The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 25, 1906 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 25, 1906
Page 4
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We are giving Special Prices this week on all lines in the house. We need of the room - need it bad. - : - Side Board, Dining Table, six Chairs, one 9x12 Rug complete NEW RUGS AT PRICES TO PLEASE EVERYBODY ALSO SIZES AND GRADES. MEINE FURNITURE COMPANY Ladies The Farmers Tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon, a represen- tatiqe of one of the largest cfoak houses in America will be with us with an elegant line of Ladies' and Misses' Coats. Orders taken for future delivery. MIL AND SEE Tl Botts "Leaders of Low Prices" PUBL Omc'klr rflirvro Pour Stomach fl'-artlmrn. is-a. ami all utlicr ly .,7..-ji*;-i. .Su^ar- OUR OPEN POLtC PERSONAlrAND LOCAL Misses Cora and Minta Harris are visiting relatives in Sumner this week.J Lee Maxwell of Chicago is in the elty the guest of Miss Anna Payne Wells. Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Norris and Mr, and Mrs. Harry Mildank spent yesterday in Hale. Mrs. Claude Dulin, who has been the guest of relatives and friends in Liberty, relumed home Tuesday. Don't think that eruption of yours can't be cured. Take Hood's Sarsaparilla—its virtue is its power to cure. Miss Albert of Capo Girardea u, who has been the guest of Mrs. S. R. Nelson, expects to depart for her home Friday. Marriage license was issued Tuesday morning to Solomon E. Smith of Lamoint, Okla., and Etta D. Perry of Dawn. ' The ladies of the First M. E. church are making elaborate preparations for the "Trip around the world," Oct. 1«. d3t Mrs. W. C. Critchfleld will leav; Wednesday tor Kansas City where she will spend several days with her mother, Mrs. Amick. Miss Frances Higgins, who has- been attending the Normal, will leave Wednesday for Kansas Cit.i where she has accepted a position Mrs. Sadie Hirsh and 1'rs. Frances Ward went to Sturget Tuesday, -where they spent thi day with Mrs. Ward's sou. James. Mrs 1 , W. B, Finney of Kansas City, who is visiting at the home of her mother, Mrs. Thomas McNally, will return to her home the latter part of this week. O. P. Clark will leave Wednesday morning for Kansas City where he will spend two or three days attending to business. Walter Carmichael of Ottumwa, Iowa, was in the city a short time Tuesday the guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Carmichael. Mrs. Tom McAffee, who has been the guest of relatives and friends at St. Catharine and Brookfleld is expected to return home Tuesday night. Mr. Artie Cole, who has been visiting his sister-in-law, Mrs. Daisy Cole, left Tuesday for Richmond where he will visit with his mother for several days. Mrs. Thomas McNally will arrive home the latter part of this week from Eyansvillo, Ind., where she has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. M L. Bernardin. Miss Numa Farley of the CONSTITUTION force left Tuesday after noon for Trenton where she will spend a week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Farley. John Stone returned Monday evening from Warrensburg where has been spending three weeks with his mother. Mrs. Stone will remain there until the first of next week when she will return home. Q AS TO WHAT HE WILL DO IN THE MOUND CITY Talks of His Work m Other Cities Visited by Him During the Past Year. St. Louis,Sept,21—L. T. Cooper er the "Great Cooper," as he is called, was seen in his hotel this morning by a reporter and provec to be a comparatively young man as ho is little over thirty years o age. Mr. Cooper is the man who is said to have created a sensation in eastern cities by his extensile charitable work and the enormous sale of two preparations of which he is the owner. While talking his face lights up with a smile, almost boyish in its expression, and ne serins very young to have acquired the enormous fortune he is said to possess. When asked about ni= p'lans for his visit to St. Louis he said: "I shall remain in this city about four weeks. I have come hore to introduce my preparations in my usual way and I will giVe the public ample opportunity to ascertain whether the claims 1 muko for these medicines can be verified. "it is one of my beliefs thai jvery successful man should do- vote a part of his resources in aiding the unfortunate. I rely to a great extent on the public for in- WAS NAPOLEON AN EPILEPTIC? Not So Proven, Though He Auditory Illusions. Had We will sell at public auction at the Faubion farm, 6 miles southeast of Chillicothe, on WEDNESDAY, The following described property: EDWARD VII. Black Jack,fo:il<>il IWi), Ki.l hands hi^h, kneo. 14 inches: cannon bone. 12; ear, 32; hock, 17. Sired by Gelberton: ho by Retfan & Wilson's Gelberton: he by Hopkiu's Alberado: he by O.nininsrlium's Randall. • IU PflDTpB - Tim I'oi'ter is a jfra.v jack, with whit'! Vim lUH I CH« points: foak-d .lime 12.1!»0d: 15 1-1' hands high; ear, 311 knee: 14$ hock: Hij: canon houc. ll'. Sired by Harcelona: he by Ben Harrison: ho bv Joe Bluirkburn: lie by 1'riuce :trd: he by Prince 2nd: he by Imp. Prince. First clam. Ruth, by Black Hawk. One span of work horses. 1 span work marcs. 1 pair yearling horse colts, 1 2-year-old filly, 2 sucking colts. 1 mulo i-olt. 1 1'erchi-ron stallion, 5 head of inilch cows, .'5 calves, lobrooii sows, 15 head of feeders, 15 pigs, all farm implements anil household goods. TERMS OP SALE:—All sums of SIO.OO ami under cash in hand: on all sums over $10.00 a credit of 12 mouths will h:- given without interest if paid when due. if not paid when due to bear 8 per cent interest from date; purchaser to give note with approved securities. No property to DO removed until terms of sale are complied with.^8 per' cent off for cash on all sums over $10.00. The question of whether or not Napoleon Bonaparte was an epileptic will perhaps never be settled conclusively. t has lately been studied anew by Dr. Cabanes in a contribution to a entitled "Les Indiscretions de 'Histoire," and In the Progress Med- cal for July 7 M. J. Noir presents us with an abstrapt of Cabanes' essay. n favor of a negative answer to the uestion It may be said that no com- etent observer seems to have left a ecord of having seen the great soldier in a frank epileptic fit, and we onfess that we can accord but little ignificance to the so-called stigmata n which. Lombroso and his adher- nts lay stress. On the other hand, the nervous pe- ullarities of Napoleon seem to mark im as at least a highly neurotic In- ividual, and history has handed down the story of some strange traits in his family that support this inference. We are reminded by M. Cabanes that Napoleon's father was a toper and a man lacking In moral sensibility, also that his sisters, particularly Pauline, were immodest and hysterical. Napoleon himself was exceedingly sensitive to changes of atmospheric temperature; he often suffered from unilateral headache and appears to have had auditory illusions. He had a spasmodic affection of the arm, the shoulder and the lips. He was excessively Irritable and given to violent outbreaks which made him at time unapproachable. He seems to have had a mania for destruction, so that he whittled pieces of furniture, broke articles that were presented to formation concerning families, or individuals who are in need, and I will, therefore, De very grateful to all who will send me the name and address of people who are destitute." Upon being asked about the public removals of deafness,which he has made in Pittsburg and other cities, Mr, Cooper said, "I have appeared each night, in the cities I have visited, before audiences that ranged from two to ten thousand people, and have stated that I would remove, in less than three minutes' time, deafness of years standing. j "I have treated in public in this manner over a hundred people each night. 1 shall do this work in St. Louis to some extent, and 1 will then prove whether I am successful or not. It will be time to discuss this work after I have given one of these demonstrations as my claims would now seem extravagant. "The preparation Ifrith which I giye these demonstrations is not the one to which I owe my success, as my New Discovery is my principle remedy. This preparation is for the removal of all forms of stomach trouble. "I have not yet decided where my headquarters will be while here, but will know within t,he next twenty-four hours." ., Nio Kind You Have Always Roupt: COL. A. SLIFER, Auc. *««*«*«««««««*****«*«**««« | STONE MASON | \ House Moving & Raisin* f f Leave orders at »~ Saunders-Turner Lumber Yard J J. R. McCLELLEN I av- IMA IHX-£tS S C Sweet, to Eat LfIA VlJ «J C Sweet to Eat , ACandyBowsUiuative. , ACMdyBimelUualire Not always the Cheapest, but always the Best, you will find the Photos at TEe W ATTON STUDIO him, pinched children while he caressed them, and took pleasure in shooting the rare birds with which Josephine had stocked Malmaison. The least opposition se't him into a paroxysm of rage. Napoleon's pulse was habitually very siow, ranging ordinarily between 30 and 35, and never mounting above 55, and this slowness of the pulse Is reputed to be common in epileptics. He had periods of excessive depression, and .sometimes they amounted to fainting spells. But we may wel imagine that his physical defects van ished when a campaign was on, am it would be daring to assert that he was really the subject of epilepsy.— N. T. Medical Journal. CANDIDATE AGAINST BAILEY. Dallas, Tex , Sept. 21—Petitions are being circulated -in Johnson County, urging support to M. M Crane, in opposition to United States Senator Bailey as a candidate for the Senate. Mr. Crane, now a resident of Dallas, was formerly of Johnson County. He is a native 'of West Virginia, 50 years old. He came to Texas rr ore than 30 years ago and worked as a day laborer, educated himself, studied law and was admitted to the bar about 20 years ago. He represented Johnson County in the State Legislature and in 1892 was elected Lieutenant Governor. HJ was elected Attorney-General in J894 and served in that office four years. He was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Governor in 1899, but withdrew in the midst of the campaign when the nomination of Joseph D. Sayers seemed inevitable. He thereafter removed to Dallas and has since been recognized as one of the foremost corporation lawyers of the state, devoting his practice largely to tho interests of insurance companies. coatod t sorn thrnjtt. If Made t CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS FOR 3AI,E buys a 5-room cottage near Firt-t ward school. Ground ICO- fct-t tqu'i'o. Cot-d neighborhood. Writer i'-a 1 -' s-i::k iu kitchen. Inquire at thib < iiire. d For sale—Cottage iu Gravesville, three lots, two wells, everything in good condition. Price 8550. Will t.kc team and wagou or cow as part payment. William Misenhelter, at County Infirmary For sale—Hard coal baseburner Inquire at this office. osdt For Sale—A number of household and kitchen articles. E. R Sheetz, 31o Calhouu. *20d'>: For sale cheap—Modern house at 115 East Calhoun St. Inquire on premises For Sale or rent at §15 a month 7 room house, bath, I closets, largo tascmont, electric lights nice lawn, block and half from square, at §^00—§1000 cash, res easy terms, slfldtf Jisper Blackburn. For Sale—A part of ray furniture. Inquire at residence, 12( east Clay. Mrs. Frai.k McNamarr h2 Id'Ju- ror sale cheap: — Largest sizo Buck's Brilliant hard coal base- .burnor. Inquire this office. s21dtit For sale—New class condition, office. puino in Inquire at first this FOB, KENT FOR RKNT—Good 7-room house; 0 office rooms, best on north side of square. Inquire O. L. Waite. a30 dtf. 6 office rooms, best on north side of square. Inquire C. L. Waite. s!2dtJ For rent: House of 6 rooms; barn, buggy shed, two lots; near school. Mrs. M. L. Johnson, North Cherry st. sMdtf For Rent — 7-room house iu good repair. bcv-iimur Wigely. 22sdtf For rent:—Five room house, apply P. C. Curran. s-Kdtt HELP WANED—MALE Boy wanted at the factory. Crow Cigar d-lt Men Wanted—For street paving work, also teamsters. J. E. Meek. il.Sd&WSW HELP WANTED -FEMALE BOOM AND BOARD board for Good room and lOli South Elm. two. dlw WHEN YOU ABE GETTIMfi (Jet them rijflit. .Absolute satisfaction n the reiiel'ot' Headaeheand I'Jv.'s train. A. B. MACDONALD KAST SIO 1C OPTICIAN AND JEWELER. CONFESSES: New York, Sepb. 24—Paul O. Stensland, absconding president of the Milwaukee Avenue bank oi Chicago, arrived here tonight on the steamer Prinz Adalbert. He did not attempt to leave the ship before landing and go to New Jersey as it was believed ho would in order to escape New York extradition papers. Theodora Stensland, his son, said after a private conversation .with Stensland tha his father will plead guilty to several charges in connection with the embezzlement of I million dolhrs from the bank of which he was president. Steusland has made a complete confession, according to the states attorney, Mr. Olson of Chicago, who went to Tangier, Morocco, to take the ex-bank official into custody. In his confession Olson says he implicated other Chicagc men. Mr. Olson declined to name these men. Thoo'dore Stensland, who gave out an official statement for his father, declared that his;father had made no signed confession, but that he had admitted committing certain offences which constitute embezzlement under the Illinoi laws. To some of the indictments for embezzlement his father would plead guilty, he said, and in the case of the others be would turn state's evidence, an! implicate all others who shou'd be indicted in connection with the failure of thi- bank. Steoslaad made ncTfurther statement, according to his son, than if the shortage in the bank was over §100,000 the money in excess of that amount had been taken by Henry W. Hering, the ex-cashier of the bank, who was jointly indicted with Stensland on charges of stealing more than 1 million dollars^ from the bank and for forgery'. INFERNALMACHINE IN MAIL. Pailaclelphia, Sept. 24—A very practical and deadly infernal machine, sent, the secret service people say, by Russian patriocs to Jacob H. SchiH of the firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., of New York, in revenge for loans made by that firm to tho Russian government, was siezed late this afternoon by tho police inspectors. The cupid- ty of a negro boy, David Campbell, who saw the package lying under a letter box inChestnu^rhill, where a few minutes before a for- ign looking man had left it, led to the discovery of the plot. Trip around tho world Oct. l$th. d3t Breakfast to Be Improved. The most stanch supporter of vegetarianism are women, and they do not nil belong to the "faddy" persuasion, writes an English correspondent. And, consequently, there la good ground for the supposition that soon the old-fashioned English breakfast will be a thing of the past. Nut cutlets, cream eggs on toast, or an ome- lette with fruit, and perhaps almonds and raisins or a grapefruit, suggests the. perfect summer breakfast, whereas bacon and eggs arm! the everlasting boiled eggs are weariness to the flesh. '•TTTe Political Ladies. The political ladies are not making revolution; they are making a routine. The report of every meeting will say, a a fixed formula. "The minutes ha\ ng been read and confirmed and th adies ejected, the business of th meeting began." It will be put on th agenda as a regular thing. At last will become a quaint old ceremonia \ woman will be technically assaul d to make a meeting valid.—Illustra :ed London News. Dr. Arthur J. Simpson, SURGEON AND OCULIST ;ar I Yactic'i 1 do voted to Siirifrry and Diseases' of the I'.yi 1 . ICur Nose. Throat. Special attention yiven to siiryory of thu Kye, Nose anil Throat. CLASSES FITTED Office in Herman Bldg. Nurtli Skin Sq.. I'hnni-s HS mul '.'li Empress Eugenie's Dresses. Some recently published figures a to extravagance of American wome in dress give interest to the statemen of the Empress Eugenie to a friend li this country that but three times i; her life did she wear a dress tha cost as much as J200.' Once it wa for her wedding, once for the baptism of the prince Imperial., > Know Little of Anatomy. Moat Chinamen know little of ana tomy. They have an idea that th heart and stomach are connected anc that the epigastrium is the seat o thought. They also imagine that the gall bladder is the seat of boldnes and that all schemes requiring tha quality originate in it. ATTENTION MACCABEES. The Ladies of the Maccabees are requested to meet at Fraternal hall, Wednesday afternoon at t\\ o o'clock promptly, to attetd t 1 n funeral of Mrs E. W. Crockett dl; Holds Waltzing Record. Paris.—Thirteen hours Is now the record for waltzing In France and belongs to an Italian. Ten competitors, including several energetic children, started dancing at one a. m. At five the last child had dropped down from exhaustion and was put, not too soon, to bed. At noon of two competitors remaining one gave up—and then there was one. He waltzed on for two hours, but his legs sank beneath him —and then there were none. He had danced six ladies nearly to death during his performance. < j Telegraph Positibns Offered Just received a letter from the Rock Island Railroad offering a station in Daviess county, Mo., salary $50 a month at first. No question about opportunities. Enroll any day. Maupin's College "TTe POSITION SCHOOL/! Chfflicotbe, Mo. STILL AT THE OLD STfiNO HAS BHKN FITTING SPECTACLES IN CHILLIOOTMI3 K)li 20 YEARS Must Answer for Our Deeds. One of the brightest jewels iu the trown of the teachings of the grea moralists in all ages is unquestiona hly the doctrine that sins are of thre< kinds, in thought, in word, and In deed. But of the three the deed la that for which we are most fully responsible. Punishment Too Severe. "A boy assassin hanged," read Mrs Bascom from tho newspaper. "Well,' she remarked, "a sassin' boy Is great trial, but I don't think ho ought to be hanged for it." His Money's Worth. The mnu who was fined live dollars for punching the head of a chap who annoyed his wife probably thinks he gut the worth of his money in ad vauc°, One of His Gloomy Moods. "Honesty is the best policy, to lie sure," moralized the professor, "but In tho rase of too many men It is a policy that has a surrender value." JOHN H. ATTORN Ej TAYLOR. ± •AT-LAW, A i" Oflh'": ->n(l floor >!ns«nl« Ti-tnplo, S. .j. •r 'Washington St. (;oll.'i:tlons made .'. i" h.iyf promptly reriilf t«i. fiulnry- nl- •;• &Jfr£L^»H..t 1"H I I'K-H-'I-H-M-* Used to Be So. The average wuinaii would rather have nor husband pat her cheek than give her a thousand dollars.—San Francisco Bulletin. Fitted by Nature to Hang On. Thu leech has three jaws, each fitted with SO to 90 teeth. Don't let the |baby suffer from eczema, sores or any itching of tho £kin. Doan'a Ointment gives instant relief, cure? quickly. Perfectly safe for children. All druggists sell it. anit seuaie ^ra\ \nu 1.1 single anil double breasted coat eut full leiujlli ami inuile with excellent fitting collars. Urn- pi-ice . There is absolutely nothing- to con- . coal about this business. Our methods - are liberal, open and above board umJ { modern in every .sense of the ivorti. - 15fin«- a- store economically ammms- '• tered on a very small margin of pimn '» —uncler-huvinsf, under-selling" INew- land &. Dider present a trading proposition that appeals with tremendous force to overv person wishing to corn- bine satisfaction and economy in tut pun-hast.' of fall apparel. Oil' plans and preparations in behalf of our ycung men patrons are quite complete. Or.Jy makers of established rrpu" ations have contributed to our stocks thas insuring the highest, standard of quali y and styles than can l>e relied upon.. AN EXTRAORDINARY SALE OF MEN'S FALL SUITS. K.-uraoM-dinarv for several reasons, brrauv- we'll lit aav man, lie he stout or lean, tali ,:i->'i-''i-t—btvause everv suit in thi- sah- i., a new fall model, and because th-- pHce is fully one-third less than these suits are actually worth. Men's fast lihu-k Hockey Tiiibets. the thibet that is warranted absolutely fast and not to wear V|fl fill 9JxI U • ^MU glossy. Our price ip»»»»w — Men's double twisted cassiruere suits, dark <rray steel mixtures, patterns that will not slum; soil eusUy : _We_rec- oiumeud these suits for hard service. Our price Men's Fancy worsted suits, in tasty and sedate ifi-ay pin check patterns, -.00 S. I V. V V U I I*-' $10.00 Others up to W7..">0. NEWLAND (& DIDER WEST SIDE SQUARE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS HAVE BEEN SAVED BY BUYING FOOTWEAR -ATTHE- SHOE STORE fiND Y8U CAN SAVE BIG MONEY BY COMING TO 0(13 STORE FOR YOUR FALL FOOT WEAR WE HAVE A LOT OF MEN'S HIGH TOP SHOES, ALL SAMPLES, IN SIZES 7 AND 8. THE BEST MADE WORTH 85.00, fcO fin OUR PRICE ®«»UU ALSO A LOT OF MEN'S HIGH GRADE BOOTEES, IN SIZES 6 TO 8. S THESE ARE ALL SAMPLES AND WORTH §6.00 £Q gf| OUR PRICE OO.UU On the bargain table we have 36 pairs of Ladies' line shoes, mostly Pingrees, in kid, patent kid and ton. These are worth $3.00, $3.50 and $4.0O COME AND TAKE YOUR CHOICE &| gji Big lot of Boys' am! Girls' School Shoes at. Cut Prices. THE BLUE FRONT Gut Price Shoe Store SOUTH SIDE SQUARE He Was Not Found. Mr. Robert Miller was the man \\varinir tho 1'utrioc $4.00 Star Brand yhofs kust Saturday. He was not asked about them, yo we will have someone else wear a pair Saturday: September 29th, find the right person and get a pair of |4.00 shoes free. You had better ask the man wearing the old as well as the new. G. D. Brant & Son. i j

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