Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 77
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 77

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 77
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Mb i-l, M* L-I Long Beach FBI avid readers of epistles put out by revolutionaries By LINDA KRAMKR SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- They arc cut off from Ihcir past, from friends and family -- revolutionaries living in shadowy,. e l u s i v e u n d e r g r o u n d hands. Yet (he urban guerrillas of the W e a t h e r Underground, New World Libera t i o n F r o n t , Emilinno Znpala U n i t and other groups put out c o m m u n i q u e s , magazines and books designed to deliver t h e i r messages lo Hie public. PRINGTIME ALE ALL PRICES OOOD THRU SAT., MAR. W COTTON FUNNEL STRETCH TERRY KNITS BROADCLOTH % POPLIN 7l c vd 1C* A IUH C O« nVO! 45* V/1DI . DL$KriE* ItrJGTlfj IMS XVH, LINEN LOOK li'WiOC · NAVY HUE OtJlY · VAIUE 1 H SEir UNEblRAPERY FABRIC 45' wot · ruu KXT · euCKOin w.ot»*o 57s 99°, NATURAL MOHAIR 79 · 45"Wido · FUU ROUS · VALUi 1.97 SIGNAL HILL 3300 I. PACIFIC COAST MWY. PHONI 597-3679 77S.7BAO T h e W e a t h e r U n d e r ground 'telephones l o c a l news media lo tell where communiques arc hidden. The Symbionesc Liberation Army left its radical epistles in bathrooms, luggage lockers and phone booths. The Zapaia Unit usually mails its messages d i r e c t l y lo l o c a l newspapers and broadcast stations. The New W o r l d Liberation Front has a "courier" who hand-delivers its bulletins. THE FBI tries lo obtain the original copies of such c o m m u n i c a t i o n s . In almost every instance, messages received by news media h a v e been photocopied or are machine- printed. But a recent raid by FBI agents and other law enforcement officers turned up original documents of t h e Emiliano Zapata Unit. Besides trying to find clues such as lypcfacc or fingerprints lo h e l p in t h e i r search f o r underground terrorists, the FBI UNDERGROUND PUBLICATIONS LIE ON COPY OF SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER ---AP Wjrtptwlo. says, keeping track of the radical publications can provide insights into the life of urban guerrillas. " W e ' r e interested in these things," said FBI s p o k e s m a n F r a n k Perrone. "They give us more · informalion than we would h a v e without them. It's MERCURY SAVINGS NOW OPEN . JMON.-FRI. 9 A.M.-6 P.M. 1-fATUKTJAY 1O A.M.-4 P.M. NORTH LONG BEACH 5S99 ATLANTIC AVENUE f»HONI 47B-40AA 636-4409 (TjtocutiVo Ollicos: 7812£dinger AVQ.. Huntinglon Doach. CA 92647 Southern Ciiltforni'i Regional Otticos: ·I 140 Long Bench Blvd.. Long Bo.ich. CA 90007 8955 Valley View SI.. Ducni! Park. CA 90020 207I5S. Av.llon Qlvd.. Carson. CA 907.16 1001 E. Mwy.. Ln Hiibrn. CA 90031 1095 Irvino I3ivd . lur.lm. CA 92600 235N. Cilrus Avn .Wesl Covina. CA 91703 that much more we can know about these people." LITTLE IS known about (he size or composition of the Zapata unit or NWLF, except t h a t b o t h h a v e claimed responsibility for a n u m b e r of terrorist b o m b i n g s in Northern California, the FBI says. Jacques Rogiers, a self- admitted NWLF courier, has said the underground journals arc a means for clandestine bands to give advice lo each other and consolidate politics. Rogiers faces a court hearing next week on a contempt of grand j u r y charge. The panel wanted to learn more about how he receives communiques from the NWLF - (he group that recently issued threats against Patricia Hearst and her family. At a hearing on Rogiers' case recently, U.S. Dist. Judge Albert Wollcnberg disqualified h i m s e l f he- cause his son was named on a NWLF "most-wanted" list printed in a maga- z i n e that Rogiers distributes. Wollenbcrg's f o r m a l order stated no reason for his action, but he told reporters outside court that he was abiding by a federal code which prescribes thai any judge shall disqualify himself f r o m a case in which his partiality mighl reasonably be questioned. Rogiers, who took a vow of silence to protest the grand jury inquiry, communicated with Wollen- bcrg by scribbling notes Carpet Town's Annual Spring Sale During Carpel Town's Spectacular Annual Spring Sale . . . on all orders over $200 wilb 25% down al time of order or FnsUIUtfon and ywir good credit -- ONE YEAR INTEREST FREE CREOrf ... SAME A S CASH I EXAMPLE: Amount ol Purchase 400 Down Payment a! time ol OnJnr or Installation ?1M S30D A.P.R. Rale * Finance Cliargas -0- Total ol Paymenli (300 12 equal payments of $25 each · Al participating Carpel Town Store! only. To quality lor fret credit. Iree installation olfar , . . purchases must be made prior lo Saturday. March 27th al6.ODp.rn. 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Sn.39 1"^ · Purchase c wtjil insti RANDOM SHEARED NYLON HVLO · AvaistAi m Sft Nsctcnl cc*X5 -_ CUT 4 LOOP NYLON CARPET · S e v e n T a c - P y « d multi- coKxaloos · Purchase carpal paocfing we'll instfll it RlEE DOWNEY LONG BEACH 9511 E. Firestone Blvd. 4240 Atlantic Ave. 861-8270 424-8657 The Weather Underground strikes sporadically 1 ,' and the Emiliano Zapat^; (Jpit was first heard from "last (all. · - :.. 'r' Bombing targets .claimed by (he groups have included government buildings, corporate offices; Pacific Gas K Electric Co. facilities and S a f e w a y stores. "It's really important tti explain why .these actions are taken," said Dudley Cole, 2J, who works at a print shop where "Tug" is printed. "These people are forced to live ijtider- ground, so they have transmit the'ir message and he nodded a f f i r m - t h r o u g h sojne mdia, atively when asked if he some fink." ; would appear for his next WEEKDAYS TILL 9 · 6 A T r,,.L t · Si, SO AY 1 TEN DAYS ONLY! 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Besides distributing commu- niques, PIR-1 has started printing a magazine called "Tug, The Urban Guerrilla." The journal, which printed the NWLF "most- wanted" list, is described as the official voice of the The W e a t h e r Underground starftd. its bwn quarterly last year. It is called Osawafomie, after the Kansas town where John Brown led an uprising. The group also'. has issued a book c a l l e d "Prairie Fire," expostulating its politics arid 'a book of women's petry called "Sing a -Battle Song." The publications are distributed by aboveground Prairie Fire Organizing Committees in various cities across.; the country. .'/;'. The New Dawn Collective a n d ' B a y Arda'.Research Collective,;-both based in Berkeley,; also NWLF and also reprints function as abovegrpund communiques sent by the support and publication Zapata u n i t and o t h e r centers for underground underground groups. Rogiers said that unlike the Weather Undergound, no one knows who belongs to the NWLF. The Weather group was an aboveground radical organization al first and the names of two dozen of its members, including Bemardme Dohrn, are known to authorities. radicals. Six persons arrested last Saturday by the FBI and two arrested earlier last week have been described as connected-with the New Dawn Collective, and underground surces say they were members of the Emiliano Zapata Unit The FBI said New-Dawn literature found in the'.van Rogiers would not dis- of Uw two persons arrest- close how the NWLF origi- cd Feb. 17 helped lead lo the successful weekend stakeout. · · · ' v n a l l y contacted him or how he receives com- muniqes. He said t h a t "even if there were no other way" he could tell Tlie Bay Area Research Collective was formed;in the spring of 1974.'It'fias the letters were authentic reprinted communiques' by an analysis of their f r o m t n c Symbiohese structure and content. Liberation A r m y , . - R e d sponsibility for most San Francisco Bay area bombings in the past two years. The New World Libera- G u e r r i l l a F a m i l y ,and lion Front has claimed re- NWLF. II also has issued leaflets analyzing terrorist acts and explaining- why some targets were chosen. SAVE with our lea prices! SAVE again with '1.50K Rebate from Du Pont '·«»· LUCITE Wall Paint u mart . House Paint , F ' X . E S.GTl'.UU.S N TCI.H MCMl [ A S Y C H E C ' T UllVi · JO 60-M DAY -,O iNTtMlST »CC!S · B^KWi-^CiFlD · M»STf CHARGE BROADWAY NATIONAL PAINT CO, 4250 ATLANTIC AVE. BIXBY KNOLLS AREA Ph. 427-7475

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