Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on April 29, 1963 · Page 41
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 41

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1963
Page 41
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WAS XICM-ABOUT feVGfttflfef a/emt ABOUT BRENPA STARR I'M SORRY,! MADAM, BUT* YOU HAVE THE SWRONS NUMBER ; DAG WOOD' DON'T HANS UP' I Iv IF I WERE YOU NEVER Give UP AN JUST RAISE THE OPPORTUNITY BLONDIE GUDER DOWH THE GIRLS CITIZEN COMICS MONDAY, APRIL 29, I9o3 PAGE 41 I BOUGHT SOME SODA FOR US, NANCY BALL. PARK WHO'S THE EXTRA BOTTLE birthday, dear wifey,... Happy 6ffTH birthday to youl" BYTHENAMEOFLOtA PHONED BUT APPARENT!* IT WAS A WRONG NUMBER/ SEDATIVE AND 3HES RESINS/A COME BACK AND SEE HER LATER/ K. MORGAN KUNS M7DMRS.PUtTARK ASKCLWVCSTMt REX MORGAN you PUT rr THERE VEA»4.' THE PAINT IS RUNNING DOWN My ARM HEV, BEETLE.' YOUR FOOT Z KNOW.' I PUT IT PAINT BUCKET/ BEETLE BAILEY HA^ j#CARBJ7 THAT RUNNING AWAY/ LIKE A GJRL IN THE ¥11 TRY TO CATCH OP/ , LAREDO PBfcA HAS *0 MUCH ON HfeR AMNP COI-.CANY10N fS , -WASANCTWE* SHE HAS NaryeT/w*i£p _ . THC *NAPS}t'3I5 LEFT -WHICH STtVE HAS R3UNP AND TA*:£N ey we poesNt KNOW -BUT TH6 WAy -HXCEPT'I TO THE MSB KCHAN00 TO HAVt HER DEKA IAMKTH A COUS.B.CANWN- WHY W1J WISH TO THS f\* fCKE CANT*eCAU. JW7WEP CV6R VWV UP AS A 5URPPISE GIFT 7D fOOOV TELL ME WHY How Long Will Our Siui Last? Win · valuable prize. Send your question, name, address and age to TELL ME WHY! care of this paper. The Britannic* Junior, 15- volume encyclopedia for school and home, will be awarded for the letter selected. In the case of duplicate questions, the author of "Tell Me Why!" will select the winner. Today's winner Is: CHERYL BUCALO, 12 HlaJeah, Fla. When you consider how necessary the sun is for life on this earth, you might say there's good reason to worry about this question. Without the heat of the sun, our atmosphere would have frozen. No green plants could live without sunlight (therefore man and animals couldn't exist either). Even our water: power is there because the j heat of the sun lifts moisture into the air that later turns it into rain. The list of things we depend on the sun for is almost endless! The sun is simply a star, and not a very unusual star at that. There, are many larger stars, and many smaller ones than our sun. But to us it is the star that counts-and we want to know how long will it keep supplying us with heat and energy? At one time--rin fact, until the middle of the 1.9th Century--scientists believed the sun was once a much hotter body and was slowly cooling off. Then it was realized that the sun cannot be a body that is simply "burning." If it were, and even if it were composed of pure carbon and oxygen, it could only have lasted several thousands 'of years. · ' . . . . But the sun has been giving off heat and energy for billions of yearsl Therefore another kind of process must be taking place in the sun to account for this heat and energy. One process is release of energy through radioactivity. Or heat and pressure m the sun may change matter into energy. This : is quite a different thing from the "burning" of matter. Burning changes matter from one form to another and releases some heat in the process. But when matter is changed into energy, a tremendous amount of energy can be obtained from very little matter. One ounce of matter can yield enough energy to melt one and a quarter million tons of rocks. The transformation of just 1 per cent of the sun's mass from hydrogen to helium supplies enough energy to keep it shining for 1 billion years! So it looks like the sun will still be shining billions of years from now! * * * FUN TIME THE"/ HAVE MUSCLES IN THEIR FEtT umiCHAl/TOMAJlCAU'/ 7H£ SAME PflNCIPLE APPLIES U/ITM SNOOP'S EARS;.. SLEEP ON T(?£6 LIMBSUITHOvT! FAIUK60FF?/ I'M so «UP YOU'RE HOME/ WHEN VtXJ'RE OUT LATE I CAN HEAK EVERV SQUEAK AN0 CRB\kT IM THE HOUSE/ WHVPONT VOU TURN ON FWENI. VfcULPNT BE ABLE.TO HEAR ALL THE STRAN6U MOI6ES/ YOU COMR4NY? AND LOIS WHAT ARE YbU WRITING THERE ' VS. CRITICS HAVE A CERTAIN REPUTATION TO UPriOLO, YOU KNOW. N A CRITIQUE 'THE BOOK IS LOUSYJ" THESE ARE NOTES NEWSPAPER, I GST-- HO HAY FEVER ARE YE GOIN TO TH' BIS SHINDIG TONIGHT CALEB ? SNUFFY SMITH AIRCRAFT ATTACK CARRIER U.S.5.5HILOH PREPARES' TO JOIN THE SIXTH FLEET W THE MEDITERRANEAN. BUZ SAWYER ··". is ASSIGNED TO COMMAND A'HOT I8-W6EK RAa TRAINING, CARRIER .·4-29 BUZ SAWYER The Ridde Box 1. Why is a large coat like a banana skin? 2. What horse is a bad dream? 3. What habits do all birds have? Answers -g -aiBurmSiu v 'Z ' dffs oj ^SBa qjoq SJ/SUT -r * * * * The Puzzle Box A stranger left Springtown to walk to Greentown on a country road. He came to a point where another road cut through his road at right angles. But the signpost at the corner had been knocked down and was lying on the ground. How could the stranger discover which was the correct road to Greentown? See tomorrow's paper for the answer. Send your tricks, riddle*, or puzzles to TELL ME WHY! Give your name, age and address. A Britannic* World Atlas or Illustrated Year Book of .important events in every field will be awarded for tho totter* ·elected «ach week. STEVE CANYON Parole Review Asked For 'Birdman' WASHINGTON ~r UPI _ Sen. Edward V, Long, D-Mo said yesterday he had asked the federal parole board to review the parole application of Robert Stroud, "Birdman of Alcatraz." Stroud is serving a life term for murder at the U. S Medical Center at Springfield Mo. He got his nickname from his study of birds while imprisoned at Alcatraz in San r ', r rancisco Bay. YO 1 IS FURTHER-BEHIND THAN V^HENlf SO 1 STARTED .r--AW'Ll. NE.VAH HAFTA MARRY VO'/. r SANQWIDGE? LIL ABNER Did they his car? Wo.but I don'tTl'm only taking^) think there's I -a little.' ,,* He and Pop around, \Morn tueht out with Ctovia? Yvonne I Grandpop, Chipper/ ; has run out r------vr ^4 .ofaa. /-~\ . ^/rs. 25 ^^ For a guy tuho can'tT You're simply 1 sight of a -few to help Chipper' that gal,Chipper doing a lot of GASOLCVE ALLET AHH? HERE ARE THE RESULTS OF A NEW TOOTH PASTE TVE BEEN TE6TIN I I HAD THE PEOPLE IN GROUP A USE AN ORDI- NARV TOOTH PASTE AND THEY HAD A UIH RATE OF TOOTH DECAY. 1 AND GROUP B, AFTER BRUSHING WITH THE NEW TOOTH PASTE, HAD 34 PERCENT FEWER,,, TEETH » SMIDGENS SPEND MORE TIME ON CITY AFFAIRS AND LESS TIME WITH HOLLYWOOD QUEENS. IM OOINCJ TO SEE THE ZOO MANAGER! A JOKE'S A JOKE, BUT THIS SMART- MAYOR? THIS IS A GAG. FURTHERMORE, MAYOR, -- ' A PLAYBOY. MAYOR. COME BACK. DICK TRACY rat* CHOP tttw, MM, NIC-NAtf, POGO

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