The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 5, 1957 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1957
Page 11
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Special j^g^Of!^^®, < s ,$ > vi ry;: ]*. . . flfer eatures SON OP GMHOMIWVUOM ' Welgkkv K*M*oua*V. *kto *Jaaiia*.Mba>**o/te»M toft hot Metal ladleeraaev A* torgeat ef ttt ftbtato the watfi A 100-teii lot metal ladle mne, tb* large* of ttakfod ew built, to b*fcw equipped wltn 174 roller bearing* mad* by The •Timkeu Roller Bearing Company of Canton, Ohio. • Th« mammoth eran* Vrilt fcy • Morgan Engineering Company, Allian««, Ohio, i* th« flrit of tlma being taiit for iMtoHavJoB •t a large eaatora rtaol mill. The new erine, to a afafU dip, hat th* powor to lift and eany enough molten metal to naaa- f acton 1W autonobilea. MM* M who am MHfc* «*TMr- M koattkr « Wi *•* ft*, a titt' Mttiat •#&**• wkw tfat najw AH* aot to* fatty fcMettia then ratet? ajkffle* to UK to. Tb«* » dUtCjNHUMkM fa Uw **. CUMMt t» lay wiilv' «•<*•«• ptNMk «M* colon toM to fflaka a larva crake an aquiap** with IT* Tlmken ToOair baewta**. ' Total waight tt Ok* OWM wi»V i out aha ladta k 1 ^iUXK» MimeU ( TW oran* bat a apaedaf So fao»' par miaaaa wbatt not loaded ant fin load apeed of til foot par ndmta.ItamaxinwMwhoallea«I la tflJUO poubfa. TwaMf-ftnrafMad aan wptf adad to ahip ttoWMMk fa* atal trih OMM to ta» ptaaa <*t NAMES IN NEWS... **M* that th* Matt year Jft tbe-W • «t tt* ehttb- by tot wtt a* 1 * *iUHy taportant eaa aid Jttift tat that full oo- •peMttotffMtt tb* ftathawaji to a ttttt • Cmtt peychotofiita at th* S«J- t«rfi«r R*haWht»Uon enter la Akron adrUad fatttof * play«r with ehtldMB'i neard*. TJ»T •to* fUMtaUd MBdl Oannoo to »p«eiaj (OMaM for alav-ltaninc cUldrtm whaa k* to augfctly etdtr. Aa off«e WM Bad* rteantly to kat* tt* oWM atUad * n«arby BUTMTT. <M* of ehMf*. gtarttof to 8*ptHnb*r. nte way tw tb* 4Mt tait fcf CUHBO*, M wtB ai for tte tUtttanrtyn, wha har« Mt«r Wt tbMr ttkM MM* With. - • ^ •'•'•' HOW DOM Judf* Thomai f**l .•tout UM eaatT Dot* b« hart •ay eoayantttoM about tto <U- eilioa ha mad* to MM* OMBtr comma* plaa« court T "No, I l*mi not," IM Mtd, bit ka quiekJK»Mlda4hati tha Htthv •fey» ^*j«r*f1fc« fount* thoir tutt o»6p«i«qalFia 'ratotof tb* ia prabtana an h* Mid, "and tha (hot that he to alow to tathiog to only one of them. "Clarence can atiH beeom* a dependent'child. For iaatanea, if tha parento ahould refuae to allow him to attend proper elaa*M to improve hi* apeech and to get him in wtta other thfldren," tb* Judge add*. ' • • • .i ' •V THE PABEMT9 *houM n- fuaa to accept help aad guidance to. hi* education, we would have to make rnUnga, Ju*t aa to the caa* of parent* who refue* to aOow a *i«k child to have a blood traufuatoa," Judge T&omai conclude*, ato far, however, the yoimgator ba* Juatiaed th* judge 1 * dedaioa. flooial worker* originally argued that tha baby might and- dealy become ill and the Katba- way* would not be able to neog- ntoe the aymptoma: that h* might •wapow a foreign object, or rua into the path of an auto oulaide the nodeat Hathaway eottage. Nona of the** dtre poaalbaitiM oofUMd, however. Oarano* ba* did waada* outalda a gata which • had IHMB left open ona day .tad waa apottad by a neighbor. Today • high win f«B«a «ur mmSt tto lot Whan datanea wanlat aoma- thing, ka tuga oo Ma paranta* ctothing and laada th«m to ft. Ho aran triad to prtat lattan on ttatr haada, ak ha baa aaak Mwn d« whan thef tak to aaah ott«r. Whan tba •attawara go atoop- ptt*. Ctafoaea ptowBy gulda* them through tba lupatmarKat. •Uidlng abead with a baakat At tba poat offlea ha ted* tba mall alota fo« thara. and at home ho aUrta than whan tba pootaatt aad mttkman anrtya. Taa Bathawaya, aa nonn«I par- atraadr am draamtof of tha* aoa'a f ntuw. Td MM htm to baeomo a doctor,- aatd Mm. Hatbamqr. "Kaybr bo aould ha thavBoila.dboimr how to mako «• aM and haar agate." "Or may ha,* Hathaway q«lpp«d. to might baoonia at wcttan worker —aad I hot he'd ha a totgfa ana," Btpafcttog horiaontol trim to aoatratt wtwith* body of the hOwM. Mathig th* eatk* upper •' i of theTbufldtaf in a oon- r color altoMiM." To nab* a low IxxM* appear tallftt Hoohway'reeoBtmojidd ' ' - ~ • by franjhat en tb* body *ja*7Th* fltaatoa >• mV _ A* a ip4«(jt<« aM tol»« --Hddltw MMttn paMt naMfaeMwt «OM. Otta *MB f*idYfa tha Ud from Tito baa a to eombiaaUon* at • gtana*. "Th*_ wtmber of tinting oak or oomWnetkm* to aNMtt1bW> I***, and Include* many thai might _never oeour to ' of th* AM . ktak* JMh^M 4eV^eV eW ea^a^ vtft'ygs'*** NAMES IN NEWS... Tishybacking' Starts a Revolution Insurance Controls Now Up To Daniel AUSTIN —<8p.)— Raapoaaib. llity for tba future of Inauranca regulation In Tena raata aquara- Jy pn Oar. Price Daniel He aakad tor tt a«d tho !**> ialatura gave It to him whoa tt p***d 8eneu BUI m a few • faoun bafor* adjourning. Caught la a tug of war ha. tweea th* Bacata and tb* Houac, it had been virtually givwi no when a coafcranoa aoananltto* reached a comDmato*. It pra- aerved th* aMennal* of Daniel'* plan, beginning with a "«l*aa aUte" at tha top adatiniatrattvi* level of th* (tat* loaurano* 4a> partmeat. He had aakad for a fttl-ta. policy-making board, at le*«t during tb* traaaitkm period. The Houa* bill gav* tt to aba, but the Senate held out for a part-time board *t«ilar to tha •tat* highway oommiatioa. Tba bill a* finally paned, AM* tha ulariae of tb* three iaiur- aactt-board meafaera at tlfMn a year until Aug. tl, l«M. and thereafter allowa them |ao fojt each day devoted to their dut- ka but IMnlt* tb* total per dlecu to the amount provided by the general approptratioa bfll, • In ettect, thia pamiU tb* now board to (onctioa full tin* until Aug. »l, l<e», *fa«o« the appropriation bill »eU up the »16,0uu- a-y**r talary for both y<an qf ' tb* coming fiacal fc^nijlam. After that, the UOM they can eevot* to th, job, with pay, wik upon the appropriatioa bill to be pawed by tbf UH. Th* ft*? will need to work Uttl* heart nm*r«l»g' aj«j«(Bt*o« to th* new ln*nra»eo boaid. It to takoa |*r gmatod that Mn* of th* tbiuf pnant »ea*iti. wttk tlM POMtUft VBMBtiOtt <rf Oibto, Will ha afpofaUd. t.; ;• , to w« w Mi way to a )ar«. part of tto wortfTa , laagBtll. to Pmtohf aaailntli ha« agroad to bold tho Job *I>V dur, Ing the period far («Ue**uung te, naur hjw*|| aktoj to ito«**t, •Wototod hy Ctov. Alton »> or* in ¥ay, tit*, MrffM4 JTii. day. *tr*ctt**> k*Haadlat*fr,, Cbatnaao John Ooerla, M* ottur Mhw** a*«oli)ta* who UM aaryad ataao th* fi**t at tb. 7*0^ totayooted to «««r * Dtytp, o, ? 4*09 HMM flt^ AhaMt 9§ <tt*w IMBin wm TB.I <*nt9 ik 4tt9 Mi I.C-.wTo*_aa4_b,e J i B probably «»nt b* **» tor ** * 1 * *» 9^ <Mrtfli4 to t«Ji. W . tab walaw. deal lagntfy ate»to~*t jaaot 10 y*ar» of auocaoaful awpattonfa to MifW «•*>, praftMfenai oy goveia- meMal aetivttie*, or • » aam- MnatioB of two or w w gw ^B^gfc ^^£ ^^^^fR5r^^^^L^ ^^ yr^^* «WMMd kojTC. {tad), «fejt bja « '?, tight oC at •aiip* wnuld bajbaadtod^ only UnM.ia*MV*iiUo*«ahtop<«.> |a UW b* WM feidjr to pot erato>tor gateg fraa Ilorlda to Ptiorto Mao. Tb* wa* tho ftJkH of I|W H»Ho»t Mluff traUeVUbh) ladiHif tkat be* noojMd fnca to a tt •OtoiM.yaw hv itote aad three ba»«*abo<<»0 trail*** *a«k, TW» jroar TMT that eaa «arry «• ff *jBto*pobilaa twt 1MB JTortf fqp^HM arty «M wktob ti hut f1*ifT fhlpping WWfl^B* •Up t&janOf* to plawMf to eMMtt aMnt? » CBDOatilnKf *jn*naW W^W ~ JWri|^^*" _**a«o*t of Wtoft» •ito, AtoakH •teamahip mi Ua> •on Mavlgattoa *OBpaay al havo '- okontion, Daniel Wants Strict / * 1 •- - $ f * * •>-•(...,.. <aa u ?V. aal aa* ' s ^*Ma^ .u / • • '" Control laws I en from W**t fkjaM port* *X • t • pttaw Tmu •U! A<$M*t tobbjrtot oontrol a*<b* to aet up a itudy i wtU »» Oov. Prto* Ptntol'gto ooBcwtrato «n , goal whoa «• *"" •»*»••«••< towj" • nu*lM in. *nk^ WW* AM tUtn OW YM , J. (wSar!* " "^ 2«*«««" •• >««1 rtrtju* I III Kouatoatba gor- 7^^ ajjd^gwt to Jiii^UJ ftTardua aad I* uqpatly n**d*4 ahjwta" wflt com* up tt ttt. •to** the good* the tne* m d* many amaft town* CtontoBd, Tito toalenvhto ioaa ^ny m|y *ut<t 4*wH ojn haja1U*1«V b9b atoa) doe* away with Mpentiva «r*> «M 4own M pUf*nc«, «a4 •d *pac« abwd aWp, BWb'f wt to tbto to ttM y*a CM f mU'lTi't iff IQMll 9PMW witb W» Bjattwd that th* /; c$ Did You Know? Date Could Se Model To Ottes With Mwy 1)095 'p^ Eaa. *4r2, uUawaweax H» taW that he hopad |» fjga nawrt «9r«B OuM would wrt mr nlM H 4tv1

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