Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 2, 1960 · Page 33
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 33

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1960
Page 33
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PAGE 34 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 2, THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 2, I960 lefoy.H. C \J*« l "«t lt " MB, Sitoul«! Abraham Woodhull SAFEWAY'S ESPIONAGE IN U. S. HISTORY U.S. Is Newcomer To Game Of Spying ·f CHA1LB fTAPKHU AP Nechu Htle wu the flrtt Aneriou spy. Awl *e FrancU J. Powert, whoee photographic re- eonntisMMe ptam crashed inside Xusm Iwt Vfar 1, Hale failed in his mlietom. Die Brititli helped hkn. From Htle to Powers--1778 to 1960-there stretches a bleak history at America* espionage. The United State* k a late-comer to fee r/ying lame, principally because there hw always been a plank i» the natioe's normal platform eoademniBf spying as unfair and un-American. As late MS UM, *t United States had only a few persons working for military intelligence. But the BO-holds-barred war waged by the Axis powari during World War n forced a realization that intelligence is a neceenry of modem war --hot or cold. Today t doaea government agen- ejee gather intelligence, with the Central Intelligence Agency topping the heap. Most of the information comes from open sources-- ·ewspapen, published documents, ·or mflitwy attaches and the like. Lew Jhan » par cent, experts wy. ·omea from secret ag«t«- TO reconnaissance pJanea like fee one Powen was frying play an important rote. They skirt the Iron and Bamboo Curtains, using powerful eamerae to gamer information on troop movements and arms installations. Apparently CIA men also work inside Communist nations. Sen. Richard B. Russell (D-Ga), in a IMC Congressional Record entry, said H "almost chills the marrow of a man to hear" of *t activities of CIA agents. BUT SPYING Is a two-way street, and the Russians are treading it at least as frequently as the United States. Eisenhower, if.h« wishes to debate Premier Khrushchev on the subject, could cite at least « dozen proved case* of Soviet spying in the United States. This espionage of today is a far more sophisticated brand than in the days of the American Revolution. After Hale was captured with the plans of the British fortifications on Long Island, Gen. George Washington decided a spy system was preferable to individual agents working alone. He named MaJ. Benjamin Tallmadge as his intelligence chief.' Robert Townsend, a Manhattan storekeeper, gathered information and passed it along to Austin Roe, an ardent horterrian who rode daily. Rcc took the meeeages to SetaiAet, Long Island, where he gave them to Abraham WoodhuB. He passed them on to a fisherman, Caleb Brewster, on the north Tucsonians Named To Plan Event Ex-Shoe Manager Bound Over A former Tucson shoe store manager has been bound over to Superior Court on a charge of em- j bezzlement. Charle* K. Carpenter, 47, was held to answer the charge following a preliminary hearing in Justice Court yesterday. The suspect Tucaonitni Jack Greenway and Harold SteinfeU have been appointed by Gov. P*ul Fannin to a 23-man executive committee to begin preparation* for Arizona'! 50th birthday celebration. The state, admitted to the un- km Feb. 14, 1912, will hold an extensive semicentennial celebra- j Store, 57 E. Pennington St, tion in 1962. j April. A larje statewide commission Carpenter left the city Apr. 18, will be appointed next year to run the show. The executive committee, announced today, will lay is accused of taking J 1,028 in receipts from Given Bros. Shoe the groundwork. A special bill, paased by the last session of the Legislature, ·et up an initial appropriation of $10,000 to pay preparatory expenses. The executive committee is also authorized to accept do- mations. The group win cooperate with civic, cultural and historic or- fanizatioM, ae weU as labor, taiiMS*, industrial and educa- tfoaeJ institutions in coordiMtuff the statewide obeervaoce. police said, after telling his wife he was going to El Paso on a busi- ne«* trip. He was arrested about four weeks later in Reno, Nev. Two Draw Fines For Drunk Driving Two Toceost motorists, one a ·MMd offender, drew fine* and an terms u lower courts yes- terdey for drunk driving. 4 Crashes Only Hurt Reilly'g Little Finger ELMIRA, N. Y.-nfv-A strained little finger was all William J. Reilly suffered in four automobile accidents, any one of which he said could have been fatal. Once hi* car rolled over several times and was a total Joss. On another occasion he crawled out of a wrecked and burning car. A ; third time two companions were} injured seriously when » car! landed in a ditch. And a compan-! shore of the Island and Brewster rowed acroee Long Wand Sound to Tailrotdge's headquarter* in southern Connecticut. T h e r e was no InteHigenoe agency from the end of the Revolution until early in the Civil War when President Lincoln appointed Allan Pinkerton, a private detective, to organise one. Plnkertnn'e best agent was Timothy Webster, who was able to gein the confidence of Virginia secessionists. Webster got a safe conduct peas from the Confederate secretary of war and toured the South gathering information. He wac ·met- ed in Richmond and executed when two of his men betrayed him. When Lincoln fired George Mc- Clell*n as commander of the Army of the Potomac, Pinkerton quit. Eventually, he wu replaced by Lafayette C. Baker, who had gained an Army commission as a reward for spying. Baker poeed as an itinerant photographer roaming through Southern Army camps. He was captured at Fredericksburg, Va., but escaped. Elizabeth van Law of Richmond, a Violently anti-slavery southerner, was a highly successful U.S. agent She operated from her home, passing escaped Northern Army -prisoners and information through the lines. She used her ] servants as messengers, hiding | coded reports inside fruits and ! eggs. M I L I T A R Y INTELLIGENCE did very little during World War I. At the beginning of World War IT, President Roosevelt named JMaj. William J. Donovan to or- jganize the Office of Strategic I Services (OSS). The short-wav* radio and the static-line parachute permitting extremely low altituo jumps revolutionized espionage, and during the war OSS agents parachuted into almost every country held i by the Axis nations. They sabo- i taged enemy industry, organized i local resistance groups and gath- ! ered intelligence which they fed back to the scientists and analysts at OSS headquarters beh'rd in old brewery in Washington. i The OSS also had headquarters hi Bern, Switzerland; London; Colombo, Ceylon; and Kunming, China. The Bern headquarters was operated by Allen Dulles, now head of the CIA. He and his men arranged the surrender of German i forces in northern Italy near the i war's end. ' OSS was disbanded at the end i of the war. The CIA was created by the National Security Act of i 1947. ! It If doubtful mat the United States will ever again be without an intelligence agency of some sort. Eisenhower, in explaining the Powers mission, said the gathering of intelligence is vital to ; the survival of the free world. ion was injured in a head-oa col- i C. Carter, 35, of SOI i lision. : K. Ifli Aw-, who admitted a prior! The four accidents occurred in tumetim, reottrsd a $M fine j a span of 12 years, two only TO ·M a My* n jsfll. Irving SolK-1 months apart »·«, », «f «K S. 4ft Ave, wu j "I'm very caretol now," says «ft «sttd SMI AM mi H- R«ffiy, who nts a wife cud six Jail term. ] children. Want Ad Takers Are On Duty ,-, v ' .- ~ ·- - p . H. (' Ph MA 2 5855 Stock Up Now ...the Savings Are Terrific! Toilet Tissue Apple Sauce Margarine ScotTowels Seft-Weve. White and colors. (Four 'packages of two rolls each) Roll Town House. Guaranteed by Safeway. No. 303 Can Coldbrook. Stock up now at this bargain price. 1-lb. Pkg, All colors. Famous quality paper towels. 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WASHINGTON-- W-- How would you like to move into a M-room npartmcnl with lf baths, c v t r n kilchens. five elevator* and n solarium, all rent frco nnd f u l l y staffed by servants:' And h«w would you l i k e to be pn-sentcKl $75,000 to redecorate it any way you wanted '' If this prospect pleflM-s. you d better start mnning for president, ; for this apartment is in the Wh,le ; House and it will b,! the pr-rsonal i living quarters of tl.e next chief e X t U ' wht-rp visiting royalty has slept. ' Hut pnch president and his first \ Incly »rf (roc to Indulge their ! tnstc in the rxtensivr second and ' t h i r d flour p r i v n t r quarters. And some of those tastes hove been disi.m-livr, Th n National Grojsraphir So- : nf .,y has t a k e n an a f f e c t i o n a t e ; i,v»k at some of these pn.winR mfx xls and varies, nncl this is lhn ,,.,,,,,,. ,,, Presidl , nf %lamps Monroe -, ( j m r , he ( ., nssic dosipns nf A d a m Sheraton. Hepplewhite, I.ouis XVI ing presidents and their ladies sought to add a touch of individuality and home. Mrs. William A. Taft installed oriental teakvrwd f u r n i t u r e and semens from the Philippines. Mrs Ca , vjn ^^ rajwd t h - roo f of the third floor to create thr solarium, or family "sky parlor." Mrs. Herbert Hoover converted a wide corridor to a ^ ^ . ..: ------ ri( . 1n nr , q Th£ . Frank]in Rooseve]t d a n and Ihe But S2.VC an exterior puint job and there j isn't much choice of color there.: The While House is HiO years old. The patina of American history clings to it nnd tradition de-! crees that much of it must remain : unchanged. The main floor, restored in 1!XI2 to early elegance, is sacrosanct.' So is the bedroom of Abraham i Lincoln and the Rose Room, i Two Schools Expected To Be Ready its greatest change, eve.n though HiU Congress was suspicious of l h o l l U i m n t P cf r cc , WM as ^fore. these foreign imports, In the IRZOs A i a f i l t e r i n g reception in IMS. it passed a law requiring thci s o m P o n e noticed a chandelier House to buy American "as | s w a y i n R i n a peculiar manner. An as practicable | investigation disclosed that the l h m llt °f )hnlt '- VTM ,^| White House (Abigail Adams said it WHS built "for ages to come") was almost f a l l i n g apart. cr 9 l The. Truinans moved over to fhppcr.cs of hurope.' ; B | a j r Houso n n d cnj?ineei , and RouKh-hcwn Andrew Jarkson a l - 1 s l r u c t u r a , fte *l workers moved in. so felt the lash of the opposition ; who , e noorR WMe r j d mu and or foriMRn elegance, ,-ven though | sllored w i t h ,,«, ^ ms and he t h r i f t i l y laid in 20 American- th(n replaced . , " J"" ", V" IJ " r '' n "" " " " ' f r ' wi made cuspidors for only $2. In the second linlf of the 19th The While House was totally rebuilt inside--and Truman added , , . Century the Victorian mode Mt in. thfi famouR back h- Two new elementary xohools Tlic lifjht, graceful lines of the I e'Srly clays Rnve way more and j more to mnssive sideboards, ; are ex-peeled to be completed in i wardrobes, marble-lopped dress- ' time for the star! of classes in crs, horsehair sofas, curlicues and September, A m p h i t h e a t e r School ginftRi'brcnd. Board members announced yes- 1 When Chester A. Arthur suc- terday. (creeled to office in 1881, upon the j The announcement was made j assassination of .lames G a r f i o l d . i in answer to concern expressed ; he swept out 14 carloads ot mot- by residents in the areas to be j ] cy j lin |c an d ordered it sold at served by the two schools, Harel- j public auction. I ! WWY , (TOPS M QUALITY! son «nd Nash. A nine-week delay had been caused in construction because He ordained a lavish ik'cor of j heavy gold wallpaper, plush drap- j j ,. . , j erics and a much-admired opales-j of a late delivery on mela doors -, c( , nl , aM M r c f t n f o r , he t . nlra | and frames, according to the Craven - Hsgue Construction Co. Tlie firm is general contractor on both buildings. In a letter to the board, the firm stated an fitlempt will Mill be made to complete the buildings in time for school opening, j m a i n s "° to lllft prwnt day. The The Harelson School is located i staterooms reverted to the early hall. Energetic Teddy R o o s « v e l t [ caused the next upheaval in 1902.1 He divided the White House i n t o ; three areas--administrative, domestic and formal--and it rn- on Paseo del Norte »nd the Nash School at Kelso St. and 14th Av«. classic period. In the privats quarters i LOW IN HHCI Corn Fresh Golden Bantam. A terrific value! 6 ears Oranges 2-29' Yellow Granex Variety ........ Ib. ItaHa. PLUS GOLD BOND STAMPS - DOUBLE ON TUESDAY! Sunkist VALENCIA ORANGES IUY A B(G BAGFUL! Pricos effective Thurt. +tru Sun., June 2-5, at your Safeway Store* in Tucson. We reserve the right to irmrt quantities. No 134* N. Stone · 3S66 · 244$ N. Tucson F U L L O F J U I C E -AND VALUE PRICED! Fresh! Sweet! Tuicy! Sunlctsr Valencia* «c« into town by the carload-- in time for summer health! Get all the 50 health builders in eat and drink them fresh! .Iff MAftJCfT ADS FOt MJCf S

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