Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 79
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 79

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 79
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F- 2--Independent, Press-Tetegram long Beocti r--"'" And what a candy! A free MARSWmond Bar. Tempting milk chocolate. Creamy vanilla nougat. And an almond in every bite. Yours free when you use the coupon below. So stop reading and start clipping. iCOUiONTO^XHKinilE I V «)AA« S ^ Good for one MARS'Almond Bar orM ona MARS Almond Bar JI5* six-pack. OfAtpETAIlfB: I* COWnrfl te icnemed ta !He Wl raaJ pee « (r* te' c« tt w a sa pacK clus 5C 'a Mrrtno fjonded coupen is redeemed h seta 3anc« *sb IUTIS c i r ;s o"a 1 he coraura nwi lay lot jr sate In AJK aha appita- fi-'.m juchase d s jflc'ox s:ocX I3CCM cou VIM 1 jrchMed. mod a reariaed ScrdccwxrelOIMWMAPS RO. Bo 'MM. Otago. Knois 6067/. Cuntfte 1/20 ol!«. Line One Hay 31. 1978. (63 15* better , ·*:··· ' v- fe-: The only cat food with the special taste of milk cats love every day. Now in new, economical bags so you can feed it every day. :· ' ····» STORK CPU PON* ~^ ······ ^ ^^ | I IS*" 15 c off any bag of Special Dinners 1 D.iiry Dinner* Tun.i A Shrimp Fl.ivor, St-.i Nip Dinner." Hi-cf H.wor. Does diet affect heart disease? By DOROTHY WENCK University of California Cooperative Extension Half of the people in the United States will eventually die of heart disease; a third will die of cancer. . Is diet a causative factor in these two killer diseases? Researchers don't know for sure, but there Is enough evidence to.sus- pect that it is, according to D.M. Hegsted, Ph.D., professor of nutrition, Harvard School of Medicine. Dr. Hegsted was the keynote speaker ai ilic f o u r t h Annual Nutrition Symposium at Orange Coast College .sponsored by the O r a n g e County Nutrition Council. '.He cited statistics which show a positive correlation between increasing fat and sugar hi the diet and the r i s i n g incidence of heart attacks among not only Americans but also people of numerous other countries. H O W E V E R , t h e s e statistics are not proof that fat and sugar cause heart disease. Increased fat and sugar consumption go along w i t h affluence and its multiple changes ·in living styles. Incidence of breast cancer in women goes up with increased fat intake Just as does heart disease, Dr. Hegsted reported. Again, this does not prove causation, and researchers have no hypothesis to explain how increased dietary (at could cause cancer. Another area of high correlation is that between cancer of the colon and a high meat, high fat diet. One hypothesis is that the high meat, high fat diet lacks fiber and that it is the low fiber diet which causes cancer. Another hypothesis is that with a high meat diet the bacteria content of the intestines is modified with the resulting production of cancer causing substances by these bacteria. IN EVERY case, the dietary changes suggested to help prevent either heart Disease or cancer 8 c off any box of Special Dinners D.iiry DIIIIKT," Tun.i A: Slunn|i 1 l.ivor. SIM Nip Dinner,' tkvtTUor. STOKE COITON are the same: 1. Eat less meal, less saturated fat ( f o u n d in meal and dairy products particularly); 2. Eat less cholesterol (found particularly in egg yolks and organ meats such as liver.) 3. Eat less sugar -- not because of the harmful effects of sugar per se but because it adds extra calories and dilutes the nutrient content of the diet; · 4. Eat more fruits and vegetables -- for more fiber, more vitamins and minerals, and fewer fats, sugars, and calories; 5. Eat more whole grain cereals -- for complex c a r b o h y d r a t e s , ' f i b e r , minerals, and vitamins. When asked, "How can you recommend these dietary changes without knowing for sure they will help?" Dr. Hegsted replied, "There is no nutritional risk in moving in this direction. We can't wait forever for the answers to these disease problems. We must use the best evidence available to eat more healthfully now." against Insects, put the I dried fruit in the freeze r j for a couple of days. This will kill any insects or destroy eggs that might be present. Q. I read an article listing magnesium as an Important mineral in the diet. What foods are a good source of magnesium? A. Magnesium occnrs wMely In feeds --- particularly those of vegetable origin -- so a dietary deft- clency of this mineral wooldbe unlikely. your salads sing! BKffiffil QUESTIONS Q. I dried pounds and pounds of apricots l a s t summer and was shocked to discover (hat some of the batches have turned moldy and others h a v e bugs in them. What did I do wrong? A. Dried fruit will mold if it U not dried sufficiently or I f t t is not stored In a moisture-proof container. Insects or Insect eggs coold be present when the dried (rail Is stored and hatch oat later, or Insects can get Into dried fruit U It U not stored In an Insect- proof container. To prevent mold, get the truH dry enwgh before yon store it. Apricots should be flexible bat not sticky wben they're sufficiently dry. A heavy plastic bag stored inside a coffee CM with a light fitting lid makes a good moistore- proof, Insect-proof container far dried fruit. As an additional precaution Mmm! People Discover "Mm, fresh!" H 1 « \\anner "Tastes light!" (; /. Minn- "Mmmm!" D. Krauit M argarine has to contain Light Blend Imperial' is at least 80%oil, or it much lighter in oil! 25C; lighter, isn't margarine. But new Tastes light, fresh, delicate! 1CK 1M" 1 t h i s LKVKR COUPON to your 5lor- SavelO^ When you buy 1 Ib. of New Light Blend Imperial, slick or tub. ° L 0-.. IT V., « i : i -rf-j^r x v y ' * . i .,:... , r u-., v^-L-v-r. r- -- 'v t ,0 * I-T :r^ - L ' " I . ' I . ' ' . - · · * ^ ' - ' v r « " * - i ' ,"1*-'.':,"''» ·'· j - ' ..· N -1 '

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