Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 17, 1969 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1969
Page 18
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Allan** TIMIS, Thwri., April 17, 1M* MVimVILU. AMCAIMM HOUSEHOLD AU trpn Kn»lr «er. on Apuil PkCM «J-a5 or 756.3173 Hous* Palming. Retsonable Ratef. Iltonfi 447-HF Hiflrliltr Brothern ctrrwitrr, Inbor, KfnmfeUnf or ffnenl contractor. Phone _ Cirpcnter work, room additions. (uunln- ttoni, roofine and home improvement*. Trw fitimjitw, latlsfactlon guaranteed. TOP SOIL Oravit drliveltd. yard work Phone 412- MUOCLIAMnOUa hiullns an; time. Interior painting. Bill 443-7938 or 533385. 8x10 Color Portrait In Your Home 55 (No Group Charge* Wedding Service $25 Up JIM HILL Box 140, Faycttevillc 442-7096 521-3548 UPHOLSTERY work tinnM. Phone 443.3CT. GRAVEL, top soil, till dirt. yard work, Phone 521-9586 dayi. Pdint. Repair. LlEht Haulinl, Day or Nisht 442-W78 CKHOK, dozer, rrano. rtrajrline. plow. Custom work by hour or contract, r clearing, ditrhins, pcnitl rlranms. ifi«. pads, etc. Licenspd, insured, pol ..pinrnt at reasonable rat PS. Vl ::«. 443.3352 days or ME 6-5429, Kog.. niRhU. TAX Sut Walton. 442-8510. - T_ n ^ XftjPu/VV ^J- U -lJ-LI-^J-L|-y-L-|* - »~ 3A-Maehinery Tools- · \v tinier, like new. John Donr. Phor.e 24-For Sale--Automotive- '.14? PLYMOUTH fnupc. GOtH n:r.ii i-r.ndilion. goal upholstery, radio. r.e. rtte Itphter. cvorUiine works, \-prv cood condition, ?150.00. Tal! :-;S nrtcr 7:30 p.m. K \HMAN Ghin Volkswagen. I"*J sport ratipc. SfoO. Phone 442-14?:.. lift} rHKVROLKT Hc!-A:r. fi r l " door i'lflO. Krnmore dot-trie doer Phone 443-42M. TfT7 BTJICK LaSahrr. mile-?, four door hardly power b:.iKcs find Mem r i i t w i - ! v E h w ; i y d r i v i n g SH.T'.'-.. f=pc Rl Ihr Ho:»l . . O actual, rrods ovrrluiu!. First JlOt). p Tan! Jlaniio.-ii -Jl'J-TfiTS. !·*· V O T. K S W A C K N" SqnaiTbiirl: i w a w n - . Or.e nwncr. rvrr!lp:i' confjition. JItt'\ r!:me ?L r !-"7-!" after r,:00. MUSTANG. mcd. r i u n ! c \ ! i . .F14K aficr 5:00 p.m. , . v;nl top. Koril p:ckup. J.'-OO.OO. Call pr fi:00 p.m. CITKVKLI.R two rioor. Y-S nuto- lr transmission, rxrfllpnt condition. nf 5^-^03 a«cr r.;00 p.m. ) (HKVIiOLET pirkup with HV7 cn- c. Dnvrn less R.fKVl milPK Mfirc ir.p was overhauled, uood tires. ?JOO 1/kc npw JVJ! Golden Conirar, hiarh ·v -i;-l top. factory .T:. pnwrr. to.nird. 1C ilW. onc-o»Tifr n-.'ios. Ions w a r r a n i j liRTi RKP Rarrnr,Ma, four $iwr|. ?' ra*tl fir Wl down and a p -'-iitr,T I mrr.M of K.i2.44 monthly. Phrmr Becky Surs. 442-SK. 1965 T-BIRD Gome into service, real l u x u r y car priced to sell, ·while w i t h black vinyl roof, all power acrcs- (wrie5. factory air. disc brakes. Call 521-1661 after 5:00 p.m. KXCKIjLKNT rombiniitlon fish or iltl rie: fiborflMR bo«t ilmott nrw; 35 h.p. jnhnson; Culor trnlltr. Cull 521-1236 alter *I:M. Only $695. KKVV aluminum 12-foot bin! «»d nr» McCullocli 4 h.p. motor. Phone «:-ir7Ll TEXAS M«id Fiberitlasf 40 hor*f- j«wrr Johnson Motor with iop, $900. ' " 1-ljAT hotloni. 7'4 b.p. motor and trail. $iii.'i. Oup block south and one block est uf Laundry in FarminEton. SAH.noAT for the persnn who wants to into smling at « mod«t investment. An nldpr boat In cowl condition. Cnm- e with trailer for JSOtt Call 443-8787 HEAVY DUTY Marine Batteries Vaughn Battery Highway 71 South REGISTEXED ANGUS CATUE COMB m what w* bar* to offer oat of this outiUndinc herd. Bulk. heifer* and com. Farm located J milM Eait Highway 4 5 - Vt mite North. JPbom Homer Fry. 443-2921 FRY ANGUS FARM 26A-D«ff*, Col*, THRBE male Scotlie puppiei. 3 « old. AKC Rntisttred. K. L. Ilutchrraft, 1137 Indian Trail. male. 1'i years old. Phone 442-5(15 alter TART poodle pups, *10 each. Phone 412- AKC male ai'iicot 471!) after 5:00. \VHITK to Mis. stat- poodle puppies. v, l-:lin SpiinKs. poodlp. Phont 442- ""ciiifwfMTW, SIAMESK kiltens lor «.lle. 7701 rvenincs. Phone 442- REGI5TEKKP rjerman Shepherd pup- Pies, f25. Phone riOl-liBfi. NKW dins-Craft rn.i«rr W. 2ft? MMrl. j inO h.p. engine, liwiied w.;h rn.u:r"fr.t. ! For sale or trade for :t-al rsts'.f. Fr.onf AKC reRistered Collie puppies. I'orsie W. Bull, HKhway W. Four miles west of Huntsville. 77-For Sdle-Hom» N«edi- BOAT INSURANCE URIAH HOLLAND 224 H. Block Phone 442-JSM Trail-i:onal oourli. Cold nnd white. rnndstion. Light cherry desk. Phone 44:7fiM after 5:00. TWO ;»::·« of Kolil fiberclass ilrai SI V HI·?! V PS. $25. 'IVo-piere lirdrf su'te wth springs and mattress. ?75. 159 avrraiio iile hy side FnBitlaiie, IMS moot'!. Wffl. Piione 44.1-^7li.';. 28-For Sale-Miicellaneous 24B-Motoreycle«- FLUFKV 5oft «nd briKhl as new. Tliat's x\hat clpaiiinsr rup"! will do when 0',i u-c B'.np Luslrel nenl plrftric sham- ix^pr. (1. Fen Fianklin. 410 X. rollcgc, Facttpvii:o. LIGHT BULBS riolivcrcii. Help Evrninc Lions P-csiBht propram. Phrtne 44'J-451i; day or ninlit. i h.?. oiccinc s .VPU. T. D. \\" l r -fis HONPA 2CB Srrablrr. ?)00. One bint* Fouth an' 1 , o^e block West Of Laundry in Famiington. (TCLES prll in spring: Artvenise motorc-ycles * b:kes with « r!ass:(iCd nd. PJinnc 442-6212. U K l X-6 . Phonp 44 cr. Like new 25-For Sale-Mobile HomM 60 PRArnrALLY new two hfd- sir conditioned, excellent carpet- ic. I 1 -: baths. . nnd HF.surap payments. Phor.e 60 EARLY Amrniran *W [·.·ii'ITtcd. Good conriitio up payrnpnls. Phonr iltr. M* TKI1KY all aluminum travel t hrnvrr and stool. Butane sas influding i - s f i t rfnuhlp sink. Excellent condition. I'.caily to an. Call K.'H444 day*. 412-M43 GOOD selcption of used furniture at Dennis Home 'Wrnishings. 324 West Dickson. KLLTKY soft and bright as new. That's what rlcaninc niRK will do when you use niur Ijustre: Rent electric shampooer, Jl. Polk Furniture 603 W. Dickson. fay- cttevil'e. IF CARPET beauty iloesn't show? ClPan it riRht and watch it glow. Use Blur Lustre. Rent electric Kh^mporKT 51. Lewis Brothers, South Side Square, Fay- ptteville. 27A-Muiical Merchandise- MAGNUS chord organ. Hand bass, major and minor chords, swell pedal. ?12o. Phone 442-5695 between 5 and 7 p.m. MJGITTLY used spinet piano near Fay- pticvillc. Low balance on easy terms. Write Piles Broi. Piano Co. 'J211 Midland Bldv. Foit Smith. Ark. 72901. ·layes Auto Service Inc. Corner N. Leverett Sycamore 443-4346 Authorized dealer. Sales, Parti Service for Fayettevilte area YAZOO-The Best Thing Going for Mowing! 1969 models. AJso several GOOD USED Yazoo mowers. " T-0 THR?:K bedroom, low pnuiiy. Mp payment^ "f J*iS a month. Phone 17]fi Mtcr :»:00. i2 x 60 THRKE bedroom mobile home, rashrr and dryer, air conditioned. Small ·unity, tiihr nvrr paTnents. Phone 442- :T3'J ':if:cr ."iiW. PINET PIANO, must transfer next 15 ays. Will consider responsible local par- y only to tak* over payments. To in- pect, writ* Horn* Office, Joplin Piano Co., Joplin, Mo. 1RAVEL TRAILERS 14' SI070. 16' self-contained ?1495 MOBILE HOME WHOLESALE PRICE3 irx.W 2 bed. S389S !2'x:i»' 2 bed. S2805 12'x45' S3450 L-yatM At New Hope Trailer Park So. 71, Rosi-rs, Ark. AND Roberts Implement Co. Westville, Okla. PA 3-4333 'OR sale, 14' aluminum boat, 5 h.p. injf motor and trailer. Also 195? hevmlet bun camp-r-r--ready lor use. nfernationnl Cub tractor with attach ipnts. Reasonable. Phon* 816-2251 or 846-3.172. K" BOYS' bike and 36" girls' EnBlish. Both m sood condition. Phone 442-5591. Trailer Towing Call ':'I .: 1l :!: : '* i: !_l xpn !:l ! !'- C h a n d l e r T r a i l e r Convoy, Inc Phone 442-8871 Eugene H. Hinton 26-For Sole-livestock- Iiair TlIKTi MOVING SOUTHWEST PIANO VAN 616 Hwy. 71 S. 442-6572 28--For Sale--MiK*llan»ou» H.P. riding mower, ISO, good Condi- ion Richnrd Muddan, 1704 L-nns Place 42-52W. GARDEN TRACTORS WHEEL HORSE Tractor with FREE MOWER DUNIVAN'S Sales Service Hwy. 68 Weet. Springdale 756-3270 USKI) standard Royal typewriter. Ooc condition. I'hone 443-5613 alter 4:W. MOBILE! trailer, idfal for camping. $450 Phone after 3:M ffi4-n2PO. C.IFII.'S outRrown clothing. .iiz« n. 7 and 8. Very good Condition. Phone 521 ' SO FOOT antrnna tor sale. -110 Enst Cen ter Ftrcel, liome utter I'M. OOLK sci, and puttpr. adult, four woods, six iron HO. Phone 442-7fi9S. «'AVR Pprinfts Itcrapprr havinc n lire'. S*!P Special. 750/14, 800/14, whitewalls, 511.M, mountins anrl balanrinc frrp. \A- rated at North en«I f Cave Springs. USER Chevrolet pickupR. I) f.- D Suzuki, '·«rnrr School Spring Sts. Tiione .-·J1-3RI1. r. I'olled Hereford Bulls, extra large, 7 months old, weight approximately 700 Ibs. Can lie cen after 5:30 p.m. or on weekends 4 miles East on Hwy. ·IS. Al W Ilk ins Farm. 442-736:! rlays. 442-8361 after 5:30 p.m I V WAT. us Best Aluminum lishm hont 5 horsepower. New srt Great Bimk Wcslcrn World, reasonable. Phone 442 . Junior, two woods, thrPf. fi' nine irons. «5. Flione 442-76 CAR INSURANCE KIic;J.TKi:Kh Trillcil Iterrfnni hull*, tn I' mrnrtlw. 1* \V. Kfll. Thonr 442-7 IILAfK Ansus hull Tor salp. ^'i Southwest of fivcrnland. Arlhur Cai URBAN HOLLAND 214 N. Block Fh«n* 442-8532 VOLKSWAOKM REPAIR .Cfhutlt cntiincs, new nsorl parts at : -muni prirc*.. O/.ark Tovico, So. 71 A · M l o SprinKs Roarl. 521-Kr. 24A-Boats Marine Supplies ··· I-AHSON Iiri3i. : ··n finfl trailer 17' '·;ir. Phone Sl'i-. , hnisc clrrtni- Jolin REGISTKHKD QUARTER IIOR5K SERVICE STANDING: SPAVINAW BAR, BY: DIAMOND BR OZARK BOMB Grade Marw: $50.00. Registered Mnrr.s: S75.W. Contact: W. R. Lively. Spnvinaw Crrrk Ranch, Call for appointment- Area Code: 918 233-4744 Office 2S3-4772 Residence At Kill'!. ACJHA Copper Vandy, -2fi Granf) champinn at Halter. ?ire of Coji- pcr ,M:nv. wmnnr of Clarcmorn Futurity. Phone CTlyrte Wccms. 413-S081. \VAMrilS Bars Jr, AQHA, No. 335601. (it Shirt n r an(Ison of Threr Ears. Thone. LEWIS BROS. OUTLET STORE on the South Side of the Square Phone HI 2-9111 NEW and USED FURNITURE and APPLIANCES Nii-o RCA Whirlpool latfl mnrlcl w i t h KT m a k r omhinniio NOW Tlavt a frw narrt l i v i n c mom ·; frirrri from Now hnvr fifvc r;il n.srd r r i r i R i A frw usrrl r'(;iilflr .md I w m 5 boards J'rir^ri from ] Rcftl nicr NOTRI- n t i l n n i n l i r d r v f f NOW J U»*d nicr lir-Hrnrun .sintr* t UiCd crriAf rhoAtJt, I V.'(j»'. ,v.rl 1 111ft:. ] New 9-piocn dinollo *rt. l u f j u ' / . . 1 ' * pf.'ti N*"W Dixie npartim-nt K i / r i-r H«v« shipment of new l i i m p i , t, up I'nrrri Si:, nnrl rrl (r.imp* *nd hf SWIMMING POOLS By Anthony World's Largest Builder All Types and Sizes Seaside Pools, Springdale, Ark. Phone 756-6543 TP3R11P Brothers Upholstery Sale, ric rcmnanis, rubber cushion iinhs, small mnltrns f.i7.e. nil supplicp. nlf-o IP nMCP' pickup, onf owner, vrr rnnHftion. Phonr rtisconnrctnl, Pnnth. Cor 14 FOOT hnat, trailrr. S7i h p inn!i r.:r. KnrloscU utility trailer, ?T5. Thni 41'J-7!1W n f l r r 4 p.m. MISTER BREGER rot taM-TOn ik», ttiw Miwm (urnlEhed IMUK. Chrpttcd and air cm* dllloned. Xewly decorated two bedroom (urnlihfd cottagt. Carpeted and air conditioned. Pinna 443-2141 or KMW3. MM. Adulti only. TC71 or W3-874S. 1 bedroom furniihed now anil, for cum- mer Kch. air cond. ooupl*f. married men · female. No pet*. 442453*. t BEDROOM (umlabtd, O. of A. owpla or aMIa fnsalaa. No ptb. prUata park- Two bedroom furnished apartment. 10 ' I Davldmn. Phone 4424X1. "Hmph! TV sure hasn't killed the art of convent- tion for THEM!" 28-For Sole--Mitccllantou* !EW AM/KM 50 watt aterco tuner, pro- 'sslonal type turntable, speakers. Phone JMJ12 nfter 7 p.m. ND piano: alo a violin in food condition. Phone Sprlnedala 73-9591 af- er 5 p.m. SIMCO SADDLES and Complete Line of Accessories. LEWIS BROS. Basement Level 28A--For Sale--Antiques-- OR sale, brand new solid state 9" .C.A. portable television. Phone 443- iM. VEST FORK AtmQUES, primlttvet, decorative pieces, collector Items, for., trass, copper, tin. ironware. Hwy. 71. S. Ozark Antiques--primitive*, jtms. elan, Turn,, museum items. Hwy. 71 North, pringdale, Ark. PL 1-4161. USED clothinft -- ell kinds, furniture, rouBcholfl Items. Thritt Store, 11% W. (loci:. Open weekdays 8:30-4:30. Sat :30-12:30. 60th Anniversary SPECIAL SMALL DOWN PAYMENT 5 H.P. TILLER With Power Reverse $156.88 Highest Prices Paid For Trade-In WESTERN AUTO Highway 71 North Fayetteville Springdale Walk-in Box cnmpiett with unit B ft B liar-n-Q. jm STATEMAN CAMPERS Campers All Fizps Topper--List Price ?2S5 Now Only »HO 9 Caoovcr Camper List Price $805 Now Only |6S3 ROBEHTS UrPLKllENT CO. Wcslvillp. Okia. PA 3-ir.s BATTERIES Where is N.W. Arkansas Battery House? Vaughn Battery Highway 71 South REDUCE safe, simple «nd last with OoBcsc tablets. Only 9Se at Fayettevilli Dnift Store. VAUGHN BATTERY EXCH Highway 71 South SAFES -- Used New. All kind) nnrl sizes. PERKINS SAFE CO. 1058 Forest St. Carthage. Ma Phone 358-410) 1MRI Iiouses, 6 or .12 apartments. Knmlh Iiniisp from Fhakcsprarc on JCasl side of 71 Fnuth. Mullanil Bormurln Krnps spnE 1 ;. Al«n will rto spriKCinir. Phone W5-2H1 .lack jirown HutRer Jl.OO Hn/cn, Pin Pn- a Kid Karly, J1.50 Po7.rn. Ra'p Mnwe and Greenhouse, UtRhway 71 south. BEEF FOR LOCKER Choice Grain Fed Angus or Hereford '.a or whole 50c 0. F. BAYLEY 443-2108 .22 Cnlihrr nutomatic rifle, 4 i« scopp with case, like new--$47.00. Phone 412-IWfi. ;*r,ni' n*-R SIS!) vftlnr. Now , "1 I r / i n i $t:0 We Buy-Sel l-Trade - Terms or Cash HELP WANTED Male-Female Production Workers Day and Night Shift · Permnent Job Openings · Excellent Benefits · Become a permanent employee of Campbell Soup Company and earn ., . Male $1.93, Female $1.87 Apply at Campbell Soup Company 1100 Wcsr 15th Street, Fayetteville Equal Opportunity Employer Btrflw For Snle. Will dtltTer. Phone 846.2396. ONK antique trunk, one nntique picture rnmc. cood rondition. Thone 442-2138 Tier 6:00. Maries antique shop, open everyday. Glass collectors, bottles, furniture. D rs welcome. Phone EHcins 43-4103. 31-Wanted To Buy- WANT to buy used upright piano. Phone 2-4415. Call Us I-axl--W* Pay Mort For Used Furniture. Appttanwa, Antiques. 442-6618. WE BUT USED FURN1TUMJ AND APPLUNCE9 PHONE HI 2-6618 HIGHEST PRICES FOR GOOD USED FURNITURE APPLIANCES, INCLUDING ANTIQUES HI 3-2592 35-Apartments For Rent-FURNISHED four rooms, utilities paid. Xnrlheast location--married couple. JM Plionc 44US0.11. KRXn,AIR.H Apartments now leasing June nnrl September one and t utonis. Exim large rooms and closets. (·o:iditio:icd, swimming pool. I'hone THREE bedroom furnished, four block: 1K bills paid. Phone rampiis parking, or 442-64-1 [·'URNISHEP upstairs apartment, utilities paid. $60 nor month. Phone 26T-3610. THREE room lurnishrrt upartment ncnr downtown and post offire. Adults, pets. Phono 442-47B3. Unfurnished Apartments Under Construction NOW LEASING WASHINGTON PLAZA APARTMENTS 1655 North Lewis St. Unique new garden t y p e apartment project--Estimates availability June 1, 1969. Unbeatable Rentals: · Include all utilities · Westinghouse Appliances Central Air Conditioning · Recreational Area Play-ground Equipment · and We Love Children 1-Bedroom $96.00 2-Bedroom $114.00 3-Bedroom $131.00 Date of application determines your priority. Your income determines your eligibility. Write: Consolidated Property Management 11930'Warfield San Antonio, Texas 78216 nVB rain MraWiM Mr MUM*. Fkow ONB bedroom (inUtatd. t» otilliw . Ma. Fnma 44* COLONIAL ARMS D, two *wi tfrtt bedroom. fnnMwl or tmfantlstwd, ctntnl heating, ctrp* tof, i«tmdry tktiUtta ·* t2U M. Uv 't. 521-2110, 36-Duptac For R«nt- V availabl*. furnished one bedroom. Yard, xaraffe, beautiful view, quiet. Utilities paid, no pets, no drinking, couple only. Phone 443-2037 after 5:00. TWO room furnished apartment, utilities paid. Ailults. M7 South Hill. ONniRKUHED daptoK sit 8. Dunean. tarf* Hvlni ruom, electric tw« Mehcn. store, ittriierator. lartue dis Iwnlre it SO Air cndltloiKd. IS. Vmaai. 1WO bedroom funilKhed apartment, a)r conditioned, one block from North College IOA, newly decorated and caiiwted. tin month, water paid. Phone 442-544.1. UNFURNISHED two bedroom, central heat «65. Ml Flllln fjtreet. Phone 4427054. LOVELY Duplexes for rent. One and two bedroom, furnished or unfurnished. Phona before 5:00 p.m. 443-5661, after 5 p.m. 44M.12!. TWO bedroom unfurnished, washer and dryer connections. Itanfe, central heat and air. Adults. Phone 443-4198 evenings. ONB bedroom unfurnished f75 month. You pay eltctrle bill Fhont 521-3MS anytime. TWO bedroom furnished duplex. Call 5a-3K30. Mrs. Dillard, after 5:00 p.m. FURNISHED duplex, boyi only. Phone 4424S7S. 37-HeuiM For Rent- TWO bedroom unfurnished house on fine mile road. $65 month. No more than three people. You pay utilities. Phone 143-4601 after 5:00. 44:t-3Mr,. TWO bedroom unfurnished. Phone 442- HIKNISIIK) t«o bedroom, ivater anil ««« l«ld, fenced yard with pallo. adulta preferred. Phoni. 267-35111. K«rmln«lon. Urn y. nmURBAN Mobile Itoma Park. Ma with tenet * patl» On Hwy. Phona 267-35U Farmlntloa QUIET- CLEAN -- NtCCI Trailer Spacw Hlblock'i Mobile Bom* Puk. HI MN4: RI £.7112. TRAILER spacei for rent. Hickory Creek Trailer Park. Hoy, 261 at Beaver L«ke. Laka prlvllevea. Check our prlc*. PI. 1-7289. EVERYBODY reada tt» TIMES WANT ADS. You are! TItAILKR park laundromat, nice Itirff* lots, water, gas, srwrr, ?!iO TV rablc extra. 16 West. 4«-4(28. 38-BoiWing* For Rent- SUITABLE FOR OFFICE OR BUSINESS 720 Sq. Ft. Air Conditioned Adequate Parking Paneled 526 W. Dickson Call 442-5471 or 443-2677 WITH SAVINGS With A Clean Used Car From "WHIT CHEVROLET" 1968 Chevrolet Malibu 2-I»or Hardtop, V-8 Engine, Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Factory Air Conditioning, Bucket Seats. Console, Viyl Top. Radio. Finish . , Extra Sharp. Turquoise $2995 1968 Chevrolet Malibu Station Wagon. V-» Engine. Power Steering And Brakes. Factory Air Conditioning, Radio. Luggage. Carrier, Vinyl Interior. Really A Glenn Car, Turquoise Finish . . . $3095 1968 Chevrolet Comoro 350 SS, 4-9peed. Power Steering. Ralley Sport Equipment, Console. Bucket Seats, Radio, Black Vinyl Top, Marina Firuih, Double Sharp $2995 1967 Chevrolet Camaro V-8 Engine 3 Speed Transmission, Console. Bucket 9eat«, Radio, Marina Blue Finish, Local Owner . . . $2295 1967 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe, 327 V-8 Engine. Automatic Transmission. !' o w c r Steering And Brakes. Air Conditioned, Radio. While Finish . . . $2195 1967 Chevrolet Impala V-8 Engine, Automatic Transmission. Vinyl Top. Radio, Vinyl Interior. Red Finish . . . $1995 1 966 Ford Thunderblrd V-8 Engine. Automatic Transmission, Power Steering And Brakes. Power Windows. Power Vent Windows. Console. Bucket Seats, Lots Of Other Extras. Vinyl Top, Turquoise Finish, Local Owner, Extra Sharp $2495 1966 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport. V-S Engine. Automatic Transmission. Console. Power Steering And Brakes, Air Conditioned, Radio, Gold Finish . . $1995 2403 N. College Fayetteville, .Ark. 1965 Ford Mustang V-8 Engine, Automatic Transmission, Radio. Bucket Seats, Consols, Red Finish, Local Owner . . . $1395 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Convertible, V-ff Engine, Automatic Transmission. Power Steering, Radio. This Car Is Dmibla Sharp. Red Finish, White Top. Wire Wheel Covers . . . $1595 1964 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport, V-R Engine, Automatic Transmission, Power Stcer- inp And Brakes, Air Conditioned, Radio, Bucket Seats, Console. White Finish, Really A Nice car . . $1395 1962 Chevy II Station Wagon fi Cylinder Engine, AutomMla Transmission, Radio. Red With White Top, Locnl Owner . . . $795 CM* Phone 442-8226 --Air Conditioning-- Air.Cnnriilicmme. lientins. trailer repair splui*. rolrinfin-Miio-Therm. Mobile --Aviation-- Noark Commander Aviation, Inc. Commuter A i r Sorvio To Tulsa, Oklahoma 2 Round Trips Dally One way fare only §12.50 Charier Service -- Flight Instruction Thonc n»y» 521-2883 Kites 521-1117 --Bulldozing-- BnlldoMnc. motor snider work CM! n. M. TATTON 413-2021 -- Carpenter-- riirprnlry-cnliinpls Imilt A lwll! "'«-VJ" modeling, fall (or free estimate RI6--H1. AI11.K TO PLEASB Kxpcrtencert carpenter, any §IM ITM- Formlcn. i«lnllns. concrete walkn. ame- wnvs, patios, frc« eitlnwt*. Phont «3 21M. p,ir«ntcr work - BiiiMmn, r«iio«mif «n.l rootlnl. Fret Eitlmitn. "IOM «» COS. Fnrm bulMlniu-fres eatlmMet. Winter tir x 6lr bum. I19M. Thont Cmniilelinc, niMllion,, iwtln". roolmn, pnlnlmff. masonry, lions* lavellnj. No -Child Car*-___ or tfVk. liot rnMll. UKR UllUm! rk. JACK nncl 1111 Ctilld C»r« CWIIn M* Kln'lcrdnrlrn, rffflsleflnt 'or Rprlnfl. ARP» ii weeki to « yimri. Oi»n B:30 10 run,!) cttn In my liome. Kenrrd y«n. llftl me«l. Afternoon unnck, OimllM -Dirt, Gravel, Top Soil- TOFSOIL, CREEK GRAVEU ROAD MATERIAL DELIVERED. BILLY GREATHOUSE. 4!-3748 CattlB. train. teK toll * gravel. Clyde Cnrtti Truci Service. Phone 8!4-!617 tilncoln. -Haulina- LiCht hauling, clcan-np jobs, brush and tree limbs lianM auay. Fhoni 443-4031 --Interior Decorating-- HUGHES nraperieK. For custom mad* draperies, hcdspreads, swaRS, cornlc-es, cushions, shades. Complete line ot fah- rics, drapery hardware, phone 442-5520. -Janitor Serviee- elenninK. *nd window denning. Free estimates and II hr. service. Conlact rrr- fesslonal Janitor Eervir-e, P.O. Ben 55!, Fajettcvillp, Ark. 4W-2RIO. --lawn* A Gardent-- CAPSTICK TURF NURSERT Lftwn Grasses Nnd Bod. PhOM «4»9M oarrlrn breakmc 110.00 up. Ushl banl- Inif. t'all betort 8 a.m. or after 5 p.m. 441S114 -Paint A Paper- awe prlei~work purantMl Refer- meet. Call Taylor 4415332. PAINTING PAPKRWO V. 0 McWIIIIOTl i an w. Kntn 4IM3H -P«rWno.$tor«a«-- TMSTDn imrkini · mnit, DIIIT. ·»*· IT or monthly. Aim Mot Moral* urum- ble. Houpton Taylor ParWnf. 14-B N. Coll««e, Pnorii 4^3^SI. TO PIJICH AN Al H» Tin» ·PACE WOM.D OWI.V COST 19 no PKR MunTH --Plumbing Service-- Fayetteville Plumbinfi Heating Co. Sales. Service, Installations. Days 4425121. NlShtS 412-6625 JA 1-2631. TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD ONLY COST 19.00 PER MONTH -- Reweaving-- EVAN3 Rcweavinz ZSt Jnneitay Terrace Pn. 44M669 24 Hour Service -ftock Stone Work- STONEWORK All t-ppt. Spodnli7e fireplaces, retain- Inn walls, patios, venper. Bill Hccox SM-SfiM Lincoln, Ark. Nntlva stone fircrlnf". Ktaininjt walls, pal ins. Bnr-E-Q plls. 521-2801. --Septic Tank Strvke-- Septic Tanks piimped and cliancd. lowest Ratci. Local business. Phoni 443-3201 TO PTJ^CB AN AD IN THIS ·PACK WOULD ONI.Y COST $9.00 PFR MONTH -- Stwing-- ·nd Ornornl £rwliif. -- Strvlet* Off«r«d-- Cult If ant) linrtr 1r* licit. CUSTf^^ traoinr work, pltwlnp, dlsclnf, hm«htvi(iRln« nnd Mndc work. Phone 442-^787 nr 521-26SV POIH.TKY hoiisf rlranmir. will clran for l i t l f r rr ipirnfl on your fnrm. Phonf R2l-:7fit, Linroln. TO PT^CB AN AO IN THM ·PACK WOU1.0 ONLY COST $9.00 PKK MONTH --Tree Service-- LEE PERRY TREE SERVICE Tninine. lopping, deadwoociniC ft removal. 4i:!-'Jfi07. liability InMirnnc*. RELIABLE S H R U B T R E E SERVICE Ci»mii!c1o TITO shrnh On*. Free Kstiniaii'. !.'.\-'.'.~r+\. --TV Repair- TV A . N T K N N A K . VHI-MJHP Snlrs. li^liillnlirm. llriunr. PI, M-inii -IVJ-filf.! --Welding Service-Portable wMiiini;. n^.TSonnhlf pncoi. HiiRh W. Spriim ? ,lca(], Tmp Klalion r;n;i4. Phone inomiiiBS or cvculnns. '113-7)373, -Wells Pumps- McNEAL PUMPS Dcmmlnp A Redri, Pnlcs A SCITJC* ·HMfllft, KchfiTa St. WELL DRILLING and FAIRBANKS-MORSE PUMPS FOR SERVICE, PHONE TUNE DRILLING CO. -- OT-TUNE CONSTRUCTION CO. Faytlt.villt-^2-8251 Springdalt-Pl 1-2033 Wfll Crllllnl iinil Piimrn. tn Clwcli our in«i MS Will J. Sdwll. rhon« «2-57M, TO rlJ»(TH AN AO IN THIS UPACR WOIll.n DNI-V COST (9.0) rail MO-'.T1I

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