Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 21, 1973 · Page 31
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 31

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 21, 1973
Page 31
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47-K»al SUPER SPECIAL Three bedroom brick and frame one cenmlc bath.wilh tub-- Double Vanity, one wllh ceramic shower. A»n cabinets throughout, built-in cooking units -- fan t hood, dishwasher. centra] air and heat. Car. P?rton large level lot. Total price 122,500 with Great Terms. LAZENBY Real Estate Company 1015 N. College - 521-6700 nlng Korlh alonf the West right-of- way line of Rawrback Road to a point where said \Ve*l line Intersects with Die South, right-of-way line of Cardwtll Lane; thence West aloji* the South right-of-way line o( Ginlwcll Lane to a point whore said South line Intersects wllh Ihe East right-of-way Una of Oliver Avenue; Thence South along the East ristKt-of-way line ol Oliver Avenue to a poml where suld East line Intersects wl'.li Ihc North right-of-way Une of H a l « « 1 i Road; ihcnce South 350 feel. more or less, to a point located on the North line of Lot 3 In Homsby Addition; Ihence East SO feet, more or less, to Ihe Northeast corntr of Lxl 3 in Hornsby Addition; Ihence South, along Ihc East line of Lots 3, llgallon Improvement Bondi tinder Am«n- menl No. 13 to Ihe Constitution ol the sratc o/ Arkansas for financing the Lm» provpmenls; . NOW, THEREFORE, BB IT ORDAINED bv the City Council of Ihe Citv of Farmlfigton, ArJsarms: SUCTION 1. That there Is hereby r.Mled a Special Election for Mhrch 13. 1973, at which there shall be submitted to Ihe electors the question ol Issuing General Ob] Igattoji Improvement Eocic! s untie r Amendment No. 13 lo the Constitution of the state ol Arkansas In the principal amount of $30,000 (the "bonds"), SECTION 2. That Ihe bonds shall be dated January 1, 1973, shall bear inert st at the Irmcst rate or rate. 1 ; ob- alnable flt public sale. Interest shall be payable semiannual!;.' on January 1 and July 1 ol each year, comment'lna July 1, £Pougla* Hartley "E«t«r Davii Ken L»zcnr U9U1 Lazenby 442-6448 521-4448 442.SG40 442-5439 Nolices- commencing July 1, 1973. "· WARNING ORDER AND NOTICE ta T*e Chancery Court Of Washington Couily, Arkansai iJ.^L. Eafnn, Ex Pane, Ptnlnliff, · *· ' vs - L No. 23720 _ l H of the Soull! V, of the «.Boulheast Vt nf Section 32 in Township £16 North o( Range 29 West in Washing*.ton County. Arkansas: Jess Prottyman, -- and J. A. Eaton, and/or Ihcir Unknown Heirs, , Executors, Administrators or Assigns. Defendants. Koilce is hereby given Itrat there has been filed in the office of the Clerk of th« Chancery Court ot Washington Connly, Arkansas, a pelillon lo quiet line and confirm In J, L. Eaton, the litle to the- following described lands situate In Washington County, Arkansas, to-wlf -"-The South Half (B'i) ot the Soulh ' Half (SH) of Ihe, Southeast Quarter · (SF.'iV ot the Northwest Quarter « ' N W M of Section Thlrty.lwo (.12) in il. Township Sixteen (16), North of · ·»*~. Range Twenty-nine (29) West. i*t.\\\ persons claiming said lands and "·ny Interest therein indudinRJcss Prctty- rnan and J. A. Eaton, nnd/or their unknown heirs, execnton, administrators shall malun er assigns, are warned to appear In the the years JD76 , CSiancery Court of Washington Counlv. ·Arkansas within thirty (30) days from jthe date of first publication of this no- £J£ce. to show cause why Ihe title to said lands should not he quieted and con_ firmed In J. L. Eaton. ,ii,Witness my hand us such Clerk and ···the seal ot «aid Court on this 2nd day «io( February. 1OT3. ··»· ALMA KOLL5IEYER . Vi: Clerk ot the chancery Court of Washington County, Arkansas ' (EMI) 7, 14, a, 28 4tc ORDINANCE'NO. 1897 AN ORDINANCE RBZON1NG PROPERTY IN THE CITY OF FAYETTK- ARKANSAS, AMENDING ZON- r.JNG ORDINANCE NO. 1747 OF THB :;CODE OF ORDINANCES, FAYETTE- .iyiLLB, ARKANSAS. AMENDING ZON- 3 iNO DISTRICT MAP OF FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS; AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. , BE rr ORDAINED BY THE HOARD F DIRECTORS OF 'THE CITY OF ·FAYETTBVILLE, ARKANSAS: Section 1. That Ihe zone classification *f Ihe following properly be, and Is", hereby changed as indicated: ..CM PETITION NO. R7245: Part of Ihe NWU of the NEii of j,;,, Becllon 23, T-IS-N, R-30-W, de- T*' scribed as follows: Beginning at « point 1 rod South and 12 rods East ot -the Northwest corner "said 40 Be re tract, and running. Ihence South 15" West 403.S feet for a place of beginning, and running thence South 15° West 403.25 feet for a place of beginning, and run^ ring Ihence South 15° West H9.67 feet; thence East 259 feet erul-dis- tanl from the centccllne parallel with and 30 feet equidistant from the centerllne of U. s. Hleh- 2 and 1 In Hornsby Addition and South along Ihe East rlaht-of-way line ot Thomas Avenue to a point on the North right-of-way line ot Holz Drive: Ihence East alone saW North line of Hot* Drive lo a point (jn Ihe West right-of-way line ot Kazorback Road: Ihence North along the West risht-of-way line of RaiorbaelE Road to the point ot beginning. From R-3. High Density Residential District, to R-l, Low Penslly Residential DiMrict. PASSED AND APPROVED THIS 16th DAY OK JANUAHY, 1373. APPROVED: RUSSELL T. PURDY. Mayor ATTEST: HELEN YOUNG City Clerk Zl lie NOTICK Ol' SPECIAL ELECTION Notice Is hereby given that a special Election to he held in Ihe City ol Farm- inston. Arkansas, on Mar. 13, 1973, there will lie submitted to the electors of the city the question ol issuing General Obligation Improvement Bonds under the provisions o( Amendment No. 13 lo the Constitution ot the slate ol Arkansas, In the principal amout. of $30.000 lor the purpose of financing the cost ot the construction of buildings for the housing of fire fijtntin? apparatus and the purchase of fire flghtlnjr apparatus. The bonds shall be dated January 1, 1EI73. with inlercst thereon to be payable on January 1 and July 1 ot each year, January to 1993, The bond in each ot Inclusive, but 1973. The bonds shall mature on January 1 of each year as follows, but shall be callable for payment prior to maturity upon such terms as the City council shall determine and specify In the Notice ot Public Sale o! the bonds: YEAH AMOUNT 1976 Jl.OOO 1977 1,000 1978 1.000 1,173 1.000 1060 1.000 1381 1.000 1583 1,500 1983 1,500 1964 1,300 MS 1.500 1966 1,000 19P7 1000 19S3 3.000 1989 2.000 1KB 2.500 IM 2,500 1932 ' 5,500 1993 3,000 SECTION 3. Tint the question shall be placed on the ballot for the Special Election in substantially the following form: SECTION 4. That the election shall be held and conducted and Ihe vote Canvassed and the results declared u n d e r Ihe law and in the manner now provided for municipal elections, so tar as the same Is applicable, and the Mayor of the Cily is hereby authorized and directed to give notice of such election by an advertisement published weekly once a week for four weeks in a newspaper published in the Cily and having a bona fide clr- thercin. the' last publication lo Nursing Home Payment Hikes Bother Brandon LITTLE} ROCK (AP) -- state Rep. B. D. Brandon of Little Rock said Monday he was dis- urbed about a sharp increase in welfare payments to nursing lomes since Gov. Dale Bumpers took office. ·"My observation would that the nursing homes are enjoying a lot of friendship wilh the present administration," Brandon said during a meeting of the Legislative Joint Budgel pendltures he thought he had an explanation. Apparently, Brandon said, he nursing home payments have been' increased by cxccu- ive order rather than by the cgislature. Dalton Jennings, commissioner of social services, said several factors accounted for the ncrease. Hospital and patient care costs have increased about 15 per cent a year. Committee. He said the state paid the nursing homes $19.5 million for welfare patients in 1970, which included federal assistance, but that payments would reach al most $35 million this year. Brandon said he wondera why the lobbyists for nursing home operators had not beei hanging around the Capitol ant that when he compared ex Man Found Dead WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. (AP) -- Authorities said that Robert Mullins, of Walnut Ridge was found dead Tuesday in his apartment here. Coroner Ray Daniels of Law rcnce County ruled death due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Mullins was found by the landlady of the apartments. He had hot been seen since Friday and Daniels placed the time of death at sometime Saturday. Daniels said a gas flam'e heater in the apartment was going full blast and apparently had used up all the oxygen in the apartment. AHC Chairman To Oppose Vote On Gas Tax Hike LITTLE ROCK AP) The chairman of the state Highway Commission said Tuesday 'he vould oppose referring to the 'otcrs a one-cent increase in he gasoline tax to help finance t $30 million annual highway construction program. Maurice Smith' of Birdeye said lie believed the slate legis- ators "ought to accept their responsibility and decide" the is- ue. Smith also said he had expressed his opposition to Gov bale Bumpers on referring the tax to public vote; Bumpers said Monday he was considering whether the legisla lure should levy the gasoline lax increase or refer it to the Northwest Arkansas TIMES, W«d., Feb. 21, 1973 FAVKTTIV1LLX, ARKANSAS people a special election Bumpers saici Tuesday he was discussing the matter with leg islators. Smith said $30 million Approve Bond Issue PINE BLUFF, Ark. (AP) -- 'ine Bluff voters approved Tuesday a $5 million Act 9 Industrial bond issue to finance construction of a plant for a Minnesota firm Ihat will manu- 'acture river barges. The unofficial but complete vote was 2,518 for lo 121 against. The plant, planned by Cargill, Inc., a Minneapolis-based farm commodities firm, and its water transportation affiliate, Cargo Carriers, Inc., will employ 120 persons. Initial production capacity of the plant will be 50 steel jumbo barges a year. pay-as-you-go proposal made by Bumpers, which is essential ly the same offered in a bill by Rep. D. Brandon Little Rock, was the best offered in Ihe legislature so far. But he said that "to clo the Ihings tha need to be done would requip about $50 million a year." Harvard Honors/ Liza Minelli CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) i- Chauffcrcd in a 1940 Lincoln convertible, Liza Minnelli rod* hrough the Harvard University campus, trailed by antique fire engines. It was all part of a campus carnival Tuesday sponsored by the Hasty Pudding Theatricals, who had earlitr named the star of "Cabaret" as their "Woman of Ihe Year." Miss Minnelli was the slar of the carnival, which .featured costumed players from the Theatricals' upcoming play, "Bewitched Bayou." Miss Minnelli, who has been nominated for an Oscar for her performance in "Cabaret." sang Ihe movie's lead song and said: "This is the greatest party I've ever been lo." shall bo callable Cor payment prior -to maturity on such terms as the City m'ay specify in (he Notice ol Public Sale ol'the Bonds. The City Council will levy and (here will be collected a continuing annual tax for the purpose of provl d i n£ for the payment of prlnclpal of and inler- cst on the bonds, which levy will not exceed five (5) mills on the dollar of the assessed valuation of the taxable real and personal properly in the City. Only qualjfled electors FarminBlon, Arkansas, of thp City ot will have th. In the election on the right to vote question. The election will lx held fcehveen the hours ol 8:00 o'clock a.m. and 7:30 o'clock p.m. at the follosvlnd polling es in the Clty of Farmipglon, Arkansas: Farmlnglon Fire Department. GIVEN 1 this 5th day of February, 1073. CITY OB' FARMINGTON, ARKANSAS By Bobby K Carlisle, Mayor 7, 14. 21. 2 4tc No. 71. 89.61 feet, thence North 'IT 1 West 253 feet lo the place ol beffirminK. From R-l, Low Density Residential District, lo C-2, Thormigtifare Commercial District. "(* PETITION R73-2: ? A part of the NEti of Section 17, T-1S-N, R-3IMV and a part of the :· SEM ot Section 8. T-16-N. R-W-W, more particularly described as: Be- KirinlnK »t a point 20 feet West ot the Southeast corner ot the SW!i ol fiw SW!i of Section 8; thence run- OltniNANCB NO. 2»A AN ORDINANCE CALLING A SPECIAL ELECTION IN THE CITY OF FARM- INCJTON, ARKANSAS, ON THE QUES. TION OF ISSUING BONDS UNDER THE PROVISIONS OF AMENDMENT NO. IE TO THE CONSTITUTION OP THE STATE OP ARKANSAS FOR THE PURPOSE OF CONSTRUCTING BUILDINGS FOR THE HOUSING OF FIRE FIGHTING APPARATUS AND THE PURCHASE OF FIRE FIGHTING APPARATUS; PRESCRIBING OTHER MATTERS RELATING THERETO; AND DECLARING AN EMERGENCY. WHEREAS, the City o! FarmlnBton, Arkansas (the "City"), is a city ol the second class; and WHEREAS, it has teen determined that it would be in the best Interests of the City to construct butldlnas for the housing of fire fiKhtlnff apparatus, and to purchase fire fighting apparatus, at an estimated cost to the City of not to exceed J30.000 (the "improvements") which estimates include necessary ex pense.1 incidental to the improvements and to the issuance of bonds; and WHEREAS, the purpose ot this Ordinance is to submit to the electors of the Cily the question of issuing General Ob- je not less lhan ten days prior lo .the elate of the election, and only qualified voters o( the Ci1y shall have the right :o vole at Ihe election. SECTION 5. That Ihe results- of clec lion s ha U be p racial mcd by the Mayor and his Proclamation shall be published one lime in a newspaper pub llshed Jn the City and having a bona fide circulation therein, which Proclamation .shall advise that 1he results as claimed sh al I be conclusive unl es s attacked In the courts ivithin thirty daya alter the date of the ProcTamation. SECTION 6. That the Mayor ts authorized lo advertise, according to the lerms ot Amendment No. 13 to the Constitution of the Stale of Arkansas, the public sale ot 1he bonds. SECTION 7. That a copy of this Ordinance shall bo given io the Washington County Btfard ot Election Commissioners that the necessary election officials and supplies may be provided. SECTION 8, That all ordinances and parts thereof in conflict herewith ar hereby repealed to the extent of such millet. SECTION 1 9. TifAt It Is hereby ascertained and declared that there Is an Im- mcdiale need for the improvements in order that the public health, welfare and safety may be protected and that the mprovements can be accomplished only jy Ihe Issuance of the bonds. It Is, there- 'ore, declared' that an emergency exists, ind t h i s Ordinance being necessary for the i m m e d i a t e preservation of the public peace, health nnd safely, shall be In force and take effect immediately Jrom and after its passage. ' - PASSED: February 3, 1973. APPROVED: BOBBY L. CARLISLE, Mayor T , JACK DEOKBR, City Recorder The City ot CBRTIFICATE sign Ed, City Recorder of the Farrninglon, Arkansas, hereby WOMAN'S WORLD A Convenient Sewing and Shopping Guide for Today's Gal on th« Go. certifies Ihat the Ipregoing page? are Inie and correct copy of Ordinance No. 29 A, · Rdoptc d at a special session of the Cily Council of the City of Farmlngton, Arkansas held at the regular meeting place ol the Council in the Clly at 7:00 o'clock p.m., on the 3rd day of February, 1973, and that Ihe Ordinance li of record In Ordinance Record Book No. 1, Fays 29, now in my possession. GIVEN under my h a n d and seal this 3rd day of February, 1973. JACK DECKER, Cily Recorder (Seal) 7, 14, a, 2B 4lC 891 Cr ORDER In The Chancery Court ol Washtnfftoo Count)', Arkansas Bertha Daniels, Plaintiff, vs. 23713 Robert Daniels, Defendant - Thp Defendant is warned to appear In this Court TVjthin thirty days and answer the complaint ol Ihe' Plaintiff In the above entltfed cause. WJtness my hand and seal of this Court this 261h day of January, 1973. Atma Kollmeyer, Chancery Cleric By Ruth Shlpman, D.C.(Seal) 31, 7, 14, 31 4tc TVARNIVfi ORDER In The Chancery Court al Wabta Cotmtr. Arkansas Jocephui C. Howard, Plaintiff, vs. 2371-1 . Gloria Dean Howard, Defendant. Trie Defendant, Gloria Dean Howard, \s warned, fo appear in this Court within thirty days and answer the complaint o] the Plaintiff in the above entitled cause. Witness my hand anl seai of this Court this 26ln day ot January, 1973. Alma Kollmeyer, Chancery Clerfc By Rutb Shipman, D.c, Zl, 7, 14, 21 41c £-*Wear easy-knit cape with Slresses, pants, suits! *:The oape i s fashion's top Spring choice! Knit dashing 'style with leaf panels of worsted · n short or long length. Trim l iiith fringe..Pattern 891: sizes !(M6 included. * Seventy-five cents for each ^ttem-- add 25 cents for each latt«rn for Air Maii and Special dling. Send to Laura r. Northwest Arkansas ; 450,'Needlecraft Dept., GhelseaStatio.New Yrrk, nOId 2 Box 161 Old Chelsea Station, W«w Yrk, N. Y. 1001. P r i n t Pattern Number, Name, Address, Zip. All New for 1973! IjFashio-inspired NeedlecraR Catalog--more knit, crochet .*iyles, crafts. FREE directions '''"NEW! Instant Money Book -- /iiake extra dollars at home jlrora your crafts -- ?I. Instant Crochet Book $1. Hairpin Crochet Book $1. instant Macrame Book $1. Aslant Gift Book *1. Complete Afghan Book $1. 16 Jiffy Rugs Book 5 cents. 12 Prize Afghani Book 50 cents. 12 Prize Afghans Book 50 cents. Quilt Book 1--16 patterns .... 50 cents. Museum Quilt Book 2 .50 cents. IS Quilts for Tbday Book 50 ' JUST 2 MAIN PARTS--sew this scooped jumper^dress in one evening to wear the very next day with its own blouse. Glamorous for parties, too. Printed Pattern 4505: NEW Misses' Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16. 18. Size 12 (bus 34) jumper 214 yards 45-inch; blouse 1%. Seventy-five cents for each pattern -- add 25 cents for each pattern for Air Mail and Special H a n d l i n g . Send to ANNE ADAMS, care of Northwest Arkansas TIMES. 438, Pattern Dept., 243 West 17th St., New York. N. Y. 10011. Print NAME, ADDRESS with ZIP, SIZE and STYLK NUMBER. QUICK, EASY-SEW WAY to a spring-summer wardrobe! Send for new Spring-Summer Pattern Catalog. Choose one pattern FREE. All sizes! 75 cents. cut, fit, sew modern way. $1. INSTANT Fashion Book. $1. Presbyterians In South Call For Breakaway ATL'ANTA, Ga. (AP) -- A breakaway from the Presbyterian Church in the U.S. by a group of Southern Presbyterian church leaders has been called premature by the moderator of the denomination. Dr. L. Nelson Bell of Montreal, N.C., commented Monday that the proposal by Southerners to establish a "continuing Church" can jeopardize the conservative witness of the present church through fragmentation and discord. Leaders of the conservative coalition, who met here Sunday, said they are ready to assist local congregations and presbyteries "who feel they must leave the. church immediately." This group has been particularly critical of plans to unite the denomination with the United Presbyterian Church in ttie U.S.A., the drafting of a new confession ot faith and the stand of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S. on such issues as abortion. Bel!, however, noted that there is not a constitutional issue before the church at present, that a vote on church union has been postponed for several years and that the proposed new confession of faith is only in the drafting stage. HP said the move by the Southerners was regretful. ADVERTISE HZRZI Thou»and» of homenuken r»id this fwture dally . . . uid Vrxf win ie« your Hospitalized NE.W YORK (AP) - British actress Glynis Johns has been admitted to a New York hospital, forcing postponement of a Broadway opening. Her press agent said Miss Johns complained of a "great pain" at her Manhattan apart mcnt Tuesday morning. The I nature of the illness was not 1 disclosed. Wickes SIZE 12'X7' 12'X9' 12'x12' 12'X15' SALE COMPARE $27.71 $46.57 35.64 47.52 59.40 59.88 79.84 99.80 SAVE $18.86 24.24 SPECIAL PURCHASE! Commercial weave carpet Js good for kitchens, family rooms etc. Low static electricity level means "no shock' comfort Easy to install yourself or let Wtckes help. Limited quantities in stock-hurry for best selection. 32.32 40.40 Ffl Compare at $4.99 REGISTER FOR HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS IN FREE PRIZES TO BE GIVEN AWAY FRI SAT., FEB. 23 24 NO PURCHASE NECESSARY QT. SIZE BOTTLES SI SAVE Reg. $1.39 50* x 4 tt WICKES QUALITY DOORS STUDS WOOD BI-FOLD DOOR kleal for tight areas . closets; sfain or paint la.. $ 34 00 2'-6"x6'-8" FLUSH DOORS Perfect for any room-in the house; paint or stain- BIRCH LAUAN $8.70 $6.80 FINE QUALITY PRE-HUNG WOOD DOORS Wickes has the latest in p re-hung doors to fill your needs. Our trained salesman can show you what is available. Why not see him soon? You'll get the Job done quicker while you save on labor costs. PRICES SHOWN IN THIS AD ARE GOOD THROUGH FEBRUARY 24, 1973 ONLY MEDALLION DECOBATIVE PANELS I JSSS HG PA " E , L L I OWENS/COBNING INSULATION Washable, heavy-duty vinyl applied onto VP tempered hardboard. Vj , y GOLD NEEDLEPOINT PANELS Washable, heavy-duty , vinyl applied onto tempered hardboard, GOLD AMERICANA PANELS OWENS/CORNING FIBERGLAS" Adobe pattern; washable 2*x4' · surface; won't warp; easy to Panels install. WHITE CEILING TILES 18* eo. $1 · 3'/2"x15" 70 Sq. Ft Roll 79 50 Sq. Ft Bag BLACK DECKER POWER TOOLS Built-in primer: water clean-up; odorless; many colors. Washable, heavy-duty vinyl applied onto tern- pered hardboard. 4»»8'S*t OIL CROWN WALNUT PANELS Full Vt" Wood Grain Imitation on Hardboard. Reg. $6.98 $599 VS DRILL #7000 - Good choice for light duty work. JIG SAW #7510-Low cost, versatile, time saver. . 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