Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1963 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, April 2, 1963
Page 22
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. P«gt C-J-lNOEfENDENT lutt IMd. CM* TM1. Url t 1*1 'HAM HC1U.NGWORTH: Jforti»r HANK HOLUXGWORTH FANFARE Turmoil in Sports Tuesday's headlines: .... Bo Belinsky and Dean Chance quit Angels to join monastery. . .. Veterans Stadium eastside stands are completed and refurbished outdoor palace now seats 30,000. . . . Rams move aH home games to ultra -modern Veterans Staduim. . .. Chargers considering same move. . . ·. Long Beach State students fill renovated Stadium to capacity for opening 49er football game. . . . Governor Brown lauds boxing, claims it -gives kids from slums chance to make good." · Long Beach City Coun cil invites Eatons and Par nassus to stage future boxing matches in L.B. Arena. . . . Leo Durocher admits Walt Alston is finest manager he's seen in two decades. ... Alston claims Durocher is the finest influence on players he's seen in three decades. . . . Ice hockey quits Southland for lack of attendance. . . . Lakers favored to win NBA playoffs despite loss Of Baylor and West . .. Walter O'Malley to turn over entire proceeds ol Angel-Dodger city series tc charity. ... OTMalky outlaws beer at Dodger Stadium, claim- Ing he is "abhored at condition of some of our fans afttr sorre of oar four-hosr games ... and. after an, I'm not in baseball to make money.** . . . O'MaSey outlaws Stadium Club for same reason. . . . Angels quit referring to Dodger Stadium a Chavez Ravine "because, after all, they built the damne park." * * * ! FRANK HOWARD nominated as pre-season "defensive outfielder of year" by baseball scribes. . . . Long Beach State football team hailed as threat to USC Trojans for national honors. ... John McKay announces recruiting moratorium "to let the ether clubs get a few players and make the AAWU a real race the next few seasons." ... Joe Hicks' City College baseball teaia drops 15th straight. ... Jack Molinas released from prison to take over operation of youth club basketball team. . . . Western Harness Racing Assn. to eliminate all horses named Hanover. . . . Frank Vessels sponsors bill to outlaw all quarter horses with crude, Texas-type names. ... Don Drysdale holds press conference, vows never to lose temper this season "even if those galoots catching. at third base and in right field make more errors behind me than they did last season." * * if OAKLAND RAIDERS to use Ben Agajanian at quarterback. (Agajanian comment, after week-long inventory of his two dozen business enterprises: "It's fine with me. Who ever made money or found a future in placekicking, anyway?) ... New York Mets co-favored with Dodgers to win N.L pennant. . .. Rams acquire Jim Taylor and Paul Hornung from Green Bay Packers for future draft choices. . . . National magarine features article on BUI Skowron home life, entitled Typical American Family." . . . Pee Wee Oliver announces retirement (His explanation: Tin going to quit when Fra ahead. After aH, I got more ink in spring training than Mantle, Miris, Mays and Masial did during their entire careers.") -- Bob Cousy renounces retirement, stating "nhink of all that loot 111 get again next year from those loyal Beantown fans." . . . Arnold Palmer declares bankruptcy. . . . Bear Bryant and WaUy Butts host gigantic banquet for Saturday Evening Post editors. ; ... Bowlers hold testimonial dinner for Hank HoIIingworth! ... And, as if you didn't know, APRIL FOOL! DERBY CO-FAVORITE «... RUT ITS XOT ON RAC11S Candy Spots Has Mind of His Own MIAMI, Ha. ._·--Candy Spots started clumsily, paid little attention to the urg- Ings of Jockey WIHie Shoe- ciaker, and had his mind on s o m e t h i n g else when he won S a t u r d a y ' s Florida Derby at Gulfstream Park. The big chestnut colt won with -the greatest of ease, by 4^_ lengths, to show his disdain for o d d s - m a k e r s who had rated him second to Never Bend for the Kentucky Derby. The two now are co-choices at 2-1. C a n d y S p o t s , who is splotched with white --as though he had been messiJy eating marshmallows--was gazing kfly off toward the stands when the starting gate opened for Saturday's race. With his bead - turned sideways, he t r a i l e d the pack out of the gate and was a disgraceful last going toward the first turn. At this p o i n t , docker John Beech disclosed Monday, Candy Spots apparently decided he knew better than Shoemaker how the race ought to be run. Disregarding Shoemaker's ef- HARNESS 'CAP ROYBETZ . - . BACt -- l-mtlt. naidea race. »-year.aln- a Horw Ortvtr *Cemmen» ' Art ClDw*wi» ·'Crortk) Vet-fit UMi 1C. CeKk ~ ' Taw COsH-lton) _-_. Bom -HI «dw . Tht «rt* *e bt«t -. Fiffurn tor · part -. $hcwifl« lip* of lift . £1! forts to rate him. Candy Spots "tot away" from the Jockey as he put on a tremendous burst of speed that carried him into third place. -He d i d n ' t need that burst," Beech said, "but he was so full of run he derided to m a k e his own move. If there had been a brick wan ahead of him at that stage, he would have gone through it." Candy Spots, who Is notoriously lazy, moved on Into the lead, then seemed to decide that he had it made and started loafing. ! * * * Never Bend Pointing for Derby LEXINGTON. Ky. «1 -- Caiis Cirt rSrterrenl Snifter Diamond I Jacobs' Tan"* "aucfidown (Srorv 1 Ra:w a. tonosl witi toav* to ! . : Ijt Never Bend, Cain Hoy Stable's . snaritr Oiamona IJacobM S Tarr-i -aucndown l-nxv) Real Ronald r_utner» 1 Fivltf took* too Jcuon . LeN8Si? ~«1T*~ 'StCOKO RAC--- »nlla. Canittlenea' race. «t»f-«a airt ft. Mna into*. In the stretch he had hts mind on s o m e t h i n g else, Beech said. He ran as though he was distracted by something, perhaps a moving object. . At the three-eighth! pole, Sky Wonder made a run at Candy Spots and Shoemaker tapped him to get his mind back on his business. He pulled into a clear lead, then breezed the rest of the way. "He was unhappy when he went out there," said trainer Mish Tenney. "I had been working him hard." Candy Spots waj-not rewarded with rest after his victory. Tenney walked him a mfle and a raif carry Soa- day morning and made him walk a mile Monday. The horse'i owner, Rex Ellsworth, was perhaps the last p e r s o n ia'racing to learn that Candy Spot* had presented him with $74,700, the winner's pone. Ellsworth was ia Mexico, buying bulls for his ranch, and didn't know about the outcome of the race.cntil he crossed into Texas Sunday night. , Water Temperature Affects Catches.. Some interesting figures have just been .released which seem to indicate that the boys who claim catchei big Kentucky Derby threat, of ocean fish are determined by water temperature »! arrived at Keeneland Monday know what they are talking about """'"i to prep for the May . classic - · · - · - - · _ at Churchill Downs. Filly Said V Juvenile to Watch In two of .the past four y e a r s , Hugh Huntley of .ladera has come up with the op two-year-old in quarter lorse racing -- Galobar in 959 and Pokey Bar in 1961. When Los Alamitos Race bourse opens its spring meeting next Tuesday, April 9, iuntley will make another jid for two-year-old honors with Goetta, a bay daughter, of the great do Man Go. Galobar won over $60,000 n a single race before being sidelined by an injury while Pokey Bar, of course, is the top money-winning quarter vDrse in history with earnings of $162^43. Standing in the way of Goetta and a fantastic parlay by Huntley are a host of truly royally-bred 2-year-olds. txm't CM ABbemJt* ft.* , I BiHv O'Hcnrv tCronkl , It! MJIH* Tooic (STOTT) " Vlwi vindv) * Widower J*ck (Down*) 11 tuck.* Rod I Loner) 12 T*n« (,Villi..m_ .tr H | CSHOT-*A«KE*_J1 Woody Stephens, Never It -won't be hard for you toj recall a few years back w^,^^^ 1 ^.^ * Not evermiTched here . --1\ Bend's trainer, indicated the;_ p to the extent where we had -- liY f our off-shore water warmed;·^tt^^S^gS*' 1 * sejnT 'io_'ma;»~iiraer on. roof JLONCSHOT^TAJMCEo. JtMMT Zf M J «0~tACE^Tmile. tr-i" I Foretet it. Tteheri a Some Sunday (Cri · I AnaVi Prince ISn Laura ln» l.un-ittl _ 1 Dial 0 Mile (Shorr) a Sltaftor Song (Crawford* LSNCSMOT^SIM^OJIIUTE __ . l~ro-ltiTTf»c-^Sie7"cuTinin-rTratri.i«ari« an. a a. pine $!*«. claim-doing fine now after suffer- *i;colt will go only once at some odd-ball fish show for ti.Keenelind--in the 7-furlong .foe first time in Southern !*!' Forerunner Purse April 19--California water. You will : Si before shipping to Louisville. _!_, recall that yellowtail'en? i* At Churchill Downs, Ste-fishing was tops, even furnish- 1 °* r -° 1 phens is considering the ( ing plenty of excitement dur T.J7-furlong S t e p p i n g Stone^g the winter months. -- U Purse April 27 as the final Yellowtail takes by sport The Parade of OiamoionS'-T Outdos Show, whichever Ham* TOO prefer, lack* nttm*; I - t a k e » l« two fle TTit sho- cknet Suntfiv rrr t! tune-up for Never Bend. "'j Stephens said his colt -ta*M Vorr'n O-rs«t -i peooerl Jo» IMiermttt __ Norlafitf (Xrwrrenl . ----2 Al«adow Calm (McCtLmansl __ .,,. fishing reached its peak 1959, when anglers sacked .57,350 of the scrappers. Last ^Tiring an attack of colic about yejr was a stinker, however, CAME WAIDENS wert oo Hand tti amer afleimju* when wt made a yw to Norm'* Landlna k» Van Pedro, and couple of citations were made lor ti_ in* w'ttiout a *cem«. They're fclandar equimnpit. penfs. wtiejhef vod carol · Jim Fa* (Jon«) . 7 Seen CaR (Crawfortf * M K HiBhoekr IDevrin) U Kma Oarolev (Bakerl S Tin* Star ICun Tin* Star ICunnlfi*aTM LON6SMOT-- CALLAMT · . . anotr*r chance . Nrvef belter than now _ . Had a rough fc-io . Cot/d be eiaced too low _ . last to bad to be true -. F.erd tooks too tough . Ev«« effort at bit ado, _ . w:n rcrce the eace . Scralcted , three weeks ago. : : iil! KACE--Unil't. ComCtlane. Pate, ^rear.lo. and »». Pm« -!*0«- . Ortflnot .Shenttil lOaotrmm* Kniolif (D*urton) T a-fort Dctlanc* (Suarti) t HKtuk. (McGanagl*k _ \ Capital Citv (Joncsl Second tart three The a _ would rtoulre fcrst . · soltf Coos* (iBilcv) Blair-t Hanavtr (Adarml- ·-Hv H»v« .Su*rtz __ ·vS-jrWfi trtiti v t-ONShOT--HASTX-KI lose tta to easier . Ahoy Idle =| With Hives _ f i ! LAUREL, Md. (/B -- J. ~ tii Bowes Bond, trainer of Jad)Ti IT*! Stable's Ahoy, said Monday ; Si'the colt would not start Sat iwith a mere by- anglers. 21,928 boated Scratched iixTM «ACt-J«la- CUimimj Tret -Ttar-eldi ar« «a. Purse SUM. Cta-nini price ion. . Best oufi Him cki»e . . tacked «oorf in -uallfier , ..Fair effort tast »Tart S-rorte* if Close Outi'd* D«^ no hela . Yanks Wide AL Choice The New York Yankees are overwhelming favorites to ( « win the American League === pennant, according to the ?oU of the National Academy of Sports Editors, of which I. P-T Executive Sports Editor Hank HoIIinsworth is a member. The poll rates the Angels in No, 5 position. I. New Vert Yankees f3% 7 Dean Ytnhe* (D*utTen» _ LOT. C-SHOT-- WONDER SONC SJEVtmtl. RACE-- 4-fnil*. C»ndmoncd Ami oo Star fD.nj'tofik ~ . 4 rU+ltriw f tfr. n l _ | ton* B»/ .AflcOr*9or *LONCSMOT-- »IL1Y YATES EtCNTH ·*. CiT.fidit..fled 1 Rica C*iic» .Jacosi _ 7 T »rida* Hanover rwi'K.mi JT I _ 1 T*rr» Fnd Pliv (Sjh^J J V 1 "." Ttsi L«nover . \ from V^i-S.^^ in T *f "r- r*"»"*. 10 Bock* T«m iShom Hardlv Jroubl* Hirst rack. aVytarr^ldi. PBTM SXtflL Tr_* en* 1o beat _ Should t«*» lomteart Willing but ta tDiiyni ftct. _-vt-r-«tiJaV md ··». Pan Third l«t ttrt* itarfi Some rftcn oooo tnairon _ Only sn eutsid* dlanc* ,,_ mould tiavt la surprte* Trftletf »N mt »i» _ No* wim thrs« ., .,, ·»t :« ·VI ia.i ic ntao. i-i -T ~ »V1 £! in -- 5! ON THE other hand, albacore, which seem to prefer the colder stuff, were low in 1958 and 59, with 6,482 and 39,000 respectively. But last year -- wcw! Sportsmen ac counted for 229314 of the ·*';urday in the $50-- -- lbeauties - WKeh " * reCOrd ___'Gotham Stakes at Aqueauci.i B . rracuda seemed to | ike Ahoy won the Swift Stakes' ,,.,,,,. st uff-l,195385 20 at Aqueduct but'.,, ,9 to 335^7 Ust year I Bonito catches for the two ·«.|i .. _ .[years showed 7763S6 and; ·i»i;and has been coughmg, Eon",799 725- halibut »i'said. TONIGHT IN AUD ^ if 'after returning to Laurel llfered an attack of the hves The colt, however, may go in the $75,000 Wood Memorial at Aqueduct April 20. '! Ahoy is a top prospect for the Kentucky Derby, rated just behind Candy Spots and Never. Bend in the winter book. !|18v996; white 233,5 ln d sea b a s s Freddie Blass'e and Don Manouktan, world " champion talkers if not champion wrestlers, win'lock jaws and horns tonight at Municipal Auditorium.. They top a ring show that includes a tag team match between The Masked Destroyer-Bob R a i d e r and E d o u a r d Carpentier - Mr. Moto. First of the preliminaries, scheduled for 8 run. 10,593 and 14564. Bass, which! matches Bobby Duranton seem to show no preference against Enrique Torres. The for w a t e r temperatures, other bout is Cowboy Dick showed the biggest take for a Hutton vs. Mexico Atlas. number of years at 355507. Hay . _ IGranam Jr.» _ t LCNCSMOT--SM»FrY TAtt · ~~ ' Chased easJer . _cra»«« . scraTctttd ! ritST RACE--« fcrtomn: Necessary. Yaka I » M » J « I HO ran_e.'MunT «.« IS TM*' --- catches of cod are conun for the 12-inch limit continue to sack up a few barracuda, hail- but and bass, with all the bonito anglers want, both at Catalina and off the horse- Some mighty fine . _ 3 CrtwfortfviJI* fWHii*rm Jrj . Pacing to louon luct. ,-Jne. jay v.'o, LaVBanov'Grace One.'from the Catalina area. Mon- «SlTM fE°coNb iAcc-4 teion*;: ._ lffl 'day*s wind made fishing a bit »g oa the miserable side, but !j.;most of the boats scored with * bonito and barracuda during rrrgTI I'tlivV Fire.'joo -- · i Seacaur. Howler, Marm:bal'» Bo/. ^.s,i^.fa«B_.L. ?«....» the day. BET7' BEST MOST riCHItl WlKNt«-la Ouldl BEIT BCT-Arao Coo W in. BEST MONTY Pl-SPE-T -- luccnl' Exhibition Basel) all «uggeri "'Si, EIGHT \TLLO\VTAIL for A«o--Aunt Emma. Juanila',_ , . ^-_ . _*, M . sweet win. cnt;|3 boats and 297 anglers n I FOURTH RACE- ^ ^ iSsan : SSifyt'^==^ I. B«lo« Bed Sox ....__ 3 I JU -t. Prtcrst-ra. Fla. . ! K »tn». To · Oueen, ·JU.~CalUM B. lo U. " THE INSIDE LANE COLISEUM RELAYS PERILED! the opening of the Diego yehowtail derby Tea, ^Saturday. Sunday's report ifcon?" Baily I from the border city failed to 'include a yellowtail, with a ! I B » » f e w barracuda, halibut an- udrtrnn.'c2 bass highlighting the catch. USC Favored at Oregon Donovan. SchaflerneTn (fl. Sevn'ied ^T).*""*^ E *cor!. C r\i Lipihl; Marictial, Pierre I7 and _..*_r7*i r_^I aller. » -- Mancnal. L -- Scharnrrnonv, ^"_ T '?_*- -£2TM l*i-4.toUl, Haller. "fZil."il-S""" la laieland. fla. '^JL^J^Sl"AI rw Tart U) loa n. BC- 4 . 'TZ*,*^ Escort. Corporate. -IJLCE--« mila: - in . IU rows at Pan Pal ***» lit- · I DrB-Oif ^ Staflvrd. Penfr_(l) and Berra Das Leomtf. -EYfKTH »a!e:a. C By JOH\" DIXON' Who win win "dual meet of the year" -Oregon's defending national champions or USC*s reconstructed powerhouse? · ( spring) has sanctioned the USTFF continue negotiations sas exceeded it with a record tjjjjjjj*"*" 1 ' Fla - m»»« fi«r»rnr» IK. Amif*,,,-!.- , ,, ... ,- , ., ' o { 273-IO'/j in 1960. Hansaa C« . ,, . . . , , ,, . than to use the athlete, track · · · · | r i_f f*SSir if, Without A A U approval no' "open" athletes (Jim Beatty, Peter SneH, etc.) can com ;"£'_,«*!"?'." _eV t'r»l_ T "ir*5-''»ie.iS »"0^n.1«eWr_: in XUoic Leo* «--" L ) Ttfne 1:ll : . - £! Si ££l i *t ! ·a»o-«"j!e! J Oit«rm;n»3 "M.^L ^y w^Vcfcj T iff. H j" H ;s CT -' ""ss ...._ ... and Br,an. W- In. IJ SM ni? »,*~ l-rf5«: . _ . _ !*oole. Corninguez . M * 1rY Soorhv acific ni am _· ance, Mr. Buck ta 0o:no to liavo many 15 rrw «gum ea rn record too-. _^Hi5^i__~i--*r VK| Wilhio an hour af*er ffe doon »en »^u=5^ilnfll riSV'***' eoene* man, of «ie «is»» were 5-??Jf??L~f* lammed wim toectatgn that m couli ** t *~* *--·:·-'· . M Hardly get througn. and jrrfing ua 1u 2 _; a bootti t» examine some of me wares , S was quite a cftore. iS The rout« throuon *»acaflon!an-^ real- «Si " »» · «"«»· * rf « r · ·'*· * »· Clear ^^^'.Lake and Colorado River booms, we Mv* uo and -prided to try at a later dre. - j w TTie booths along tackle row »e t £ drawing a W c* raves. Ken KTut* an JS « s crrw at me Srven.-r«id exhibit tad -..·.T. Arso--i.YatagirC · "waay b Krtanvt*. Dimity. Lottie " . in pete, and without them the The Trojans are 16J. to 1|nation's outstanding invita- ·"fai-orites," according to the:tional will not be held, yardstick connoisseurs of the| -j^ yrjtfj, Southern California T r a c k jutjca, to and Held Writers Assn. interested parties. It stated,' Thirty-three selected USCjj,, ._,,,. v I two tabbed Oregon in Moc-| . _. . . r -.i._,._-_' day's title ·=-'·* " " r -- : --' -- Tnat the Federation tabulations 72 to 95-49, score 82-63. O r e g o n 711 «son y second ea U* Cart C«bMr. ... I n ** way for Orv not USC Bnlr. worst ta II yean Lucky Louise rack athlete of the *tel by the writers for an ironman triple against Occidental. teat eauoM ,,,,,,»·;·__;_" _1 " 'boati cauont 22-barracodx 7n bonita, n iiscirTlareo-S. al* e.wt^.- m^n'^^rR^y 1 ): I duplicate against Oregon. |* ·» ***""·' selectors mean, _ _ . - . ' | A n o t h e r Trojan. Larry, score was 73I.-7I 1 /-- Long] Beach State coach Jack Rose; the Ma ? ,! 2--That the AAU sanction Stuart, won *field athlete of Prcn Golf «--Proper* Joy, Lor. Vonald. norland i--Blainv rlanovcr. Succr^l Cardinal. Mjgnly Ted J-Bur Caa-Tlet FVr Vgg Can -«raaovi Vka-lvo. Meadow «. TM C»os«r a^.Taradav rlanovcr, Riclfe Cation. BilTr i P1EFEBBED PMLAY-^oretM la Jot «-raw*jroVrlH. So Oulcx. Viarlr I BUXtOU. irECUU.--Jru Direct k)' t(tt*BET--Tara_ay la tm ,m race. j BEST CXAXCC BIT--Watw traete CLOOEBS TlP-THo Oasar ea T». 'bi tm race- MIRACLE MUFFLER JQUIET REPLAC'EMENTJ SAVE $. toSIS ANY CAR tX.lKbrCaL.bci.OT.l INSTALLED FXEl ·' N« AppoianntU 4WI-E F«EE MIKIM6 SPACE AT REAK OF -TORE LONG BEACH S3I LOIS IUCH IIVO. HE 5-T4C1 snt t.BTi ir mil DOWIET JUiHUV tttl Imta, liacito rl |r»itlan Tl MIU »IHIt« c a l l e d it USC 80^5, writer USC T7',j-C7J_. the , . prt " nt Relays Comrruttee is 267 iseua not able to solve the sane- Trojan tutor Vern Wolfe prowled. T h e s e spreads are you can quote me.' , . _ Last year most of the-Vni-jship in favor of the USTFF|.. versity Ave. gang performed (as is the present member-*" like high school also-rans and ship), or to partisanship in Oregon handed them a 75-56 favor of the AAU; fm p o i n t j t k m i n g dispute, a new com- and.mittee be appointed which is 1 to partisan-) Oxy is the second best in .... _ jooer Trou-ma" fwi X' against ip: v^A,-,, yfJg^U. S ·-- '" l *~" 1 P« m »«., , t« ttonde: Slvwarf ford (P 27. (·oMtcaf Advem^emenf) beating, ti*iz only peacetime loss to a college opponent since 1933. Saturday's' Eng£KC, Ore, win not be tele- is vised. Radio c o v e r a g e being disputed. 4 -- That the AAU and Monday's Ughts U Lei iweetel -- fit »«v«, Ift. Hicaraoi^. aui-oifTtH Frank* Bewna. 147, Let A.*!3T1M U Banmore-- Od Turner, :ar _ ore. naac Lnarx CUM. fit Tan-Am Kaskclhall THE COLISEUM RELAYS.! a pawn ia the AAU-NCAAj power struggle, received a caneao *·-»» hoost from the track writers JS7*A5.«r, '^ IT " "· ""· organization Monday. | ·--· . The US. Track and Field, 3IirI«rct Hotkey Federation (an NCAA o f f - J r-ranwrt Turmr. fc i ·*n M LA UT*- FUT TfETH fN OUJt SCHOOL tOXIO" ELECT DR. JAMES Crawford FRIDAY, APRIL 5 rT« Juptjtrt Wiif faiJif af IffTcntit Oio ·f Oir f-icaiiai CaHarl Motrbod-i a * b'xnd of Eat tOO". Sott-i »th-iet _-xas»cifiihippedItemScortirJ ia tcrrri. jou «nr ca Uxa and enjoy a lEhr, toe eua7 Scotch n a icssifck price. " " MUIRHEAD'S SCOTCH HARNESS RACING SANTA ANITA Now thru April 8th first of 9 Races 1:30 P.M. Juei. thru Sat. DAILY DOUBLE

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