Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 16, 1976 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1976
Page 12
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1? · Northwest Arl:omm TIMES, Friday, April 16, 1976 OSXB3 fcain ESSS3 C °.'l, SSSS Stoliono(y Qaludod Dora N A T I O N A L W E A T H U £J*VI« NO A A, U S. B p i . . a t Candidate Ledbetter Reveals Six-Point Anti-Crime Program LITTLE ROCK (AP) Congressional candidate Cal Ledbetter revealed, Thursday h i s six-point anti - crime program, \vliich includes mandatory uiin- inium sentences for persons convicted of violent crimes and lor repeat offenders. Leduelter said the present system for rehabilitating repeal offenders "simply has . not worked." lie also said lie would propose a change in House rules to open more Congressional committee meetings lo the public, vhich should help restore con- idence in the legislative branch. As another way of restoring niblic confidence. Leclbeltei aid he would propose that all corporations. labir groups other associations be required o register as lobbyists and file quarterly spending reports with he General Accounting Office, LedbeUer, -16, is one "of ss:s democrats and two Republi cans running for Congress ir he 2nd District. His minimum sentence provi ston would eliminate tlie parol jrocoss. He said tliat process results in convicts being givcj nricterminatc -Pris Cooler Weather Expected Colder weather is forecast ' for states west of the Mississippi anil u arm temperatures should continue fo the east. Rain is due from HIE Mill- west lo the Gre;\t Lakes; also for (he Pacific Nnrlli- Vi'esl, Montana ' and . N o r I li Dakota can exiiecl both snow flurries and rain. \Viml warnings are forecast for Arkan- sas lakes with mostly cloudy skies and chance ol showers, thnndershowers or storms through Saturday, (AP Wire- lib oto) oners become elij*ible for pa role after serving ' a certait amount of their sentences, bu a parole board actually decide when the inmates will be pa roled. f.edbeller's proposal wouti not do away with the practice of giving inmates t i m e . o f f fo good behavior, which prison ol icials say helps them maintaii discipline and control over in nates. Ledbclter said, hou ever, the amount of time off fo good behavior might have to b reduced.· These'are the. other points i his anti-crime package: -Congress should reduce th iscrction a judge, is allowed to \crcise when sentencing a per- Too many times, people onvicted of similar crimes, get ibstanlially different pe nat- es, he said. --Plea bargain- ig should be drastically rc- uecd when it results from an vcessive caseload. This is the rocess in which a prosecutor lakes some concession lo gel oh the defendant pfeatts guilty lakes some collection to gsl defendant lo plead guilty. Of- 'imcs for tlioiv loss of proper- 0 an olfensc less serious than ic one for which he was incited. LedbiHter said fedora imds sbould be used to beef up irosecutors offices at t h e - s t a t e 1 nil federal levels to assure a taff big enough to prosecute 11 criminals. --Establish a program ti oinnensale innocent, victims o y or the cost of medical treat nenl for Ihcir injuries. ; --Create additional alterua ives to a .prison sentence fo uvenilcs and first-offender vlio are convicted of com nitting nonviolent crimes. --Create additional judge ships at the federal level to re duce the crowding-of cases o court dockets. On another matter, Ledbette said he would assign a membe of his Congressional staff t monitor regulations issued b 'crieral agencies to help coi slituents understand federal rp qirireincnts. For Alleged Sex Bias Degree For Singer LAS 'VEGAS, Nov. (AP) -^ frank Sinatra will be awarde an honorary degree by the L)n vcrsily of Nevada-Las Vegas o May 23. The university said tlie Do tor of Humane Letters degn recognises Sinatra's help .; raising §500,000 in scholarship for the school.. Officers Sight Unidentified Fins in Loch Ness 'FORT AUGUSTINE, Scotland \I J ) .-- Two 'police officers we reported seeing i\\o dark* olorcd fms ab'oul 20 feel apart g rapklly in tandem Rli the w Eilcrs · of Locti ess. ' .I tlon"l believe in the Loci; ess monslcr," saEct Sfit. Don Id NEcolson, .42, /'but there's omolhinK down there." His companion. Constable [ainish Gray, 22, is convince* icrc is a monster. "Relative: f mine have seen it," lie said. The officers logged tlici itfhtinK on Wednesday as "ai ^identified. object in Loci S'css." ', The policemen said the polled the fins as they drov lonj* the road running aroiin lie lake in northern Scotland. "At first we thought it was boat in difficulties," said Nlco on. "We rushed to the lochsid hd then realized. it wasn't xial. ; . . , J "The water in between th ins gave the impression jeing .almost boiling. The Hi submerged completely, tticn r s u r f y c e d , then submerge. igain. Then a terrific \va\ came off toward the shore." Gray flagged down a bus i?et someone to. verify what 1 ind NMcolson had seen. But b the time the driver. and. the pa senders reached the shor nothing but: still water could b seen. Tli e mdhslc r , k i lown in B r am as Nessie, was first repor cd sighted in 546 by SI. Colun ba. - TJie controversy over \vhelh Ncsstc exists . was stirred i again last year when an Ame can expedition led by Dr. Ko crt REnes of the Academy Applied Science in Bost claimed to have taken co' photographs, of a montcr - \ v special underwater cameras. Shirley Bush Convicted Of Murder Sentenced To life CONWAY, Ark. (AP) -- Shir y Irene Bush, :22, of Pur vLILc. was convicted of capita lony murder Thursday night id sentenced, lo life imprison- cnt in the stabbing death or a issouri truck driver. A Faulkner County Circuit ourl jury of 10 men and I wo omen' deliberated about five ours before returning the ver- ct. After the jury had deliher- led about 20 minutes on the cntcnco Thursday night. Hit ate'"'decided" to waive the ealli penally. , ·. · Judge' Russell Roberts or creel the jury back into t h e ourtroom and pronounced the fc ' imprisonment sentence -- ic only alternative under the lute's 'capital felony murdci Before he pronounced sen mice, Mrs. Bush stated, wnil vccplngi that she hadn't don vhal she was accused of. The defendant's 1 a w y e ought a mistrial Thursday dur ng testimony presented by-Lai McKenzEe, an employe of th Conway truck stop where - th jocly of Billy John Jones, 3-J, o Wlralfa. Mo., was found -lowever, Roberls denied th request. Attorney Gene Worsham ,ittle Rock sought llie mistri; after Mrs. McKcnzie tcstiCit about a statement she had gh en earlier'to State Police. Mrs. McKenzie, who said si ived near the truck slop, test 'Jed that she saw Mrs. Bus inrt her husband, Charles Bus' get out of a tractor trailer, a mrentlv arguing; Shu said when she returne to work later. Bush' entered II truck stop with a while te shirt that had blood on t shoulder. He left and return with his wife and (hey we joined,by .another couple, Ml McKenzie sM'd. Worsham then implied that rs. MuKcnzie was changing previous testimony. He ovcd lor a mistrial on me ouiicls that the prosecution ad withheld information about rs, McKeiuic's ' statement om-hirn. Pros. Aity. Alex Street, how- 'or suid a summary of Mrs. cKcnzIe's statement, which us taken from her original atemcnt to a Slate PoUre.m- estigator, was given to the demise. Woralmin said he had ever seen the original state- ·netit.. . Wanda Jones, widow of the ictim, testified that before he ·as killed, her husband hud eft home with §380. The prose- ution contended thai robbery ,-as the motive for Jones' mur- er but the -defense alleged iiat Mrs, Bush stabbed Jones iftcr iie" made sexual advances _ owards her. "State'Poh'ce eaid'Mrs. Bu;.h old them she und her husband ia d been hitchhiking in .the Southwest United States and iad ridden with Jones from Co- imbia, La., to Conway, Hughes Story Filmed LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Actor Warren Deatty will portray the lale Howard Huglies i n l n e second motion picture about the reclusive billionaire announced since his death April 5. Ted Ashley,- chairman ov the board of Warner - Bros., said Thursday Beally wo u I d also produce; the film and begin production in August. · Ashley said talks with P,eally about the movie had been under way for six months, although "the deal was not concluded until this week. Justice Department Su ing Two Loan Firms WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Justice Department, suing two loan firms for alleged sex,bias, says it also is investigating charges that other lenders in 12 states illegally lake sex and In Ihe first Iwo civil suit, filed under a 1974 federal nous fig law, the department Thurs day accused the Jefferson Mortgage Corp. of Cherry Hill N.J., and Prudential Federa Savings and Loan Association of Salf Lake City, Utah, of i criminating ''against wome and'tlieir families on account of sex" in making home mortgage loans. The 1974 law prohibits sex stringent standards to determine the credit worthiness of a wife's income than" the standards applied to the husband's income. .·Prudential, the largest say ings and loan association in Utah, disregarded part" or all of a wife's income In determining a family's eligibility for morl gage and home improvement The Utah firm also "refused lo consider alimony and child support payments as income FABRIC MART EVELYN HILLS SHOPPING CENTER SAVE NOW with ULTRA STEAM CARPET and FURNITURE CLEANING 9J2 CAIL NOW $19.95 Ph. 521-3620 The DERBY GAS STATION This wck Ihru Sunday. Iho Derby Gas Station is featuring Big 64 oz. Cokes for 29? each Also r t i g i s l c r lor a Tree Panda H e a r (o he given a u a y on Good Friday s-.for the'.purpose of qualifying n for a mortgage or hoayj im- ovoment loan,' 1 the depart- ent charged. The Jefferson firm required' omen, but not men, "to sub- it written assurances of their lention to continue working uring the term of the loan ap- ied for, 1 ' the suit alleged. Asst. Ally. Gen. J. Stanley o.ttineer sail this amounted to quiring women to promise 11 to gel pregnant. Pottingor .said the depart- cnt is working with other genci,?s "to create? a govern- ciit wido enforcement effort" jainsl other lending in- ilntions which discriminate gainst women. Department; lawyers said icy al ready arc En vest iga tin: ·milar charges against oth/jr lan firms in 12 stales, which icv declined to name. Frank Schweib, head of the vision's housing section, said ie investigations of Prudential nd Jef fcrs on we re t riggc red y citi7,in complaints to govern- ifit agoncics. He said tho department has ent hundrrds of letters to 'omen's rights grmms and olh- r nrganizfllion^ to inform them bout the statute and to request formation about possible iolalors. Wnm^n's ri^ht^ nrtanizM avh cpmnlained that many ending '.institDKn" 1 ^ follnw dis- riminnlory practices, OPEN DAILY 9:30-9:30 CLOSED SUNDAYS EARLY BIRD SPECIALS Saturday Morning .Only, April 17th These Prices Good 9:30 a.m.-l:00 p.m. Only 'Viva' Sued NEW YORK CAP) -- A fash- on model has sued Viva maga- iiie for $8 million, claiming it serl her picture on the cover of ts May issue without her permission to package iLs "sexual,- based format." Margaret Ashlcv PnHr*p, 2-". ° -foot-10 inch brunette, said 'hursday in her State Supreme Court suit: "I respectfully submit tha' i.v image is not enhanced by he appearance of my photograph on the cover of a magazine which has recently had naked males in its center fold, anrl has had almost, exolicil = exual encounters photographically depicted, and has h a ' 'eminist and sexually based format." SMART SHOPPERS WATCH TIMES ADS 7 DAYS A WEEK! EVEREST JENNINGS WHEELCHAIRS FOLDS TO 10" RENTALS t SALES FaycUevllle Dnir E. iUt Square t!-73! Full Luscious MUMS 75 5" Potted Mums . .. 1.87 PATIO CHAIRS 97 3x5x5 with aluminum arms. CHAISE LOUNGE - 6 Webb 8.66 24x14", strong. Rinses clean. 10 Count EASY WIPE CLOTHS Our Reg. 53c 29- (Decoregger) EGG DECORATING MACHINE 69' Our Reg. 96c 3 Easier bright coloring pens plus fun designs. Non-toxic, exciting new way to decorate eggs. I ' \ ·'' i A Terry CI I I J a TRAINI TRAINING PANTS Our Reg, 44c - Soft, white cotton terry. Double thick- crotch. ALUMINUM FOIL 5 for Our Reg. 34c 12"x25' Aunt Lydia's RUG YARN Our Reg. 41e 4 for $1 (2.5-07,.) 70 yard skein, rayon/cotton. Galvanized coated with lid. 20 Gallon METAL TRASH CAN 3" - ^.VEGETABtES OR. BEDDING ' PLANTS Our Reg. 49c Tray 3 trays for 6 plants per Iray. Wide assortment o£ pepper, tomatoes and (lowers. HAVE A GLORIOUS EASTER WORSHIP AT TRINITY TEMPLE PASTOR B.J. WILLHITE SPEAKING AT 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM SUNDAY, APRIL 18th SPRAY PAINT Our Reg. 78c 2 for 1 10 oz, enamel. White and colors. PAINT PAN ROLLER SETS Our Orig, 1.63 0" pan, roilcr anil roller cover. 100 Count PAPER PLATES Our Reg. 78c 200 Count 100 count, 9" HOT WHEELS Our Reg. 8k 2 for ! 1 Tough and slunTy, die-cast metal. Ages 3 and over. CELLO- TAPE CELLO TAPE 14" X 1000" with (lispnnscr. Our Rcfi. 28c "PAINT BY NUMBER SET" Our Reg. 78c ea. 12 color oit set with 3--Cx8" or 2--RxlO" picturc.s. fl color acrylic with 2--8x10" pictures 24x60" METAL FOLDING TABLE Oiirllcg.12." -«-kgg tri fold. C.irry li.indln Folds lat. 10 DISH or WASH CLOTHS Our Reg. 21e ea. Your Choice ea. 12xH" dishcloth or 11x11" wash cloth. Assorted colors. Hwy. 7IB, North al Rolling Hills Drive in Fayelleville, Ark.

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