Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 57
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 57

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 57
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CHEF OF THE WEEK Insures Flavor With Curry By MILDRED K. FLANARY :V:-d«nl, Prc«-Tclec'aii food Edilor He declares he holds the undisputed record of tnivui- n:g more miles and seeing IPSS than Ihc whole Navy en masse. Chef of the Week Orville A. Rundle sailed the South 'Seas through two wars--World War II and the Knrean skirmish -- but on ships which rarely docked. With his travels behind h i m , |'c now lives in Long Reach, :inci "general manages" the w York Life I n s u r a n c e Company's Long Beach general office. Born in Fullerton, Neb., Rundle remained there until he was 18, then joined the Navy. After six years of cruising, he returned to the was sent to Santa Barbara to open up a new sales office; and two years after lliai, to Riverside where he headed up the new sales office in San Bernardino. The home office summoned dim in 1960, and he went to New York as a management assistant.' April of this year, having completed all company training courses, he came to Long Beach as general manager. A member of the AF-AM order of Masons, Rundle is an elder in the Presbyterian Church of Riverside (they haven't transferred t h e i r membership to Long Beach, as yet). He formerly belonged to both the I.a Mesa and Santa Barbara Lions States and entered Junior Clubs. He currently is active College at Fort Dodge, Iowa, in the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce and the Sales Executives Club. During summer vacations, he enhanced the exchequer by packcting garden seed for N o r t h r u p King Co. Freezing through two winters in Iowa, which followed his six balmy years in the South Seas, proved too much for Rundle, so he started looking for s o m e place where a guy could keep warm. 'He enrolled nl Ari- ynna University at Tucson, praduating in '51 with a BS degree' in business administration! * * + * HIS STAY in Arizona had its "ups" and ils "downs." The "up" came when he married in his junior year-the down part came when Uncle Sam nudged him again and he was sent to Korea. It was in June of '52 that he returned to the States and joined the New York Life Insurance Co. as field THE RUNDLES can boast a tailor-made and interesting family. A f t e r several years of marriage, they adopted Mark, now almost six. Two years later they adopted Ann, now three. A year-and- half ago, Peter, their very own l i t t l e boy arrived, and come October, "Pete" will be joined by his own l i t t l e sister (they hope). Sailing, fishing, golfing and "beaching" w i t h the younguns are on a par with his fondness for hunting. In t h a t , believe it or not, even the cold doesn't bother him. But perhaps 63 pheasant made up for some of the discomfort his party endured while h u n t i n g in Aberdeen, S. D. last January. The snow was car-top high. Our "chef" has a terrific underwriter at La Mesa, sense of humor--is "hepped" eventually becoming district on rearranging the f u r n i t u i c , m a n a g e r at San Diego. and has spent years switch- Three years later Rundle ing the tops on salt and Shopping With Susan SATIN ROSES add back interest to opulent bridal gown sketched above. Fitted bodice and tiny waist enhance yards, yards and more yards of Chantilly lace and tulle which fashion four-tiered skirt into extreme bouffant chapel length. Flattering sabrina neckline. i For more information call HE 7-5330 week! days. SHORT CUTS for Summer Coolness (tO «j)/(U Prices begin ar ........ CREME COLD WAVE t!"» perfect begin* "^ ^\ fTM ning for +l-a ihorf, / , / 0 irnoolri coiffure. Bija^ty Safon--Lowtr S f r e e t Ffco/ OPEN WOM n WED.. 7HURS. ORVJLLE A. RUNDLE Oswald Jacoby 'Cinches' Often Fail To wind up the week, I will come up with one of the greatest opening leads ever made. The hand is similar to yesterday'., except t h a t the result is the opposite. Sherman Stearns, another old-time expert whose name appears on most of the major trophies, sat West. North and South were playing a fairly well recognized convention. I'lio jump raise of partner's opening two bid shows trump support and a horrible hand. H e n c e , w h e n N o r t h jumped to four hcaits and South went right to seven, Sherman could mark South with just about the hand he actually held, a heart suit headed by ace, king and no side losers. * * * * SHERMAN knew something else about South. He was a strict percentage player and would never finesse for a queen with nine trumps unless he assumed a sure thing. With all this in mind Sherman had no problem with his opening lead. He NORTH f A 7 5 4 3 Z V 9 8 6 5 LONG OEACH i!, CALIF., SUNDAY, JULY t, mi INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM--W-7 r DEAR MRS. MAYFIELD 1 To Wait Is to Waste pepper shakers. "There's always too much salt and not enough pepper," says he. Please note, however, ( h a t in his Veal Curry Casserole he uses any a "dash" of pepper. VEAL CURRY CASSEROLE 3 Ibs. cubed veal (use frozen cutlets if fresh veal not available) 1 cup chopped onion 1 can cream of mushroom soup 1V4 CII P milk \Y 2 to 2 tblsp curry powder Dash of pepper Pinch EACH thyme and marjoram 1 cup chopped Brazil nuts Saute veal cubes in butter. Add chopped onion a n d brown. Place in casserole. Pour soup inlo skillet in which veal and onions have been browned. Add milk, curry powder, dash of pepper, thyme and marjoram. Mix thoroughly and heat. Add Brazil nuts. Pour over meal in casserole, and bake in a 350' oven for 45 minutes. Serve w i t h brown rice to which currants have hccn a d d e d , Mandarin Orange Sour Cream Salad and t i n y green peas to which nutmeg lias been added in addition to other seasoning. Mothers of Twins Meet WEST 4 Q 1 0 S Twins' Mothers Club will meet Thursday at Eldorado Park to hear a speaker on twin problems. Members of the club will participate in a panel discussion, among them Mrs. Roger Milliron, mother of triplets, and Mrs. Gilbert Heath who has twin \ A / _ _ [ J boys and is herself a twin. World Further information can be o b t a i n e d from Mrs. Thomas Spence. All mothers of twins or triplets are invited. 41074 EAST' A K J 9 S V J 7 4 9 5 4 1 0 8 7 6 3 + Q 0 6 5 3 Z + J SOUTH {D V A K 1 0 4 J « A K Q J i *AK North and Sontli vulnerable South' West North East 2 V Pass 4V Pass 7 V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead--V 2 put the deuce of hearts on the table and hoped. Everything worked out perfectly. East produced the jack of trumps. South won, thought a while, cashed Ihe ace of diamonds, ruffed his small - diamond to get to dummy, led a heart and finessed. Sherman made liis queen and set the hand. DEAR MRS. MAYFIELD: I've just graduated from high school, and already 1 feel like a has-been. Lots of the girls I knew are engaged or getting married but quick, some of Ihem are p l a n n i n g on college, others are just sitting by same as me. waiting--but waiting for what? Most of the boys 1 knew are getting jobs, going into the service, or planning on college. Dates don't flow readily. Last Saturday night was a real gala, when two other girls and I took in a movie . . . alone. My family is willing to send me to business school, but I'm not interested. Right now I'm in the mood to snag a man and grow up quick. --ANGELA. DEAR ANGELA: If you want to snag a man then stop that waiting, waiting, waiting stuff. Get yourself in circulation, dear girl, even if you circulate in a new group in new surroundings. What about a summer job -- except you should have been after that months ago. And as for a business course, don't be downright foolish and turn down the chance. Shorthand, typing, etc., can help anybody, in ANY job, with the possible exception of manual labor -- and I doubt that's your forte. Your time is your own, Angela. Wait it out and you waste it. -- M. M. ster of 38 talk a blooming lass of 45 into senility, -M. M. * * * * DEAR MRS. MAYFIELD: What do you do when your wife persists in sticking cards on the bathroom mirror--which I'm bound to note when I shave of a morning--to the e f f e c t : "Tomorrow is my binhday. I love yellow roses." Or, "Three days u n t i l our anniversary. Has anyone made reservations at such and a restaurant?" Or, "Only two more weeks 'til Christmas and I'm dying for a red leather week-end to it with earlier notes, "I know Wednesday is your birthday and your present is already bought." And, in addition, give her the similar treatment: "Tomorrow is Father's Day and I want an electric razor." M. M. Superfluous Hair \ Scientifically and Permanently Removed \ Laura ScoH Fries, R. E. : iMember of Electrologist JAssociation of California. bag." Or, "Tuesday is Valentine's Day, and I adore |_ Psmylhe's chocolates." || Dig it? I never get a !l chance to pick a present, and this way t never get credit for remembering. -A N N O Y E D DEAR ANNOYED: Why don't you beat her HE 6-9841 BEAUTY STUDIO Consultation without charge "Cotton Candy," new play by Vermelle McCarter, will have its world premiere Tuesday at Vine Street Playhouse, Hollywood. DEAR MRS. MAYFIELD: When' I married my husband I was 32 years old and he was 25. He said age didn't matter, love mattered. Well, now I'm 45 years old and he is 38. He constantly tells me a woman is old when she passes 40, and that a man is still young until he's 50. Guess somewhere along the way he forgot to count the heartbeats and remembered only how to add the years. --OLD AND OUT-OF-DATE DEAR OLD AND OUT: Not that you are! Listen, if you feel young and act young you ARE young Don't let this smug young- first a perfect cuL . . . u n d then a pretty coiffure! Summer is here . . . and styles and colors are ch.inging fast! If you're looking for a change, pet into a summery mood now, with an exciting new h a i r - s t y l e and a new color. Just call us and say when you're cominq . . . HArtison 1-S20C). .ifnr: Air (.wdttir-it jor Your Comfort H A I R STYLISTS ·1140 P A R A M O U N T AT CARSON runici:ri«.l a n d p6t!;cuiist a v a i l a b l e cf open (!j(ly, ir.or.chy t h r u MUmUy t\tninp5. momJay t h r u friday hj- a p p o i n t m e n t LONG BEACH «1 StMrni. GE 9-6811 $4,870,000 Worth of Home Furnishings at Drastic Reductions! More Values! More Savings! Greater Selections! In All 16 Barker Stores deep diamond tufting! Foam Rubber Cushionsi 84 inches long Ore of the mcst completely beautiful, expensively detailed sofas you ca.n find . . . at Barter's volume purchase savings of $71.50! Quality features include: luxurious 84" length, fcam rubber seat cushions, diamond tuffed back, carved wood baso and leg in F;uifv/ocd finish, rich damask cover in champagne, nutmeg, or natural v/ith gold, value 259.50 Pay noltiing dmn r $9.78 a rconlh USE BARKER'S OWN CREDIT PLAN . . . as little as nothing down, as long as 24 months to pay. LONG BEACH, Broadway at Locust, HE 6-9251 OPEN MONDAY, FRIDAY 9:30 to 9 P.M. Other Days 9:30 to 5:30 P.M.

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