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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Wednesday, February 11, 1920
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Carbondale—"Athiens of Egypt." YOLUME17. CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, FEB. 11,1920. NUMBER 1031 City School Teachers Get Salary Increase Back Fay From Sept. School Board Grants All Pu blic School Teachers 10 Per Cent Pay Boost — Incre ase Had Been Under Consideration For Several Mo nths — Affects Colored and White Teachers Alike A Iso All Other Employees Connected With the School — Good Attitude of Teachers Encourages. . • • ' t AGED WOMAN DIES WITH HUSBAND NEAR POINT OF DEATH Mrs. Joseph Skelcher, Pioneer Resident, Dies Yesterday Afternoon- Husband Seriously Ml and Son Also Down With Sickness. A ten per cent increase in salaries of Carbondale school teachers was granted at a meeting o£ the Carbon- 1 dale Board of Education last night. The increase has been contemplated sjnce the first of the year, but had not been made effective pending a report o£ the revenue for the schools and a tew other facts in connection with the increase. The raise not only effects an increase in salaries of all the teachers, both white and colored, but also all other employees connected with the schools, TJie- total amount of the increase -will amount to about 53,000 a year, which will be added to the pay roll. That the increase had been in mind by the school board for some time came .out at the meeting last night. It "was stated the board contemplated granting .the increase, knowing the teachers deserved it and had been encouraged, by Che manner in which Oie teachers had accepted the old salaries; ihardly a-kick being heard, the teachers believing an increase would be granted as soon as possible. They never even suggested a strike or any other means to bring about ithe raise. .The increase is retroactive from the 1 D first of the school year from which time each person on Ahe public school pay roll will receive his back pay. Each will draw $60 back pay at the end of the current month, it was announced.- Baseball Stockholders' Meeting Postponed The meeting of Carbondale and Murphysboro on -the baseball park which was to (have been held at Murphysboro last night, has been postponed on account of the flu situation. The meeting has been postponed for a week or so. It was proposed at the meeting to issue Carbondale one third interest in tlie stock of 'the Henry baseball park. LUbALlNDOSTRYINCOR- PORATED FOR 540,000 Carbondale Candy and Cone Company Granted Articles of Incorporation to Deal in Cones and Confections. By United Press. SPRINGFIELD, 111., Feb. 10.—Articles of incorporation were granted by Secretary of State Louis L. Emmerson today to the Carbondale Cone and Candy Company of Carbondale. Its object is to manufacture and d'eal in cones, confections, etc. The -capital * stock is $40.,000. The incorporators are: Robert H. Fowley, Walter B. Matthews and James E. Mitchell. Correspondent, W. A. Schwartz, .Cairbon- dale : . MRS. VAUGHN, MOTHER OF TWELVE CHILDREN CALLED BY DEATH Dies at Home of Her Son, Albert Vauflhn of This City, After Short Illness With Flumonia—Mem- ber of M. E. Church 64 Years. A mother of twelve children.a giknd- mother .to -more Ithan two scores of children, great grandmother, also ancestor of the fifth generatibn.Mrs. Matilda Vaughn, died at the home of her son,. Albert Vaughn last night, following an Illness with flumonia. She was 32 years eld and had only been ill four days. She had been living witth her son, Albert .Vaughn-; of Willow: street, .I.C. yard foreman, 'for ithe last six months. Her health had been very good up until she contracted her fatal illness. iShe leaves the following children: Albert Vaughn, Carbondale; Elvery Vaughn, Clifford; James Vaughn, Parker; Dave Vaughn, Golconda; Wesley Vaughn- Marion; Mrs. Lucinda Em- j ery, Carterville; Mrs. Louise Rainey, Crainville; Mrs. Kailherine' Lyerle,. Campbell Hill, and Mrs. Hilda Deason, Campbell Hill. The deceased had been a member of the Methodist -church for 64 years. | The body will -be taken to Parker j City for burial there tomorrow, at. the i Woodside cemetery. Mrs. Victoria Skelcher, wife of Joseph Skelcher of .Carbondale township, died at her home yesterday afternoon of a complication of diseases. She had be.en' in ill health for. some time. She was.64 years of age. Mr. and Mrs. Schelcher lived.on a farm northeast o£ this city for'nearly forty years, removing «to Carbondale VAIN CHASE AETER No Trace of Bank Bandits A fter Hours of Search by-Posse-— Said to Have Crosse d River to Missouri— Thie - Hudson Car They Use d Was Stoteti Prbitii; a St. Louis Man a Few Days Ago at Revolvers Points— , '.• Qwner Came Through Carbondale Yesterday oh Way to Get Car. Special to Free Press: CAIRO, Feb. 11.— No trace Jias been: found of the two robbers w!hb, Monday • held.' up the' First .National Bank of Mounds and got' away with $7300 .in currency aad gold. The last, seen of them, it is believed, was wlien they within the last two-years. -Until jiis they were engaged in la-rming, ever successful and faithful to their home leffr Cairo Junction, walking down the life and the rearing of a family. I Irijjt -Mountain 1 . tracks; toward Cairo; Mrs. Skelcher is 'survived by six children, George, Nathan and Ervin, of Carbondale; Henry, of Carterville; Mrs. Herschal Hurst ,of Robinson, and Mrs. Chas.. Robinson, of Cambria. The deceased also leaves 19 grandchildren. ' fBhe funeral services were held at the home at 11 o' this morning. Burial at McKinney cemetery. Mrs. Skelcher's husba"hd is also very ill, also a son, Ervin, of this city. Jean Dagle Buys *"' Murphysboro Theatre Jean Dagle, proprietor of the Liberty theatre at Mm-physboro, the new movie house recently completed, has bought the Star theatre from John Miller, owner of the Star.. The Star in its day was Murphystoro'e leading show house. • SON DIES AS FATHER BATTLES WITH ILLNESS; RERO'RTEDVERYLOW Richard Meisenheimer Sue- RAIL STRIKE UP TO Administration to Reject Demand ..- for Increases jri Pay, ,.;"• Report;- ,. : -Whether they caught a train there and got out of the .state'or -whetlher they- crdBsed the Mississippi in a boat, are matters of speculation. All that the police have in ih'e way - of -tangible evi- ?'-' ' . ...» dence is a fine Hudson supersix touring car, which the robbers left behind them at Cairo Junction. It was today'Refusal of Increases," It; Is Said, Will Be -Based Upon Ground of Economic "Impossibility — Strike EXPECT FINAL ANSWER TODAY learned that the car was stolen from Sri .Louis on Feb. 5; ...The robbers were in the bank not over fifteen minutes, according to Mr, Talk Is Ignored. | Washington, Feb. 11. — The railroad Hoffimeier. They compelled him crislij Is in the, hands of President Wil- to son; j! The deadlock between Director open the safe which had a day lock on, and from the safe they took $6500 in .currency and gold. The rest of the money, they took from the till. Mr. Hofijneier believes that he was able higher wages. to get a fairly -good description -of the men while he was compelled to watch" their operations. They were -' both young, slender and about five feet 10 inches in height. ' Whether 'the motor in the car was left running is an open ques-tioa. The j - . i- 1 " v.\_cvl wrcucj ill. J-L1I1C3, »JIV ima IJi Ulli- bookkej ,->er, as he passed the car on Ised representatives of the workers to enterini I Jie bank, says that it .was notj'give them a final answer to*d:iy. running kners.declared that it'was. -' Refusal, of the increases, it is said. The C.'m-o police were notified short- wi " he .based upon the ground of eco- ly after flhe ro-bbery but at first it wa.s reported to them Hhat the big Hudson j twenty minutes later before local po- HARRY HOUSE, RAILROAD ENGINEER, DIES THIS MORNING Succumbs After 10 Days Illness— Leaves Wife and Two Children—Was Reared in Garbondale—^Em- ployed by Illinois Central 10 'Years. cumbs as - Father, Dallas! car liad sped nortllwar <L° utof Mounds •HIT • ' i -TT i ., /-i • ' toward Villa -Ridge and it was som'e Meisenheimer,'Fights Cn-'*..—... _=:-.-- .:.- .._-. ....; tical Illness—Son Dies at Hospital This . Morning After 'Ten Days' Tlness. Harry House died at his home on West Walnut street at 10 o'clock this With his father, Dallas Meisenheimer, in a critical condition-and said to (be "very low" this afternoon, Richard lice learned that the car had headed south along the gravel road toward 'is believed that had' the. first report told the correct direction taken by the bandits the Cairo .police car would have met tihem. on the gravel road before they turned west on the Mesenheimer, died alt the hospital this j Half Way House road toward, the morning about 11 o'clock following a'Beech Ridge road, it "was along this road between the I. C. and M. and O. railroads behind Ed Halliday^s barn that the Hudson car was abandoned the robbers fleeing in a.southwest direction to the M. and O., then a short distance north along" these tracks then across to the Iron Mountain and hidden, behind the west side of the em- Dr. Stearns Here Saturday and Sunday Dr. Stearns of-McKendree. College will' conduct conversational confer. ences oh community Bible study next Saturday, at 2:30 p.-.m. and 8:00 p. m. and on .Sunday at 3:00 p. m. at| th e' First'M..E; church. All Sunday- school workers and interested people are urged to attend. Don Stover was here today from Royalton,- w4iere-he.-ds employed, -by a construction company. morning, following a 10 days' illness I with pneumonia. He had been in a qriticar condition, for the last few days, but. hope was held until early this, morning. Mr. House was reared and educated in Carbondale and' was .a -son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry House, former Carbondale residents. He was an engineer on__the Illinois Central- at the time of his death, having been employed on the railroad for-the last ten years. A part o£ this time he ran- on the road on the St. Louis division; and was known among his fellow railroad men as an efficient trainman. He is slii-vived by his wife and two children, Harry, 10, and little Helen, 4, also his parents and sister, Miss Hattie House, who lives at East St. Louis with her-mother. His mother was here alt the time of his death., His father is employed at. Lawrenceville and did not arrive before his son's,death. The deceased had been a member.of the 12 days' illness with pneumonia. He had been in the . hospital for 6 days previous to his death. His condition had been regarded very serious for the lasit three or four days. The deceased was reared and edu- cated'in, Ca'rbondale and" for a number of years had 'been employed on the Illinois Central. A few years ago while employed as switchman on the railroad here he suffered the loss of an arm below the elbow; -Since that i time he had- been employed as a clerk in the railroad yards here. ' He is survived by his father, Dallas Meisenheimer, at present clerk of the city court and township clerk, his stepmother and his wife. He is a member of the Christian! church. The Euneral arrangemenitse have not yet been announced. FATHER AND SISTER Now the Mother of Oren Bell Is in Critical Condition—Sister Died Yesterday Afternoon. Within less than a week of the death of her father, J. C. Bell, father of Oreri Bell,'formerly of "this city, Mrs. Chas. Matthews died yesterday afternoon at S o'clock. It is reported this iinorning that Mrs. Bell, mother of Mrs.: Mat- Christian church since a" boy. He was j thews and wife of the recently deceas- 30 years old. The funeral services will be held at Christian church tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock by Rev. Duncan MacFar_ lane. Burial at Oakland cemetery. ed, is in a very critical ^condition. Mr. Bell was burred last'Sunday and Mrs. Matthews will he buried today. .She was 22 years old and had only, been .married, six mouths. The City Council at 2i30 This* Afternoon Ordered A1B Moving Picture Shows,. Churches, Schools and -All- Public Gathering Places; in City Closed For Rest of; Week on Account of Wave of Illness. BULLETIN. •All schools, 'Churches,num ing picture shows, pool-halls; and-all other places of public gatherings were ofdfefeol closed by the city council for the rest of the week at-2.:3ft this afternoon, effective today. . The action came as a result of the wave of .illness in? the city and at the advice of the board of health. •;:This includes the Normal.' as well as the public schools. All public gathermgSjinelua— mg lodge *" meetings,. hav& been placed under this ban- This drastic action came af~ . ter serious deliberation ohr the part of the city council. and the board o'f health. At the same time it is reported that the flu is on the--' wane, but with the toll of" deaths the last twenty-fo;uz- hoursfrom pneumonia, the action was considered pressing. ' -.--_. ' LATER BULLETIN The closing of the Normal ' has been withheld, pending: " later action, it .was annotate— Jed by the M'ayor at 3 o'clock railroad unions represented in the gen- ! thlS af temOOh' General Hines and representatives of the 2,000,000 rail workers of 'the, country .has 'been reported to the.'.Ayhite House," and. upon /the president's 1 deci-. slon rests the fate of the demands for .• The' increased-' -pay "-sotrghirsf or the. men by the: brotherhoods -/and . the American Federation of Labor will-not be granted by the railroad administration. /'." .The demands of the organizations, pending 'for a year, will be denied by Director General Hines, who has prom- nomic impossibility: increase wages further would necessitate.such' a large increase in rates, already -incommensurate with the wage increases granted by the railroad administration' under..Mrl McAdoo,. that the cost of living would immediately-take another, leap .and the vicious cycle -of mounting wages and costs would be kept whirling along. . ', ' Government Cannot Yield. Ko official announcements have come, 'either : fro:tn.the railroad.administration ] or the wage, committee of the fourteen 1 era! demands, but from reliable sources the information is obtained that the •answer of the government is, that there can : be no yielding at this time. Strike threats; it is asserted,., will make no difference In the situation. For weeks , Mr. Hines. has been stormed by unofficial . strike threats, but he has been negotiating -with the railroad . workers' representatives. battkment southward toward Cairo, strictly on an economic, : and en- Sergeant McKinney ana Deputy Sherriff Childress followed the tracks; for a considerable distance but lost the.m as darkness came on, but apparently the bandits made their way out into the swamps between the Mississippi river and the railroads. . When the bandit car -was found shortly after ^ the robbers had_ abandoned it, the .radiator was steaming, tile engine greatly averheated and ithe spark plugs burnt out, and a change of plugs which were with the car had to be made before the Hudson could be started This makes it seem almost a certainty Uh-at the car-.was ' only abandoned because the engine, had stalled, and- that thfe crooks had intended to drive northward along the Bee-ch Ridge road and cross the river at Commerce or some other town that way, safely -into Missouri from where they-had carne with t!he stolen car a few days ago. ' • The'car the bandit^ used was -stolen from.a St. Louis man last week. The owner of the car was held at the poinit of guns and robbed of his. car. He was searched for money, but when a watch and $35 were found on his person he was released by- the highway. men:The ,St/ .Louis', man !,ipasse'a thix>ngh--here yesterday aftefrnooiii on his • way to 1 , j M.ouad:s' id.en-tify'. his au-tc; deayoring to convince them by facts and figures that the. country cannot stand ' the wage . demands -which the men .have, insisted'.upon, nor any part of them.. •...'*• There will not even be any further readjustment ..of wages, it is assertod, the readjustment in the opinion of the railroad .administration having been taken care of in:_ttte orders issued last summer;- after the brotherhoods agreed to postpone actioiii on their demands v.ntil the government sought to de- .crease the cost of living. What will be the immediate effect of the government's course is problematical. ;Tlie administration realizes: that the situation is a and that railroad strikes may result nt once; despite' the fact Hint any such .strikes would .lie ' in violation"' of tlie union agreements which require .a 30- day notice before 'men cease' work. ! Strike Not Formally Called. No foi-.n. 1 !! notices- of: any strikes have been-filed, not even by the 300,000 mfiin'te'nhncc of way. men who have been.ordered • to 'strike' Februai-y '17. . So serious is the 'situation, regarded, however, tliat Mr. 'Hines has' submitted .a complete report'to President Wilson, "tit .whose request; the railroad workers deferred action last summer. Mr...T : ,nm{ilty conferred'.with Director Hines'for.three.hours.'and reported to the president. . The .pr.esideht, it is her lieved; .will 'not veto -the .decision, of. Sir. Hines, 'if he. does'not, the'aftswer of_/l-hfi'. director ifenm-til -f<?; file iiniohs ' URGE RAILROAD SCAii IS BOUGHT FOfi MINE Will :Be Largest in Southern liirrrote. —Has; 150 tori Capacity. • said |to be the .largess scale in Southern' Illinois '-will Ij^installed at-the Moffat mine as soon- as; ; the weaAher will permit-:^xcavatiba of the large pit .necessary la care- for- 'the scale. The coal company purchased, the new equipment frojn je salesman tor.jUie Fairbanks-Mo»e-. • Company last week. ' This scale is a 150 ton raHrobad- ' scale of the latest type and will weigh > the loaded railroad cars of coal, tnns facilitating coal movement a,t the,.; mine. The scale placed; oro • the M-. & O. s-iding njear,,Oie little- en-- gine ho_use about 100{ ; feet. from the- • tipple. The; salesman'.toll! The News'-' •. that tlie only, .•seale. ; ^ri_So,uiUieru : .Illinois which will aijprpacii' this one-, in size.'is a~ scale atSMSrphysboro. ;Spa-rta, as usual/takes the leaff im new -improvements especially amongr. her industries'. 1 —Sparta News. will-be a neKnt.i\ r c one. It also transpired .that Director Geir-- eral Hinos is'-considering legal steps, against' threatening rnilrond strikes.,Jr is possible thnt-nn injunction.may. be-• applied for before tlie United Brotnejv- hood- of. Way, Employees and. Shop Laborers pits its strike into effect next- Saturday. -.-••'•.••

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