Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 1, 1973 · Page 65
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 65

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1973
Page 65
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" I, v» JTHURSDAY, FEBRUARY I, 1973 · · · T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 47 | limousine waits Steelworker Rolls to stylish retirement Polish chiefs work up lather over absenteeism on jobs JL . J - BETHLEHEM, Pa. (UPI) ·-- For 43 years, Robert '.'Little Guy" Miller rode to work at the Bethlehem Steel Co. plant on a battered, 1927 Indian motorcycle. . The 63-year-old electrician Tnow has retired but his family and friends made sure he rode out in style. ·^·When Miller, -dressed in work clothes and wearing his felt hat, stepped out of his home to go to work, a sleek, black and gray Rolls-Royce was waiting for him. Good morning, sir," said a chauffeur as he opened the door, "your car is here." Miller was so surprised he nearly forgot his lunch -- two jelly sandwiches packed in a brown paper bag by his wife. "Boy, the big guys are going to wonder about this," was all he could tell his surprised' coworkers. WARSAW (AP) -- Poland's Communist regime has declared war on a massive army of work dodgers who plead sickness to stay away from jobs. Premier Piotr Jaroszewicz reports, that 700,000 of the labor force of 11 million daily are absent from work -- hindering many sections of the economy. An "enormous proportion" of sick leave, says one paper, is taken by drunkards and idlers. Doctors are under fire for being liberal with sickness certificates. Despite the problem, Poland's over-all economic performance last year was good. According to government figures, industr'y' exceeded production goals by ?900 million. The mere thought of what 'isn't toeing achieved because of the "sick brigade" sends party papers into editorial fits of rage. : . Western diplomats say a new law practically encourages people to stay away from work. Absenteeism rocketed last year when the state decreed that manual workers gradually should receive the same sickness benefits. as white-collar employes. Factory workers are entitled to full wages if they suffer serious diseases or are incapacitated by 'industrial accidents. For illnesses like common colds they get 85 per-cent, of their pay while away. This will jump, to 90 and 100 per cent later. . . . . ' . The paper Glos Szczecinski recently cited three sectors as worst affected -- the machine industry, chemical and rubber plants, and textile factories. Last year their sick cases rose 17 to 21 per cent. ' , "I want to say "outright," party boss Edward Gierek told Poland's trade union congress in Warsaw, "we are alarmed by the 'great dimensions of sick absenteeism. We cannot tolerate abuse of benefits derived from greater sickness.rights. · . ·· ' - . , "It is out of the question lations should be abused by that improved social regu- dishonest people. . ." Two held in theft of bus SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) Two men who hoped to make a new home in a city bus were housed in jail r-on bus stealing charges. ';.' ;. Authorities stopped the bus about 20 miles south of the city after an employe of the municipal railway spotted.it well outside of its normal area. ·'· .'.-·. ·Warren Cliampney, 23, the driver, was charged with drunken driving, stealing a bus and: driving without- a license. Rosier Oilar, 44, was accused of possession of a sto- lenbus. ;':. ; The.two men told authorities they were going to make the bus a residence for themselves in southern California. APPLE SAUCE SOLID PAK TOMATOES COCKTAIL Town House. Serve warm. Town House. Colorful. Town House. Flavorful. LUCERNE INSTANT BREAKFAST SAFEWAY COFFEE TOMATO SOUP Pre-ground. Fresh flavor! MAID YOU SAVE WITH SAFEWAY O BRANDS PART OF SERVING YOU IS HELPING YOU SAVE! The Safeway (J) symbol on any package or label means you can buy it for less. It also means the quality is at least equal to (sometimes better than) the leading advertised brand. You can check the price difference any day in any Safeway Store. And about the quality -- our (J) brands are made by the finest, most reputable manufacturers in the field. If the ? \' brand tastes as good or performs as well as the more expensive item, you have made your own analysis. You've also made an important discovery that will save you money on your food bills for weeks, months and years to come. And®brands aren't just food. They're White Magic cleaning products; Truly Fine nylons, Safeway health and beauty aids, and a great many more. Safeway !S) Brands will save you money every day, every week! ; :· ; SOUR CREAM SHAMPOO WESTERN FARMS · Lucerne 16-oz. Thick, rich ctn. 49 Truly Fine For clean hair 16-oz. plastic Skylark Bread 24-oz. | Lucerne Dips ci^V 3°;": J 1 Cr«om 0' . j.doj. CCt the Crop ctn. V*f Large AA Eggs Soft Margarine ^^2 ^''33* Cottage Cheese 8-ot, «C« lucerne ctn. fcW Safeway Toothpaste Safeway Mouthwash Hair Spray Truly Fine lotion M " 66* .^Skylark Rye Bread 45 ^ Sugar Donuts 7-oz. tub. TOMATO «M JU|CE , Town House TOWN HOUSE TOMATO SAUCE : 16- or. flls. Truly Pint 1 3-oz. con For hands 53' -;§Bear Claws -75* " Jelly Rolls Mr. Wright'. Pkg. of B Mrs. Wrighl'l /1Q« 8'/i-oi. pkg. Mrs. Wright'l pkg. o 49 .«,. 8-Oz. CAN 10 SAFEWAY BONELESS SAFEWAY SAFEWAY ALL MEAT SAUSAGE Whole Hog. Breakfast perfect. Ib. 77 Whole USDA Impeded for Wholesomencii ib. WHOLE HAM Safeway or Armour Parti Ham. (Halves, Safeway, Armour Parti orMorrell Chef., Ib., $1.49) BOLOGNA Sliced. So good for sandwiches. BACON Sliced. 1 or 2-lb. packages. FRANKS Safeway. Nutritious and so good! 0 Fresh Fryers Regular Ground Beef 73 C Pork Sausage , J limm/ Deon PER OQC or 2-lb. rolli POUND 03 Haddock Fillet co Ploin ,cho;«X b 89 c Fish Crisps v ,a 1 v,ch.!« p£ 59* CHEF STEAKS S 41 Q IKHA rk«!r 0 W · I V Shrimp Braunschweiger Grade A Turkey Baby Turkeys Pork Loin Captain's Choice pkg. SI 99 Sliced 8 or. Oscar Mayer pkg. Manor Houi. Under U-lb. Ib. ' 59* 12-oz. pkg. Pork Roast Pork Steak 59 0 PER POUND 89 0 Mb. pkg. 67 0 Bull Cut Blade Cut Ib. 89* Fryer Breasts USDA Impeded OOt lor Wholesomenesi Ib. OO Turbot ) 2 o 2 . 7Q* Captoin'. Choict pkg. I 9 89* Sofewoy Self-Bolting Ib. Sliced Quorter. 9 to II first onJ Center. J1 II Cut Chopt to pkg. Ib. I Turkey Breasts £:,", * 89* 59* Turkey Hindquarters 35* Fryer Legs USDA Impeded (JOt for Wholesomeneil rb. Q J Whole Smoked Picnics » 63* Trophy Cooked Shrimp ':; 89* Safeway Cooked Ham 4P °; 49* Agar Canned Ham ^^, ^ S 4 55 Beef Sausage . 59 e BEEF RIBS WHOLE USDA Choice V Shoulder Fillet 1 SAVORY ROAST Boneless Clod USDA Choice Grade Beef Ib. S133 SPENCER STEAK C4QQ V |V tf Boneless «? 13 J 1 USDA Choice Beef Chuck Ib. 1 CORNISH HENS TF ^ * "'^"^l" 1 Manor House 16 to 18-oz. each 77 QUALITY IS FIRST at SAFEWAY... Cut to Your Specifications Public Records MARRIAGES Paul D«mko, legal, Tucion, and Rtgln* V. Thomas, legal, Tucson. Edgar LaviMt Rasljy, 25, Tucton, and p tff!f i° e ^/^ *».»"/2'-Tu«4. ,^"°, Vista'; .loin RuiMll',' 28, Tucion, E R^5-M,rani S !S:^o*.n5WoVah !$£X!? 1t * » nd Patsy B» ad ,f^u%«'. T ^"' ««· *.«. DIVORCES Josefina A. Lopez vs. Eztquld F. Lo-, t, QCCrW. e ' ' deerTM'"'* Houston Vi - Ces » L - Houston, decree 301 * Midrkl vl John A Mwlrld ' decree ' SBlnn * r **· Judy "" So'nntr, "d n D- FllldneSS vs Robe rt J. Flsd- "' l0n V *' Robtrl : Kaotmarakl vs. Michael E. marskl, decree. ita Lynn Hudson vs. Dave W. Hudson, decree. Charles W. Prlnw vs. Callle Orleane Prince; decree. Patty Gene Dunham vs. Orvllle E. Dunham, decree. Peony Lynn Dean vs. Wayne Miller Tha'ls Susan Dalton vs. Martin Richard' Dallon, decree. Margaret P. Hlaolns vs. Felix Thomas Hiaoins, decree. ' , Lannle s. Yardley vs. Arson Yardley, Neweleen A. Salinas vs. Richard Sa-~~ Unas, decree. Lois planne Etflnger vs, John Arthur Julia fc. Bernal vs, Michael Bernal, complaint. Joan H. Newtaold vs. David Kent Newbold, complaint. Tneron A. Miller vs. Debra Clark Mlll- er.eomolalnt. Burton Lewis Clark Jr. vs. Audrey B. Clark, complaint. Lou Smith, vs. Paul William Smith, C a r o l ' arolyn' Sue Smith vs. Jack Chafl«» J .vld'T'feeson vs. Kathleen P.' Nlckesbn, complaint. Patricia Montano vs. Ysldero Montane; complaint. r Suzanne Houston vs. Maurice Houston, complaint. Eunice Souders vs. Gerald Souders, complaint. Stanley E. Krzyzanowskl vs. Nancy Ruth Krzvzanowskl, complaint. . · · Justin B. Warrlner Jn'vs. Pongsrl War- rlner, complaint. _ . ... Laura M. Schossow vs. Robert W. . Sehossow, complaint. " - . . . Inez E. Uselman vs. Innls W. Uselman, CO Bes's a e nt fa. Dorrel vs. Ronald Dorrel, vs. Guadalupe B. Bat- Ity, complaint. BIRTHS ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL Mr. and Mrs. Edward ·O'Connell; Willcox, a boy at 1:32 p.m. Jan. 30. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Carlson, 3711 S. Ey-, ersreen Ave., a boy at 12:26 a.n Mr. and Mrs. iMr. 3410 J a ' Baker, . , -m. Jan. 91. Ve- v«j5®$'- ^TU'otTlUEOiL iCfeHTiSlj' , ·. an¥ Mrs. Armand swrdutl Jr., S. Chesln Drive, a b«Y at 7:07 a.m. Jo* Romero, SM W. «th . * ' ' M'r. and Mrs. Jo* Romero, SM St., « boy at 7:57 a.m. Jan. 30. Mr. and Mrs.. Charles M')«ll«r, J020 N. Rtchey Blvd., a ojrl at 1:03 p.m. Jan. 30. Mr. and Mrs. Oavld Chlvvtrs, 1111 E. , Llmberlost Drive, a qlrl at 4:3* P.m. Jan. ^Mr. and Mrs. Armando Alonso, 5JD» S. lltti Ave., a qirl at 4:25 a.m. Jan. 31. Show to fund Nicaraguau quake aid Nicaragua earthquake sur-' vivors are to benefit from the proceeds of a country music concert scheduled Sunday at 4 p.m. at the University of Ari-' zona Student Union. The co-sponsors of the concert, UA student government and the Ananda Marga Yoga, society, will ask for ?1 donations at the door to the Arizona Ballroom. Musicians John Doe, Chuck Mann, Fast Eddie and the Rodeo Kings, Mike and Greg and *, Muggles, will perform. Proceeds are to go to the Ananda * Marga Universal Relief Team' for reconstruction efforts in, Managua, the Nicaraguan capital ravaged by a December earthquake. The relief team has provided similar assistance in India, Turkey, Bangladesh and the Philippines. Donations of... construction and sanitation supplies as well as money may be made after 5 p.m. at 446 S. 3rd Avenue. Doctors plan speech drive against VD To aid in the fight against venereal disease, a group of osteopathic physicians on the staff of Tucson General Hospital has organized a speakers' bureau. The physicians who plan to speak at schools and 1 to youth groups, say they launched the speaking campaign to bring the problems of VD "out in the open." The osteopaths will stress the importance of recognizing VD symptoms and the importance of seeking medical attention early in the disease. Youth groups interested in hearing a physician speak on. venereal disease may contact Dr. Christian Peters, 101 W. Ajo Way. Temporary duty NORWICH, England (UPI) -- Stanley Craske has just retired from a-post with Erpirtg- ham Village Council, which he took on temporarily in 1933 at the age of 14.

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