Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1963 · Page 23
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, April 2, 1963
Page 23
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As'to Make Noise ·A * . * · * * * * Wild Opening Set KANSAS CITY «V-The Kansas dry Athletics, fir from being fireballs fa the American League fa past years, are going to give the fans some fireworks and fanfare for the opening game with the New York Yankees April 9. Owner Charley Flnley already Is making much of his daring new color scheme in uniforms, keDy green and gold. ' As a sort of a salute to the new uniform colors, Flnley Is asking the fans to wear something green or gold, or both, for the occasion. In return, he promises a fireworks display, bat not the run-of-miU kind. The display win include bombs which win eiflode to release parachutes, bearing American and state flags and toy animals such as chickens, pigs and elephants. Then there trvll be 1,000 green and gold balloons, each bearing tickets to future A's games. And there win be prizes hidden under the seats for the spectators. *.. As if that Isn't enough, there win be Flnley himself wearing a combination of gold sports Jacket, keDy green slacks, green tie and green handkerchief--all lipped off with a green western hat. Lemon's Trial Set for May 2 Bob Lemon, former Cleveland Indian pitching ace. pleaded innocent to drunk driving charges Monday in Anaheim-Fullerton Municipal Court. His jury trial was sit in the same court for May 2. The Los Angeles Angels' scout was arrested last Tuesday by Anaheim police after he was involved in a minor traffic accident · Police said Lemon, of I Ml Clairborne Place, Long Beach, had no driver's license in his possession and faflec a sobriety test. He was booked in Anaheim City Jii and released after posting $276 baU. Poly to Play Lakewood, Seeks Win Streak Record ByDOUGIVES Poly High, winning 'em dcsa bat winning 'em all. shoots for a share of the Moore League winning streak record in its baseball battle with Lakewood on the) Lancer diamond today. tan* leads, CaM., Tun* Atrl i TM1 INOEPENDEHT-P.s. C-3 Blades Rip Seals, 8-2, Lead Playoffs '\ (Continued From Page C-l) [the Golden Gate club- Boileaa'displaytd its best passing at-his finest performances of tin when the s e c o n d P«iod ( ^^f^^'^^Uck of the season. The ^easoa^ dosed. By then LA. had but Maxwell was hustled off I . put * lso matched had rolled up an insurmountable! the ice on a stretcher 6-2 lead. The Blades merelyjdidn't return. He suffered a been victimized by a similar SfclS toyed with the Seals the fina^badJy bruised right leg mid-'number i - lt 20 minutes as they outscored way in the third period. Harold White.' the visitors, 2-0. | Coach Red " ' -'-*- · «""=. tn._An0e!es. Hawcrm 01. penalties -~ _. Edmumhoa fSH fSFI 7:B1; ~ ' -' It: It v, --Start DnotO. 49ER FLYHAWK Roger R h o a d e s , Long Beach State's top defensive outfielder and strong hitter, will be in lineup against USC at Blair Field today. LB. State Meets USC at Blair Field Today Long Beach State's baseball club faces a tough task this afternoon when it engages the USC Trojans at Blair Field. Game time is 3. Either Walt Peterson or Pete Hiilman will pitch for USC which has reeled off four victories in a row. The Trojans are 10-8-1 on the season, including an earlier 7-2 win over Long Beach. If Peterson starts, it will mean three former Long Beach prep stars will see action for Troy. Willie Brown and Bud HoUoweU also are scheduled to play. Phil Snyder will hurl for coach Dick Clegg's charges. The 49ers are 3-7-1 to date. dy Haworth also selected as the Blades the honors. O'Ree scored once 1 ^ and had three assists in one of i*55 CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING EDOVMK9 OUtrENTIEK A Terj Teem Special Carpentier Mo to The Destroyer 1 Be. Meio!» Freddie Blassi* n. Cewb» Mattel Doe, Dufhnr vs. Cnrioue Term · abbv Ourantea vs. rear* sancfttz Sncnotiflii HI f-2S41 TUESDAY -- 8 p.m. UiBicipsI AiCtorian Coach John Herbold's Rabbits have won six in a row, one shy of the single-season mark of seven by the 1960 Jordan team, which also won its 1961 opener for a two-season streak of eight None of Poly's wins have come easy. The Hares won their opener 10-3, but had to score nine times in the sixth inning to do it, and since have won three games by two runs and two more by one run. Two stylish southpaws will oppose one another in the 3:15 contest. Poly workhorse Bob Wiswell, who has won five and boasts an ERA of 0.87, faces Jim Strickland, who fashioned a two-hitter in his last outing after a slow start. L\ OTHER Moore contests today, Millikaa (3-3). plays at Jordan (1-4-1) and Downey (3-2-!) is at Wflsoa (1-4-1), both at 3:15. St Anthony (3-0) battles Piu$ X (1-2) at Blair Field. Poly boasts the league's top three hitters, headed Merrill Smith with a .462 average. The Hares have five hitters .350 over or better. Leaders: UOOKE lATTmS LEACEIS r*r».T««TM . «· *· ·, «.«»i»v«- M3 Jffil ,, -taBiisri ii j j j ig Hoc* ino._ Dcwne» 4 U " " - - -a Bartler, Uiltrkan « X SmlM. umiKaa McKec, Wilson 5rou»ton._ war* JSO - .23C J J50 -XB 4 J J1J 49er JVs Clipped LBRV IMC* st jv tn m 1--1 j j OT»TTM Cent (JY1 no Ml «-4 T Hoffman. HwTMon (7) and STumx*; Warner and nutitr. HB-Bmon OJU ! Morning's Sports Briefs Pitcher Vtrnoa Law, a 20-game winner when the Pittsburgh Pirates won the National League pennant in 1960, wffl be sent to the club's Daytona Beach farm club ramp to condition his ailing arm. "I pitched batting practice and there isn't any pain," he said. "AH I need right now is to get my ana strong." · * · « THE CINCINNATI Roy- als, who lead the Boston Centics, 2-1, in the National Basketball Association's Eastern Division playoffs, have been sold for the second time in four days. The latest owner is Warren Hensel, Cincinnati businessman and sportsman who already has talked to Jerry Lucas about playing for him. Lneas, top college player a year ago at Ohio State, is now a free agent. THE C H I C A G O Cubs have sent sore-armed pitcher Lindy McDaniel and lame rookie o u t f i e l d e r Nels Mathews to Dodger team physician Dr. Robert Kerian for examinations. » · · · CONVICTED basketball fixer Jack MoEnas is out oo baa in New York while his case is being appealed. He was sentenced for 10- to-15 years Feb. U. Speed Skating Has Southland Entries Four Olympic stars will head contingents from three Southland ice rinks competing in the Golden Gate Speed Skating Meet to be hosted by Berkeley's Iceland Pacers, Saturday and Sunday. Jack and Bin Disney are included in a team from Ana- by heim's Glacier Falls. Staa Fail and Bud Campbell will be competing for Paramount Iceland. A group from Pasadena also is entered. CLAY HONORED BY YALE MAGAZINE NEW HAVEN, Conn. (XJPI) --The bard of the boiers, p o e t r y - r e c i t i n g heavyweight Cassius day, Monday was named to receive an award from the Yale Literary Magazine. The award once was given to "the person who has done the most to revitalize poetry doring the past year," but it hasn't been handed out since the Civil War, according to the student magazine. souit«m an. vtrnim fed ortbed · ctw from under tt« nm if R* 01 Iff lr»c» in* f t d rlvrt. y« Unl»nJV of Orwon. Thi Trorin* AAondav l:d 9i«t Wffldfl Ctx-Orm* itifi tiloft JctooC crm»- cownfrv cfiamoion from HJlfsOom. rrrmfl In ine f»n. m * n run mil* U « 17« .nd Bit 130 U 1:551 · * · * FCKMEt S» frwcic» *Vr end · iRv WtfMH ftn lorned w cetffiin stsff mr CAruio JC M s«nt« Cnjz. He'N coach trie offvmTv* line «nd double fa Ine sorine ·» b*Mtiall coed). Close Meet for LBCC at Ccrritos Except for the delay, the outlook for today's Long 3each City College at Cerritos track meet hasn't changed .t all. It still figures to be ilose. Damp conditions on the Falcons' track last Friday forced the postponement to this week. Field events start at 2:30 pm, first race at 3. The Falcons have a string of 16 dual meet wins in a row and both schools are 3-0 in conference competition. The I. P-T cafls it. 64-58, Long Beach. wmohi UX«ldr« nl 00 home er*l he . Lmnwre. · w i r v f f cam* . , So is tabrn mnrauncrr Hank Werner, wtiose soorli cv cracked CD when teivlna the *-1«!e title fiaw card at Dodoer stadium ... Fred SKitx. assistant Basketball coadt at CXAe Unlwrotv, tias been named nearf cacft »t itw UnJversrrv of Com*c- »cut . . . Inda tai tanSet ft East Zone Davtl Cua lemit sene* aoainsl fiikiitiirNVtfrrar.'irt tfiS\*F::" In DTV tafinri. Soarifs Andrm Cimew fc««* Amer-tr*'* »*nr MacK*v md *ui*r»ri*'» Kta KvM-waa tn m» oc-crv J^ff round iinolm ·*·/ of Jhr *-vond Proteijofi*! Urmii taunwmtnf «t Cl»v«- Und ... Dmali (Dudcy] Moor* tun m-vnr$ n head fcvsker'ajTt cc«cH At L»S»ii« m PMLtiteTDhi*. H« Sd · J*v«,,r rtcor.1 of 79-V tut wtrt fcanoeii In 'iff BY tut wasoa Cr.ttd-1 MOORF w ; swea. Dentoo wood. · LFAOC ' E R R S ^lJ 2 5SS? -I R ·· iO ERA u' B IS I f f ifl 3B Only Dodger Problem (Continued From Page C-l) (Tommy Davis, If; Bill Skow-irighthanded power with the!? Tommy Davis and' ron * Ib; Fairiy ' rf; ·** "^ alditi oa of Skowron. * 1U uuiljf LRHII »na. rfiantnm- TnJi^Bnc«*«m *.._ ._.,_...... . LAKERS (Continued From Page C-l) Schaus immediately warned about any complacency. Artu aHy, he didn't have to do so. The players realize the Hawks are tough. In Sunday's game. Bob Pcttit did not get a field goal in the first quarter and the Hawks collected only U points in that span. Although they did catch up and go ahead a couple of times, their momentum wasn't as much as that generated by the Lakers. Pettit and Cliff Hagan, who combined for 65 of the Hawks* meager output in the opener, are just about match for the Lakers* front Frank Howard. I think welll get more out of Howard for base phantom; John Roseboro, c; Don Drysdale, p. entire M. Wood.ItT JV-Ouriari 1-1, Yowi« n Today's Local Sports Slate iSrVS, : Willie's can mike the big difference." Only the third base position remained unsettled as the Dodgers broke camp with a Grapefruit League record of 12 wins and 11 losses. Alston wS^aTi'' 10 ? 61 to "solve that prob- Kea McMuUen, JUKWt: COU.ECC -oni Beac* Crt» rs. .'TraaMlonj leadl C9» al cau-tct USC «t Cemtes, _.._...... ... .»,,,, ,, n'P 00 Zimmer and Daryl Spen- tSM'isfS' "· WlrTrl * s"^ 1 - cer by picking "whoever is hot in the last five games.** The opening day batting " order, which has yet to be! i^staf. at assembled in an exhibition: camou» - · - ' "I'm optimistic about our pitching." said Alston, ~be- Defense ia general remainsjcause our top men have Alston's No. 1 worry. worked more innings against ment," _ ^ .._ J ... be we haven't made as manylso high" on' oar "itaff"'be mental mistakes, but on the whole, defense still is the weakest'part of our dub." The weak link is offset. however, by such plus factors LaRusso, but their backcourt can't nearly match that of the Lakers. Jim Krebs should be able to play a little more at center ipetidon than ton;ght ^sj.^ QJ^ if as pitching, speed and more _UKNel)Ban II t H necessary, to spell at the comer posts. are cause ( L a r r y ) Sherry and! (Bob) Miller had looked poor. but Miller has looked £ood; much more the R j d l h l S t - been throwing very wetL" f win tonight. The third fourUl fame$ ANGELS STOP COLTS (Continued From Page C-l) denied the tax was that much. -Utterly ridiculous,'' he said. As Bo and Dean pouted, the rain clouds lifted and the Angels played a 5-1 April Foot's joke oa the Houston Colt .45$, wbo weren't ia a laughing mood after Navarro's and Don Lee's pranks. Lee yielded only four 1 and the .45s* lone run in __ ,_ _ otter outstanding six-inning'KSJJ» U stint which lowered his eJ-a-j**""*- · to 2.00. He retired the last! four Colts he faced and then - · handed" the ban to Navarrojc3f*____ who kept it raffing by retir-jr^Jr*SS. ing Dine in a row in a perfect ta.ri.li4-." three-inning performance. \ir**i ru . The 27-year-old Puerto *-tavnatiM UarJ» Browne i!! Hi Sherry returned to the jues- [played in St. Louis Thursiy tion mark list Monday a 6- II and Saturday. A fifth game, loser of the Dodgers* Florida'if necessary. wiH be at the ___ ·finale to the Baltimore Ori-JLA. arena Sunday, the sixth J * ! 'oles. Sherry allowed five runs at St. Louis Tuesday and the 1 S J i on eight hits and three walks'seventh at the Arena Thurs ii Jin five innings. [day, April II. could save him from the guillotine which must fall before .Here's lile in itie old lomalol can ha* now rationed but one ·{rSJ. rnrT , i » DB - t earned rua ia 10 and one-'tSJ 1 - «**· ·**·· T BUDDY EBSEN DONNA DOUGLAS-TV. ««AT rr*«s on tr« THt TAMltT KICTtATXyi SHOW . OOTM Opt* Keel Can trjf. - · - - --- wn JUmlssI. STACf t WATIX SHOW 100 F JhL pfrt 2 rjH. faf. If*. till tsnila }ttc«I Tire J tf til lisa cU Us'j? Crtifi S»7-C-Tea Tarata Crick is tA V.ctdtJ froa *ie,'» r'»» tcnitctj, (nil tines «al CBXJ, tm's s fridk Cat Ks jei c?!j leept yw 17. Grtit 's!ri'iiir CRT ice cr fa tsi m n norm man i jDctauunnnu / NEW 7.50x14 WHITEWAUS Easy terms on al i'tret and services. I'orn cn.YER.tL Tint: DISTRIoiTon C. B, LYND'S TIRE SPECIALTIES, INC. 3000 CHERRY AYE. AT SPRING r IIHJAl* till DELCO SUPERIDE SHOCK ABSORBERS IMPROVE RIDE CONTROL INSURE EVEN BRAKING REDUCE TIRE WEAR STOP "BOUNCY" RIDES SMOOTH THE ROAD TAKE THE LURCH OUT OF STOPPING ELIMINATE SWAY $ 5 EA, Ifttltl Inn fricti » ta GENERAL JET AIR TIRES lott*r?«, Rtcept, Fnit-Cil AEgnatit Conptct* SWB S«rrlc*. GAI, OIL, LUU n-M rict v* tnt D«II««-» 6 WAYS TO BUY · latlomericord 'Shell CrtcHl CarJ · l/p to i Monti ·It.ilCap · tndjrt rial · Cnk · Eitcaht PI| n Tr« Mr Mentl-K« Mcrel) « C. B. LYND'HIRE SPECIALTIES, INC. NEv 4-3038 3000 CHERRT AYE. AT SPRING GA 4-5557 IS THIS THE 50,000 MILE TIRE? This is the new Ger.eral Jet-Air. It's an amazing tire. It has an amazing new kind of rubbercaHed Duragen. We drove it 62,415 miles on our test track and still had tread left We also tortured it on cut-cinder roads and wore it out at 20,000 miles. We believe you should get somewhere between the two. We are positive no other tire will give you better, safer mileage. For four long years, General Jet-Airs have beaten mileage record after mileage record. Now they will do even 30% better. Think what they have working for them. The miracle mifeage of Duragen. The terrific traction of Dual Treads. The superb bfowout protection of cool-running Nygen Cords. You'll probably trade your car before you wear them out YOUR LAST CHANCE TO WIN! -y General Tire's'TreasureinYourCarTfunVEvenrends Apdl 13th! 5,660 PRIZES! NOTHJNO TO BUT OH WRITEI JUST LET YOUR GENERAL TIRE DCAt-tR REGlSTInl YOUR SPARE TIRE. NAME AND ADDRESS! C. B. LYND'S TIRE SPECIALTIES, INC. 3050 C H E R R Y AVENUE LONG BEACH, CALIF.

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