Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 29, 1930 · Page 20
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1930
Page 20
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FAN AND 5,000 tttwtk p*ds. Reasonable price Inquire 907 Chestnut Ave. HOOVER SWEEPER. NEW Reason tot selling, leaving town 8th St., and floor. and Cattle FRESH HOLSTKIN. INQUIRE OF SiiOwbtrger, phone Rural 936-R3. -y.MMA^ii-..MAVi^..iLig }f f Moving This Spring? Then Cast Your Eyes Over the "Movers" Ads on *he Classified ER'S QUAL1TV CHICKS, BARRED White Rocks, White Wyandottes, Red English Leghorns. Hatch off every *y and Thursday. 120 E. 5th Ave. S-S917 or 3-9409. DUALITY BABY CHICKS loltes. Rocks, Reds, Leghorns. Ancona. iom hatching In trays of 75 and up. HYNICK HATCHERY. K. Grant Ave. Dial 4343. n.1*CaiNQ EGGS FOR SALE. MAMMOTH Peklfi ducks, M for setting; Black Giant, tor setting; English Leghorn, 75c for set- White Glanti $5.00 for setting; duck- 35c each. I DIBERT'S POULTRY FARM, nklng Valley Road. Phone Rural 2-5RS. Seeds — Gardening JST TOP SOIL FOR GARDENS AND lawns. Dial 2-4242. VV. S. Counsnmn. Coal f WIN COAL CO.—GWIN SPECIAL, MIL- let and Madison coal at attractive prices. JJB11. Margaret Ave. Phone 20404 or 6623. 5 PEOPLE'S COAL CO., 380 4th ST. PHONE 2-7777. SARD COAL. EGG. STOVE, NUT... .511.75 EEA COAL S 0. (ft SADISON LUMP','EGG PREPARED. .$ SILLER RUSTY LUMP, DYSART. .s 3.75 COLLECT ON DELIVERY. J COAL S AH kinds hard and soft coal; also kind- S" g W °° L. R. MATHIEU * SON, J«S+ Union Ave. , Dial 9994. — TELEPHONE 2-3501 OR 2-0818. " 1 OR MORE TONS. BARD COAL. NUT SIZE 512.00 MADISON SCREENED LUMP S4.00 MADISON EGG AND NUT 54.00 . DRIVER COLLECTS IN ALL CASES. SERVICE FUEL CO. Burn ;: PAGE COAL JTor Economy. Warmth and Health Demand Our VVeighbill G. F. Eichenlaub Coal Co. Dial 9-D21U McGuire Coal Co. McGuire Special And All Grades Of Coal Cleaning — Renovating We Recommend The Altoona Sanitary Laundry For Prompt Service and Good Work Telephone 9468. Contracting — Repairing CEMKNT U'OIIH AM. KINPS 10" months' payment plan. R. L. GWIN. Phone 2-7470. 515 First St. NOW. IS THE TIME TO HAVE US EST1- mate on that concrete work or excavating. All work Rtiaranteed. Prices reasonable. Dial 2-3538. 3006 Oak Ave. Repairing your Home IS A GOOD INVESTMENT. Such ns a new porch, new roof, doors, windows, steps, also garages. THE ALTOONA HOME BUILDING CO.. Phone 2-4706. 2732 Union Ave. .lohn Arthur. Mgr. HE-UPHOLSTERING— PRICES LOW. ALL work guaranteed. Estimates free city and surrounding towns. Dial or mall. Dlnl 3-1472—6403. .1. Wolfberg. 1008 Green Ave. FURNITURE HOSPITAL — FURNITURE repaired, reflmshed and upholstered. Antiques a specialty. All work guaranteed. Dial 2-1572. LAWN MOWERS REPAIRED AND SHARP- rned. saw filing and setting. Work called for and delivered. 1325 16th Ave. Dial 2-S952. BE PROGRESSIVE—FIX UP YOUR HOME Carpenter, Building and Repair Work. Free Estimates. Reasonable Rates. .1. P. LEIDEN, General Contractor-Builder, 1005 22nd Ave. (Lots for Sale.) Phone 8614. flJu l!)th Street i'hone I Wanted To Buy WANTED—TO BUY. DRUG STORE IN Central Pcnna. Give important details in first letter. Write 2597-E. Mirror office. ; Money To Loan 4IONEY TO LOAN ON IMPROVED PROP- 5 erty In amounts to suit borrowers. G. JJevla Dlvely.. 1321 llth Ave. I.OANS TO 5300. HOUSEHOLD GOODS AS i security. Legal rates. Altoona Loan jLssn.. 204 Central Trust Bldg. Phone 6663. ^ MONEY TO LOAN • $6.300—on improved property In amounts to suit borrower—$6,300. . * WALTER J. HENRY, Commerce Bldg. Phone 6200. fl.000-$10,00fl TO LOAN ON FIRST MORT* gage. Inquire Lloyd A. Smith. Walsh Bldg., Hollldaysburg. • I Mortgage Loans | l-'lat or Monthly • : L. Wm. Borland "* Uealtor—Insurance * Cnlon Bank Uldg. Uinl 2-71W5. I MONEY TO LOAN *T.fcave $3,000 or $3,500 to loan on f FJrst Mortgage on Altoona im- Jproved Real Estate. Can place •'[same at once. - JOHN S. SEEDS 1115 Eleventh St. ^ Business Opportunities fl^S^SXS^W>^SXXXWNXVSXVX^^^V t *''S'S^^^ BMALL BAKBER SHOP FOR SALE ON AC*• count of 111 health. Will sell very rea> fcbnable. Low overhead. Write H544-E, Mir Ter, or Dial 2-35S4. '$85,000 WORTH OF JEWELRY STORE ''.equipment, including 1,500 sq. ft. of Breach plate glass; ideally located pool room. xeady to open for buninesH, 3,000 ft. floor pace, 12 tables, electric cash register. Comet« grocery and butcher shop, located in nlata. everything ready to open for busi- ss. Will either tell or exchange above islnesses for anything. When you want to uy anything,' see Canole and Hell, 2918 i Ave. JfOR SALE OR RENT—ONLV GENERAL ^merchandise store in town of 1,500. Not much cash needed. Write 1969-L. Mirror. FOR SALE STATIONS ' EighUpump station located along • main highway, within about thirty minutes' run of Altoona. Has store room, garage, and apartment over- bead. Doing an excellent business. JTour-pump station located at Sproul, right along cement high; wity Has cement block garage, -and 100x150 feet of ground. Bell 'about tifly thousand gallons ot "gasoline yearly. For price and 'terms, Bee C. D. BLOOM Realtor— -Insurance 1311 Twelfth St. Pl.-oue 2-2383. Mortician 'VNXSXS^V^^^XS^-^^ N. A. STEVENS No Charge toi Use ot Memorial Chapel Funeral Director Avu. i'hone 7£>&: Cleaning — Renovating Kl'tlC AM' Kl.'ljS CI.fc.ANfc.IJ TO LOOK like Dr» AK'Uanlj Carpel rieaullij; \VuiK=. lobi lui IJUKH L.t-rvKv. AND BOX tSPHINCi.s I'.KN- uUrcte &lf^ Co., feu3 READY MIXED CONCRETE East Side Coal & Supply Co. 812 Eighth Street Dial 8175 Roofing—Spouting—Metal Ceilings Sheet Metal Work _ H. Sabathne & Son 108 Eighth Ave. Dial 6512 3,000 INSTALLED FRONT RANK WARM AIR FURNACE J. W. SHOENFELT 881 I7th Street KEYSTONE Armature Works 1814-16 Union Avenue, Altoona Phone 2-6742 Armature Winding, Motor Kepairlng, Winding Fields. Colla, Electric Magnets, Motors. Generators, Elevators. Machine Works. Modern Fireproof Roofing Increases the Comfort, Safety and Value of Your Home. . Pay for the work on our easy, convenient INSTALLMENT PLAN. No charge for in estimate. PENN BUILDERS, Inc. 323 19th St. Phone 2-1506. MARVA OAK FLOORING Ready rilled and varnished oak flooring. A new and modern up-to- date floor. BARTLEY LUMBER CO. CONTKACTOKS 2U Seventh Ave. Phono 2-7979. Painting — Paper-ing LET THE HOME PAINTING CO. DO painting or give estimates. Also paper hanging. Dial 6408. PA1NT1NU AND PAfEK HANGING — First class work By experienced men. Es tlmates cheerfully furnished. J. B. White, 217 E. Crawford Ave. Dial 2-6092. S, A. H1TE &SONS Deperidaole House Painting. Wall Papers of Distinction. 2510-14 Seventh Ave. Miscellaneous ^\x» "WELLS TO DHILL"-ANy. DEPTH OR diameter: also pumps Installed, any make, both hand and electric. All kinds of pumps repaired. 30 years experience in Altoona and vicinity. All work guaranteed and prices right. Call WisslnRer Bros.. 2905 8th Ave. Phone 2-2901. Moving — Hauling MOVING AND LIGHT HAULING DONE. Also ashes and rubbish. Rates reasonable. Dial 9697. Legal Notices ^NxSxN/"'v>NXS^SX'\XVNXN^X^' tinue tho said sale from time to time or adjourn the same as may be found necessary. For 11)29 Tuxes. 2513-15 Walton Avc., Walter S. Grecvy. 2517-19 Walton Avc., Walter S. Qreevy. 1200-02 Walton Avc., R. E. and 11. W. Fluke. 1208-10 Walton Ave., R. E. and H. W. Fluke 1212-14 Walton Ave., R. E. and H. W. Fluke. 1216-18 Walton Avr., R. E. and H. W. Fluke. 1224-28 Walton Ave., R. K. and H. W. Fluke. 1228-30 Walton Avo.. R. E. and H. W. Fluke. 104-08 Bell Ave., Delia May Gluntl 10S-10 Bell Avc., Edna Thatcher. 1504 Bell Avc., Rollln W. Lynn. Bell Ave.. H. B. Allen. 600-02 Walton Avc , Woodward Johnson. Bell A vt-., Ruth H. Burket. 318-18 Second Ave.. Maurice J. Holland. 913 Second Avc.. Mary C. Riley. 2507-11 Second Ave.. R. E. Fluke. 1908 Fifth Avc., Christ S. Filer. 3528-30 Fifth Avc., Chas. R. Fluke and E. G. Burket. 4038-40 Fifth Avc., A. H Burkpt. 3324-26 Sixth Avc.. Harry Slutzker. 3320 Sixth Avc.. M. Rlrhetti. 282=1 Seventh Ave.. Edwin A. Karl. 1101-05-07 Ninth Ave., Bishop of Altoona Diocese. 2416-18 W. Chestnut Avc., Jos. F. and Bessie B. Cunklc. 2505-07 W. Chestnut Ave., Warren D. Calvert. 2014 Eleventh Ave., E. S. Forney. 2221 Twelfth Avc.. J. A. Orhlson. 1504 Thirteenth Alley, Arandalc Lodge No. 184 I. B. P. O. E. 1-118-20 Thirteenth Avc.. Ella A. Knne. 2116 Thirteenth Avc., A. H. Burket and I. G. Frazler. 2413-15 Thirteenth Ave., Phillip Reilly. 2024-26 Fourteenth Avc., T. Calvin Swope, Exit. 2321-26 Fifteenth Ave., Enos M. .lonos et us. 2329-31 Fifteenth Ave., Walter P. and Rose O. Burka (E. J. Howard.) 2601-03 Fifteenth Ave., William Stewart. 202-00 E. Willow Ave.. M. F. Harmon. 223-21 E. Willow Ave., Robert H. Hamilton. 2011 Sixteenth Avc.. Mrs. Stella Mornosky. 126-24 E. Cherry Ave., Rose Hamilton 122-20 E. Cherry Avc., Rose Hamilton. 112-14 Cherry Ave., John A. Smith, I. '.'. Grazier. 2100-02 Seventeenth Ave., Paul Burkn. 127-25 E. Spruce Avc., Rose Hamilton. 131-29 E. Spruce Ave., Rose Hamilton. 102-00 E. Spruce Avc., Edgar K. Barnes. 125-27 Beech Ave., George A. Klcsius & Chas. H. Cassidy. 108 Pine Ave.. R. H. Hamilton. 221-23 Pine Avc., Merlon M. Hall. 1401 Eighteenth Ave., Richard Tobln. 1403 Eighteenth Ave., Richard Tobin. 709-11 Twentieth Ave., E. C. Smith Est. 801-03 Twentieth Avc., E. C. Smith Fist. 109-11 Twenty-First Ave., Rose Hamilton. 125-27 Twenty-First Ave., Geo. A. Klesius & Chas. H. Cassidy. 110-08 E. Twenty-Second Avc., A. R. & Inez Barnaby. 127-25 E. Twenty-Second Ave.. Rear, R. Hamilton. J27-25 E. Twenty-Second Ave., Thaddeus Biddle. Ill Twenty-Second Ave., Forsht Coal & Supply Company. 204-06 Twenty-Second Ave., Bessie Cotter ct al. 511 Twenty-Third Avc., Florence M. Gwin. 1404-06 Twenty-Eighth Ave., Geo. W. Louden. 1408-10 Twenty-Eighth Ave., Geo. W. Louden, r^-— 1507-Ofl First Street, Miss Amelia Bennett & C. B. Spooner. 2213-15 Fourth Street, Albert F. Shomberg. 1806 Sixth Street, Jos. C. Soyster. 1808 Sixth Street. Jos. C. Soyster. 1841-43 Sixth Street, Anna E. Cargill. 1845-47 Sixtll Street, Geo. C. Meyer. 1808 Eighth Street, E. C. Smith Est. 1810 Eighth Street, E. C. Smith Est s 1812 Eighth Street. E. C. Smith Est. 1814 Eighth Street. E. C. Smith Est. 1900-02 Eighth Street E. C. Smith Est. 1901 Eighth Street, E. C. Smith Eat, 1906 Eighth Street, E. C. Smith Est. 1908 Eighth Street, E. C. Smith Est. 1910 Eighth Street. E. C. Smith Est. 1801-03 Eighth Street, E. C. Smith Est. 1807-09 Eighth Street. E. C. Smith Est. 1811 Eighth Street, E. C. Smith Est. 1813 Eighth Street, E. C. Smith Est. 1815 Eighth Street. E. C. Smith Est. 1901 Eighth Street, E. C. Smith Est. 1905 Eighth Street, E. C. Smith Est. 1907 Eighth Street, E. C. Smith Est. 1911 Eighth Street, E. C. Smith Est. 1913 Eighth Street, E. C. Smith Est. 1414 Ninth Street. Frank G. & Mary M. Fisher. 1506 Ninth Street. Joseph C. Soyster. 2710-12 Tenth Street. Mary C. Eckenrode. 1612-14 Sixteenth Street, The African M. E. Church. 1424 Eighteenth Street, Mary H. Gansz. Juniata. 701 Boulevard, A. E. Shcller. 703 Boulevard, A. E. Shcller. 715 Boulevard, A. H. Burket. 805 Boulevard, R. H. Burket. 1413 Boulevard, Ezra McCartney. 1415 Boulevard, Ezra McCartney. 902 Broadway. W. M. Ferguson Est. 1010 Broadway, Moore & Snyder. 1012 Broadway, Moore & Snyder. 1014 Broadway, Moore & Snyder. 1300-04 Broadway, Claude Walls. 1406 Broadway, John O. Roberts. . 1408 Broadway. John O. Roberts. ' 1410 Broadway, Thomaj Coleman Est. 1412 Broadway. Thomas Coleman Est. 1414 Broadway, Thomas Coleman Est. 1500-02 Broadway. James L. Bowser. 900-02 Third Avenue. H. H. Thompson Est. 924 Third Avenue. Unknown, 930-32 Third Avenue, K. Bruce Hutchison. 921-23 Third Avenue, Unknown. 925-27 Third Avenue, Unknown. 929-31 Third Avenue. Unknown. 1929-31 Third Avenue. Tony Kelezez. 920 Fourth Avenue, Catherine Fluke. 924-26 Fourth Avenuti, Catherine Fluke. 928-30 Fourth Avenue. Catherine Fluke. 1028-30 Fourth Avenue, J. Mortimer & E. Reid Hutchison. 1112 Fourth Avenue, Unknown. 1414 Fourth Avenue, D. H. Meek. 825-27 Fourth Avenue, George Loudon. 1817-19 Fourth Avenue, Harry L. Mulhollen. 1829-31 Fourth Avenue, D. Lloyd Claycomb. 820 Fifth Avenue, Unknown. 1316 Fifth Avenue, Unknown. 1318 Fifth Avenue, Unknown. 1324 Fifth Avenue, Unknown. 1326 Fifth Avenue. Unknown. 1328-30-32-34 Fifth Avenue. Andrew J. Rath, Lots No. 233-234 Blk. D. 1512 Fifth Avenue, D H. Meek. 1720-22 Fifth Avenue, Jolm S. Fair. 1724-26 Fifth Avenue, K. E. Heckman. 1728-30 Fifth Avenue. K. E. Heckman. 501-03 Fifth Avenue, T. J. Stnne. 1113 Fifth Avenue, J. M. McMullen. 1115 Filth Avenue, J. M. McMullen. 1117 Fifth Avenue, J. M. McMullen. 1119 Fifth Avenue, 1 J. M. McMullen. 1217 Fifth Avenue, J. A. Plummer. 1219 Fifth Avenue, J. A. Plummer. 1229 Fifth Avenue, J. A. Dehoutant. 1231 Fifth Avenue, J. A. Dehoutant. 1311) Fifth Avenue, Unknown. 1325 Fifth Avenue, Unknown. 1327 Fifth Avenue, Unknown. 1-109 Fifth Avenue, Unknown. 816-18 Sixth Avenue, Andrew Kipple 820-22 Sixth Avenue, Andrew Kipple Est. 82-1 Sixth Avenue. Andrew Kipple Est. 1020-22 Sixtll Avenue, Unknown. 1028-30 Sixth Avenue, Unknown. 1009-11 Sixth Avenue, Wm. Louden Est. 1104 Sixth Avenue, Unknown. 1114 Sixth Avenue, Harriet Stains. 1216 Sixth Avenue, Unknown. 1218 Sixth Avenue, Unknown. 1220 Sixth Avenue, Llnd Bros. Lot No. 14, Blk. Q. 1222 Sixth Avenue, Llnd Bros. Lot No. 14 Blk. Q. Llnd Bros. G W. LOOMIS TRANSFER—LOCAL AND long distance hauling. Freight hauling a specialty. 212 Cherry Ave. Phone 2-S289. LONG DISTANCE MOVING. PADDED VAN. Storage, separate booths. Flreprool Bldg. Hine's. 61« 3rd Ave. Dial 5510—2-1261. MOVING—LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE, with largest uartded vans In city. Piano moving, crating lurnlture and storage In Ureproot building. .1. li. McKee, office 825 l!rth St. Dial 2-6016. MOVING—MOTOR VAN SERVICE TO ANY point. Local and long distance. Moving by padded vaua. Also trucks on contract. Kiler'B Transfer. 1808 4th Ave. Dial 2-8739. Oliice phone 7779. LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE HAULING with lurgust padded van. Reasonable rates. Bryan. 101, E. 3rd Ave. Dial 6946. Kll.LINGER — LOCAL AND LUNG D1S- tance moving. Experienced piano work. Contract hauling Sy day or hour. Dial 2-0716. Public Sate GOODS June 2, CONSTABLE KALE—HOUSEHOLD of L. R. Koi-K, at IdS* 7th Ave., at 2 o'clock, li. F. Kcnepp. Legal Notices ^-SXXXV^V^V-VN^-VN^^S^^'NX' Cl'J'V THKASl'MEK'S SAI.K. Of prup'.-Ml'-s in Ihe I'lly ol AHoona. in 1 1 ic Count.' ol Jilair alii) Ku-li- ot iva- i::ii. fur City Tusca due tlicrton lor the yi-;ir IMS. liy \.rtue ol On- M-V"-niI Aelt <jt Genera! A.-Minbly ol li. e i.'oriimonuealtij ol Mo ai.t lor 'J'.i\e.% ii: aale K-'-.-i ol lb<' du-- an.l iln t City Hall, ). -lune 'J. III (10 A. M 1221 Sixth Ave., Dlk. Q. 12-.'« Sixth Blk. q. 12,'iU Sixih Ave., Blk. O. 1228 Sixth Avc., Blk. Q. 1804 Sixth Ave., 1306 Sixth Avt 1 ., 1320 Sixth Avc., 1322 Sixth Avu., 1324 Sixth Ave., 1326 Sixth Avc., 1328 Sixth Ave., 1330 Sixth Ave., 1332 Sixtll Ave., 1334 .Sixth Ave., 1336 Sixth Ave., 1338 Sixtli Ave. Ave., Lind Lind Lind Bros. Broa. Bros. Lot Lot No. No. Lot No. 16 Lot No. l| D. H. Meek. D. H. Meek. D. H. Meek. D. H. Meek. D. H. Meek. D. II Meek. D. II. Meek. D. H. Meek. 1). H. Meek. D. H. Meeli. M. B. Powell. M. B. Powell. 13-10 Sixth Ave., Jesse M Roles. 1342 Sixtll Ave., Jesse M. Roles. 1346 Sixtll Ave., Jesse M. Roles. 1-108 Sixtll Ave., Unknown. 1-110 Sixtll Avenue. Unknown. 1112 Sixth Ave., Unknown. 1414 Sixtll Ave., Unknown. 1416 Sixtll Ave., Unknown. ' 1418 Sixtll Avc., Unknown. 1428-30 Sixth Avenue, I). H. Meek. 1KJ6-38 SIxtli Avenue, D. II. Meek. 1700-02 SIxtli Avenue, T. J. Burkliolder. 1708-10 Sixtll Avenue, L. L. Fair. 1712-14 Slxtn Avei.ue, L. L. Fair. 1716-18 Sixtll Avenue, L. L. Fair. 817-19 SUtli Avenue. Andrew Kipple Eat. 821 Sixth Avenue, Andrew Kipple Eat. 901-03 Sixth Avenue, Unknown. 90.0-07 Sixtll Avenue, Unknown. 1025-27 Sixtll Avenue. Unknown. 1209 Sixth Avenue, Unknown. Unknown Unknown. Unlino\\ n. Unknown. Unknown. Unknown, llnknuv* n. L'nknov. n. Unknown. Unknown. L L. Fair. L. L. Fair. Win. Louden 0 Lu 12-l.'i. til Avenue. J. ''- Boyle.-. Avenue, Unknown. Av.l.lie. I'.iK.iir.Ml. 1,\ll-j. lv. 1211 Sixth Avenue 1313 Sixtll Avenue, 1315 Sixth Avenue, 1317 Sixtll Avenue, 131S Sixth Avenue-, 1321 Sixtll Avenue. 1323 Sixtll Avenue. i:i2;j Sixth Avenue. 1117 Sixth Avenue. 1119 Sixth Avenue. 171.'J-l. r j Sixtll Avenue, 1717-19 Sixtll Avenue, Seventh A', en No 0-1-ij t»l;i| .Sevi-nth Oi'J Sev, Jj! h S, St :r- .-!' i. 'Jill ,S.f. ••h! h i M ro ut- i Vy Ta.v ^ and will coii- > v. n h Legal Notices •^NxN.^^^«S/^*^V^XN^S/X' 908 Seventh Avenue, Unknown. (Mrs. jC. S. Stlmer). 910 Seventh Avenue, Unknown. (Mrs. K. S. Stlmer). 912 Seventh Avenue. Unknown. (Mrs. K. S. Stlmer). 914 Seventh Avenue, Kathryne S. Stlmer. 118 Seventh Avenue, Kathryne S. .Stlmer. 918 Seventh Avenue, Kathryne S. Stlmer. 120 Seventh Avenue. Kathryne S. Stlmer. 016 Seventh Avenue, Wm. Louden Est. 018 Seventh Avenue. Wm. Louden Est. 020 Seventh Avenue, James Morgan Est. 022 Seventh Avenue, James Morgan Est. 028 Seventh Avenue, B. A. Brophy. 030 Seventh Avenue, B. A. Brophy. 218 Seventh Avenue. Unknown. 312-14 Seventh Avenue, D. H. Merit. 316-18 Seventh Avenue, D. H. Meek. 320-22 Seventh Avenue, D. H. Meek. 324-28 Seventh Avenue, D. H. Meek. 328-30 Seventh Avenue, D. H. Meek. 332-34 Seventh Avenue, D. H. Meek. 404-08 Seventh Avem.e, Scott Eckelberger. 418 Seventh Avenue, D. H. Meek. 438 Seventh Avenue. Daniel Webster. 708-10 Seventh Avenue. L. L. Fair. 712-14 Seventh Avenue, L L. Fair. 013-15 Seventh Avenue, Unknown. 021-23 Seventh Avenue, VV. E. Coney. 02H-27 Seventh Avenue, W. B. Coney. 109-11 Seventh Avenue, B. A. Brophy. 113-15 Seventh Avenue, B. A. Brophy. 117-19 Seventh Avenue, J. M. Shoenfclt. 121-23 Seventh Avenue. B. A. Brophy. 125-27 Seventh Avenue, B. A. Brophy. 129-31 Seventh Avenue, B. A. Brophy. 201 Seventh Avenue, Emma K. Hall. 203 Seventh Avenue. Emma K. Hall. 213-15 Seventh Avenue, J. W. Askew. 217-19 Seventh Avenue, Bloomhart ft Wood. 221-23 Seventh Avenue, Bloomhart & Wod. 225-27 Seventh Avenue, Bloomhart & Wood. 229-31 Seventh Avenue, Bloomhart ft Wood. 309-11 Seventh Avenue, D. H. Meek. 313-15 Seventh Avenue, D. H. Meek. 317-19 Seventh Avenue, D. H.--Meek. 321-23 Seventh Avenue, D. H. Meek. 325-27 Seventh Avenue, D. H. Meek. 329-31 Seventh Avenue, D. H. Meek. 333-35 Seventh Avenue, D. H, Meek. 413-15 Seventh Avenue, J. C. Creighton. 417-19 Seventh Avenue. Unknown. 429 Seventh Avenue. Unknown. •131 Seventh Avenue, Unknown. 137-39 Seventh Avenue, D. H. Meek. 709-11 Seventh Avenue. L. L. Fair. 20-22 Eighth Avenue, .Wm. Louden Est. 12-14 Eighth Avenue, James McCafferty. 24-26 Eighth Avenue, Wm. J. Matthews. 17-19 Eighth Avenue. W. L. Woodcock. 21-23 Eighth Avenue, W. L. Woodcock. 00-02 Eighth Avenue. Unknown. 04-06 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 03-10 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 000-02 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 010-18 Eighth Avenue. Unknown. 100-02 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 104-06 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 108-10 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 112-14 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 116-18 Eighth Avenue. Unknown. 120-22 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 124-26 Eighth Avenue. Unknown. 128-30 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 200-02 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 204-06 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 208-10 Eighth Avenue, I Unknown. 212-14 Eighth Avenue. Unknown. 216-18 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 220-22 F.lghth Avenue, Unknown. 224-26 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 228-30 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 308-10 Eighth Avenue, David H. Mock. 312-14 Eighth Avenue, David H. Meek. 316-18 Eighth Avenue, David H. Meek. 320-22 Eighth Avenue, David H. Meek. 324-26 Eighth Avenue, David H. Meek. 340-42 Eighth Avenue, A. S. Lingenfelter. 344-46 Eighth Avenue, David H. Meek. 348-50 Eighth Avenue, David H. Meek. 404-00 Eighth Avenue. Unknown. •132-34 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 25-27 Eighth Avenue. Andrew Kipple Est. 29-31 Eighth Avenue. Andrew Kipple Est. 201-03 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 205-07 Eighth Avenue. Unknown. 209-11 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 213-15 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 221-23 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 229-31 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 321-23 Eighth Avenue, David H. Meek. 325-27 Eighth Aveniie. David H. Meek. 329 Eighth Avenue, David H. Meek. 331 Eighth Avenue. Unknown. 337-39 Eighth Avenue, ''nknown. 341-43 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 3-15-17 Eighth Avenue. Unknown. 349-51 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 401-03 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 103-07 Eighth Avenue, Unknown. 109-11 Eighth Avenue, D. H. Meek. 413-15 Eighth Avenue, D. H. Meek. 125 Eighth Avenue. Unknown. 24-26 Ninth Avenue. Andrew Kipple Mt. 712-14 Ninth Avenue, Andrew Kipple Est. 16-18 Ninth Avenue, Andrew Kipple Est. 720-22 Ninth Avenue. Andrew Kipple Est. 200-02 Ninth Avenue, Unknown. 1204-06 Ninth Avenue, Unknown. 208-10 Ninth Avenue, Unknown. 1216-18 Ninth Avenue, Unknown. 1220-22 Ninth Avenue, Unknown. 1224-26 Ninth Avenue, Unknown. 1228-30 Ninth Avenue, Unknown. 1304-06 Ninth Avenue, D. H. Meek. 1316-18 Ninth Avenue. D. H. Meek. 1320-22 Ninth Avenue, D. H. Meek. 1324-26 Ninth Avenue, D. H. Meek. 1328-30 Ninth Avenue, D. H. Meek. 1332-34 Ninth Avenue, D. H. Meek. 1336-38 Ninth Avenue, D. H. Meek. 1340-42 Ninth Avenue, D. H. Meek. 13-14-16 Ninth Avenue. Mrs. Gertrude Howell. .432-34 Ninth Avenue. Unknown. 1436-38 Ninth Avenue, Unknown. 315 Ninth Avenue. J. R. McCoy. 501-03 Ninth Avenue, A. V. Wester. 705-07 Nlnlth Avenue. Mrs. Kate Steiner. 1201-03 Ninth Avenue, Unknown. ' 1205-07 Ninth Avenue, Unknown. 1209-11 Ninth Avenue, Unknown. 1213-15 Ninth Avcrue, Unknown. 1217-10 Nintb Avenue, Unknown. 1221-23 Ninth Avenue, Unknown. 1225-27 Ninth Avenue, Unknown. 1229-31 Ninth Avenue, Unknown. 1317-19 Nintb Avenue, D. H. Mei'k. 1321-23 Ninth Avenue, D. II. Meek. 1325-27 Ninth Avenue, D. H. Meek. 1329-31 Ninth Avjjnue, D. H. Meek. 13-11-13 Ninth Avenue, IJ. M. Long. 1-101-03 Ninth Avenue, D. H. Meek. 1405-07 Ninth Avenue, D. H. Meek. 1413-15 Ninth Aver.uc, D. H. Meek. 1421-23 Ninth Avenue, D. H. Meek. 1433-35 Ninth Avenue. D. H. Meek. 628-30 Tenth Ave.. Andrew Kipple Est. 1200-02 Tenth Ave., Unknown. 120-1-06 Tenth Ave., Unknown. 1208-10 Tenth Ave., Unknown. 1212-1-1 Tenth Ave., Unknown. 1216-18 Tenth Ave.. Unknown. 1220-22 Tenth Avenue, Unknwon. 122-1-26 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1228-30 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1304-06 Tenth Avenue. Unknown. 1308-10 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1312-1-1 Tenth Avenue, Unknown, 1316-18 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1320-22 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1324-26 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1328-30 Tenth Avenue, Ui.known. 1336-38 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 13-10-12 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1344-4H Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1348-50 Tenth Avenue. "Illknowll. 6011-11 Tenth Avenue. Augustine Evcrhart. 1201-03 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1205-117 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 12011-11 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1213-15 Tiinlh Avenue, Unknown. 1217-111 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1221-23 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1225-27 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1220-3L Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1301-03 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 13(15-07 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1309-11 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1313-15 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1325-27 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 132U-31 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 13;i3-:!, r i Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1337-39 Tenth Avenue:. Unknown. 13-11-13 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. I3-15--I7 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1340-51 Tenth Avenue. Unknown. 1-101-03 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. I lOTi-07 Te'ith Avenue, I.'nUnown. 1400-11 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1413-15 Tenth Avenue Unknown. 1117-10 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. 1121-23 Tenth Avenue, Unknown. l-l2. r i-27 Tenlii Avenue Unknown. 1429-31 Tu;ith Avenue, Unknown. 1433-35 Tenth Avenue. Unkown. -KJO-CI2 Eleventh Avenue, Andrew Kipple Est. •101-U() Eleventh Avenue, Andrew Kipple Est. (ill-l-Uli Eleventh Avenue, Andrew Kipple Esl. 608-10 Eleventh Avenue. Andrew Kipple Est. -103 Eleventh Avenue. Unknown. 106 Twelfth Avenue, John Kilcoyne. •11-1 Twelfth Avenue, John Kllcoyue. -116 Twelfth Avenue. David H. Meek. -118-22 Twelfth Avenue, Jolm Kilcoyne. 1701-03 Twelfth Avenue, J. F. Caldwell. 170B-11 Twelfth Avenue, .1. F. Caldwell. 1713-1") Twelfth Avenue, J. F. Caldwell. 210 Tlhrti-enth Avenue, W. B. Simpson. 212 Thirteenth Avenue. VV. B. Simpson. •110 Thirteenth Avenue,. Jolm Kik'oyne. •112-11 Thjrteeuth Avenue, John Kllcoyne. 118-20 Thirteenth Avenue. John Kileoyne. -122 Thirteenth Avenue, Solomon Dembert. •121 Thirteenth Avenue, Jolm Kilcoyne. 117 Fourteenth Avenue, Unknown. 116 Fourteenth Avenue, Thomas Colemau Est. 21i) Fourteenth Avenue, Ella Uicksoll. 221 Fourteenth Avenue, Harry Kephart. HIS Filteeiltb Avenue. Thos. Coleinan Est. Ill) Fifteenth Avenue. Thos. Coleman Est. 112 Fifteenth Avenue, Thos. Colemau Est. Ill Fifteenth Avenue. Thos. Coleinan Est. 116 Fifteenth Avenue, Thos. Coleman Est. 118 Fifteenth Avenue. Thos. Colemau Est. 120 Fiftetnth Avi-nu". Thos. Coleman Est. l.'JOl .Second Street, Charles Luther. Jiid.'l Second Street. Mrs. Carrie A. Luther. 1309 Second Street, J. C. Sovster. 1315 Second Street, J. VV. Glass. 1)1)7 .Seeuiid Street. Thomas Coteman Est. 1IOD Second Street, Thomas Colemuu Est. 1111 Second Street. Thomas Colemau Est. L'113-15 Third Slre.'t, Unknown. 1021-11 Fourth Street, West Juniata Ki-utty Co 121)7 Fourth Street. John Kilcoyne. lli'Jl) Fourth Street Jolm Kllcoynr. 1211 Fourth Stl'i-el. Leslie R. Cralilree. l<J2.'!-2.j 'IVnlh Avenue. KoHenKiry Brunnagiin. , B. W Uel'kehlser, Lois 3-1 -Blk. N. luth i Ave. [ Funv>l Hrallon. Lol 'J i;ik. F. .Olll Ave. i To. .\'atu>nal Hank, ('learli- Id. I'a , Lul 8, ; uik. i.. -nil AVC. , II. (,'. Cr'oyle, Lot 3, lilk. Q, .Olll Avenue. U. li. JJoolllllc, Lota 11-12, oth Avenue. Legal Notices ^ l ss**'SSSXN^v'SS\>v*w**x'vN/« Mrs. Eliza Gibson, Lot 11, Blk. B, 6th Avenue. Melvln Gray, Et. al, Lots 8-7, 5th Avenue. F. W.. Hippo, Lot 7, -Blk. N, Seventh Avenue. R. B, Hutchison, Pe. Ground 100 ft. x 120 ft., Fourth AvcnUe. Elizabeth Kllllgus, Lots 1-2-3, Blk. R, Sixth Avenue. David Love, Lot 14, Blk. F, Sixth Avenue. C. C. Memlnger, Lot 5, Blk. F. Fifth Avenue., E. M. S. McKee, Lot 9, Blk. L. Mrs. Annie Mulhollen, Lot 3, Blk. 11, Meeks Ext. J. H. Norton, Lot 13, Blk. Q, Sixth Ave- Mrs. 'Harriet M. Renehart, Lot 4, Blk R, G. S. Young Est., Lots 8-9, Blk. R, Fifth Jay C. Spariglcr, Lot 16, Blk. L, Ninth Avenue. . _ . Mrs. Annie Bertram, 13x60. Fairs Ext. Mrs. Annie Bertram, 13x35-2% Lots, Blk. H. 2 N. ^Crawford. Lots 10-11-12-13-14, Block H. N. Crawford, Lots 4. Block BJJ, Fairs H. B.'Curry. Lot 16, Block GFC. Fairs Ext. Robert Elder, Lots 12-13, Block S. Fairs Ext John S. Fair. Lot fl, Block HB. Fairs ) xt. James A. Gwln, Lots 4-5-18-39-20, Block . 3 Gwin, Lots 6.4, Block 12, Fairs \ James' A. Gwln, Lot 8, Block 13, Fairs Ext. James A. Gwln, Lots 12-13-14, Fairs Ext. James A. Gwln, Lots 11-17. Fairs Ext. James A. Gwln, Lots 1-2-3-11-13-18-8, Fairs Mrs'. Eliza Hopcfer, Lot 1, Block 5. L VV. Irwln, 15 Lots, 35 ft. ft 5 Lots 60 ft. John Kligore. Lot 9, Block W. Austin Kllcoyne, Lot 1, Block B. J. Harry Kline. Lot 3, Block S. A. H. Kublic, Lot 11, Block GO. J. M. Laughltn. Lot 10, Block GG FC. M. J. Long. Lot 6. Block MFC.' John & Ella Lozlnyak, Lot 15, Block IP. D. H. Meek, Lot 6. D. H. Meek, H Lot 4. Block 1. Salile Miller, Lot 3, Block R. VV B. Morris. Lots 13-14-15-16, Block O. Chas. Mulhollen, Lot 7, Block E. Peter J. Nelson, Lot 3, Block T. Russell & Rlggs. Lot 9, Block JJCC. H. B. Saylor. Lots 9-10. S. C. Sorriok, Lot 4, Block HH. R. E. Turnbaugh, Lot 7. Block BB. Unknown, 4 Lots 5-6-7-8. Block J. Mary S. Thompson, Lot 15, Block H. K. A. Troxcll, Lots 1-2, Block AA. Mrs. Mary Wensel. Lots 7-8, Block R. . Harry VVertz, Lot 13, Block M. A. C. Wood. Lot 7, Block H. J. M. Woodcock, Lot 11, Block N. I. J. Denares, Lot 17, Block BCBC. Whenwood. ' ' From 7th to 15th Ave., Montvale Coal Co. 15th Ave., Montvale Coal Co. Blk. T. 22nd Ave. E. of Kettle St., J. <J Irwln, E 'A of Lot No. 10. Lot No. 9. Blk. T 22nd Ave.. E. of Kettle St., Jennie Irvine,, Est. •I 26th Ave., R. G. Mclntyre. 23 27th Ave., Schmittle ft Aurandt. 522-24 27th Ave., Mary L. Sherlock. 418 28th Ave., E. L. Little. 30th Ave., Mrs. Jane Taylor. 100-02 E. Beech Ave., Unknown Owner. Lot No. 1, Blk. O. 104-06 E. Beech Ave., Unknown Owner. Lot No. 2, Blk. O. 108-10 E. Beech Ave., Unknown Owner. Lot 118-18 E Beech Ave., Raymond C. Calhoun & Wife. 125-27 E. Beech Ave., Unknown Owner. 112-14 E. Maple Ave., L. E. Hartzell. 116-18 E. Maple Ave., L. E. Hartzell. 120-22 E. Maple Ave., L. E. Hartzell. 1501 Broadway, T. J. McKerlhan. 2902 Broadway, Grace Swan. Lot No. 3, Blk N. 2906 Broadway, H. .G. Mault. Lot No. 5, Blk. N. 2908 Broadway, H. G Mauk, Lot No. 6, Blk. N. 2811 Vi Elm St , J. 0. Dlbert. Lot No. 14, Blk H 2805 Ivyslrie Drive, Howard Inlow. Lot No. 13. Blk. H. Ivyslde Drive, Raymond E. Smith. Lot No. Juniata Gap Drive, J. G. Stoner. Lot 90 502 E.' Park Ave.. R. E. Smith. Lot No. House No. IB, Wopsy Ave., Dr. C. S. Hcndrlcks. Wopsy Ave., Fairlawn Home Co. Lot I\). 7 Blk B -50 Ft.' Lots Wchnwood, Marian McCaulley. Wehnwood.. Mrs. Myrtle Riggs. 2712 Wehnwood Road, J. F. Speer. Juniata Gap Road, Corner Wopsy Ave., M. D. McCauley. Juniata Gap Road, Logan Twp. Supervisors. 2725-23 5th St., A. Burket. 2731-33 5th St.. Unknown. 9th St., Fluke & Gable. Last Km]. Alexander, M. 1 Acre.. Plot 8. Arnold, C. A. 8 Lots in Acre, No. 2. Buch,' Dr. M. J. Est., Lots Nos. 104-108 Walton Avn. Blackburn, Orlando. 1 Lot. Banks, Earl. ' Lot. No. 103. Banks. Lloyd & Rosalie. 1 Lot, No. 131 Burket & Schmittle. 33 Lots 16 to 23 & 28 to 52, Blk. E. Costantlnl, Pasquale. Endress 1 Lot. Cekala, Mrs.. Beatrice, Westmont, Lots Nos. 3-1-5, Blk. 13. Cbeeaeman, Asbury, Garden Place. 1 Lot No. 10. Conrad, Annie M.. Llyswen 3 Lots, Noa. 313-1-1-4]. Sec. 2. ~Carlm, Catherine & Mary, 1 Lot, No. 49, Ely Park. Croker. VV. C., Llyswen, 2 Lots, Nos. 19091, Sec. 2. Conlon, James F., Llyswen, 3 Lots Nos. 172-283-183, Sec. 2. Cbilcote, Mary E.. 1 Lot, No. 5, Terrace. Curry, J. L.. 1 Lot, No. 518. Roselawn. Culllson. Clyde. 1 Lot, No. 628, Roselawn. Clear, Samuel E., 12 Lots, Blk. R. Clear, Samuel E., 12 Lots, Blk. S. Clear, Samuel E.. 23 Lots, Blk. H. Cramer, H. A.. 1 Lot, No. 104, Roselawn. Cox, S. B.. 4 Lots, ' Nos. 1277-78-79-80, Roselawn. Collins, Thomas, 1 Lot, No. 986, Roselawn. Carney, H. E., 1 Lot, No. 309, Roselawn. Chceseman, Paul M., 2 Lots, Nos. 21-22, Roselawn. Coats, J. C., 1 Lot, Endress. Carroll, VV. G., 6 Lots, Nos. 798-99-972-7382-83, Rosolawn. Campbell, Joseph M., 2 Lots, Nos. 349-350» Hoselawn. Crawford, Annie, uals Nos. 8-9, Blk. K. Lots Nos. 12-13-14 Blk. L. Cuum, E. A., Lol No. 16, Sec. "B." County Commissioners, Lots Nos. 2-3. Bik. • "J" (Mlxnn Est.) Davis, John, No. 8, Fresh. UlUlase, Vito, No. 108, W. Side Walton Ave. Dymond, I'r A. G., Lots Nos. 1-2, Sec. B. Flenner, Jane A., Nos. 53-54, Ely Park. Fluke, R. E. & H. VV.. Lots Nos. 10-11, Sec. "IV Fagan, Charles, 1 Lot, Lloyd St. Fugun, Charles. 1 Lot, Lloyd St. Forsht, E. VV'., Lots Nos. 7-8-9-10-11. Sec. "L." Fife, Charles M., Lots Nos. 7-8-9-10-11-12, Blk. J. K. Fink. Frank, 2 Lots, P. G. Bell Est. Ferry, John. No. «. Funk, A. VV., 2021 Logun Ave. Funk, A. VV., 2023i Logun Ave. Gable, Rob :rt B.. Lots Nos. 1-2, Sec. "D." (larumn, L. L., Lots Nos. 17-18, Sec. "A." General Builders Supply Co., 2000 P. Valley Boulevard. General Builders Supply Co., 2002 P. Valley Boulevard rjl-eager, VV. E.. Lot No. 217. Huffman, J. H., 1 Lot. No. 515, Hoselawn. Hurshberger, IJ. T., Nos. 39-46, Upper Side Logan Avenue. Hile.mun, A., No. 2(1, Lower Side Harrison Ave. Holland, M. J.. Nos. 7. Sec. Ci. Halton, Edward R., Lot No. 13, Sec. "C." Jacobs, John F., Lot No. 102. Keagy, C. M., Lot. No. 29. Kntghton, Florence, Lot No. 20. Lego. Mrs. Alum M., 1 Lot, No. 16, Blk. ID. Long, A. R, ° Lots Long, J. L. & Anustasla. 1 Acre, No. 20 Lee, VV. S., 4 Lots, Bell Ext. Litterman, C. H., 1 Acre, P. G. Bell Ext, 7th. St. Logan Ave St. City Line. Love, G. S. 1 Lot. Bell Ext. Lomado. Lewis, Nos. 30-31, Bell Ext. Melster, George, 13 Lots, Nos. 12U3-94-95 U8-07-98-!J c J-S:i-'JO-Ul-1)2-1300-01. Myton. Mrs. Ella, Lot No. 14, E. 1st Ave. Morris. John F.. 210 Lots, Blk. No. 7 Franklin Ave. & South St. Murray. Harry, 1 Lot, Blk. -'K." Marchella, Theresa, 75 Ft., Nos. 1311-1315, Polk Ave. Muehlbauer, Albert. Scbultz Est. Nearbool', Sunford, Nos. 47-48, Blk. 6, Bilktt. Natehoof, Frank. 1 Lot. riells Ext. Oinlmugh. Cyrus S.. Nos. 10-11, Jaggurd St. & P. Valley Ave. Ott, David, Lot No. 2, Green Ext. Parson. L. C.. 1 Lot, Blk. 35. Parker, H. H., 2 Lota, 7th St., East, of Muutov/n. Patsasky. Steve, 3(15 & 120 Jeff. Ave., Between 1-Kb i loth Sts. Russell t Hlggs. Lot No. 11, Blk. "G" & Lot No. 13, Blk "S " Hitter, Rose, Lot No. 20, Sec. "A." Kodkuy, H.-rljert. Lol No. U Si'c. "D." Smith. Mrs. Elsie, 2'HO P. Valley Blvd. Stewart, A M., 1 Lot, Bell Ext. Salluro.*.'. Jim, No. 2, P. Valley Blvd. ijcbimerbet.'k, Frank, No. 2U, Lower Side of Harrison Ave. Stewart, VV'm. Esl.. 1 Lot. Saylor, Clyde B., Lot No. 1 li. Si'c. "H." Saylor, Helm. Lots Nos. 18-11). S«'. "B." Tlerney, Catherine, 1 Lol, Nixon Est. Weaver, (i. E., Lot No. 10, Blk. II. Hec. 1, Llyswen. I Wagner, David E.. Lot No. 8. Blk. li. VVysong. VV. 11., Lot No. 15. Blk. "li." Wilt. L. E Lots Nos. 5-6-7 Blk. "C." Williamson, R. VV., Lot No. 5, See.. "If." Wolf, flay I... No. 2.'i. Bells Ext. Winger, Christ, 1 Acre, 22uJ St. Legal Notices ^>>vN^^*^vX^*^^^>^f^ s Weyandt, O., tot No. 28, Lower Side i Harrison Ave. Albright, J. A., Lots Nos. 9-lft, Blk. 19, Milton ft Coleridge. . Albert, John B., Lot No. 3, Sec. 1, B. St 3. Plan, south Altoona. i Alexander, John, Llyswen. Amadlo, M., 2 Lots Nos. 45-48, Set, M., So. Altoona. Arthur, D. O., 2 Lots NoS. 1160-1162, Aurnan, W.' A., 2 Lots Nos. 895-96, Rose- Barry, ' W. A., 2 Lots Nos. 938-39, Rose- Barr? Myrll M. (Shelly A McComas) Lot No. 3. Blk. -"B," Maple Crest. Jarree, Q. W., Lot No. 1123, Roselawfi. 3eck, Lloyd, 1 Lot No. 27, Ely Park. Seycrs, Mrs. F. S., Lot No. 50, Roselawn. Bennett, Joseph W., 2 Lots, 43rd St. Benner, Mrs, Carrie, T .ots Nos. 10-11, Blk. 22, Sec. 1, Llyswen. Blngham, C. E., 3 Lots, Nos. 1390-91-92, Roselawn. Bloylets E. L., 2 Lots, Nos. 1130-31, Rose-, Booth,'G. N., 3 Lots Nos. 328-27-28, Sec. 2, Llyswen, Boyle, E., 2 Lots Noa. 984-85, Roselawn. Boynes, Ed., 2 Lots, Nos. 5-8. Blk. "E, 1 Endress. irown, Edna A., Lot No. 211, Roselawn. Brumbaugh, E. E., 2 Lots Nos. 672-73, Roselawn. Brumbaugh, C. A., Lot No. 13, Blk. "B," Burkholder, Dessle, Lot No. 1258, Rose- Burket,' Mrs. Mary, 1 Lot, Eldorado. Burket, Ira G., 1 Lot, 205 Logan Ave., Lakemont Terrace. Burket, Ruth H., 3 Lots 9-39-40, Sec. 2, Llyswen. Burket, H. C., 1 Lot, 40 Ash St., Garden Burket, Abram Est., 1 Lot 7, Eldorado. Surltet, Abram Est., 1 Lot 5, Eldorado. Jurket, Abram Est., 1 Lot, No. 5, Blk. 4. Burket, A., Lot No. 233, Sec. 2, Llyswen. Burket, A. H., 1 Lot No. 89, Ely Park. 3urket, A. H., 3 Lots f*os. 731-32-33, Rose- Burket ft Schmittle, 1 Lot No. 27, Blk. Burkct & Schmittle. 1 Lot No. 26, Blk. "E." Burket & Schmittle, 1 Lot No. 25, Blk. Burket & Schmittle, 1 Lot No. 24, Blk. " TP " < Burket & Schmittle, 27 Lots, 16 to 42, Blk. "F '\ i Burket & Schmittle, 2 Lots Nos. 31-32, Burket & Schmittle, 38 Lots, 18 to 55, Blk. Dallcy. Walter, Vj Acre, E. Eldorado. Dammark, Chades. Lot No. 8, Roselawn. 3cnny,v James, Lots Nos. 8-9-10, Sec. 3, Blk. 1. So. Altoona. DeBernardls. Carmello, Lots Nos. 9-10-1112-13-14-15-16, Blk. 28. DeBray, William S., 2 Lots Nos. 14-15, Blk. 3, 2 Lots Nos 6-7, Blk. 4, Maple Crest. Dehaven, Mrs. E. L., Lots Nos. 421-422, Roselawn. Denmark, Jennie. 2 Lots. Nos. 9-10, Rose- Dletze, V. A., Lot No. 182, Sec. 2, Llyswen. Doran, Mary & Sarah, Lot No. 948, Roselawn. Doyle, J. A., Lots Nos. 95-96, Roselawn. Drawbaugh. D. P.. 2 Lots, No. 28, Blk. "Z," Roselawn. Drake, Mrs. Gertrude, Lot No. 466, Rose- Dunkle', Albert T., 2 Lots Nos 18-19, Terrace. Dunlap, J. E., Lot No. 93. Roselawn. Dyer, Nan, Lot No. 121. Roselawn. Ebersolc, Charles, 1 Acre. Broad Ave. Ex. Ebrlght, S. W., Lots Nos. 950-51. Roselawn. Fisher, A. S., Lot No. 165, Ely Park. Fisher. J. E., Lots Nos. 1121-1122, Roselawn. Flanagan, E., 1 Lot No. 804. - Roselawn. Foust, J. S.. 1 Lot No. 680, Roselawn. Fowler. W. N.. Lots Nos 647-48. Roselawn. Gardner. Char'.s, Lots Nos. 539-40, Roselawn. GUI, Mary E., Lot No. 151, Roselawn. Griffith, George W., Lots Nos. 243-44, Llyswen. Halderman, Ez.'a, Lots Nos. 74-75 Garden Heights. Harklns, J. M., 1 Lot No. 1287, Roselawn. Hauser, John, Lots Nos. 191-92, Terrace. Harnlsh, Miss G., 1 Lot No. 697, Rose- .lawn. Heacox, Mri. O. W., Lot No. 935, Rose- HefrmC' Mlllard F., Lot No. 33, Blk. 21, Llyswen. Horstron, Anton J, Lot No. 64, Roselawn. Holland, Leo M., Lot No. 530, Roselawn. Jageard, Annie. 1 Acre, Walton Ave. Johnson. Fred R.. 1 Lot, No. 11, Blk, 25. Lot No. 11, Blk. 25. Kllcoyne, Austin, 1 Lot No. 27, Sec. 2, Llyswen. Kinter, Andrew A., 2 Lots, Nos. 102-103, KleVan, a Aa'ron, 4 Lots, Nos. 20-21 <V4 Blk. "C.") Lauder.' J. A., 1 Lot No. 28, Llyswen. Lca'rlcr, F. D., 1 Lot No. 222. Roselawn. Lee, D. H., 2 Lots Nos. 844-55, Roselawn. Lemon, W. F., 2 9-10 Acres. S. Altoona. Leonard, B. C., 1 Lot No. 187. Llyswen. Link, Minnie E., 2 Lota, Nos. 1349-50, Roselawn. « Lloyd, John Est., Lots Nos. 181-82-83-84, Aldrlch Ave. Lloyd, A. H., 1 Lot, No. 755. Roselawn, Loeb, J.. 1 Lot, No. 29, Roselawn. Lord, Marvin L., Lots Nos. 332-333 Rose- Lowell,' Miss Laura V., 1 Lot, No. 626, Roselawn. Loward, R. J., Lot 'No. 6. Eldorado. Maher, Clarence, 2 Lots, Nos. 9-12-43, Roselawn. Markle, James T., 2 Lots, Nos. 23-24, Roselawn, Markey, John H.. 1 Lot, No. 13, Colclesser. McCahe, John, Lot No. 544. Roselawn. McCabe, Luke, about 2 Acres, Mathleu Ave. & Kettle St. McClellan, G. B., Lota Nos. 43-44-45-46, Roselawn. McClellan, G. B., 2 Lots, Nos. 9-10, Roselawn. McClellan, Q. B., Ely Park, 10 Lots, 138 Inc. 1-17. McCartney, Orvllle, 2 Lots, Nos. 3-4, Blk. 8, Maple Crest. McCullough, M. J., Lot No. 272. Sec. 2, Llyswen. McClaln, E. W., Lot No. 742, Roselawn. McComas & Shelly tlda M. Musser), 2 Lots, Nos. 4-5, Blk. "B," Maple Crest. McDermott, F. T., 1 Lot, No. 906, Roselawn. McDonald, Mrs. Bernadlne, 2 Lots. Noa. 871-72, Roselawn. Meyers, Wm. M. & Bertha, Lot No. 4, Blk. "B." Bells Ext. Mendlcohk, Mike, 2 Lots, Nos. 3-4, Sec. "M." So. Altoona. Minister, Mrs. Ada A., Lot No. 442. Roselawn. Minister, A. W., Lot No. 268. Roselawn. McLaughlln, Austin, 2 Lots, Nos. 29-30, See 2, Llyswen. Motiahan, 8. C Lot No. 1375. Roselawn. Moore, John. Lots Nos 4-5, Sec. "C." Mullen, John C., 1 Lot, No. 8, Sec. 1, El dorado. Norrls, Mary E., Lot No. 58, Ely Park. Nowalk, VV. A., Lots Nos. 897-98, Roselawn. O'Toole. Annie M., Lot No. 231, Llyswen. Oilenwaldcr, Mary, Lot No 159, So, Al toona. Odenwalder, Mary, Lot No. 12, Blk. 11, Sec. 2. i Ogden. James F. 4 H. Morfcan, Lot No. U, Sec. "B," So. Altoona. Prest, Mary E., Lots Nos. 409-11-12-13- , Roselawn. Papadeas, M. D , Lots Nos. 136-62-63-84 65-66-67-68. Roselawn. Papadeas, M. D., Lota Nos. 1103-4-5-6-7-0 11-8-10, Roselawn. Pietro. Nick Santo, 1 Lot, E. 18th. St. Provident Bldg. & Loan Ass'n., Lots Nos. 8-9-10, Blk. "F," Green Ext. I.ogun l.oU. Pheasant, George E.. Lot* 91-92, Roselawn. Petty, C. L., Lot 39. Maple Lawn. Powell, Miss A. H., Lot 57, Ely Park. Rush, Armlnta B. et al., Lot 185, Sec. S, Llyswen. Rich. Jim, Lois .8-19, So. Alt., Sec. C. Kldenour, W. C., Lots 256-257, Llyswen. Rhodes, D. F., Lot 371, Llyswen, Sec. '/.. Russell & Rlgg, Lot 46.'). Hoselawn. Rohm. John W., Lots 607-608, Roselawn. Reeder. Charles W., 3 Lola, Blk. B. Rulgnurd, George, 1 Lot, Roselawn, Blk. !l Richardson, E. & R., Lot 12, Terrace, Blk •I. Stiffler Robert M.. 23 fcots, Sec. Q. Stiffler. Robert M., Ldts 19-20-21-28-27-28 2U. Sec. B. Stllller Robert M.. Lots 3-4-5-8-9-26-27 Sec. D. Stiffler. Robert M., Lots 5-6-7-8, Sec. E. Stlfller. Robert M.. Lots 3-4-5-6-9-10. Sec V. Stllfler, Robert M., Lots 3-4-5-6-7-8-0-10-11 12-13-14-15-16-17, Sec. G. Stlfller, Robert M.. Lota 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 11-14-15. Sec. H, Stllfler. Robert M. Lots 1-2-5-6-9-10-11-12 15-16-17-18-19-21-20-22 -23-24-25 -26-39-40 •I 1-42-43-44-45. Sec. H Stiffler. Robert M., Lota 1-2-5-6-9-10-11-12 15-16-1-1-17-18-19-20-13-52-53, Sec. M. Stllfler. Robert M. Lot 1. See. R. Stiffler, Robert M.. Lots 13-14-15-20-21 Sec, C. Sli:Ib. Mrs. M. G., Lot 80. Kotielawn. Sanilrus. Ellen E., Lof. 2., Blk: 15. Smith, 11. C. B., Lots 447-448. Rust-lawn Shelly, Margaret V., Lots 4-5, Maple Crest, Blk 4. Smith, Lyula. Lots 305 300. Llynwen, Sec. '4. Smith, Einanuel, Lota 11 12, Lly.sweii, Sec 2. Shlplet, 11 L., Lots 1-5. Roselaw.i. Smith, Robert W. Lota- 1302-03-01, Ruse lawn. Soil.nberger. J.. Lots 1105-06-07, Koselawn Spiille, J. M., Lot.-i 1101-1102, Kns.-lawn. Stlteh, II. L.. LolH 7.00-751, ROM-IUWII. .Snowhclgel, Muis Eva, Lots 713-719. Rose,Stevenson, G. B., Lot 737, Roselawn. Snow E. U., Lola 517-518, UoacUtwil. Maple Maple Maple / .Legal Notices Shunk, Harry H. Est., Lots' 533-534, Lose- Shelley' * McCommas, Maple crest. Shelley * McCommas, Lot 1, Maple Crest, Shelley*'* McCommas, Lots 1-2-4, Maple Shelley'ft McCommas, Lots 1-2-3-4, Maple Crest, Blk. C. . . . Shelley A McCommas, Lots 1-2-3-6-8-7-8, Maple Crest, Blk. D. . Shelley ft McCommas, Lots 1-2, Maple Shelley'* McCommas, Lots 1-2-3-4-5-8-7-89-10-11-12-13, Blk. K. / „„,-., Shelley, ft McCommas, Lots 1-2-3-4-5-8-7, Maple Crest, Blk. L. Shelley ft McComrnRS, 1 Lot, Blk M. Shelley A McCommas, Lets 6-8-9-10, . Crest, Blk. E. Shelley ft McCommas, Lots 1-2-13, Crest, Blk. 3. , Shelley A McCommas, Lots 1-2, Crest, Blk. 5, • McCommas K. Mamie, Lots 2-4, Crest, Blk. 4. Tussey, J. C., 113 Dewey St., Terrace. Tartagshla, Domlnlck Lot 56, Ely Park. Turk, Mervln R., Lota 8-7-8, Eldorado, Turk,' Mervln R., 1 Lot, 59th St., along P. Turk, Mervln R., 1 Lot, 60th St., along P. Van' Alleman, John, 1 Acre, No. 25 Walton Ave:, N. E. Side. > Vah Alleman, John, 1 Acre No. 28 Grant^ Valance, S Mrs.' P. A., Lot, 1245-1248, Rose- Wlton,' H. L, Lots 2-3, Logan Ave., Ter- Warner, A. E., Lots 747-748, Roselawn. Williams, L. C., Lot 4, Eldorado. Williams, L. C., Lot 3. Whitman, J. M.. Lots 34-35-36, Llyswen, Sec. 2. White, D. L. qulntllll, Lots. Logan Ave., So. Alt., Endress. Yoknleson, Barbara, Lots 41-42-43-44, So. Ylngling, e °A.« J.. Lot 4, Llyswen, Blk 25. Sec. 1. Yon, Grant, Lot 450, Roselawn. Zierer. Bertha, Mrs. Lots 1237-1238, Roselawn. 116 E. Logan Ave., Otto F. Nen?enbauer. 117-19 E. Logan Avc.. Ray Lockard. 123 E. Logan Ave., Ray Lockard. 125-27 Logan Ave., Anna Smith. 321-23 E. Logan Ave., J. O. Selde. 19-21 E._iogan Ave., T. M. Gift. 525-27 E. Logan Ave., L. M. Hlldcbrand. b09-ll E./Logan Ave., R. D. Troutman. 617-19 E. Logan Avc., R. D. Elder. 74 Logan Ave., A. E. Beckman Est. 310-A Logan Ave., Milton F. Poet. 700 Logan Ave., Joseph Schamls. .926 Logan Avc., E. E., James A. Davis. .01-03 Logan Ave., Unknown Owner. 13 Logan Ave., George Parner. 913-15 Logan fcve.. Mr. Lawrence Klmmel. .505-07 Logan Ave., Lluglo and Benedetta Franco. East End, Harrison Osburn Est. 508 E. Grant-Ave., J. C. Slckels. 728-30 E. Grant Ave., J. A. Curtis. 701-31 Grant Ave., A. H. Burket. iots No, 12, 13, M. 15 Grant i Avc., and 12th Street, Lewis Bravln. [rant Ave., and 121h Street lots, Lewis Bravln. Lots No. 4 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Walton Avc., Bet. 2nd and 3rd Sts., A. H. Burket 609-11 E. Walton Ave.. J. A. Curtis. 1201-03 Walton Ave., A. H. Burket. 1205 Walton Ave., A. H. Burket. 1207 Walton Avc., A. H. Burket. 1209-11 Walton Ave., A. II. Burket. 1213-15 Walton 'Ave., A. H. Burket. 1217-19 Walton Ave., A. H. Burket. \ 1221-23 Walton Ave., A. H. Burket. 1225-27 Walton Ave., A. H. Burket. 1229-31 Walton Ave.,. A. H. Burket. 1233-35 Walton Avc.', A. H. Burket. 1237-39 Walton Ave., A. H. Burket. 1241-43 Walton Ave., A. H. Burket. 818 E. Bell Ave., J. A. Curtis. 625 E. Bell Ave.. J. A. Curtis. 513 E. Bell Ave., F. G. McKllllp. 521-27 E. Bell Avc., C. C. Black. 529-31 E. Boll Avc., C. C. Black. b21 E. Bell Ave., F. E. Port. 705 E. Bell Ave., J. A. Curtis. 528-30 E. Crawford Avc., Michael Mnrtino. 601-03 E. Crawford Ave., J. A..Curtis. 613-15 E. Crawford Ave., J. A. Curtis. 617-19 E. Crawford? Ave., J. A. Curtis. 705-07 E. Crawford Ave., J. A. Curtis. 717-19 E. Crawford Ave., J. A. Curtis. 725-27 E. Crawford Ave., J. A. Curtis. 2017-39 Crawford Ave., C. W. Elfler. 3820 Third Ave., A. H Burket. ., 1809 Third Ave., Unknown owner. 3811 Third' Ave., Unknown owner. 5112 Third Ave . E. J. Howard. 5114 Third Ave., E. J. Howard. r )116 Third Ave., E. J. Howard. 5118 Third Ave., E. J. Howard. 5200 Third Ave., Unknown owner. 5202 Third Ave., Unknown Owner. 5204 Third AveJ, unknown owner. 5328 Third Avc., W. B. Seward. 5518-20 Third Ave., unknown owner. 5520 Third Ave., unknown owner. 4019 Fourth Ave., C. Limbert. 4124-26 Fourth Ave., A. II. Burket. 4109 Fourth Ave., Ltmbcrt. 4212-14 Fourth Ave.,'A. H. Burket. 4921 Fourth Avc., A. H. Burket. 5211-13 Fourth Ave., John Llnd. 5302 Fourth Av»i, unknown owner. 5333 Fourth Ave., unknown owner. 5335 Fourth Ave., unknown owner. 5521 Fourth Ave., W. B. Seward. 3526 Fifth Ave., Mrs. Edith G. Foust. South Side, 47th /St.. Bet. 6th Avc., Park Street, A. H. Burket. 4109-11 Sixth Ave., A. H. Burket. 4113-15 Sixth Ave., A. H. Burket. 4117-19 Sixth Ave., A. H. Burket. 4131 Sixth Ave., unknown owner. 4133 Sixth Ave., unknown owner. 5105 Sixth Ave., A. H. Burket. Broad Ave., Ext. near 58th St., Gibboney. Broad Ave., Ext. near 58th St., Paul Fee. 5117-21 Broad Avc., Domenlck TanJI. 3820-22 W. Chestnut Ave., unknown owner. 3908-10 W Chestnut Ave , Carmelo Marino. 3912-14 W. Chestnut Avc., Carmclo Marino. 3918-18 VV. Chestnut Ave , Carmclo Marino. 3304-06 Oak Ave., Frank Gey. 3524-26 Oak Ave., unknown owner. 3921-23 Oak Ave., unknown owner. 3929-31 Oak Ave.. unknown owner. \, 3933-35 Oak Ave., unknown owner. 3941-43 Oak Ave., unknown owner. 3212-14 Walnut Avc., Chester C. Roblson. 3819 Walnut Ave., W. E. Walsh. Walnut Ave., and 37th St., C. R. Douglas. 3313-15 Spruce Ave., Leo Wachter. 3521-23 Maplo Ave., Paul Walters. 3821-23 Maple Ave., unknown owner. 3625-27 Maple Ave., unknown owner. 3704-06 Maple Avc , unknown owner. 3724-28 Maple Ave., unknown owner. 3908-10 Maple Ave., Joserh Marino. 3920-22 Maple Ave., link!.own owner. 3932-34 Maple Avc., Jracph Marino. 3938-38 Maple Ave., Joseph Marino. 3940-42 Maple Ave., Joseph Marino. *• 3100-02 Pine Avc., A. M. Duck. 3101-03 So. Tenth Ave., A. M. Duck. 3105-07 So. Tenth Ave., A. M. Duck. 3109-07 So. Tenth Ave , Joaepli Young Est. 3115 So. Tenth Ave., J. K Holiday. 500 So. Stfventh St.. Mrs. Warren Moore. 914 E. Seventh St., Joseph Bcrkaey. 730 E. Eighth St., John Priestagn. 1208 E. Ninth St., Lewis Lamade. So. 10th St., PI. Valley Blvd., Antonio and Domenlco 524 49th St., lot No. 9112, unknown owner. 531 50th St., Lot No. 415, unknown owner. 533 50th St., lot No. 55, A. H. Burket. 535 50th St., lot No. 54, A. H. Burket. 537 50tll St., lot No. 53 A. II. Burket. 530 50th St., lot No. 52. A. H. Burket. 551 50th St , lot No. 46. unknown owner. 231 52ml St., lot No. 1307, James E. Roblson 531-33-35 52nd St.. D. Lloyd Claycomb.' 500 53rd St.. A. F. Care. 518 53rd St., lot No.' 30, Judson White. 202 54th St., unknown owner. 207 54th St., unknown owner. 209 54th St., unknown owner. 211 54th St., unknown owner. . 540-42 55th St., George McClellan. 554 55th St.. R. P. Good. 416 57th St., Caroline Powley. 60-1-06 E. Atlantic Ave., R. D. Elfler. 616-18 E. Atlantic Ave., J. A. Curtis. 632-34 E. Atlantic Ave.. J. A. Curtis. 636-38 E. Atlantic Ave , J. A. Curtis. 609-11 E. Atlantic Ave , J. A. Curtis. 613-15 E. Atlantic Ave., J. A. Curtis. 637-39 E. Atlantic Ave., J. A. Curtis. 813-15 E. Atlantic Ave., unknown owner. 821-27 E. Atlantic Ave., Clara Bertha Liv erlng. 400-02 Aldrlch Avc., Win. M. Krouse. 1919 Burgoon Road, Hannah O. Cooper. 112 Burns Ave., A Burket. 722 Cleveland Ave., Carl Werner Est. 1213 Circle Ave., Michael Wise. 1215 Circle Ave., Michael Wise. 1311 Circle Ave.. C. R. Davis. 114 E. Caroline. Ave., W. J. Hawk. 314 E. Caroline Ave., W. G. Barger. 322 E. Caroline Ave., F. 1,. Uuttner. 328 E. Caroline Ave., Domenlck Tallurlto. 408-10 E. Caroline Ave. Vigilant B. and L Assn. 412-14 E. Caroline Ave. Assn. •116-18 E. Caroline Avc. Assn. 420-22 E. Caroline Ave. Assn. 216 Caroline Ave.. E. W. Vaughn. 218 Caroline Ave.. E. VV. Vaughn. 220 Caroline Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 222 Caroline Ave., E. W Vaughn. 224 Caroline Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 300 Ciirollnu Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 306 08 Caroline Ave., E. VV. Vaughn. 310-12 Caroline Ave., E. VV. Vaughn. 316 Caroline Ave.. E W. Vaughn. 321-26 Caroline Ave.. E. W. Vaughn. 400 Caroline Ave., E. W. Vaughn. •106 Caroline Ave., E W. Vaughn. •116-18 Caroline Ave.. E. VV. Vaughn. tiO-1 Caroline Ave., Anthony Hander/.alla. 4105-07 Cortland Ave. unknown owner. 4113-15 Cortland Ave., unknown owner. •1117-19 Cnrtlaii'l Axe., unknown nwner. 4121-23 Coriland Ave.. unknown owner. 210 Eiiier.son Ave.. John Deenlorl. 511 E. Franklin Ave., J. A. Curtl.s. 513-15 E. Frankllo Ave., J A. Curtis. 517-19 E. Franklin Avc., J. A. Curlit,. 520-31 E. Franklin Ave.. J. A. Curll:-. 533-35 E. Franklin Ave., J. A. Curtis. 609-11 E. Franklin Ave., J. A. Curll*. 613-15 E. Franklin Avc., J. A. Curtis. and Wm. B. McKo Vigilant B. Vigilant B. Vigilant B. & L & L & L x Ltgttl Notices ^M*««NA»>S»VW^M«IV<iAil^<*w^SA 28-27' *. ItftUtiHlh Avfci J. A; Curtis. 129-31 E. FttnRltn AV»., J. A. .Curtis. 04 L. ,WU1 LIB* Burket. ~ cuttshal). owner. Jamel Jime* 14 Frankstowit.Avt, 228-30 Qrandvld* A' 08-08 JtellecR Place. «.. 00-02 J£ Harrison Ave., 04 E. Harrison Ave.. Jameg _ 11 E. Harrison Ave., lot NO. 13 E. Harrison Ave.,. lot N& Speer. . 15 E. Harrison Avc., lot No. 06 E. Harrison Axe.. Lester C. B»(tt. .,•'--.. 08 Harrison Ave., Plummer, OM, KUftfc , , 08 Harrison Ave., Catherine , fcntt Hlldft 14 Harrison Av6., lot No. 138, Witt. & 6ttr' ; " 118 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn, ;18 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 120 Harrison Ave., E. VV. Vaughn. •. , 122 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. / 124 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 117 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 119 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 121 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. . 123 Harrison Ave. E. W Vaughn, ' -,i 125 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. A 101 Harrison' Ave., lot No. 2, Blk. 3, 3. O. Dlbert. | „, . ' 108 Harrlsorl Av«., lot No. 3, Blk. 2, J. 9, Dlbert. 124-26 Harrison Ave., B. W. Vaughn. 01 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 05 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 307 Harrison Avc., E. W. Vaughn. 317-19 Harrison Ave., E. W: Vaughn, 323-25 Harrison Ave., lots No. 32-33, H. W. Vaughn. 325-27 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughni- iOO Harrison Ave.. E. W. Vaughn. 02 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. , 04 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 08 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 16 Harrison Ave , E. W. Vaughn. 18 Harrison Avc., E. W. Vaughn. 22 Harrison Ave., E. \V. Vaughn. 28 Harrison Corner, E. W. Vaughn. .01 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 25 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 500-02 Harrison Ave., E. VV. Vatfghn. 506-08 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. , 14 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. J20 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 501-03 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 505 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 507 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 109 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 11 Harrison Avc., E. W. Vaughn. j!3 Harrison Avc., E. VV. Vaughn. 515 Harrison Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 517 Harrison Avc., E. W. Vaughn. 519 Harrison Ave., E. VV. Vaughn. 521 Harrison Ave., E. W,. Vaughn. ' 1009-23 Harrison Ave.. Catherine Vetter Est '00 Jackson Ave., Tony Dorcas. '02 Jackson Ave., Tony Dorcas. '04 Jackson Ave., Tony Dorcas. ' _323 Jackson Ave., Carnlcella. Kissel Avc., Boyco Est. 301-03 Lowell Ave., M. W. Smith. 1509 Madison Ave.. Bendetto Santo Pietro. 1423 Madison Ave.. Raymond Garllck. 601-03 Mornlr.gslde Ave., Clarenc* A. Maher. . 204 Milton Ave., Abelson. 220 Milton Ave., Earl Wilt. 324 Milton Ave., Emma L. Ketrlng. 215 Milton Ave., Harry Mays. 1222 Orchard Ave., lot No. 3, Orvlllo Dl~ . bcrt. . - - 1224 Orchard Ave., lot No. 2, Orvllle Dlbert. 1226 Orchard Avc., lot No. 1, Orvllle Tlbert. 213 Pennsylvania Ave., E. J. Whltehead. 216 Pleas. Valley Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 218 Pleas. Valley Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 220 Pleas. Valley AVe., E. W. Vaughn. 222 Pleas. Valley Ave., E, W, Vaughn. 224 Pleas. Valley Ave., E W. Vaughn. 217 E. Ple,as. Valley Ave., W. iT. Templeton, 211 E. Pleas. Valley Ave., W.,J. Templeton. 209 E. Pleas. Valley Ave., W. J. Templeton. J03 E. Pleas. Valley Ave., W. 0. Templctod. 300 E. Pleas. Valley Ave., E. W. Vaughn. . 108 E. Pleas. Valley Avn., E. W. Vaughn. 110 E. Pleas. Valley Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 312 E. Pleas. Valley Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 318-20 E. Pleas. Valley Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 324-26 E. Pleas. Valley Ave.. E. W. Vaughn. 120 E. Pleas. Valley Ave., E. W. Vaughn. 1327 Polk Ave., James E. Ramsey. 329 Polk Ave., W. II. Gerlick Est. iOO E. Pottsgrove Avc., T. E. Rooncy. 302 E. Pottsgrove ATS., T. E. Rooncy. JO I Poe Place, lot No. 1, Blk. 22, unknown owner. 807 Quail Avc., L. W. Klmmel. 107 Quail Avc., L. W. Klmmel. 107 Quail Avc., L. W. Klmmol. 58 Ruskin Drive. A. E. Beckman Est. 5510 Roselawn Avc., A. L. DeBarber. J Lots, 56th St., Roselawn, Edward LIU- Inger. 100 Southey Avc., Charles Kurtz. . 205 Southey Avc., William Barr. 302 Wardsworth Avc., Carl S. Fllson.' 705 Woodrow Ave., Arthur G. Wcyandt. 727 Woodrow Avc.. John Furry. 5714% Wesley Avc., D. Lloyd Claycomb. 207 E. Ward Ave., I. B. Stuckey. 100 Bcllvlew St., Roy D. Stcelo. 501-03 Beech St., Nellie B. Crawford. 227 Calder St., John A. Nale. 110 Dewey St., William Bowmanr 202 Dewey St., Sllvcrman. 238 Dewey St., unknown owner. 820 Ets St., James A. Gorlty. 731- 33 South St., Jacob Hoover. 916 South St., J. A. Curtis. 1807-09 14th Street, Gesslngton Campbell. JOHN It. MARTIN. City Treasurer. State of Pennsylvania, County of Blair, City of Altoona, S. S.: Personally 7 appB-ired before me (the City Clerk of Altoona.) Pennsylvania, Jolm R. Martin, who being duly sworn deposes and says he is the collector of City Tax for tin year 1929 and that the foregoing list comprises all uncollected City Tax on the Dup- Jlcate of City Taxes for 1929 und tho same Is true and correct as ho verily believes. W. J. HAMOR, City Clerk. IN HE: ESTATE OF WILLIAM N. Mo- CLURE, LATE OF THE CITY OF ALTOONA, COUNTY OF BLAIR AND STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA. DECEASED. Letters Testamentary on said estate having been granted to tho undersigned, all persons Indebted thereto are requested to make Immediate payment, and those having claims or demands against the same will present them without delay for settlement to the undersigned, residing at No. 9, Log Cabin Court, Alleghany Furnace, Altoona, Pennsylvania. BLANCHE N. McCLURB, Executrix. C. B. WRAY, ESQ., Altoona, I'ennu. ORPHANS' COURT SALE OF VALUABLB PERSONAL PROPERTY. The undersigned Administrator ot the Es- tnte of George M. Ott, late of Altoona. Penna., deceased, will expose at public sa»^. on tho premises, No. 2518 8th Avenue, Altoona, Penna. on WEDNESDAY, June 4th, 1U3U, at 2 p. m. of suld day, the following personal property, to wit: Household goods, furniture, carpets, bed* and bedding, pictures, lumps, bookcase, II- hrary table, sewing machine, chairs, sweeper, curtains, and a lot of miscellaneous property. Terms of sale—Cash. CENTRAL TRUST COMPANY, Administrator of the Estate of George M. Ott, deceased. SCHOOL ADVERTISEMENT The Logan Township school board will offer for sale at public outcry, on Saturday, .lime- 21ut, at 2.30 o'clock p. m., the school building and ground in Juniata Gap, known au the Logan School. A one-room ojie-story frame building and approximately three 50x120 lots of ground. The mile to take place on the premises at the time stated. The board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. C. C. SCHANDELMKIER, Secretary, Lttkemont School Building. Lakemont, Altoona, Pa. SCHOOL ADVERTISEMENT NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS The Logan Township school board Invltci bids for all work required to complete th« installation ot lire eaeapea at Newburg school, Altoona, and Washington school, East Altoona, Altoona, Pa. Such work to include the fallowing: Furnish and Install two (2) lire escapes, change two (2) windows to 2-6 doora flre proof threa (3) windows, equip Iwo (2) doors with panlo bolts. Blue prints for this work are on file In tht of! ice of the Secretary. All bids must lie marked bids for lire escapes and mnsl lie in the hands ot the Bee. rotary not later than 7,30 o'clock p. m., June 26Ul. 1930 The board reserves the right to accept any bid or reject any or all bids. C. C. sCHANriKLMEIKll. Secretary, ' Lakemont School Building, Lakemont, Altoona, Pa. ESTATE OF EI.KANOR M. SCHUM, LATH OF ALTOONA. BLAIR COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, DECEASED. Let turn Testamentary on said estate having lifen ({ranted to the undersigned, all persons Indebted thereto are requested to make Immediate payment, and those having claimi or demands against the same, will present them without delay for settlement to the undersiKiied, residing at 108 Holmes Avenue. * Itoona, I'a. A. C. DAVIS, Executor. C. B. WRAY. Attorney. Classified Display SMI) CAHH Haianee ,pf> monthly, buys 7-room home with hot water lu-at and bath, at 227 E. 6th Ave Newly papered and painted. Prlc» $3,700. Possession at once. Harris Commerce Realtor—Insurance. Phouo

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