The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on December 15, 1976 · Page 18
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 18

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 15, 1976
Page 18
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PA(JK I!) December 16, 1976 Hughes Will To Get Full Probe VEGAS, Nev. ttJPI) judge charged with pfybating the "Mormon will" oC; Howard Hughes has ordered the Nevada attorney general to turn over all eyfdence gathered by an investigation of the mysterious d&fument, including an FBI ffhgerprint report that allegedly brands it a forgery. jNevada authorities reportedly found a fingerprint oh the will's envelope identified by the FBI as made by Melvin Dummar, the Utah gias station operator and "good Samaritan" who would inherit more than $100 million if it was declared genuine. [But the judge ruled that, to lay rumors to rest, a trial .should be hel'd to determine the legitimacy of the will, even if the document's legal sponsors give up on it as a fake. "This case is not going to be left in limbo," District Court Judge Keith Hayes said Tuesday. "If the proponents of the will do not come forward, there will still be a trial." It.was the chief proponent, attorney Harold Rhoden, who asked Hayes to postpone the start of the- "Mormon will trial," scheduled for Jan. 10, and order a hearing into the fingerprint report. Rhoden, ' representing the executor, former Hughes aide Noah Dietrich, has said he will abandon the claim If the fingerprint report is true. The judge granted the postponement and ordered Attorney General Robert List to produce all evidence on the authenticity of the will gathered by law enforcement agencies, including fingerprints and the FBI report, at a hearing Dec. 28. He also ordered Las Vegas police to begin tests immediately on the document itself, looking for fingerprints and testing for the age of the paper and ink. The will, purportedly hand written by Hughes, is dated 1968. It was not tested before because the judge did not want to damage it. Attorney Paul Freese, representing Hughes' ^ relations who stand to split the $2.5 billion Hughes fortune if the will is a forgery, told the court handwriting experts concluded that Dummar himself wrote the note on the document's outer envelope. Dummar, through his attorney, has denied any connection with the document, 'or with Hughes, except for his story that he picked up a shabby old man in the 1 desert in 1968, giving him a ride to Las Vegas. The man said he was Hughes, bummar said. ABC News C/oseup Looks Af Divorce And Now, Pet Crabs Flndyour "Pet Rock" unresponsive? Master publicist Jim Moran may have the alternative. Here, Jim talks softly to "Fat Miml," one of 40 hermit crabs he brought to Chicago. He has about 200,000 more at home and he plans to market them as "Crazy Crabs." At $3.98 each, and with the price Including a carrying case and complete with 10,000 outlets. Moron said, they are amazing little creatures and should interest anyone who loves the oBdities of nature. (UPI Photo) ARIES HA*. : 19 7-40 2-58-81-88 TAURUS APR. 20 MAY 20 ^16.18-22-27 gy38-43-83-87 GEMINI Nf 20 2-35-52-cl 6245-66 CANCER , 1-10-21-31 /32-78-84-B9 LEO. , 7-12-14-25 9-7S-77 VIRGO i AUG. 23 By CLAY R. POLLAN ,H Your Doily Activity Guide K i» According fo l/ie Slorj. '' To develop message for Thursday, read Words corresponding to numbers of your Zodiac birth sign. 61 Of 42 A 63 Impress 6A Your 65 Bad 66 Situation 67 Change 68 Superiors 69 An 70 A 71 Opposition 72 Melts 73 Away 74 Your 75 Important 76 Style 77 Matter 78 Lieu 79 A BO Wanted 81 The 62 Little 83 Better 84 Of 85 Have 86 Priority 87 Days 88 Budget 89 Cash '90 Change • cy«i 6 i 1 Don't 1 2 Moke 3 You 4 You 5 May 6 Other 7 Seek 8 Your 9 Judgment 10 Accept 1 1 Person 12 More 131s 14 Knowledge 15 Faulty 16 This 17 Cannot 18 Should 19 Mokes 20 Demands 21 A 22 Be 23 Add 24 Investigate 25 About 26 Ascertain 27 One 28 Count 29 On 30 Generosity 31 Promise 32 In 33 From 34 To 35 The 36 Needs 37 Before 38 Of 39 Let 40 Buying 41 Others 42 Don't 43 Your 44 New 45 Approach 46 Be . 47 Today 48 Blocked 49 Lucky 50 In 51 Money . 52 Best 53 Day 54 When 55 Him/her 56 Wardrobe 57 Investment 58 Strain 59 Should 60 Propositions LIBRA sen. 21 49-51-53-54(0 71-72-73 8- 9-13-15/ 24-57-60 SAGITTARIUS HOV. 32 J » DtC. 21 figi 23-34-56-67/T- CAPRICORN ' JAN. 19 44-45-47-59^ 63-64-68 1. AQUARIUS JAN. 20 Hi. II •4- 5-46-48 50-70-80-9 PISCES ffj. 19 Vg MAR. 20 '" 6-ll-19-20ip ^ Space Shuttle Test Pilots Readying For 1979 Right WHITE SANDS, N.M. (UPI) — At 40,000 feet over the southern New Mexico desert, a pilot shuts down the. two jet engines on his airplane and the jet almost goes into a nosedive toward the earth. The jet picks up speed until an on-board computer levels it off just'30 feet over a landing strip. The jet doesn't land, but instead a burst of power from the engines throw it into the sky again to make the manuever another time. The pilot on the airplane, an experienced jet pilot, is taking part in a training program which may someday carry him into space and back. He and other space shuttle astronaut-pilots have been undergoing training since September' at White Sands Missile Range, making landing approaches at Northrup Strip in a simulated space shuttle. Sometime next year, the astronauts may get a chance to test the actual space shuttle orbiter, a 122-foot long craft developed at Rockwell International in Palmdale, Calif. The shuttle, named Enterprise, was unveiled this fall. The first vertical launch of the shuttle into space is scheduled in early 1979 from* the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Fla. The first space shuttle flights are planned for the 1990s. The men who will pilot the shuttle, who numbered nine in the initial stages of the training program, will have to learn their job well, a range spokesman said. During the training phases, the simulated shuttle is powered but the shuttle itself will not be. NEW YORK (UPI) - One out of three American marriages breaks up every year, and neither husband nor wife is equipped to deal with problems that range from loneliness to financial destitution. That is the gist of the latest ABC News Closeup — "Divorce: For Better or For Worse," scheduled for broadcast Dec. 16, 10-11 p.m., Eastern time. Before discussing the show on its own terms, it should be said that the little is misleading. The documentary glides past the reasons for these divorces, nor does the program in any way deal with the threat to the nuclear family, how this trend could be turned around, or what happens to the byproducts of all this marital unrest, the children. Having defined what the program is not, "Divorce" can be recommended as a sometimes sensitive, . sometimes disorganized look at selected problems that crop up in the aftermath of divorce. The program begins with the lawyers, who usually wind up villains to both their adversaries and their clients because no wife believes she is sufficiently compensated, every husband feels he was robbed. The section on marriage and sex counseling is instructive, if something of a digression. Too often self-proclaimed marriage counselors are charlatans, and self- advertised sex therapists are worse. Stephen Mindell, assistant attorney general for consumer fraud in New York State, said, "We are in a second coming of the golden age of quackery," and advised prospective marriage counseling customers at the very least to ask to see professional .credentials before seeking help. The' high points of the show — or low points in the sense of pathos — come when some of the divorced persons discuss their lives. One young man talks about how he loves to cook — but now that he is divorced there is no one for whom to whip up a big Spaghetti dinner. He believes he is the villain in his son's eyes and he says of the child's room: "I've been In here twice since he's been gone...Once I sat against that wall staring at those toys, and two hours later I was still staring at the toys, because I went through 'a stage where I said, The kid doesn't even love me, you know, and here I am — and where is he?" He was with his mother, as are the sons of a Detroit woman who, at 49, is a displaced homemaker — a woman with no skills to market, who cannot earn enough to support herself and has not been able to apply the self-discipline she needs to learn marketable skills such as shorthand. The feminists ought to jump on the lesson such stories tell. Never mind the career minded woman with a liberal arts college degree — she probably can take care of herself. The women who need help are those who grew up believing their place was In the home, and can'.t survive outside it. The ten top network television programs for the week ending Dec. 9, according to the A.C. Nielsen Co., were: 1: "Happy Days;" 2: "Laverne and Shirley;" 3: "Charlie's Angels;" 4: "Six Million Dollar Man;" 5: "M-A-S-H;" 6: The Carpenters; 7: "60 Minutes;" 8: "All In The Family," 9: Johnny Cash Christmas Special; 10: "The Waltons." Ford Recalling 100,000 Autos DETROIT (UPI) — Defects involving safely bell and suspension systems have forced the Ford Motor Co. to begin recall more than 100,000 cars involving 1976 nnd 1977 model Ford Granadas and Mercury Monarchs. Ford said 86,600 curs are involved in the safety belt recall and 36,100 in the suspension system recall. It said the total number of cars involved was not known since many of the cars, particularly two-door models, arc included in both safety campaigns. I A Ford spokesman Monday said owners of the affected cars will receive separate notices and repairs will be made by dealers at no charge to the ownors. There have been no accidents or injuries as a result of either problem. The No. '}. automaker said 116,600 of the lale-1976 and early 1977 two-door models built between May 15 and Oct. 22 of this year were being recalled because of the shoulder bell problem. 1 NEW HOME SEWING MACHINE Model H50 Come in and register. No purchase necessary. Will be given away Dec. 23rd. SEWING CENTER 620 [ail 8th - Hay* OPEN DAILY 9-9 SUNDAYS 11-7 WED..THURS., FRI..BAT. CARDIGANS, SLIP-ONS Our Reg. 4.96 - 4 Days Warm acrylic knits featuring Us V- or crew-neck styling, cable front and long sleeves. POLYESTER SPORT TOPS Colorfully toned or striped S toppers with long sleeves and choice of fashion necklines. Our Reg. 7.96 Knit or woven fashion pants In styles and colors galore. Shop now. POLYESTER PANTS SO 4 Days MISSES' NEW GIFT ROBES Our Reg. 9.96 -12.96 8*10 4 Days Only Celanese.Arnel® triacetate / nylon Or acrylic. Zip,button or snap front; lovely colors. Copyright« 1976 by S. S. KRESGE Company BROADWAY AT 29th STREET HAYS, KANSAS NOTICE TO OUR NEWS ADVERTISERS Earlier Deadlines Must Be Set For The Coming Holidays And Will Be In Effect As Follows: PUBLICATION DATE SUNDAY DEC. 26th 12 Page Ads & Larger — 3 p.m. Dec. 21st Ads Less Than V* Page 11 a.m. Dec. 22nd MONDAY DEC. 27th 11 a.m. Dec. 23rd SUNDAY JAN. 2nd !/2 Page Ads & Larger — 3 p.m. Dec. 28th Ads Less Than V% Page 11 a.m. Dec. 29th MONDAY JAN. 3rd 11 a.m. Dec. 30th

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