Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 54
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 54

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 54
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W-4--INDEPENDENT.PRESS-TELEGRAM LONO BEACH 11. CALIF.. u*oiv. JULY .. mi The Wild Waves Soy . . THE HUNT AND Find, Instantaneous Reservations Anywhere A i r l i n e has done it again. Larry and Betty H u n t a D d t h e i r three c h i l d r e n , Sharon, Pam --.^ and J i m , re- - -- t u r n e d t h i s "«"·"-''*" w-«r week from a n o t h e r of t h e i r trips to anywhere aboard I h c i r b e a u t i f u l Cessna. W i t h ol' skyliawk Larry p i l o t i n g they air-hopped across the country v i s i t i n g in New York and A t l a n t i c City, etc., etc. -- in Boston and Quebec, etc., e t c . -- f i n a l l y ret u r n i n g via Carson City to rjrop in on Betty's Dad. But gently! * * Y V WHAT PRICE glory. Fran find Ollie Connor have a prize-winning dog, "Smokey," who placed f i r s t in American-bred dogs at the recent dog show here. Now, not t h a t he wasn't associating with the very cream of the crop, mind you, but just the same this pedigreed fellow developed an allergy right a f t e r t h e show (frankly, it's just a plain, old uncomfortable itch). Now it's shots, shots, shots. It isn't only people who lead dogs' lives, obviously. PROGRESS REPORT. Bob Dilday, who has been under wraps ever since his t i c k e r I aped back "slow up." is making l i k e g e t t i n g hack i n t o the swim of things. Wife, June, tells me he cruised over to C a t a l i n a , courtesy of son, Burr, nt the helm, last holiday weekend. Feeling none the worse for wear, he and June even stopped in at the Yacht C l u b for d i n n e r on the F o u r t h . -· * * * SOUTHF.RN STYLE Amer- tranese, as it is spoken in Louisiana, is a language all its own. Friends may have to resort to a B e r l i t z course By 101.A. MASTEUSON I, P-T Women's Editor (they teach everything else, why not Southian?) to und e r s t a n d Clara Andrews for the next few weeks. Clara's m o t h e r , Josephine (Mrs. Heart well Oliver) Cook is here for a visit from her home deep in unowhere w i t h another daughter, Sara M o f f c t t of Pensacola, Fla. Naturally, oilier daughter, Jo Mary Thomason (Clara's sister from 1..A.) is here as o f t e n as she can travel the freeway. As is the way with accents, Clara has reverted t o f o r m e r p r o n u n c i a t i o n h a b i t s just as if she'd never been away f r o m home. Ah t c h u l y'all, it's sawmthin' to heah wehen those 1'il, ol 1 Cohk gals get togethah. ZEROING IN on t h e old home town Tuesday w i l l be C h a r l o t t e (Cox) Greenwood who writes she'll be here for a six-day visit from c u i rent bailiwick. Morristown, N. .1. A little skimpy w i t h her i n f o r m a t i o n , she mentioned she bad a luncheon date Thursday with Barbara Ver Ptanck, who m i g h t he able to give you more of the scoop. * * * * THE DRISCOLLS nre getting themselves i n t o such a state! Specifically, Curtyne and Gene, with daughters, Mimi and Sheila, left Saturday for the 49lh. They're driving to Vancouver, then will take the boat up the inner passage to Slewavl, Alaska, and hack. Then on the 21 si, Cecelia and I'at Driscoll, Gene's parents, w i l l fly to the 50th for a 17- day Hawaiian holiday. For C u r t y n e and Gcne'thc t r i p won't be complete w i t h out a stopover in Seattle to v i s i t her sister and husband, ( i i n i and Harry Ironmonger. wagen camper in G e r m a n y and t h e n go summer touring for a reunion w i t h many favorite places. * * * * DISCOURAGED AT looking only, but never having t i m e to enjoy their large, lovely yard (a place f r e - quented only by the g a r - dener), Elizabeth and Claire Pike are g e t t i n g ready to move away from the reproachful stares of f l o w e r s and shrubs at 3SP.D Pine Ave. On the 20th they'll leave--crates, baggie and pans and pots ( b u t none p l a n t e d ) -- f o r t h e i r new duplex property at 3693 Calif o r n i a Ave. If residents think their new neighbor is kind of " f l i g h t y," they're right. Elizabeth, d i s t r i c t president for some 2,700 Zels-.s and 22 a l u m n a e chapters, is in the air by jet or t h e i r own Cessna more than she's at home. Her territory includes C a l i f o r n i a , Nevada, U t a li and Hawaii and her term runs a n o t h e r two years. With This Ring, 1 Th ee... THERE WASN'T t h i n g s l o w except t h e b e g i n n i ng a b o u t t h e k i n d of time the ','. I o c k s had over t h i s l o n g l a s t holiday weekend. H a r r y Gayle Eddie any- *jr« They H 1 ' and Frances, and Phil, R a i c h and Clock scoured the COMPLETE WITH ing gear, Ann and camp- Larry R u f f are on t h e i r way to see an old friend--Europe. They planned to pick up a Volks- They're Crazy Over Horses and Hospitals Members of C o m m u n i t y Hospital A u x i l i a r y have j u s t learned t h a t t h e y ' r e crazy over horses and re- s p e c t f u l l y hope you are the same. They learned t h i s wrek, to (heir glee and e x c i t e m e n t , t h a t t h e y have secured a top notch horse show to sponsor as their main f u n d raiser. The a f f a i r , lo t a k e place at Los A l a m i t o s Race Track- in September, will be a two-day event '""··"· u n d e r auspices of the A m e r i c a n Horse Show Association with h e a d q u a r t e r s in New York. Strictly top stall. Harold Dakan is h a n d l i n g r e g i s t r a t i o n f o r e q u i n e s through the track. Providing the "horse sense" for the auxiliary gals are member Lee Clark and her husband, Pete, a horse show judge. Betty (Mrs. D. J.) D a n i e l s is off to a galloping start as c h a i r m a n of people's arrangements. Aileen (Mrs. Steve) Welmore, 1 a u x i l i a r y president, has a hand on the reins, too. ORIGINALLY PRICED 19.95 to 39.95 16 90 A GROUP OF HERBERT LEVINE ORIGINALS REDUCED TO 24.90 Originally priced 32.95 fo 49.95 AMALFI FLATS AND CASUALS REDUCED TO 8.90 12.90 seas for albacore aboard Henry's sleek cruiser, Tick Tock. First day o u t , pleas- a n t but no fish. Sunday they boated two of the prized sea critters. Monday --22! Then the women decided they'd had enough and missed t h e big f u n . Tuesday the men, w i t h Jerry M c W h i n n e y along, h i t the jackpot bringing hack something like 38 bis ones. Expert fisherman, Henry is convinced t h a t scattered schools of these albacore will be as close as the ]4-mile bank by now (or earlier). JUST *CALL "Gladys The Golden Crail. She and John motored up to Santa Barbara for a few d a y s ' v a c a t i o n and when they returned she was a b e a u t i f u l sun-touched line. * * * * CHAOS -- f i n a n c i a l and emotional. Beth and Jack H a n n a m a n took t h e i r 10- year-old son. Chris, down to Seal Reach on the Fourth to lei him provide a show with a f u l l box of firesvorks he bought out of his own savings. Savoring the m o m e n t , Chris began with a sparkler. This "first event" was misdirected by the show director i n t o the treasure chest itself. One hectic f i n a l e , all smoke, m u f f l e d bangs and t h u m p s -- t h e n all was quiet a g a i n on the western beach front. THE "CA*LYPSO rhythm just got to him and the next t h i n g you know he's out there on the dance floor doing the "meringue" -- and stealing the show from the professionals. "Him" being Kelly Coultrop, Darlene and John's crackerjack of a h u t c h hair-dood two-year- old . . . and the time and place being during the main entertainment at Long Beach Yacht Club's big, informal and joyous Fourth of July f a m i l y party. Ah, show biz. Guests t h a t night of S h i r ley and Bill G i l l i s were Lorraine and Harold Morgan, just back from Samoa a f t e r a 21,2-year stint over there. Also noted in the big throng were Nancy and Myrl Ott with Bindy and John Vos- hurg, Bea and Norman Scott, Iris a n d ' ' R u s t y ' 1 Hicks, Alma and Lee Henley (she in the most u n i n - hibited pink h a t , so big she claimed "no one can see what I'm doing back of it." It's a s u n - t e n t hat or a cabana c h a p e a u or something.) Woosh. Lots more to observe and discuss--but just fresh out of snace. Mrs. William T. Roy Roy and Awerkamp Say Lines At the recent wedding of Thais Noelle Awerkamp and W i l l i a m Thomas Roy in T r i n i t y L u t h e r a h Church, the bride's father, Rev. Orval A w e r k a m p , pastor of the c h u r c h , performed the simple and b e a u t i f u l service. The bride was escorted lo the a l t a r by her brother, A l d e n Awerkamp. F r e m o n t , Neb. Her gown was of Chant i l l y lace designed w i t h scalloped n e c k l i n e a n d t r i m m e d w i t h seed pearls. Her f i n g e r - t i p length veil was held by a crown of seed pearls, and her bouquet was of gardenias and orchids. * * * * PRECEDING the bride were Mrs. Larry Sands, m a t r o n of honor; and Janice G o r d o n and Sheila Lslinger, bridesmaids. The b r i d e g r o o m , son of Mr. and Mrs. F.dward Roy of Norwiilk, had as his best man his brother, Richard Roy. U s h e r i n g the guests were Jerry J e f f cry, John Roy and Larry Sands. The new Mrs. Roy was g r a d u a t e d from Polytechnic High School. The Rev. and Mrs. A w e r k a m p reside at 3921 L i v i n g s t o n Dr. Frafernal Calendar TUESDAY Emblem Club 106. sewing. 10 a.m. Tuesday, home of Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson, 1642 Linden Ave. Service Chapter. OF.S, stated meeting. 8 p.m., Monte Vista M a s o n i c Temple, 1120 E. Market St. * * * * C a r n a t i o n Club, sandwich luncheon, noon, home of C a r r i e McClurc, 3020 Chestnut Ave. THURSDAY Khamsin L u a n n a 127, cards and social evening, 7:30 p.m.. Machinists Hall, 728 Elm Ave. lioone-Miller Now at home in Long Beach f o l l o w i n g their recent marriage in St. Barnabas Church a n d s u b s e q u e n t honeymoon t r i p to Desert Hot Springs are Mr. and Airs. Richard T. Boone. The bride is the former M a r i l y n Ann Miller, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. W i l l i a m H. Miller, 4549 Deal Drive. He is son of Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Boone, Huron, S. D. The bride wore a floor l e n g t h gown of organza and as her s o m e t h i n g old, her grandmother's gold p e n d a n t of seed pearls centered by a d i a m o n d . Her attendants were Lynda Sterling and Sharon Klarr. James M i n i ban was best man and Frank Camporeale seated guests. The new Mrs. Boone was graduated from St. Anthony's and majored in art at Long Reach State College. Her h u s band was educated in South Dakota and Toledo, Ohio. Yaworsky-Taylor An early a f t e r n o o n wedding at St. Pancratius Church united in marriage Patricia Ann Taylor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Taylor, Lakewood, and Lt. (j.g.) William J. Yaworsky, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Yaworsky, A u b u r n , N. Y. Escorted to the a l t a r by her f a t h e r , (he bride wore a silk sheath dress w i t h overskirt t r i m m e d in Viennese Mrs. Richard T. Boone lace. She carried a cascade of roses. A t t e n d a n t s in pastel hued gowns were G u y l e a n Morgan, matron of honor, Carol Brocklesby and Helen Murray, bridesmaids; and Pamela Taylor, flower girl. Steven Nemelh was best man and ushering d u t i e s were performed by Lt. (j.g.) Peter Abbott and Lt. (j.g.) Robert Heldman. The newlyweds will reside Mrs. William Yaworsky in Lakewood prior to moving to Seattle, Wash., in August where the bridegroom will be assigned to the USS Buchanan. He is a graduate of the U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis. The bride received early schooling at Wilson and is a g r a d u a t e of Long Beach City and Stale Colleges. She t a u g h t at Madison School here. Crucliley-lloffdahl A gown of lace appliqued w h i t e chiffon over t a f f e l a was selected as bridal a t t i r e by Beverly Jean Hoffdahl for her exchange of wedding vows with Edward Lewis Cruchley at St. Timothy's L u t h e r a n Church. Parents of the n e w l y w e d s are Mr. and Mrs. F.dward F. Cruchley, 40 La Linda Drive, and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. H o f f d a h l , 2537 Ladoga Ave. The bride's g r a n d m o t h - er, M r s . Ben H o f f d a h l of Sioux Falls, S. D., was a special guest at the wedding. Included in the bridal en- t o u r a g e were Mrs. Richard Mrs. Kdivard Cruchley Malay Menu Featured at 'Y 1 Benefit A treat for diners who like u n u s u a l dishes is scheduled for Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the YWCA, Sixth Street and Pacific Avenue. This benefit for World Fellowship Fund is one nf a series of a u t h e n t i c foreign dinners being given. ]n a far east s e t t i n g a M a l a y a n meal, delectable nine-boy curry, will be served. * * * V GUESTS of honor are i n - t e r n a t i o n a l b e a u t i e s , Miss Burma and Miss Ceylon, who will give t h e i r impressions of America and describe t h e i r homelands. Colored f i l m s a n d n a t i v e dances w i l l round out the e n t e r t a i n m e n t . The public is i n v i t e d , and reservations may be made at the "Y." Lyons, m a t r o n of honor; Mines. Clarence Bray, Bruce $ ee C a n C 6 T Film Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bury Sr. John Burys Observe 50th Anniversary Social Club 511 of Mar Vista Chapter, OES, paid luncheon and meeting, noon, Monte Vista Temple. FRIDAY B e t t i n a Chapter 39f. OES. m e e t i n g and handkerchief shower h o n o r i n g Constance C. G r a f f and Donald W. Penrose, associate m a t r o n and patron. 8 p.m.. M o n t e Vista Temple. A n n u a l picnic J u l y 1C, Recreation Park. Friendship Mrs. Niecy Fisher, 4107 E. S i x t h St.. has invited members of the YWCA Friendship Club to meet for covered dish luncheon in her home at noon Tuesday. Cards will follow a business meeting. Picnic Tuesday Kldcrhloom C l u b members will gather at noon Tuesday in Bixhy Park for a covered dish picnic. They have not disclosed t h e i r formula on how to live togeiher successfully and happily for f i f t y years, but are prepared to when they celebrate t h e i r golden wedding anniversary, say Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bury Sr. The a c t u a l dale of t h e i r wedding w a s July I I . 1 9 1 1 , hut they will c e l e b r a t e the hig event n e x t S u n d a y at an open house at t h e i r home, 2191 Snn Anseline Ave., to which all t h e i r friends are invited. » * + * A POSSIBLE clue to t h e i r c o m p a t i b i l i t y could bp. the fact I hat a f t e r Bnrv's re- tirement two years ago the couple began t r a v e l by t r a i l - Note and Miss Darlene Busby, b r i d e s m a i d s ; K a t h l e e n Bray and Laurie Lyons, flower girls; Dennis Bray, ring bearer. Alfred O. Cruchley at- t e n d e d as best man and David Paul. Robert G a r a - hedian and Richard Cozzelli were ushers. The newlyweds are at home, in San Francisco w h e r e the bridegroom is a s t u d e n t at Physicians and Surgeons College of Dentistry. A grad- u a t e nf Poly, he also a t tended L'C. Berkeley. The bride, a former teacher in Garden Grove, was graduated from Jordan and a t t e n d e d San Jose S l a t e College prior to c o m p l e t i n g her e d u c a t i o n at I.BSC. She is a Kappa Alpha Theta. Ladies A u x i l i a r y 7 0 , P l u m b e r s Local 4!M, w i l l meet Monday at 7 p.m. at 1246 Locust A v e , w i l h newly elected o f f i c e r s in charge. Long Reach C h a p t e r , Cancer Association, will present an eriucalional f i l m . The Country "A COUNTRY SCHOOL FOR CITY CHILDREN" era^rlt.n thrcuoi Phone GEneva Yllcinq 7-2*55 Six-d Grade 1 - 2 0 2 5 er. They've covered approx- ^_ i m a t e l y 10,000 miles, mainly in the Western states, but have visited all but the far Eastern seaboard stales. The Rurys were married at Van West, Ohio. They lived for 2o year's in Jackson, Mich., and came to Long Beach in 1042. B u r y was engaged in the p l u m b - ing and heating business u n t i ! 1048 and in real estate u n i i l h i s r e t i r e m e n t . Bury is a c h a r t e r member of R e l m o n t Shore Masonic Lodge and M r s . Bury of R r l m o n t Shorn OES. BASIC COORDINATED HANDBAGS ALSO REDUCED!; Joseph Salon Shoes 547 east ocean blvd. LONG BEACH /·/o.v'.i: , \ \ f i i l . thin .^.'. . . . r ):?() c.iti. In *:\t Park FREE in Rear of Store Use Your INTERNATIONAL OR BANKAMERICARO IT IS BOYSON'S FOR THE BEST DIAMOND VALUE There li No Subsiiiufe for Quality Monthly Terms to Fit Your Budget FINEST WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING 215 PINE AVENUE Jewelers Since 1898 When Southern California thinks of Finishing Schools, it thinks of Wilnui Hastings "Pcnontlr.ed Clntbint Selection" 'ilma FINISHING FASHION MODELING SCHOOL E. Ocean Bhd. Phor.c J-IE 2 - 4 5 1 1 - -A Saucy and sweet h a i r s t y l e's cute, voting and freshly f l a t t e r i n g lo women of a l l ages. Best of all, Sissy takes good care of itself -- a grand companion for a carefree summer. Si«) p c r m m c n l anrl ail, complete 8.95 250 LAKFAV'OOD Ph. 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