The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 25, 1906 · Page 5
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 5

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 25, 1906
Page 5
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•^e* - -v^^ST -5f 5*~ CHILLICOTHE VOL.'XVII NO. 295 CH'ILUCOTIIK, Mo., You cannot possibly enjoy good health when the liver is inactive and thebowels constipated. You must keep the liver active. You must have daily action of the bowels. Ask your doctor if this is not true. Ask him at the same time if he knows a better laxative than Ayer's Pills. All vegetable, sugar-coated. Dose, only one pill, at bedtimer" t ^£?£y, 0 ."^.U^FiSSU 1 ! T&SFSSS? Your Liver Copyright 1906 by Hart'Schaffiicr -JT .Marx Right in Front of You You see here :vn illustration of our HART. SCHAKFNER & MARX- Double Breasted Varsity. It's as jjooil looking in front as it is in the back and it will look well on you. Jt's all wool ami all rijflit in style, lit. tailoring and price. JOHN H. TAYLOR. ATTORNEY-AT-tAW, •*• Office: 2nd floor Mnsonie TViuplo, S. Washington St. Collections inndc and promptly remitted. Xoliiry .always in ofllce. MOVING HOUSEHOLD GOODS Editor Ed H. Smith of the Chula News, who recently purchased the McArthur property, moved his If! i household goods here Wednes- ANNOUNCED AT MEETING OF DOMESTIC SCIENCE CLUB Children to Get Prizes for Cultivating Posies During the Past Summer—Ths L : st The Domestic Science club held its first session of the year with Mrs. J. V. Ramsey-WTuesday afternoon. Reports from the Flower committee and the Program committee were most gratifying. The leader, Mrs. Baum^, conducted a lesson on"Primitive Habitations". Trees, caves, tents, adobe houses, sod houses. log cabins, the houses of the Greeks and Romans, Swiss | and Japanese were taken up in turn. The discussion was entered into with zest and a profitable afternoon was realized. Mrs. Ramsey served an ice, cake and coffee. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Hewitt,.West Calhoun. The flower committee made its report of prize awards as follows: The flower committee of Domestic Science club distributed 210 envelopes, with 5 packages of flower seeds in each envelope, making 1050 packages of seeds among 210 school children. In spite of a wet spring and summer drouth 12 from the 1st ward, 9 from the second ward and 21 from Central school reported to the committee that they were in the contest. Every one of the flower beds reported was seen by members of the committee and afterwards by the judges, who are not members of the club. The premiums will be paid to the children by'P. L. Wiley, superintendent of city schools, at the High school Friday afternoon at three o'clock. J. J. Jordan,school commissioner, will duplicate any prize going to sr student in his department. Mayor Hirsh, A. McVey, the Nineteen club, the Culture club, the P. .E. O.'s", the flower committee each offered a prize. The Domestic Science club offered five prizes. All of these were not competed for. The iudgea awarded prizes to Hazel Miller, Kaymond Browue, Finley Fellows, Samuel Paynte-, Flora Hewitt, Gordon Wallace Todd Saunders. Hollis Fields. WABASH PASSENGER CRASHES INTO FREIGHT Accident in Illinois Costs Four Lives And Perhaps .Five Mote Mail— Clerks Burn'd. O UR DRESS GOODS DEPARTMENT never was so complete/as it is this Fall and, at the low prices we have put on the goods, we have reasons to believe they should be fast sellers. We have all the latest cloths including, Broadcloths, Rbxanas, Serges, Henriet- tas. Mohairs, Prunellas, Soliel, Taffetas, Panamas, Veils, Batiste, Fancy Plaid Suitings, Cravenettes, etc., in all the new shades, Bteelc, Navy, Brown, Tans, Greys, Creams, Greens, Reds, also Fancy Plaids and Mixtures. MILLINERY DEPARTMENT. This Department is Second to None. We have spared no pains in trying to make this one of the best Millinery Departments in Chillicothe. Our Hats ara made strictly up- to-the-minute in style, and we can show as new creations in hats as you will find in larger cities and at a less price than you can buy elsewhere. Judging from the amount of hats we have sold and the great amount of nice hats, shows us that this department is right. You are making a mistake in buying a hat before seeing us. ' EAST SIDE SQUARE GHILtiCOTHE, MO. FUNERAL OF MRS. CROCKETT. The funeral of the late Mrs. Edward Crockett was held from her home on North Broadway Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'elock,Rer. George P. Sturges of the First Methodist church conducting the services. Burial was made in Edgewood cemetery. The Ladies of the Maccabees met at Fraternal ball and attended the funeral in a body. A large delegation of railroad men from Laredo and Ottumwa accompanied by their familks were in attendance. / CARSON HUDSON MARRIED. Carson Hudson, who was pro- tessar in the commercial department at the Chillicothe Normal about four years ago, was married Is st week ia. / Sherman, Tex., to Miss Virginia Doolin. They will make their future home in Chickasha, I. T. After leaving Chillicothe Mr. Hudson went to Chickasha whore he became connected with the cotton oil mills. He has been promoted to manager of the concern and now has a lucrative position. STRUCK BY TRAIN. An oldecolored man was found by the side of the Burlington track between Mooresville and Utic v Wednesday afternoon by the section men with his right arm broken and badly bruised about the head and shoulders. He was brought to Chillicothe and taken to the infirmajy. He was unconscious and it is thought he was hit oy a train While walking along the track. ADMITTED TO BAR. Maurice P. Murphy, who recently went to Trenton to practice law with E. M. Harbor, was on, Monday admitted to the Gremdy county bar. Mr. Murphy h as had considerable practice since he went to Trenton and his many,? Chillicothe friends will be glad t o hear of his success in his profes-jion. MONDAY « EVENJKJ' If finder will re^rn my prized red silk money f/gck ! I'll not be stingy with the g^in 1 it. , Dr. J, W. Greene, Bc^ 214, Phoflg 578, CONSTITUTION Special. Catlin, 111., Sept. 25—A Waba=h faet passenger train with nine coaches, en route from St. Louis to Buffalo, struck an open switch and crashed into a freight train neai here at 5j30 this morning. Four were killed, five are missing and forty are injured, five fatally. Two mail clerks were burned to death. THE OSSARD CORSET With a Gossan! your dress will look bettor. MIIHJMS TEXAS SENATOR ASSERTS HIS HANDS ARE CtEAN Had no Knowledge that Waters- Pierce Oil Co. "Was to be Affiliated With the Standard- Dallas, Texas., Sept. 25--United States Senator Bailey issued his statement tonight, replying to attacks upon him. Probably the most interestsng part of Senator, Bailey's statement is his quotation of a letter from H. Clay Pierce clearing Bailey of the knowledge that the reorganiz- Waters-Pierce Oil Company was to be affiliated with the Standard. Summed up, Mr. Bailey asserts that the recent attacks on him are inspired by his old time enemies. He insists that outside influences are trying to impair his usefulness as a Senator, and with no hope of defeating him in Texas. He denies having had §13,000,000 securities of H. Clay Pierce in the Tennessee Central and allied properties; that he did not even haveS13 worth. He quotes from matter printed in July, 1905, in- the newspapers, showing that his employment in Tennessee corporations must have been known to the loaders of the present warfare upon him. He declares that he has never been influenced in his Congressional duties by his clients and has never neglected the duties. Dyspepsia Don't think you can cure your dyspepsia In any other way tlian by strengthening and toning your stomach. That is weak and incapable of performing Its functions, probably because you have Imposed upon it in one way or another over and over again. You should take iSarsaparilSa It strengthens and tones the stomach, and permanently cures dyspepsia and all stomach troubles. Accept no substitute. ARRESTED TWO SUSPECTS. The police picked up two suspects in the Milwaukee yards Tuesday evening and took them to headquarters where they were put through the sweat bos in regard to the attempted robbery of the Ex- ihange bank at Chula Tuesday morning. The two men gave good account of themselves and were released and given time to leave the city. FOOT BALL SEASON WILL FORMALLY OPEN SATURDAY Cameron High School Eleven Will be The Attraction at Sou'h End Park —Have Defeated Trenton The foot ball season will formally open in'Chillicothe Saturday when the High school team will meet the Cameron High school eleven at South End P-xrk. The Cameron team has played two games this season having defeated the Trenton High school boys. The local team practiced Tuesday evening at the park for the first time this season. Some of the boys are a little light for the gridiron but the remainder of [he team are unusually heavy, thus balancing the eleven. Willie Bradley is captain of the team this season and he promises to get the boys in shape for Saturday's contest which, it is thought, will be witnessed by a large crowd. The Cameron boys will bo accompanied by a large crowd of rooters and they will come here expecting to carry off the honors, Saturday, October 'J, the local team will go to Liberty where they will meet the Liberty. High school eleven. Liberty claims to have a strong team this season. Following is the l ; ne-up of tie Chillicothe team tor Saturday's contest: Perryman, full buck; Grace, left half; Barkshire, right back;Iioru- back. quarter back; Mumpower. center: Holcer, left guard; Gordon, right guard; Chapman, left tackle; French, right tackle; Colby, right end: Dcardorff, left end. ACCEPT CHALLENGE. The challenge which was given in the CONSTITUTION last week bv the traveling men of the city for a ball game to be played at South End park with the ruerchantsoithe city has been accepted. The date for the exhibition has not been decided yet but will bo in a few days. Following are the merchants who will play the traveling men: WikoS, Mathews, Powell, Thompson, Morris, McBride, Stone,Scruby, Amcy and Norman. John McBride lias boen elected captain of the team. A large crowd of ChillicotheanB will attend the Avalon fair Thursday, This fair is given every year by the business men of that town and is always a grand success. A fine display of fruit, horses and cattle will bo seen at the fair. A number of exhibits will be taken from this city. FRESHMEN ELECT OFFICERS At a meeting of the.Freshmen class of the Chillioothe High school held in Prof McCormick's room Tuesday evening the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, Allbritain Lawspn; vice-president,David French; secretary and treasurer, Margaret Coad. The colors of the cjass are to be gold and black. O. A, RozzelJ of Breckenridge as ik'^ city fuesaay, the guegt of hifftfjgt; s Newt RozjjeJJ, CALHOUN CURBING ALL IN. Work at putting in the curbing on West Calhoun street was completed by Contractor J. E. Meek, Wednesday and the laying oi concrete on the street between Walnut and Dickecson is going forward rapidly. The excavating force on Walnut began work on the block between Polk and Bryan Wednesday morning. Mr. Meek is making fine progress on the work in hand and promises to g«.t it finished before cold weather. SEASONAL! CLOSE SUNDAY The Levee Rats and the West End Sluggers will play their-Jinal game of ball for this season at South End park Sunday afternoon. Gallagher will bo on the firing line for the Sluggers aud Grace will twirl for the Levee team, JOHNSTON ON TRIAL. ' Ernie Johnston was the first bank robber called for trial at Centerville Tuesday afternoon. The case probably will occupy the, greater part of Wednesday and it isn't likely a verdict will be reached before Thursday morning. YES MADAME We do have a few white pickle clings yet. Order'em next time over phone 573 at eight o'clock a. m. Green's fruit farm. Have Sweet Cider **** Next May 1 * Preserve some cider this full * with Sulicylio iiciel or Sulphite * s of lime anil you can keep it a * sweet for a year. The quantity * * used is so small that it does not * in the least alTeet the llavov of * the cider ami is entirely harm- tf less. Our Salicylic acid is the « pure article, made from winter- * sjreen. You do not <fet this tf * <n-ade at all stores. Make sure * of jfettins I'iiJht materials by # coming- here from them. j. i j /EAR GOSSARD CORSETS.AND PRINCESS SUITS, SKIRTS AND CL'OAKS- \jJ you will have that style that you cannot find in other makes. We have* an expert corset fitter. Come in and see our grand line of new Prinzess Cloaks, Skirts and Suits $5.00 up to $50.00. We are showing twenty styles in Ladies' Fur Jackets; all the very latest styles, in all kinds of furs. HARTMAN'S is the place for Furs. We stand ready to show you a grand line of Skirts—every one a <£ 1 A.-. beauty and perfect fitting. Prices....' «P * IAJ Merode Underwear and Onyx Hosiery; direct from Lord & Taylor, New York. Plaid Silks for Suits, Skirts and Waists in great variety. Dorthy Dodd and Reed's Shoes-all styles. See our kid blucher shoes for tf» ^ QQ ladies', at ^ Warranted Patent Leather Shoes for men. High-class merchandise with low prices is our bid for your fall and winter shopping, you will always get the best for less at \ HARTMAN'S - CHILLICOTHE PCK lOSTICE I Clark's Pharmacy | JJ ..Henrietta Building.. *| * CHILLICOTHE. MISSOURI. * RESIGNATION OF ENTIRE GOVERNMENT ANNOUNCED Behoved that This Makes Inevitable American Intervention—Looking for Proclamation. CONSTITTJTIOJT Special. Havana, Sept. 26—The resigna- tion of President Palma and all the members of his cabinet was officially announced today. Tiie Palma administration believes that this makes American intervention inevitable and that the proclamation will come from President Roosevelt at Oyster Bay. WANTS BONDSMEN HELD. From tin' St. Louis Republic. William L. Watkins, State Supervisor of Building and Loan Associations, and receiver for the Home Co-Operative. Company, yesterday fi!;-ii nn oojection in the Clayton Circuit (\ureagainst the release on his honOi of Francis A. Tillman, former receiver of the company. As reasons for his objections, Watkins allcgfd that Tillman had failed to account to him for $128 50 collected from C. K. Knight in St. Joseph, Mo.;,that there were also other accounts to bl3 softled; that he had failed to turn over the cash account book or the __ individual loan rfigt&ter; that he had retained in his possession a deed of trust on propDrtyin Joplin; Mo.; that he bad failed to furnish him with a list of the loans mado since the company's organization, or a list of the loans canceled; that there were three vendor's iien notes, j each for SiOOO, signed by Frank i J. and Florence MeCorab, of Dall: as, Tex , yet to be accounted for, | and also a deed of trust to secure |a 31,000 loan, made iu Kansas i City. i The objections will be called up for hearing on the law docket next Saturday. : HOW PROPERTY "DECLINES." "i het r a good many people saying that the v;Uue of property | is declining in Unillieothe and that' there is no market for it," said a well known citizen to a CONSTITUTION reporter, Wednesday. "That has not been my experience. During J9U6 I have sold three pieces of prooerty in Chillioothe at a profit Of $1000." CONSTITUTION Special. Chicago.Sept 26—Paul O. Stensland, former president and wrecker of the Milwaukee Avenue State bank, pleaded guilty today and was sentenced on one count to an indeterminate sentence in the penitentiary with a maximum term of ten years, and on another count to five years. , ONE PLAIN DRUNK. j A man giving his name as WH- jliams was arrester! Tuesday eyen- | ing by the police in a state of in- I tdxication. He was placed in the • city bastile to sober up. Wednesday morning in police court he was fined SI and costs for hia good i time which he paid. Mr. and Mrs. W. B^Popham of Rich Hill township announce the arrival of a girl at their home Wednesday morning. SPENT DAY FISHING. A number of business men went to the Smith farm southeast of the city Wednesday morning and spent the day fishing and hunting. .... furus past*' or liquid poIlHhea. I Given :t ni.ick. hrilllnnt luntre. I anil DOES SOT IICRN OFF. I FREE SAMPLE Address Dept.5.1 Lamont. Corliss * O>.. AKt8..7HllmUonSt.,S.Y.| Copyright 1906 The House of Kuppenhelmar A Well-known Business Man talking to a friend said, "One reason why I have given up the custom-tailor habit is that by getting a good make of ready- to-wear clothes I know exactly how they will look—whether the cut, style and material will be becoming or not. I have often selected material from the piece or from samples in a tail^ or shop, and when it was made up into a suit, did not care for it at all. The same applies to the style of cut. Besides, I have found by getting Kuppenheim- er Clothes I am sure of a perfect fit without the trouble of trying on more than once;" Clothes made by the House of Kuppenheim- er offer a wide range " for selection both, in fabric and style. There is individuality about every. Kuppenheimer -""garment—an elegance in. material and fit which imparts an air of distinction to the wearer. We have a large assortment for i spection. in- W. F. STRKEY sueeeisou i-T7"~ 2*» T ~ t J3" ""•._*!• 2 i-'Ste.!!.."^' xe£ _ .. _

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