Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 17, 1969 · Page 17
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 17

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1969
Page 17
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Quick Look At Today hi History By THE ASSOCAITEO PRESS Today is Thursday. April 17 the 107th day of 1969. There are 253 days left in the year . Today's highlight in history On this date in 1521, the Die at Worms excommunicated Ma tin Luther from the Romai Catholic Church after he re fused to admit to charges o heresy. On this date: In 1780. Benjamin Frankli died at his Philadelphia home In 1861, Virginia seceded from the Union. In 1940, during World War II German planes attacked ship ping in the Scapa Flow. In 1941, Yugoslavia's army surrendered to the German; but guerrilla warfare continued In 1958, the world's fair open ed in Brussels. Belgium. In 1961, anti-Castro Cuba! exiles launched their unsu cessful invasion at the Bay o Pigs in Cuba. Ten years ago -- South Africi was reported preparing to sea off borders with neighborin British protectorates to cut of escape of political refugees. Five years ago -- French Pre dent Charles de Gaulle under went surgery and was reporter satisfactory condition. One year ago--President Lyn don B. Johnson met at Honoluli with President Chung Hee Park of South Korea. The TIMES Is Th. Best Buy For Your Advertising Dollar MeKeston-Bexel SPRING SALE Vi Price Thru April IS A FRIENDLY CALL ENOUGH? The new neighbors will be glad to mtct you. And they'll want to visit with you... later. Right now, they nted something more--a list of schools and churches, utility companies' telephone numbers... all tht information on* needs on arriving In a strange dry. So be a friend Indeed. A Welcome Wagon hostess will call at your request to provide all this and gifts as well. Make your welcome warmer when new neighbors arrive. Call Welcome Wagon at PHONE HI 3-5438 or 3-3157 WtLCOMI NIWeOMCMl Uw thh cmiMfi to M n NMIW ..... . ................. Attmt ..................... ea» ......................... 1 1 PIMM have Mw Wttowm Winn ttotUtt eat) MI m* 1 1 WMM like to nktcrik* to Uw N.W. Ark. TIMIS ( I I already wktcrllw to th* TIME* rill Mil e«u»M MM mill to TIMES, S)«x p. nyttttvilte, Ark. News Of Other Years 10 YIARS AGO Theodore Bunting of Conway, an employe of the Danco Construction Co., which is laying pipe for Fayetteville's new water distribution operation, w a s partially buried when the side of a d i t c h caved in on him yesterday. Workmen shoveled approximately 1,800 pounds of dirt off of him and he was taken to City Hospital. 15 YEARS AGO Speculation was heard today on whether a nudist camp near Evansville, this county, w i l l open on Easter Sunday as announced here several months ago. A resident of Evansville reports no activity in the neighborhood of the camp and no 25 YEARS AGO An added one per cent sales tax would be added to the current two per cent tax if the initiated act sponsored by the Arkansas Educational Association to bolster school funds receives a favorahle vote in the general election in November. Members of the Major Brla P e n d l e t o n chapter of th Daughters of the American Co onists who met Tuesday fo lunch with Mrs. Clifton Wad Mrs. M. L. Price and Mr George Cole, hostesses, foun the Wade residence turned in a picturesque Williamsburg tav era of the early 18th century preparations for opening vis ble. Boy Scouts of Northwest A kansas held their annual sprin Camporee yesterday afternoo and today on the Frank Suit farm. Highway 71. Jack Reevi of Springdale is chairman of committee in. charge. In the second major phase their current p r i c e-checkin program, price panel represe tatives will visit all rcsta rants and cafes in Washingto County during the week of Apr 17-22. The visits are part of national anti-inflation program BnMawnMMHiin^ Answers Given To Questions Concerning Social Security Editor's Note: This column is a joint effort of public service by the TIMES and the Fayetteville Social Security Administration office. Sam Matthews, district manager. Anyone having a question about Social Security is invited to send it to the Northwest Arkansas TIMES. Fayetteville. Ark. 72701. A 11 inquiries must be signed and should include address of sender. Names will not be published. By SAM MATTHEWS Q. My husband and I a r e receiving social security benefits but we are not yet 65. Do we have to sign up (or Medicare when we become 65? A. You will automatically have hospital insurance at 65 as you are receiving social security. You will be mailed an application several months before you are 65 so you can sign up for the voluntary doctor bill Insurance. . her), (October. November, T). cember)--that's as little as $3.8 a week over a 13-week calenda quarter -- you are required report her wages for soci securitv. Q. I have a maid one day a week; must I report her earnings? A. That depends on how much cash wages you pay her. If you employ a household worker and pay her as much as $50 cash in a quarter (January. Fehru ary. March), (April. May. June). (July. August. Septem- Q. I have a domestic em ployee and paid her more tha $50 cash in (he last quarter. Sh does not want me to report he wages and. pay. the. socia security contribution. W h » should T do? A. You have no choice. Yo are required by law to repn these wages and pay the socia security contribution since yo paid her more than $50 in casl The report f o r January. Fe ruary. and March is due befor May 1st. Q. I have never worked undo social security and have, social security credits. Howeve I will be eligible for wedow benefits on my deceased, hu: hand's social security recon when I am older. Will I he el gihlc for both hospital and me leal insurance under Medicai when I reach 65? A. Yes. Since you will b eligible for social security bene fits, you will be eligible for bo pital insurance and you e a sign up for the voluntary docto bill insurance. NALA Delegate From Fayetteville Named Mrs. J. W. Tisdale of Fay etteville has been elected as a delegate to the National Affil iation of Literacy in America a (NALA) a newly organized branch of the Laubaeh Literacy National Organization. NALA will function through a Board of Directors comprised of 15 to 25 members from the 50 states. The Board will formulate rules, by laws and policies in a meeting set for April 23-30 at St. Louis. Mo. The Fayetteville Laubaeh Lit ·racy meets May 20 at the City Library at 7:30 p.m. Tapes, ·slides and personal reports show 'ng the growth of the local group and featuring teacher - pupil phase in Arkansas and Jordan are planned. Outlawing Of Bacteriological Warfare Urged GENEVA (AP) - Britai urged the 17-nation disarma ment conference today to expe dite efforts to outlaw baclerio logical warfare. Chief British delegate Fre Mullcy suggested ways to con trol "these horrihle means o war" be pursued soon in a spi cialized f.cssion of the commii tec. Verification nnd invcstigntio of any ban will present "grea difficulties." he conceded. H said international machinery fo this should be "as far as possi ble automatic" and shoul transmit all evidence of illega use, production or possession o biological warfare agents to tin Security Council. Mulley noted that U.S. Secre tary-General U Thant has prom iscd a report on chemical aiv biological \varfare by earl. July. Rut he said the disarms ment committee should mean while pursue the issue. NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE Average of 58 stocks F*b. TIRED OF RIDING ROLUERCOASTERS? TRY FIRST FEDERAL . . . 4.75% Passbook Saving, 5.25% VariabU roN certificotis first federal savings , AWKANf AS PROMOTED . . . William Cottrtll Fayetteville Man Promoted To Captain William C. Cottrell. son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Q. McReynolds of Fayetteville, was promoted to Captain on April 11 in private ceremonies at the Army Fixed Wing Aviation School at Fort Stewart, Ga. Capt. Cottrell is presently attending the aviation s c h o o l where he has logged more than 40 hours in the T-41B aircraft. He will report to Fort Rucker, Ala. in July to attend instrument flight school, prior to going to Vietnam in November. His previous assignment was at Hanau, Germany where he served for almost two years. A graduate of Fayetteville High School, he attended the University of Arkansas prior to entering the Army in 1906. He graduated from Artillery Officer Candidate School at F o r t Sill, Okla. in April, 1967. Gravelte Junior Cheerleaders Plan (link GRAVETTE -- The Gravette High School junior cheerleaders are sponsoring a cheerleadinf clinic April 21-25. The clinic will be held in the high school gymnasium from to 5:30 p.m. each day. Participants must be 11 years of age or older and those in terested in attending are asked to contact the cheerleaders at the high school. Instruction will be given on cheers, jumps, sportsmanship, game rules and other topics. The clinic will be patterned on last summer's International Cheerleading Foundation Clinic held at the University of Arkansas. Democrats Get Okay On Movie LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The premier of the movie "True Grit" apparently will be held at Little Rock as a fund-raising event for the state Democratic party. Charles D. Matthews Jr.. the party chairman, said in an interview Wednesday. "We apparently have- got the movie." A few details still have to he worked out. he said, and the party's finance committee still las to consider the arrangement and decide whether to approve it. Charles Boasberg, an esecu- .ive witli Paramount Pictures Oorp.. said at New York that the agreement still was being worked on. He said he expected t to be settled "in a matter of lours or days, either one." Boasberg said neither Democrats nor Republicans had tried .o exert any pressure that he knew of to quash the premiering of the movie in Little Rock. The date for the premier apparently will be June 12, at the UA Cinema 150 at Little Rock, although the date and place are among the details not completely finalized. TERMINIX »^ f --* MUCC-TERMINIXCO. 442-2292 Ik*Mi«m4i M hmntiM SMVM nlXOR S On U.S. (italng, hysHeriiiaeln WASHINGTON (AP) -~ Her bert G, Klein, President Nixon's information, chief, says the new administration has "calmed the waters of America" in less than 100 days in office. Klein, director of communications for the executive branch, spoke Wednesday to the annual convention of the American Society of Newspaper Editors, which also was scheduled to hear speeches today from Sec retary of Defense Melvin R. Laird and consumer-advocate Ralph Nader. 'I believe the major impact President Nixon has h a d so far," said Klein, a former news paper editor himself, "is that he has calmed the waters of Amcr ica. "We don't claim we've solved all the problems. But the Presi dent is trying now to give the American people confidence in him. as one who is candid with them, and one who takes strong positions." Klein said the administration is working on 25 domestic pro grams that will be presented to Congress this year. J. R. Wiggins, former editor of the Washington Post and ambassador to the United Nations in the waning months of Lyndon B. Johnson's administration said the "endless Niagara ol words" at that international body has a depressing effect on news coverage. But warning that "our world is on fire." Wiggins told the editors, "I urge you to cover that fire.'* Wiggins said even able report ers found it "exceedingly diffi cult to pet at the story of the UN . . . They could not get the nt tention of their editors, because those editors know UN news !· words and not facts, and they just are not very interested in the United Nations dateline any more." The result. Wiggins said, is "n demoralizing effect on UN' n porters, who feel thiit in-depth reporting is unwelcome and un wanted." CLASSIFIED Phone 442-6242 M» wonn . . . 7o Minimum Order 15 Wnrrla Minimum Chant SI 05 CASH DISCOUNT RATES per word * eona*cutive insertions 30c S ceniecutlve ituertiona 30c 4 eoiH«cutlv« Insertion! 24c 3 consecutive Insertions 2 coiuecutiv* insertion! He Above m th» Caih DUeount rates you will receiv* br ordering your Ad at The Times office and paying cash for it or by ordering your Ad by Phone and paying for It within 10 days of the date billed. 10ft added after 10 days. tor best results give full deucrip- Uon and start your ad for c days Vou may cancel your ad when results are obtained. You'll only be charted for the actual number of days the ad ran. ·5AVB MONEY! Plsce your art in he TTMKS SERVICE DTRECTOnY 3 Line! D«ily For ONE MONTH ONLY S9.00 (Each additional Card of Thnnkn - »2.w (Over 30 words, 7c per word) k LEASK be sure to check your nd or errors the tint day of publi- Mtion. Adjustment! will be made on tbe baala of the tint appearance only No eorrectlona made after ad ban expired. This newspaper reserves the right o edit, reject and properly classl- y all adi. DEADLINES: ?]asRifled ada are accepted until « p.m. on the day before publlca- ion and until 11:30 a.m. Saturday 'or Monday publication. Clamified D i s p l a y Advertising Deadline 3 days before publication. ACT NOW! Dial Times Clasiified Ads 442-6242 CLASSIFIED INDEX LMAL NOTten :AHO or THANK* 1-- ANNOUNCCMINT* 2-- COMINQ (VINT* I-FRATIRNAL NOTIOIt 4-- PIRtONAL* 5-- BIAUTV CARI (-- INCTHUCTIONt 7-ICNOOL* I-- LOST AND rOUNO «-- STMAVID It-- TRANfPOMTATION OFFtRED tt-- TRANSPORTATION WANTIO 11-«UIINI** OPPOHTUNITIM 11-- WANTED TO BORROW 14-- MONtV TO LOAN H-- AGINT1 WANTIO It-- SALKMIN WANTIO* 17-- SALISWOMIN WANTID* 18-- MILP WANTCD-MALf 1J-HILP WANTtO- PIMALI* M-- HILP WANTID-- Malt-PlnuM 11-- SITUATION* WANTID-- «UH U-(ITUATION WANTIO-- remit »_*tRVien OPPIRID HA-- MACNINIRT « TOOL* I«-rOII *ALI-- AMtmtllvt MA-DOATS * MARINI tippIl MB-- MOTORCVCLI* 2V-rOR tALI-MtfciH Hwntt M-rOR »ALI- LlmlttN MA-DOOf, CATS. PITt 27-- TOR (ALI-- Mtmt NtMl ITA-- MUtlOAL MIRCNANDItl l»--rOR SAll-- WltMRMMMt HA-rOR ·ALf2-AMMtMt I*-- TOR t ALI OR TRAM 10-- fXCNANOI II-WANTID TO tin II-- WANTtO TO TRAOt ll-POR *ALt OR RINT I4-ROOMI rOR RINT MA-- ROOM AND tOARD If-- APARTKIHT1 rOR RINT OUPLIX POR RINT ·m* WaM MmtMw It MMM ·rirr "Nik" w ttmHf «!··· ·M* ·ts «*r MiMt thrt aMHrMti «t «l- «IU W nM^iiril Kr ft* !· fmnillHCf wM% Ttttt \U. Clrll RlffcU Aft « IfM. 1*90! Nolicts- NOTK f: OF -ALK Elkini ttchool District No 10 of Want- nften County, Arkansas hereby fivtt notice that it will sell on auction bidR on the Oa'.e upended below Its proponed Ksurof SZM.OOO ttn«trurllon H r h o o 1 intere»t to be payable icmianrnnll.v on February 1 and August 1 of each year, niendng February 1, 1S70, and ma- turinr serioaiiy on February 1 of each oar ag follows: V K A R AMOUNT | fi.OOO 1973 7.000 7.000 8.000 *» 10.000 IS '.V *£ uono W 14.000 SCi 15.000 '·W 16.000 «H IR.'tflO 83 TO 20.000 Th* bond-; vert approved hy the rlec- rs nf the Ilinnrt at the a n n u a l school flection on March 11, l*tf and at said election tiie vtecton voted B continuing annual Ijulltlinjr fund lav nf Ifi milU to he collectM i h i o u f t h the yrar l?'"t nnH 17 mills thereafter to be rotlcclM annunll; Inr the payment of the prir.ciiml of ami on the bonds until paid in f u l l . The bonds will be jtcnrrfll obligations of !he School District secured bv tlie tncl's full faith, credit nnd' rrou prirnanly payabV f i o m b u i l d i n p fund tax. but In addition, the bonds wilt be secured by a pledge of nil 'nue that the District er,i lpgall Ee including the annual .surplus dr- rivt-d each year from the hiiilrtinff fund .·oteil fur bonds not outs t a n d i n g . The surplus arisiiiK each ear from th* liisti ict's building f u n d taxe*. a f t e r pro- fidiiid for principal and interest matur- inc that year and Ihe n r v i s:\ months' interest on all the District'* milslamlms Kinds, may In- used hy Hie hmrcl for ·ailing bonds for pament prior t u i i t y or fnr oUicr school purp"! The aPsccKfd vnluntioi) of the taxable real and personal property jn the Hi trici. recording to the 1'W B.wssmer The puri-hnser may name Use trustee ·nti p a c i n g aficit. All expenses of Ute .sup, iiir'luding t!'f printing and trustee- iuti of the b-ui'K and the fee of smith. W i l l i a m s , Fr.flfiy Bowen. H'.i;-l Cnun- upprnvmjf opinion the bund* w . l l 1m iv- siidl \\:\] IH- paid by T. .T. R;irirv f.- .«.i:ii.. Lillie It'wlc, Arkansa-;. the I ' l M r . r f - ; fiscal agent. Supplemental and dual coupon* w i l l mM lie permittM. hut the Immk mav Ix- iv-n- ir hpi EARN WHILE YOU IEARN IVo arr now ielectinf younff men Tom this area to train in th* highly paid field of auto body and auto mechanics. Work !ln full time salaried podHion white training. For more information write Dean Vewherry. 214 North Waco. Wichita, Kan*ai 67202. Pleaie giv* phone number. · rate . be i wllh an. .dance w:ih HIP rnivrr'-a' Tnhlo"; nn'I upon such term 1 that the District receive no |r-ss nnd pa\ no more t h a n it would recei\e nnd pa If the. bonds were not converted, an-t the conversion shall he subject to tli* approval of the Hoard of Hirer-tors nf th* District and of the oommHslonPr of Education of the state of Arkansas, and with any conversion to be nubjcrt ti the followme eondiiiom: i That HIP average maturiti** c«n not he MionenFi] by more than siv months: ' 2 That the converted *chedi: con lam not more lhan f"ur rairs 'if inleres i not counting the dam* rale of mlfrev that ts repeated for d i f f p r r n t m a t u n t i e i ) (3) Tliat the difference bflwrrn Ihi lowest and hlichest rate of interest in thi converted schedule mast not he grpiitPi thnn «; of 1 ppp cent; and « 4 i That the d.ffci-enco between tin averago rat« of int* ¥ i i i"-l in the rntuTt' 1 ' .schedule an4 the rate bid musi imt he rrntcr t h n n *i of 1 per i-ent. Tlic bond* will be callable ?·:· \ lent prior to maturity, at t h p rjHm;: the I t i s l r i r l . in whole or in p«M. in ·ncal niclri- nl [;!· nrt-l s; l i - pnw of Mid b u l M i n g f u n d t n . . paying dale: from funrt* sniircc mi anv I n t e i rn j ' n \ :rK fiii'l f i f l c r KclKiia:^ J. I '.'·). nterent w i l l he entertained On!v one rnle if interest slmll he bid. iind t h n »»niil. f made, n i l ) tw made to Hie bidder who idK Ihc lowest rate of i n t e i e M . The hond«i w i l l be sold ui"«i auc'.:on is nt 7:30 o'clock p i n on the Jl dm- of May. ]W*. in the of(:i e nf the H u j w n n - SrlionK in K!k:n-.. A i k a n * m :ncli bjdiler w i l l bo i n i m t r d to fi!e n · e r l i f i e d r cashier's it.pck in the amount f W.fiW) on a bank thin ti « memt»er of he Federal Pei*nlt JiuHirance corpora on. p,i able to Uie IiMnci. to be kepi .1 liquidated damnjtci if the bidder is warded the sa of the I x m d t and f a l l s r roniplelP tlie purclm-" ftic-V^ of ir-ct- ·,-ilt be i:- irned nnd l!ie i n s l n c l «i!l r.sil pay in- ere'.i on go^fd f a l l h checii*. The DMni't cservfi the nghl to rfjntl any arrt /ill iris. i-Vir ^lrthe^ informstion (ddrM* 1!ir :n.|orMgiicd. or T. J. Kaney A- Sntn. l..t- CIVKN' this 15th day of API si. i'--' 1 Bonrd nf Directors "t Klkiii". W-hoo! Hisinct N-i. 10 of w.i-.". «ARMN« mtin.n ncery * mtrt «f \ \ n i h l n R t i m ( Mate of A r k k n ^ a ^ No. 31113 Mnn-ia Ion H o w a r - l . a t:\ :K-: aiy J a n e CMC, h r r ni'.U-' 1 : «· Mai;- Jane t;a«e. na::! 1 ..!!^ on County. ArVntis* 1 -. « : l h m H: " 1 nd answer th* romplair.t of Mn c. HT Mother. «· h*r r.atiiml flinn and nc.\l frifnl. ·n't M A : ; ' fltUtt.,ArM7, INt · ANNOUNCING Training on IBM Keypunch rr»- chip*. Limited tnrellnwnt -- night wM. Prtrequlilte aptitude t«§t Ozark Data Proceulng 1M W. Crnter (43-3M1 FiytttevUIe, Arkimua Drawing, Pointing, Pottery fla.ilfn V. Py\*. MKA rlffrrt. 'Xpenenced teacher, 10 p a f i public and p: ivAtf schools. For Information Call 443*4263 Or Write 538 Frlico VOICE-Piano laiiructlw Reasonible Rfttet Phone 442*2244 7-School«- APPUCATION8 now b«ln| taktn fc* newspaper earner beyi 13 rnn or older. Apply circulation depmnwnt west Arkansas TIMES. 8--lost and Found-- STOLEN camera from Kord Falcon i ntnwnfr. Flense return film to Hei Hcili. Ho\ IS Kind Phftlnnrt pony. Owner may Iiave by idcntifMnf and paying for art. Phont «3-2n3G or 44.V3J10. EVERYBODY «·)· lh» TIMES WANT ADS'. You nre! LOST--White Miniiturt Toy Poodle, years old. child's p*t, *hi*ry hasn't rtepn trimmed. Uist sern around campui. 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Springdale Turkey Plant NOW HIRING Production Work«r» Permanent opening* for men and women over 18 yean of age starting April 29, 1969. Base wage a $1.75 going to $1.82 July .1, 1969. Excellent working conditions. No Experience Necessary WE WILL TRAIN YOU Apply in Person toi Ralston Purina Turkey Processiag Plant Wobe Ion* Springdale, Ark. WE ARE AN EQUAL OPPOH- TUNITY EMPLOYER MArj'.iKO couple to ra:«* chickeni and help on farm. Phonf 4i3-!W4. irr.I.r \»d over 71 m* «nfl femalt. A r r i l'.«a Hut. ^3 N. Colleie^ ^-Announcements- AUCTION HALKS-Min-lny r\r.\ Th:irv nt 7 p.m. tn Auction Hcr.:.'-e. H:g(i- 71 N.. ffprtnflali. Pfmnr. furn. * Rimiwir*, -;. i in-/ uiT-i. nt Cfcpvy tm tniik. n r w .:c--: oc/f. .Iril tiouie S. Khaktitifur*-. 4 \ " f - - \ ' 2--Coming Events- ; A I : \ - ; K ; t :- - : · - : · Irti 1 *. i.'iruw :'.!·', ' ! f - i u n i m e n t . t u t : e. t ' Apply MONTGOMERY-WARD Evelyn Hill« Shopping Center Attention Students M«!r IT Irmnlr l^ki^s for * «umm»r jol)7 \Vtiv not §t»rt now working it Vic- Mrw I i r i v * In. N*"1 two nlfht arbopf to *»n:k five or I'A r.lfhH wt«t APP'T in pir»in V l c M o n I ' r . x r Ir 23-Sirvices Off«r«d- IiU HABY.SlTTr-a in my homf n . f h t . » r f k or h.nrv. Phir.* liZl-S PAINTING. [·iprnnf. *illcm-tr1na. ilr.\!. mrpfnln-. roof inf. »hfftrwlt fsn* nt:" r.mfr«l l i i n l j t r u n . Phor.* 5n-3 ( M. WILL b«iijill two rh!ldr*n In my bomt. SUN BRITE JANITOR SERVICE ,,...,,, ,,.,., ..... Carpet Shampooing r ! ^'^3^l^''^ Jack Curtsinger '" -·"·' "··" nl " 442-7062 or 442-5503 711. Fort Worth ESTATE AUCTION 10 A.M., Saturday, April 19, 1969 420 North Willow FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS Men u t i f u l n n l i ( ] i : c R r find mot h r r r l o r k . perfect c n m l i t i n n . (Mthf^f.M . K . r . - r . s j ' . i i r " v n l b a r k rtwrwonfi V l r i o r t u n cliair.*, r a r v r r f l u r k n i - i i l l i - j M H i i ! .-I i:i.v t i o v W l i . t h m p w n l m i t r t e * K . H"po cd^e k n c r h ^ U "PUBLIC SALE Located ?. ml. So of S u l p h u r C i t v t new h n r t c r "\ M l ' M I e K . . t k . h r n .sh.irp i r l t . NI .: n i mi t h OM Van ( i u n d y Plac* Wati h f«r SATURDAY, APRIL 19, 1969 Stortt 1:00 P.M. MNT ·" VlAtl HINT *AL ISTATI AOI-He.) IH«« 4A-.*ALt.LIAtl-Mtll ITV RIAL MTATI UBUIIBAN URAL ttTATI 4M-- LOTt POM BALI l i u i f ' - ! . M r n i i t ' i u l l . i r j f c i i r u i n t . i t i l r . A [ i ' , i ( | ' l c t w : n M 7 c w a l n u t I'M u spi i r e s .'v n . - i ' t r r M , A n t K | U ( - t w m . ^ - / i - c h e r r y bcri w .springs ^ i n n t - t r » · · - . t u r r * ilii'iniT w i t h h i i i i d k e n - h i f f rX)xr« and W u h i N t n o i n i r r n r ; I IV linU"i!n M i i t e . r i M h - r a n v w i t h clu-.'.t on chrnt jind n i g t i l atnnrt, i-oii.plclc w i t h .-.pnuus. i n n t t r « - M . r, Dr:i\M-r w a l n u t rl-.cut w i t h c.-irve»l t i a n r i l r t , H e a u t i f u l c h e r r y niu- Bund. I^»v*ly cherry 4-drawtr drt«»- n» Hand: Small 4-rtr.iwcr c h e r r y rhrat with pull out tray, curved pn!!v. L i K h t in.iTniKany r h r s t . : ( i l r n w r r a , (ilnh.i top rlrrMtng t,ihl» nurt l.i-n- h. Cm-kct c h . i i r . I'l.itfnriii FK k i - r . Ovnl gl;i** t»p coffrr table; ;:-l'c I t v t n n room auite with winib.ick c)unr», j.Sectional divan, (old hrocartr. Urnrral Klt-ctrlc ratllo, record comb, with recorda; 4-Snrlf n.'ihiRfltiv iwxik r a n r . I'hnnr ^ t a n d : M n n n w u r r.ick; Drluxr Slnjfrr r**n» io!f jtru-inR itucinnr nnd t*nch; Rovinrt fold Iraf mirror*; WMtlnffhout* i msa-lnp f r i » i f i r r r c f r l f i i T A t o r . ( I r T i r r n l K t r f t n c Inte modal alcctrlo r i n m r . M n t n l m i d h t r A k f . i « t tnlilf nml ? r t m t r * . I.ucr l'«t Rrvf-rf pnt* and I.inv. n p n l i n u o e * . Hoover upright twfep*r; Hrjtvy duty 4-draw*r fll* i . t i n n r t . H i . v . i l p n r t a h l r t y p e w T i t r r ; Pc^k l.nnp, A n n l v r r a a r y clock; M'xU-n. m\ .ihd chair, alao walker. Artlal'a raact. paintinf ·upplirt; M t n i i n f a . crnyona. Many plctur** ..1 Ir l.i ill t( George Roin^ W. C, Farmer, Owntr Tom Cobb, Auctionewr toot* nv hir-,-;f. fir* - a-d I ii'inv. t '.'..rj 4-P«nonali- IUVK i»nc« -- f r r e w r - ' f U t f i . - . , b - p t ^ - ^ 1 BUM me. ftr, IIM H (I (inf.-.fiiii, K;k:nt. A i k . 77,' f f«r «ru» l l n , w i t h i » n r , J r \ v c ; r -- A n t l q u r K°M watche*. Hrnaa humidor, china, ir;iM .MM! ui.n.t i«,\rn H i t i i f ) ' . i r ni.t t n b l c Inini'*-. Silver t r n v . itrrltnf pitcher anrt c » n d l r « t t c k a . s t r r l m i flatware: Set of * p*arl handl* -.TV Sc i « r A i i v t p l . i t r i i l v c t w . i r e . V n y h a h china. Oavarinn chum; 5 t u t HIM p M i t ( - r ; . . ltr,.v: I/are 1*Mr doth; Linen*. Nffdlepo|t\t; MrUpi en'I i, pillou*. hrdding. ^ Math.* rice t r i e fAnn; Ixita of lug (a| and t r u n k * : Heed pMlo ift: DothM hamp*r; Garden and hand tool and I.i'l'lnv I.nt« df mis( rllnr.nv.:.-. Auctioneer's Note: Thii \^ nn exceptionally nict lot of good quality furniture ond antiquti. Vtry cUon. Estate of LUELLA M. PUCKETT, Deceased ClAYTON HEAP.E, Exetutor COL. FKEO HIETT, Auctioneer Rogers, A r k o n i a i ME 6-3946

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