Independent from Long Beach, California on February 11, 1958 · Page 27
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 27

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1958
Page 27
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Vital Statistics Marriage Licenses LOS ANGELES · Logal Nolle* Allen JCltzabeuTj: Morgan, 4318 Albury » y _ ^ , | 1 1 It BalBh p.'"siotterbeclc Jr., 8112 E. 163 Bt., Bellflower. ...........20 Joy F. Williams, 9120 Ramona St., Bellflower · , --^ Amon A. Wvnue. 419 Rhea St.. 77 Ellen C. Wynne, 3811 Ajnei Ave.,. iy f, -TiuLu uo, * «""· - jj.w » «·---_ ^ MAW. El. Toro, Santa ^Ana.TM.......! ...18 S»liy P. Nichols, Avi., Artesta ------------ ,^.,. T .......... . Anthony I* LaPourve au, 1442 W. F St., Wilmington _________ i-- -- ...... 22 Btntrlcn W. May. 1020 13 St.,,; Donald" F* Fenderifast, 26""co'vlna Dlant "(5r"Bo5wo'rtiii" 632"" jimiperii Richard TMChanceVT{2f "E." Artesia..2 ' .Margie A. Glitz. 26321 OzOn« Ave.. H r r - ' ' 0 en . . Ave,, Hollywood Barbara JI. Booth, '''S497~'£emon DLTOI1CU Ul LUC Jio-ii u* J fcmutii*! »" Jie City ol Los Angeles,' California, allfornla Bank, Trustee under the eed. ol Trust ' made by Maocme Elizabeth Moran, -who acquired title * Maxlne Elizabeth Newoerry, and ecorded May 27th, '-1955. In Book 7902, Page 3M o£ Official Records f Los Angeles County, California, ·iven to secure an Indebtedness In avor ol Marlon E. Graham, a single man. and assigned to Curtis 'B. ravens and Violet Cravens, hus- and and wire, as joint tenants, .by cason ol-the breach of certain obll- ations secured, thereby. ' notice' ol rtilch breach was recorded Novem- er 4th 1857, in Book 56003,. Page ,22, ot said · Oltlclal Becords, will ell at -public auction to the highest Idder for cash, payable In lawful ioney ol the United States at the Lime' ol sale, -without warranty as o title, possession or encumbrances interest conveyed' to and - « c r « e . n U r « U a . s o E White St.. Compton -- .............. Elizabeth A. Floyd, 5304 Llm r " E7~'iVn"itmTtie~22432~Nep tune- Ave.. Wllroln«ton ....--......-IS Sharon E. Qlbboni. 20512 New Hampshire. Torrance --------- _ ....... -U Walter T. Rubldeatuc, 1()20 E. Ca Mary jrAMf,''5233~N.""suniflowe Ave. Richard i. JIUIIMJ^U, .v,-TM i...TM..., Fave cr~Dre'nnan'."i34io S. Fan- s'haw. Paramount , -.20 James H! Dnvle. 1121« E. 88 PL, St compton .---- 1* Earl W. TOIlls. 340 N. Beverly Dr., Beverlv Hills -;-.33 Jov B. Hughes. 12223 Spray. Norwalk «..TM ---^ L. V. SurneTi" Thompson. «00 W Elm Compton -- -2 . ijis D. Bailey, 1708 Grape Ave,, Corapton -- ~--..-...-I Caryl L. Battlitt, 2113 Jasmine St., o e . Eucene TM. Andiir ion"' 'b'soVvia'Tejon. Palou Verdei Estates ......... - ......... 2 Helen Vassle. 4807 Towers St,. ( Donald E. Luther!" S9S9""c" San" vin- St.. Korwalk -Divorces Filed LONG BEACH HUDGTNS--Harcelle J. vs. Lester L. GARRETT--Constance L. va. Warre KULJIS--Dorothv R. vs. Nick A. ANGLESEY--Sonla vs. Richard J. SMITH--Anne B. vs. Donald E. HEPLER--Marilyn J. vs. Wlllljm 1 CURRAN--Ella X vs. Charles W. WOOLDRIDGE--Nadlne W. vs. Kobe RAPES'--Carmen vs. John |W. Divorces Granted LONG BEACK ROUSH--Kathryn II. from Clarence L - WARNER--Norrna from Robert A, . STRATTON--Shirley F. from Char! CARRIER--TSrls E. from -Kenneth E BESTENLEHNER--H « 1« n II. fro GRSUTMAN--Arta M. from Frank J ICE--Lucy N. from Ramon P. . LEE--Blanche B. Irom Robert V. YUDIS--Nadine A. from Leonard . DUNCAN--Clifton B. from Marlbetl HALVESSON -- Rosemary *. Iro Henry R. Jr. LINDSAY--Ruby R. from Herbert. HENSGEN--Mildred M. from Harold COBERLY--Phylls T. .from Thomas J BARTON--Iris J. from Ronald A. ' TABER--Grace M. from Raymond P JI1KKELSEN--Llla M. Irom Vernon P MICKLEBERRY.--Llllie W. from W! GILBERTSON--Martha X. from William 1* ' Annulments Filed -LONG BEACII EDWARDS--Elizabeth vs. Eugene.', FERRER--Gonyalo vs. Maria L. BUTLER--Elizabeth G. vj. Joseph A. Annulments Granted IONG BEACH WAGNER--William L. Jr. from Joan. H1GGINS--Esther from Bill J. . Mortgagor by V. J. .HATES, Mortgagor levtfly Hllli Etcrow 37 Wllihlre Blvd. everly Hilli, CillfornU .crow No. 8316 --J-12269 : Eub. Teb. 11. 1958 (It)--L.B.I. 62056 NOTICE OF. TRUSTEE'S SALE NO.. PT-U9-e934 On Tuesday. March llth,'1958,,«t oven o'clock .A. M., at -the East itrnnce of the Hall of Justice, '" y ol January, .1968. ' ' - FLORUS'KAUFMAN . HELEN KANE · - : STATE OF CALIFORNIA' ) OUNTT OF LOS ANGELES ) ss. ON THIS '27th day of. January D.. 1958. 'before''me; .Ruth' C. arks, a Notary Public In · and' for id .County and State, residing ler'ein duly commissioned 1 «nd worn, personally appeared. Floras aulman and 'Helen Kane, known to b e ' t h e -persons :whose imes are subscribed- to the within strument, and acknowledged to e that they -executed the same. IN "WITNESS WHEREOF,^I have reunto set my hand and affixed y official seal tho day and yenr in is certificate,first above written, RUTH C. PARKS (SEAL) Notary Public in and- lor Said-County and State y commission, expires 6/15/1958.; m. 28, Feb. 4, 11, 18, 1958 (4Q.LBI He nteres co eld by said Trustee -under »id Deed ol Trust -in the property slt- ate In Los Angeles County, Cali- ornla, described as: Lot 26 In Block 13 of Tract No. 12854. In the City o2 Long . Beach, as per map recorded in Book 244, Pages 7 to 11 Inclusive of Maps, in the office ot the County Recorder of said Ccunty, and the South-westerly 2 feet ot that portion ot Gundry Avenue (lormerly Marbury Avenue) vacated, lying between' the Northeasterly' prolongation of the Northwesterly line of said Lot 26 and the Northeasterly prolongation of that certain course in the Southeasterly line ot said lot -which has a bearing ol North 11* 31' 50" Eaet. or the purpose of paying obligations secured by »alcj Deed, incluc ng lees, charges and expenses o the Trustee, advances, it any under the term of said Deed, inter est thereon, and J2.133.56 in unpaid irlncipal ol the Note secured by said Deed, with Interest thereon rom Juno 15th, 1356, tn In .said fote provided. Dated: February 5th, 1958. CALIFORNIA BANK. Trustee By HAROLD S. BAUER Assistant Secretarj OR 8324 Feb. "ll. 18. 25, 195S (30-- L. . NOTICE TO BIDDERS v Notice 1s hereby given that th Board ol Education ol the Lont Seach Unified School District.-Coun y of Los Angeles, California, wil receive sealed bids in the office o the Assistant Secretary, Room 20 Administration Buildinjr. 715 Locus Avenue. Long Beach, California, u ·o 11:00 o'clock A.M., February 18 195S, lor the following (or Chil "Tare Centers: Scried.' #3111-LL--Meat Sched. #3111-MM--Poultry Sched. '*S111-NN--Staples Specifications and bid forms ma je obtained in the office of th Purchasing Division,' room 207 Ac ministration Building. Price, fit ness and. quality being!. f rs choice, will 'be given to supplle grown, produced or manufactured i the State of California, and secon choice to supplies partially grown f roduced or manufactured In th tate ol Calilornla. The Board o Education reserves the right t reject any or all bids and to walv any Informality on any bid - :elved. · T(J BEACH ^SCHOOL DISTRICT 1 By BERTHA PARSONS, Asst. .Secretary Pub Feb. 4,. 11. 195S (2t)--L.B.I. Legal Notice NOTICE TO B I D D E R S 'Notice Is hereby given that th Board ol Education ol the Lon Beach .Unified School Dlstric County of Los Angeles,; Calllornl wli' receive sealed bids in the oiiic ol the Assistant Secretary. TOO 209 Administration Building, 7 Locust Avenue, Long Beach, Cal fornia, up to 11:00 o'clock A.M February IS. 1958, lor the follow "Iched". #S155-J--Cafeteria equipment · Sched. #3112-L--Maintenance paint brushes Specifications and bid forms ma ·be obtained In' the office of th N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y NOTICE Notice is hereby undersigned Barney Purchasing Division, room 207 A residing at 660 Quincy Ave., Long ministration Building.. Price, litne Beach. California. State ot. Calilornla. (signed) BARNEY WM. PETERSON Pub. Feb. 8. 10, 11. 195S (3t) L'.S.I. NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, Charlene F. Benzing. residing at 2164 Stevely Ave.. Long Beach, California, that alter the date ol. Feb. 8, 195S. she will not be responsible for any debts, liabilities or obligations Incurred by any persons other than herself. Dated Feb. ?. 195S. Signed/CHARLENE F. BENZING Pu£ Feb. 8, 10, 11. 19S8 (3t) L.B.I. 3lul*J UJ. \^ai»Auiii«" ~..- -- -- -~ - · Education reserves the right reject any .or all bids and .to wai any in NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Notice is hereby given by the undersigned. Florence E. Maoris, residing at 305 16th St., Sea! Beach California, that atter the date of ' SCHOOL DISTRICT By BERTHA PARSONS. Asst. Secreta Pub Feb.' 4,' 11, 1955 (2t)-- L.B.I. Ligtl NotlM NOTICE O F ' I N T E N T I O N TO ENGAGE I N THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES February 4. -1958 O WHOM' IT MAT CONCERN: Subject to · issuance of the license oplied lor,, notice is'hereby given at the undersigned proposes*- to 11 alcoholic 'beverages' at the remises, described as follows 49 -62nd Place Long Beach--3 Pursuant* to such Intention, the nderslgned is applying 'to the epartment of Alcoholic Beverage ontrol lor issuance by .transfer ol n alcoholic beverage license (or censes) for these- premises as Hows: ' ON-SALE GENERAL Anyone desiring to protests the suance of such license(s) may file verified protest with the Depart- ent ol Alcoholic Beverage Control ; Sacramento, California; stating rounds lor denial as provided by aw. The form of verification may e obtained from any office ol the epartment. The premises are now censed .lor the sale of alcoholic everagcs. ^^ ^ =ub. Feb. 11, 1958 (It)--L.B.I. 6Z1D1 . CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS FICTITIOUS F I R M NAME THE UNDERSIGNED does hereby ertify that he -is conducting a elicopter service business at Long each Municipal Airport, City ot j'ong Beach, County of Los Angeles, tate of California, under the fictl- lous firm name ol SOUTHERM AL. HELICOPTERS and that said irm is composed of the. following ersons, whose names and addresses are as follows, to-wit: Rodger F. McPheeters. 1450 Amer- can Ave., Long Beach, Calll. WITNESS my .hand this · 4th day 1 February. 1958. . RODGER F. MCPHEETERS aTATE OF CALIFORNIA - · ) · COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES ) ss. ON THIS . 4th day ol February, A.D., 1958. 'before me, Mary M. Creter. a Notary..Public in and for aid County and State, Tesldlnp therein duly commissioned and worn, personally appeared Rodger F. McPhoeters, knov/n to me to be he person whose -name is su.b- cribed to 'the within Instrument, nd acknowledged to me that he executed the same. . IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have nereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal the day and year, in this certificate lirst above written. .(SEAL) HART M. CRETER Notary Public'in and for Said County and State. · My commission expires 12/14/1958.' i-eb. 11 18, 25. Mar. 4, 1958 (4t) LBI CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS FICTITIOUS F I R M .NAME THE UNDERSIGNED do hereby certify that Arlln K. Armstrong'is conducting a .cleaning business' at 15565'BellJlower Blvd.. City of'Bell- llower, County ol Los Angeles, State ol California, under the - llc- .Itious firm name of SHERRY CLEANERS and that said firm is composed ol the following persons, whose names and addresses are as follows.' to-wlt: ' '· ·' . H. W. Lacewell, 15565 Bellllower Blvd., Bellflower, California. A. K. Armstrong. 12509 Harris Avenue, Compton, · California. WITNESS my hand 'thii 22nd day of January. 1958, ARLIN K. ARMSTRONG. STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) .. :OUNTi" OF LOS- ANGELES ). ss.' ON THIS 22nd day of January, A.D., 1958. before me; Richard D. Hebb, a Notary Public la-and for said County and State, residing therein duly commissioned and sworn, personally appeared .Arlln K. Armstrong known 'td me to be the : person whose name is subscribed to the within Instrument, and acknowledged to me 'that he ixecuted the' same. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand' and a'flxed my official seal the day and year in this certillcate lirst above/written. (SEAL) RICHARD D..HEBB Notary public in 'and for. Said County and State My commission expires 11/4/1961. Feb. 11, 18, 25. Mar, ll, 1958 (4t) LBI sponslble lor any debts, or obligations Incurred by any persons other than herself. S?gnId/FLORENCE E. MACEIS Pu6. -Feb. S. 10, 11. 1958 (3t) L.B.I. .NON-RESPONSIB1LITY NOTICE Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, Evelyn M. Hackett,, residing at 2723 Greentop St.. Lakewood California, that alter the date of Feb. S. 1958, she will not be responsible for any debts, liabilities or obligations incurred by any persons other than herself. Ifgned/EVELTN 0 Mr HACKETT Pub. Feb. 8, 10, 11, 1958 (3t) L.B.I. CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS FICTITIOUS F I R M N A M E · The undersigned does here certify that he is conducting Hearing Aid business at 211 Third St:, 'City ol Long^ Beach. County ot/'Los Angeles. State of California, under the fictitious firm names ol Long Beach Hearing Aid Center and Audivox Hearing Center and that said llrm i» composed ol the lollowing persons, whoso names Fob 8 1958' shr will not be re: the following persons, whoso names TMn»ible lor' any debts liabilities and addresses are "as follows, to' Hubert E. Jacobs. 205 St. Joseph vfi., Long Beach, California. · .Witness my hand this 3rd day ot February, 1958. NON-RESPONSIBIUITY NOTICE Notice is hereby given by the undersigned Richard L. Mullen, residing at 2705 Jackson St., Long Beach California, that after the date of Feb. 10. 1958, he will not be responsible lor any debts. liabilities or obligations incurred by any persons other than himself. Dated Feb. 10. 1958. r ^. TT , w (slcned) RICHARD L. MULLEN Pub. Feb. 10.11. 12,1958 (St)--L.Bj. HUBERT E. JACOBS STATE OF CALIFORNIA- ' ) . COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES ) ss. On this 3rd day ol February A.D., 1958, before me Ruth C. Parks; a Notary Public in and lor sa d County and State, residing therein duly commissioned and sworn, -personally appeared Hubert E. Jacobs, known to me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the -within Instrument, and acknowledged to me that he executed the. In witness whereof. I have here- mto set'my hand-and allixed my tficlal seal the day and year in his certificate first above written. 62060 NOTICE OF SALE OF STOCK IN BULK AND NOTICE OF I N T E N D E D TRANSFER OF LIQUOR LICENSE OR LICENSES · NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: That Louis G. LeLacheur, Louis M. LeLacheur and Ellsha .Johnson Vendors and Licensees, -whose address Is 3931 Marron .Ave., In the City of Long Beach, County o£ Los Angeles, State ol California, intend to sell, transfer- and assign to .Isidore Kaplan, Kudolph Kaplan.and Bernard R. Lampert, - Vendees and Intended Transferees, whose 'address Is -3744 Carmona Ave., in the Cltv of Los Aneeles. County of Los Angeles. State of California, the/ol- lowinr described personal property, °Ali liquor stock In trade of business known as Blxby Knolls 'Market, and located at 4100 'Atlantic Ave., in the City of Lone Beach. County of Los Angeles, State of California, and transfer the following alcoholic beverage license''.Cor licenses): Gen SCiAijJ M%U J. J-». \s- * *»*!««.w Notary Public In and for Said County and State. My commission xpirea June 15, 1958. . Feb. 4, 11. 18. 25, 1958-.(4t)-L.B.I. NON-RE:SPO^SIBILITY NOTICE Notice is hereby given by the derelgMd Kaymond A Teodorski, . m e r e g M aymo , rcsldins at 1679 E. Washington St., Long Beach, California, that after the date of Feb. 10. 1958. be will not be responsible for any debts. liabilities or obligations incurred by any persons other than nlmsell. Dated Feb. 8, 1958. S|S RAYHOOT A. TEODORSKC Pub. Feb. 10, 11. 12. 1958 (3U NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, James H. L. Mitchell, residing at 21.10 E. llth St.. Long Beach. California, that after the date of- Feb. 11. 1958. he will not be responsible for any debts, liabilities or obligations incurred by any persons other 'than himself. Dated Feb. 10. 1953. ___ T T SIgned/JAMES H. L. MITCHELL Pub Feb. 11. 12, 13. 1958 (3t) L.BJ. CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS FICTITIOUS F I R M N A M E THE UNDERSIGNED do hereby ortlfy that -they arc conducting a Sraaslere and Girdle business at 747 'ine Avenue. City of Long Beach. County of Los Angeles. State of California., under the fictitious firm name of, EVE LYNN'S BRA SHOP and that said tlrm is composed of he JollovdnB persons, 1*030 names and addresses are as follows., °EveVyn J. Bhoads. 4117 Obispo Avenue,' Lakewood, California. · Pearl Olivier 3285 Elm Avenue, Lone Beach, California. WITNESS our hands this 20th 8 y of 62063 NOTICE OF I N T E N D E D MORTGAGE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: That McDaniel's Markets, a corporation. Mortgagor, whose address Is C345 East Slauson Avenue, In the City of Rivera. County of Los An- gcks. State ol California, intends , to mortgato to Bresler Investment Company, a partnership. Mortgagee, ·n-hose address Is 230 West Jeirer- »on Boulevard. In the Clty^of Los Anseles. County ot Los Angeles. State ot Califoxnia. all i-lxtures.and eauioment of » certain market businSsknowr: us MoDanlel's Markets and located at 4700 Los Coyotes Diag.. in th« City of Lone Beach County ol Los Angeles. State .0: California, and that an executed mortgage ot the samo will be delivered and the consideration there- for pald-at 10:00 o'clock a.m. on the 20th d«y of February, 1858. At the escrow department of the Beverly Hills Escrow at 8737 Wllshire Boulevard. In the City ot Bevedy Hills County of · lx« Angeles, State o. California. L..WOLIN3 SEAL) ·RUTH C. PARKS. PEARL OLIVIER STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) · COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES ) ss. ON "THIS 20th day of January AD., 1968, before mo, -Ruth C. parks, a'Notary Public .In and 'for said County and State.' residing therein duly commissioned and sworn, personally appeared Evelyn J. Rhoads and Pearl Olivier known to me to be the persons whose names are subscribed to the with- n Instrument, and acknowledged to me that they executed the same. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my .official seal^day^and year in this Notary Puolic in and lor Said County and State My commission expires 6/15/1958. 21. 28, Feb. 4. 11, 1958 (4t) LBI beverage eral · Off- . -Sale License iu C-5256-E lor the premises lo- ated at 221S' E. Seventh St., in the 3ity of Long Beach; County of Los Angeles, State of California. . Amount of purchase price or con- Ideratlon in connection with said ransfer of said license (or licenses) s the sum of $8750.00, which sum las been deposited In escrow. That a sale, transfer and asslgnr roent of the aforesaid stock in trade of the said ' business 'will DC 'made, and the consideration therefor to- ·ether with the' consideration. lor lie transfer and'assignment of the aforesaid license (or licenses) wil 1 e paid at such time as the trans er, of liquor .'license is approved by' Alcoholic Beverage Control, at the escrow department of Pacific Firestone Escrow. Co.. at 421S Firestone Blvd., iff the City of'South Gate, County of Los Angeles, State of California. ' That it has been agreed between said licensee and intended transferee as required by Sec. 24073 of ·he Business and Professions Code, ihat the consideration for the trans- 'er of said business and transfer of said license is to bo paid-only after said transfer has been .approved by said Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Dated February 4, 1958. · ' LOUIS- G. LeLACHEUR . Vendor and Licensee . LOUIS M. LeLACHEUR . · ' Vendor and Licensee 'ELISHA JOHNSON Vendor and-Licensee ISADORE KAPLAN Vendee Intended Transferee ·RUDOLPH- KAPLAN ' Vendee ft. Intended Transferee BERNARD R. LAMPERT. Vendee Intended Transferee Pacific Firestone Etcrow Co. 4218- Fireitont Blvd. South Gutt, California j.12266 · ' ' Pub. Feb. 11.. 1958. (It)--L.B.I. OFFICIAL CITY PRINTING CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS FICTITIOUS F I R M .NAME . ·THE 'UNDERSIGNED do hereby certify that they are conducting * Greeting Card Manufacturing business at 601 W.,8th Street, City of, San Pedro. County of Los Angeles, State of California, under the fictitious firm name of KayandKey KARDS ' aad that-said llrm Is. composed of the following persons, whose names and addresses we as follows, to-wlt: 'Florus Kaufman. 4124 Lorraine Rd., San Pedro, California. Helen Kane. 605-B. Shepard St., San Pedro, NOTICE TO VOTERS Notice is hereby given that copie» o; the proposed amendment to the Charter of the City of Long Beach submitted by the City Council of aai-' City, to be. voted upon at »n election to be held. In the City- of Long Beach · on Tuesday, the 4th day ot March, 196S, .\have been printed in pamphlet form,, copies of which may be had upori application therefor »t. the office- of the- City Clerk, Room 101. City Hall, Lonj Beach. California, · , . Dated- thin 14th day ot January, 1958. · . . ' · · " .: ' MARGARET L..HEARTWELL, City Clerk of the , Beach C I A S S F E 8 ARABIK--Barbara. Infant, daugn- teTof Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ar» r ble of 825 Truman Boyd. Manor, Graveside services 11 «-m. Tues- dav at All - Souls Cemetery. SEELAR - McFADYEN dlrect- Notices. BONNER--Arthur D., a«e 59. of 4535 Paiadena Ave. Survived by ·wife .Luellft. M.,.- loni John. A. and Ronald D. Bonner. · filter Mrs. .Beulah McCown. Services Tuesday . 10:30 a.m. Hunter Chapel with Rev. Hoy -C. Ma- ·on and Uaions officiating. In- · terment sunnyslde -MtmotlaJ Park. . ' · McLEAiN--MUrlel Olive. age -00, or 5S26 N. 'Canehill Ave., -Lakewood. '.Survived by one son," Dr. Jsjnes. A. .McLean, mother .Mrs. Margaret Sheirlock., two broth- · ers sjid' six sisters.- Services will .be Tuesday 11 a.m. at · · · · ROSE GARDEN CHAPEL- 638 ATLANTIC AVE. - LONG BEACH.- CALIF. VIOLA--Mr. Bruno ot 122 Sunset St: Rosary Tuesday. 8:15 p.m. at St. "Anthanaslus Church, 'Ma»« .of Requiem. 'Wednesday 10-30 a.m. at,St. AntSanaaius Churcli. SHEELAK-McFADYEN directing. CHAPIN--Hatry A,- of 243 Cherry. Services Wednesday 1 p-m at PATTERSON » * SNIVELY CHAPEL. 555 Locust Ave. . COOK--Minnie 'Bellows, ol -258 dlendora. Survived by son, Gordon Coolt, Washington. Service! Tuesday, 3 p.m., at · Chirstensen-Pino .Chapel 244 REDONDQ AVE. DAVISSON--Walter J., of Garden Grove.. Funeral services Wednesday, 2 p.m..'at Chapel of-B. w. COON .FUNERAL fiOME. 10th and Oblspo with-Rev, Robert Schuller offlclatlnit. '_ GOODWIN -- Mildred, of 1016 Maine Bt. Survived by son Lester. Goodwin, International House, Berkeley, Calif. Services Tuesday, 1 p.m.. at · - · Chirstensen-Pino Chapel 2t4 REDONPO AVE. - · . NotiCM 1 e«Jlf, Tut*.,'Mfc.,11, INDEPENDENT--D-3 WIEDEHKEHR -- Cooney F.. formerly of Bellflower. Recitation of th« Rosary Wednesday. 8:15 p.m.,. at at. Barnard's Church,' 863T E. .Palm Ave.. Bellflower. Requiem Mass Thursday. 8 a.m., at St. Bernard's Ciiurch. Inter- ·roent All Souls Cemetery. HAMMOND.' MISTPAGEL RUWE MORTUARY directors. WINTERS--Columbia Celeste, of 1203-B Linden Ave. Survived by -3.sons, George M. 'of· Gardena. William of LonK Beach, Kenneth V. of Lonr Beach; X brother, Charles A. Bowen: 5 grandchildren ' Services, Wednesday. 1 f.m.'. at Cbapel- of the Pines, nulewood. · . _ , Chirstensen-Pino. Chapel 'Directing ..GREEN HILLS'- . Family'Memorial Estates. Interment Service Feb. .11 KRUGER. Ella . ' For further Inform. TE 3-444. Funeral Directors HAWLEY--Mary .Allc«' and Clayton of 2025 Pine Ave. Services Wednesday 11 a.m. at the Westside Church of Christ with Rev. Don Nickerson. otflcHitlnr.. Interment .InRlewood Memorial Park. Cemetery. SHEELAR-Uc- FADYEN directing. HOGAH--J. Jerome of 1132 Harding. Survived .by wlie Grace, sons Dr. plcharcf A. and. Lloyd J daughter Mrs. Jack Tate. Sendees Wednesday- 10:30 a-m. in the Uptown Church of. Christ, 3707 Atlantic, with H. Frank Cone officiating. PATTERSON A SNIVELY. direction. ; HOOVER--Guy S. of 1133 Ml.. Mar. Survived, by wife Ella, two sons, .Glen and OrvaV, one daughter, Mrs: Ethel Walker. Services Tuesday 1 P.m. at PATTERSON. * BNIVELY CHAPEL. 555 Locust Ave. with L. L, Stout otrlclatlnt. LAW -- Jackson'' Oliver, of 3743 'Pacific Ave. Beloved husband of Ilanna and son Jackson Law Jr. Services Wednesday.. 10 a.m:, at First First Baptist. Church. Lynwood. Interment' Izsl«wood Park Cemetery. fiYNWOOD MORTUARY directing. ROSE GARDEN CHAPEL-6, MORTUARY George J. O'Toole Ray t Irene McKee CHRISTENS^N-PINU MORTUARY CHAPEL 3il REDONDO^AVE, . PHONE GE 8-1145 B. W. COON, . ·FJNERAL HOME . With * real home atmosphere 10th * Oblstm · GE 8-5M8 HOLTON-SON HE 6-8871) SUrtU * Locust' Cemtteriei-Mousol»ums5 KEJJN. HILL8 11EMORJAJ, FK. 27501 Western B Pedro TE 3-4442 ROSE . HILLS -- 4 . lots In Chape Hill. Ph. TO Income Tax Funiral Notices WESTMINSTER MEMORIAL PARK .AHRENBERG--Manila M. Interment serv. Tues. 11 a.m. Directed by Mottell'i * Peek llortuarles TARNSWORTH-^Iohn 'C. Interment serv. Wed. S p.m. Directed by* Honold Bros, llortuary EACH year taxpayers lose thou sands ot dollars in over-paymen o: Income Taxes. For correct tax liability see.J. W MAYS' today a former Internal Revenue awnt. AMERICAN TAX CO. 737 E. ARTESIA .ST Or Call GA 3-5328 |X SAVE $ $ $ TAXES. We Come to. Your Home PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT. GA 2-4241 · Office .1231 .Atlantic Ave. . . 1846 ATLAN OPEN dally, LNCOMi; Qilday ^Mortuary 1 : 242 Pacific Ave. Phone HE_ 2-3901 ·PLOVER SHOP Phone HE 5-63SS er HE 2-5901 INCOME TAX Comp. Bookkeeping Servic A. R Llnendoll Assoe.' 1008 Arteai Place, i Bellflow. LET Experienced Accountants handle your tax problems. " . N.E."Ted" Splnoey. Public Acct NTIC HE 6-159 eves. A Bunds., service ,^..~, TAX service at you home or office. Days. * eves Sun. »2 up. A-l ACCOUNTING 3508 Atlantic. GA 4-5B32. BOOKKEEPING Service. Years » Income · Ti-of experience i'2-389 Open eves. Call for 854 Linden Stlgall 8AVS HEADACHES--SEE US OHSH 7 Days-EVES. 'til 8 pacific Bookkeeping * Tax Eery Pacific SAVE money on your Income ta: 8 yrs. exper. Snort form Jl. i5 jfor appt. HE 5-313- WAGE . earners, pnone In you problem, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. J2 Ph. HE 6-3006 AGUSTENEORG- -- Jordan M.. Pilot USAF. aje 36. Service Tuesday 9:30 a.m. at Grace Lutheran Church, Bell, Calif. Interment Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery. Local arrangements by DILEAY MORTUARY . 1242 PACIFIC AVE. BOOKKEEPING,, accounting * ll come' tax worn done on touri basis. NEwmarlc 5-3258. _ PRUDHOM, ex j:ovt. tax ofllcla Super tax serv;. 6IS4 Atlanti Ave". N L. B. GA 2-6970, "INCOME TAX by appt. . Calf GE 4-417 your home ln»uraitc« ' FARMER'S INSUKA^ctGkuu t quoted GA 4-4227 day . ..d Bovd. 2490 Aroerl- JONES--Frances, »n 7J. of M43 Montalr. Rev. Louis F.. Mertz -will officiate »t services Wednesday. 1 p.m. at chapel of DILDAT MOHTUART 1242 PACIFIC AVE. Above services will be personally supervised by A ntejrt- ' her of (be DHday Family'. .JNSUJIANCE BX M.O M Pvnonalt LONO BEACH Woman- collec J820.25 f r o m Travel -Acclde follcy after paylnc Premiums f only 10 months. This liberal 1 iirance policy Is offered Ind pendent. Press-Telegram reade for only 25c a month. Covers kinds of accidents. Pays up 1300 for hospital room wwr Up to »4BO In disability benefit Up to *70 f o r . hospital extras Gill HI' 18-1161 for appUcatl blanks NEWCOMERS WELCOME to . get acquainted dances every n ba ^sss-Ai l-SSo^^Tw.-^ 0 ^ JIM. Aqtncv Mtn 23Emp. Aqtncy MM .23 Employment , U«HMd'«nid loncM by lh« $tot« «f Califomta ·id Pl*dj««l to -- · turret M»«f« Inltrsi'ls* · joiV i.t«-/ry 1 Orferlnfi ItMcal ' Htlp WantiMt Mtn NOTICE TO. JOB APPLICANTS:.. The LONO BEACH r . PENDENT. PRESS-TELEGRAM . does not knowinlly accept w a n t e d advertlnmenu CALDWELL PERSONNEL 'AGENCY 10 PINE . - SUITE _312 HE 2-8181- NEv 6-8237 Pub. , Relatlona, x know^ Id. bldg. trade, degree, to 42 .....-J600 Cost Acct., mfg., exp. 30-40 «50 Jr Acct.. CPA trne. :,.: Open Estimator, steel forgnjs, ex. {150 Chem.'Lab. Tech, exp.,,ynK.-»300 Salesman to ,%lum. fabrlctrs 5525 DeSier. lel/Lpbarm. uxp. -.«00 Machinist top exp.- S2.50 hr. SERVICE ASSOCIATES AGENCIES CERTIFIED : PERSONNEL . SERVICE AGENCY 205 E. Edwy.' ,Rm.' 505 HE 6-6271 I Trne., 21-30,' type J310 Vcost ACCL, under 35 . J500 ·Jr. Acct. --:: Open Elect. Enir., RAD Open . Chem. EnKT., oil ewv J800 M. E. Rubber Exp.- --__,-.Open ' Janitors (2)' '50-60 -· ^.--S215 Sheet Metal Meca. 1381 Sales (several) --:..-::...Open .42.76 hr. Machinists Engine Lathe Machinist Open 1.EE..STEVENS AGENCY . 219 E Compton Blvd.. Compton Phone NEwmark 1-3319 ~GOLDENWEST 19 Pine, Rm. 314 HZ 7-0501 ott and Found · 12 Rtst. HomeivSanir'ms. 20 p air impact wrencn. Serial No. B-38393 lost in vie., rear of 1415 E. A M h e t o B e w a r f l . 'OST--Purple wool sweater oetw- 3rd 4th on '.Cherry. Feb. 6. Reward:. Call collect KEllogg 8-9730. ^_ -- TRAYED Beagle, brown head, W»ck..8addle._ ,whlte__bKast w Jt OST--Female Siamese fft._Vlc. 8th 4 Havanna. Alamltos Egts. Rewfrd. GE 8-6426, . ravel 15 F-L-YFREE LAS VEGAS On Hacienda Hotel's All Expense, ' CHAMPAGNE TOURS Evening in Las Vegas $27.50 . . Feb.' Spec. --$10-. Bonus Refund Sun. thru Thurs. '·O'nite (incl, suite) $35.50. Wk.ender (incl. suite). $43.50 DAILY FLIGHTS FROM' LONG BEACH Deport 5:20 p.m., Return 2 am. FRI. .SAT DEPART' 3:20 pirn. 8:20 p.m.. Sunday 12:20 p,m,i 5:20 pm. Special Consid. to Groups FOR INFO. CALL ' GAriield 4-8531 LOS ALAMITOS . SANITARIUM, ·LDERLI " PATIENTS ' BED AND AMBULATORS ' PHYSICIANS IN RERULAB ATTENDANCE REO _NURSE IN CHARGE firm.' ' c'overld ' -br'S5"'Feder3 ' Waiii--Hour Law 11 Uiey ofltr-.: ^.. Ull !?d.r m ?h. 1 «, n %V S£S£'J383S?£ff£:} predScUon of noocta for M"TM*TM.-; [itil an hour and at least .tlm* v, and- a half or"acn hour after ' the 40tb in »-worlc week. H yo»-, are offered less-by..corereyVflTM"·" or If you nave. questjons ?emln|[ this law 01· oUier * Hour activities of the. U. 4- partment of Labor, call or .1 fh. Departnj«nt'» local-offlc the nearest' "' *"" '"'"" . fice «*, f^'oo-'V^^Snes^ulldlnt,- SU A ffi,%S. «5335i ·-»?·?: UCENSBD BT STATE i 1-5822 li CO ·ALCOHOLISM LOVO BEACH SANITARIUM 1159 E. Pac. Cst Hy. HE 5-3535 THE GATEWAI TO "Sobriety. Health." Normal Life" CRESTWOOD -- 24-hour, nursing, Supervised by resld, physician. * SPECIAL RATES · . - FOR COUPLES 1775 Chestnut · HE 2-5407 PIONEER SANITARIUM Blderlv 'Jldiea, oed * ambulatory, TV, recreation rom. Inspection invited. Ph. -UN 5-2J26. Artesla. ·- Architectural,, ·SENIOR BUILDING '. SPECIFICATION''', Writers '; 2 vacancies in 'County ' : Engineers 'Dept Must / h a"v e ' experience in , building specification., writing. · ·. · '. · . . GOOD SALARY,'; ·'Call Mrs! Stanley',':: · Acting' for tho Civil Service- Commission ·. MA.94747, Ext 485- ·: School Insr. 22 ASTEllN tourist .will drive or help drive your 'car back i.ast. Refer, exclt HE 7-2161 after p.m RIDERS wanted 10 Chicago. Kt. ·06." Leaving FrI. Feb. 14. betwn 6 S p.m. OX 3-13*6 )IUVU«G Nt\v'Orleans, via Immediately. GA. 3-574Q._ Texas, !1RL needs rld« dally tp cougliu plaot, Santa Monica. GE 8-8^0^. OliLA, City. Tulsa. St LOUIS. «"· Men-Women · ; AUTOMATION-' ' IBM i TABULATING-WIRING IN-12 WEEKS" ' · KEY PUNCH TRAINING IN 4 WEEKS FOR INFORMATION CALL Coilf. College -of Commerce . 851 Pine Ave. · HE. 6-9707 FIELD.REPRESENTATIVE:;; Niitlon^l financial Institution of^i; . fers an opportunity -to .a- jounj. _ 'man who ;wants to go places, in,, the .automobile flnanclns;. field, /· No exper. necessary. We Prefer--, · collece graduates or men --with-... at least a-year or two of, col- .. jece who want .to prove 'their ability. The position'has lots of... variety and Is not routine woric.-. Involves contact'with'our customer= but Is not salesworlt. you are., provided with an automobile. This.: 1 is a permanent position; Kood . sutrtlnK salary with regular merit.,, Increases, planned advancements,, program to positions of manaee- rial responsiblity. · Liberal em- , ploye ^"Jjjj FRANKS ' . -'^ Commercial Credit Corp: 1032 E. Compton Blvd., Comptoii'- FREE IJEMONSTRATION Dole Carnegie Course, Morgan Hall, 835 Locust / L E A R N TO SPEAK EFJfEC- / DEVELOi- SELJ CONFI- / DEVKLOP. MORE EAKNIN V DEVELOP. PRESENTE'D BY ERIC BUTTON FREE'R.E. SCHOOL OPENINiSSFOR;: SR. ENGINEER exper. In Ot)A-' oC R I'. 4 pulse application, in military equip., preferably -with..' . E. 'E. 4: In excess of 8 yrs..exp..Salary commensurate with ]eaa».-y «rsblp_capabilitiei. .' ..,; ',. TECHNICAL WRITERS expe'r/-.' In preparation of.-'hanubooks *·. upeclfications. See Con Gehlke.-.. . ·BABCOCK RADIO ENGINEER.. ING, 1640 Monrovia. Costa. Mesa.. · City. Tulsa. t. OUS, Immed. HA 3-0308. PARTY WANT'-lde dally dwntwn L. A back. Bra. 8:30-5. HA 9-7830.. Church Noticts 16 IJ3V Inez Crawford, ilessage Ser. 1-30 * 8 "am Tues. 744 Locust, No 3. Con't. dlsturh tenants. HE T-1113. 18 Htalth Aids ^ 5 ¥pa S I , r c^vV. Irom GA'i-SrTO 10 to 9 fally. 8at to ». . BHOAbWAY 'HEALTH 2510 E. tVlwy. GE 8-2081. "·· Tl-7. JJter 7. appt. only. OKlENTAL masseuse, open 7 days iio T-2579. French and-Colored masseuses. ' NE 6-6829.' We train you to obtain your limited R; E. salesman's license to sell our own developments- -- of no obligaton an yo ins to p u t . in an honest day's work-- you'll earn MORE 'than the normal pay. For both men . and women. For appt. call OWMAN: GEORGE BOWMAff ^.GA 7-5411 3430 Atlantic Blvd..-L.B. , HE8FERIA SALES CO. . t FINANCE CO. TRAINEE/.' For management protrarn; H.S.: 1 irrad. between 21 * 28. Must have car. Excellent ·. allowance, many. Co; oeneirts. -, Apply In person. · , , · . 513 American Ave.i Lonjf Beach - · . 110' E Ith St.. Long Beach-. · 4130 rforse Way, Lakewood , ... SALESMEN: ,,. ,. sVu our own developments--01 HOTTEST ITBM ON THE MKT. · ' which we have many. There Is, SINCE THE SPINNIKa WHEEL no oblisatioo.andjf gujj. *m$ IFJOU BA^A^lgAL- NO DOOR KNOCKING".;-. 3 TO 4 HOURS-A DAY -: · Our men average $800 to tl.200., Per-Month . ". . Apply lion., 10 to « Noon - n.j . . [TjRH.i, ' p?ne. aE f.3012.' MASSAGE.'iSll E. 10.-Hl! 6-aWD NOW open 6 days, closed Sunday COLONICS. spe.-ial. «. Majfbeiie Knlsht, 1152 t. Edwy HE 2-5133 Barbara Moss' College of '' Real Estate Knowledge (2J yrs. .experience as mir. (Board Of -Realtors.). 'A LICENSE doesn't earn money, It tales a WORKWO Knowl.d(!e. TfflS IS NO O R D I N A R Y SCHOOL It 'CLn Include a. free 80-day ON-THE-JOB - Tralnlnj. Day or eve. course. Get brocaure. · REGISTER NOW. NEW CLASS Februan- ll ' GA 7-0947 GA 4-8450 eve. on., . Artesla Blvd.. L. B. DO YOU need above average earn-";.. Ings? Have opening-lor a^few select men lull or par time. Neat · . appearing willing to .-work * cur, ·'. necessary the only requirement^.·, Income will double the :2nd .mo..-. you're with. us.-See Mr. -Stwert-.. nick, .9:30 a.m; to noon -week;,, days. 6112 S. Grand, Em. .«,.,.- Buena Park,_ ·^·Grocery Checkers^? ,-·.·*· Meat Wrappers ^ PREPARE FOR MAR, -HIRING ENROLL TODAY. Qualify In 2 wks for any major. Super Market. FREE placement service. Easy payment plan. · COM-TECH Cashiering School Call Now, NE 8-6102 TWO reliable .men permanent s»le«..-- worlt in this area requires . no . . .experience but an meet . talk wlUl people. A car and an urtte will malte 1S58 th« most'', -pleasant and prosperous year* 1 , von have ever 'hod. See Mr. 'Fred '· t Walls'at the office. 18255 S..^, Vermont, Gardens. 10 a.m. .tct.-' 4 PH J. S 4, S^FOK 2 SPECIAL Atlantic AVC. HE 7-388. CONSULT HME. BOBE Men or ladies, troubled or Ion. 20B W. Anaheim Ave.. Rm. 5. 2-s pirn, dally.' Dntn..only fo jppt., H£ 7-9408 Rest Homes, Sanif'ms.jO f~NEED «100. Will thoroughly clean "-Bdnn. apt. or house once as Interest on *TM. wrgteto 1 vear. Good credit ft character ^./'VM" Rn« M-4723, Ind. 12. ' GETTING MARRIED?' Wny pay high prices .for;weddlM photos? 20 Yrs. exper. GA7-Oi92 CHAPeLOFTHEPflL/na IWinDHVUi: WttTOfi.LR. GC4-7474 BIESMAN--Francen C.'of 2834 Eucalyptus Ave., Lonf Beach_ Survived by husband, George; · daughter, Frances · Bleaman. Services Wednesday, 10 ,«-". at Mottell's . Peek, Third and Alimltos Chapel. BROWNLEE--NeUle. of 205 Chestnut. Survived by dauBti- ter.i, -Mrs. Gladys Watklns and Mrs. Emma James. Services to be held In Sal; Lake .City. Utah Third and Alamltos, directing mortuary. CUTTS-- Gilbert E;, of 13426 Santa. Ana' Ave., Bellflower, Calif. .Survived by wife. Anna. Bellflower; »oa».. Ssjnuel and Ralph: 9 grandchildren. Pnva-e service Tuesday, 1:30- p.m. with Rev. Joe Nation official-. Irj at Motwll's. * PeeX Chapel of the Palms, Wilton and Grand. Please omit flowers. Refs. exeh. Ind.-P.T. Box ^ClM'M^^ cans - 21A (Sal«ry, Auto, Furnlrura) IIEN'S double-breasted suits a ·Ued »16.50.' Ladies' sts. r«tyled. Relman. 229 E. Ut St. HE 7-4974 .. PAlNT JOBS, · Bill's Body ft I 1558 W. 11 th St.^ $29.95 '"HE 7-ooss cleaned and AtoNE? Write Beverly UIUD,_IH»' 177, Bellflowcr. Ctl. DU , 'G1SNETT -- E l s i e -Mae, of 11532 · L«nmar, stanton. · Survived by widower, Charles; sons C l a y t o n , Earl and Charles; daughter. Miss Elsie; brothers. Pearle and'.Earl Bell; sisters, Ethel Collins ar.d Cleo Thomas: Private services will , be held at the Third and Ala- mltos Chapel. J O V K R W EIGHT 11 Fre4 Info 248 Artnrtus-Aitbroa , order. "WOOL braided ruzs_made it Select colors. GE 3-6901. f CLAKA LANE OF LONG BEACH Introductions. HI, 5-.5lo Mrs. Harriett McEveny; seven 1 grunachlldren; s I 1 t e r s, Mrj.. William Demmer '..and Mrs. Wesley Wood;'brother,' Arthur Prelss. 'Services Tnesday, 2 p m at Moltell's * Peek, Third and Alaroitos Ch»peU_ M A T H EWSON --" Louise, of 2039V4-A. .Cedar · Ave. Survived by brother«, Charles and.. Robert A.; .sisters,'-HUss Helen. G, and Mrs; Olive If. Rolfe.Berv- ices Wednesday. 1 p.m. .with. Rev Howard Steward' offIclat-.- ing at graveside services.west- mrnster Memorial -Park, Third and Alamltos Mortuary directing. ,_^_^_- · ' » I, pOWELL-^Hurley,- of 700 ..L Carmelitos.. NorthsLong Beach. " s u r v i v e d by .wife. Anna;. daughters. Geraldlne Anderson,-. Donna · Powell,. '.Mary --Js,ne. Powell ' and Joan Lee : Powell; Miters, Ethel Harsb'and Faye jtoof. Services Tuesday. · 11 a, m. with Kev. Joe 'Nation ora- clatlnir It Mottell'i. *'. Peelt Third and Alaroitos Chs-peL I SHEPLET--Derek .Anthony, of 1 P Syracuse WalK,,_ Naples. I 1 Lost and Found OA 7-9»20 Hours R ' to 5 pm.. Monday through Friday; I a m to 4 p.m. Saturday. Sunda Jid'holldays. .The tollowlng dog were. impounded and will be hel for the owner B days from th date ot,. impoundment. DORS, no redeemed' by owner may be pur cha ' t(I -''. .FEB 7 . ' · ' · . Mix female, brown, 1000 Cherry Scottle, mix male, black,. 5th * UESES care Easier" Home. 1 way. Santa Ana ~24 hours. . Mor-thly : ATLANTIC GUEST HOME Complete care for ace*. We In vite vour inspection. 5927 At- fiintl/Ave GA 2-9703. K01IE for sale. S3.000 dn. inc 1900 mo. + "upper rental. Price t23.80Q Ekr., feE16-39.68. PRACTICAL NURSES .Licensed Placement Agency Qualified Instructors . CROSS from Bixby Pk ieasar.. surroundings.- ' Good food TV, seml-prlv. rms. HE 2-8031. LDEKLY, person, complete kindly care, nurse, new home nr. Garden Grove. TWInoaks 3-4943. MONEY TODAY1 $25 TO $1,000 BORROW ON YOUR SALARY Employed people In all .lines may Howard Butler School of Real Estate Our course is Interestin i M..". -. ESTABLISHED mlr's. representa- ';· tlve In rubber fabric field-hai'i, a good job with fine possibilities ,. for capable salesman who 1 - Is.j. -willlnK to work. Good .basic. ac-". ·counts. Already eslabllsl!ed_. In . L.A. area. Must have car.' List experience, education and quail- llcations." Box S-4614,. Indpend- ent. Press-Telegram. _._^. ' 1 3 YOUNG MEN. -^ Munt be alert, assresslve, ambr r .-: 'tlous. well dressed. Promotloni ,-· on - ability. Exper. unnecessary.,.-,. Start about 1104. weekly. . Part ,,'-. pay dally. Apply 10 to 12. noon,,£ only. Rm; 313. 141 W. Ocean Blvd.?". TV JOBS pay 53-tO nn hour..Men- womfn, 1S-05 High school. NOT mulnar Start" trainlnB i Earn UP to J175 weekly. , up 0 now. 25 free placemen^ ov...^... ~r-r--- plan for Vets. For appt. Interview, write.D'.st. .Manager, Box - F-:s63. Ind.. Press-Tele. OCAL company needs 3 actlver.-.': · retired men for . outside promo-.;"' tlonal work. Earnings wlir-ex-:" cetd »30 per wk. for-3 hours,per.T; day 5 days week. Thorough;', tralnlni. supervision by exper;" rlcnced field- engineers. A p p 1 y ;*15732 Fa-amount Blvd.,. Pan.-.|,: mo'ir.'-^: n 4 p. m. ·- ·_'· FRANCHISE ROUTE SALESMEN" J125 average weekly commtsilon.^. Vacation A paid training, .small -^ Investment required; Age: 25 t« .. 45, 5-day week. Company: super- -- TURE. This' excellent security may permit fast one-day 7 servlce. SPECIAL PAY · DAY LOANS. or more loaned 'intll Become a Proclical Nurso EARN $8 TO $15'DAY-' While training. No Mgh' school · diploma req,' Free placement Mrs. E. Gaylord, R.N: . Gaylord School of Frac. Kurslnj is/8 Atlantic HE b-aaw TIEAL ESTATE SCHOOL · $20 .; On 2 for 1 Special--Save J20 900 American. HE 6-9751 PHONE FOR YOUR LOAN LOCAL · LOAN CO,-. 206 E. 4th St.. 2nM. floor Corner 4th A Locust. HE 7-4J31 Ask for E4 Sheeran Mgr. ' .Tree parking. 344. or 355 Locust Open Friday until 8 p._m ' .oani , Purntfwrii] 21A WORK FOR U.S.- Gov't. MEN-WOMEN,. 18-50. . .Prepare . fof cornice Civil Service Exams. start as hlgli as rj340 · monthly. ·Tor free Infoiroation write today. ·Box L-1377. independent P- L BE A PEACE OFFICER Train in spare time for Jobs pay- iriK up to »*81 to start. For free Sfo our qualification test;..'Fost office Box 712. Wilmington. - · CAREER-with airlines. .Bis. pay. Future travel. · Ask. us. for .temp lob while train day or night for hostess ' stwd. Int.- ground. jobs -'- --- Alrllne.Schls. Paclfl GKADE SCHL or HIGH SCHL, PICO. .CALIF: · ,. BOX 63 REAL ESTATE.SCHOOL Tuition . for Tuition, for i^4.i" ov.iww- .original. Lie. . »35 -renewal Lie. $20 Tuition, or -renew . Property Service Co. ME 0-5991 , CONTRACTORS ' Lie law 'and eiticn. course. Monroe Institute HE 6-262; TV votj like to draw, sketch o "point; write for .Talent TesMn fee) Give ace and occupation I - wick 33oo , . 1 aurvived- by parents, 'Mr. »nd Mrs. Jack S.- .Bhepley; rrand JirenU. Mr. .aid Kri. Bybert. . . . . . Services ..Tuesday, 10:30 a.m. *t graveHde. Sunnys de Meraorls.1 Park. Third and Ala- mltn Mortuary, dlrectlns;. · · I WALKER-XMara A., of .1742 Lewis Ave. -Surrlved by son.. Alvi L. Services . Wednesday, 1 1 p;m., Trtth Reuben L. Ander, ion -of flclatlnit* *t Third . and | Alamltos Chapel. ; . . . . SintKf Families of Alt-Faiths For Over * Half Century No- Oai Evtr Turned Away' For Lxk tj Funds . ' LON E. PEEK · brown, 200 W. Artesla. FEB. 8~ « Greyhound, female, light gray, 1900 Conqulsta. Mix male, brown ft. black, 1200 Cock??' female 1 , .black. 59th 4 Cherry. ; " FEB .', , .. Cocker.;' "lemale. · blond; 1800 MlxifehMle, black'* brown, 2400 Tvlre-haSed' mix- 1 female, -black * white.' 7th * Santiago. ' Mix male,, black * white,; 800 W. Slit St. ' · . · ,,,,, Boxer, female, .fawn * white, ·6500 Gardenia LOST--Brown. mln. - female poodle, vie. Blxby * Chestnut. Poodle pup for reward. GE 4-B600. LOST--Reading - glasses. . Chestnut I ' . n r . Ocean-or'.on Pike..'Reward. I . - - OA 7-6115' - · ] LOST--Black Cocker .adult, rame, I name Shadow. Hewd. HA 5-1455. ILrisT--Bracelet Brilliant studded, lowntown.. Reward.: GE 8-5883. ul vz8f«*3£?*K LOS* birthday .katei m LeonjroTi Store. Call collect' JA 7-9525. LOST-Male Colliej black * wmte. An» .to '.'Dawn. 1 ' *HA B-S954. . Borrow with Confidence where. 3 generations have borrowed $20 to $1500 Up to 24 months to repay OUSEHOLC ' Box' A~2738, Independent. P.-T "AlhCRAFT.'ASSOUlA'l'JJS proved, flight.-school for Appro . flight. 'sch groEnd clas Lint .Beach. XiA 4-4364 r o v e , . . Flight * groEnd classes ttiroui; ..T.R; - · . SALES MGR," .-^ Marine Engine, must ,.ave hai. Diesel easollre exper. at .Dii- · mbawr's leve,. West fiast. GIv. full ? . . tnbutor's leve/. West fiast. Gly« · .. full particular- 'n " to . . exper: 4 starting sal.'Write.Box-; · A-H68. Ind.-P.T · --. . .- " "EXPERIKNOED" · ! · , . · ROYAL TYPEWRITER;;-^ MECHANIC . ·"- -i E. WILLOW H S grad*s.'t~ab"le"to : type. H9S-" 21-28 Oranee County area. ,*310' mo.-'4- car allowance:"- r ' BREWER'S ·Employment-AEency;. 2120 Cherry GE_4-7538 GE 3-6331-. SHARP man with map draftsmaB, also exper. In | It S h | 3 JJ "LbuisE"KRUEG|R' i _.'. ;.J EMPLOYMENT AGENCY .-,215 American" - HE .2-7381.. «p«r. · SALESMEN ' /."-"' Salary to start. . -.. ' · · ' 1433 + commission. - -y .' 10238-E. Rosecrans, Beliaower;.'--' iAkN'*325 Mo. + Comm. to start .T wlii national co. Sales, -service. J; Eatab. territories. No'.exper.netj.-.-.;. 2161- Torrance Blvd., Torranee.-_ MAN to service Watklns route IB.-. San Pedro, Torrance or Comp-.-i ton. Steady Income no layo'TM- ·;,,· · Apply AMs. 716 wllmlni;ton...Bl...._. 7. INCOME tax accountant, full U-..-. ^ L . . Bellflower. Previous exper.,.-re(j.'V-.'. Box^A-321. 1 ! Ind:. P.-T. - . j -·* AUTOMATIC trans. tu ? e ' 11 fi',SJl'"^' pert E5tab. auto repair, tonr.- 'Bax J.-422 c/o"Ind.-P.T. SERV. ST/,: Exper.. Full * P«S.-"' tine: Mobllens.. 11009. R I I U U B . .tosecrana. WANT' ponsloner--w»« - as noieU.; clerk'.for.l free :rent.. TE. 2-4002.^ , Help WonrtTd M«ti .Mj ·"· ·--"-- -- MOOKE'3 Grocery Checxer- School. Day-nlte class. EZ terms Free plant, eery. 245 E. 7U1.HE 2-09-15. MEN tc worrtn earn *02-*130., ^^i*Cs^-g£ S^Til^SS.- OK n?nlTi^!^iJoW«^; Driving School INANCE Help Wonted -, MOT YIELD elk., refinery, type, LOHU IUCK, 201 I. tntinij nun HlBleek Mill IOMPTI", UM. «e«lei llvl. '.- Ph»n MwMri.i-.1lll ilUFLOWIli, I l l l l Itlllliwif llrl, rtiHI TOrrtr 7-1201 UHWOOD eiJITIH.' . fill FMiltr »»«. ' ·inn MIlMll MI4I PACIJTIC 513 E. Broadway . . QA .4-5733 ., coll. AK11ITURE or coll. winder, fleav Mary. O^JMeri'lmployment Agency 2476 American . . . OA ,-oaa^ PART TIME 2 hr». ?51 wk. See Mr -WlfflVT. '1709 E. .Artesla,, TUES.. «:43 P.m. JuiVtKED man for yard, · ,,.. cottaie · "5:1478:. · yard, country. waies.,; )?hone SiLL 1958 FORDS No Exptritnct Ntedtd Port or Full Timt ^ ; our expansion plans call ? tot; tralnmic new sales per-' · ISnnoi "i "FACTORY AP-I.. ' PROVED prosram. ' Full ..- · sales -representatives' sta-'- tu« from- 1st day. Earn-.i Ings start immediately.... _ We believe thl« to b« th« '. best.'and most, Profltabl* ' proirram now available to .. amfiltioui men Interested-In ,, · selllnr. /· " -" · - . · - . . - .,· Interview* JZ'noon to T p.«.-;- Ask for Sal" Dlieetor .. : .; HALE YQUN® FOW) 2441 I. AHAHIIM . LOHtt IIACH, CALIP.: :

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