Independent from Long Beach, California on February 11, 1958 · Page 29
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 29

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1958
Page 29
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for 73 Purnitwrt Wonttd ·-* RELEASE ME' OF MY RESPONSIBILITIES dour back to lervlct. Lett my 6 rmf. of modem runt A appl. ·tored In Long Beach. Responsible jeop« can tola over my piymtT of»18.t7 mo. Bal. 2«.35. Nothtni; elx to pay. Incl. fan size ranze, blK cross-top ,r«niE- erator. auto, waiter. SI" TV, nic. vac. cleaner, a-pc. dinette set. 11 PC llv. rm. «t, 2 com- » net* modern Dedrra. »ti, bunk beds boy's bike. See at S3 wn,reho«se. 6081, Atlantic Ave., Lonx Beach. Call fret. 11 ».rfl. to S P.m. OA-3-2538. Also e-m. 0.1. bom* for salt or rept. B 6 F Transfer UNCLAIMED STORAGE Bedi ._ ........... ------- -* ?-P° 5.9 Chests Sofas . Refrigerators Stoves Dinette Sets .. Kollaway Com Bunk Beds - Cnes A WHOLE HOUSE Terms Available .OponF.-iday 'til 9 1131 Gavlot* HE 7-6458 , REPOSSESSED NEW AND USED Your entire furniture needs »t ROCK BOTTOM PRICES On Easy Credit Terms Stoves refrigerators, bdrm. sets, living room sets, rugs, washers. · chests, mattresses, etc. . Op«n wk. davs 'til » p.m. Closed Sun. LOW DOWN PAYMENTS Repossessed Furniture Wrh E 2794 Long Beach Blvd. (North of Willow St.) MODEL HOME FURN. * looms Original price $1410.05 our .price, only' 5819.66 or les« ttian $10 per week. Can bought with no cash down. 8-pc. maple living room. 9-po maple bedroom. 5-pc. maple dining room. '58 Gaffers i Sattle range C.P.. all automatic cloc -timer, chrome hrollcr. grill glass oven door, also '53 Phllco 11 cu. ft. retrlg. Sco this bargain at Van Orden's. 2204 Atlan tic Ave.. L.B. Open eves. · PLEASE HELP US! Due to Sickness... Must move to Arizona, will glvi EQUITY FREE to Msponslbl; party. tak« over pymts. o! $3.^.. wkly. Bal. $263 on 4 rms. o turn., Includes refrlg.. range, 3 pc. dinette. 2-nedrm. group, cmyl liv. rm.. tnbl. * lamps, nuto washer. Dlr. Ask -for John TO 2-0527 or PL 3-1473 ORDERED SOLD BY FINAN CO Take over back pmts. on 5 com plett rooms of furniture. Fam llv size refrlg.. full size range TV set. '8-pc dinlnn set. 5-DC ehrum. dlnettt. llvlnjt rm. set bedroom set. springs, mattress tobies, lamps pictures 4 mirror Everything included. Bal. du *2»S. See at HUB. 808 So. L"1 Beach Blvd. near Oliv. Compton. St. LJKE new 10.6' cu; tt Frlcldalrc ·Imperial. 5200. CA 7-OSSO.._. 1IUST LEAVE TOWN IMMED will sacrifice equity 4 rms. coo furniture. Includes Hotpolr range, large refrlg . modern Hoi lywood bedrm. set. .sprints mattress. 2-pc. frieze living rm lot, -tables ft lamps. 8-..C. dlnln not with buffet, many extras Sav. $350.- Bal. due only S34! Pay- $4 per week. See at HUB RU6 S Cong Beach Blvd.. nea Olive St., Compton. _i MODEL HOME FURN Living rm set, big 8-pc. har? rock maple bed dlvnn. high bac rocker, club chair. 2 step table cortec table, 2 lamps. Orlg.jprlc balance due S2l!).!i c S2.50 per week .with no cash d Van Orden's. 2264 Atlantic Ave \,.B. Open, eves, 'til » p.m. ' * Retiring U.S.M.C. Bought trailer, going to trave Like new 3-pc, sectional, tu qaolse. foam rubber. - br. set. corapl. carpeting, 7-pc, din. se ·57 stove, retrlg, 21" TV Pa 55.00 wk. Bal. $374. Cap Turner. 220 W, 2nd. Santa An MODEL, HOME FURN Maple bdrm. set. 5-1" dresse bookcase, headboard bed. nigh ' stands, dluxe S109 box SPgs. mattress.- Priced only Jl97. cnsh or less than $2.50 per w Van Orden's, 2204 Atlantic. L.E Open Eves, 'til 9 p.m. MODEL HOME FURN IIAPLK' BKDRU, SET--A Job Alden set-th. best built ar most beautiful maple made. Rei ular S4G2.70, now S2I.B6, only. 53.50 per week. No ca.s down. V«n Orden's, 2C04 A lantlc, L.a. Open tttt 111 9. !·· TV's as Stnr, 101'J ...S49.I 6-891 . Mfltrl. Imbr., 73-, Plywooc ALL TYPES--ODD SIZES Wall Paneling Our Specialty ALL TYPES MARINE PLYWOOD Saturday 'til 1 p.m. L.B. Plywopc 1851 Freeman Ph. HE 4-749 $S SAVE MONEY $$ 6-It. Grape Slake rnc$1.39 lln. c-;t Kouo. KW i'cnc» xuc I n . 1x6 DF . lln - ·vVR. ROMINGER LMBR. C 3732 E. CERRITOS Los 'Alamlto- ,, Ph. C^ 1-55 ripen 7 Days Antiques ANTIQUE ParUienB gtandfatti clock of lato 1700. Has boa-Utl images Built-in alarm resist {St. V moon cycle, stands · hlch. Call UN 5-61W. Furniture Wonted 71 BETTER PRICES? IMPOSSIBLE On. pl«c. -- ·- honstful A warehouse full W. Pay TOPI REPP'S MOTT, faC. 2J01 B. Ananelm OB a-0271 We Buy--GA 5-4735 Get Our Appraisal Lasi! $$ More Quicker Service HI-FI ouiehold Appliances 78 GAS RANGE - Deluxe Gaffer' *\ Battler Gas tanne. the blK 40' lN -Doubl» Oven with shelf, also light, clock snd im«r for top .burners and oven, all Harper -simmer burners, full CP Auto. (Hepo). Bal. due only [127.86. No casn down. 1 Just take laymeut In .45 days $6.83, See at Klrklen's Sales for the Buy of your life. 5401 Atlantic Ave., N. Lxjnz Beach. Open till 3--week days; Sat. 4 Bun. till 6. XPERT tape recorder repairs. Audio Craft. 2738 E. 10th El. DRYER D« luxe Kelvlnator Dryer. The ne with the glass door and fluff ry Dial; no wiring to do Just Jlug In like a toaster. Just back roin model home, never used has ull warranty. You buy for 'b*l, ue, 1121.78 no cash down, take payment In 45 days. 56.56. See at Clrklens Sales for the buy of your (e. 5401 Atlantic Ave,, N, Long Beach. Open till S--week days. iat, if Sun, till 6. ^^ 2 SERVICE CALL AtF TV Serv. 254 SoilthSt. GA 2-7971 CA 7-6585 NO .DOWN PAYMENT Huge discounts on- all ranges, washers, refrigerators. 2 Blr Downtown Store* LEO SHULTZ FURNITURE CO. 730 American Ave. .HE 7-1295 130 American Ave. HE 2-5449 .DID YOU EVER Buy at Auetlon?- Try it next time-2501 E. Anaheim il iher*7 T) ,fe MOtt'l GE B-0271 38 G.E. Filter-flow washer. Biggest a best'model.-TurQuolse. 1 mo. old, Moving to apt. 1275 cash or take over payments. GE 3-3507 UTANE refrigerator 4 stove. J75 lor both: electric ranee, very good, S50. Rcagang, 5935 Cherry Ave. QA. 2-5MS... EW Gibson rerrlgorator ( sllg damaged. Hoal ' " ' GA 2-9484. ;orator, sll barcaln. Dl? T50Y apt. range, rcfrlg., TV. HI J?l's, washers, furniture. 'Charlie Davis, 1SQ5 E. Anah. HE C-5039 ORG^ automatic washer. Guar $65 Terms: West Coast Appl. 5210 L. B. Blvd. GA. 3-8-170. . 3.50 per mo,--Rent a new sew. Inymach. VAN'S, TO 7-4817. INGER elect, portable, rouod bob. bin. 417.50. Moore. HE 5-4311. TOVES ' WASHERS, I9.5U VETERANS INDlJSTRllSa 218 Locust or 134 W. Anaheim VPT. size gas range, Jlli. Otno cholse buys. Zalaco's, 5512 Xi.B Blvd. GA3-29M. ,E. reSrle. '37 Mod., mnc. dr., ! mos. old. Sac. GA 4-0791; QE westmghouse, 550. GE 3-377!. A Y T A G a u t o ! washer! rebuilt Special SS9.95. Dlr.. HE 7-1CSS PT size Sorvel Jr. Mlxmaster misc. HL" 2-0253. JOUBLK-door Hotpolnt refrlg., 1: cu. ft. $125. G5 1-1279. -KEEPE Merrltt gas range Very cd. cond. S100. OE 4-407 MAPLE TV shutter cabinet. maple end, tbl. lamps. HA 5-193 DEE"P Freeze. 18 cu. ft. w/coolcr MB 3-2029 Musical Instruments 7' - - PIANOS . ' WEST'S LARGEST DISFLA' JSSTEY KIMBALL. StoryClar EVERY STYLE COLOR ORGANS , CONN--LOWREY 2 MANUAL 13 PEDAL only S99 SHOP IN COMPTON AND SAV FOLK'S. · 2119 North Long Beach Blvd. Opposite · SEARS, Compton HE 2-0488 . NB 5-81 Eves, "til 0 p.m.. SUN 1-5 P. PIANOS STBTOWAX -- EVERETT KNASE - -- FISHER Cable-Nelson* -- Gulbransen Also Used Pianos ORGANS -- Lowrey-Thoma. Humphreys Musi' ISO Plne.Ave. · HE 6-429 ptANOS 4 ORGANS SALE RENT' SPINETS, GRANDS. BUNGALOWS PHONE GA 6-2029 Expert tuning * repairing on hot Morev's Music Store. Inc. 342 Pine Ave. BALDWIN ' PIANOS--ORGANS Bent to buy from S5 month. Kew Klectrlc Organ, 5295 ' RUSSELL PIANO CO. · 4431 Atlantic Ave. GA 3-G44: odle Television 80 WE RENT 'TVs $10 MO. UP . ALEXANDER ELEC.. HI 3-748S 80-A SEE--8 roll! recording tape with purchase 1II5S Hl-Ff tape ·re- corder (top brand), $188. terms. Go«sa_gs -TV. 824 Souti ·3t. GA 3-8971.. · - _ ; OTOROLA. '58 HI-FI, out 2 mot:, llkf new wltn new gunr. 'Take over pymts. 12.47 wk. Estern's, 3314 E. Pac. Cst. ^EK-O-KUT -- L.P. turn table. Pickering arm k cartrldM^ quick sale, all' 112:1 Ph. UN-5-1686. adio TV Repair 81 PECIAL! New picture low as »5 down. $5 mj " .nces ._ __ -Appllai . Vs REPAIRED. Here you .can Jo if * save" SS or, let us help you. 1930 CHERRY. GE 4-590? V *llt« 4 Sunday Service, 6 moi. guar. parts ft labor., GA 2-2571. ilHilDIATE. TV SEHVICB, »i NO fix no pay. Sve», OA 8-1790 1750 TV . SERVICE- CALL ANY time. By expert. GA 3-4032. ' 50 HOME calls. Phone anytime. Ed's TV. HE C-5634, tffi 6-3570. 2 00--30-MINUTE TV SERVICE. Day. 'Nlte. Sunday. GA a.520. Stwing Mochlnts 82 1B-LB. PORTABLE _.129.9i 1 Round Bobbin Slnjer . · portable ,.L.,|29.9! 1 Adlcr zlg-zas: portahle-IGO.OO Rentals J3.50 mo. Home .repairs 12:95 McCaffrey's Sewlnc Machine Ex 945 Fine AYC. Ph. HS 6-4975 ILEARING all our trade Ins. Portables. J10 up: Consoles (35 New zig-zag. {89 up, Pfaff. Adlor Dlr. Parks Sewlne Machine 8361 X. B. Bl. GA 2-gOOT, - Singer, walnut consol bal. 167.45. takft over low pints VANS. 16725 .Bellflmver Blvd. Belltlower. TO 7-4817. ING-blR elect, portable. 117,30 trms. Morse Scwlnj! Center, S156 Atlantic Ave. GA 3-1779. 1 2.95--ANY macn. repaired in your home. SCOTTY'S, GA 3-7242. Office Sup., Equlp't.. 84 USED TYPEWRITERS TJr.dcrwood, S14.5D. Remtngtoi nolsless, $39.50, USED ADDING MACHINES Burroughs, S34.50 Elect. Adding Machine. S98.5 USED CHECK PROTECTOR F.JkE., J24.85 USED DESK 112.50 USED CASH REGISTER National, $25 . ACCURATE ·' 5290 Lont^ Beach .Blvd. . .ivestock- 88 BUCKSKIN Eeldlnc. good rldln; horse. Fine for children. Wester: quarter horso type. Cutting L rot-lnp. With saddle. S225. Ph V. Powell. HE 2-399. r 2360 LAMBS. 3Vj ntoa. olfl. WARD ST.. TOKRANCE. MIN. Shet. ponies. Blk. Rons priced. JA 7-2323 btwn. 9 'efs POODLE miniatures 4 toys, pet _ show, nil colors. Champ studs Pkone Gilbert 8-1368 POODLES. Small miniatures, alive puppies. Champ, stock. AKC 2780 Montalr. HA 9-5707. NEW 5-gal S.S. tank $3.9 ADAitS TROPICAL FISH 177714 Atlantic HE 7-5r WANTED -- German shepherd yrs. old househroke good wltr sml. child. Under !15. UK 5-434 WANT responsible person wit fenced yard to board Rod Bon Hunting .Dor, HE 5-954]. 2 BOXERS, females, 1 pup. grown;,also part chihuahua an terrier male pup. Ph. NE 5-16r POODLES 535. chihuahuas S tov terriers J35, -mixed pups T\V 3-641L CHIHUAHUA puppies, low as 5203 Adenmoor Ave. TO 6-302 COLLIE pups, 8 weeks, · thorobre No' papers. 9120 ·]£, Cedar. Bell A.K.C. GERMAN Shepherd, mal 9 mos. All shots. HA 5-S710. DACHSHUND Pups. $S5. $40, $5 AKC,- »tuds. T6 16-7924. BOSTON terrier, trained, 114 jrt old, registered. S50. . GE j-Blii BOXKR--5 yrs. old. Reg. Brlndl male. TO 6-C755. ' 2 BABV burros,, Gentle for' chi dren. S75 each. TE 5 : C965, CHIHUAHUA pupa. AKC,' r stud serv.* MEt 3-2BS5. DACHSHUND pups, mln. 4 pa mln. AKC. Stud scrv. UN 5-54 SAMOYED dogs. 1-yr,, main an female. Reasonable. GE 3-CBO FRENCil noodles--Black UTCS. AKC. GE ..-4206. CONN ORGANS Several used models returned from rents. Bargain prices. Moray's Music Store, Inc. 342 Fine Ave. GE 6-JI929 BEAGLE Pups. AKC, S35. Fern ·J22S Stnnbrldgi' HE' 3-5070. J1 SS. piano, full keybc-ard, 145. Free lessons it del. Pymts, ' . . , S.85 mo. Estern's. 3344 E. Pac. Count liv^'. GK 4-7457. , HAMMOND orean. board, Leslie tone full pedal wYtT'nmpTliifr. priv. ply. 'ilus sell. HA 5-7U54. HAMMOND CHORD - organ, like new, Jb45. E-Z terms. Glenn's, 0155 L. B. Blvd. GA 2-5840. Open Wk. Nit PIANO rentals from $4. · All rent applies toward purchase. Piano Warehouse 835 W, 15th. Ht 6-4S47. Open evs 'til 9. Sun, "til 6 1 HKNTAL pianos from J4 mo. May apply on purchase. (No del. charge.) GLENN'S. B153 L. B. Blvd. O A 2-5840. LOUIE XIV Baldwin Acrosonlc console Piano 4 bench. Walnut, beautifully styled, like new $750. 247 Nleto. Apt, A, Bel. Shore. BLOND spinet, No dn., Just take over pymts, $17.92 mo, Glenn's. 3155 L, B. Blvd. GA 2-5640. Open wk. nltes till 9 PIANO warehouse new- and used pianos from $00. Terms. 035 w. - ' Miscellaneous for Rent f Trall.r Pk., Auto Cty., Oarag»i, *l CALIFORNIA Hts. saracrs. DO single. Paved alley. HA ii-as DOWNTOWN, In Out Parkin 3-H CEDAR ... .. Hotels Motels HOTEL GRANT, $7 t JS wk. Ma Service. ]17 W. 3rd. HE 7-a79 PARK HOTEL S2 day. SS wee TV. 3712 E, Anaheim GE 3-91 S1.5U. V. UP. Wk. rates. Dn TV, Admiral Hotel. 612 W. Oce Rooms for Rent NAPLES KI3GEWATER AVTi- Room. Clean. Tile bath shower, $45. 5920 :E. 2nd. H 3-0295. · MANOR Hotel, pleasant rms. Ke $6.50 up. Kit., washer, maid. '. lobby. 117 Bonnie Brae HE 7-9^ MEN--Sgle, 4 dble. rms. Wk. mo. rates. Walking dlst. to tow 934 E. OTH ST. MOVKL rma. Maid service, or radio optional. Wk. _ rates. MO W. Fac. Cst._nw 15th. H£ 6-484 9. Sun. 'til 6. . . open eves 'Ul ATTRACTIVE Residential Hot Kitchen, free parking, mall ser Ice. SS.50 week. i31 W. 1 Stoves, Refrigerators Wanti TOP PRICE PAID Old or Late Models Bond Stoves HE 6-7530 SPIXET elect, organ, S2S5. Free lessons. Jymts, $12.57 mo. Es- tern'3. 3::i4 E. Pac, Cst. Hwy. UlM'l'N. HSKPG. Prlv. entr. Shw Refrlg. S7.50. Man, 326 W. paid tor. good [urn. Fur: B CaTl S r 'i V B Fu7n.-oefo"r.7o U -sell. 2V03 H Anaheim HE 4.0515 KEED appliances 4^1"- CASH--KOInRS, Leonard's. QA_ Furniture for Sale 73 $ 50 DOWN Will lutnlsh tntlri home with lurnlturi of your cholci Includlnf S«nt:, Rifrljir»tor, TV Out ol Stiti Cridlt O.K. , LONG BEACH FURNITURE CO, Sth and Amtrican - OPEN MON. t FRI. S · 9 Fru Parklnr Fr«r Dtliviry Save $148 * $277 T*y Only S3.70 Wwkly. M GROUP of a luxurious { 2'pc. living room «dt w/extra occ. chair. 2 b*ut, «t«p tables a , cocktail table to match, 2 beaut, tab!* lamps, 6_, pe. 1 chroma or wood 1 i dinette. 2 bdrm. «ts. Incl. boudoir lamp, pillows * l pictures. table-top K* I cauea A «lec. r«frlic. ADAMS FURNITURE 14101 raramoiinr 1 Blk. No. Op**? Day 'III T r-" 1 - IANOS--Runt to buy. new, restyled, used. Pay cash lor your pl- ano. borgan Hti 6-6330 GA 7-SSC7 LAYKK ylanos--Piano Warehouse 635 W, 15th. HH 6-4847. Evos 'til 0; Sun, 'til 0. 1ANO Clearance Prlce.i sacrifice. McCONNKLL PIANO 4801 L. .B. BLVf GA ·-'-S084 BUV pianos, organs. TVs, Hi ITS, radios. Charlie Davis, 1805 E. Anaheim. HE 6-5039. /IOUN size. with case bow. Pull 58 WEKK--Rm.. kit. iirlv.. rm. shower. Man. 1436 E. S5-SG WK. Prlv. -entr. Kit. pr Pensnra. 1130 E. Hill. HE 7-06 NICE ouiet rm. by Colorado I KOOn.. Gentleman. TV. GK H-53 WELL. lurn. rm., Kit. prlv. 5-94-S3. Ill Edison Pi. Pit E. MAN you will like It here. Pr mr. SC. 5iO K. 19th. oom and Beard 100 Farnislwd Apmm«t*j"0« FumlthtdApu tnnali 10* LIVE The Lift 01 The Huntington Hotel. !4 .OP A BLOCK .LONG ·-_' 1280 E.. OCEAN BLVD., L..B. ThU hotel runs throuch Irom the Blvd. .to the ocean..Two lobbies. All roomi · have private-, baths, wall-to-wall carpet, -writing dealt, :tlephone dally maid lervlce. ^arce dlnint room lacoa the oceii. 'Room** meal..$24.50^*. each penon; Choice iteaxs, prime ribs o: beef, roa»t turkey, baned Vlrjlnla ham 4 everything cood to eat. No better f ood-'-anywhere.' ' : PHONE HE .6-8253 OUR dlnlnit room also caters to the -outside public. Club break-, !a»t, 85c. Regular -dinners J2.15. Charles-A. .Bareett. Owner VELY homo, TV. ocean-front. Lunches packed. Orange at Ocean AVB. $20-per wk, up. 33--ith Place. HE 2-2670.' or* of Children 101 AY OR 24-HOUR CARE. NR. BPR1NQ i BANTA FE. GA *-3522.. '· ' _ JV1NO- care for Infant. Lie. Nr. 15tn A Junlpero. OB 3-7B76. )S ALTOS area, reliable mothor^ nfant-.or older. HA- 1-4765. entalc--To Share 102 DY TVUI share 2-BR, home mlddle,aged' cole: or retired lady. "- 4th * Walnut. ' H E 6-4140. 45-50. to .share lovely apt: on Cherrv close to'Blxby ParK, "57.50. HE 0-5761 alt. · 6 -p.m. 3UNG man will share my home with same. GE.4-64SO Morn 2pm ' ALAMITOS.BAY · l-BR. Watertronr apt*. Furn. AB LOW AS W» .-. ULTRA MODERN. N«wlr . furnished. Tile bath Kitchen-near transportation ' * · .market*. · . · .5431 BORRENTpJJDR... APT.- 'A /' ·: . ' DELUXE ' .' · Beautliully fbrn. 1-BR.- Dlsp., TV * phone outlets; Idry. Adults only. · · tpho: Reasonable. 1515 E 3RD ~ IT'S FUN. livinr at the . -NEW SEAHORSE. APIS. DELUXE · 1-BDRM. MODERN. Garages. Rea's. Be;!e.. $65. · "35 ARGONNE. Behnont, Shore SINGLE--$5.5 " Clean, autom. wshr. Nr. . tranap. Baby OK.. 532 K. · Esther. 259 HOLINO.-Nr. 2700 E. Bdwy., upstairs, very lie. BR.; -llv. rm. kltch.''LRe. 1 closets'$80, utlls. ·Inel. GE 9-6033. .' ' RUMPUS, room, fireplace, .kitchenette, 'Patio, 1 BR., laundry. .TV, radio) utll., vt. IBS E, Sunset. .Ph.- GA'2-5489. OCEAN Blvd. apt. with twin · beds, suitable for,2 or 3 adults. Everything rurn. but linens.' J100 mo, 233(1 E. Ocean Blvd. «OTOLE ' -APTS. - · WITH BIG SWIM POOL. urn* PD. 2052 Oavlota \ ONLY til .WEEK CE 3-91B5 . · "LIVE MODERN" . Choice o f ' l or 2 :bdrm»,--pli wall-lO'Vall rugs. Garbage dlsp. Swlmminr pool 'FumlshlnKi are ULTRA MODERN. Adults.. Bee 1765 OBI8PO $110--LARGE a-BDRM. Luxuriously'funi., 'w-w- carpet, garb. dlsp:. beautiful ^ardtn. . ' HEATED POOL; . , 500 ORANGE--MGR. NQ.'3 185--New modern, 1 story-front l-bdrm. Gar, Ldry. Dlsp. 1 . Exp. Em. ClK. W.w. GE range * refr. '^Barker Bros. furn.^Nr. Artesla t L.B.- ' Blvd. GA- . 2-D7SS MB · 5-002S. ' , ' : ."· · · ' ·FURNISHED AFTS.' J75 MO. PARTL! FUPJJ. 185. UNFURNISHED. }55. · 7800 MADISON ST. ' PARAMOUNT. PH."MS 0-3703 New Soundproof Bldg. Deluxe 1-bdrmJ.'. twin beds, tile bath, stall shower,.dlsp. Adults. HIllcrest'Apts. . ·" 1347 E.'3rd BIXBY KNOLLS--}SO. clean, 'l-bx. apt. Gar." ft .. . Tac. avail. Nr. shops. GA 4-4743 LARGE single, w/w carpeting, ve. "Modern". Real bima.s. e*rb-_dlspo ? al, birch " Idry. NICELY Turn.. 1-or.. dinette, new stove !c reirla ' S9'J. Ltll. pd. Adults.. 184 E St'i. HE 7-6794. MODERN doublt ^+ wall bod. Completely Am.) Dlsp W-w cpt. Adults.. 119 Xlmeno.-GE 4-79J2. J3SPONSIBLE young, man «m'J50-$GO--REDEc - Si. apt. '.-Also share 'apt, with same: OA' 3-6940 sri,. idry., yd., washer; itores, -··" Adits. 1870 Jfernnle. .. - uplexes and' Flats (FUXNI1HID) 103 ith 0 -- fljxtra large upper apt. wi bdrm, ·(· wall bed. Middle-aged couple. --Apply 1022 E. 17th St. Owner. ' _ GA 4-7G04 [75--COZY Ige. newer 1-br. autom.. wa«hr., fenced yd. You'n-llke It. '1050 CerrUoT oft E.- 10th. St. LIVE MODERN"--1 or 2-bodrm. ·eautltully furnished-for adults. Pool. 1765 OBISPO. SEDEC, Ige, l-bdrm..- ocean.view, mod. furr.., w/w carpet. 1 vent hL Garage. Adults. 1152 E. 1st. 552.50--UPPER 1-BR.- apt., clean, washer,. furnace, Servel, buses; Adults. 1710- Lime. ONT Shore--Lee., clean 2 bedr. lower. Nr; beach. Opel 2-4. 25 St. Joseph. CE C-ft3flS. 5--INCL. utll. Comp, redcc. 1- BR, 'LRC. llv. ,rm. Convenient loo. Adults. 2515 Olive GA -1-1237 0--MODERN studio type, cal furniture,-pvt. pauo, gai 1 GE 3-7261: GE 3-443X -tropl- SEE TO APPRECIATE 1-bedrm. duolex ; S65 2364 LIME j5 MO. Utlls. pd. ·Nico furniture, new paint, lower. 1 child OK. No pels. 533 W. 17th. BE. Spacious, very nice upper, S90. 2615 E. 6th St. 4 0 5 4 0 7 E. 1st St. Large 2-br, Oar. Disposal. «SO. CE 4-5404. PAC. 1-N. · + pulldn. Gar. apt. car. 1005 Appleton. HE 5-3027 EL: SHORE 2-Er.. gar. nr. trans, 5017 Llvlngsto- Dr. lu to C p.m. , .SIDE--Nr ocean. Clean l-BH gar, apt. Child. 3223 E. 1st. ROOMS--2-BR. Lower. Furnace IB Falcon GE S-3201, AHGE sine: 5U MO, dbls. Utll., tl-IB PLA/A. r H-* WK. IIP. Wles. * ll., el«v.. child, OK. A/A. .825 W. OCEAN WILLMORE--315 W. 3rd St. Furn. dble. apt. New wall-to-wall carpet. Soundproof bldp. Apt. 1000 NICELY Fl-.RN. 1-BDRJI: APT. VERY CLEAN.,. 1 CHILD OK. WASHING FAC. 1834 .WALNUT. Nice Redec. 2 Bedims: Teenage ok,, 443 'Oranue LARGE nicely turn. Single, carpet, vent. heat, quiet, * Utll. pd. Adults. 1152 E. 1st 563. HOD. dble. nr . town ocean. Frigid.. O'Keefe-A Merrltt ranee. 041 E Brtiwy. No. 8. HE 2-268] LARGE rodec. Downtn. Single modern furnishings. Quiet. SC5. Utll. pd. Adults. 527 W, 3rd. IEEAL Location . -- -102 Orange- 150- Ave. 1 blk. to ocean. Bgle.. 4 ~ i dble. Disposal. Adulta 19.50 WK. l-bdrm. Zverytnln furn. Children o.k. GE 9-0203: HE S-9110 ' HELM. · SHORE -- Lge, dbl. adults. Children OK. Utll. PI SS5. 3921 Livingston. CE 8-0141 «55 -- NICETtdec. sgles.. uppers w-w icarpet, . sges.. ppe . utll. pd. Ldry iac stnut. . SIDE--Clean, nicely furn. 1-b upper-(rear.) 3223 E. 1st St. -BDRJIi · duplex. 517 Oblepo Ave. · Ph. GE 8-9229 '5--UTIL pd. 1-BR. Child- OK. Cln. 1082 Raymond. GE 4-1-103, 65--1 bedrm.. utilities paid. Artcsla_Blvd., Bollflower.^ Bill NEW, 1-BR: w-w carp,, dlsn . fan, nicely turn. Adnlts. 173S E 10th. GE 3-1981, HE 5-7212. J75. -WRIGLEY modern- fnrn. Ga- rafie,-disp.,'washer, yard. Cpls. no pets. Bus Hi blks. HB..8 Slii WK, Nr. bus, completely turn, 730 E. Esther, 1 blk. S\E. ol Atlantic A Pacific Cst. Hwy. BELMONT SHORE--1-Edr. -uppe Adults. $SO.Incl. utll. 5125 E Ocean Blvd. OE 3---78S4. children, -wau ^ heater. 233 Lime. OA 7-4852. NTN. Iwr. Snl. dupl. $45. Vent, ht. T-T stove, Servel. HE 2-1290 -BK. Gardenia Adults. Utlls. pd. J58. 1823 GA 4-0601. · ARGE 4-room lower pets. $55. 027 Lime. 145--3 RMS. .Utlls. pd, 1 child only. "4176 Elm .Ave. -HE S-4178. JO--CLEAN 1-BR. N.L.B.-' Gar. Hutchison. 5708 Atl. GA 2-6129 65--CLEAN nicely Turn. 1-Bll. duplex. Adits, 2412 E. 19th St. $50--NEWLY dec. sgle. Tile kltcl en 4 bath. V blinds. Servel 415 W. Hill St. GA 4-7194. 7 5 -- 1 Clean. - BR. LOWER DUPLEX. Ino. 1048 Heliman. 60--'UPPER 1-BR. Includes gas 4 indry, rm. Adults, 1434 Florida 57.50--Cozy cottage type. Uulet. Appleton. HE 0-4354. 60--LGE. 1-BR. UPPER. CHILD OK. 2161 E; 17TH. CB 3-0360 J37.50--DNTN;- Sm. upper apt Utlls. 1 person. 619 B. 4th St. -BK, carace. $75 Incl. utlls. Adults. ii2o Junlpero. LOVKLY 1-BR. Bay view. .$9ii . Utll. Pd. Child O.K. GE 8-7790 BDRMS. CLEA.N WELL FURNISHED. Adults. 1813 E. 7th. JPPEK 1-Bdrm.. S57 O.K. GA 7-5607. SEAL BEACH--2-bdrm. Oces view. $100 mo, GE 3-5139. 771 E OCEAN. Dble. upper. Fire. Sunrm. 2 beds. GE 9-3663 [70--925 TERMING. I-BR. UP PER. BABY O.K. GAR. AVAIL $60--1-BR. Big yd. pets. 497 : " )upl*xts and Rots IUMFUKNI3HID1 104 1039 E. OCEAN BLVD. I*e. 2-BR. 4 den, Ocean view, upper flat. Heated TWOl. S125. Adiuts. Gar. avail. HE 6-4i5 N.L.B., $55.1 BDRM. Shower. % blk, to bus. 03 E 09th Way. HE 7-1040] GE 9-6630 QUIET -- 1-Bli. Duplex. · Adults 560, Nr. buses, stores, etc. choice NLB loc. 6030 Orange GA 3-3011 S85-- 2-br. dup. Gar. Avail. Ma:. 1 child OK No pets. Nice area 2993 Pacfc. HA 9-1422 ME 3-812r ,2-BDKM.. 2 baths Belmont Hts SHO. $15 rental fee. · . Craotree Corners. IDC. GE 3-4911 2-BR. SB5 MO. 1 child OK. Wate: pd. Key_at_40l_E. Market^ ,_. _:ey at 4 GA 3-79S1 J. W. Reed GA 2-S32S ^.L.B. modern 1-Br., gar., adits Close to everything $05, GA 3-532- BELMONT SHORE--2-BK.. J35 141 GLBNDORA '_GE 4-658' 2-BR, Newly dec. Yard work Inc Extras. 1733 E. 56th GA 2-394 NR Wilson HI. 1-BR. 4 pulldn Child OK. $70. GE 8-0884 aft. 5 LARGE ]-bdrm. $62.50. Adults. W pets. 771 Lomn Vista Dr. 1-BDRM. duplex, gar.. dHsp. Nice 213 E. 68th Way. $Q5..GA3-77a __.^, .cln. l-BR.-Auto, wshr. dryer. Utll pd: Nr. bay ft bus, 5711 E. 2nd St. GE 4-8029. SO ?53--REDEC. Sgles/, 1 front refrlg., shwr. autom. -'washer w/\v carpet. 830 Chestnut. .ELMONT Shore -- 1-BR, lower $67.50.Water 4 ras pd,. GE 8-3703 :· HE .6-967765--2-BR. lower; aluo $45 sgle. utll.. pd. Nr. ous 4 stores Adults. 226S Locust Aye. . ;60--NEW sgie. Garb. disp. Thermo heat. Utll pd. Adults 1728 E. 7th. St. .' HE 6-270C UPPER -2-BR. .Newly decor. Nr mkts. 4 bus. A d u l t 3 l 7 3 5 E ,10th St CE 3-1981:'HE 5-7215 Seal Bch.--Rear 3-BR. cott. Adits No pets. $85. GE 3-513 YOU WILL like this Mod. bachelo apt. 1713 Pine. $55--CLEAN 1-BR. upper. Adults 739 E. Willow, GA 4-4437. HOUSE trailer, 3 rms, Refrig. I hot wtr. Cmpt area. HE 5-129 $57.50 UPPER 1-Br.. . Panelray _adlt«: 341 E) 18th HE 2-3753. DBLE.-, util. pd., 3 closets, als 1-Br. 4 den. 230 Nleto' GE 8-125 SCO--CLEAN SRle. Utll.. adits. N pets; Inq. 2133 E. Anaheim. }50--1-ER. Utll.. Baby o.k. N Santa "Fe. GE 3-1007. GA 2-474 MAN Tor attract, sgle. W-w cp 'shwr., tub. Util. pd. 926 E. 4th SM Cottage, 1 adult. Utll., shw 538. 1969 Raymond HE 2-190 $45--1-BK. nr. bch. Child o.k 129-12 Seal Beh. GE 9-6589. S53--SINGLE.-NR. OCEAN. DOWNTOWN. 4 7 L I M $57.50--NICE Ige. 1-br, Adults. : pets. Apt. E. 1435 E. 7th, St. WRIGLEY, Lite, cheerful 1-br. S-br. lower. 1988 Chestnut. $40_SGLE. Close JAX RENTALS in. Tot ' HE 2 $85--I -RM.. apt. Clean, very clos In. Adults. 812 E. 4th St. close-in. SGLE. · Upstairs, close-in. Adul $50. GA 3-3335 bet, If), alter k'ftch,. "cabinets: Inq. ilgr, Cerritos. Apt. H 734 $05; SINGLE . I Venetians. Furnace. Tile shower; Lovely.. kitchen. Util. pd. Auto, washer. 1710 E. 4th St. ' . CHILDREN WELCOME 3 rooms' and batti. Xow .runt 730-A Chestnut. ·R. OCEAN.-BEL, SHORE ·S67.50 UP. ' 1-BDRM. APTS Adults. 25 Argonno. · GE 9-333g_ -Ingle.- W-w carpeting vertical blinds, · garb, disposal birch kltch., cabinets, Inq.. Mgr 734 Ccrrltos. Apt., H. ^ ^ j utilities. Beaut., turn sunny slnsle. Ideal 'for couple o single person. Nr. Lincoln -Pk Ik Ocean. 125 Dal«y. HE -2-8089 57.50--CLEAN single. Recently _ n. TJtli: Pd. TV ant Nr. Ralphs. Adits. No P«ts Jingle. . redec. - refurn. Ltll. ant. Nr. Ralpl 1131-St.-Louis HOLE- £--Wrlgley dlst. Birch cabs. i. dlsp.. V-blinds, tile bath phone outlets,. .laundry 1875 Cedar; Mgr. Apt.__6_ ' INGLES--5SO 4 $55.. DblU.. «65 Elderly people Invited. Blevato -laundry. 637 Magnolia. 12.80 WK- Small upper double Nr. bus. rakts. utll. pd. Adits 1515 E.. Broadway^_GA 7-6610 ^SGLE, 3 rms. Jt bath, upper .Washer: Adults. BEi. dbl. 11 Q3 Mahanna. _ 1 jtedec. 3£l. also lovel . . . maple furn., w/w carpe adults. 6E 8-9883. GE 8-ziS6 S--utll. pd. Clean. Sgle. Ealcon type 1722 Henderson, betwee Mairnolla * Chestnut^ - - . . modern court, vie. A latitle ft Willow. 1 Infant o.k Free washer.- CA 2-8732. ICLE APTS. --"Evjrything fur J50 '»55 per mo. Includes utl 1 steam heat. 82.-) W. Bdwy. 45--SINGLE. Gas -4 water pd 1-BR. IBS; Gar. 145 Orange. HE 8-1708: GE 1-1032 tY- day week or month. Clean lame singles. Adults only, 3820 SANTA FE N.L.B. Attractive furn, sgle ap TV. laundry. »60. 7100 Llm Ave. ME 0-1869 or GA 3-1285 Unfurnlilwd Aptt. NEW DELUXE Lge. 1 or 2-BR.. 1 story apt Only 11 families-to enjoy heate pool. Rear. 7029 Orange. RARK ESTATES--i-br.. apt, carpef lots of storage, space, kltch.. disposal. -' · · 5201 Anaheim Rd. GE 3-822 m* Jnfanilihd Apft. 107 Pwnltlwd «W CONSTRUCTION j LAKEWOOD- .GARDENS . . laundry »- cinttT Shopping district . '^ BRAND:New $69.50 JSiutllul niw 1-br. apts.. nevn lived In 8om* havs beam cell., .nwd. ifri.. TV'* oh. outlet. Pan- ilrav -heat, ' (UD .shower, ·- etc. Ammatlc Washer t dry.r furn. Bei now.' 1710 Coronado. L. B, UnfurniihtdHoiiMs 110 . $60.UPi"-: B««ut fiirn.-uniurn. 1, 2, -!'· Uodirn Adjacent ichoon, mkts.. Jili CHILDREN .WELCOME:: 1050 N. WM-.rn"Ave., San Pedro TE 2-4259 ' Tl. 2-4250 $85 :UP-- LOS ALTOS Sparkling 'n«w : 1 "t ".2. bdnns. 1213-57 San .Ansellne. . . Blk. E. of Bellflower A Stearns. Open daily 'til 7 p.m. , . ^. 936 .'CEDAR- Brand new 1 BRs. * sgls. Some have w/w · carpet * hllt- -In ovens * ranges. All have hoods fans, dlsp., .ash cabs., V-bllnds- t "ouvered^ windows, .Will f iimisn single. GA 7-8953. 195 DN. will, buy my beautiful 3-br.. '2-ba.-. ranch style Some. BBQ * patl" PYKTS. OISS THAN RENT. LA 2-6128. HEATED'POOL Spacious' 1-BR., louvered windows, ash kit., wardroSe closets dlsps.. Idry., lovely patio. Con- FOR Sale, J195 dn. · will buy my 4-b'r 2-ba* home In Buena, Park. G.I.' resale, pymts like rent. LA .2-15120.. 1711 E. 3RD ST. NEVV. DELUXE;APTS. ^'ZIE. JR. ; N PAUL '- -- ·1V8EDROOM. »75. 2 BEDP.OO.MS. J125: GAR., Jll HE 7-3796. Mrs. Jones · 'BRAND'NEW Tiara apts 1-br, Built-in elec appliances. W/ pool . carpet. Heatei 1235 E. Ocean Blvd. _ DeLuxe-Lge. 1-Bdrm. 'Venetians, dlsp., nat. wood'cah Pullman bath, garage .avail Adults. 6171 Orange. GA 3-3J9J BELMONT'HTS. 4437 E. 4th St Z-BR. apt. over gar. $60. Convt to -stores, bus lines, lagoon, course. Take 7our pick! . water pd. Gar, avail. $78--LARGE 1-BDRM; W-w-carpet dlsp., dual .furnace .HEATED POOL . - 500.-ORAN5E--APT.3 Bonper 'Circle Apts. Ntwly ' decor.·' l-bdrm. · $62.5 Reirlg fum. Stove.avtlL $2.51 · 1250-E. S Antonio Dr GA 4-430. $65--1-BK. Mod. de- luxe rear. Dlsp Ldry. Breaktat counter. Adults, no pets, SEA. BEACH, 221 '7th. St. Apt. GE 9-1210; HE 7-5235 800 ROSWELL--OPEN New 1-br., mahog paneling, In '-terior planters..all extras. Adults $70. Gar, avail. GE 9-7551. 1 * 4 at 5455 OKANGE Xtr»' lie. 1-br.: ·! upper 4 Ibwer. Adults. $75 w/garage Key at 401 .E. MAR GA 3-7981 J. W. Ree MARKET. ~ id GA 2-83 62800 CHERRY Heated pool, Ige, p»tlo, 1-br bkst. bar. w-w carpet. Adults. 1020 E. 6TH-ST. NEW 1-BR. ' Stove 4 refrii avail. Close to Downtown Area NEW BUILDING 1-BR ' apt?. Wired elec. or ras $70 mo. 7?5 Euclid. GE 3-897 INDEPENDENT. - 109 JANES RENTALS ' FEE I ONLY 621. 4th, PLACED - HE.6-1979 151ALAMITOS--Lovely .2-BR., newly 'decorated · home, · rarage. Ht fenced, landscaped lot, Fur- nitur. like new.; Lease. $125 mo. Reference!. Broker. UN . BR. dbl. gar.,, fruit trees. Small -child CK.-- 7072 Thornton Ave.. (off-KnottKd.V GE.3-3621. New 3-BR. * iSeu * ,4-BR homes. .2 baths., fireplaces, all eiectrio kitchens patios, ' sliding glass .!oor». 1 block from Freewav · nr. Li Palma 4 Gilbert. $135 Sec Mrs. -Chappell, 924 Alona. P1..JA 7-1156. "~~ ... FOR SALE 1195 dn.. 1 3-br. hwd. firs., range, refrig.. comb, .washer-dryer, disposal, drapes * curtains.' Land- send.-, front, k rear. $110.50 PAYS ALL. LA 2-B120, ·' tile ULTRA .MODERN - 2-bdrm... w-w carp., frplc,, ... bath, elec., *· dlsp.. Barbecue patio. Peed, yd., nr. ichools shopping.:, U.N 3-0131. ills--3-BR.,.- 2-batb home, w/w caiset · in^L.R. 1 child. OK/ No pets.. Nr. Garden Grove Shopping Center. Avail Feb.? 15. HA 6-1422: ME.-3-8126. I-BEDKOOM, .144 bath, · disposal, · ·nice yard, unfurn. or partly turn.. No. Belltlower. *125. TO 1 G-2389. · : - t' HIHT1 ·; NOW LEAS Y - , , - - . ·-IN' G. _--··,· .· OOD ntr -:7-7111 MONDAY. - -fc'OK LEASE · ·'HOME AND OFFICE . Beautiful .exterior'.* .interior.. Three entrances, - six spac. sep. rooms. -Service .-porch,- enrages,. ·220 wiring:.Nice vard.vl«18 Fa- . cllic "Ave. GA I-885S a,m.s. _ . 4:OQ..p,m.. 15x30 ioNED whisle 4 retail ntte spot) -- .-..^r.-----*40 1 000 -sq. -ft., warehouse, · · . · office, etc. _ -.:_-----'. $65 8600. so.. It- -Xlnt.- street, frtnjc. on Daisy, side tract*..i^i--1210 REX'L. HODGES CO.' Bob West · ".-Ph.'HE 7-3583 INDUSTRIAL":- ·BLDGS.--3600',, 4500Y-8300' to 59500. 4c sq. ft. UP--- . -. · . SITES--82x135. 1 acir,-.3U AC,,10 Ac.,' up. Trackage available. Build tilt-up- to lult.: 5c net. BILL BROOKS : -HE'2-4421.. isex.,' offices. · · HE 8-8523 Moving end Storoq» 116 . MOVING- OR STORING? FRKE EST MIN. RATES ,TJORSEY--TRAN3FER ME 3-361S B«ach, .Mtn.. (KM HINT) TTi sell ray 3-br. 2-ba. GI resale In .Garden-'Grove, fenced washer Incl. for »9S\dn. 1110 · mo. pays all. LA .2-6120. · · 115, 1-BDRM. New, Ige. fenced yard, patio. Adults. .11874:-206th St. 6 bins. No. of Carson, 2 blks. E. of Pioneer. UN 5-1252. NEW 3-bdrm.,, 2-baths. h«e. w-w carpet. Covered patio. Fenced. Drapes. 1150. 'SBIO · Trafford. NB S-6637 3-BR., 2 bath, fncd · yard, qu te clean. I^r. all-schools catholic. Choice location, "' -MA 5-7496. "Bkr. [58--1-BR.,. gar. Fencid-lor tots. 160--2-BR., nr schools i'bus. JS5--2 . den. Gar. .Nice area. Rltr. GA d-1631) J90--2-BR:, fenced .yard. Adults. Partly--fiirn; After 7 .p.m.-^IE 3,8087. ^ T E %.dre^ol tC "?2 n 43ri R -22lt d h Pti. HE 2-7144,. 2-BR. home gar. on Market St. i W.°R..d GA-2-832S TM 800 American HE 6-9751 n«gley_ BUENA PARK, 3-br., fenced, · near school, w-w $95. $75 -- LWK 0 ,rms.. close la, children. pet ok. Will furn. I£. de. sired. 2-8R.,_Dbl. Alt-- . L ~"S120 month--1 year lease. GENSNEBEKER " - - HA S-K* $90--3-BEDROOM, 2-hat.^ 1-car narage,' children O.K. Close i« school. Artesla-. Topaz 2-027, i r . l . A R V A S ~ ALL PRICES See ^ ffrst^-Home Rentals 5951 Cherry. N.L.B, - GA 3;0205 $95--3 BDRMS.. hardwood firs. *:!__,. .li_*.~ i f l ^ i o tUllnrtn Kf Gard'cn "dlsp. 13312 Grove. JE Wilson 7-1350. St.. -BR. Carson Park, Fenced yard. Children OK. Clean.' Vacant $100. HA 9-4528. 33R. incl. Karaite. Kefrlg. f move optional. Teenager ok. S3J Freeman. Reas. -CE D-2672. COLORED--2-br.- Clean, Ige. llv, rm. (Must have, floor covering) 585. 1127 E. 12th St. · . 2-BK. home. Lkwd. W/w carpe. fenced yd. Children welcome, $90 mo. TO 8-2752. 2-BR, .g«. deluxe. Colored fixtures soundproof, etc. 3801 Mayfleld si "brW/E. 10th 4 llth). BEAUT, .2-br. .lower. 1029* Pa- clfio Xv«. Perm. Mid. aged cple No nets, no drinkers. CA 3-7641. BELMONT.SHOBE^DE LUXEJl- BR, UPPER. ADULTS. $75. Gar. avail. 220. Argonne. i-BR. 1 Ground floor. Dntn.. Yxtnf large, clean_'-BR. Adults. 610 Pacific LGE mod. 1-br. lota, of ·- closets, a% aa -- ··-- - w " hir ^ . Rose- Florists. per. CLOSE T.O V. 10th St, Inq. 10th 4 P'aclflc! $67.50--1-beclrm. S, gar. Parquet t'J.';.Jgg'j.A'y-^ MN l ir i.^- d -'- t -, g H ., . B7S4 Hammond. 5-RM apt. Stove 4 refrlg. . Families welcome. Close ln..v\. Bdwv. HE 6-3855 fOExappt. $50--1-BK. front 1st floor. Stove autom. washer. Adults.. 1529 Cedar. HE 5-3378, LA1CEW000--1-bdr.. gar., Indry. nr shopp. S70. 5327% E. Carson. HA 5:7322; Webster 8-451], $7!f-PAKTLY furn. . 1-BR. upper Newly decor. blk, to bus. 3712 Falcon. CA 2-4484^^ 'SB i^BR. 1876~ Chestnut.. Child OK. casfwir. pd. $47. GA 7-2_Oj8 Fumlfhed HouMs 109 $62,oO--BIXBT Knolls, newly dec 1-BR. Garage av.-UL 4540 Banner Drive. CA - " _ 2 BR.. large upper front, ' f!A''4-g8'7* Or GE 3-7283 EELMONT SHORE. 46 , X I m I,ower 1-htdroom. Adults, AKJB You MovlnK?_Cal! Verne's transfer 4 Save! HA 5-3J31. $05--1-BR. I n f a n t OK. . · · iHE 5-3327 ' j 5 _l-BR. Alamltos, nr. Pac. Cst. Hwy. Adts. pity turn. BE 3-577 T SCO--l-BDliM. front. Gar. 2 adult 334 E. 51«t St. NLB. -V" " """ NICE 1-BK... upper, bus line. sm. -.child OTv., ;55. CE 3-S060, 1-BR. duplex In Paramount. $00. 1 small child OK. GE 7-0552. $55--CLEAN. 1-BR.upper. Adults. 739 E Willow. CiA 4-4467. OCEAN Ave. Bill. E. o! 1-BR.'lower. SSO. GE i jGE. cln. upper dbl. Aillts. $7D Incl. Gas-4 watei. 1725 E. 7lh. 2-BR. upper. Belraont Shore. Call GE 8-3787. . S5S.50--2-BDRll. duplex. Recreation Park. 1035 Prospect, 3EAUT 1-BR. 'Ocean view AdMs, No pels. $90. 3717. Livingston Dr. $75--2-BIJR1I. Clean. 2209 Cameron 1 child o.k. GA 7-7356 BEL. SH. 1 4 2-BR. Ice. upper. Mod. 118 Prospect. GE 9-7323. WRIGLBY DUPLEX--2-BR. Adits. 1 BEDROOM 2109 CEDAR HE 6-555; WRIGLEY--Lower 2 bedrms., gar. Nr. buses. 114 E. Hill St. $15'WK. $55 mo. apts. Utll. [ Children welcome. 2i Neptune . $60--1-BISDKOOM Duplex, clean 4 nice. Adults. Pnra. ME 3-8010. NICK spacious view apartment. 585. Adults. 930 E. Ocean. PARAMOUNT--S75. 2-bdrm. Baby XTv: 17000 Downey Ave.. NEW 2-br. duplex with gar. West side. $76. GA 3-2SOJL 2-BDRM. Garace. Children OK. 1750 Mollno--S90. · GE 9-0194 1-BR.. lower duplex- with' | Atlult.1. r.o pets. $60. GA arase. r-2530. $65--UPPER 1-br. pulldown. 450 O.-iwson. GE 9-3255; CE 3-4879. UPPER 2-BR. flat, $75 mo. 1528 Ei. 3rd. Adults only. No pets. PRIVATE HOME. G A K A G E, GENTLEMAN. HE C-5025. $S WK. Modern, close In, private entr.. man. 907 Raymond. BEL. SHORE--Cheerful rra. Empl. lady. 160 La Verno. GE 9-6426, Furnished Apartments 106 i j o i ; f l n 2149 Linden. VCCORDION, 12n B.. 10 switches. cfnv Mother-oI-Penrl. Offer. GE 3-3^75. ~ CASH 7? a iul$12.50 VVK. up Prlv.'entr.. oath. 7--10 Mon iere.y.. Motel. 1777 Cherry L.B. _ for Your Piano S S PIANO TO. GE 3-140.1 RONTALINI accordion, 120 Bass, like new. GA 7-3142. BEL. HTS.. lovoly upper, 3 closets. prlv. cntr.. gentlemen. GE 8-S747 VS'E BUY PIANOS Piano "Co. GA 4-7031 WE PAY^OST'bir. NE 5-8022 Dlt. GE 4-7458 $32.50--COOKING prlvll.. steam ht. Nice gentlman. 425 S. Ocean THOMAS 2-manual organ. Assume payments.- GE 4-9415. )NTN. Hskpi; Prlv. entr. Shower, ifriR. SS. Man. 421 Chestnut. 64-KEY blond spinet piano $200. TO 6-7867: 503S Fldler. iOOM for employed man. Private. Paramount area, ME 3-5200. REED organs. One collector's item. Prlv. party. HA 9-4350. Radio Television 80 TRADE IN CLEARANCE! 21" Packard Boll maple console TV, new picture tube- 1-yr. s $99.95 others -from S19.95. BERGMAN'S TV Lakcwooii Triangle 4207 Montalr HA 5-1971 Open Mon.. Frl. 'til I -KIV. ent. Inner spp. matt,, tile jhowcr. Nr. bus line. 5961 Mynle i. S6, 57, 58. Priv. rms. Parking, 1500 Alamltos. rear. KE 5-2247. '.boa: RENT A TV . · Rent will apply to purchase, i A. A. APPLIANCES Pbone nyw--Delivery today. 715 American HE 6-3248 195S HOTPOINT- portable . TV slicht shipment' dent. Save $30 Full Kuar. No dn Estern's, 3J44 JS. Pac. Cst. Hwy.. · · ., 21" Motorola console, out less thnn - mog. lull guar. Bltejn's, 3344 E. Pac Cst. Hwy. DISCOUNT SPECIALS Hi-Fi from Portable TV from . DORN'S. 251 ,E. 'V HOUSE CALLS ---i Small Appliance! Repaired CANTER HPWE. BE ;-:i7 L.B. Blvd. PH. GA 2-1063 BLOND console Packard Bell TV comb, with record changer. GA 3-6600 eves. CLOSED Tuesday. Roberta TV Sales A Service. 1103 K. Arte«la TVS. Top Condition Star. 1019E. 10th TVs $:5-$5o each. Radios $5-$l each. Dlr. 264* E. Anaheim. ZENITH l^Console $5 B * W TV 5205 E. 2nd OT 8-6685 ,'.50 WK. Quiet, clean rm. Reliable bachelor. Pntn. 515 W. 3rd. 40--GAR apt. Lge dble, Penslon- er or. enip. lady. HE 5-3774. 6.511. CLEAN, priv.. entr. Next shwl. No drinkers. 1104 Cherry. INGLE, or dble. Home privileges, TV. 834 Pine. HE 5-C839. Tub rtth dble. bod. S10- Priv. cntr. 1537 E. 2nd. $57.50--1-BB. Baby OK. Utll. pd. Nr. mxts.. bus. ]3 W. 21st St. PRIVATE Home, room 3S17 conquls'.a_ HA-1-1090 BELMONT Shore. Prlv. rm. _ bath, separate entry. GE 4-1779. LARGE fcont rm. Prlv. ba. . entr. S25 mo. 792 Termlno. GE 3-284J CLOSE IN -1--URN. ROOMS. 344 CEDAR PRIVATE cntr it bath, clean. 510. 518 Olive PENSIONERS--1 blk. Uncoln Pk Call GE 7-7731 or 437 W. Bdwy Room and Board 100 MAN^PKlVATE rra, t family style meals, lunches -p'ltd. lite 1'dry. TV. -S40 Junlpero. HGTS.--Nr. Ocean. «nt. Young man. opt. PK1V. GB.3-166C rm., l«e front, In priv lionie for'elderfy lady. Good foot care. GA 7-4052. · GENTLEMEN w n o appreclal Mom'e home-cooked meals. Clean rms Lite laun. TV. GE 9-9632. SINGLE room, board--Lady ' o man $15 wk. 434 w. 8th' St , -ZIE: 7-9460 NICE home--Private entr. baUi. _Near 3 buses. GE 9-5798. ' $TB~WK. Luncnes pud. Maid i. TV. 1912 "E. 10th. HE..7-975J ^apgrii.y^-A^ssic N 4g-^vf" M tr::'' y 'N^^8l ^^^/c^.^^ '.L.E,--I-Bdrm.. disposal, garage. 464 Smith Si. CA 2-8538. ilNGLE--UTIL. nado. Apt. 12. PD. 1043 Coro- GE 3-B6i $05--1-BR. furn. Child o.k. 1869 LOCUST GA 3-5659 43 GRANADA Near Ocean S50--· LOWER slnKlu. Quiet ndults. 327 Lime Ave. .. steam ht., utll. down- twn. Reliable adit. 537 W. Oeear. S75-S70., 2-BR., close Bixby Pk. He liable adits. 1818 E. 3rd.. $55--DBLE. Downtn. Reliable epic Utll. 39 S. Magnolia. $45--SGLK. Reliable- adult. Utll. stonm ht. 241-E. Seaside. NICE Kl. apt. Utll. pd. $45. 1... . Stanton PI., off 15th 4 Cherry. LGE. upper 1-BR-. Garage 112S Locust. HE 7-425!). 65--UTIL. 811 Loma pd. 1-BJ Vista Dr. ·BR., close in. LOWER 2-]JR: upper 2-BJt " E. 69tli way. Apt. 3. 2-BR., new. 1701 Coronado. J80 Crabtree Corners. Inc.» GE 3-491^ $67.50. -2-BR. OK. -- Teenager orjnfan 721 E. Z3-J. GA. 5M--l-BR. nr. Seaside_hosplta_ Child O.K. TIP pets.._ HE 7-816- 2-BR. UPPER. Adults only. $' rao. 2728 Magnol'" .dults ilia. NEW modern 1-hr. gar. apt, dlsi stove, rctrlg.' $05. CE 3-0833. 55--CLEAN-'sunny l-BR: uppe_ Adits. 1122 Hoffman. HE 5-J15 ' 8 AV 11.' 3320 Lime! GA'2-5946. NEWLi' decorated upper · sgle ClosMn. S40. Utll. Pd. HE T-210_ 55(1--j-BR. Stove 4 refrig. buses. '1180 Orizaba, QE 9-15*. BELM. Shore $65, lower l-bdrm parking space. 1S3 B Xlmeno VERY nice. Ige. 1-br. upper, garage. Adlis . 1745 Appleton. sgle.. stove, carpet. .. A.dft. 2219 Theresa, nr 7th BLMT. Sh.--Mod. 1-BK., w-w cl Adults. H i Benn.-tt. HE 5-9418 LIKE new 2-BR.. Gar. aval.. 1112 E Carson GE 9-7207. 4-S9i FURN. ' apartment. 1003S E. Jii- morfa, Belinower. TO 7-5629^ AJAX Apts. New. We catn children. 1445 E. HILL. CLN. 2 rms. 4 bath. utll. Gar. 1431 Hellman. -TIE 5-707' $80--I-BDKA:. f u r n . util. pd. · Small child wele. 1741'Chestnut. DO--CLEAN SINGLE. Child OK 925 Washington PI. . QE l'-2]fiG $3.0, K UPSTAIRS. 1-br 4 pulldn. Nicely furn. Adults. tS5.-3709 S. 2nd, S30 DAISY--Close - in.. lower dtle. Baby O.K. No drinkers. $55. LARGE SINGLE, UPPER CLOSE IN. HE 2-5524. 0. MO. UP--Complete housekeep Ing. Women only. 'GE S-8181. $41)--single. 850--t-rm. ,apt.. Utll, pd. chllfi .or pet OK. 1930 cherry. 1485 ELM AVE. Utils. pd. Baby ok. HE" S-60B3. BELMONT HTS.--Penthouse, 2-BR. Lovely view. Adits. 217 Belmont. ..... N ce sgle. S5, r i. Baby ok...HE s-cr" IR TOWN 4 St. Marts Hospital. 1-BR. furn. 1025 lime. DELUXK srle., adults., utll. furn., $60.- 1202 Termlno GE l-7P24 r, r i--l-BR. Clean. Cozy. Adults, 1723 £rle. Nr. 3rd, off Walnut. SOLE.. DBLE. Utll. · pd. Near Ocean. 34 Granada. GE 8-9450. MOTEU tee. apts. rms, $15 wk. up. Children ok. 3932 L.B. Blvd. MEWLY decor. Sgles; Adults. Utll. pd f80-S65, 638 Linaen. .-· AP"T. $14 wk. $55 mo, Utlls. r Children welcome 25 So. Daisy. $50--CLEAN, cheerful single.- Koll- away bed. Adt. Key llj^l Atlantic SINGLE apt. $15 wk.- up. -Utll, pd. Montarey Motel. 1777 Cherry. GROUND FLOOR SINGLE. . $30 - · 11S6' E. 17TH. 178GGAV10TA 1-br. apt.. $50 mo. Small child o.k.. -no nets. [15 WLEK. UTIlT PD.. 1-ER. 707 SUNRISE BLVD. $75--l-BR. Newly painted, ground - floor. Ill Loma. Apt. F. $40--CLOSE IN S K l e . / u t l l . paid. Man, 237 W. S'.h. HE 2-3120. 2639 WALL,- Slg- IIIH 3gl3.. dbls. Children yrelconu ; $60--SGLE. Lge, rms. 1452 Magnolia. HE '6-3J82; GA 3-1092. $55--DBL.: incl. -gas; good transp. Adits. Quiet. 1070 Loma. BELMT. SBORB SINGLE, ·ocean. ADULTS. OE $SO--1-BK. Near- ocean. Adits. -No petsV Belmont Shore. 51 Nleto. WBR. APT. Apply 123014 E. Ana- helm, apt. 6 . - · SPACIOUS - _... 760 ORIZABA.. GE ,, · stove, refrlg.. disp, Chll OK.*'-K20(t The Toledo. HE 4-917J LGK., RUSTIC STUDlO Type 1-b SEAL BEACH. tC5.- GE 9-50 NEWLY -'decorated upper sgl Close In $40. Utll. pd. .HE 7-210 l-BR. S70. Gar. avail. Watei 817 E. 46tJ. GA 2-2853. $85--NEW. ice. · .2-br. Wrlgle Dlso. 220 wiring, eve. GE 3-222 $80--NEW 1-BR, FRONT uppe Gar, avail. 3319 E. Broadway. $85-- NEW 1 BR. drps. Avail. Feb.. WTw.- carpe GA 7-01 au--.-vf. w 2-Bdrm.-1701 coronad Crabtree Corners. Inc. GE 3-49 SH. 2-Br. de- -luxe, , dlsp., gar, avail. 228 Nlo 5125--LRG. dbl. 2-br. · beaut, turn. utlla. pd. gas. Adults. 82R Linden DNTN. Sgle.. kltch,,- bath, .util., linens; clean'4 quiet. 328 Elm. L KWU, $S5-$]2S. 1 ft-2-BR. uor. Wshr Gar. HA.5-4405: HA 5-8674 CLOSE IN. Nice apt.. 1 or 2 adits. Bath, shower. 230 Lime. $75--1-BK. lower w-w. Adits. Slib i. NICK LGE. DBL ALSO SGLE. UTIL. .PP. 577' WALNUT. - $65--LWR. dbl' Bel. Hts., Mln util. Adults No nets HE.2-6MP $45--LGE. -nicely rurj.. single. Utll. pd. 1134 Stanley. GE 4-6214, TODAY. ONLY --·- $15 WK.. NEW DLX. BIXBY Kncl ,: G." 4-5862 $67.50--CLEAN--1-BR. Infant o.k. 1959 Locust. HE 5-8887.-. Apt. 6. 1-BK. $50. Utll't ^3.' 272X E. IBth $65--SUNNY, clean dble., Adulu. Close In: 530 Chestnut. .Grant H., Wilming-., S7-lQwkly $50--SINGLE.- V4 .blk- from ocean.. * AdultA'See mgr., 67-Alam'tos. .$70--1-BR. uppet front. . Clean, lUlet.adults. Close 1n. HE 6r4354. $65--1-BR. 4- .pulldown.. Vent . 'Lndry.-Ptll.-*J340 Junlpero. Vent,' hL $55--1-BR. upr. 'Utl. .pd. 1325 E. nr. Orange. HE '2-0015. ·3-RM...BATH.I Util..'Pd .155 CHILD OK. PluAEE 5-7645. *%iy!flitfri rir. Vt hlk. to St. $45 · MO.--S12.50 wk. Sgle. Child O.K;-34-a.-Surtllne.. Castro Ants. SEAL UEACH--3-rms. nr.-schools, utlls pd. 1206. Occ3.n: GE 1-228B LN sgl. apts. 4 rms $11 wk. up. MAGNOLIA Motel.'822 Magnolia $72.50--UTIL. pd. 1-br. lower. . child OK. 1414 Orliaba.. ,$65--}-BR. : GE 9-2137 Utll; 1 man Rear.. 1061 E. 145--UPPER igle. · All utll. 1789 Alamltos JAVt.. . KB 2-4935 1-BR.. N.L.B. dlsp.. $76. rar.. indr * 2-3576.70--2-BK. Lower. Sml. . f r y 0. 903 Cerrltos, Apt. B..HA 1-352 150--LAR6E 1-BK. UPPER: 90e"Alamltos.'. . GA 2-56 N. L. B. -DELUXE 1-BR. Heated pool. 6151 Linden Adults,' no pets. OA 3-3575 0 -- IMMACULATE. Ige. 1-BR., brkfst. area In Hitch., disposal. Adults. Near St. Anttonys. Key 1101 Atlantic. 2-BR. Fncd. Stove/wshr, grg., S95. 5116 Walnut. GE 1-3100: ' · FREE RENTAL service. Lakewoo* ME 3-0768 Bkr. -HA 1-72*5 2-BR., HEATED POOL PATIO, ADULTS. ntl TERMING. APT. 3-BK, fenced, w-w, .pool, tots HOME RENTALS. .GA 3-020 BDRM. lower, redec., stove FerriKTl child ok. No peu. $7 319 Mollno. . : · |60--SMALL 2-Br.- bouse, l chile 13tn St.- Bo? EAR .-town * St. Mary s pltaL.- 1-br.. Stove .*,-_rtIrl«.. lime. · · ^_: _ 60--BABY OK. 1-BDRM. Auton washer, nat. wood kitchen, wal furnace, disposal. HA 5-3191. iper. close In. Nr. bus. -BR. -r guest house. Louise. St 4 Garden Grove'Blvd. on 1 AC. Kent SS5 mo. JE 7-3528^ l-BR.-HOUSE' a: - GA 4-1467. .t 2134 Locust. $70 O.K.. Eastslde. GE '9-467 2-BR. Gas St water pd., 167. . Baby OK. wiim. TE 5-2144 .., 167. .Cple ' $55--1-BR. Garage. ' HOME RENTALS., Nice yar_ GA 3-020 SOS--2 BR. Lge. .-yard for HOME ItENTALS CA 1 3-020 1-BR. alone oh lot,- in City. Call after 4 DAven 6--t262 "168--2-BR. Fenced yard. Ga. Degley- 900 American HE - 6-lhj _ Partlv "Degley 900' American HE $75--2-BK. East. Gar. Baby · ok 'Degley 900 American HE 6-975 $75--2-ERT" Lgt. fenced yd. Ne' dec. FR' 2-T462. $85--2-BR. Dbl. gar. fenced. Degley 90Q American HE 6-97f i $50 -- 3-ROOM' house. Eastsld( Fenced yard. GA 7-8953.. · RMS., nicely furn., clean. 2-hr. 4 SPIT, porch, select disc., nr. mkts.. hus ^ard upkeep. Gnr. .Prefer 3-4 adults. £. side. 793 Raymond. 2-BK house. $85 mo. 1878 Orans - Ave. OSbOrn 5-7353, 1-BR. House 4 garage 565. 753 Adams St.. Paramntr ME3-264 2 A 3-BH. nouses, apts. A nns. ' eD ALL STATES MOTEL . i297 E. P«glnc Const · Hwy. ' UEST house, winter raws, close to .city center. Nicely furn. Prefer elderly -couple, adults. Box T--16SC lad-j ;62.50--1-BR. rear. 3119 E. OA 5-3116 or HE 7-3144. ' $57--1-BR. -Yard . for tots. J70--2-BR. Nr. Schools A bus." $.5-6^. Car. Fen^d yard. Klose In--ChUdien O.K.. Choice l-bdrm, * p u l l _ d n $65. 625 MAGNOLIA HE 6-811S BKL.MONT SHORE 3'BR. Sleeps G. Available now. ER., 1 kto GENE ' baths, dbL gar. $135 irf-s t year leaue, EBEKER HA .5-6449 TO $l: 1OUSES REALTORS ALL AREAS .Detley. 900 American SE C-9751 1-BRM house. Chain link fenced, country atmosphere. Pets \ OK. TP,*.Mfi.-l ;65--1-BR. redec., w furn., dining rm., carp.- Ilr. . .u.-., - ...... ,, ..-. -.,, Quiet couple. Inq. 827 W. ;150--3-br.. redec "fenced, BBQ. HU. HE 6-43 well furn.. dbl. 1 Kar. · Wrlgtey 354. 1081 ORIZABA--$110. Lee. 2-br. den No pets. No tee. Ph. HE 6-5185:- res. HE 6-744.5. :- OR.l-BR, house. Clean, modern Adits.- 1S Olive. HE 2-0359. ARTESIA -- Small 4-room nous Nice yard. UN 8-117D. $45--1-BR Yard. Tour OK. JAXRENTALS HE 2-090 ARTESIA, 2-br, 165. Sell liv. rm set ;05. UN 5-5682 or ME 0-640 $105--NEW · 3-br. in Eelinowe 9902 Beach St.- HA 5-0130, $55--NICE 1-br. house garag On bus -line. 2-128 Kasv ""$75 2-BR. Yard. Children:.OK JAX RENTALS .' HE 2-091 l-BDKK.. $55. 1 or Z childre welcome. Paramount. ME 0-481 $85. CLEAN 2-br. 4- sen. din. rm Child OK. 2318 Olive. HE 6-913 590--3-BR.. fenced yd., gar. Kid JAX RENTALS HE 2-Q9_ $85-- 1-BDRM. Clean.. Carat Adults. 1570 Elm Ave. igo -- 2-BR- Gar. Children 0 J'AX RENTALS HE 2-09 2-BR.--NR. Carson 4 Norwal .$80. Child o.k. Alex HE 15-742 LOS ALTOS--3-br.. frpl., ' fcnc yd. Kids QIC $125. OB 3-040 LOVELY 2-BR. Plaza. I-'rpl-. dls wshr. $110, .lease. GE 9-60; CALIF. HGHTS Mod. Snanl . stucco 2-br;. gar, dlsp. 3565 Llm $48--1-BR..- In rear, wall furnac rcdec. 1351- Newport. GE 3-14P stucco, renced yd.. tlle!«gn~2-Blt iiouse · garage, 32: · ----- --·-- ""*' v,-. Laurel. Compton. GE 3-14 __ _. ., , tieut y u --TM 1 :"' bath t kit., autom. whr Take child. 1217 St. LOUIS. OE S-S181. from Lakewood blks. :-BDI»I. 5 OIKS, ironi i.ancvvuj£ Center. No small children. 5143 Barlltr Ave.' ME 0-1270 L · Office Desk Space 11 I85_3-BEDROOiI Children. Furnace. Tile. Yard. 152 E. Plymouth HE C-5835 ^V^IV.-BR! newly dee., near sth 4 'Magnolia. a:te' 5. p.m. liE 2-1711. 2-BR. V- blk. tote;one. N .. shopping dist.. 2 o pets. 2 blks., schl. MODERN medical, building for attorney or accountant. UN 3-7611. 10930 Hosecrans. Norwalk. · MAN--$50. Close .In. Clean 1-Br. K cottage, Utll.' pd. TV. HE 5-4431. Business-Industrial (fOU. KiNTI 1-BR. Furnace. Qwnei 2019 ,E. $67.50.. Adults. th... GE 9-8241. NAPLES -- Cute 2-BR Nn.nrtv Yacht JJarbor; .$135.. 6E 3-0403. $60--UTIL. pd. 1-BR. Nr. pegley. .900.Amerlcan HE t ~2-BR.- HOUSE. -ADULTS .4444 ,E. STH ST.. - .._ $50--SMALL- clea-i cottage, gooc transp:745 E. Esther.-ife J-4231 Jnfumlrt«d Aptt. 107 . Llv« In nloutllul HILLCREST APTS. Now'RMitlnfl . New Dilux* a-IH. Ajitl. Children W«lcom« ' Clou to »ho«U, ihaprlnl, «c. from * $69.50 Ptr Month (Mo »«n»ql F«f) Inioy Orxlo'ui l^lnu Shawwt. , : TV Annnit. , Hardwovd ' Fl*«rs . ,' f.rhlna .CALL G A 4-5461 - turfrlit »onu« f«r Y»« ^~3028 Santa F*, Apt. 1 · An.llwr Ctwk*' ImtlM 1074, E. MARKIT ST. . ". .'- .visit AIH..I ·?. i. Fro* $79.50 943 $5S--l-BR. home, fenced yd. Tot HOME CENTALS GA- 3-020.' KNOTTY pine cottaze. Furn. Cpl( nreferretC 524 E. 15th St. LfB. BELLFLCWEH--S69 2-BR.. P»«y [urn. 072B Artesla Bl. TO 6-8679 2 BR.. car. fenced tor tots GA $B7_"-BDR., Dartly furn.'(Rear. 2567. Adams^ Alex. HE 5-742^ $45--SINGLE cottare. yd. .Navy^ol Inn. 2180 Eucalyptus.-: HE 2-1905 $55 -- 1-Bli., wall bed. furnace 7030-B E. '19th. OE. 8-1846 paid. 2-room cottage, 1736 Rose, $7S. LGE, double. -30X30 llvy rni. Sntn narking. MtrM040 E. 4tl $85--2-BB. Lge. E. j-lde. . Yard Oegley, 800 American HE .6-075 $80--1-BR. Gar.. Nr.,bui.- storei ·JAX RENTALS · HE 2-090 JllO -- 2-BR. Nr. May Co.-Gar ,- SOO American /HE 8-975 $70--2-BR. house.-Yard.-Tots OK. JAX RENTALS - HE 2-f"" $W MO Clean 2-BR. Lakewood Baby OK. HE 2-34S3. - - - ' $85--2-BR house. JAX KENf ALg -HE '2-080 LOE. clean 3-br. Near bus, shops No pea. 1030 Hlllman. · ' · .- S7.50 -- s-BR;: fenced. JAX ItESTALg ~ . J60--2-BK. Wert! Yard. 2 Chlldrm «XX junirlcan HE e-»75 FOR LEASE OFFICE SPAC Approx. 900 sq. ft, 1 New alr-condltloned Bldjr. BIG- BEAlt LAKE RENTALS Ph. HE 5-7798'-'anted to Rent 122 Landlords' : Eree TENANTS' lax -Rentals 'HE J 2-.0907 FREE TO LANDLORDS ·-'DEGLEY. REALTORS 900-American- · · ..;.:."'HE' 6-8751 FREE'TO' LANDLORDS · iOME RENTAL-SERVICE JS1NESS,, woman desires--1-BR. partly -fum, mod. apt; Near bus. Easts!de- between 3rd: 4-- Ocean. Zone 2 or 3. Ph. noons or af. 5 p.m. HE-7-4139. Ent.-2."' LANDLORDS -- ALL AREAS ' No charge. · Select': "Tenant* Mlljy Becker :-Healty MISS JACKSON . . -,.GA.4-1630 DUPLE--2 unfurn. - a To $85. Degio: small babies, · want , partly'-furn. -2-BK. OOP American : OUPLli--Small' turn;' -cottage or house. 2 show-'dogs-well- disci* pliTied. HE' 6-7114,:"'-.-.. AMlLY--2 cnlldren;-want 2 at 3-BR. unfurn. Bel. Sli.-'To $85.. Degley 91)0 American-HE-6-9751 ' 1C. Bixby Park. 2-br. -house or apt. 2 small children: 1 Furn.-or unfurn. GE 8-S682. ·-: " v PLIABLE family sceklog" home. Lkwd. or K.L.B. .vJc: Tflnt: refi. Agent, No charge. · GA'-~3-0204. ANT to rent. 2-bdrm,, 'furnished house .or- apartme ' - - - - - area. GA 9-3666. house .or- apartmentr'LOs" Altoa - - 1. -frc-v- BR. noufie. leneed yd. »Cple. S; 2 dogs. Up to $90.~.-WrIte P.O. Boa .1968. Long Beach*-!.' OIIEOWNJ-:KS rental- service. No chnr. HA 1-7215 ME ·.3-076.8. Ekr. usiness Opp. 126 Buyers Bulletin,-Board i 2180 'AMERICAN · AVE. 1 Read the ads--then 1 Check the Bulletins-Board COMPLETE INFORMATION ' Bars. Cafes, Stores Service stations, dlstrlbutorahlpl .etc., etc.. etc · Buyers Bulletin-Board 248U AMERICAN '"OAk 7-088* , N'i'JSRESTED, In -49000-. annually · v.1th mln. guar. of 1125 -·wkly. T . expenses to start? phone-1UL-,- LER ERUSH-^HE 7-2895- for in-- tervlew. Phone -,k car nee.-, -25-40, married.' Must ,5e employed du« to shdrt .waltli.? period.- .Full-...time v;ork: ' -., ··:. AFE for sale. Oinier'Tor 9 yrs.. selling -because o(: Illness. Acros. from State Part-.. .All-stalnlesi dteel '.'equip. . S50DO.: cash;- -Heffron's, -Caplstrano Beach..' .. · NET $16,000:'YEAR · . Retail Business.-.. Exclus. franchise. Short-hr». 4-*«· overhead. 523,UOO J-.P. Investigate. 'Bkr., UA 4-5888. · ' : · - ····'· COCKTAILS, cards, plnballe, hunting, . fishing, skiing area. .100x100 1 lot. Hwy. 395. Roa'd to Keno. $55,000. Call Andy. ,GE.S-Slo8 or Bishop 7842. '· . . ·- .crante'd Die JHlP di3senslon;.-patcnt4 .$18,000 · stock..'Involc* ies, special tools Inc. Make an offer' you are a mfir.-.-- HE 5-2737 .·;.- . BEER. Xtra- sharp. Does., $2.0ol ' jno, with no* op-, or. should dble. $3000 dn. Houat of Opportunities,. GA .4-5588. iMjVLL cafe, 204 Ocean.rHunUng- ton Beach. Good locat. XJnt busl- ness. Reaa. By owner.:' . iOuWUNO hous^ furn., 'business. pr6i«rty + 2-br. House unturn. To see eu.ll owner. -HE 2-3520. 4UST .sac. wholesale tobacco- A candy,.business. Well esrab. $5,000 to handle. BE 2-2085. BAREEJt SHOP--3-chalrs/ estab. 28 yra. Good business, -'xood location.^ a l H E 5 0 5 4 2 . SHOP Completely quipped.',· Will 1 -teach 'buslnesa, fa 0-2143: even. GE'1-2673. CAFE--Dntn. loc. Seats ,45. Lota-, ol equlpt. Gross to SISO.'day. It's a money maker. BE;2-:(iOO. :'OOD processing.- stucco' building. M-l. corner lot: reasonable rent. Box A-46SS, lnd.-P.-T. " SEER--L.B.-(plush seats, .no less), did $108 last Sat. *r500 f.p. 52000 req..Bkr. GA.4-5588. '_ CAFE--Idsal cor. · Good^-,equip. Abuy at $3.000, Terms.'.;. · · GA 2-20G2 Akers GA' 3-459J CKTLS. 4" dinners. S10.000 dn. Owner ' will carry. · Bl-Rlte, HS ~ 5124, LIQUOR dept. In marlut,-$14,008' mo. A sparkler: Bl-RIte. HB 0-512-1, · XTU.--Heart dntn. Gr. $7500. Prlco $22,500, Low dn. Jim. · HE 7-3589- · Gross GKOC . In d.i '$4000 mo. -, ^ stock. Bkr. · 5430--AtlantIc. COFFEE shop. Rent"^70; · Gros» · $6o day. Closed 3-p.m.- Sun. _|2850. Terms. ,Bkn GA^.2-1247. GROC., beer Ic wine: Averace 195? S200 day. Rent $85' -with 2-br. apt. Ekr. - G A 3-5466..^ RESTAURANT? equlpt. ~" S-04I4. _ _ . . 16 -stools, fulljr equlpt. $60 mo. rent. Eves.' GB BEER Bar. Hot spot! -Rent- $65. ·36DO Block Atlantic^^ $2,000 mo. +: james:- £'» make_r- Phone MR. WELCH. CA 4-0761 Terms'. Bkr. · GA· 2-1MT CHOC. Rent *55 Inch- llv.. quarters. $3450 F. P.-Bkr. CA 2-124T_.._ 115 CAI-'B, 12 stools. W..-fclde. .$13511. · lln. Must sell. .Bkr.,'GA.-3-S46a.. JERGINS TRUST BLDG. 100 '-to 5 DOO sq, · ft. available. Sia *"ioo 0r E. 3 BLVD. , - · HE. 6-2283 - LAUNDEKKTTE. Gross $3400 tno. dn. will buy.. Bkr.:QAi3-54B8. . 3EER. 51700 mo. · 4- k-ames. Rent onlv S100. Trms. Bkr.-OA 3-5468 Rest Or Recovery Home is- ft c 8-rnis. now. will add more rms. " dealred. Fine location In Bellflower - R. E. · Ibbetson, · 8555 Artesla.'. Bellfl. ME 3-5143. INDUSTRIAL*-lota - for -storage. 6943 Paramount-Blvd. .Any size. Completely, fenced.': · ' ._ G. E. Kerns Construction-Co. C574 'Atlantic Ave^ · GA g-4Q.ll TOR LEASE -- Splendid location. Store room,'50x70 (will rent half 1C .wanted CJ $100 .mo. adjacent to corner Pine Anaheim. Phone owner. GE. 9-8500. FOR leasor-2-story. 3-br.. 2 bath, -IER spacious delude home. On Pacific Idea] for. offices.' rest ' dome .etc. -Will remodel to suit. GA 4-2045 .or GA 7-3181. C-3 Approximately 980 square -fee' · bulldlnc'near 5th 4'Locust. MI 7111 Land-Lease Section. DOWNTOWN 1 L--B.· small- store rood foot-traffic.-See 31 Locust. Call owner · days. 9-8562; je.ves HA.S-1408 - · OR LEASE--M-2 bldg... 2250 sq ft. $ · Larii bldgj. at, 5 sq. Jt. R E 5-1860, · · · · · · STOKB or Olflce. Busy loc. btwn Beauty Balon * Western .Store 6066 Atlantic ' OA. 2-3875 M-2 LEASE--Brand new warehouse 4,500 or 9,000'sq. ft. 1365 Gladys Ave.. OE-3-7465. -owner. LARGE bldg.. lease or sale. 2151. S.' Main, Torrance., Owner. VE 9-5553. "Safc^it 0 M 3^83"a^ 8 °'7°7° nr^^^^r^ STORE 1*X60 * 36X60. S«J4nt-ll W. Willow. Rltr. HE-7-2523; SHOP BLDO.. 30'l.«0'. WEST BtDE. HI 2-8«54. SLDO., 560-»q. ft. JTor storage 01 .lite Industry. HE .2-1376. WORE. 21X70. N«w I ° Bunt. »hor. loc.- GE - " · : '\ · · SNACK bar + apt. parkjt. $75T) handles., Bkr. G A. 2-1247. . S050 dn. Ekr. CA 2-1247, CAPE--Indusfl dist. Finest equip. SH50 dn. -Bkr.- CA 2-1247. CAK. WASH--Modern-.-equip. Lo^ rent. S12.QOO dn. Bkr. CA 2-1247 AUTO parts atore. Orange- Co. $750 plus Inventory. PR-4-2463. ;IFT shop.' S50 , mo- tent. $75 I.p. -+. atk.- Bkr. .GA-4-5538. coi-'PEE shop. Can do S300 day. $3,000 dn. BI-Rlte;!HE- 5-5124. 5EER -bar--Slcnal Hill,'. Leaving state: -Jan. t 5-5383.--.-- BKER Bar loc. Build to 'suit $2950 P.P. SSOO Jn. Eltr. G-A 7-0889.- CATERING ··- service,-. IS routes. Check reeorda. Jan. HE I5-S38J. J B.o,--18 stools. Ideal, for couple. «ac. Jan. HB 5-5383.^,1., 19c BURGERS. " , ------Easy operation. Jan. HE^5-5383. CAFES--Jxjw down. Several choose - from.' Jan,! Hi; '5-5383. .v. -xint.. location;- See ta appreciate. Jan, HE 5-5383. HAVE MQ. store. -L.B., Consider of- ~jer or trade. Trlgir.'-OA 2-43Z8. COFFEE ' SHOP--Excel.--location. Sacrifice. Maice offer. TO 7-6117 BEER BAJJ, Lakegood.-GMd bli tc lease. Teroin. Bkr. :GA,7-1»25. CLEANING .Afcy; for ssJi-'-JJInesi. Aft. 8 P.m. HE a-»47T: BEAUTlT shop. Excel, 'business loc. Box C-13S8. Ind.-P.T. gm. Opp. Wanted 127 WILL PAY ca»h lor. good' golc* beer bar. ME 0.-4324.. --;;_ R««l Estate Wanted 128 ' LOSE' IT" WE LL'B.'JK IT ; L. HODGES CO Of 1 1371 $1,000 CASH dn. foi i3-br . Need by . JFeb. ,20. Mr. March,"OB-.B-00»» . $3500 DOWN for 3-BR:_-hom«- · lliikewood. Mr..Bose.~OE8-U ,, -income,. *3.o OA 2-3318:GA' 3-4294 DUPLEX dn. Bkr. CASH buyer for Plan .-3-Htilnm. Realtor..HE. e-4897. ',,.-:·;

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