'l Office $2.50 hr. IVPC 15 wpm, hi sch. grad. JEWEL COOPER AGENCY PBX-- WOMEN Exueriented-- Part -time morninu evening shirt, also full time swing available. Call between 2 4 o.m. 835-9603 PHYSICAL THERAPY AIDE to nssls' Dhvslcal Iheraolsl In hn Ditals. Mus) have some hosDilP fixoerlence and own transoorta- PH. 547-3331 MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 9 A.M. TO 5 P.M. POSTING CLERK of perpetual inventory ficurts 6635 A T L A N T I C AVE LB PH 423-1491 OR 774-3160 Gavlord Employment Assncy 1E.15 Atlajiflc AVP. .Wl-2349 1 Pre Kindergarten Teacher Long Beach area. Also NURSERY SCHOOL TEACHER Hawaiian Garden area. Starhna S Salary S1.65 hr. Hrs. S:30 to 5:30 j weekdays. Write age, hackfjround, i iclcphone number to Ruth Baker 21SJ6 S. Pioneer Blvd. Hawaiian Grins 907 16 PRE-SCHOOL TEACHER Nurserv school «XD. reoulrcd Bcllflr. area. 8S6-4TO PRESSERS-- EXDd. Cleaner! Assoc. 2292 L.B. Blvd. Aoolv a.m. onlv. PRICING CLERK Fxner. woman with mathematics abilitv for responsible position. Paid vacation; other frinoe benefits in City of Commerce. Mr. Corbett 6S5-S334 RTfCEPT/typist, type 50 S350 AEA AGENCY 183-! ATLANTIC Svl-AJOl RECEPTION'ST Inleresting position for stable experience person, age 21 -f. 5 dav wk. Must be accurate tvpist have seme Knowledge ot lite bookkeeping. Give complete Resume to Box | A-l 0037 Independent Press Tele* J pram. i RECEPTIONIST j with General Office cxoer. Clcr cal v/ork A tvoino far expanding Manufacturing Co. Call Mr. Macfarlane 537-2313 ! RECEPTIONIST experienced for Dr.'s office. Under 30 vrs old. ·424-6121 or 424-1727 RN's LVN's Full or part time top salary Convalescent Hospital «v-R111 R N Downtown Lono Beach Dr's of ice. Medical i surgical. 40 hr week. Salary own. Write Box H-10097 Independent, Press-Telegram. flnwcr Mrs. Clark 867-17A1 RN'S MEDICINE CHARGE 7 TO 3 SHIFT RELIEF ! DAYS PER WEEK PIONEER SANITARIUM 70717 Pioneer Blvd. Lakewood 865-2226 1 RN's IMMEDIATE OPENINGS FOR 11 PM TO 7 AM SHIFT NEW FULLY EQUIPPED Coronary care unit »74S PER MO TO START WITH EXPERIENCE IN PREPERATION. CALL FOR APPOINTMENT DIRECTOR OF NURSES WOODRUFF COMMUNITY HOSPITAL 3800 Woodruff Ave. Long Beach HA 1-8241 RN's ALL SHIFTS O S M A F f NITE SUPERVISOR j Carson Intercommunity Hospital PH. 835-7141 '.*« Rfcves or Mr*.. O'Co'*' 1 ?* RN's HILL IIME I IO II - ICU RN's r,«i TIME-- WEEKEND: 7 IO 3 ME DICAL SURGICAL NURSES AIDES HOSPITAL EXPERIEHCE OHLY MEDICAL-SURGICAL LOS ALTOS HOSP. 3340 Loi Coyotes Diaq. 4? 1 -93 1 1 mi 13 lo 11 shlfl) 1 'no Epn-h Hovp 1725 Prttltlr A\'= RN - LVN TEDIAIRIC orrirr Pflcifices r-quired. Send rict-'il-. It Rcu A «65 Independent r:*-=.- SALES MONEY FUN 'II pay vou lots of money II you arr lor having lot\ of fun tolkmq to America on the telephone'. workino conditions averane, dis- cioiinc strena, results effective. Try me. Mrs. Harcourt, J33-99S3 DIALING FOR $$$ NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARV, GUARANTEE PLUS 433-WS3 SALES INSIDE EXECUTIVE SALES Position rr*nuirAs hltjhlv Inte-Hl qent sales oriented womsn with front office Anncfliflnrr. insidf Stiles rcouires no travel. Career position. Aqp 25 to ,"i3. tvrcllfnt brnetiLs and romDen- s^tion. Call for nersonsl inter- " 3650 Cherry Ave. 4265901 SALES: Mew ladies' division, Wi* k'ns ProdLicis, now has ooenmo*. (or full p^rt time dealers, genei- o-js 40% comm. Call Mr:,. W-' IMHIS. 591-5649 C A | CC Full ^r nart timf. "Lead* oalnr»" flll SrOSF.. 633-7074. AVON CALLING Excellent earning ortortunilv. Work mornings or aflprnoons ?l vour convenience In vour own nelnhborhood sellino AVON products. FOR INFORMATION Call GA 7-0471, Ext. 4 SALES ARE YOU ABOVE AVERAGE Turn sonre time Into AAonev JEft MARAI FASHIONS-- 835-924B SALES-- Need 3, 18-26, new office ooeninis. Hlflh school not required but must pass personality anti- Salarv ooen. 436-0770; 10-2 o.rn.- SALES, retail, exn. S3 Vi Comm. AEA AGENCY 1884 ATLANTIC 591-4401 SALES SECRETARY to 5 Men. Shorlhnnd or soeed wri · mg. Ability to compose letters. Good appearance oersonnlitv. Own tranSDOrtahon. 55 10 60 VVAAP. Busv teleohone. Excellent Comr.«- nv benefits. South Gate area. 7/3 4710 or 861-220i An Eaual Ooporlunifv Fmnlnvrr 20 year old Nafl firm lull or part tims work No investment. 13.00 to 59.00 Hr. averaps Sarah Coventry Jewelry Inc. SALES GIRL Must have retail rxper. Mature, to s*ll fine iev.'Hrv. Good salary plus, 40 hr. v;k. Koven's Jewelers Dow- nev; 923-4511 S A L E S roUCAriONAL -Private school, Mr. West. 426-A754 SALESLADY ExDcrienrcd in sellinn. Will train to sell Hide-A-Bcds Apnly 10 a.m. to 12 noon SLEEP SHOP 501 LONG BEACH BLVD. drapes Full or part time. LEVY'S 523 Pine Ave. L.B. SEAMSTRESS head cutter, upholsterer cushion boxing maker. Someone who's willino to work, oood pav. 428 1271 ask for Nic-k or Lola SECRETARIAL JR. SECRETARIES We have immediate openings for several Jr. secretaries. Short hand is not necessary, but must 50 wpm accurately. We offer our emplov- et». xlnt. workino conditions, hours A benefits. Come in for Interview ACADEMIC INVESTMENT DIRfcCTORS BIS E. Rosecrans, Los Angeles Or Call £14-2513 SECRETARIES STENOS TYPISTS OFFICE CLKS. CALL T O D A Y OR COME IN TOP PAY TASK FORCE 9900 Lakewood BL, Downey 869-3033 SEC 1?EC Y SECRETARY Managing officer of Savings Loan Association netds assistan with fop secretarial skills + extensive experience In mortgage loan servicing with SiL or closely related business. Permanent, good salary, new modern office, excellent bene it program. For app't call 597-2451, Mr. Squire. AETNA SAVINGS 2 2 1 1 Bcliflower Blvd. L.B. SECRETARY, typing, shorthand. Arje no factor. Opportunity to IcVirn the travel field. Travel on- por. Plcdbrtnt lei. voice, ability lo rommunirftle desirable. Apolv an tvlimc 10-5 D.m. Hawaiian Polynesia Tours 120 E Ocean Rlvd Suite 70S -136-3271 S E C R E T A R Y for commuter airline. Must be efficient, ahle to take d c- tation 100 wpm. Tvpe rnin 75 wnm Hard work w/oood future. Airline benefits. 5K-193 between 9-12 a.m. SECRETARY For Sales Manaoer anrf Manager Product Development. of small but dynamic division ol national corporation. Action or en tod applicants only. Requires voung minded olrl who types 60 wpm, and takes shorthand at 90 -t wpm. Excellent salary ben- cfits. For futhcr Information cal W. M. Wasson 638-7821, Ext 601 WESTERN GEAR 2AOO E Imperial Hwv., Lynwood SECRETARY S/H, typing, general office dut es, 5 dav week. 863-0052 SECRETARY Career minded girl for front office position. Pleasant surroundmns. Excellent Knlna and shorthand required, with background desirable. rvccllrnt worklna conditions. ExtillPnt bench's Profit Shanno GENISCO TECHNOLOGY 18435 Susana Road Compton (213) 774-1850 N^ar Lorw Beach Freeway An eousl oDDortunltv emolowr MOCRIMCry Ht lOvR 22' PttCCMtld'y m I9M( 22 S FOR DUE TO PHOTO-C* FOLLOWING EOUIPK MACHINES ARE IN EX G4-2 Serial --18748 Six Feeder. Power Mag. S Motor. C-4. Serial =22082, Inle Six Mold Disc, Mohr Sa\ Motor. SALE IMPOSITION. THE /IENT IS AVAILABLE: CELLENT CONDITION Mold Disc. Mehr Saw, lift, Elee. Pot, Clint 4ype Feeder, Elee. Pot. ", Cam Covers, Clins Model 5. =r6!35l. Feeder, Elee. Pot, 1 Mog. 9 point Imperial, Mergenthaler Motor. Intertype £6459. Model C. 3 Mag., Elee. Pot, 4 Mold*. Intertypg £-10610. 3 Magi, Topp Feeder, Elee. Pot, 4 Molds, Cline Motor. Intertype =7066, Model C, Elee. Pot, 3 Mag;., Topp Feeder, Motor. Mergenlhaler Model 36, =i98l7, Mohr Saw, Wide Mags., Elee. Pot. No Feeder, Motor. Intertype £25705, Moc Square Base, Elee. Pot, 1 Saw, 6 Slot Mold Disc Motor. Intertype --24044, Squa Pot, Cam Covers, No Fe 2 Miller Saws (Fair) 1 Other Saw (Good) 1 Saw and Trimmer 1 Nolan Router (S 5--90 Chan, fu (Alum.) 2--90 Chan. TWIN COAST MR. SELL 604 Pine Ave. Help Wanted 160 (WOMEN! MAGNAVOX RESEARCH LAB. Mrs. Finch 3230770 SECRETARY for Mrsnnnrl dent. Mrs. Finch 328*770 SELLING mach owr Exwr 0/lock single needle, scec al mach. 1339 Cuts Avf, L.B. 432-9J72 "UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT" Shop Clerk $400 Free Also fee lobs ECHO AGENCY 17057 Beliilower Bl. 92M574 STENO Position available in duality rontroi dcoanmtnt. Musi have statistical tyoing ability with 1 to ? vMrs experience. Shorthand SO plus. ! ; OR INFORMAMOM AND APPOINTMENT CALL Purex Corp. Ltd. Wilmington 835-8211 An EQUfll Opportunity Einolovcr 5TUDENT. over ?l, aood looking. for counter work 9 a.m.-3:30 D.m. * Telephone Public Re aliens Women needed for telephone oubiic relations In most areas of Southern California. Good oav and frinoe benefits. Opportunity for advancement to rcoional and district supervisors. Discuss this employment with Miss Colleen, Mon. Ihru Fri. between 9:00 and 11:30 AM. Teleohone TOLL FREE (Dial Operaior and ask fur) ZENITH 2-5510. An Equal Opportunily Employer * work, full Re part time. Pay open. ADDlv 9212 E. Alondra, Bellflower, 2 lo S p.m. Telephone Answering Service Operator Experienced -- Available for »nv shift. 4311 E. Carson Long Bench TOPLESS combination girls wanted S700 wk 5 davSf no exo. n«*3*. 714-638 8W5 If no answer 431-9154 TYPIST, General offi«. Start S35D to J375 per month, w WPM, electric. /136-9627, 8-5. TYPIST Fvncrienfed. fast and accurate on IBM electric. Call 770-1500 for appointment. VAREC INC. An equal opportunity emolover FREE, ALSO FEE JOBS S I T R R A EMPl OYMENT AGENCY WAITRESS i COUNTER. Nights 8 nm to 2 am. 'Ihe Billiard ' alnce, 1J53 Bellflower Blvd., Bellflower, Calif. 867-9193 el F. 4 M«gs.-- Split, «4argaeh Feeder, Mohr , 3 Molds, Quadder, re Base, 4 Mags., Elee. eder, Quadder, Motor. Stereo) tereo) 1 length Mags, Splits NEWSPAPERS - HE 5-1 lol Long Beach, Calif. Property 180 Management EXP. rnars. Older 40 unit blda. Owntn. SSI + aot. 430.8221 nil 6 Core of Children 185 THE I N O E P E N t i E K l PRESS TELEGRAM ACCEPTS ONLY LICENSED CHILD CARE HOMES U N D E R THE LHiLD CARE HEADING. WE SUGGEST THAT LIC Nursery, '/: dav, 59 week MUCherrv GE 8-0992 GE 9-5M5 LOVING CARE FOR YOUR CHILD MY HOME HA 1-2633 pref. Lakewood ared. ME 3-7860. NEW Nurserv school. Hot lunch 2-4 vrs. SIS wk. 1208 Rose. 599-5015. Work Wanted 195 (WOMEN) T H E INDEPENDENT PRESS- T E L E G R A M PPCOMMENDi T H A T ALL BABY SITTING REFERENCES BE CAREFULLY CHECKED. CRISIS In the family! We have nurses, praclieals, aides companions lor duty in home or hospital full nr part lime. All employes Ihcr- ouohiy screened, insured, bonded. MATURE woman available as com- Danion to elderly or infirm. Live in or out. Ref. Injured bonded. Homemakers inc. 432-6441 COMPETENT liont housek«n*r, no live In, 5 dpv week, Iransoortalion Center. 633-5419 Qfler 6. LIVE-IN housekeeper that fc«»s a dean house. Dependable. Rets. Write Box A-3789, Ind., Press-Tele- Gram, 6th Pine, Lono Beach. PAYROLL.lIle Bookkeeping and tvo- ing dont at home. 422-0081; *?37735 HSECLEAN1NG by hr. or ddY- also emDl. p?oole; reliable, ref. GE 46637 HRS. DAILY. Eastside only. 435- 260S HOUSEKEEPER, live " I j e a r i i f o r i Wav, NLB 5-8:30 TYPIST wants oen. office work. Call between 8-12 a.m. GE 5-7738. ino 8. cookino for oatient. 599-3633 RESPONSIBLE lady wants babysitting, week davs. 4?9-8309 BABYSII I ING any hours. Exo. mother. 591-1817. CARE for convalescent, lite hswrk. Live in or out. 438-7501 duties, good background. GE 1-8479 BABYSITTING, infant. North Lono Beach. 634-4980 PRACT. Nurse car* elderly, good refs., live out, car. 591-8236 PRAC. NURSE. Live in. Call weekdays onlv before naon. 437-3924 home, legal or central, fast and accurate. 593-4059 BABYSITTING. Birth lo 3 vtars. Lakewood ft. South. 866-4137 CPL. Heavy hswrk, windows, wal s floors. Transp. 591-3851 GOING on Vacation? Will tokc loving care Of vour bird. 8M-3632 BABYSITTING. Near DougJ«. Reliable experienced. 421-2820 BABYSITT1NG-N.L.B. 422-5401. WASHING ironing, free pirkurx Delivery, HA 5-1985 or HA 4-7765 PRAC. nurse-housekecoer. Cook. Refs. 432-6355. MMMfttryiU* 22S owr. tooKi ISO! E. A^ihf'm y»9-nn GA4.60?* ftHllrflBttC 230 ' (TO BE MOVED* : 30 FT by 43 't. el' n'?!-»l t'dg. AAu'-) , UJ10 Paramc-unt Blvd. Send 'nirr- mai bid v Mirch 5*h, 1V« to Cit-/ Manaoer. 1WM Colorado Ave, Par- ; MODERN stucco 3 trs l'/ ? ffltM * s o 2 brs. Forced a'r. Hal., cyo boards. Hd-A'd. Also 2 i 3 car oar. Acme Hout* Movina Co. yn-4R$ "oins Stonps 250 Large assortmeni of \tamoi. 3' ! bums, stamD boo's, catalogues. SUSDte men's. 432-8315 Cameras, Suppftn 260 FREE DRAWING lor Gorgeous Japanese Do» (Collectors' item). See o'jr *d Tnursday Feb. ?7th. FIRESTONF. CAMERA CENTER, 9494 E. Flre- ·itone Blvd.. DOWMEY. 1 blk \V. of CA'AERA Repairman On Premi«^. NEW LOW- LOW Discount Price% CT »'! Famcys Brand Cameras and Proiertms. FIRPSTONE CAMERA S, H(-FI CENTER. "Th« Purptp ul!diri" 9494 Firestone Blvd.. C«mw, SuffKN 1M 1 ?AAHY C "MAN"' o'HE" ,',j. EJ 'JJ BQ. 6IG SAVINGS CITY PHOTO ; tm t Anal*im J71-SOI 'Ic. BUY. SELL. RENT REPAIR L-skev.-ood Camera Cnlr. 63M1K Wereurv Camera Cntr. 432.4«l ·.«ess Xint. tond. SI2S. «»-3'69 jtfX, f^f~ J 1 1 1 LLy i Iciqiibertiood 270 Garage SaiM RIG GARAGE S'LE * BABY HEEDS | FEE 35TH THRU MARCH 2ND 1 wood Dlavpen $1.50; 3 near new cr b pads S?.00: Cosco training nottv 55.25. Hankscraft sl'rilllfr S 50; bottle warmer 73c; Horker- vvare stont china set swvlce.'* with Dlatttr, bowls, sugar, crearn- r- V95; ? linht oote lamo S5.00. iormica table w'4 tharrs 110; luggage car too carrier, $12.00, / wine olassrs. S1.25. 610S Rosebav St.. Long Beach. 421 8015 OARAGE SALE · lurnllu". 11, ti antiaye stw. m*;h. N7 ti»l; i77. 3013 TVs, c'Othcs. tu'nltyn. Wiv 75? Loma Vista D'. Knick kmcki" MitedwcWH 27S for Sol* HWS OF ITEMS OJflc* furn files, c^nv-s, m%-U to order, shelving !fon. olr*, C a-, ten. Gl trucks A mKhlntrv ~L nia^v otner items. Paramount Sales, WOO Paramount Blvd. GA 3-5501; ME 3-0771 car StO; Bar 520. Never used (still In canon) 3 droo Swagaer Urni $30. Engagement ring S100. ffowi wjx stero AM-FM Console. \Vill trAdc tor transcortatian cv. $^, 1013 LEAVING must sell, houuh-v-i items stereo, bunk pods, dm'tfr set, -.vasher, Spanish style cofe»- tbl. appliances see - 12?5 \v 2Msi St. Harbor Cilv CAR record player, o l a v s 4 V i o ^ l / Alt ohrom?. Barbara, 537 235? S CASE beer boi. 3 kea ceer ti cer. 5J!j...( CHH1CHILLAS. 2 lemalcs S. 1 TH .+ all eiuipmfrit. 4150. 531-7«ij ^ACADO couch blue chair. F,,. s ote. Itont color. 634-l ; 4? Call on Expert 210 Call on Expert Zl» Call on Expert. 210 Yiu Sive Time ind Money Whii You TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS S*T,TION CAU. Min Sl«r in Lonj k«h ·- Mi " ·t' 1 ln Lslitwoorf Mil, McCullaugK In UHbMt Mb P«9» « Ortn 9 . County Acoustic Ceilings Floors -- Sand Refiflish GENUINE ACOUSTIC CEILINGS. Covtr crtdu mrm. NO MRSS 00% guftr Lie. ins. Low ratn. Fret tit. N. ALLOK. »-(*« ACOUSTIC CEILING. TBtE EST. GA 2-4541 V.DAVIS A vS?k. S L.!£ A C"ont?"' n ° S GA 4*532 Additions Remndcling AOrilTIONS. Dlumbma. Rolor.Rmi. tfir, pfllntlng. Vd5t experipnrr Li cpnsed. hondPd, Lflroc or smdll '° Sr" Cilli^ns Construction Co. 13S.OS25 m 4B-IW? REMODELING AT LOWEST COST »dd.» Room Specialist. 434-33». Owner Builder Constnictlon Sen.'. rages. Free est'. Reas. GA ,is04n ROOM ADDITIONS. REMODELING G A. SUPER CONST. JJV7213 Antenna's COLOR ANTENNAS We Install remlr 42S7371 Appliance Repairs WASHER i DRYER REPAIRS All makes Free est. Carl 4390742 Brick Stone Work JIM'S Masonrv - Waterfalls ana pa- tlos. Brick work. Landscaping. Sprinklers. 430-9VB2 BRICK Hone work, fireplaces, veneer, Dlanterj, etc. 434-3203 FIREPLACES. Venrjr! Planters, ftr. 1 ic. Insured. 423-9178 1 Cabinets j KITCHEN remodelino or CABINET WORK. We carry 50% oi conlract if desired wilh easy mo. inst.ill- mcnll. Call ANY HOUK 429-7391. Free estimates. Carpentry You Name it. I'll Build H PHONE .138-3980; TO 7.9353 CARPFNTF2 work IS vrs experience. Free estimates. Keith 925- CARPENTRY V/ORK-- ALL TYPES R Reoalrs Free Fst. 427-0522 CARPENTRY it GEN. REPAIRS^ Small lobs mv Joedaltv. 431-7498 REPAIRS, roofs, fence, gates, windows, plasier, reas. 434-9577. WALLS knocked out, wmflows-doora. Additions, Blaster. 432-4469 CARPENTRY, roofing, repairing small jobv 510 UD. 599-2797 DUTCH CARPENTER, 20 vrs. exn Repair, remodel, add. 106-5-ul 1ST CLASS Carpenter Work general repairs. 436-flffl/ CARPENTRY-- Alterations, repairs. Custom furn. Bit-ins. 439-9276 CARPETS EXPERTLY Installed. All work guar. 439-0044: 4386614 Carpet-liphol -Cleaners CARPET C 1 1 a n 1 n o -- New foam method. Extra tast drying. Free e s t i m a t e s . Call anvtlme (313) 59I-1B15: (7141 846-0781. AAA ADVANCE CARPET jERVICE carpel cleaning! 1 hour drv guaranteed work, free est. 512.50 front room 9. hall. Call 424-7154 Ct FAN-- REPAIR-- INSTALL PH. 433-9004 REPAIRS-Cleanlng installation REASONABLE. 867-4668 Ceramic Tile BATHS, kitchens, pullman tops, en- frvs, fireplaces, new/remodel. Lie. Conlr. Free Eit. Inlerslnte Tile Co. 439-2107 Fxt. 103. QUALITY CERAMIC TILE WORK. GE 9-8020 NEW or remodel. Lue. or small lobj. Call anvtlme 421-7677 CERAMIC Tile setter seeks work, long vears local rcfs. 438-6373 Concrete Work WALKS, porches, oatlo slabs tops- No lob too small. GA 7-7269 SIDEWALKS, patios, drlvewavl, etc. 14 vrs. exp. 427-2047 anvtime SLABS, Porches, Walks, Edging No loll too small. GE 1-0127 AiLL KINDS OF REMODELING » CONCRETE WORK. 433-2377 DRIVEWAYS, catloj, brick planters, stucco patch. Anv slie. GA 7-2631 TYPING, my homo. Stats., legal, t siDEWALKS-Patlos driveways oen'l, envelopes. 433-5596 ! e ic 591-9975 or 427-8106 Campbell's Floor Service Sand. Reflnish 2 Ris. S38; Lav floors tilo. 634-3211; 634-5/ra REX FLOOR SANDING beautiful finish, hardwood :r cemcnl. Ona dav service. HA 1-5932 anvtime. REFINISHING old floors like new. Furnace Repair FURNACE SPECIALIS1 CLEAN, CHECK REPAIR NO EXTRA SAT-SUN 421-2737 FURNACE repairs. Thermostats In stalled Low Cost Lie J3J-5JJS FURNACES cleaned/repaired. Lie Controls ,1 Specialty. 591-5513 ; Garden iscrv. Supply MY GARDENER ; Comnlfte vard service. J31 OJH Prof. Japanese Gardener 4360615 eves GARDENING lawn service flt reasonable rales. Licensed S. Insured gardener. J3^-1973 COMPI ETC GJirdcninq, clcan-uD^. Free estimates E66-W67 flfter 2 MOW edge vacuum, flower brrt cleanups. Free Est. Free fertilisers Lie Insured. HA 5-2587 eves LAWN Scrvicp-Dowrr eauinment. Reliable. 597-5856 BEST garden lawn care. Reasonable Call Irish Jim, 424-2011 CUSTOM lawn service, acts A homes. Bob Weeks, TO 6-0503 NISEJ qardenor has few openings. Call after 3 PM 436-J376 MOV/- Edge-Vacuum SWSOD. Clean Handymen : Trash Haul -- Tree Work Trim, remove, trees, shrubs, Odd fobs. "Wooden Indian" J33-9.MQ ROOFING PAINTING Maulinn/orid jobs F-'ree est. 635-1233 Paint ino, tiling, cicors, window* ocks toilet leaks 436-QWO PRUNE fruit treei, trim snrubs, Ivv. remove fences and cemcnl. Haul trash. Cleanups. 591-3504 CLEAN up vords, garages, vocant j Brothers. 429^341 anytime. i A. G. TRAC7TOR Work - Dumo truck ; and skio loader service. Toosoll. : "HANDYMAN s. CARPENTER" Painting, Paperhanging EXPERT PAINTING Licensed - Bonded - Insured Reasonable Prices « DAYS TO PAY 438-1169 (Eves. 434-2401) Professional Painting SPECIALIZE IN EXTERIOR Also mler'or. Protect vourseil rfgalmt liability bv hiring « Lie. INSURED A BONDED winter. Reasonable rates 431-1810 FRONT SPECIAL Lr\ The Hollander decorate vim r-RONT wilh Dulrh Bnv Pamt i, rntnrful rock dccorsllons Im nriLY iion. The Hollander (7131 .U7*?M bXPERT PAINTING Interior-Exterior. Reas. Rat«. Prompt Sen/kr. 591-252* QUALITY PAINTING Fret Fst. Interior exterior Al;o ECONOMY PAINTING Incomparable Prices-Quality woik materials. 43M247; 591-09M SAVE hundreds of dollars on int. and cxt. of your home ouarantced bv skilled Journeymen painter. HE 6-0271 aft. 6 FINE WORKMANSHIP Painting Int. A Lxt. 437-7127 Wallparjerlng. Work Guaranteed, l-rcc estimate. 8«35iS PAINTING-Sprav- brush or roll. Do ov/n work. Lowest Dossier price! References. 835-3023 exo Reasonable. 597-0753 PAINTING GEN REPAIR. All EXPERT PAINTING -- all w 0 'k PAINTING-1 Br. Apt Camplete !77 Evervthino furnished. J39-3SM Plastering Anything In Plastering Acoustical ceilings, potchlnj, rr r t TCO. Lie , recn. Free est. Term\. GA 2-4541 V. DAVIS ACOUSTIC CEILING SPECIALIST. cellinos. No more cracks! Sound i heat control. Move no furniture. Lie. Ins. Bonded. Allor, J?9-«95. ACCOUSTIC Ceiling Specialist. Parr.h Dlnstcr. No job loo smell. Lie. l-i sured. Bonded. -132-3S66 HANDY MAN w/ PU truck for orJd ; Pdtchmg Jpeuidllili EXPERT home repair no !ob too big. 423-8971 5053 Gavlotn N EED Work. I ruck eaulDrncnt, cleaning, hauling, repairs. 599-1833 Hauling, Express UDS. Remove trt«, shrub*, Iw dirt, black top A cement. Teir out for remodelino, m-eckino. Call BOB 421-3102 or 865 6982 10% disc, on written estimate. Prompt. Reas. Cleanup tols. oar., trash, asphalt, rsment, bldns . trees removed. -121-5406; 8651934 PLASTER ceillno Specialist-- Patch or new. smooth texture or ocouv STUCCO REPAIR Plaster Patch ^34-8930; GE 9.UM 0\VN WORK AND CLEANUPS. Pc.i^nnnble rates. 43-J-5J2-1 PLASTERING. Stucco. Carpentry. Paintino- 599-3387 or HF 2-931 a PATCH plastering interior c*!. Satisfaction guaranteed. 597-7523 PLASTER and PATCH work, any kind, 25 years exper. 59147U BY ORIENTAL-HauIln B , T oar*Be PA Jo"c^ 0 OviR C S50 RaV * VC 92?324S Allowvnct on silvsot. Free est. ni..« U;-- -- TJTyv A *-«» Guar. LIC. 4?s-io34 or «9-wt. Piumomg, Heating FURN. MOVING All household furn., low rates, (as r r A H I S IRANSFEK-- Lie. Ini. Also appliance Z, lite haullno Low rales 591-7853 or 591-0339 -S35-9735 or ^37-7529 FREE! Hauling Tor usable discards from house or oarage. 26-3o8fi. tree trimming cleanups. 423-8560 LIGHT hauling, gar. yard clean UD. Ph. 860-5874 anytime. 417-1484; 596-1W. GEN. Haullno, demolish/remove sm. bldgs. Gen. cleanup. 591-3987 ! ITE nnullno, furniture 8- appl - REASONABLE hauling, qarape i vd. cleanups. 423-6080: 423-7569 rlpaninfi. J35-9735; 437-7579 E 5S L ^8* worK at home ' Rca - ' Dressmaking i Aisn l i?i 1 c d h l a5i,nq i : u wema yv- X A / A I T D C C C NEED a bahy sitter? Oav or night, WAI 1 Kbbi : DV the week or hour. 591-7465. WAITRESS-- Part time, aoplv 12/33 , So. BeUHcww Blvd. Downev. WAITRESS (Local or Oul) SCdle GWINN'S Emploment Aoencv 31i Elm, Lono Beach HE 7-2885 WAITRESS-- exper'd, nichts. OSCAR'S 65BO Atlantic LB WAITRESSES COMB. COCKTAIL-- ApplV now, GUY FAWKES RESTAURANT, 1/171 Brookhurst. (-ountain valley WAITRESSES APPLY IN PERSON Exp. onlv, 14 hour Coffee Shop 6616 LONG BEACH BLVD. in person. Cove Bowl, 311 W. Pac. Cst. Hwv-, \ViIm. WOMAN, mature To care for aqed mother. Lite fiousekecplnp- some cooking, live In. S200 mo. Room cntos. Lakewood P aia. 429-776? WOMAN, mature. Answer phones, some tvDin0. Musi be pleasant * njiorrssivc. St*rt S3SO mo. 6925 Atlantic. 63^6295 WOMEN: $2.25 hr. lo nut nut catalogues around home. Also friends nabors 429-1865 Jewelers. Over IS, part lime, car ncc. Gill before 9 a.m. or after * 0 in. 633-57/17 or SU-1114 WOMEN or GIRLS For nlciisont Telephone v/o r k no exocr. ncccsbrtry. Hr. 9-2 or i-0 Hourly waoe plus bonuses. Apply X-RAY SECRETARY accurate Jvping of xrav reports, receptionist work very lite bookkeeping. Send resume to Box A Government 165 Employnitnt Service POWER Sowing Training. Enroll now. No fee. CSES. 1350 Locust Ave. Property 180 Management APT. MANAGER Couolr to manage 250 aots. n Lono Beach. Must he exocrlenced. Call Mr. Wfrbb. -- 277-2013. EXPER. cple. (or assistant ivMnaner lite mnintcntincr for laroc com- nlcx of .ids.,-v ^ no\. Util. Adults onlv. No ne s. Los Angeles 936-5119 COUPLE tor 14 modern unilv Liberal arrange, rent -t . Exo., husband may work. Box M-6378, Ind., Press-Telegram units. LM. furn. 1-br. + clean. sEMl-ret. col or ladv manMft rtnin. ants. No exp, ADt + sal. 439-7574 OLDER oerson or cnl. to manaot 17 units. 439-5984, 10 AM-6 PM live'v. Send hanaers. GA 6-5-102. BABYSIT for working mother W · son HiBh area. 434-M57 BABYSITTING, LAKEV^OOD A R F A Day;., also weekends. 935-0339 wiatet. 7-10 a.m., 69 P.m. 591-7776 BABYSITTING exper. mother 15th Cherry. 599-2049 Work Wanted 200 (MEN) MEN need work, exo. carpentry plumber, fence paint, for less. 830-7326 EXP. painter needs work. Int. -Ext. FAMILY man, 49, needs steady lob. Steady, dependable. 865-6720. PHOTOGRAPHER seeks evening employment, exwr. 426-0645 aft. 5. Res. only, clean. No mess. J22-017B Swops 215 '65 BUICK Rfvlera. Full Pwr. 27,000 mi. New tires. Sell or trade for '63 or newer Ford or Chevy pickuo for eaulty. 428-6677 '65 CONT. 1 owner. Submit. .137-0765: '51 BUICK. Original, now tires. S150 nr ??? 831-7A13 y.l£lfiJtfi!lJ[QI^ Miscellaneous 220 (WANTED) WF BUY scrap meiais, iron, lunk cars, bait., etc. Paramount Sates, 6000 Paramount Blvd. GA 3-5501; ME 34771 WE BUY OLD NEWSPAPERS Inde- pctidcnt Paper Stock Co. 510 A ton, 1401 DAISY AVE. 432-5619 BUY bed sots, chesis, stoves. tools, garao* misc. 591-1246 YE OLDE BOOKSHOP Books Bought HE M457 Cash SS for anything of value! GA 2-8369 or NE 1-2293 WANT transportation car on terms. 567-071B ORIENTAL RUG wanted from Prlv. Ptv. 596-4446; (714) 523-0690 WANT used furn. .inllaucs, old coins. TRADER PETES 436-1519 HIGHEST nrlces nald for quafl'tv men's ladies' acoirel. HE 7-8101 HOMELITE chain saws-chain A sharpening Few oood used. Chain saws electric tool repair. Pacific Co:ist Hdw. 2485 L B Blvd. 427- Federal Kennedy Brown A Sharo hciios S200 or offer aflcr 7:30 om 925-0046 COMPLETE weldlno thon, nthl. welding truck, etc. 427-5566 HA 9- CEMENT MIXER '/? sack + other cement Hems Includlna 1000 ft. 2x4 lumber. 436-2625 nery m*chwilc tools. OH GA ,t 9404 5455 Chirry Ave., NLB PRIVATE sewlnq lessons. Commer- HAULING, all Kinds, VDrv low rates. ci=il short cuts. Basic patterns please call 633-7780. made. 867-3767 _ Hnmp Mnrti-rmTifirm Skillful -- Reasonable Call Phvllis-Marle J39-2679 SFWING alterations in mv home. 850-2983 DRESSMAKING » vn. «"")·"«· CAMEO SHOP -- Custom sewing alteration. 710 Atlantic. HE 7-5985 SEWING, ploin or foncy, children's dresses a specialty. 432-0097 Electricians ^ Master Electricians *fredlt^6ctrt3a**L*c., ?o*ove?- time or travel charges, same Oav service. 100 Amo. Meier-Boxes, 110/220 V. Plup-rns easllv Installfd In existing wans. FREE-EST. GA Lie. Home Wiring, "Trie POM Man's Friend", 3» V HA V.7M Seml-rellred Lie. Rlectrlaan f. sons. Mr. W. Co. Sm Jobs, 35 years specializing in home wiring wilh absolute Fire protection. Member ot Bettor Trade Bureau. See our established ad In Tin Yellow capes tor tree offer. FREE EST. Insfant Credit. Mike 4316708. Don 633-9503, Sill 849.3727, Llovd 818-3746. ELECTRICAL WORK 220 Boxes, rcwlrlns, pluas *. switches, etc. Call NE 5-2457 ELECTRICIAN PH. (213) 693-5723 HOME Owners Electricians need small lobs. Call Jim or Paul. ME 9-7530 F fm;del C 'Additions. L?«nsed 438^ 9692. SMALL JOBS, TROUBLE SPOTS Call for expert Electrician Wahl Electric 639-7530 7 DAY WEEK Lie. Electrician FREE ESTIMATE. J20 V. 43M3S2 SERVICE CALLS. BO inrull lobs. Fr« Est. Lie, Elee. 597-4757 LICENSED electricians desire ween- 4)nd work. Frw tst. 421.402? "ZJO" $33 860-1448 Fencing WOOD-CHAIN LINK-BLOCK Priced rishti Guaranteed work Gates Repairs 42J 52(M WE build new fences and repair old 433-2725 SAVE-- Wood fences, qatei. Repairs. Terms. Free est. 596.9514; 828-7596 BLOC Wl!al S or OA Sr j!.$41 5ltl1 Flooring A Til* FIBERLAY INC. Glamor Coat Seamless flooring. FREE ESTIMATE. 2053 Santa Fe 415-4314 Floors-- Sand Reflnish IAND-FINISH FLOORS from M Uc. limml Cill ZIM-OA 4-7174 ALL bldg. 8. malnt. repairs. Cdrnen- ter-Dlumb.-elec., mason. Specialty. motels Sc opts. 633-19M, 6334547. Housecleaners EARL'S WALL WASHING Kiteh. barn, $15 Flnt paint ex- nertlv washed (no-streaks). Llvlno room $15-520. Floors waxed. ' FXPERT CARPET CLEANING. 430-4902 Spring Houseeleaning 'Wall washing window cleanlnn, v/ax firs.; shampoo rutrs upnci. Stoves, ven. blinds K, painting. Inter-Exter. 20 yrs. L.B. Lie. Ins. GE 3-8666 or SE 1-5308 COMPLETE HOUSECLEANING Windows, wall, floors. Garnets fret S C A N D I N A V I A , WINDOWS. FLOORS. CARPETS. 436-3462 Janitorial Gen clean UD. windows washed. Floors waxcrt. Free esllmatc. 531-0547 Linoleum Linoleum Tile Layer MATERIAL AND/OR LABOR Ed /Uecce 423-OW5; 5W-3366 eves Vinyl Linoleum -- Save 40% Kitchen A bathroom all rolnrs LINOLEUM SI. 65 sq'. Carrot 15c up. BEFORE vou install, compare mv estimate. 6 vrs. exoer. 428-M17 Masonry BRICK stone work, fireplaces, v«- necer planters, etc. 862 4?54. Moving BAKER'S MOVING FAST REASONABLE ME 3.7WO 7 Davs 633 97?7 GENE'S MOVING-REAS. Lie. insured TO 7.5247: HE S-C12I6 Painting, PaperhanRing LOU'S A-l Painting oecoratms. Inlcrlor.Exterlor. S70 rm. UD. Insured. Free est. 596-4444 L. H. SPAINIIOWER PAINTING I DECORATING CALL John for a itood paint Ion Brush t* airless spriv. Acoustic ceilinos a snan. GA B-1M1. LOOK! 22 vrs. cxoer. Heal-Fas means low cost! Call 421-5121 25 vrs. cxper. Fie« est. 591-286' PAPERING, Mv siwclallv 21 yean Painting Inside. Eslm GA i«6( INTERIOR EXTERIOR Painting BARGAIN PRICEI 426.7746 PROFESSIONAL painting. Reliable PAINTING "Apt. Special" « complete. Estm. trcfl 437-62M MINTING «, PATCHING. Inter. 8 f xter. Work ou«r. GA 2-5S67 -.V Call Singley For 7^ Stoppages - water ie«ks, plumblno or heating repairs, remodeling! 531-7870 Free Estimat*. Quick Service' Instant credit. L.B. surroundlno Plumbing-Heating Repairs Work Guaranteed! SDecllIre *» makes furnaces, reolpe qalvanlicfj lo copuer water lines. Stoppape*. PLUMBING 5, HEATING REPAIRS HO TRAVfcL IIME M HOUR CALL A LIC. PLUMBER 925-91-11 PLUMBING, STOPPAGES JV REPAIRS 58 PER HR. NO TRAVEL TIAAF CHARGE 428-7375 lobs. Lie. plumber. HA 9-9737 PLUMBING contractor. Lie. Live Roofing WERLE ROOFING CO. AM tvncs roils-renilirv Dcnl v/iln .IDolicnlor, 597 S46S; 639-8.116 WE GIVE BLUE CHIP STAMPS. N" dn. oavmt. Bank terms All typ* recover. (74 Hr) UN *-75tt COMPLETE ROOFING SERVICE Free estimate. Blue Chip Stamp* J3S-OS80 davs; 433 4019 eves. All tvws ot rooting. Snov; coatina Licensed, Insured. 421-16PI $5 Rxes Most Leaks S. will rereol X37-2929: Ol-mu WORK. No iob too smoll. Free cv tlmatcs. REASONABLE 86B-9351 ROOF -- NEW RECOVER Comm Residential Bftn-5719 ,' SAVE ss i. Problems. Free esi Llohtnlng Roof Serv. 591-6331 l' NEW ROOFS / REPAIRS. Gua'. Bank Terms. 42H403; 923-7«?4 Sandblasting V^INTER Clnsinq Socclal Sandblast R rn-Mucro. 1 rpf rst. 599-3564 nr i J.17 J824 I SPECIAL: Sandblast rcsluccn t house oaranc as low as W5(l. SANDBLAST-- Reslucro. Reas. Lie InsFrce ost. HA5-2674: «1-1I» GA 2-4541 . Sheet Metal taurants. homes hldns. Kitchen sinks anri hoods, stainless stnl work, cullers, conductors. Hellsrc ! weldlno. Marlnt sheet metal am i reoair work. MKCCLOSKEY SHEET METAL 1315 W. 11th St. HE e-tta work. SAVE SJS CA JJffiS Termite Control TERMITES AND ROACHES Free Est John Lvnn, 591-5M7 Tree Service TREE SERVICE Trim Remove. Reas. rate. 425- TREES SHRUBS Removed or trimmed. Bell Bros. HA 1.1*1.7 AAA TREE SERVIC lie. S. Ins. 423-7015: 531.7108 EXPERT Tree trimming (V removal. Licensed. Insured Coll 634.3550 COMPL. tree service. Y o u r V i n O of prices! Lk. Insursd. 867.3700. TREE trim, remove, clean u n * haul. LIC. S. ins. 638-0179, 537-472.S TV, Radio Hi-Fi Service REPAIRS In vour home 55 mln estm. 520 incl. Paris A labor. Color or B » W 773-0480 T.V. Service, tree transltor rjdln with 8/v; or color service call Upholstery 37th Anniversary Sale RE-UPHOLSTERING SPECIAL * 1 Reas. Cust. w'ork, «'ll sryles. AA And A Untiolslfrv 1223 .Cherry. Free eslm. Plckuo dellv. Ml- 0579.

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