Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 55
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 55

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 55
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HAIRDO DEFLATED; ALPHABET INCREASED ]NDEPENOENT-PRE5S.T£LEGRAM~W-5 LOUC, 6ESCH I). CM If.. S U N D A Y , JULY I. IMI Lady Reporter Joins Navy - - for a Day Railway Wives Plan Meeting DAY ON DESTROYER for group of WAVES and T, P-T lady reporter ends in deflated hairdos and increased knowledge of U.S. naval strength. Gathered around Cmdr. W. Calhnun Singletary, commanding officer of USS DeHaven, arc (front row, dark uniforms) CWO Harriet Anderson, Azusa, and Lt. Betty Rieder, Huntington Beach; (in light uniforms) U. Jeanne Hneck, Los Angeles, I.t. Cmdr. Mary Sweeney, Bakersfield, f,l. Helen Upson, New Haven, Conn.; and (background) I . t . (jg) Donald L. Tulliill (USS Dellaven), Lt. Cmdr. Lois Wilson, Lns Angolcs, and Constance Clark, Huntington Beach. Ladies pictured make tip steering committee f n r WAVE reunion to be held July 27-30 at S t a t l e r - H i l t o n , Los Angeles. Obscured by railing is Cmdr. Mildred S. Car- sou of Long Beach. By M A R Y ELUS Navy destroyers are d e a t h on HD (hairdos). HH (hiph heels) and SFS (snug-fitting skirts). In fact, it's sale to say this male fonrpss of ships and alphabetical jargon is one not likely to be invaded by today's aggressive females. Our enemies either. 1 say this from f i r s t - h a n d experience. To sample l i f e aboard a N a v y "lin can" (that's \vhal they call destroyers), I joined the Navy (for a day) and took to sea on the USS DeHaven. And while my bubble hairdo drooped and my heels plunged t h r o u g h openings in the deck, my f a i t h in our country's defense soared . . . and soared . . . and soared. * * « * FEELlNt; completely at sea (in more ways than one) on this floating city of strength, I was part of a PR hospitality c o n t i n g e n t comprised of several area WAVES and a group of Navy Leaguers. For most, it was t h e i r first adventure at sea on such a h a r d - h i t t i n g , war- dedicated hulk of iron and sieel. For me, it was the f i r s t t i m e aboard a n y t h i n g more ocean-po'ng t h a n an i n f l a t e d i n n e r t u b e or double-sail Polly WOK. So when T.ns. .lorry Cooper, a t o w e r i n g young N a v a l Academy grad w i t h ASW ( A n t i - S u b m a r i n e Warf a r e ) training, took me in tow to explain the whys and wherefores of destroyer e q u i p m e n t , ho never had it so bad. « * * * GENERATING more fog t h a n a w i n t e r in London, 1 t r i e d to understand how homing torpedoes can search out a target a f t e r fired and why they don't explode unless the target is hit. . . Or how a c a p t a i n can steer the ship w i t h o u t seeing out, how radar can record everything not in sight and how sailors remember all that alphabet s t u f f . Now, take DASH, for instance. It 1 took my notes l i g h t , that's a F R A M improvement (o help make the Dellavcn's CIC (Combat Information Center) as np-to- now as a CIC on a DD can be. Roiled down, it means t h e DeHaven can track down an enemy PDQ -- and on the QT! G iris Park Playdays Listed Girls! For three Tuesdays beginning July 11. 10 a.m.- 2:30 p.m., there will he play- days in the parks. These are Ocfober Nuptials Planned An Oct. 7 wedding d a t e was revealed when Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Koeppl announced engagement of their daughter, Ann L., to Paul T. Ernst, son of Mrs. Paul H. Ernst of I.akewood and the late Rev. Mr. Ernst. The bride-elect was graduated from Wilson High School and Long Beach C i t y College. She will complete her t r a i n i n g as a student nurse at California Hospital School of N u r s i n g , Los Angeles, on Aug. 10. Her fiance received early schooling in M o n t a n a , con- t i n u i n g his e d u c a t i o n at LRCC and Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Luncheon, Cards Merret Temple 103, Daugh- i ters of the Nile, will have a luncheon and card parly Monday at 11:30 a.m. at . Monte Vista Temple, 1120 E. Market St. The choir will be in charge. ICE COLD FUR STORAGE "Yfliir Furs D^serviB,tfie Finest Care ^ ^ur ~Mo«erri' Vouff $ trfmltit 1* fb«f«Ve · ?Cf Protection Against Hazards of Summer Heat arranged in d i s t r i c t s , so that travel to them is easy. This is the time when girls get together for sports and soc i a b i l i t y in a grassy park area, and enjoy organized games, a picnic lunch with contests and singing, and at 1 p.m. an i n f o r m a l program of s t u n t s , s p e c i a l l y n u m b e r s and folk dancing. Parents and f r i e n d s are i n v i t e d to a t t e n d and enjoy the pro- g r a m . » + * · THE THEME selected for these playdays is "Throughout the Ages" according to B e t t y Brown, director of special a c t i v i t i e s for the Recreation Department. The schedule is: Tuesday, July I I , M a c A r t h u r Park, which will include: B u r n e t t , Burroughs, C a l i f o r n i a , F.dison, Lincoln, Longfellow, Roosevelt, Signal H i l l , Somerset, Stevenson a n d W h i t t i e r playgrounds. On the same day. another playday is held at Pan A m e r i c a n Park. This area will be host to: Clevel a n d , Henry. Holmes. Keller, Mndison, Monroe and Twain. Tuesday. J u l y I S , Wardlow Park will host: Bixhy School. Burcham, Carver, Cubberloy, F.I Dorado, Emerson, P r i s k , Stearns, Tincher, Whaley and Grand playgrounds. The other event held the same date is at Ramona Park and includes: Addams, Barton, Cherry, Coolidge, G r a n t , Harte, Los Cerritos, McKinley, Schcrer, K i n g and Sutler playgrounds. n * * * TUESDAY, J U L Y 25, Recreation Park will be the scene. A r e a s invited are: Bixhy Park, Bryant, Burbank, Fremont, Mann, Lee, Lowell, Naples, Willard and Keltering playgrounds. The same day will see one at Sil- Patio Club Lunch verado Park. They will host: Birney, Cabrillo, Drake, Field, G a r f i e l d , Kidd, l.afa- yelte, Palm Beach, Royd and V e t e r a n s playgrounds. All those p a r e n t s and pirls interested are i n v i t e d to contact t h e i r nearest school or park playground and put t h e i r names on the list for t h i s f u n event. Patriotic Calendar MONDAY Widows C l u b members, USWV, gather at 10:30 a.m., Ocean Boulevard and Pine Avenue, to board buses for Pierpoint Landing and free harbor boat cruise. * * * + A n n a F.theridge Tent 58, DUV, 10 a.m. sewing and n o o n sandwich luncheon, V e t e r a n s Memorial Building. WEDNESDAY W i l l i a m M c K i n l e y A u x i l i a r y 27, USWV, pot luck luncheon and business, noon, Veterans Memorial Building. A m e r i c a n G o l d S t a r M o t h e r s , business session, 1 p.m.. Veterans Memorial Building. THURSDAY A u x i l i a r y 71, USWV, sewing and noon luncheon. Veterans Memorial Building. FRIDAY Granddaughters Club of Fmily R. Jewell Tent 15. DUVCW. noon luncheon, home of Myrtle Thompson, 2028 A t l a n t i c Ave. * + * · Aguinaldo S w a m p 1. USWV, reception for grand officers, 1 p.m. following noon pot luck luncheon. Veterans Memorial Building. FOR THE records, FRAM is the Navy's Fleet Rehabili- t a t i o n and Modernization program, which the DeHaven recently underwent. The DeHaven was commissioned in March, 1044, the second ship to h e a r the name of Lt. Cmdr. E. J. DeHaven, USN', an early arctic e x p l o r e r . (The f i r s t w a s sunk a t G u a d a l c a n a l i n 1943.) The present ship, a t r u e workhorse of the Seventh Fleet, has fought in v i r t u a l l y every b a t t l e in the Pacific since it was commissioned. This greyhound of t h e seas p a r t i c i p a t e d in n a v a l warfare a g a i n s t t h e Japanese and had completed f o u r K o r - ean war t o u r s by cessation in ISM. V a l i a n t a n d battle-scarred, the ship was modernized last year with t h e l a t e s t radar, long range sonar nnd anti-submarine weapons -including those aforementioned h o m i n g torpedoes and DASH (here we go again . . . Destroyer A n t i - S.'for.iarine Helicopters'). Ensign Cooper pointed out t h a t the model ni7.alinn. accomplished ior $1 million. will prolong the life of the DeHaven from f i v e lo eight years. Its i n i t i a l cost was $8 m i l l i o n . (Today a new destroyer soaks up 35 million Yankee dollars.) * * * * TO SHOW OFF some of the new equipment for a bit o f p l a y - w a r e x c i t e m e n t , Cmdr. W. Calhoun Single.- t a r y , c o m m a n d i n g officr.r, singed a SUM (surface-In- underwater missile) demons t r a t i o n . From an on-deck l a u n c h - ing s t a t i o n , seven projectiles (ricstroycrmcn c^ll t h e m "hedgehogs") were fired in a t h u n d e r i n g moment t h a t shook up the fish and the v i s i t i n g "sailors." D u r i n g real - war operations, each launching s t a t i o n will shower 24 missiles . . . up and i n l o the water . . . to seek out and deal death blows to enemy submarines. demonstration. Oscar is a s t u f f e d d u m m y who's been rescued nobody-knows-how- many-times during his tour of duty w i t h the DeHaven. Even picking up Oscar is done with instruments, so exacting t h a t the ship can circle back to the identical spot where Oscar went over- hoard--even in the black of n i g h t . Which must he reassuring to men aboard -- since, all (old. ihe DeHaven can steam 12,000 miles at 15 knots w i l h o u t refueling or replenishing stores. It's truly a city a f l o a t with ]·« its own public works (for -.\ generating electricity and js filtering water), mess hall, sick bay, barber shop, commissary, l a u n d i y and recreational facilities. - * * BUT MOST of all, it's the "population" w h i c h impresses me--the IS o f f i c e r s and 250 enlisted men who man Ihe ship. They perform a multilucle of different tasks, are efficient and positive thinkers w i t h strong confidence in their professional ability. It reassures one that, w i t h Long Beach U n i t 92, National Association of Retired and Veteran Railway Mm- i ploycs' wives and widows, will meet Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. at Machinist Hall, 728 Elm Ave. men like these, the seas will be kept free for the U n i t e d Stales and her allies. Congrats, CINCPACFLT (Commander-m-Chief of the Pacific Fleet): Your men seem to know t h e i r jobs-from ABC (o XYX.! RENT your TUX BUY your TUX 1UX S H O P 3H3 M U N T I C MHUl turiaa 16 AMD · BRIDESMAID · COCKTAIL · MOTHER-OF-THE-BRIDE · ACCESSORIES · Regular and Half Sites J.U~~r. jys invited · SVe scccpl BANKAMF.RICARDS FREE P A R K I N G IN THE REAR OR P A R K 4 SHOP . Open Monday Friday E v e n i n g s 'til 9 THEN WE saw Oscar res cued in a man-overboard Altrusans Sef Dinner Miss Helen Fo'.snm will conduct her first d i n n e r meeting as president of A l l i u s a Club Monday e v e n i n g it l . n f a y e l t e Hotel. The business session w i l l include, p l a n s for a t t e n d a n c e a t A l t r u s a I n t e r n a t i o n a l Convention .July 23-27 at Ihe Denver-Hilton. Denver, Colo. Miss Folsom and Mrs, Loyri Smith will serve as conclave delegates. While in Denver, the delegates will meet w i t h o f f i c i a l s to plan the District F.leven Conference planned in Long Beach in May, 1962. Also p l a n n i n g to attend arc I.oyd Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Reine Hughes. * A + V FEATURE of Monday's program will he a European iravelogue by Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Winslow w i t h colored slide i l l u s t r a t i o n . Free Pickup' ,-·;-. -ohcr- -"-:' Delivery . GA 7-7447 Cleaning--geStyling--Rfedyeing-- ,- ;··:"-. ';·· ' Repairing - *·'- *:? · .' '" HARRIS FURS .. . ,4260 ATLANTIC AVE. LPNG BEACH P a t i o Club of I.akru-ood will meet Friday at I.ake- wood Country Club f o r 12:30 · · luncheon. Contract bridge w i l l follow. Hostesses are Phyllis K u r t h and Florence Preslwick, and reservations may he made with Bernice Tubbs. Credit Women Long Beach Credit Women will have July business meeting on Wednesday at the U n i v e r s i t y Club. Social hour is set for 6:30 with d i n n e r at 7 p.m. Reservations may be made w i t h M a r i B Anderson or Marie White. THE "CAROUSEL' . . . a olnr'lr.? :irv: "shirt c.'.:\" ?n lashior, right !nr s u m m e r - - so!! head- hugging e'. ficancc is y o u r s , crnatod by o:;r staff of stylists -- COME IN--GIVE US A WHIRL SHAMPOO i SET H A I R C U T T SALONS Tte« Pnritinrr "I Both Our Snli^ii KLfidANT WOMEN'S APPAREL 211 cnsl ncriin blvcl. Selling Everything! f reductions DRESSES - COATS - SUITS - FURS SPORTSWEAR - JEWELRY - CI I'TS Open Night ' 6 lo 20, 0 an. 5 Lo 15 Sizes * Drowses . . , Costumes W o r l d Famous Designers; Names W i t h h e l d by Request S p o r t -- D a y l i m n -- A f l r r - o -- ( i n w i t s Purr: S i l k s -- I m p o r t W o o l s -- K n i l s -- ( ' . n i t o n s Any o r i g i n a l l y $139.95, $159.95, SI95.50 S S!8 Any originally $98.50, $110.00, $125.00 *34 Any o r i g i n a l l y $69.95, $79.95, $89-95 Any originally $--19.00, $55.00, $65.00 Any o r i g i n a l l y 535.00, $39.95, $-15.00 Any o r i g i n a l l y $19.95, $25.00, $29.95 · Coals . . . Suils 8 T8 "58 lOO'/l, P u r r ( ' a « l i m r r i K o r s l t i i j i m i J l a l i a n S i l k s -- W o o l s -- I ' r r r i r h I m p m ' l s A n v o r i g i n a l l y $115.00, $195.00, $2-15.00 Any o r i g i n a l l y $110.00, 5125.00, $139.00 Any o r i g i n a l l y 579.00, $89.00, $98.00 Any o r i g i n a l l y $59.50, $69.50, 578.50 Any o r i g i n a l l y 515.00, $-19.50, $55.00 * Fabulous Custom Sweater* M a n y O n c - o f - a - K i n d I m p o r t e d Mohairs--Cashmere?--Jeweled H a n d - riec.orated--l-'ur- I r i m m e d O r i g i n a l l y to $89.50 all O r i g i n a l l y to $69.95 all O r i g i n a l l y to $'19.95 all one price O r i g i n a l l y to $2'i.95 all one price '24 one price one price *25 Jewelry . . . Handbags i N r r k l a r r p -B r a r r l r l s -- Pins J m p o r l r f l Jade -- Khinrslonrs S u m m e r W h i l e Pr.nrls $2.'J5to $"7.5 PRICE ocean 24 L oast ocean blvrl. I.ONC RKACH -- H K m l o c k 6-2142 Free Parking Del Mar Aulo-I'ark, IS'exl Door

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