Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 21
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PIM A-22--INDEPENDENT LOT M*rt, £««,, Frl., (Mr. II, V Bond-Vote % WILLIAM A. GRAHAM j Third-Term Bid Graham Runs for Re-election William A. (Bill) Graham, 8th District councilman, announced Thursday he will seek re-election in the May 10 primary. Graham, 54, is completing his second three-year term on the Long Beach Council. Dur- Cut Urged I, P.T Ln Ant«« lurtH An effort Is under way to reduce the required vote on hospital-bond issues from its present 66%% to 60%, or even to a simple majority. Such a move, Supervisor Warren M. Dom pointed out Thursday, would be of major significance to the June 7 vote on a $12.3-million bond issue to help finance the pro posed Willowbrook - Watts hospital. Dorn said the state legisla ture is considering a bill which would authorize a vote in the June primary election on a constitutional amendment to reduce the required majority on school bonds. * * * # DORN said that county officials and representatives of the County Supervisors Association of California, at his request, are 'meeting with state officials to try and include -hospital' bonds in the pending bill. "It would be extremely distressing if the Southeast area Red Bloc's Common Mart in Uncommonly Bad Shave Council's Public Construction, Buildings and Grounds Committee. He has been .a member of the Civil Service, Finance and Salary, Legislative and Ordinance committees. ing the past three years he hospital bonds failed because has served as chairman of the of the unreasonable demand of 66%% approval," Dorn asserted. Although the proposal to reduce the required majority requires a vote of the people, Dorn said It could be put oh His candidacy is based, he the ballot at the June 7 pri- said, on his belief in the .future growth and development of the city, an even more mary election. * * SUPERVISORS a l r e a d y dramatic growth than the tre- have indicated they intend to mendous progress of the past few years. * "THERE . are many pro put the $12.3-million Willowbrook-Watts hospital bond issue on the June 7 ballot. The state proposal to re- grams to be followed to their duced the required:majority conclusion," Graham said, "such as a completed shoreline, increased 'high-rise' construction; urban development, traffic improvements' and. industrial expansion.^These activities; coupled .with my "faith in the future of'the city, are the things I will dedicate''my service as a councilman to achieve." Originally from Colorado, Graham has been a resident of the city for more than 20 years. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado where he was a faculty member for two years, and holds a master's degree from Harvard University. 4 * * · HE IS A past president of Kiwanis, a member of the Long Beach Elks Club and the Long Beach Yacht Club. Graham and his wife, Frances, h a v e two children, Jeanne, a student at UCLA, and Bill, a high school student. The family residence is at 3809 Pine Ave. Graham is 'the owner and manager of Servisoft Water Service Co. could 'be so worded that, if JOHN B. BENDER "Who'll Pay Mortgager 1 Delay Given to Landlord vs. Dr. King CHICAGO UP) -- John B Bender, 81, the owner of a slum apartment building taken over by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., has been given until April 8 to make repairs on the building. Judge Frank B. Machala of Circuit Court has continued ; hearing on a city complaint citing 23 building-code violations. Bender, who is ill, told a reporter he is worried about who, if anybody, is going to pay the $153-a-month installment on the building's mortgage. By K. C. THALER MOSCOW (UPI)-^Russia Is setting up here a new headquarters for Comecon, the Communist bloc's counterpart to the European Common Market. Work is proceeding on a massive skyscraper which is to house the organization be ginning next year. But even now, as the building is going up, the scope of the alignmenl is narrowing, with its original aims well off course. Comecon, the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance was set up with the intention to coordinate fully the economic plans of the Communist bloc nations under Rus sian leadership. Nikita Khrushchev when still party chief and his coun try's premier had the vision of a vast economic area, em bracing all of the East Euro pean economies, guided b; ind orientated towards the Kremlin. approved, it would apply to the WillowbrbokrWatts bond ssue, Dorn said.' ;. .,.A. simple ' majority. Is all that Is" now needed, .for approval of state- projects and »rks, the supervisor said. 23rd Slate Ratifies the 25tli Amendment JACKSON, Miss. OR--The Mississippi Legislature ratified the p r o p o s e d 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution providing for presidential succession in the event of death or disability. Mississippi was the 23rc state to ratify. Approval o 38 states is required. The House endorsed the amend ment 92-18. The Senate passed It earlier. Housework a Sad Tale ior Kittycat ST. CLOUD; Minn. W-Sam the cat tangled with a vacuum cleaner Thursday and came out on the tail end of things. Sam was asleep under the davenport in his home, the George Murphy residence, while Terry Murphy, 18 did the housework. Terry's ruother was away. I pulled the vacuum cleaner out from under the davenport and Sam was with it," said Terry. The cat's tail had wound up in the rollers of the upright appliance. A quick, call to police brought an officer, who extricated Sam. Officer . M a r l i n Henz, manning the police switchboard, remarked: "I knew right away it was no prank call. In 12 years I've never heard anything like that cat screaming over -the-line." DR. KENG, chairman of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), ass u m e d trusteeship of the building Feb. 24 in wbat he termed a "supralegal" move. He said his group, which in- e l u d e s local civil-rights groups, w o u l d collect the rents and use the money to renovate the building. Bender's,attorneys a s k e d more time, to check into the city's complaint. Bender filed suit March 4, asking the Circuit Court to appoint a receiver and order Dr. King and his associates not to collect the rents. One of Bender's attorneys, Fred Raskin, told newsmen that if there are any building- code violations, "we'll correct them." FAR-REACHING Integra tion of their economies wa his ultimate goal, based on ; system of "division of labor/ thus intended to exceed in scope the western alignmen in the Common Market. ( The dream was badly shake: in the final phases of his rule even before his ouster, as th result of growing reluctanc among Russia's allies to hav limits imposed on their Indus trial ambitions expansion. Romania led and over-a the way, b talking at the idea of havin brakes applied to her growin desire to move towards fas and large scale industrializa tion. Today the idea of "integrc tion" of the Communist bio economies is dead. Officials n o w studious: speak of "coordination" in stead. But "cooperation" a pears to be a more apt an realistic definition of curren trends. COMECON comprises Rusa, Albania, Poland, Czecho- ovakla, Hungary, Romania nd, more recently, Mongolia. Yugoslavia was only re- ently invited to become an fficial observer and she has ccepted the status. Red China, North Viet Nam nd North Korea have in the )ast been' asked to attend omecon meetings. They have ong since ceased to have any art of Albania, these Red deliberations. China's only European ally, is boycotting ie organization. Russia has quietly accepted ie narrowed scope of the lignment and has settled for more modest program of ooperation. She is confident that on his basis there are good irospects for continued business with her allies, but above all on a bilateral basis. * * + * THERE ARE some sectors, nevertheless, in which closer alignment is both sought and accepted. This applies to individual projects, rather than he economy as a whole, among them prominently the steel industry where Russia s embarked on joint planning and p o o l i n g arrangements with the Poles, Czechs anc Hungarians in "Intermetal,' Jieir joint top organization. Romania has left little doubt that she is determined to go ahead on her own. Rich in resources, including oil, she has already embarked with considerable success on the exclusion of her program. Others, encouraged by this move towards greater independence are following suit, with Russia looking on. Most of them have also expressed their desire for more trade with the West from which they expect direct or indirect assistance towards their own development. * * * * RUSSIA; IN the circumstances is not objecting. She is in effect herself seeking expansion of her trade with the West on the basis, as she put it of "non-discrimina tion." Having abandoned the one time tight grip on the Eas European nations Moscow i: accepting the inevitable. She apparently now feels that thi development of larger tradi between her allies and th Western world does not harm her and may even benefit he indirectly. As things stand, betwee two-thirds and three-quarter of the trade of the East Euro pean countries is still trans acted with the Soviet Union The East Europeans thus ar and will undoubtedly remai Adm. Lockwood Under Treatment OAKLAND Wl -- Retire Vice Adm. Charles A. Lock wood, who commanded th submarine forces . d u r i n World War II, was und treatment Thursday at Oa Knoll Naval Hospital. The -73 -year-old was admitted for tory ailment, then suffered * the foreseeable future rgely dependent on Ruisla ir raw materials and the ovlet market. Tho signs srs that East uropean nations are .4 v'ithin limits tho bc?t of the two worldi. icnts · dramatic change from' the dayi ^hen th«. law wit firmly laid 1 down In MoscoV and the East Europeans had to submit, with no quest!"*! asked. ' ' ' Weekend unemployment rising ",t:-. Is!' Thanks to Germain's Triple Action Dichon dra Weed Control, owner's of dichondra lawns are loafing on weekends. They've been liberated from the THREE BIG JOBS required by dichon- dra--weed pulling, insect killing and fertilizing. Now Germain's new Trlpl* Action does them all it once. Feedsdichon- I dra lr.efinestingredi;,i] entsavaHible.Knocks-, i-. : out all sorts of,ywedSff. . Kills lawn destroying,^ insecls. Kesult: beau- j,_ tifut, healthy dicrjon- ,' r 'i dra. II you've beefi ^'i working overtime ori' i your dichondra, ,qujt. today! Ask your'gar-' den dealer for'Ger-'"' main's Triple Acliori' r Dichondfa Weed Coit'i '··'. Ireland join thtweek- end unemployed. · "', ':·£;· EKMAIPJS. s;,,titil ^ inc. Springlike Weather in Most States CHICAGO WP--The still deep snow cover on the northern plains largely fended off the springlike weather that enveloped most of the other contiguous states Thursday. Snowbanks were settling n the great blizzard area of Jorth and South Dakota and Minnesota amid fog and drizzle, but temperatures there generally held below 40. Along Minnesota's Lake Superior shore, the light rain froze as it fell. Upper Michi gan had light snow. Far to the northwest, a continuing snowstorm increased its three-day deposit to 32 inches at Juneau, capital city of Alaska. Air traffic was -canceled- for the -second day.:''- ·· ::;·.;;;. · Untraps'gas in the stomach that makes indi so n Multiple action discovery do** more titan plain antacids to stop gassy build-up Silicone-antacid combination gives mor» complete relbf ... dispels gassy discomfort fast Excess acid a not the o*fy came of indigestion. Build-up of (as cm came itomacb discomfort that antacid* alone cannot dispel. Di-Gel it based on a formula many doctors recommend. IU miUioM of silkone molecules "BH- trap" the frothy bubbles of gas in ftomach that cause bloating, pain. Then Di-Gd's antacids are able to work more freeljr to give yo« "ill-through-the-stomach" relief. 7*«Ma*7 qpfcfc fdief of gtuty frrnmt. Sow, apK* stomach it leBeved. Your nauseous feelings go as distention is eased and excess acid neutralized. Fiery heartburn distress is toothed away to give relief that's thorough and fasti Di-Gel comes in pleasant tass- inj liquid and soft, chewabto tablets (in "tear-off" strips fc» carrying sa pocket or pone). Get Di-Gel today. Yoo xm, y* by getting the large size. GUARANTEE: DMSdmnstimi you the most completely atiaff- fag relief you ever had from f*ssf- ·ad indigestion, or swoegr back from Plough, Inc. DHJEI TABLETS IT LIQOro IN FULL Latitude; ^ FARQUHM AVE. (ON THE CORKER)' Longitude: LOS AMFTOS (1 BLK. SOUTH OF KATELLA) Sad Sack Discount Store "7TH ADDITION TO THE FLEET" LOS ALAMITOS BLVD. FARQDHAR AVE. LOS ALAMITOS factory progress. Mr MmW 3 Mile lonj Train of Tcpjuafitr' : -g GENERAL ELEDTR1C APPLIANCES-TV-STEREO! MMINLOAD BARGAIN WU/fSmafc wiM ky combiiud purchases of most Se. Calif. B-E DMl«r« IL · SOW lo t» rxU*-im tm M K-Ctam) W/W ttetfljai · SclM Stitt rictiffcr, iMruta MM, an tuf. m fat wrfrott, fiort tar* K«H« «* EASIEST;; i ; OF.' CREDIT TERMS , NO MONEY DOWN -ON APPROVED CREDIT UP TO 24 MONTHS TO PAY-WE CARRY OUR OWN ACCOUNTS LAKEWOOD CENTER Monday thru Friday, 9:30 lo 9:30; Saturday, 9:30 to 5:30; Sunday, Noon 'til 5P.M.

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