The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 25, 1906 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 25, 1906
Page 2
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_,._-,.,_. CONSTITUTION j ' • CONSOLIDATED THE MAIL AND SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1900. STAR NEWLAND WM. L. W ATKINS EDITORS AND PUBLISHERS OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Terms of Subscription: The CONSTITUTION pnarantees to . advertisers a larger circulation in [ Ldvinp-ston County than hat of all *T>tiier local papers published in Chilli- gjpthe combined. •ffae price for the weekly if paid on or before the end of the year is $1.00, or 50 cents for six months. Subscribers neglecting- or failing to so pay. will becharged the 81.50 rate. This rule will be strict! v adhered to. Entered at the postoffice at Chillicothe, Missouri, and admitted for transmission through the mail as second-class matter. Office in CONSTITUTION Building', 516.South Washing•ton Avenue. Telephone No. 105. By MaH—Postage Prepaid: Daily, one year $5.00 Dailv, six months 2.50 Weekly, one vear. in advance 1.00 Weekly, one year, if not paid before year ends 1.50 Weekly, six months 75 The Dailv will be delivered bv carriers to subscribers in Chillicothe at 10 cents per wek. Any irregularity n delivery should be promptly reported at this . Democratic State Ticket. For Judge of Supreme Court, Long Term. A. M. woonsoK. , Hot Only Do We Get Inspiration From Nature, But Health as "Well. For people who are run-down and nervous, who suffer from indigestion or dyspepsia, headache, biliousness, or torpid liver, coated tongue with bitter taste in the morning and poor appetite, it becomes necessary to turn to some tonic or strengthener which will assist Nature and help them to get on their feet and put the body into its proper condition. It is becoming more and more apparent that Nature's most valuable health - giving agents are to be found in forest plants and roots. Nearly forty years ago. Dr. R.V. Pierce, now consulting physician to the Invalids' Hotfl and Surgical Institute, at Buffalo N. Y.. discovered that by scientifically extracting and combining certain medicinal principles from native routs, taken from our American forests, he could produce a medicine which was marvoloiisly efficient in curing cases of blood disorder and liver and stomach trouble as well as many other chronic, .or lingering ailments. This concentrated extract of Nature's vitality lie named 'Golden Medical Discovery." It purifies the Mood by putting the stomach and liver into healthy condition, thereby helping tln> dige.-tion and assimilatioifof food which feftds the blood. Thereby it cures weak stomach, indigestion, torpid liver, or biliousness, and kindred derangements. If you have mated tongue, with liittei or bad taste in the morning, frequent headaches, fee) weaic.easily tired,stitchc. 1 or pain in side, back gives out easily and aches, belching of HAS. constipation, or irregular bowels, feel flashes of heat alternating with chilly sensations or kindred symptoms, they point to derangement of your stomach, liver and kidneys, which the "Golden Medical Discovery" will correct more speedily and permanently than any other known agent. Con tains no alcohol or habit-forming drugs All iis ingredients printed in plain English on wrapper. The sole motive for substitution is u. permit the dealer t<> muke a little mori profit. He gains; yon lose. Accept no sul>- stitute for "Golden Medical Discovery." Constipation causes and aggravate.- many serious diseases. It is thorough!* cured by Dr. 1'icrcc's Pleasant 1-Vllets. One a laxative: nvi us- threa are cathartic For JudKO or Supreme Court, Short Term, W. W. GRAVES. Railroad aud Warehouse Commissioner RUBE OGLESBY. Superintendent of Public Instruction HOWARD ALL.EN GASS. Democratic.County Ticket. For Congress W.W. RTJOKER' Representative JAMES O. RANEY Sheriff HARK WHITE Recorder of Deeds WILLIAM REYNOLDS Prosecuting Attorney E. C. ORR Olerk of the County Court A. M. SHELTON Tiensnror U.S. ALLBRITAIN Probate Juduo PIERCE OVERTON Clerk of the Circuit Court MATTHEW IMcBRIDE Collector B. F. THORP Assessor JOHN J. MAY Presiding Judge County Court S. HAWKINS dacy for county recorder. He is growing in popularity as he gets acquainted with the people. There are no false pretenses, no two-faced methods about Bill Reynolds, and his good-natured frankness makes him friends everwbere. He will be elected, and he will make a fine official,because he has the ability and the energy requisite to fill such a place. The office of recorder has been in the hands of Republicans for twelve years. Democrats will see to it this year that the dose isn't repeated. MISSOURI ELOPERS Tulsa, I. T., Sept. 25—Frank Diggs and Lucy Patton, aged 15 and 13, respectively, an eloping couple from Postum, Mo., were married in this city Saturday and are making their home temporarily with an acquaintance in the southwest part of the city waiting a reply to a plea for parental for- givenesg) sent to both families and immediately after the ceremony. "Yes, Lucy and I are young for married Jfoiks,' 1 admitted" Diggs this morning to a representative of the Post-Dispatch who called at the house, "but we have been sweethearts since we first met at the District School at Dostum,four years ago. We have been figuring on this step for almost a year. "Knowing it would be folly to ask for our parents' consent to -fee married at home, we desired to elope last week, to run away to the new state, which we heard was a young folk's country, and get married and here we are. "If our parents do not see fit to give in and take us back home wo may remain permanently in Tulsa. I am large and strong for my age, and am sure we can make a living all right." The young man's eyes beamed worlds of love on his child bride. Beware of Ointments for uatarrh that Contain Mercury, us mercury will suroly destroy the sense of 4IIH-11 ami completely Ueratifr-.- thv whole •ysti'm when enti'ring it-throimli the mucous surfaces. Such articles should never he used except ou prescriptions from ivput- nl>lf physicians, ns tliu dnnwuf they will do Is ten fold to the good you can possibly derive from them. HALL'S CATAHRH CITHK manufactured l>y F. «. Olu'imy & Co., Toledo, O,, contains no mercury,nnd is taken internally, acting di redly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of tin- system. In buying Hull's C'ntnrrh Cure he sure you got tin- con- uiue. H is taken internally mid mode in Toledo, Ohio, oy F. J. CiiOm\v A Co. Testimonials free. Sold by Druggist:. Price, 73c per bottle. Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation. Mouth and Eyes Covered With Crusts—Face Itched Most Fearfully—Hands Pinned Down to Prevent Scratching MIRACULOUS CURE BY CUTICURA REMEDIES " When my little boy was six months old, he had eczema. The sores extended BO quickly over tl>e whole body that we at once called in the doctor. "VVe then went to another doctor, but he could not help him, and in our despair we went to a third one. Matters became so bad that he had regular holes in his cheeks, large enough to put a finger into. The food had to be given with a spoon, for his mouth was covered with crusts as thick as a finger, and whenever he opened the mouth they began to b'eed and suppurate, as did also hia eyes. Hands, arms, chest, and back, in short the whole body, was covered over and over. We had no rest by day or night. Whenever he was laid in his bed, we had to pin his hands down: otherwise he would scratch his face, and I think his face must ALFONSO HonRATH. :e an open sore. I thi : itched most fearfully. Judge Eastern District IRA DONOVAN Public Administrator FORREST M.GILL, Judge Western District . O.W.GARLICK For Coroner. ; R. H. OABELL. MOBEELY has a carnival week. Here's sympathy. this SENATOR BAILEY is going to make a statement. Will somebody please pull Mr.H. Olay Pierce out from under the bed so that can hear? he You will notice thatthe Missouri press hasn't had much to say about that Atlanta race Jwar. The memory of Springfield still lingers. EXCELSIOR SPRINGS advertises that it has no mosquitoes. As there is no way to disprove the claim except by making a visit to the springs the advertising seems to be good business, whether it is true or not. ' * • ==TT== A. TRENTON ball team claims to have been robbed out of a game at Milan. In the good old days when there was a hot rivalry between the Chillicothe and Trenton teams such affairs were always settled by a battle with bats right on the diamond. In those days the only way you could rob a Trenton ball ciub was to beat it into insensibility first. How the old town has deteriorated. SPEAKER JOE CANNON, theauto- crat of tho National House ol Represenrativep, is the latest Republican of national eminence brought to Missouri in an effort to obscure the real issue of law enforcement by talking about Roosevelt and the tariff. Missouri Republicans are anxious to meet every issue but the real, live one. They are still dodging that just as they did at the Excelsior Springs convention. Ask a Republican campaign orator whether he favors the enforcement of the Sunday law and he will begin to bellow "tariff" like a drowning man shouting for a rope. Interrupt a G. O. P. spellbinder long enough to ask him what he thinks about the brewers putting up the slush funds for the Missouri Republican campaign and he will bawl "Roosevelt" as though that were the only word in his vocabulary. The more the Democrats push this issue, the more the Republicans try to evade it and sidetrack it But it will not be obscured. The people are determined that the laws in Missouri shall be enforced and they are only the more firmly convinced by the attitude of the Republicans in evading this issue that they are not fit to be entrusted with power at this crucial time in the state's history. WILLIAM REYNOLDS is gaining strength every day in his candi- If all dyspepsia sufferers knew what Dr. Shoop's Restorative would do for them, Dyspepsia would practically be a disease of the past. Dr. Shoop's Restorative reaches stomach troubles by its direct tonic action upon the inside nerves—the true stomach nerves. Stomach distress or weakness, fullness, bloating, belching. Wo recommend and sell Dr. Shoop's Restorative. The N. J. Swetland Drug Co. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Notice is horoby pivru that sealed proposals will IK- received by the City Auditor of the City of Cliilllfuthe. Mo., up to 12 o'clock, noon, ou the first day of October, IlOti, for the furnishing of all material and the doing of all work and labor necessary to construct n sidewalk, 50 feet in Itmirth and I feet wide of the material described by and in accordance with ordinance- JIo.2*s:n sidewalk (HI feet in length and t feet wiclo of tla> material described by and !u accordance with ordinance No. 2t!>: n sidewalk 10 feet in IcniHh and J feet wide of the material described by ami in accordance with ordinance No. 21U: a sidewalk 10 feet in and 1 feet wide of the material described by and in accordance with ordinance No. I'll; a sidewalk 10 feot In length and 4 feet, wide of the material described by and innccorduiice with ordinance No. 242:n sidewalk 120 feet in length and 4 feet wide of the imltei'lhl dV- sc'ibed by and 111 accoi'diliice with ordinance No. 34:!! a sidewalk gil feet in lenirtli and 1 feet wide of the material described by and in accordance with ordinance Nr>. 211: a sidewnll?^ feet in liMigth and 1 feet wide of the material desci'lbod by and in accordance with ordinance No. -'45: a sidewalk 171 feet in length and 4 feet wideof the material described by and in accordance with ordinance No. 2-lii; a sidewalk 142 feet in length and I feet wide of the material described by and In accordance with ordinance No. IMS; a sidewalk iKI feet in length and I feet wide of the material described by and in accordance with ordinance No. 21U; a sidewalk ~fl feet In length and 4 feet wide of the material described by and in accordance with ordinance No. :Mi; a sidewalk (III feel in length and I feet wide of the innti'rlil I described by and in accordance with ordinance No. iV2: a sidewalk 112 feet in length and I feet wideof Ihe material described by and lu accordance with ordinance No. :>.->:!; a sidewalk laj feet in length and 1 feet wide of the material described by aud in aceordanrn witli ^ordinance No. i>.~>4: a sidewalk 112 feet in length aud 4 feet wide of the material described by and 111 accordance with ordinance No. L'W: a sidewalk (iO feet In length and I feet wide of the material described by and in accordance with ordinance No. :3ti: a sidewalk 112 feet In length and 4 feet wide of the material described by and in accordance with ordinance No.i'iT. The proposals must be according to form required and furnished by the City Kiuri- ueer. A certified cherk In the sum of $-J").t!o must accompany each bid to insure the making of n contract. The right to reject any and all bids is reserved by the" City Council. make an have , " We finally thought nothing could helpi andl hfid maae up my mind to send my wife •with the child to Europe, hoping that the sen air might cure him, otherwise he was to be put under good medical care there. But) Lord be blessed, matters came differently, and we soon saw a miracle. A friend of ours hpoke about Cuticura. We made a trial with Cuticura Soap, Ointment, and Resolvent, and within ten days or two weeks we noticed a. decided improvement. Just as quickly as thf^ sickness had appeared it also began to disappear, and within ten weeks the child was absolutely well, and his skin was smooth and Whiteasiicver before." F. Ilohrath, President of the C. L. Hohrath Company, Manufacturers of Silk Ribbons, 4 to 20' Rink Alley, June 5, 1905. South Bethlehem, Pa. CiitU-iira Soap, Ointment, and Tills an-' fioltl throughout theworlil. Potter Drup* Ulu-in. Curp.,KoIi'I'roi'*.,Huston. , "How to Cure lor thuSkin. ' HOGS 5 TO 7 I -2 CENTS HIGHER Kansas City, Sept. 24 —Steers, best steady, others slow; top §6.60 cows and heifers steady; stockers steady; veals firm; stock calves slow. Hogs :j(ff ; 7, J Jc higher; top §15.55; bulk 86.30c'tt(5 55. Sheep steady to lOc lower. Cattle-Receipts 17,000, ini-lud- ing 2,000 Southerns; Native steers, Sl.OUidG.-lO; southern eteore, Sj! 75.X-I 00: southern cows S2.00(,/:100; Native L-OV.V md heifers, SI. 75 «5 00; stock era and feeders S2.(30i«. 1 50; bulls, S2.10i«3 l.~>; calves ?,VJ5 •'; western fed steers J.'i.-I 5.00; western fed cows S2.00.uo GO. Hogs— Receipts 5,000; heavy 3f.20;rt(5 10; packers Sij 25;«6.50; pigs and lights, ?6 00(»r> 55 Sheep— Receipts ,S,000; Muttons 5.50; lambs $U 00(7/.7.60; range wethers, $125^575: fed ewes, SI O0.«5.. r :0. KANSAS r.rrv Kansas City, Sept. 21— Wheat- Sept. Gli?,ic; Dec BSj'nc; May 72 '.,e; Cash No.2 hard (i9,n,70e; No. 3, GS'-Jc'OO; No. 2 rod GO, '•••a; No. 3, GSc. Corn— Sep l2'.,c;Doc 3 ;Vc;Cash No. 2 mixed ..I No. 2 white, -t5'«.'15 ! .ii.'. Oats— No. 2 white No. i! mixed, olK..v32.j. May 3l. ! -i;: SIX DEAD IN A WRECK Minneapolis, Minn., Sept, 21 — Six persons are reported dead and a score or more injured in a rear- end collision on the Minneapolit St. Louis railroad today at New Prague, Minn. The southbound passenger train leaving Minneapolis at 9:30 o'clock in the morning crashed into a freight train which was on a siding, splintering the first cars on the former and derailing the entire train. Both engine orews wero killed. KS3ephi til I5UEL WTGELY. City Auditor. THE HELENA SAFE. Washington, Sept. 24. — A cablegram received at the Navy depart- Oient this morning from Commander Cuitcr ot" the cruiser Gal- vestan at Shanghai announces the safe arrival at that port of the United States gunboat Helena. It was reported that the Helena bad been lost in the great hurricane which recently swept overthe Chinese tea. AND ANNOYING DISEASE to which the human flesh is heir, has always been claimed incurable. A cure at list has been found In the wonderful discovery ZEMO. a clean liQuidfotextenal use. ZEMO cures by removing the cause. It draws the germs from under the skin to the surface and destroys .them £nd their tcju'ns. leaving a dean healthy skin. ZEMO'S record for cures has never been equaled, and it has been regarded as "The world!: createst cure for all diseases of the "«kte and scalp." Get a bottle today of your druggist and write to us about TOUT case. Harrisbnrp. III., Sept. 1,1304. Vex B. W. ROSE MBUCUCE Co., DXABBIBS: I take pleasure In recommend- toe your medlcrtie •'Zemo" for the cure of cutaneous eruptions. 1 hada breaking out oo my face caused by poisonine. and a few application! at TOorxnediefne cored me. • Fours truly. W. F. SCOTT, President First National Uank. Price, $1 JO, All Druggists or by Express PREFACED ONLY BY E.W.ROSE MEDICINE CO. 3032 Clitc Street. ST. LOUIS, MO. " OV»B*rtT«eo AND » 0 tO BY! 0, F, CfcAHK, DKUGGlSt, Constipation causes headache, nausea, dizziness, languor, heart palpitation. Drastic physic gripe, sicken, woalcen the bowel and don't cure. Doan's Regulet act gently and cure constipation 25 cente. Ask your druggist. BAILEY TO TALK. Dallas, Tex., Sept. 24.—Senator Joseph W. Bailey, who is expected in Dallas tonight or Tuesday morning, has promised to give out a statement regarding his alleged connection with the Waters- Pierce Oil company. Inflammatory Rheumatism Cured in 3 Days Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon. Ind., says: "My wife had Inflammatory Rheumatism in everv muscle anil Joint: her suffering was terrible and her body and face were swollci almost beyond recognition: had been In bed for six weeks and bad eight, physicians, but received no benefit until she tried the Mystic Curr for KlinninntlHin. It save Immediate relief and she \viis nl>lo to wnlkulionl In I hree days. I am sure It saved her life." s jlil N.,1. Swotlaud Druer Oompnny. Sampsel Caainberlam's Cough ±timedy Acts on Nature'^ Plan. The most successful uedicincs are those that aid nature. CHAMBERLAIN'S COUGH REMEDY acts on this plan. Take it when you have a cold and it will allay the cough, relieve the lungs, aid expectoration, open tho secretions and aid nature in restoring the system to a healthy condition. Thousands have testified to its superior excellence. It counteracts any tendency of a cold to result iu pneumonia. Price, 25 cents. Large size, 50 cents. For sale by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. EXCURSION TO TEXAS. A special excursion sleeping car bound for the heart of the Texas Panhandle will leave Chillicothe October 2. The fare for the round trip will be §!iO, including sleeper. Those buying land will have their fares refunded. Land values range from SlO to S20 an acrej where any one crop will pay for the land; where the rainfall the three growing months of tho year is the same that it is in Chicago. For booklet and other information seen Ben F. Broylos, Chula, or B. J. Meek, Chillicothe. s22d&wld Kum as City Produce. Kansas City, Sept. 21— Butter— !reamery, 2lc; packing IG' Iggs — Steady; 21e. What is a cold in tho head? Nothing to worry about if you roat with Ely's Cream Balm as soon as you begin to sneeze and snuffle. Neglected, the cold may row into catarrh, aud the air- passages be so inll-imed that you have to fight for every breath. Itis true that Ely's Cream Balm cures catarrh, promptly and certainly. But you know tho old saw about the ounce of prevention. Therefore use Cream Ualm when the cold in the head shows itself. All druggists, 50o , or mailed by Ely Bros., 5(> Warreu Street, Now York. For Infants raid Children. *o«*» ?.?: AVcgctnbie Preparationlor Assimilating llicFoodandBegula- linJi siw Sloinaciis anclBowcis ci' Bears th Signatur of Promolcs Digestion.Cheerfur- ness ;incl liest.Coulains neither Opium, Morphine nor Mineral. NOT ?>LVRC OTIC . Aporfrd Hern li lion , Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea Worms .Convulsions , 'feverish- l Loss OF SLEEP. Facsimile Signnture of ROAD OF MONOPOLY I the ear window on tin H:\lHi -Ml IiI.AN'l' you <'»" *''*' Pike's Peak, Collegiate Range, f>'t. Massive, Hell Gate, Hagerman Pass, Red Rock Canon, iorudo b'-mity spots. ur rolnrmlnor rulif.iniiii t rip >•.us i.. i!i.-!u<Ii-!i trip lii-twi'i-n l';'|'- M-rnril salt l-akn I'lly vi.'l tin- MIli- I.AM'-thr r«.i:,-f tlirmiKli tl»- K«'Low Rales To The Pacific Coast TRAIN. KILLED BY From I In- Tivnloii Kepliblk-mi-Ti-IUin". George W. Crenshaw, of Trenton, brakeman on Rock Island train No. ti!j, east bouud train which left Trenton last night, fell or was thrown from hie train at CenterVilie, it&va, early this morn- Ing sustaininginjuries from which he died a short time, later. Cronshaw, fell from one of the cars near the engine and one of his ieot was cut oil and he was otherwise injured. He died at b: 15. Escajied Dt-utli. It is not an uncommon experi- snce for us to get a iettc-r deserib- ng how the writer escaped death by taking DR. CALUWELL'S (LAXATIVE) SYRUP PEPSIN for some violent and dangerous stom- ch or bowel ii.ilammaliou. The entle, soothing, curative, purili- :ative action of this pleni-antsyrup s without any equal in the science f medicine. Sold by all Drug- i ists at 50c and SI 00. Mono, back if this fails. When two strong men coino to blowe,even if they are well matched, it is not a pleasant sight, but if the man who gets tho worst of it will use DEWITT'S WITCH HAZEL SALVE, ho will look better and feel better in shoit order. Be sure you get DEWITT'S. Good for everything a salve is used for, Thomas Dawkins TOPEKA THEATRE BURNED. Topeka, Sept. 21 —The Crawford theater building, in ttfe hearl of the business section of Topeka, caught (ire from a bursting natural gas main at 10:30 o'clock th.s morning and the entire interior of the four-story structure was destroyed. The fire caught in the rear of the building and in a few minutes the whole structure was flames. Within ten minutes after the fire started it had broken through the roof. The firemen were not able to do effective-work while the fire was confined to the theatre proper, as the auditorium was a furnace KJ and no one could get near if, township was a visitor in the city Tuesday and a renewal caller at the CONSTITUTION office. He brought in a wagon load of fine peaches which he sold to a local grocer to be shipped to Iowa. Missouri can furnish the world with peaches this year. including piles. Pharmacy. Sold by Clark's FALL FESTvE Al KANSAS CITY Sept. 30th and from Oct. 1st to 6th the C.'M. & St. P. will sell round trip tickets from Chillicothe to Kansas City and return at $3 good returning until Oct. 8th. S. NICHOLAS, Agent. Any person having backache, ddney pains or bladder trouble who will take two or three D ine-ules upon retiring at night shall be relieved before morning. The medicinal virtues of the crude gums and resins obtained from the Native Pine have been recognized by the medical profession for centuries. In Pine-ules we offer all of the virtues of the Native Fine that are of value in relieving all 3 lob uu humiin i' ee!<J I i:!-f-j iu lia miuntes by :-. '. l.OliliK, Tbli UOVOr N, J : :i?»'3t!sr,d Drug 03 neyand Guaranteed It) Gir« £aui(action or PINE-ULg MEDICINE CO., GH!C/,56 N f J, SWiTkAND PRU6 CO. Think of Dr. Sboop's Catarrh Cure if your nose and throat discharges—if your breath is foul or feverish. It contains Oil and Eucalyptus, Thymol, Menthol, etc., .ncorporated into an imported, creamlike petrolatum. It soothes, heals, purifies, controls. Call at our store for free trial box. Thu N. J, Swetland Drug Co. Miss Rae Patterson, clerk at the New York Racket, is ill at her home on Polk st/eet. A Perfect Bowel Laxatiye for constipation, sallow comolexion, headache, dizziness,sour stomach, coated tongue, biliousness. Lax- eta act promptly, without pain or griping. Pleasant to take—Lax- ets—only 5 cents, gjojd by the NJ. Swetland Drug Co. '"' Arp yon troubled with application of ManZatf you immediate relief. RAISING THE SHERIDAN. Honolulu, Sept. 23.—Tho United States transport Sheridan has been raised considerably by pumpiug out tho water in its hold:-. Those in charge of tho work predict that it will be afloat tomorrow morning. A. cold taken at this time of the year is generally hard to get rid of but it will not be able to withstand Bee's Laxative Honey and Tar That will cure all colds, coughs, croup, whooping cough, etc , by driving them out through the bowels. If you have a coid, try it auci if not cured get your inonoy back. No opiates. Sold by tho N. J. Swetland Drug Co. ManZin relieves instantly the pain caused by those blind, bleeding, itching and protruding piles. It is put up in collapsible tubes in such a way that it can be applied where tho trouble originates, thus stopping the trouble immediately. Try one bottle and if you are not relieved, your money v-ill bo re-j funded. Try our free offer. Sold by tho N. J. Swetland Drug Co. ~NEW7S5 STORE I have opened a new feed store on south Locust street opposite Platter's stables. 1 will handle wholsale and retail feed and coal. 1 invite all old and new custDiners to call. Prices right. L. E. Fullerton. Phone 091. When you have a cold it i» well to De very careful about using anything that will cauae constipation. Be particularly careful.about preparations containing opiates. Use KENNEDY'S LAXATIVE HONEY and TAR, which 'stops the cough and moves the bowels. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy, j Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rogers of Meadville were shopping in the city Tuesday. It is a well known medical fact that pine resin is most effective in the treatment of diseases of the bladder and Kidneys. Sufierers from, backache and other troubles due. fo faulty action of the kidneys nod relief in the use of Piae-ulpa. $i'& buys 30 days treatment. B. by 'fib N. J. iwetlaua Drug Ob, r,it.-r;tturr. .MOK.-:LL LAW. o. .'t sir -til !.'.v l:ida.. Kansiis C c. ir. si'K :us. (.;. p iHTiVi-r. ftiliii-il'lo. 'd Cclonido ;-OP-A-' The ilruah'ss remedy for thn relief of tin- .sufTcrlnir. is niplclly wlnnlnu furor wltli thinking pvoplu. For further Information sui; Or, T, G. Phelps Or, Lavina Beaucanip f'ni,:u!'!?rii,S': Consultation nncl Kxumlimtfon FHKK. Phones: Office 111: Residence: Piu.'ips -J«s; tte;im:hamp :tr>L*. MEINERSHAGEfJ FURNiTURi GO. UNDERTAKERS. 'PHONES: NIGHT 153. DAY 397- Olllei' lie HIM: H to 1-J A. M. 1 to 5 I'. M. Visiting hours iillllc..': Ifcinki.r I'hlllKrutlio liklK. Or. Chas. A. Wolfe, Osteopafhic Physician Fifth TTear in Chillicotho SPKi't.VI.I.-vr IN l'Hl;i)NIC Li I S !•: A .S K M CONSULTATION ANO KXAMI NA- Tl.»x K I. K K . GREATEST BARGAINS -IN- FARM LANDS, PASTURE LANDS, CITY PROPERTIES. Pfircs on Bust Crop-Crowinjf Lands in Kansas ranifinir frrm $30 to $40 per acre. [nvi'st now anil double your inoni-y in live years of less time. Corresponilenco jriven. rr.-ady reply. All culls of prospective buyers jfiven courteous attention. UNO & LOAN 00. LEBO. KANSAS. COFFEE Co OR. SAL OWN A HOME We Have These and Many Other Bargains. SI 80O—.Vine-room dwelling, .small barn, some fruit, two lots, in excellent neighborhood. $2,350--Seven-room divcllinjr, bath, etc.. barn and woodshed. Lot 50x11:! foet. $S5O -Five-room dwelling, on \Vest \Veb-ner street, one lot. $1,000—Six-room dwellinjr on North Kim street. Good neisfh- liood rnd a baryain. $850 — Five-room dwelling with lot 110x140 feet. $60O — Two small dwellings SiiOU each, on easv terms. GILL ®, RYAN, Barney Bldg. ChillicoLhe, Mo. Six Room Cottage Modern. Three blocks from square. Good ('''liar, w u o d house. Price ¥ JJOi.i. 00. Nine-Room Brick House [n citv. Modern. Good barn. Price fe'.TUO. Eight.- Room Frame House Two blocks troin square. Price -Jl.^oO. Five-Room House. Three blocks from square, fjood barn. Price 6(G5. Five-Room Frame House Two Price 51. blocks from square. to Pacific Coast Points Daily to October 31. Om.'-u*;iy. aL'CfMul-c'lass tickets on sale via I {nek Iniuncl Lines every clay until (>ct(ilu.T 31. UK)''. from K'uiiMis City and all points ill Kiiosiis to Los Angeles, Sail Francisco. Portland, Ta- eoma, Seattii. 1 . Victoria, Vancouver. Kock Muriel runs Tourist ihiily on fust thro trains. Fine dining car service. Your elmicr of two excellent routes. Write today for II- liistnitecl Tourist fuldfi', containing full (Ii-tails anil limp. J. A. STEWAUT, Gtn. Afr-nt Passenger Department KANSAS CI1Y. MO. Homeseek'rs' Excursion ToTHK Greaf Southwest September 4 and 18 October 2 and 16 November G and 20 Rate, One Fare Plus $ For the Round Trip. Write for Particulars and Descriptive Literature A. Hir.TON. (.;. p. Act., .St. Louis. JIo. J. C. LOVUfEN, A. (i. P. AKt.. twaiL-Mri C'ity, Mo. S4CXOOO in cash premiums will at the be awaidcu Eight-Room Frame House Three Modern. blocks from Price *;i,500. square. Six-Roore House of Five lot-; ill kind. I yocxl barn: fruit Vice *ua Five-Room House Five room house. Good repair, price -S,">2.j 00. Eight-Room House Modern. Three blocks from square. N'ow barn. Wood house. IV ice «2,lilH). Bazel J. Meek Land Co. AT.Cunningham, Mgr. City Dept. NICK RAY'S Bus, Baggage & Transfer Line. 1 am now located at M. VV. Litton's Livery Barn. All Calls will be promptly attended to. ('OFFICE - ... ^13 TELEPHONES.) RESIDKJ.-CE - - 43 HENRIETTA HOTK:I. No.-10. CITY REAL ESTATE. Modern slate-roof, l.rivk VI-M.MT, s-ntoin ilwoDiHK, law l"t, line shaileunU fruit, tine location. •l-rnotn.nhnosr new tlw-llintr. m-:ir<Vntm school, prior $»V~H) VKM- i;-room (1 \v»'llinar. iu-;ir Central scbool »;><nl i-r-llur. south front, prl.-e $!>.•«t. l-rooni, nev 1 story duvIliiiK on Uaynard street, price J-'IML iM-room ainif st tn-w dwellincantl Imrnanil lots and harn. urice i7ini, near Industrial Home. The lust four dwellings belong to non resident and have to sell. Farms. 1OO aures Land—-iuacres flm* corn land balance timlx-r, l»lin- t^rass pasture, unfailing apriiiK. $-.•">*>. &''"' down balance «1 p>jr cent. 70-acre Farm—I-room <!wi-l!inir, tui rn and ont-buiklinjrs. Kiacivs !ln<- corn land. h;il- arn-e rollintr hhie irrass pasture, on It. K. !>., 1 mid ii'!* i pli"ii»' line, unfi.iiitm spring in paa- 1 tiii'c. price $i p i'Hi, $S'NJ down balance at '1 per cent. I have laore list of all km.Nof lira! KstHte anil enn suit yon. Money loaned :tt ."». (land 7 pei-cent on city and [arm land. in.->uranet- writ ten in coin panics that pay*!» on farms and city property. Ullice acros.- stivt't i from Puat Ullice. ! L N. PAGE. MISSOURI STATE FAIR. SEDALIA Sepf. 29fh--9cf. §th You certainly want to see tho Bisfifest, Brightest and Best, Fair ever held in Missouri. Ven? Low Rates from all points in Missouri For tickets on sale Sept. 28th to October 4th, good until and including October 5th, 1906. Be sure your ticket reads via the M: K. & T. Ry. Shuttle- train service between Sedalia I and the State Fair grounds. THE M. K. & T. Missouri, Kansas & Texas Ry * Annie F. Hurxthal [ftcGormick Bros. THE SOUTH LOCUST ST. LIVERYMEN have added to their stock the finest Funeral Car ever brought lo Chillicothe. Besides doing a general livery business, they g-ive special attention to funerals. They also make carriage calls (day or night) to any part of the pity or cpuaty. Telephone ISO, 410 i. Locus! St, I I •!••;• I' I-1 '!• I *-H' I- M-H- Stenographer Notary Public Fire Insurance PostotSce Building, Chillicothe. Phones, office 318: residence 665. •H-H-K-i- I..;..;..;..;..;,,;,.;,,. ;..,.„;,.;. I. N. Page LAWYER 50? Washington Street, $25.OO VIA SANTA FE From Kansas C'ity, with proportionate rates from other plates of Missouri River, to Los Anjfeles, San Diej;o. San Francisco, and many other points in California, New Mexico, and Arizona. Tickets on sute ilnlly until Oct«hi>r:il, Idflli, inclusive. Good In Tourist sli-cp- ing-cars: {5.75 additional for (InuMe berth. Liberal stopovers allowed In California and at certain points In Arizona. For Literature ami Particulars, Address G. W. HAGENBUCH, G. A., A. T. & S. F. Ry., 0(6 Main St., Kansas City. Mo. HOU.ISTEFVS Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggets ; S'ig. Busiy Medioimj for Busy Seople. Biing5.QoldeB.HeaItlLaiidB(Hj9w(id Vigor. ' ancy Trnnbles. rirnptes, Ec?ei. Bad! Sreftth, Biussrlsh Bov/els, ilei chs, It'sHivky Jlouatiiin Ttfn ; 33 63Zl\ i> l»i: . 1 r

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