Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 1, 1973 · Page 67
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 67

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1973
Page 67
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PAGE 50 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N · · · THURSDAY, FEBRUARY I, 1973 Crossword Puzzle D °g rta P irt g case 1 5 9 14 15 16 · 17 19 20 21 23 24 26 28 29 32 35 « 37 38 . 40 42 43 45 47 ACROSS Sodu. -Kiss, old style. November birthstone. Topmost: Prefix. Not pro. Like » merino. Garden pest. Gift from Heaven. Swedish coin. Hue is its capital. Presidential nickname. More relaxed. "_2 fit for the gods." British repast. Antelope. Agcy. of the 1930's. Sen. Thurmond. Popular leather. Slide Ice pinnacle. Maple genus. Is contiguous to. Weathercocks. Hebrew measure,about 2 quarts: 48 Rickety itmctnr*. 50'.French pronoun. 52 Part of the face.. 53 Sea litter. 57 Type of tray. 59 Type size. 61 All together, in music. 62 Cabinet post. 64 Canoe material. 66 Jet. 67 Hornc. 68 A certain fromagc. 69 Wiser. 70 Formerly. 71 Votes in favor. DOWN 1 Readies a suitcase, 2 Dark yellow. 3 Earlier. 4 Poet's output. 5 P.ooh! 6 Open. 7 Shock. 8 Wigwagger. 9 British soldiers. 10 Eggs: Lat. 11 Spurious. 12 One of the ;Roos«T'eltl. . 13, Eagerness. 18 Walking sticki. 22 Hoosicr writer. 25 Lunches. 27 Gull-like bird. 29 Cleansing agent. 30 Greek theaters. 31 Edge of a Lecdi sidewalk. 32' Stuff. 33 Island country. 34 Type of purse. ' 36. Cancelable. 39 Engrave.. 41 Overlay with plaster. 44 Moira. 46 Slow-moving mammal. 49 Petition. 51 Short and heavy. 53 Bracken. 54 Look hard. 55 Courtyards. 56 Studio items. 57 Skiers' haven. · 58 Room: Sp. 60 Upper deck. 63 The same. 65 Persian. Publisher must face court for editorial against judge : SAN, ANDREAS, Calif. (UPI) ·'-- The publisher of a weekly Sierra newspaper has been ordered to explain next month why he should not be held in contempt of court for a signed editorial he wrote criticizing a judge's involvement in a dognaping case. Oscar A. Mellin, publisher of the Calaveras Enterprise, wrote: "We have the ludicrous situation where the judge deliberately had a neighbor's dog trapped, then hauled the dog owner into his court, set the bail and then tried to sit in judgment of the case." The dog had wandered into the judge's yard. · "In our view this, gives credence to some lawyers' opinions that our local justice courts have a strong resemblance to 'kangaroo courts.'" Mellin was in court but was granted a continuance until Feb. 21 by Justice Court Judge Howard W. Blewett, the Crash course ordered f or Somali's employes : · / i -.... , . : ·····:. ; . · ' . . v - · ' M. : ' ·/ · 3 1 54 55 56 a.-1 iWoman planning new space trip \ CALCUTTA, India (AP) Valentina Nikolayevna-Te- rsshkova, the world's only woman astronaut,, says she is preparing for another space journey. rl' "I am working for it and am !·· ' " ' · V - ' ' ' ' ; . : Yesterdays '.; Answer keen on it because it is my work, but no date has yet been fixed for it," the Russian cosmonaut told 1 newsmen on arrival in Calcutta for a tour of India. Mrs. Tereshkova, who is married to fellow cosmonaut Andrian G. Nikolayev. made her space flight in June 1903. .MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- The 60,000 government ; employes in this little African country have been warned they'll be fired unless they learn to read and write their own language. It's a new problem for So- mails. Only four months ago there was no way. to get the Somali language;on paper although it was spoken by most of Somalia's three million inhabitants. . Then last October tne : president of the Supreme Revolutionary Council adopted Latin script. With a few adjustments to allow for peculiar Somali sounds, he ordered his people to use the new letters in all official communication. Most everyone knew the Ian- Mastodon tooth CINCINNATI (UPI) - Joe Knue, 14, and his brother, Bill, found an outsize tooth in a field near their home. /The Cincinnati Museum of Natural History said it was from a mastadon that lived 10,000 to 20,000 years ago.' rouRCARPETBE, U T, F u LL , CLEAN ED In your own home in o matter of a few hours .we can revive its · beauty and freshness. We use the famous VON SCHRADER dry-foam method. No moisture goes through to the underside to damage the pile or sizing. LIVING ROOM A 4 95 L.VINGJJOOM f £95 21 16 DINING ROOM / I "" AND HALL AND HALL M I FREE SAH GREEN STAMPS FREE SOIL RETAROENT TREATMENT WITH EITHER JOI KEEPS CARPET ClEANtR LONOtR CLEAN-RITE CARPET CLEANERS 624-2441 PRICES GOOD THROUGH FEB. m 790-3789 DANIEL'S '^JEWELERS 1-1-02-30 10* SALS OUR COST PLUS 10% 3-PC. MIRROR fr SCONCES 33 1/2" sheet glass mirror set in ornate wide frame accented by high one-light sconces. Finished in metal gold. · QUANTITIES LIMITED · ONLY ONE PER CUSTOMER OPEN A CHARGE ACCOUNT DANIELS ^·JEWELERS l» TUCSON SHO»" »T DINIEL-S . El CON CENTER ON THE MALL J SOUTKGATE SHOPPING Cf NTER 21 E CONGRESS ST. Downtown EICON OIIIT f» TO I ^ffiri"^!*" 1 giiage, of course, .but no one knew how to read or write .it. Though-the country was blessed with a single language, the "sounds 'had never before been written down or alphabetized. So most Somalia talked their own tongue and resorted to the colonial languages of Italian or English when they wanted to write a letter, even among themselves. Some used Arabic, particularly this country's many Moslems. , ITesident Mohammed Siad Barre said all public employes had to learn the new written Somali by Jan. 21 and a nationwide test was held Jan; 19. Officials said many failed, so Barre gave them three months more to .catch up. same official he attacked editorially. Blewett, who is not an attorney, conducted a preliminary hearing in the case but dis- qualified.himself from the actual trial- after a discussion with a defense attorney. In an interview later, Mellin. said he felt the judge's involvement in the case, even for a time, where he was to be a witness justified the editorial reaction. "He .indicated he wanted to try the case," Mellin said. "A regular judge with a law background .would have disqualified himself even before the bail was set." However, Calaveras County District Attorney Orrin Airola, who initiated the contempt action, claimed there was nothing improper with the judge's action and saidj "The docket shows he immediately disqualified himself." 68 PAIRS OF MEN'S FOOT-SO-PORT KEYMAN SHOES Values to '35 ' *|g90 EN DAILY 'TIL I pm · SAT. 'TIL 6 pm · SUN 'TIL 4 ENTIRE STOCK OF " COSMETICS I including: , · · Village Bath Products · Organic Grooming Works | · Caswell'Massey ·Hain NOW 20% OFF I Offer ·ffcctivt Fri It Sit Feb. Z, 3,1973 ^ VS COU1TBT STOBI 3841 E. BROADWAY at ALVERNON NEVft ItFMt--HAS THIM KEN SUCH A STORE *Cw .' * '£·* " ** t - . * ~ ^ , . . Kyouwanttolockin freshness, TUpperware really locks ftliL You can see exactly how Tupperware® products lock in freshness at a Tupperware Party. If you have a Tupperware Party in your home before Apnl7th,youmay qualify to receive as a gift a beautiful Shetland* Floor Polisher and Rug Shampooer. 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