Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 2, 1960 · Page 34
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 34

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1960
Page 34
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T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 2, I960 n ifUBLIC RECORDS CITY COURT Jimes Hfwsart. William Kfaiball, fc M«fi*tnte* ;« PRICES ARE BORX HERE AM) RAISED ELSEWHERE Empire =1 2300 S. 6tK Ave. OPEN 24 HOURS Empire i=2 526 E. 9th St. MA 2-8772 Empire ^ R. Lowell Rd. "At Campbell EA 5-2197 » HJvero, rape, to Pima County. Edward Chlco. Alex Uedez Ortiz, JY*nk Ajitonio. Alfonao Cruz, Tony . Osuna, Harry Kill, IVttest. Dennett, | Pete Harvey. Dominjio Alvarez, Salvador CThJco. JOM Dommio, drunk. $30 or 20 -days. Lester- DeWilde. drunk, sentencing: June I. : Odell, Kocera. drunk, continued to June 12. Lester Dyer, drunk-loiterinc, 10 4ay« and !5 days. Robert Hughe*, drunk, $1» bond forfeited. Altars Corral, drunk. *K bond far- of Locomotive 3kKln*«n, Dtvirien V M tfc* BroSMrfeseS «4 latBgativ* Enjrtnetfj, «t al, jud«m»nt Jn favor of dfffeudanta Dirickm 36. Swift A Co. va. TufKn laundry- Dry Qeanlnx At Linen Service diamlwed with prejudice. Jame* H. Dennins vi. Art Szndridct and Grtff tft. diimii»ed with pr«- DEATHS ¥ ^T C * H CANE ***? HILLS BROS ' -V^afli £ SUGAR ? COFFEE 'f S W ^ All Grind* ^jlr '*· ton *X.*;«** F R E S H M E A T WHi* PORK CHOPS CENTER CUT Ib. %jfr Laze "A" GREEN BEANS r ,, N , ,,,. Dole Drink Pineapple-Grapefruit 41 Dole PINEAPPLE JUICE « ^ Hunt'* .M OC 1 TOMATO SAUCE , «. 3~"'25 M. can 2 --25*1. « 1* SLICED BACON ·* 29' Arnold *1 C * RIPE OLIVES ,, m 25 GGS GRADE "A" LARGE DOZ. 39 RATH'S LUNCHEON MEATS B O L O G N A . . . . ) P. i P, TASTY LOAF . . ) OLIVE LOAF Sc COUPON IN EACH PKG. \ BOUNCE · · · / YOUR CHOICE 49 ··········"·B^W^^a^B^ FRANKS 3-lb. Bag 79' Franoec Wood, drunk, tlO or la day*. Robert Bedore. loiterin*. 19 days. Pearl Shelpnum. vafrancy. us day«. Joshua Prite, vagrancy, continued to June J. ·William yieraon. iimpl* aacault. «60 bond, trial'Auff- J. ; Jame* Conditio, traific warrant. Ktop ^ffn. failure to appear. |6 or one day and $25 or five daya. .. Georse Praechtl, assault with a dead* ly weapon, to Ptea County. John Masses', traffic warrant. « m.p.h. in 25 zone, no visible registration, failure to appear, $20 or four days. |5 or one day. *25 or five dayjr, Albert Fi*uero*. failure * yield right of way to pedestrian, iound innocent, failure to appear, fli or S d«yi. Harvey Herrlf. defrauding, 4400 bond, trial Au*. 3. Raymond Carter, drunk drivinl, we- ond offenae, (200 and XI dayi. Laverne Dawaon, drunk in i»r. W bond forfeited. Leroy Hartman, molwtinl diild, failure to appear. $Jflo bond, warrant iasued. Jeanne Smith, traffic warrant, red light, no driver 1 * li«n*e. 185 bond forfeited; tallur* to appear, warrant inued. SWIFT BOSTON ®adPSS«feBS LfcbyVCut BEETS fc- G«ri»er'i *% *t ·· · BABY FOODS iu ^ i 3~°'Z5 PORK ROAST Lb, 39 DOG FOOD T , ,,,, . CHEERIOS Ctrtal 3 25' 20 lO'/i- ·i. ·kg. Limit Right* l«»»rv«d-- None Sold T« Dtolert B«it Foods MAYONNAISE SW/FT BftOOKFfElD SUNSWEET PRUNE JUICE Qt. JI -C FROZEN FOODS MARY ELIZABETH FRUIT PIES BUTTER 59-A" 65' VA, gean.100 Apple. Peach, Boysenberry 8-inch EACH 39 BIKDS EYE Del Mont* Dill or Keiher PICKLES PEAS or CORN 10 at. 6 Underwood DEVILED HAM Hi H« 11* CRACKERS Lb ta 31 Kraft American «r Pimient* CHEESE Mi: ed I K. N.B.C. .11 E * CRACKERS Lb ^ 25 Charlti M. Cowan Charles M. Cowan, 58, ot il» jnc,, j S. Mann, died Tuesday at hii home. Came to Tucson four yean ago from Royal Oaks, Mich. Floor I*** c. spader, petition te \ covering salesman. Husband et chanje name to Jeffrey C. Hummer. , Stella. Father Of MfS. Frank H. Kikl Stamoi v«. John G. Stamos. ! H . r**!* M»c* Talif · defendant's motion to act wide d e - i « » r r ' * , t-Otw Mesa, V*I"-i fault judgment ir.med. , Q, a rles M. Jr. and David Glenn, Joseph P. Zeestraten et ux. vs. John i J. G«ka« et ux, dixmiiwd with pre- J both of TuCSOn. Brother Of Mfl. 't^r DtortbBto, Inc/v.. C. O. j E ' «' «»!·. «"* MWlV «* G-Uhooiy et ux, judgment In favor j Mrs. R. B. Remick, Detroit Ofl« of plaintiff in Die sum n( »1H-4S. j Builder. Monger * Tr, ls t f. v«. '' grandson. Funeral service* will Raymond W. Jone» et ux. judgment I u,, j..ij , t , tiwnnirott' »r' in favor of plaintiff in restitution of De nelfl St 4 P' m - I « wn 0 rrow « premises. Personal Service* inc. vs. Ernest L. Olrieh Jr.. complaint *cr $»,0« commission. Peter A. Adamcin dba Adamcin Sifrn* Neon, vs. W. N. Genematai et ux dba Cliff Manor Motor Hotel, complaint on debt, $I.91t.»5. SOUTH TUCSON Mack Brewer, Town Magistrate Steye Ramon, drunk, in ear. $w or 1» day*. JUSTICE COURT Alice N. Truman, Precinct 1 Clark H. Johnson, Precinct 1 Norman E. Gre«n, Precinct 4 Laverne I. Nelaon. Gen* K. Anderaon. fame vjolition. 11(1. R. W. HufheV. «anw violation, W. Ton* Lee. rarne violation, $1S. Oscar Elian, failure to provide, 1*9 days *u*pended; nerlect 9t wife, dismissed. ^trvin L. Sullivan, drunk driviav, tlOO and 10 day*; no driver** Heenw, dii- miued. Char]** K. Oarpcoter, ·mbezxlcment. held to answer to Superior Court. Lorentino Farley, failure to provide, to daya at public work*. Danny DeWee»e, petty the* ay embezzlement, re»et to June f. John Doe Pappadea*. maintainlnf a public nuisance, dismissed. Jerry Lynn Walton, Jim Juke*, y*ity tihtft, »50 or five day*. William M. Iniram, assault with a deadly weapon, preliminary hearinc July 13. David Leider, three count! »f draw- in c a check on inmifficient fund*, held to an*wer to Superior Court. Dale Allred, firit d*«T«« Vur«-|»rj'. taken under advisement. Funeral Home chapeL Aaron Lodge No. 49, FtAM, will conduct graveside services in tht Masonic Plot of South Lawn Memorial Park. . . . ; Stale v*. William Van Te*gue, man- | . " sl«u«ht«r with * motor vehicle, i VlVian amended to recldes* driving on motion ' of county attorney, - fuilty plea. *en- tenced to time aerved in county jail. State v«. Toy Payne, ault with deadly weapon, $ to 10 year* in Mate prison. US. DISTRICT COURT Judge James A. Walsh, presiding Bankruptcy petitions: Kay J. Carney. debts of JS.837.SO and assets of »20S listed: Rexford X. Pratt, et ux debts of J3.7H.71 and assets of JSSQ listed. TJSA vs. Kenee S. Cusham. dba Eureka Ranch and Bobert R, McKinney. seeks judgment of K7.13S. interest and costs. USA. vs. Howard A. John ion; Marty Knowles and Jane Doe Knowles, his wife; Richard Rowe and Mary Bewe, complaint for a permanent Injunction. DIVORCES Alison Lee Sean, 11. Tucson. Ronald Clark Smith. 11. Lo* Aniele*. Calif., and Marian Conley. II, Silver Bell. Charle* A. Loop, at, Tucson, and Marjaret Ann Humphrey, »1, Tucnon. Alvln T. Jone*, W. Tuaon, and J» Ann Rint, M, Tticoon. BIRTHS T/P TOP ORANGE JUICE, ex. MINUTf MAID LEMONADE 6 OZ. 5 - 49 1IQUOR DEPT 79* DETERGENT ·! ARDEN _ ^^ SURF ·· 691 Ice Cream! 59' Spirit Liquor Sold at S. 6th Star* Only MILE HI BEER · 12N M PROOF VODKA Ref - ""* 1JM - 6 ""' 1.18 LUCKY LAGER BEER SWEET E f t e WEVE · * h S3 P R O D U C E Shortening SNOWDRIFT Cock O 1 Walk TOMATOES FARM FRESH GREEN BEANS Pound 19 Calif. Crit» · 4%t| Golden Swttl af^P! 1 I LETTUCE 2'.::::. 19 I CORN 6 - 25 2 - 95 oO 3i 59'2 SUPERIOR COURT Judge John F. Molloy, Div. 1 Judge Le* Garrett, Div. 1 Judge Robert 0. KoylstM, Div. I Judge Herbert F. Krucker, Div. 4 Judge Raul H. Caitrt, Div. I Grayce GibMM O'Neill, Clerk Fr«nk Spezzano v». Wilbert D. Meth- enej- et ux. dismissed with prejudice. C. M. Olufson vs. Barbara Ann Johnton, dismissed with prejudice. Grs« Malone vs. Hoyden Conntruc- tion Co.. dismissed -with prejudice. Ru««ell Ray Mefarland et ux vs. Karl G. Atwell et ux, »t al, judgment in favor of defendants on' counterclaim in the amount «f sl.SOO. .luan Molina, as elirvivlnt father »f Pablo Molina, deceaned, vs. Cecil W. Houiton, dlsnujned with prejudice. Gee S. Keen dba Keen Super Market v«. Ro«a R. Flmbre*, dismlned with prejudice. Zahlea DouglM vs. William J. Hen.r- faulh et ux. dljmlssed with prejudice. nichard R. Kvns et ux vs. Karl Ray Williams, et ux, et al, complaint in foreclosure. Maggi Stover Corp. vs. Dee Denzln, complaint on debt, *JW.5f). Ronald X. Graeier, by guardian ad- lltem, Vemon Graeser, vs. nanford 0uane Hoffman et ux, complaint for damages, unspecified. Business Factors Inc. vs. Royal Indemnity Company of New York, com- pUlnt on debt. 96.10ff.R9. Charles J. Elkins dba Miracle Mile DruK Center vs. John D. Nichols et ux, el al. complaint for contract settlement. John W. Murphey et ux vs. Arizona State Tax Commission et «l. complaint for judgment in tax assessments. Uinta Finance Co, vs. Adolph Valdex et ux. complaint on debt. »325.79, Court Square Building vs. Meyer i Affron et ux, dba Manufacturers Turn!- I t turc Outlet, complslnt for damstjes, | and debt, MM. Ernest C. Bustamante dba Dean Hill Service Station vs. Jesus Armenta et ux. complaint on debt, $411.67. £rne*t C. Bustamjtnte dba Dean Hill Service Stution vs. Juan Maldonido db« Tucson Heating A Cooling, com- plnint on debt, *G0.5B. Julia Standy vs. Fritz L. Heller tt ux. complninl to quiet title. David Mark Govorko, a minor, by mother, vs. Raul Nunez, a minor, by parents, complaint for damages, S4.0SO. Oracle Road Lumber Co. vs. L. L. Stevenson et ux. et al, judgment in favor of plaintiff In the sum of f3M).3. The Vulley National Bank of Phoenix vs. G. P. I/uckett et ux. judgment in favor «f plaintiff In the sum of fl.143.61. i Hazel Virginix Shilling, order chanf- i ing name to Billie V. Shilling. ! Ernest Garfield vs. John LaHerty. I judgment In favor of plaintiff in the sum of SI.025. j Edward Morgan, administrator of the | ]jna Boy ScOUt Council. estate of Emma E. Malone. deceased. I vs. George W., Stone et al, judgment in distribution of estate. Garcia Vivian Cecilit Garcia, infant daughter ef Mr. and Mrs. Jot Garcia, of 422 W. Aragou St., died yesterday at St. Mary'i Hospital. Granddaughter of Guada- ]upe Garcia and Mrs. Maria Leal, both of Tucson. Graveside »erv- ices were tcheduled for 2:30 p.m. today at Holy Hope.Cemetery. · John G. George John G. George, 78, of 4801 E. Broadway, died early yesterday at San Diego, Calif. Cam*. to Tucson in 1907. Native of Va- tertown, N.' Y.' Father of Mm.: Anson Lisk, of Ciudad, Obregoni' Mexico, and Tucson. Grandfather of John Denison and Anson Lisk III. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at St. Philips-. in-the-Hills Church. Final services and burial will be in Watertown, N. Y. Friends may call at the Kerr Mortuary, 4601 E. 1st St., from 4 to 9 p.m. tomorrow. The family suggests donations to either Tucson Medical Center «r St. Mary's Hospital building fundi. Joseph Gordon Hammond Joseph Gordon Hammond, 75, of 3000 E. 6th St., died this morning at his home. Winter visitor in Tucson for *e past ten yeari from Chicago, 111., and Flint, Mich. Retired General Motors Corp. executive. Husband of Hilda-. Funeral arrangements will be aa- Murray Sheldon Gonek, as. Tucson, j nounced by the Arizona Mortuary. Rev. Charles Huntingdon Funeral services for the Rev. Charles Edward Huntington, 83, Robert Willard Ray », Tucson. MM! of 539 E AdlmJ| St ^^ died liaM** T.A «LUM 91 Tiic«nn ' yesterday at St. Mary's Hospital, will be held »t 11 a.m. Saturday Judith Ann Lieven v*. Chacle* Paul Lieven. djimined. Madelene Beanlott v*. Miehael tV»n- lon, decree. Ada Ettie ib»on ·». Sfiichel Gib- ton aka (Buck) Gibaon, diMnined. Cledyth OoaJe vi. Richard T. Coale, decree. Virjwia M. McNeil v». F«ul «. McNeil, Jr.. complaint Clara Jarniewkt vt. Leo Jamiewia. eornplaint. Amelia Kenon v*. William «. Pier*on, complaint. Aleen Alexander v*. Karri* A. Al«c- ander, complaint. MARRIAGE LICENSES Paul Xmert Laos Jr.. ». Tucson, ·nd Patricia Ann Coleman, 18, Tucson. William E. Gonzsle*. ». Tucson, and Josephine £. Durazo, 19, Tucson. Gregory Benton Anderson, JK, Tucson. and Elizabeth Ann Pauliny, 1, Tucson. James T. Walters. M. Tucson, and Roberta Louise Jsnes, 21, Tucson. Chester L. Thompson, 39, Grand Canyon. and Shirley i. Roy. 1*. Ale. ·nd Linds Miriam Lavine, 18, Tucson. Ramon Cino. », Tucson, and Nimcy Ann Tnttlsvln*. 30, Tuoon. J»ck«on Louie, 21, San rmncisoo, Calif., and Mawiko Sate, 3S, San Tran- DAVIS-MONTHAN HOSPITAL Oapt. and Mn. l«wrence B. Moore, J1S1 Tsmar*, a boy at 7:» p.m. June 1. ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL Mr. and Mr. John Ruiz. SO* H. Grand*, a boy at 8:4« a.m. June 1. Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy. Rt. I, Box MO. a girl at 2:52 p.m. June 1. Mr. and Mr*. William Adalr. 3f» Helena Strsvenue, a boy at §:1S p.m. June i. Mr. and Mr*. Louis Bustamonlc, M01 I. Lvmdy. * girl «t 1I:OS p.m. June 1. Mr. snd Mrs. Douglas S*ntander, 9137 N. Walnut, a gin at 3:3i a.m. June 1. TUCSON GENERAL HOSPITAL Mr. snd Mr*. Arthur McCormlck, 4«M I. Juarez, * boy at 3:37 a.m. June 2. TUCSON MEDICAL CENTER Mr. snd Mr*. Charles Cunningham, «m E. Kirklsnd, a boy at *:3« a.m. June 1. Mr. snd Mrs. WIHord Wright, *3op X. Speedway, a girl at ]0:«i a.m. June 1. Mr. snd Mrs. John Jenner, 1S03 Adelaide Dr., a boy at 10:51 a.m. June I . Mr. snd Mri. Ralph D'Ascoli, J7H4 K. 22nd. a girl at 11:M s.m. June 1. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tsdeo, 1010 S. Jrd. a boy st 2:51 p.m. June 1. Mr. snd Mrs. Daniel Dirmlao. SOI Jt. Grant, a boy at 8:37 p.m. June 1. 2 Attend Scout Council Meeting O Paul A. Smith and Dr. Jack Klein, national council representatives, are attending the 50th annual meeting of the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, this week in Washington, D.C. Tucson's representatives to the conclave are members of the Cata- Western Lighting Manufacturing m SUNKIST LEMONS Lipton Nic* f0Hng f^ jm 11 VcUncia Juice JNfc gp I Cantaloupe 2 - *£3 I ORANGES 3 - £,9 TfiAtri.^59 1 Fi!ouR,_, 1« 3 29* ux. el al. complaint on debt. $2.473.42. Playtime Products Jnc. vs. Blue Gift Stamp Corp., cortvplaint on debt, *379.aO. Edith Small Originals Inc. vs. Dve Denzin, complaint on debt, il,361. James Hickey vs. the Brotherhood President Eisenhower was guest of honor last night at a state dinner celebrating the golden anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. He is honorary president of the Boy Scouts of America and since 1948 has been a member'of the National Executive Board. at St. Philips-in-the-Hilli Church, with th« Rev. George Ferguson officiating. Cremation will follow. Friends 'may call at the Kerr Mortuary, 4«01 E. 1st St., from 2 to 8 p.m. today and .tomorrow. The family auggesti donation! t» St. Mary's or Tucson Medical Center Building Fund, or the Square and Compaw Crippled Children's Clinic. Marvin Lott Marvin .Lott, 17-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Lott ST., of 449 E. Lester St., died yesterday at St. Mary's Hospital. Brother of Cheryl. Funeral arrangements will be announced by Reilly's Funeral Home. Delbert McMillan Delbert L. McMillan, «5, of 222 W. Irvington Rd., died yesterday at Veterans Hospital. Came to Tucson 18 months ago from Denver. Retired salesman of the Iowa Public Utility Co., at Waterloo, Iowa. Veteran of World War I. Husband of Doris. Father of Mrs. R. L. Greenwell, Denver. Son of Herbert McMillan, Grand Rapids, Minn. Funeral services will be held at 7 p.m. tomorrow at the Arizona Mortuary chapel, with the Rev. Victor Hand, of St. John's Methodist Church, and the Rev. Walter McCleneghan, officiating. The body will be sent to Denver for burial in the National Cemetery. Mary Elizabeth Ringland Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Ringknd, of 1M6 E. Sth St., died yesterday at her home. Came to Tucson 40 years ago from Peoria, 111. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. tomorrow at Bring's Funeral Home chapel. Burial in South Lawn Memorial Park. ,,., ,,,, RED POTATOES NICE GREEN BELL PEPPERS 2-29 NEW CROP SWEET APRICOTS Lb. Box «-»%» rfcWWl* js jb. suck.. Admiral SARDINES S.O.S. j^ «*·· SOAP PADS h l t a 2 h ""'25 LUNCHEON MEAT ,,«. c- 39* NORTHERN CHEESE WELS CAMP OUT FREE fw tkc wttk-iri M the CM! IHM tiMtry, M tk* M«|»M»« Him. VISIT FOOL HOLLOW RANCHES '-?"// I/avttffk FUNHYNAMt JfOT- In tK« K*irl «f riw SiifTMvM f4«ti«n«l Fornt. To acquaint you with the bMuty and desirability of Fool Hollow d»neh«, you're mvitH to bring th« fimily »nd c»mp out free for tht week-end. Brine your fishinf tquitment bt- cause netrtiy feel Hollow lake n full of lifhiinf trout. Just IVi miles west ef Show Law en state hirhwiy 160 -- office m Show low, just Hit flit Blakely station. 5 ACtfStmlytlSODOWN $39 per mo. $?975lot«l otrvi w Ot WtfTl FOR DfTAlU: SHOW tow SOUTHWEST PROPERTIES w» WMTM «wmm - FIRE CALLS (Cilli In M Houri ta I a.m. Taday)' 11:13-11:22 a.m.-- «MKU* t to 4Mt «yl- 1:W-1:M p.m.-- Kn«in« «ii t and Council. ia« leak. (City) 1:96-3:24 p.m.-- Kniinc IS to 741 Tun Ataine. bnwh fir*. (City) 3:23-3:57 p.m.-- Rnciic I to IMI e»n* Dt T»omay. flrat alt). (City) 3:48-3:5. p.m.-^KnKin* H to Olivt St. and NdK»ln Highway, ctnxtruction bArrirad*. (Cityi 4:23-4:47 p.m.-Encin* 4 k S. llth .n4 K. Zlsl St., tvniah. (C)lyi 8:t«-7:49 p.m.-- En*-lnr» ** »nd I t* 1»00 N. Ston«. lir* fir«. (City) «:M-7:11 p.m.-~Bnrl« 1 * WO J*. M«ycr, cmok*. (Cityi I0:34-ll:0« p.m.-- T.rtcui t V Gnnt and Alvernon. invert i«*Tion. (City) 1:M-2:M a.m.-- Encinc * t» M01 ·. J«ff«rjion. r*jnd«nc«. (Oity) 1:36-1:4.2 a.m.-- Ht*eo» 1 * Ml I. nti St.. first aid. (City) ol tmiltn' Um Sayr. BERMUDA CAMbt IF YOU'LL Fertiliue, n»t TKSM Fertilizer (·.

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