Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1969 · Page 29
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 29

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1969
Page 29
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C- 12-- INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) lf»S *·«". Ctlll , Tun . Ft*, n, »·* CLASSIFIED HE l-JHf hmml Dirtcton 10 WESTMINSTER Memorial Park MORTUARY AND CEMETERY Evirythlno in On* ! Beautiful Place COMPLETE FUNERALS FROM $245 Less Cwt -- No frame croWnn xssi letdi Mvtf. GE \-rnn WESTMINS1EK FOREST LAWN MORTUARY i One Arrangement for : Undertaking Cemetery 44711 Lincoln Av« GEneva 1-3517 j MOTTEU'S MORTUARY j 9W E. Third 436-2284 WHITE FUNERAL HOME i W5 E Flovtr. Blllll M7-VO ' JOHN A. MIES ·PEACE" ME3-1IM: GREEN HILLS Mtmorlal ChJDtl zsu'feEisti mm BELLFLOWER Moriuary ! U7.177I 1 ROSE HILLS MORTUARY OXMSir RA 3-5391 DILDAY Family Funeral Directors LONG BEACH LAKEWOOD UUESlA/WORTU*RY UN12g 5UNNYSIDE Mausoleum Moriuary. 1500 San Antonio Dr. GA 4-1631 UTTER McKINLEY MORTUARIES Lakewood and Downev 537.1911 HARRIS COLONIAL MORTUARY 1760 California Ave. 591-0771 Cemeteries and 20 Mausoleums Cemettrv lots -- J150 each Including endowment cart -- with mter- tsf tr« ttrms. GE 1-6577 CEMETERY Lots for sale. C-rcen- hilU Memorial Park, San Pedro. Will sacrifice. 432-5255. ? LOTS. Westminster tfemoria Park-Victory Garden. Rcas. 5?60057. OBI E interment crypt, Sunnyside, LB. below COSt. 714-837-5530. \ In Mwnoridrti 30 ; IN AtEMORIAM of Bettv Shawler Rymal. Death is but a stepping stone to that Eternal Life in which there's no unhapplness. na suffering or strife and so vour loved one is at PC ice and lives on in a place where there is light and gladness And w* see God face to face. With Love, G*ne, Terry/ Linda, BIN and Terry Jr. MBlDJliiljITI Announcements 35 TOPLESS MOVIES PHOTOS NOW OPEN 24 HOURS JEFF'S PACIFIC NEWS 35 LOCUST AVE. 437-9055 HONOR FAMILY FRIENDS with olfts for research to MEMORIAL HOSPITAL OF L.B. XVEDDING in darling chapel-- 510 no UO. Dr. Morev 437-3333 or 435-5681. FIND IT FAST IN THE YELLOW PAGES SAVE EARN AT (Lynwood) World Savings, 11170 L.B. Blvd. oPT?§N\S ( Ktr? TV * 12 Ifm? Travel 40 · FLY EL CAPITAN 4 ENGINE PRESSURIZED CONSTELLATION BARNEY'S ALL NEW 3 MILLION DOLLAR CASINO $10* Walker Lake, Hawthorne, Nevada EVERY DAY Most CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED Padcagt INCLUDES: 1-Rd Trip air transp. 2 Dinner cocktails. Entertainment (new t h e a t e r lounge). 3. Limousine service ASK ABOUT OUR /Ladies Nite, Stag Nites S "Plane Parties" Seafoodarama (Fri) DAILY FLIGHTS Mon. Thru Sat. 6:15 p.m. Special Flights Sun. Depart 10:30 FOR RES. S. BROCHURE Long Beach HA 1-9351 Burbanlt VI 9-5568 S5 add. Fri. Sal. ·f Tax. No baggage on tours. DC-3 Ore. flltes. /V3 CARS-- EAST// N.J.; Ohio; St. Paul, Minn.; Miami: N. Carolina; Louisville, KY.; Boston; Tennessee. Gas allowance. GO NOW. WE 8-3533 To or from anywhere KJ U.S. AUTO DRJVEAWAY 3W-1307 *CARS FURNISHED FREE LEAVING Feb. 23 for Boston, Mass. Need rider. Share. 433-003-i INDEX OF MAJOR CLASSIFICATIONS OBITUARIES-- FUNERALS 5-» ANNOUNCEMENTS JS12) EMPLOYMENT _ _ .12S-M5 CALL AN EXPERT !10 MERCHANDISE S1S-175 BUSINESS FINANCIAL «15-t7! REAL ESTATE _...»3H4(5 TRANSPORTATION ISU-IIU rersonois 9v ANNOUNCEMtNl Due »o a lacV. of APATHY, the maturity of voulh is ti?Hv bcmg in salted bv tl« senility of slatus duo-terf, and politicians, who lor selfish aureole exptoit arctialc legislation, to defer vouth from talc- ing their iust place in tills nation cf ours di proyoyndixJ unto Intini- tv bv thr Constitution of these United State* of America. TtwTfore. let it t* known thai it is niv intention to organize the APATHY PARTY for Ihe preser- av viable- for ire Presidency in 1973. Resume and Piattorm uoon ieuest. Enclose Si. 00 for handling and mailing. JIM CROW i THE SPEAKERS HOTft LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA Definition of APATHY: | American c-eooie always th* hoc* · of youth. -" Reproduction of this advertise- ivent in entirety onlv bv any method -- reserved io the reader. ADULTS ONLY : NOW OPEN 24 HOURS ' BIGGER BETTER · NEW ASERCHANDlSE Topless Go Go Movies ; Many New Numbers i Nudist Publications Adult Novels-Art Mags Lg. Selection Art Photos JITFF'S PACIFIC MEWS M LOCUST AVE. «/-WiS . SINGLE? WIDOWED? DIVORCED? FOR A MESSAGE THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE CALL 537-0681 Reduce Fast! 1 want 10 women wha are 10 Ibs. or more overwelflht to take Dart in a oroup, to compile statistic.* foi our rapid, permanent weight loss proprnm of specialised redurJno. Applicants must not be under med- ral care. CONFIDENTIAL-CALL tODAY MRS. LANE Downey 923-9122 Torrance 377-9044 LOST * t-MIM /» "*""*"»«'"*" FOUND ADS Let's do a good fe*d tooettwrl If vou FIND 3 dog. cat. keys, wallet, handbag, evrg'auM or ; aavthino ot value -- call inde- pendcnt. Press-Telearam Clasti- fled, HE 2-5M9 and Place * In* found ad. ANIMAL SHELTCR UUTAGGtO DOG 300) E. Willow. J27-9W Stray Anim.iK ImpouJidctJ Feb. 22, 1969 Chi. ID, ta«n, 10 V/S., 941 JuniDero --PC-U i /Aix, ie, wa writ, 5'.:- ViO . j At shelter . .. . K-' . Poodle x, fe, blk, 7 nio.. i I); W. Columbia .. K--J Mix. m, b!K brn, 3 rr.o., 6W 0. Eshter .... K-Dead Sheo x, fe, blk ian, i n'o., 2000 Oranse . .. - K-Dead Feb. 23, 1969 (.ockcr x, )c, blend, £ wkv, 7213 Kiltdcc . . PC-S Sheu x. m, blk A stiver, 4 vr., : 3500 THo r nlaVe . K-37 i Mi». m. blk v.M, 3 mo , 3£» Gardenia . . . K-55 , Mix, m. Dm 8, \vht. 3 nio , ^OOQ C. 57th . K 6S Pccdir, fe, silver, 4 vr.. '.Villcw Pacific K-70 /AIX. m, red, 3 vr., Bcaplc, ic. tri, 2 \T.. 2061 Lime . Dead Also check County Pound, 11265 S. Garficld Avc., WS 1175. Humane Society of So. Calif, at South Gatr. dill 1-9?i-5S33 doos. Male "Sabre," icninle "Glsdvs" (pregnant). Vic. An^- heim Si. Santa Fe Ave. Reward. -132 7931; 596-2562 FOUND-- Youno blue Persian female cat. Vic. 5ih Walnut. APprox. FED. 1,*. Owner or sood home. HE 5-J233. 6'/j vrs. old. Vic. of Walnut Or- anoe off toth St. Needs medication. 591-7300 : OUND-- Tan, female Shepherd. Vic. 7th Alamltos. Apt. 10, 1010 E. 7th Si., L. B. while. Vic. Magnolia Ave. 4324269. FOUND. Tiny toy male black poodle. Vif. Maole Clark, Helltl. 86^-1727. LOST-- Pair child's eve glitu«. vie. Los A»05 Methodist Ctiurch. 4303622. LOSl -- O'.inge neutere:! male crii, vit. Siena Dr. E. 2nd St. Reward GF 9-5511 tfta.* ""tMN.'* 1B j Calif's Largest Compuler College Approved For Vetenns IBM COMPUTER PROGRAM'S (COBOL/BAL) ADVANCE INDUSTRIAL DRAFTING ' IBM Keypunch-Sorrer P8X Recept. i Secretarial ABC Shorthand Industrial Drafting Girl Friday · CALL 435-89 14 i NEW CLASSES START MARCH 3RD, 1969 Student Loans Avail. Free placement Approved For Visa Students by Depf. of Immigration ALL CtASSES TAUGHT IN LONG BEACH Day/Nite Classes For Free Info Or Visit MTI BUSINESS COLLEGE 236 E. 3rd St., Long Beach (Brwn. Locust t L.B. Blvd.) Schools lOSSchools » 105 Instruction Instruction NOWlONG BEACH Notion'* fintii (joining ichoot for ) COMPUTER PROGRAMMING and KEY PUNCH Enter If* Won giving com- "Awoved for Visa Studenli nrHr «rM. Iwn « M « Iv Dngrlment of Immigration* i It IBM IN Comguler. ft Placement AsstitwK* T~ ^ O " / 0 O 1 *D»r ant NUM CUun « Student Lwn OK WRITE (~ADCCD pnni/1 CT Automation Inttitut* \*,/\l\B£r\ owWrVLCt 3605 Lona Bftaeh Klvd MAILED FREE A C-E-I-R Auociat. " ftoard Guest 100 Hornet Bedutltul surroundings, X!nl. lood care. Fro!., color TV. Dr. on PRIVATE Semi-private room for eidprlv In lovely home; Xlnt. food 8, dr. on call. 860-2SOS; 426-9053 HILLSIDE GUEST HOME Home like hnme. Nurse m charge 2* hrs. 2027 F ?lst. GE 3-6331 ConiRton S, Rosrcmns. 5 vri, an- ' Maminqo KeST Mflven swers "Peni." Reward 638-2301 -^^^ pqriiir /n/o fiA J-^OT? EXPENSIVE RUT SAFE f-OUNL) sml Io/ whttp poodle Irmnlf venrs of 33? linci. wrinkles 4 - ·|? 7 ' 76 " identify. brown suots bv reiuvcnarion. Mo , FOUND-- Smsll black don, has col- Y.F.A. 4U-J2?0. P.O. Box U\'. Lonq Beach 90301 "DIAL PEACE OF MIND" Troubled? Sick? DMlrina nravcr? BETHANY PRAYER CHAPEL . A.C. 213 Tel. 433-9S01 ing envelopes -- 538 per 1000. For instructions list of 50 firms, mail 32.00 to International House, 405 S. Valley. Anaheim 92804. GRAND Opening 2nd Hand store at 3?5 E. Ocean Blvd. (Cor. of Elm) 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Weekdays -Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. "Come In 4 ATTRACtlVt expert youno woman cancer will teach vou all the latest ittps. Cali Ardtlif, 591-4.131 between 6:30 10 o.m. wkdavs. Sexual Freedom Leaque FOR RECORDED MESSAGE CALL (2131 5)9-1252 home or will purchase even If In foreclosure regardless o[ condl lion. 7U-7M-5220. This Ad Worth $1.00 AT: SAND SEA MOTEL 1744 E. OCEAN. ON THE BEACH 4 Prlv. Lessons-2 Parlles-2HR Class.sl4.50. Melody Dance Studio 18 Pacific Ave HE 5-4111 teactier he-ID vour child learn to read. All ages. Your home. Very OH boy-- lunk-iunk-iunk! Bob siill oves iunk, even good stuff. Last chance, call now. 436-3554 Home for children of all ages, call Homtflndtn-Ctthr-- HE 5-4311 PERSON who found shopping bag in Bus Depot containfno family pic- lures please call 428-2459. MADAM Ann Palm. Cards, Psychic Readinos. 432-9073 or 4329118. POOR READERS, poof spelters all ages 3 to 80. Instant pro! help. Reds. 4 free lessons. GA 4-4078. Evan Jones 2424 E. 7lh 433-CM2 WE MAKE AIL KEYS ^5c EACH. 142 L.B. Blvd variety Store HOME for unwed mothers. Godlen Grove 714-539-7345; 11801 Morrie Ln HAVE your baby's shoes bronzed now. 436-4782 bef. 10:30 a.m. SPIRITUAL READINGS also CARD READING TE 0-9381 DRINKING Problem? Oil now Alcoholic Anonymous HE 5-5331 STYLED blonde wio for idle, 525. Phone 427-0164. Social Clubs 55 Single Adults ft You can meet more single people in one year, highly compatible with you, than you have probably met in your entire life time! As the oldest and largest of the qualified companies, we can GUARANTEE r e s u l t s . For an interesting recorded message and a FREE PERSONALITY INVENTORY call: 434-0731 or 434-0722 Compaiibility Testing DIVORCED? It's NOT your" fault HC3' a urvo-JC recorded story. YO-I don't have 10 sav a word. Jn* dipi. relax, and listen Lng. Rch. Dwny-Nnvlc 537-4MO Inolwd.- Torrance 6U 4*17 LOS ANGELES 871-0101 ORANGE COUNTY MJ-0633 Human Inventory Inc. ^SINGLE ADULTS Join the In Crowd Meet thai special someone who fs just right for vou. Special introductory offer Loninuter dating t monlhs mcmbcrshio. UD to 4 malches per :no. ;10 total cost. For free brochure call Ma'e Match 422-4470 ·;.' Don't Be Alone ·- 'MEET the RIGHT pconie'at CLARA LANE'S CLUB 3115 E. 10th d3J-03°-3 hrs. 1- p.m. SINGLE WOMEN --· OVER 35 A qcod man is hard to find! WATCHMAKER'S mnv have that niriii for you. Call 428-1713 SINGLE Leo-tic icekmo iricnclshio write Bcverlv Social dub, P.O. Rox 1/7, BoiHKvcr TO 6-??10 Funeral Directors 10 Funeral Directors 10 PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE The many Lalewood ond Long Beach familiei who hove come to bow George Quirk during Ihe pott 20 years have olio com la know they hove someont they can fully rely on in limt of nod. Dilday Family Ft Our Ftntly £tnr/nf Y»vri F/om 2 Lc LONG BEACH CHAPEL LAKE ANAHEIM ft PACIFIC CARSQf Imgton. Sun. \VA 5-2376 FOUND -- Male Siamese cat, vie. Oiriia nr. Rellilr. Blvd. 4213395. LOST -- Female Chihuahua. Brn. while; vr. old. ic. Colorado S Rov croft. 439-3253 LOST-- Black cat, Palo Verde Stearns. Child heartbroken. Rew. 596-8541. LOST-- Black," cat with flea" collar! Vic. Palo Verde Conant. Reward. 425-V816. FOUND: Female Chihuahua. Vicinity Ath Cedar. 435-5584 before noon. LOST Sat. Vic Los Altos shopping center. Small white shaggy male doo- Call Julie S9i-7371 LOST Chthunhua Manchester. White ft brown, an:-wer to name Lady. Vic. 10th Olive. 432-1295 F-OUND black white female kitten d! McDonalds Hamburgei , Wil- LOST Small Beagle blonde i white, female. "Suite." Lakewood. Reward. ME 4-2477 LOST Blue-oreen silver Ski cap VA Hosoilnl 214. Reward. 439-3035 FOUND: White Sheep dog. Vic. Wardlow R Orange. Call (S3B-?301. FOUND: Mcd. size mixed terrier. Vic. 605 Frwy. Call 693-7785. LOS1- 1 white lov and 1 brown min- FOUND. Tan wallet with name Claudia Ortiz Nelson. 439-9389 LOST: Tan white male terrier, "HObO." Call 425-41B6 LOST-- Lddies' wallet. Please return important I.D.'s. 599-1631 LOST-- Collie, fern., sable/white, answers to "Kim." Lkwd. HA 9-4^52 bra clinic. Call Susan, 925-6857. LOST-- Sm. male black Poodle. Vic. Palos Verde South. 867-3148 FOUND-- PUDDV-- male. Vic. Ana- helm 8. Studebaker. GE 1-4272 FOUND-- M-in's jacket, Redondo nr. 4th. Identify. 433-1694 FOUND-- HawK. vie. Ldkcwood. Identify. 867-2B05 FOUND Pekingnese Vic 4th S. Maa- nolla. Identify. 4322543 -591-19.iO. FOUND -- Airedale, male. 8 months. 47th 8- LB Blvd. 422-5911. LOST Female Collie 2 yrs old. Lakewood TO 7-5034 LOST: 2 female poodles, silver min., Lrae charcoal toy. 470-1171 Hypnosis 80 Can You Be Hypnotized? How can Hypnotism benefit vou? NOW YOU CAN FIND OUT AT ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOU. Free Consultation Testing Institute of SELF DISCOVERY 6631 Cherry cor Artesia Blvd. 422-8385 HYPNOSIS DONT BE HALF SAFEI R. HENNIGAR Degree In psychology 429-4487 Health Aids 90 "'r Come Now Open! -ALONG BEACH'S NEWEST MASSAGE STUDIO NEW TECHNICIANS ALL FRIENDLY PERSONNEL iViassage-stcam-Bodv-ShamDoo ·% 422-0821 ^ 54M L.B. Blvd., 10 a.m.-10, 7 days -i-SANTANA SAUNA $ 436-0226 rXPFRT MASSFUSF5 BODY SHAMPOO NO EXTRA CHARGE- Hpurs 11 t.m.-IO p.m. 7 DAYS 1.11 VV. Ulh al PAUFIC Avc. ft MASSAGE ft BODY SHAMPOO NEW TECHNICIANS --NEW HOUP:-Won. thru Fri 10 10; Sat. Hi 434-2976 t» DAWSON AVE., L.». i NEW TECHNICIANS i Atlantic Health Offices ] 1125 ATLANTIC AVE. 437-3887 Mcm-Tnur. 12-10 cm Fri-Sat. 114 an BODY SHAMPOO RELAXING SWEDISH MASSAGE NEW TECHNICIANS Hours: 12-9 MON-FRI: SAT. 1M 371 J-A Atlantic Ave. LB Xi-UU ft SAUNA BAIH ·;!$· 7 lemale MassroSK-SEL-GLOW. OKn 7 tty: 10 to Mldnltt: Sun. Hunllnoton B^ach (714) S47-91U MGR. iust back from Honolulu Tahiti. New Ideas. 5 Techs o s«fve vou. Hrj. 10-9 p.m. Free goodies -- New deal. Call 595-304! for aoot. SAUNA, Enema. Prostate. Colon cs. Rectum, reluvenatlng theraov. 0 nu Technicians. Modern massagt. Japanese Physio- Massage 8031 So. Norw,ilk dlvd. VVhiltier Hrs 106 ,'Aon Sdt. 6993663 1 bnlhs. New melhod. 636-6829. Free jneral Directors cof/cnf.i.. jx MOD CHAPEL IspljT ^ t WOODRUFF IralSjF WATCH FOR IT! OPENING SPECIAL i Nro Technicians 1714IM76111 H Bch JAN'S STIMUIJVIING MASSAGE BRINGS BEST RESULT JEAN'S S T E A W MASSAGE CALL FOR APPT. J2S-59I7 «07 LONG BEACH BLVD. FLO'S MESSAGE. Sauna, coniDlote servkr 57. 17 to 8 D.m. (213) 9702015, Bcllilowcr. GENTS TURKISH BATH 4550 Brooklyn Avc. L.A. 264 9400 SWEDISH Massage. Lie male masseur House calls onlv. HA 9-7333 CINDY. Holland Masseuse--!? 2485 PACIFIC AVE GA 4 9566 GOLOIE'S SWEDISH MASSAGE, STEAM BATK HE 2-6315 WEST Physical Thtrapv Massao* Hrs 104. No Sun., Mod. 591-7919. SOCIODRAMA or Individual .csslon. Bv root onlv. GE 86068, 433-90H T. MASSAGE- 1018 W. ComDton Bl. Compion. Hrs. 106:30 NE 5-4579 EXPERt MASSAGE 8. BATHS, 107. 1652 E. Wnllller Blvd. OX 1-4218 "DALE SUANA/MASSAGE "EXPER. 7» V ^ D 7th H Slf ASSAGIZ ' 10 *'£7556 House calls onlv. ·1?9-^?S3. HOMEY atmosuherr. Private P- ?cmi or iv. room. 2455 E. -ith. J2-1- 0452 FAIRVIEW Guest Home a griclous Schools 105 Instruction IT'S YOUR MOVE Discover a Great New Career With the AIRLINES A natural for young people who want excitement Plus! TIckel agent? Air freight? Station agent? Reservations? Ramp or travel aaent? We'll train you for these and more, day or noite. We'll even g ve vou tree olacemenr assls Real Estate School ance. Get wilh security; get «v:av from dull routine. Travel passes or you and family. And yau Day nothing till 9 mos. after graduation. Est. 21 yrs. Approved for Veterans. We'd like to help vou. Phone now for details Airline School Pacific 4202 Atlantic Ave., L.B. 426-8841 Women Only NEED A JOB? NEED TRAINING? SHORT OF FUNDS? TRAIN NOW pav 9 months AFTER grad Short course, tree placement new, free brochure LONG BCH VALLEY COLLEGE OF MEDICAL UENTAL ASSTS. X43? Atlantic, LB 422-W81 HOWARD BUTLER REAL ESTATE SCHOOL L.B.'s Oldest Finest School Approved bv State of Calif. Day Evening Classes 4176 Atlantic GA 3-6fli MEDICAL DENTAL . ASSISTANTS - - RECEPTIONIST Train Now, Pay Later Blair College 370-5744 HOWARD BUTLER REAL ESTATE SCHOOL L.B.'s. Oldest Finest School Approved bv State of Calif. Day Evening Classes il7fi Atlantic GA 3-6J78 BECOME^A Graduate Practical Nurse F-ree Placement While Learning Gav'ord School of Nursing MRS. E. GAYLORD, R.N. Die. 1836 Atlantic Ave. L.B. 591-2349 _OS ANGFLES C01.LEGF OF MEDICAL-DENTAL ASSISTANTS 3633 Long Beach Blvd. GA 6-8388 DEEP~SEA DIVING For those v/ho qualify, deco sea diving offers a highly rewarding future. For information call ff,r. Fry at COC 834-2501 Wilmington. COMMERCIAL DEEP SEA DIVING U.T.I. 921-6646 13043 E. Firestone. Santa Fe Spros. OPPORTUNITY MEN i, WOMEN AMERICAN BARBER COLLEGE OF LONG BEACH A ANAHEIM aporoved for veterans i37-w?v COURT REPORTING Day Nile Classes otcnolyoe school 423-l?6 School JM3 Imr.nrial H-.vv, Lvn. wood. 636-01S5, ADOr. for Vclr. CONTRACTOR SCHOOL 1405 Pine Avc., L.B. HE 6-2627 Schools IDS Instruction ·EARN$$* TRAINING = MONEY Nil* Classes Now Forming DRAFTING [leclro.Mecli.-TBcli Ar! COMMUNICATIONS 111 FCCTrlephon, Pup. SHIP'S RADIO OFFICER 2nd FCC Telephons Prop. COLOR TV ELECTRONICS TECH Approved for 61 FREE TESTING AND PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE WESTERN TECHNICAL INSTITUTE 545» Atlantic AM. Lenq Inch 422-5467 Schools 105 Instruction Can't Afford Job Training? Oh Yes You Can! Total Tuition Financed IBM 360 Computer Programming P Operator x IBM Keypunch It NCR Bookkeeping b Electronic Assembly « Indust- Drafting d Typing t PBX Receptionist n Color TV Repair r Checker Groc. h Auto Mechanics a Body Paint a Upholstery u Welding w WEST COAST Trade Schools Division Comouting Software, Inc. Free Counseling Day. Night Classes Approved for Veterans LONG BEACH 437-0497 1633 Lonq Beach Blvd. h n o K O I x b LYNWOOD 6 3 9 - 3 1 1 11441 So. Atlantic Ave. ·nil LOMITA 534-4055 1813 Pacific Cst. Hwy. (COUNSELING OFFICE) SOUTH BAY 370-256 1 66 II Hawthorne Blvd. knutv ORANGE CO. (714) 828-2510 2835 W. Lincoln Blvd. (COUNSELING OFFICE EAST L.A. 5059 E. Whittier Blvd. 268-2651 WA A Letters IncMcatt class location Driving Schools UO DRIVING LESSONS as tow as $5.75 per week. Drive now, D.IV later plan. Security Driving School 566-3'/U1 Theatrical 120 ! YOU musl be SCENE lo be selected. We ore looking for ocooln of al ·ipcs. Interested in exposure o bit n.irt-i in commercials, movies, TV. No (raining rrmiirert, 596-1711 - · - £jii?iip/fim]T EmetoyHKirt 125 (MEN * WOMEN) ^ CHECK v CAL WESTERN EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES 5525 Spring at Bellflower Long Beach 42 1-9455 CLERICAL F C boc! 'f-i'.vzr. auio, . .loW.SO Exei- 'st'crttarv . .. .. to £500 Secv io traffic mgi. . .... to "00 Layout artisl S135. Oitice clerk .l^w-J Service cashier, duto . . . 5400 Desk cterK, purchasing . . $3/2 COMMERCIAL EMPLOYER PAYS FEE Chi*f accountant *1KQ Programmer, txpsr . _....s/w Sales irnes, deg . . ...¥659-i-exp. APPLICANT PAYS FEE Proiect engr, BStE ta 41503 Construction suo. travel $1000 G?n accountant . . tot/30 Adm n mor trntt toS700 t.'.gr Irnw. finance toW7S General office, tvoe ...HSO INDUSTRIAL Mechanic, marine tn? i3.'/S OiesPl mechanic . . S3.SO Valve repair .. , S3.50 From end' brake nieiii. ?3.j7 + Ala nt/me:h, nitfrs . . to W.2i Metal Duller , 52.75 Warehouseman . ,.$?.V Factory workers to $2.25 Plristic 52.25 7 locations to serve you Mon-Thurs 3-5; Friday to 6 pm ALWAYS F.'APLOYMENT AGENCY Aoolv In person. 3012 E. Artesia DER WIENERSCHNITZEL CERTIFIED PERSONNEL SERVICE AGENCY Jane Allen Professional Agencv 3405 LB Blvd. Suite 212 427-5HI BETTY WARNER AGENCY Employment 1 30 Agencies (DOMESTIC) DOMESTICS Live in's or Live out's Professionally Screened CHILD C4RE SIK CEN'L H5KPG S17S T'C HSKPR-COOK . . .. S300 Long Bch. Ofc. 426-3929 Beverly Hills Olc 27S-2033 .A 4 vie. Olc W7.601 S.P. Valley Olc. y88-2020 Abode Domestic Agency ·101* Lono Beach Elyd. L.B. ?l-tiour service i davs a wee)c MBC Agency 432-6444 -A- AVAILABLE NOW £· Maids Spanish $30/wl;. up Housekeepers exp J40/wk up Couples S4GO up, Hsmcn S300 up 254 E. 1st, LB., 432-6444 Help Wonted 140 MEN ft WOMEN NONCE JOB APPLICANTS The LONG BEACH INDEPENDENT, PRESS-TELEGRAAA dots nnt knowingly accept tieln wanted advertisements from firms covered by HIP Fpdnrnl Wage-Hour Law, if they offer less than thel coal min - mu n wage. If vou arc offered leis bv covered firms, or If vou have dueblions cont.erninp ihls low or other wage-hour activities of Ihe U.S. Department of Labor, call or wr c the department's lorol office at 4134 Atlantic Avenue, Lono ACCOUNTANT -- HR BLOCK Accts. Payable Clk. $150 MATHEWS E M P L O Y M E N T AGENCY ASSEMBLERS PRECISION MECHANICAL ASSEMBLER ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLERS V,'|th minimum 6 months *xperl- mre on P C boflrd snd hameis chassis work. Excellent working condiHenj Exceilenl benefils Profit Sharing GENISCO TECHNOLOGY 18435 Susana Road Compton (213) 744-1850 Near Long Beach Fretway An eoual ooDortunity emoloyer ^ BOOKKEEPER T £ Exp. know trial balance, good salary. Frino* benefits, good work- no cond. compton area. 636-715-1, aik for Miss De Ruse CAR Wash helo needed. Apply, N.L.B. Car Wash, 659 E. Artcsia. CLERK TYPIST Tvo* financial statements, file, misc., clerical duties in our DC- t'/Dlng required, (electric}, Minimum I vr. similar experience reaui red- Pacific Scientific Co. 6280 Chalet Dr. 773-2020 City of Commerce An wual oDDOrtunftv employer CLERK-STENO Work for district manager. Heavy riiclflnhone. No shorttiand. Xlnt. employee benefits. Pacific Scientific Co. 6280 Chalet Dr. 773-2020 City of Commerce An equal ooportunltv employer Help WMtttf 140 MEN i WOMEN CLERKS for wminale (Jislrlbutofs. JJ h'. ' j shift 3 ».m. to »:30 a.m. 9:39 a.m. Ill 6 p.m. Interviews 2 10 4 [ urn. Mrs. TalbHl. 7«? Alondra 1 Bl., Pdram'f. COLLECTORS ·o- aoency, taroe small claims. A tittle experience needed. Call 4 p.m. to 5:33 p.m. ior aoot. //J. Blunt, 426-6310. COUPLE for cleaning aots. 51.50 «r hr. ea. 426-302-1 DESIGN i DRAFTSMEN Minimum 3 vr». exo. Incluo ng il.*et nwiol, lite structural. Dicing, motor flrives. convevois- Perms- n»nt, fyll time employment. Exec . emolovee benefits. t Pacific Scientific Co. 6280 Chalet Dr. 773-2020 City of Commerce An eauol opportunity emnlovtr GENERAL Mgr. business cxpanoing Srnd resume to Sox ft 6351, tnde- oandenl, Pr?ss-T?1?oram. HEY SWINGER!! H vou are vouna, attfaclive, hate oetiino up every morning, tired o 9 to 5 iobs, routine duties, boring everv dav scnedj!?s business lilies . . . bul . . . enjoy par- tie;, traveling, fun, music, dsnnng mimling \vitn n swinciifla group of oeooie, then Plan that future for vcureif. V.'e will train vou evenings. No exoer. nee. Aoplv In person 6 to 8 P.m. Mon. thru Fri- ' 'o 3 p.m. Sats. Mr. Morgan, Arthur Murray Studio, 2« E. Mh St., L.B. EXPERIENCED teachers inte.vlewers needfd starting NOW. Call 432-0776. ?30-?35 E. Third St. 432-8791 KEY PUNCH OPERATOR (TRAINEE) A rno. to 1 vr. «D. required aloha - numeric Pacific Scientific Co. 6280 Chalet Dr. 773-2020 City of Commerce An equal opportunity employer Lab Tech $800 SIERRA EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 5230 Clark 1 kwrt. ME 3-SU7 ttALL or tcniiie, lunch tfucfc opera- Mul EL Ctnrk, oart tune, cxp. Agpfy in psrson, 8:30-11:30 AM. The , EUarh Tsirace Manor Mote 700 · E. Ocean. s PART time. Flexible hours, pass oul samples, Oick uo orders. Fu tcr Brush office, 424-0351 R.E. SALESPERSON-DIG^ bl2. Sooniih speakfno or ? PHONE -125-6184 rE CaVifornla Licensed Tech. par time full time, salarv open, contact Mr. Johnson, f'lonccr Hospital TELEPHONE SOLICITORS A FEW Choice Openings Still Available Don't Delay -New Sales Program Kicks Off Get in on the ground floor now. This is a permanent job with a long established concern. Experience not n e c e s s a r y-Complete training program furnished. Talce Advantage of PREFERRED LISTS CASH PRIZES XLNT COMMISSIONS CASH ADVANCES ON EARNED COMMISSIONS Apply in Person to Bill Wright 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 302 E. Anaheim St., Suite 200, Long Beach, Calif. WIG STYLIST 2 veers experience in wiss i CALL .(34.9231 Dart time. 25 or older. Guar. aocd earnings. Southeast Taxi 13124 LakEv/ood Blvtf. Bellflower Emoloymenr 145 Agencies (MEN) BUSINESS WORLD AGENCY 3970 Atlantic GA 6-3933 Free Fee Positions General Acct to $800 Payroll, xlnt. future, gd. co. Staff Acct $740 DEU., 5 vrs. exo., local Ofc. Mgr./ Acct $850 Hvy. acctno. momt. CXD. Jr. Cost Acct $700 Coll., construction exo. Sales Rep. $700 i ? vr. coll., sales exp., married Order Desk . .. .st. $500 Auto parts CXD., litr typp. Buyer to $600 ADRIAN'S AGENCY Electrician _ 53.34 Pic* UD 8. deliver _ 52.25 Brake Front end man S l 3 5 w k t MANY FREE FEE JOBS 530S ATLANTIC 428-^616 Help Wonted 140 Help Wanted 140 MEN A WOMEN MEN ft WOMEN DIAMOND CAB CO. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT DRIVERS NEEDED AOiS IS to 55 PAID VACATIONS 10*7 FAMILY MEDICAL "V^-N PENSION FUND ^^ J AFPLY ^^^^L. frrjQ 1*5 WMK Days r* J^.JBBB8!\___'*** San t"*th*» Art. \J \^J ~~ r Help Wanted 140 Help Wanted 140 MEN i WOMEN MEN A WOMEN MONTGiMBRY WARD HAS IMMEDIATE OPENINGS for Mais or Romaic Department Managers lor Ihs following deportment;: · IEDDIN AND I.INCNS · GIFTWARE * FINE JEWCLKY · CAMERAS Profit Sharing Insuronca 40 Hour Week Paid Vocations Health Insurance Retirement Plan Top Wages New Facility Immediate D scount Privileges pvmiMiu WARD Atlt for Mrs. Jonet 868-0911 12051 Imperial Hwy.. Norwalk Betw*«n Pionetr Noiwaltc Blvdi. on Imptrial Employment '??·; 14$ FLO BAILEY AGENCIES i NOW IS THE TIME TO GET A JOB WE HAVE MORE JOBS THAN PEOPLE TO FILL THEM TAKEN YOUR CHOICE!!! Employer Pays Our Fee Programmer to $900 2 vrs. Cobol disc. ^ weiating syv Chief Acct. fo $900 TOP exoosure cost bksd- 2 yr* Sen? Acct $800 \ Diversified «*o., advance in Co. Jr. Acct to $600 ? vrs. Coll. or exp'd coit man. Sales to $600 Coll. orad., tMi'i Imiif' 'or outside. Local area. Sales to $800; intl. chcmicaK, tf*9. ot cqulv. exp. Sales Service ..$600+ ; 1 vr. txp. in corrcoatfd and/or i orcd. planning. : Buyer io $600 [ Clerical skills-io assist purchases ' Draftsman to $600 ! Arch. · structural pla'is ton- uete drawing*-. FEE Credit Mgr to $800 Whsle. or rttall em at supervisory level. Fee negotiable. Jr. Acct to $150 Wlc. Deg., pof. for supvsr. in 1 vr. Sales $700+ Bldg. materials io dealers con- ractors. Partial Listing Only LAKEWOOD OFFICE 5787 South St., Suite C at Woodruff) 866-700! LONG BEACH OFFICE 4270 L.B. Blvd., Suite C ' 422-0471 DOWNEY OFFICE 8555 E. Florence 861-9281 Fr^e parking at all offices. AIR CAREERS AGENCY : -U5Q L : . Sormo. Suite 213 LONG BEACH 42S-057J | Airline Dispatcher .. .$700 I FAA LICENSE Reser. Mgr $650 Station Mgr $650 Exp. ramp, ticket res. Prod. Coordinator ....$750 For electronics mfg. 3 yrs. coll., business or markttlno sale oriented. Aircraft Mech $690 AS.P LICENSE Assist. Dispatcher ....$485 For schedule airlines. PiL-vious exp. operation*. Help WMM n ~ in (MIN) . . - '" AUTO SALESMAN^ more. Free demo 'urn mo. SS.-" lee. Only MBer, enlhuaSl? vw« mtn ntsd aooly. UKewoM's iS KI grow tog new «r dealer, r? Mr. Harold Rovrcey at wwsi CiJ BARBER-- Men'5 Hair S(viIsr"V.,- vanced apcrenllce OK. Excel ?- DOrtunllv. Mel's Place. 3(5 V SOUIh St.. N.L.B. «J.98TJ: «l. 5 .|j BARTENDER, PosillKToDSnS'pJ Body Man Ford exoerience orelerrcd i.-... di3te ooenina, mu«t have '?. hsnd tools, excellent workin ; Si S MURPHY'"''LTnc.-Merc '.'BODY SHOP- 1E13 ObllDO Ave.. LTO B.i-» BODY MAN ~old eitab. shop. exp. body ni-n 51/5 wk. guar i- comm. PaH v* cation i, benefits aooly. 7-in h i P m. 25H E. Anaheim. ° ' BOy'S: 13 to 25. interestinj wMi~ n BUMPER GRINDER Buniser exper only. Sv/mg ·,·,.]. BUS BOYS SEE MR. ROMEO. 10 c ,,, , nocn or 3:ter 2 a.m. Java Lanes 3EOO E. Pac Cs- HV^ CAB DRIVERS Fulj lime CW'lL ENGINEER Asst. City Engr. Salary ooen (pres. sal. SH'-V/rcii ResDonsiolc tor admin "eng'rni ofc. incl. supv. of personnel a S in civil engrno. and 4 yrs rci«oi sible civil cngrng. work e*Wr incl. city trie, cngrng. exoer Ca'if" civil enorna. registration reed' Submit resume by Mar. 7 r tv Halt, Personnel Ofc., Rm. E I37CO Norwalk Blvd., Norwalk, calif. ENGRN6. ASSOC. Salary S950/1100 (May ce '-irej above entrance level.) C.E. DEO dnd 3 vrb. C.E. work eXRC^. in mu-' nsfipAl public works genl iuirj and misc. oroiects. Apoly fay Mar 7, Cily Hdll, Perionnel office, Rm 8. 12/00 Norwalk Blvd., Norvnll C t ilif. 50650. ' COOK-Frv or Broiler S20 io Wj G'.VINN'S EmDloymrnt Ao-nc/ 316 Elm, Long Beach HE 7-'o^ COUNTER SALESMAN" AUTO PARTS WITH £XP=R|. Ask lor Ben Adamson HF 6-??ii Curtis Chrisiensen inuO'U. CREDIT MANAGER FULL TIME OR PART TIME r orwnlK TV 8. Apotiance store, li landle red iscounl ting A ov.-n f · nancinq. Salary open. CALL /.V A. 863-3777 Credit-Collection Man lor retail Jewelry stores In Nor- \valk area. Good saltirv. Manv company bennfits. Pleasont ures- sure-free surroundings UN 4-7317 DEALERS needed In Long Baac'n, Oranne County, nearby. 300 fast repeat Household Products. Scrr.s earn SJ. UD hourly. See or wri'e Rawtelah, 4707 E. 49Jh Street, Lc* Angeles, Ca. 90058. DISHV/ASHER/Bus Boy (over 211 (Desert) R B + S2i3 Mo. GW INH's FrnDlovment Agency .j . ... ... .« DISHWASHER (Over ?1) .KSS H*lp Wanted 150 GV/INN-S Employment Aoencv (MEN) 316 Elnl - Lonr) acdcl1 HE 7 ' 3Sis Accountant -- Office Mgr. Construclfon firm L.B. Area. 25 i VMTS Is seeking man ID accept ; complete chiirac of all of (Ice accounting activities. Salary S8CO- SEH a month to start plus yearly profit shdring HW. Prefer 30 years of aoe or older. Some knov/ ledge of construction procedure desirable. Please submit past present employment salary history, etc. in first tetter. Mr. J. M. PO Box 9205, Long Beach WBlo. ACCOUNTANT Minimum 1 vear CPA experience. Perm position with arowintj CPA Accountant (Accounts Payable) Will supervise the preparation of invoices for payment, in a laruc voi- unifr operation, utilizing daln prnr- cising lor check preparation and applicable transactions caocr work Should have appropriate ex pcricnce sufficient academic Iraininq to b- able to successfully conclude transactions thru journal vouchers. U.S. Citizenship Required LOCKHEED ELECTRONICS Data Products Division A Division of Lockheed Aircraft Corp. 6201 E. RANDOLPH City of Commerce Nr. Florence L.B. Freewovs Faua! Opportunity Employer ACCOUNTANT Laroe hospital Is seeking staff accountant for crowing accounting department. Minimum 5 yenrs accounting experience or BA decree. ! 5 7 4 B per month. Excellent fringe benefits. Send Resume to Box A- 10098 Independent, Press-THe- grnm. APPLIANCES INSTALLER WAREHOUSEMAN No beoinners. Must have exper. on Refrigerators, ranges, laundrv ft T.V. RcfS. Blflwr. 925-2241 ASSISTANT MANAGER ^7200 to $9000. iDrapery Domes- lie store. Mail resume or aooiy. LEVYS 523 Pine Ave. L. Bch. AUTO SALESMAN for new cars. 25 to 35, aooresslvt, must have some basic sales CXD. will train, top oav Otjn. : GUY MOOTHART ASK FOR DON LA MAR CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH 1112 N. I ono Beach Blvd. COMPTON NE 27171 AUTO SALESMAN ; Used car exit., 50 car inventor.'. Raloh Kinchloc 2135 L.B. Blvd. Front End Brake Need cxnereinced man, preferably Oldsmobile. Sec Ed Leoerc at JOHN BOHLS OLDS 3555 South St., Ikwri. 531-7600 AUTO MECHANIC Class A smoo lie. preferred. Sala rv. Doug's Automotive. 235 E. Pa- AUTO MECHANIC-- exper VW me- i-hanlcs wanted by authorized BMW dealer. Full or part time, top wages. 714-892-5551; 714-534- AUTO MECHANIC FOREIGN CARS. L.B. .135-1214 Wanted used car salesman. Excellent company benefits, outstanding comm. program. 25% ot Ine gross, demo plan. Contact in person Mr. Clark, Frahm Pontiac. 7255 E. Firestone Blvd. Downev AUTO METAL MAN Highest wages. Group insurance Ask for Mel. 436-W3- AUTO PARTS COUNTER MAN 12242 Firestone Blvd., Norw-ilk j AUTO PARTS RdplCllv exptindino Cham h,v, f-.;f\ inns for clfrks A manopcmfn CHIEF AUTO SUPPLY 975 E. Willow, l.ono Rencii An cnual OPPortunily Employr» I AUTO METAL MAN ll«d experienced mw. Too mon | cv, lots o( work. Call body shoo '"PARKWOOD CHEV. 50S9 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3Q7R1 AUTO Combination air conddiong line man. Excellent worklno condi (ions. SO'o commission, Group n MI ranee, profit sharing, paid vacd lion, .Vdav week. Experienced only. See Norm Rogers al Dick Browning Oldsmobile i Auto Metal Man Excellent working conditions. SO 8 , ! commissions. Grout) inur,ince profit sh.irinq, raid vocalion- i day week. Cxncrcinrcd onlv. Sec Norm Roners at Dick Browning Oldsmobile 1277 Lono Qeach Bl, I..Q Auto Service Writer Excellent workinn conditions. Snt.i rv plus commission, gro»n Insur ,incc, Protlt sharing, pnld vrtc.i tion, 5-dnv week. Exucricnccc onlv. Sec Norm Rogers af Dick Browning Oldsmobile 1227 Lono Beach Bl. Lono nrneh AVIONICS TECH P. A.C. Cflll 425-MU Draftsman Detail For valve manufaclurer Phone for App'i VAREC INC. 770-1500 An euufll opportunitv *.ma\avf.r Draftsman V/ho eniovs board work and inicr- eiled in drafting proLedures. /,',·- clianical backoround helpful. 1 years mechanical experience t\t- iirable. Excellent workino tonditioni Txcellent company benefits Profll sharing GENISCO TECHNOLOGY 18435 Susans Road Compton (213) 774-1850 Near Long Beach Freeway An equal opportunitv employer DRAFTSMAN To detail designs of Co. products draft misc. drawings peculiar to !lie Petroleum Bit Industry. Prefer 2 years college witti math thru Trio 1 Year experience. (A good Jr. acceptable) SMITH TOOL CO. (a division of S.I.I.] Corner Avalon Compton Bl. Gardcna Heights or call 324-4977 An equal opportunity empjcyrr DRAFTSMAN MECHANICAL \vllh good detailing abilltvii2vcari experience dcsiniblo or n cci'^'jo equivalent .» BAASH.ROSS- 19501 SO. SANTA FE AVE. COMPTON '*3? " /nl DRAFTSMAN-i STRUCTURAL? Fxnerience rcnulrrd in ·'.tM'O 1 : 1 steel and concrete. MOFFATT 3- MICHOL. Enpincr-i Z50 V/. Wflrdlov/ Rood, Lonp f?c«- 42S-9551 or (L.A.) "77J ·- ' r Oraftsmfln-- Senior *' 3 vrs exaerionce. Complct* Vngv- edge of mechanical HTd-flJ ' blueprint rcadino lovouts. -v checking. Soraoue Enoinef- n i DRIVER SALESMEN, ' LIMITED OPENINGS Mel-0-Dee 1601 VV. 15th LBcn DRIVER AGENT $:130 Bd. driving record, hi sch. grjd JEWEL COOPER AGENCY 15735 A Paramount · 6M- DRIVER sis, married. Part time/,-' eve. J3JO hr. I9-3S. 925-500U DRIVERS TOW TRUCK local exper Nonenniachrr ELECTR. tech., CXD st. $2.75 Mr Gaylord Employment AB«ncv 1B36 Atlantic Avc. -591-2. · ENGINEERS -- AIRCRAFT Acronca Inc. "326-o. ENGR., ind. deg. prcl si. V- Gavlord Employment Aflencv IB36 Atlantic Avc. 591 ?3 R D ' ; ; TECHNICIAN To! R Denulnfn'' ! in rcscflrcllinq oroiecW P r (u'iar to the oil (Irillinfl in : (lujtry. Prefer 2 years co! icoe-- good mechanical an titude -- borne CKperiencc on f^il well drilling rig;-*will ; tr^in. .. SMITH TOOL -pO (A division of S.lil.) Comer Avalon (t Comoton Bl. Gardcna Heiohtii or call 324-497F An Eoufli ODDortunltv Employe Estimator-Salesman FABRJCATIph Code Welders : Metal Fitters ; Layout Man f Press brake operators Steel Straigtener FULLER QO. 2966 E. Victoria St. Compton 639-760 An Cnuo! Onnnrlunltv 6Jnlo«

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