Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 16, 1976 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1976
Page 8
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· Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Friday, April 16, 1976 FAYETTKV1LLE, ARKANSAS Baby Selling Becomes Profitable Commodity LOS ANGELES (AP) -Babies are being sold in a fast- growing black market that charges anywhere from $5,001) ; : 'for an illegal adoption to $50,000 for a custom-made child. 7; Healthy white infants have -' become such a. profitable com- '·'modity in the United Slates ''that "law enforcement officials fear the Malia. will soon be ''"Come involved. "· "It's a racket very suscep- ·' tible to organized crime," sair -Dep:ity Dist. Ally. Hicliarc "'-iMoss 'of Los Angeles. He said ·-"there alreadv seems to be a : "loosclv connected organization ""of child traffickers cooperating . with each olher in transporting "babies across state lines." '"· Some states say Ibcy are dus- VJing off ancient anti-slavery '".statutes to combat the flourishing people trade. Others are · w a i t i n g for Sen. Walter Mandale's subcommittee on cliil- "·'dren and youth to come up with "'federal legislation. '.'" But right now. baby brokers ' of an expert in this barely tan- ucd criminal field because he Handled California's only successful prosec-.ition of a major elling ring, which baby sell headed by former Los Angeles Count v crime commissioner Ronald Silvodon. MASS SCAI.K Moss said Silvcrton had "set up the machinery to sell babies on a mass scale, with price tags of $10.000 to $15,01)0." But he was only convicted on three counts of conspiracy, operating an .illegal home-finding agency and advertising an illega' home-finding agency. Silverton was sentenced to a year in county jail. three years probation and a disbarment. He is currently free on appeal. "That's the trouble, there are ho specific statutes agains baby selling." says Moss. "We "are taking advantage many gray areas and l state adoption of too loopholes laws. They are profiting because the de- Jmand for a certain type of baby exceeds the supply. ; "We're going through an incredible. nationwide baby hnn- .ger at a time when adoptable mfanls" are becoming scarce. said Charlotte DeArmond of the £a!itornia ·Society. Children's Home ^ There is no shortage of chil dren as such. Illegitimate births are at an all-lime high o! more than 400,000 a year. and definitely ' need legislation.'* . California law imiun $500 fee the U.S. Department of Health Education and Welfare says 120,005 children are available "for whom adoption would be best." But they are either too old the wrong color, or afflicted with muscular dystrophy, cere-; oral palsy or various psychological ailments. Selective foster parents are lining lip for another kind of child: white, newborn, healthy and 'jnwant- ed. · · ' · ' . . Changing social some federa^ sels a max .............. .. for adoptions and requires state licensing o home-finding' agencies and oth er intermediaries in the adoption process. But it also allow. "independent adoptions." when a niolher' can select fos tor parents for her child and handle the deal through her at torhey." '. This is the gray area tha permits the black market tc flourish. Did the mother. reall find the foster parents? Did she sell her baby or give it- away' Was the attorney simply a Icga assistant in the transaction o did he become a ·· unlicensed home-linder? "It's very easy to tell, san Betsy Cole of the Child Welfan League's North American Cen t«r for Adoption in New York "Legal ' fees in any adoptioi should run no higher than $200 When lawvers start chargin $10.000 and $15,000. you kno\ ' ' proved . alized contraceptives, abortion Uaws liber- socieiy's fading disapproval ol unwed mothers makes this child a rarity. Thus he has become a prime target of black marketeers. ·S WAITING LIST -..-. ~? "The wailing list' for while babies is now three. to five "Years, while you can get a black baby in nine months." said Mrs. DeArmond. "Thais . they're doi "The oing ' troubl J something mare. proving Like doctors; lawyers have a to charg bear an the real tragedy. There would be no black market if parents were less selective." Joseph Reid of the Child Wei- fare League of America added t h a t l e g i t i m a t e adoption agencies simply cannot compete with unscrupulous profiteers who olfer pregnant girls large sums of money and pay all the medical bills for healthy white babies. Children's agony officials estimate that one baby is sold on the black market for every 21 who find a home through legal adoption procedures. Moss suspects it is higher in^California because, the population density . provides more buyers and merchandise. The state accounts for more than 10 per cent of Ihe nation's illegitimate births, its adoption laws are lax and Californians usually lead the field in bizarre consumer trends. A California mother once gave her baby to a broker for a used car. Another childless couple paid 550,000 for a baby "made to order." selecting the parents from photographs of attractive, young, single men and women in an album compiled by their attorney. Some attorneys have actually placed classified ads in Califor nia newspapers: "Young people wish to adopt baby at birth Will pay doctor and hospital bills. Replies confidential." Others are paying finders fees to college students for every pregnant coed Ihey locate on campus. Moss pays close attention lo such developments in his state, but he says he is powerless to prosecute for lack of evidence. "The mother who sells her child won't talk because she's been paid off,' he said. "The foster parents won't talk be-' cause they want to keep the child. The intermediary won't talk because he made most of the profit. And the child is too young to lalk." Moss has become something unwritten conspirac: what the.traffic wi . supply what the public, wanls -- in..this'case babies or parent for babies." . Only five states have ou lawed independent adoptions - Conneclicul, Delaware. 'Mid igan; "-Minnesota and Massachi setts.'The others have,easy 1 censing requirements or. perm natural.mothers to do their ow placement, thus falling prey I black marketeers! ' . Many of the culprits say the are doing nothing wrong. The have garnered considerab ublic support for the argument, iat baby selling is a victhnlcss, rime where no one'gels hurl ml everyone winds up happy. ' Silvci'totu for example, called is baby-selling oueraticm the Save a Life Adoption ,Agen"At Mandate's subcommittee leariugs in 19?5. several law- ·crs testified that they were nc- ually-'performing a public scrv cc in rinding homes fori un- vanlcd babies, paying hospital bills for destitute malncrsUud satisfying the parental cravings )i childless couples. One Florida attorney even admitted setting up "houses for uiwcd mothers" that gunran- e«r superior medical care -ill [L-ee _ and wealthy Foster parents for their babies. Moss concedes there are some cases where it might be a victimlcss crime, "but in others evervone is the victim. '-The adopting parents are being exploited by paying ex- icrbiiant fees, and they're'vul- nerable to blackmail at a later date'. The natural mothers are Board To Choose Oklahoma Liquor Control Director OKLAHOMA ; CITY f A P -The Alcoholic Beverage Control 3oard was to meet a t - J O a.m. today to choose a new state li- liior control director and a roung Ft. Sill officer reportedly .vas a leading candidate for the job. Sources close to the board; said Capt. Jim Walker, a law-' yer and a member or the judge advocate general's staff at Ft. : ' Sill, is one oE (he top candidates for the .post ..being vacated by t h e ret iremenl of Weldon Davis. Walker, a native of Mclxiud, is in his early 30.s. His father is superintendent, of schools at McLotid. -. .There reportedly are about five candidates for the job. Otie of the others is Etrimclt Kcline. a retired Nebraska liquor wholesale operator. , There ha'd been some support for Dave Holliday, an Oklahoma City television newsman, but board members -reportedly decided they wanted the new director to be a lawyer or have a background in law enforcement. reduced to baby-making machines, and thus robbed of human dignity. "Tlic child is the main victim because Itic only determination in selecting parents is who can pay the most. And then there are all those other victims fldoplnblc children who might luive foimd homes If tSie black markeL didn't provide so many heullhy while babies." Mrs. Cole agrees that while many attorneys have bent their ethics to become involved in the baby trade, few are unscru- pulous enough to sell ihfanLs l alcoholics, sex dcvitilcs or oil viivjs psycholics. "Most, ot (tie people who bu; babies are not bad parents. It' just Itiat lliu potential is thcr (or great harm to the child, she said. Committee Granls $1.5 Million . UTTI.E HOCK (Al) -- Tlic 1 CainmiUcc on Stale lliul I*owil Govcrnmcnl approved llic ex- iciulllurc ot 51.5 million Tlm'rs- .lay.for projects undor (lie fed- oi'iil Liuv Enforcement Assistance Administration .program.' The liiw .X'lirorecmcnt (jraills will Uc used lo hire nolico investigators and clerical . iicrson- nel, tigato , buy . raniipmenl aiul nuy (' construction. The federal agon cy will provide about $1 nil 1 lion, with Hie rest .coming from state funds and cash contrjln ions. Sen. illiifJ. Knox Kelson or Pine commilec .chairman, said the action leaves the ,stair with about $3.500 in , fedora grant money for the fiscal ycnr.\ / ' - · ' Hep.' John' 11 Miller of Melbourne said people who own those lots are having , trouble Betting loans ; to .finance, eon- Tlruclion of homes because of he Health Department rcgu- 'atinu. ; , · . .·. · ; r Save $20 to $40 on power-drive Toros. You'll get a pretty tougli aA'alufeto beat: Toro's pve- . cision engineering at a reasonable price. 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