Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1964 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1964
Page 17
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P*gtA.I8-INDEPENDENT C«M-. Quebec Ttrrorisls in Armory HaiJ i MONTREAL (UPI) -- Fiveltaker and two soldiers. French-speaking Quebec ter-j But the terrorists, members rorists raided a federal ar-'of the Natkmiliitic Quebec raory at Shawinigaa Thurs-jArmy of Liberation -- failed day and stole 33 automatic^ find the firing mechanises rifkj and other weapons for the suns and their haul after tying up a cmliaa care-'may torn out to be useless. DOOLEY SMASHES ALL REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER PRICES! Niw 1964 KOTPOINT lO-enMt. REFRIGERATOR His bit frctzer Out holcj» 6 Jtfi. of frozen foods anj bi cipidtj shelf jtori^t. Pakistani Thousands Welcome Chou En-lai RAWALPINDI. P»ki it in children and a half -day holi (UPI)-- Thousand* turned out'diy for all government and Thursday to welcome Con-! semi -government employes. munist Chinese Premier CboU | Railway authorities ran spe- DQOLET'S LOW PRICE! 136 fril Bilhirj Stnrict inf Guriattl N*«r 1964 HOTP01NT BIG I2-CO.-H. 2-DOOR REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER riOST-flll Iifrltin1«r Jirtlci 187 Fni Stnici IB Cairulci Wlrtshota PRESIDENT AYUB KHAN (left) of Pakistan, receives Chinese Premier Chou En-hi in Rawal- pindi, Pakistan, Thursday. Presicfcntini Boom On In Desert Spa PALM SPRINGS (UPI) -Complete saturation of all of I En-Iai on his arrival for three, cial trains into Rawalpindi p»tn Springs' tourist faciU-J days of talks with President from heavily-populated arcas'ties waj forecast Thursday by Mohammad Ayub Khan. ^in the district for the occa-'the Hotel and Apartment The reception was perhaps * ion - A large number of Mos-'owners Association, the biggest and warmest ever, 1 " 11 refugees from Kashmir Approximately 97 percent accorded a visiting foreign,*!** came here. . | 0 f ^ 900 o available rooms'! dignitary ia the capital of| CHOU and Ayub hailed the'already have been reserved. I this state which is linked friendship b e t w e e n theirjand local resident! were be-I with the United States in two'countries ia remarks at the'ing sun-eyed for possible use | anti-Communist military al-.airport and'again later at a'of private rooms, lian'ces. . - · · . · ^banquet, j In addition to the current;! · · · ·, j Aj-ub also reiterated Paki-i\-isit of President Johnson andj AYUB HEADED the offi-'stan's support for the admis-JMexico's President Adolf of cial welcoming party at the.sion of the Peking regime to Lopez Mateos. this is the' airport and rode with Chou the United Nations. closing weekend for the Date | to the presidential palace. The He said he believed rom-;FestivaI at nearby India and and pictures of both dects. pcesi j SPINET PIANO RENTALS Musr-cAt: 8-mile route was jammed with rnunist China had Spock Asks Different Girl, Boy Educations HEW 1364 HOTPOINT Dilon 15.5-cnMt. 2-DOOR AWSON'S JEWELERS With big c i p i c i t j bottom freezer section tnd no-frost re- 288 frtl tltSitrj Sinrici ui Ciingtci NEW 1964 H O T P O I N T Dilnii lB.2-cu.-ll. 2-DOOR REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER \Vnh tip c i p i c i t j r HxKr.j scvtko anj ntfiuit it- LOW TERMS -- 90 DATS SAME AS CASK! Wltfc Oc» f g y m i n l 1 Apprey.J Critl Wa'en J I ! S « r m o r t DQQLEY'S HMMfe*ii 5075 UJK6 BEACHBIVD..-KORTH LOKG BEACH M««- t frt, 1 !· J-TitJ, Wtl. Tkin, Sat, I «i I--Sn. II ii S cheering, applauding crowds, strated its desire to arrive ai =^= Outside the airport, groups peaceful settlements of inter- of Kashmiris waved banners national differences by con- 'proclaiming "Down With In-|c!udLng boundary agreements Idian Imperialism in Kashmir.-iWijh certain of its neighbors; land chanted "Chou En-Iai,'in a "spirit ot give and take."! 'Chou En-lai.~ j "We believe the Sino- The motorcade passed un-, Indian (border) dispute can der dozens of Chinese-style'also be resolved through ceremonial arches, many d e c - ' p e a c e f u l negotiations," he NEW YORK (UPI) -- Dr.jdresses instead of blue ie*ns. lorate)i ttith sig nj m Chinese. Jsaid. -Massive military prepa-| Benjamin Spock. noted child- He also thinks that household School bands played an along'rations have never been the care authority, Wednesday chores should be divided be-jthe route, while at various'answer to international dif- said it is time parents were Wen the sexes -- with girls points peasants performed ferences; they only create teachinz their children that' h I P in S » **t kitchen and native dances. ( new tensions and bring added * .boys in charae of the base- The government had de- economic miseries to needy boys are different from girls _/ nt or grou £ ds . ! elared * hoUday for school'people.' and should be. I "Americans have gone too far ia treating men and women as equals, and the results are hurting our children," Spock said in the March issue of Redbook Magazine. · · » * HE EXPRESSED concern for the American husband who is "said to act much cf the time as if he and his wife were simply loyal partners without any particular sex difference." Spock said women's competition with men was a major factor in the trend of neutralizing the sexes. It is this same competitive spirit which is gradually replacing the old satisfaction of mutual dependence. He said the rivalry between man and woman i» slight in most cases. "But it is rJjvVnus in the shrevr. in the wife of the henpecked husband, in the feminist who fiercely resents all male privileges," he said. * * · · SPOCK traced the problem back to the childhood and school years. He said he be lieves that boys and girls who are taught the same subjects and are encouraged in the same ideals are bound to grow up with similar inspira tions and ambitions. There are many areas where women outshine men, he said such as social work, nursing and teaching, that "go beg The city is decorated with Vusi Opra tiaigfet 't3 t a m. ;, iiT ^ANNIVERSARY nit none C O A S T M H - L U C » i i i » » i : : « i i ' .a. Ifi (·· tfcink rtot Gtor^t Wosklij- to «« tht 1'toicil chopper that trer wiz . , yci'v* got Hotter thought ·'»«;·*. . . . Wt'rt ik«f- i»q Vrerorf. fair tkiTdrci aa4 qrenrf thndrti wd read ii ttctr lisfory bool obovr LB*toa*« rokis* «Ttr th* tirtc ·! tht »or!d"t qrtarrst ckcppcn «n4 riqtr ca Georg* Wnlilngtei's fcirrkjar- . . . Wt'rt ckoppil Hit choppii't itvcr fccei doat btfor* e*4 wt ·'·'t ceppm* lj**i . . . wt'rt cbopvia* prices. Tt o,c T tf thcic tqaecni* yat ^arta b« Bert ·erfy . . . yot fofta Bt htrt bcfart r« 4oen eptt . . . 4ot wtar yvar SBBJOY fa ft mectia' clorket . . · fast wcor plaia *T« ivtry day datfs 'caait *t cca't bt rcsaeaslbit for wlot rkeM «iad crawt 1 ! wtO do- . . . ira TOO dom't ^t aomt vctl · bar. 9aio . . . it't «o*Ra BC fo«r BVB fault H U F F SIB". ... Nl» comt Mt for vovnetf. l i t . lUIBt. t. · II en .... 1,09 I l l l l t ^.eciLiii il.i'l '2,89 _ XT i i tiic- 1 1 1 1 S I I I I I I tucit. IO QO . ITJI.. JiOJf I Ml* tUCTIII ILttlt. I I I . I I !l St»t»l UTtlH 9 no STillUtS S 1 1 1 1 t l t i a l i l . sii.'ii... 14.89 I »' I mils. ·".. '12,89 250 PINE .,, Downtown ^Lpnq |» Washington's Birthday Sole WE'VE CHOPPED PRICES DEEPER THAN EVER I s ·«'! ruruii * : HIS. I m- . ^8-89 II »'r ti.ltn Tit) 111 HCIi. DAYS ... PRICES Moke Your Owa Terms -- No Money Dow» . . . Tele Up to 2 Yean to Pay! He advises parents to encourage young jirli to wear KEIIWOOll SPECIALS! REDWOOD LATH S/H"«r CIEAH LAWN EDGING 1 A%C per ft. / Z Reg. 4c 12' to 20' Lengths ROUGH SAWN REDWOOD FENCING 4' U eludes fOitl 1 09 Per Ft. 4' Long 50 PCS. per Bdl. 1 29 per Bdl. VINTEX-PANELS A V. ,.»:?.! ».tj , p B.n.l -- fr.- r;. rr j A SUAU 199 I |ir ikret dh "t- "s SOUTHIIM-AIII CO Ml I NATION DOORS 13" 3032- 1x12 PINE Shelving 8 c FT. COII8S1TI9 Fiberglass PANELS SUPER SPECIAL!! PARTICLE BOARD $199 1 per tied 3/4"4'x8' $2 99 per taett IDEAL FOR UNDERLAYMENT-- CABINET DOORS--WAIL COVER, ETC. 30 GAL. WATER HEATERS $4448 * GLASS LINED * 10-jr. Guirjitti Why f i j Mori!! PIPE r iMt if count! Ope* DoifY I tun. to S:39 pjn.; Sof, I tun. 'rH 5 p-m. Opci S.idoy f to 3 -- Closed il -YOU IT Trtl lltT " fOI I. til. 14037 GflR FIELD,.,.,, BUILDERS MART ME 3-8805 511 let. KIIVES. FORKS, SPD01S Qc Extn win fir ajtii-litcbli ti.w 11 cilj SK1CX COMHCT El£C. SQI) SHAVERS frici C k e i p e d 0 I nlf IOREUO SfEED MQ91 SHAVEflS. Fi £ . SJ.5I.._ It 5 i i l j l A D I E S ' l O I G I I E S WATCHES. Wlill Ibif Int. /, PRICE 12 iil Liiiii'-Mti'i KAKIETOI WATCHES. Wkili l i i j last. /] I til) liliis'-Mn'i ElfilH WATCHES. Wkili till list. FRIDAY and SATURDAY ONLY WHRE . se on 0.03 I ..r, | IITIK1IIC IIL hr, I1I1- I n'-l II K. II 1 1 i t H i l l t l TlrlUSl l l » t ui un. ii ·· mil. in. on, 03 i ··! itaim TIILI M i l l (ILtt- t«:ti. i in oa «.i.s:iiilU.o9 IT ··· iittir mi ii'iisn «ITCI mis. in i i o M.II _.._... l.»0 11 I.IT t l l ' . I H I l ClItTSIII H i l t pL««iin- ii. ii.n )! 49* IECILICE1. · e{. I I Jl . limit] ,,; tmi. «» it t» it cm. ·' · ! 14.89 ITIll III Kill. Hf titmtvef. '· ' '0 RQ i.'i I I lira- t i l l u r i i i · itiis. si t en in. m.»ilciOa i «.j lire. In far I HIT 101- alll Iti. _ _'3 M? I 1.1, TIKI II- iiis (Uicriit. i't. sa an . . . . .QiOj ii ..» inn t l l T I I lilt ill it'rtl Html.. ·'I- flQ* II ..i| IDIIIIL I lit**, ttr ·»« tft '3.89 ii 1*1; rititr. I I F I i in iii'i.' i.l tt'4 ·**· i ..IT cimm? it iiiiiimii iiimiTi. nni t,j. tui ... 03 IS til} CUFF LI1K t TIE tUt 7Qe sns. tin tm. R«t- SJ-511; ly. SETS. U cal} Ills' t Girls' IS.' IETS. Gild ir silm ciler. ' Peg. SI.1S - --~ IS ulj Flit} SWEATER MUST far thi swutir. R«t _:.,, II ill; Esimilti ST. CHRIJTOrkEB MEDALS. 31 u!j FOJ1R1EJ. Vlriitj if ctlirj. RIJ. St.51 97 B R A N D NEW WATCHES Ittitf XISIS. 111 itf| ICU- iius-uiints. lit. l» SUI - 39' 29 Wt80!«5 lip It SlUi l l i a f j H l f ' l M l wiaoiis «i«st !{. urn JUJ1_ llaofiUiin' j.i ciid ran II1MCIP I«TI inu. irr- s:m I larf liiin' IIITKSTCII IllCt III. Iff. U S I l i i 5 5 69 $989 _:----·--»»Ji»i«i Open Friday Nigh! Mil 9 Brilliant Cui Loose Diamonds Priced for This Sale Only cmr DIAMOND SPECIALISTS 250 PINE ave DOWHTOWN LONG BEACH ONLY Ilialfllii'i D1TCKIS, JhtcL Icj. J 1 M J _ liaijiifin' C*10Q KISS wnnts. v j 99 em. i»t- mjj _-·.;. S Itfy ««·'» IIKICTH [UCTIW uuuti ttf. nn nit Tut tniui luutu ----. _ . iiij ciidu siiK ^ '. ? !·« ---- iiimmt incs. " t- »· $:»i

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