The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 5, 1957 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1957
Page 8
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•^ 224 for am*,; Matte* of offictt* at th* try Club, officers werti Ann OHck, installing re. «ran% Mrd Mw. Cries? l*«vini "vi»1t with, hi* ______ , __ Bng mtfihil; and Peggy TiU* U Methodists Attend Conference ait of Mt!l. D»vld wltl not <wttt With nut Mrs. data Jones, /Sckson MethddUt ,T.Q'Ke«f«,a* Bob Bryant and odiat fchuteh in Hotutoto "' t o th or Texaa With the oth« c ___ ,. flaw* ft th« annual luncheon and Biatoe*! meeting at S _rt. » ttf fiftft Hvtef ftttftUMl tfft M* ttolHW* sld? Mul? *nd at Wa D nto* hah , fci and Ms ...HP will tak* th» trio While i fathw.Is aiiandlng th* ka- Aal Outfd Camp at Fort I60D* f few Baby Greeted Cl«v* „ D**t*¥ 1* the pew H**.& the Paul J. Wornac* y w. West Columbia. EClevt arrlvad w sign IB al Dow ^Majf 89 M » «1* Pound >w Assembly Installation „ Several of next-fall*, colleg* ? freshmen attended th* Brazos- Don Paahellenic's' first orlen- Itttloa t**a Monday'aft«rttoon in |th» De*r Hofol ainlng'rootn |and cam* ~away mtiih btrter [informal abdut tdtoirtty-' life •ad what It can Mean to them. In addition to a talk by MM. R. R. Swank*, th* recent high school graduates and their mother* inspected four aiaphfyj which illustrated four phase* of sorority Ma' and work v — corarlty ' activities, sororities part in eampMs life, ruih week, and phlfthtroptesr v *'• In hef talk, Mr*, '3wsnk* said a modern'aorortty'^tlBht b* defined" a* ' "a" group of friend* l whb shaft 1 similar Ideals and'Who organiw to help each other attain'thbs* cowmen goal*, both individually and a* • group." ' ~< Th* foal* of tlM dlfferant tororUlea might not b* worded exactlytM ed,mrt ' ' rally dmllar: m*mb*r* In'stncera.and last- onother in the pursuit of know. IWge; to help each member develop her owft-sBlUty so that she;will be a living .example of th* finest In .tha American cbllefee woman, and to work (ogefKer for the, good "of their society. .•;•,',, In listing.the advant<ig«?. of a sorority program, she mentioned that it provide* 'a. home 1 from t hoit\«, encourages, gadget •<*•! '•>•>• 'f.-> -.5k..-.;. ,•:•'...•• .-,;,>.: ,,•,.' ""•; •.'••'' .' •' • • • :'. - : -i .''-..• .'• 0KB OF TMB KVHIAU 1IIT fcraa«tp«H Hi«k fcfcoel fiadaaW '*>* ait*ad*d «u S«to«p*»lPanh»Ul«'* li«,M«d*r iiteraMii ws* Mia* f ri* ft»eh*» el freepdrt, and her mother, ilr*. I, Wi rlfah**. they a**>etet «»tv»d puach If a Panh»ll*iik maabe*. Mw. •Thrtma«<ll*^^Ul»'Ji«1t»W ;' : ;- v ; * : 1 ;.' i;; • ' -*f*ei« Pfcot* fcf Don Wll*»n Episcopalians Sponsor idii-%Book Review Th* A**od*t*d Women of St Paul'* *pt*copal Church of Freeport am sponsoring a book review by Mrs. Lei* McCall of Houston, June IS at t p.m. in th* parish house. Mrs, MtCall will review rrh*.lh»> Story" by Kathryn ttulffl*. TUkela are $1.M and nay be tecured from the wo- Tien of th* pariah. [At: PMieltenM ^l^ent; Monday Ing frierldaMp; fciilfmiUte op< person*!'' davalopment pro- portant phaae of toronty ac p^ms,,.ahe saU. Another 1m- tiviiy Is ttw philanthropies, many « * national level^ ,. Uttod on th* potslbla *dl«. advantage" aid* of sorority Ufe, Mrs. Swaake did admit that forortliea, cost money. This baa exaggerated , ,, scholarship >y requiring ' vised study, hall fo* _pl*;,_ - Knd providing tufor^ by special progt-ams to help .each .girl team' good, study .habits, and adjust to the dl/ferentpattftrn .jf dollege. ,. . ,,. ' Alsd, campus activities encourage member*. to tak* an actlv*' part la training for the grafluate who will tak* an active part in civil .activity; and there is the social life which helps each girl to learn to, b« a good ho Mj*»j-v» n 4-*W|P'* 1 gwl^to meal' prospcctiv* data* under good tircumstaacta. sororltle*"aTs6 'Save freqwatly bean to .extreme she said, but 1* something girls should feel free to' ask about before pledging. • Many/girl* do work at college and. are sorority members and feel that it -is -worth the cost, s»v« fe't - < Another, disadvrnt*ge Is -that It take* time and work, Mr* Swank* cald. and girt* raurt learn to «chcdul* tbetr hour* accordingly. • ; ': . finally, it require* son* dta- clplin*., and demand* your loyalty, the *peak*r conttmied. Katample* given Weti that you must «t along wita'stim* owar a\«*^Mt«ll^ HL-iMtl<-a*M a Tl^ttJ> *^ ^Vlt Jej POVwiv. tUivuimip. WIKV nu*7 "rub yon the wroni way> ' " 8h* eoncluded that no, one Mrs,- Taylor Attends Dallas Fashion Show Mr*. Estelle Taylor, owner of the Velfrae Shop in Freeport, recently attended the ireater Dallas Tashlon Mar- kef t fall and Sack to School market week in Dallas, May 26-11. The Greater Dallas Fashion Market market Th* word *al»ry eoaie* from !'aalarium n meaiiing salt money, since Roman soldiers received part of their pay in salt fhould go into a sorority -just to gain social prestige and that a sorority la just like any thing els* fat life, you get out of 'it Jurt what you put into it. • Mrs. W. A. Bamwell was chairman of the tea, and her committee included Mn. Sen OeddtroVMrt. R. S. Newman, ~~ J. «. Dingle, Mrs, John « Mrs, R. K. Law. Hsrvto H. tcwtt. combined membership of more than 1000 salesmen showing MOO line*,of women's and" children's" apparel. *• '0 ii;..^ • .• JP Chiropractors Visit' Convention Three chiropractors from this area are expected to bo among the more than 600 practitioners attending the 42nd innual convention of the Texas State Chiropractic Association In El Paso June 13-15, Attending this ton, Mrs. Mrs.' Tom Wlsbn ftcoggini. Reed, Jr, and Mrs. Mrs. J. M. Grant The experts say: Tfa* «tpet* have lew 'em all, drivw '»» an, anyctrtmtayoo'TtmdtMdocuroenUd: M«d '«n «]!, tod ihey agree^th* pick of UK. oath ftete right b*r*, tight now-and drwnAt MA it Plymouth, So don't tuend a penny on; ytar^Ateai Plymouth • * (- '! f • t if fc ' can! PJjrmouth to ih» Uf !•> T wyt !••.>• v-i ,,•-•' STYLING WINNER IM7 CARS AN. i Itva* PLYM- *• ^ BACOW HANDUNG WINNER composed association*, of four with a will be Dr. J. M. conference Ruswll of . . insialtlAg muilciah. They Hilalled me following 1 — ' la a very impressive y: worthy advisor, Charlotte Stewart; worthy associate Sdvlsor, Linda Hightower; eharlty, Shirley Chris- tfan; nope, Nancy Bo'dcti; faith, Amy Lynrt Mclnnis; chaplain, AniUce Surber; drill leadei-, RutH Ann Snort; love, Tudy Ashbrook; religion, Molly Prince; nature, Susie Fisher;' immortality, Gloria Jloyd; fidelity. Sue Curtis; patriotism, Janette Rlchefs; service, Carrolyn Long; confidential observe?/ .Audrey McCUntock;- Outer observer, Retha ttodson: musician, Ann Waldby; and choir director, Gwen Smith. Following the installation, Worthy Advisor Charlotte Stewart introduced the guests including her parents, Mr. arid Mrt.Xc. Stewart SB* prteeftted her mother a corsage when she made the introduction, and-her father, a matching 'flower. She also presented Mother Advisor Mrs. Clay B. Ogle a gift and Rain- boWFather Yarn Underbill s bouteaniere. Sbfl also gave gift* to the in- lulling officer*. • • . ; Aftrt WaldbY tnS Ruth Ann; Short presided at the refresh- { rhent table during the racial "IB ceremony, fiWBEITY ASSEMBLY 222, Ordw of lh« Rainbow Olila offieart W«r« «ui«t«d f tidar ftifthi. Thar at*, tiaftdiaa,. left, rtans? B6d«h and Linda Higfauwer* Mated, Ml i« right, Shlrl«r ChrUlian, CHitlotM Stewart and Amy LTTHI Ifless Trade Tefrttort*** i June « meeting of tht Lltt^ Jaclrton Suslnes* and fttm sloftai Women'* Club. ' the busineis meetintf be had at tt* ternsHal Atinette Greet at 408 tL Way in Lake Jfacksoh at 1 p.m. There will tie a snort < ' cussidrl conCGfftfffg t{|6 ItIF i districting which will be : up at the stats 8&PW — ttoii to be held te t June 14, IS anH 18, To protect the life of President and to counterfeiters ire the . statutory dutiea rf'«W-U* Secret Service. Kitchen Of The Future To Do All But Chew The Food By HERB GLAETTLI United Press Staff Correspondent CHICAGO tronic kitchen An elee- that does just about everything for food ex«** chew raflgemeat on the refreshment table Uttt was laid with a lace j tlotfe Kflk tapers In crystal! hoUWtl ftirther carried out t mlaS* green color scheme. Dutta* the installation Wtaen appUance manufacturer .showed a the . which ^ enables *» att at a -gram, Ann Ross sang "Never panel, and by pushing buttons Walk Alone" and Wanda Hood :--ave potatoes diced, fool cook- sang "Over the Haraberw." : ed - floon! scrubbed, and more. The evening's activities were"; A control panel la the mid- concluded with a game party and dnnclnz. 0* THE HAIL MEMPHIS, Tenn. — 0! — Mn. Raymond Dozier think* her uncle, Jake Ellenberg of Searcy, Ark n has the most calendars "on one nail." She say* Ellenberg has every calendar from 1912 to 1857. "Me ran out of nail," she said. "Next year he'll start a new nail." die of the room doubles as a flinln.t lable. In the center of the !.-*•>.•!, a closed circuit television screen enables the housewife tn rheck on happenings In other rooms of the house. A tape recorder, equipped with a timer, prompts her: "Time to start dinner." Thia Involves pushing buttons to open cupboardf, raise and lower drawers and shelves, and expose a hidden sink. A push* button also produces redpes and menus on a screen. Meal* are planned juke-box fashion In this kltcheri-of-to- morrow, which the manufacturer said will be available eventually. The housewife can push a button and lamb chops are carried from their storage spare In the. Kitchen on electronic tracks to an area Uiat prepares and cook* them. The table top of the dining area la'cool to the touch, but hidden heat keeps the food warm at the table. A Wave of the Hand Beverages are stored in cupboard dispensers In the wall, and both hot and cold.bever- Ovent and refrigefatarl descend from eye-level position* in the wall like anall elevator car* — exposing temperature- controlled shelve* for cooking and freezing. If the housewife wants**do a little of the work hertelf, *h« has at her disposal • area" which pttwide* _.,,__ apparatus for baking « 'MM. After she has flushed, th* device whisks the pan* away., to be cleaned and returned to their places in the kitchen. • ' When the family finithesV, a meal, a serving cart comas ,'ttt the table at th* flick of a switch. Once loaded with dirty dishes, it scoots back into tfi* of a hand across an electronic puts them away. A floor eleaUer {and waxer gives a similar par- Ice cubes are dispensed at will the same way. . Another device peels, dices, and slices vegetables arid fruits. It removes waste and cleans itself 'automatically after the work is done. formance. Self-cleaning ovens, an air purifier, and a device which permits change of lighting schemes complete this dream kitchen. Freeport, Dr. Davis A. Einkauf of Bay City and Dr. L. C. Nash of Anglaton. A recently pasted state law require* all licensed chiropractor* to attend at least one postgraduate refresher course a year before they can be re-U- censed, Such * count is offer* ed during th* n Paso convention. . . JUNE SPECIALS BOW M* ter*4 over «, black atlk , •Mkttil «WH wWcH WM «•» W«V «a|f. Extra Special!! BATH TOWELS ^ Heavy Loop — Big 22 z M — FIRST QUALITY Regular Priced Choice of Colors MENS SPORT SHIRTS $133 New Shipment of 1.98 Shirts Bought Eopeoially For Fathers Day—Small - Medium • Large. Short Sleeves WASH CLOTHS Large Heavy 5 COLORS - 19o VALUE 10 'or Huge Selection BETTER COTTONS Regular 1.39 yard Beautiful patterns — Top Grade Fabrics — National Advertised .Brands SPECIAL — Rscil Cool •• COHON SKIRTS Save 2.10 Tbete Sell regularly 7 or 3.98 — AMorted Patterns BOBBY SOX SLIGHTLY IRREGULAR TRIPLE ROLL — WHITS ARwlOne Time Value! UOHT BILLS HWE LAKE JACKSON, TEXAS !1 I \ J ' llv^ r. \ M & S&LS.t %> J, f \£i'&*L J",'

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