The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 10, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1920
Page 3
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Harry Geotz, Hallie Brewer, Royal; and Joe Howell were St. Louis-visitors Sunday. • " '•."..' Russell Smith, has returned to Cham r paign to resume Ms studies in- the TJ, )f I. aftep spending his mid-winter ^vacation with- his' parents, G. W. Smith. ' ' _' Mrs: J. H. %achner>returned" "today ;fi, a visit -with relatives in Decatur.';" Warwick Boos, who.attends,Western Military Academy at Alton, is spending a few days with his. parents; Mr. and Mrs. 'J. H. Boos. The school, is closed .because oJ the influenza in Alton. • - • .'•-'..' Guaranteed hard wheat flour, $1 per barrel this week.' Farmers' Sup ply. Phone 180. — Advertisement. ";Mrs, VJ. £ftT. Sjforganv; and daughter, Miss Helen," are in;C!ehtralta/haTlnr gone there Sunday to attend the funeral ol' Mrs. Helen 1 Walker, who died at herii;hpmej,ii» : panisas City, Mol/iPrl- day atte^-Svifii^i^'iilness-.^"! -" : "' '"::• '••'•'• '..' <'.>:.?'•'Vs(K».j. -:••:."•;':•• " -r'"-• '•:.«':-' '' ... ' : -':>*'&: ; «>i V When we buy a pattern of clothes we buy enough SIZES. We do not confine our patterns in "Slims' and "Stouts" to just a few old fashioned[dead..colors.^ We carry "Slim" suits for slim men, and "Stout" suits for stout men, in STYLISH MATERIALS. Be you long or shor t, small waisted or big around the belt, we can fit you. ;,; And the PRICE will be as low as GOOD STUFF can be sold for. Wear our good, Nifty clothes. I Mrs. A. G> Moody oE Chicago is visiting her mother, Mrs. Lydia Etheirton.' of C. iBr%MarquaT^t.nas;^eturnea:, a -visit :'withVr.|iitivea-. ia Goiciinjda. .'•'>"" Miss:|RUthVRenp has-resumed Her diities'.Ss';ca'shier at the Johnsoh-Van- cil-Tayior, Cb. store after several days' absence IwicanBe of illness.»-."' -•'- • ' i . . Mrs;. Louis. MicKinneyi and little son,: James?, are visiting, at the 1; £ome. otH :her .husband's parents, Mj? .and : :Mrs..| '.J. W.'MckinneyV-r ''-. , Fred Stevenson, ' lineman 'foreman, for tie C. I. P. S. Co.; attende'd.. a ; meeting- .of ..the company at Marion, today. m^:'-'" A; S. Roberts 1 of Harrlsburg^ Ark., spent Sunday here with Mrs. Roberts. Mrs. Almon Batson is visiting rela- Sam Brown of Centralia spent Sunday at his home hero. - ' ' LOCAL NEWS Mrs. Frederick Striger of DeSoto spent yestesrday here with her daughter, Mrs. Burt R. Burr. • Mr. and Mrs. Everette Hoiman spent Sunday in St. Louis. IMPORTANT MEETING JOHNSTON CITY MAN. DIES HERB| Jo4'Ermalo, .aged- 40, died.' .at,;the]; Holden, ; Hospital yesterday following an illness with pneumonia. He was! brought to ,the•hospital Sunday. An' injury some time ago Is said to have contributed to his death. The body was ibaken-to Johnston City for burial. CARD OF THANKS ' Of the Methodist ladies 'at the church Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. —Advertisement. . METHODISTS ATTENTION I wish to express, my sincere grati- *ude and thanks for the assistance and condolence during the death of OUT wife'and mother. ~ I wish\to thank ciy- friends for their kind aid in my hour-of bereavement and for the pvo- fnss and beautiful floral offerings. R, M. Prince and Family. Advertisement. • - '•:V'V---^vliiuitrrfiHis-P€aple • • • . • ' '• ••". - :.: -i.' •'.-•'-.. ' • .. . , ^ ' '. ..•; Mitchell LfewiS, known-, as, the ;sciben's most perfect portipyer of the:: virile men ofvthe outer rim of civilization,* has been given a splendid, story'of the Canadian woods. and mountains.. Plenty I of -real action lor you.. . .. ; ••-..'.• ...•''.',.. • . • ' . • *' ' * Also'Lloyd Comedy ADMISSION - 11 AND 22 CENTS Wednesday-"Her Elephant Man" .The circus .picture you have been waiting for. Amuse-U Friday, Feb. 13 "NOUGHT I •; :. • • • . .;• " : '• '• - - ••--. • ' ' ;'; Harvey's Greater Minstrels Mat. 2 '.30—-first 300^750, jbiai. 75. '•'•. No resierved'' ; \ seats. Evening 8:i5~55c;75c,$ilio, all. seats reserved. Miss Lena Hampton, stenographer at the local I. C. division office.spent Sunday at her home in Mt. Vernon. Ladies of the church are reatfested to meet at the church Thursday, Feb. 12, at 2 o'clock, to make plans for the dinner to be served next week. —Advertisement. ; Mrs. Edna Schwartz went to St. 1 Louis yesterday where she will spend a few days with firiends.' Miss Ruth Fryar of the Benton C. I. P; S. offices, spent Sunday at her home here. TAXI! 'TAXI! TAXI! Far closed car service call 312 Y, Brooks Taxi Station, or 66, Broojss Garage. Night or day service.—Adver| tisement. . ' WANTED Two furnished rooms >by couple, with, or without light housekeeping. Must have conveniences. Address A. Z. or-get name from Advertisement:. PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Wants books to keep, do auditing and prepare income tax return*. "M," oare Free Press. ^iiiniiiuiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiira ONLY SIX MORE DAYS February Clean Youi' good judgment should advise you to buy of everything yourself against a future of high living costs. The object of this sale Clean-Up of all Underwear and Hosiery. 83e Union Suit Special One lot children's fleeced, ribbed union suits, sizes 2 to 16 years, values up to $1.50, Clean : Up price 83c All women's $5.00 wool Munsing wear- union suits cut to ••-. $4.29 All $2.25 union suits cut to . A .. .$1.89 All $2.00 union suits cut to ..... ,$1.69 AIL $1.25 union suits cut to 98c All $3.00 silk hosiery cut to $2.49 All $2.00 silk hosiery cut to $1.69 All $1.25 silk hosiery cut to ........ 98c All 50c children's hosiery cut ...... 43c OF OUR GREAT Up Sale as liberally as you possibly can and so fortify is to clear our shelves of all winter goods. Clean-Up of All Staple Dry Goods. 2.50 81x90. Bleached seamless^ sheety" clean-up sale price......:...... $2.19 6oc 36.X42 pillb'w cases clean up sale price.......... 49c i .00 10-4 Brown > and 9-4 standard bleached sheeting, Clean-up price". • 83c 3$c crash toweling, clean-up ( sale price. ....... .... . -29c 4oc blue cheviot shirting clean up sale price.....'. . -33c ^ ' ..*'•. 4oc 36-in bleached muslin, . clean-up 'sale 'price .... -33c ^ HOSPITAI^NOTES Coach William i Lodge, suffering from <a severe attack of pneumonia .for. the;,last week, Is veiy sick. His condition was described as "about the same" at the Holden Hospital this afternoon. Two nurses are attending Mr. Lodge from Battle Creek," Mictu R. A. Douglas, a coal salesman, who has been making his headquarters here, is 'reported better today. His condition has been serious for the last three or, four days.. His wife arrived here from Lake Villa last evening. Mr. Douglas is suffering from, prieu- m'onlia. The! condition, of, Richard Meisenheimer, a pneumonia victim, was .described, this' aitemoptt as' "gute ill." He has'been in the hospital for the last.few days. • •' i' ( -, James Fowley o£ Cohden was brought .to the hospital here last evening for treatment. He is the father of Robert Fowley, one of the managers of the Carbondale. Supply-Co. 1 , Want Ad J. That .;.;.; Work Wonden _ Read Them Today TBEPEOFIE'S COLUMN . , Cash In. Advance. • -" • One month, per .word- ............1A One week,, per word ..." OS One * insertion, per word. JGI Thre.e insertions, per word 02 WANTED. 'WlANTED- 1 -To reut three or four unfurnished rooms, close in. Call254. WANTBD^Cpok at Van Noy. WANTED-^Saby buggy. Phone 26. Mrs. Vey Exby spent yesterday afternoon with friends in Carterville. REPR[IEVE FOR TREATY Senate Votes to Return the Pact to Committee. WANTED—Wash woman. Phone 26. WANTED—Woman to do ' house children. Call 364 X, after 5:30. ~ WANTED—Two young single men to travel with manager as salesmen. Energetic country men >and school teachers preferred. State age and previous employment. Address J. E. Morgan, Springfield, Illinois, General Delivery, « Body Also Decides, 63 to 9, to Reconsider Vote by Which l,t Was Rejected. ' WANTED—Two-: furnished rooms by couple, with or without light house, keeping. Must 'have •. eonvtiJi- iences. Addtess A. Z. or get name froin' Free Press. " : _, MEN' SHOES SOLD IN THREE GROUPS f S12.9Q I All Stacy Adams, includes war . 1 tax. r $8.90 All shoes worth $9.50 to $12.50. $6.90 'All'shoes'•'worth.$7.50 to : $9.00. All Cheaper Grades Reduced 25 Per Cei\t I Special Misses Shoes 1 100 pairs of misses' shoes, all siz- !' es, worth up'to $4.00. $1.95 Special Men's Shoes 100 pairs men's shoes,- worth up to $7.50, most all sizes $3.95 2O Per Cent Reduction on AH Boys, Girls, Misses and Children's Shoes Special Women's Shoes | 100 pairs women's shoes worth | up to $8.50,^up-to-date styles 1 $3.95 1 Johnson, ^ '• Washington,. Feb. 10.—TRe senate granted a reprieve to the. peace treaty upon'which the sentence.of death ,was voted three months ago.'. By unanimous vote the treaty was taken from the "dead" hook in'the senate and returned to the foreign relations'com- '•mlttee.on motion of Senator Lodge, tfl^ Republican leader. Before this was? done, the senate voted, 63 to 9, to reconsider the vote by which 'the treaty was rejected. ' .The instructions given the. commit- :ee, by the-terms of Senator Lodge's, •notion are that the treaty must be re: ported 'hack iminediately •.vith tlie i\ge reservations intnct find the resolution of.ralinc.Ttion which failed to receivi; the necessary two-thirds vote t November. ' ^ .-.'..,'. riW''.comnilt^eo ^vill meet today-for tl'is purpose,' but.on account of- the-ali- scnce of a great many senators aritl the •IlliiPKS-of several others, the de- late will nr>t he .oponed in the sen.-iic cntil next Monday^. .Tlfe 'new 'leiisi 1 iif life given'to the In-'aty by tills a-C'tinn \vi]ies'ont .0.11 lh£'' previous, record cf vi>ti-s..on"tl:(i. 'xsor- viiiloii's.rind sives the suiaie a 'chan^iv 'to 'iniilse si', fresh, start "rin'-flip, consideration of TOStfrvn!iiiiis \vlii<. J !i may 'lie :icoe;it:'iblu to' a' "t\vV>-thinl« uirjority. . If the tvoai.v fiiils of I'iitlii'avi'cn un- •Inr'-. this ai-ranienient. It will be . Its. last cfianfe. The hope of rafiiu-afion lie's in- the belief 'ortln'MX-mocrats and the. ."milil, reservation" • Tl'^HibJioftiiR •that they v.-| able to prevail upon Senntor LodKC to- accept sn'eli uiodifi- •'catioug/pf .-hiss reservations as;.will per- j mit. them tp -go. back on their-former record and with, good grace vote with Senator .Lodge an'd act against' the. i wishes of the president.!. ; j _ •'; .-" : ' — • : rrj-r —= • • ' FOB BENT. FOR RUNT—Two trout room* or»t Style. Shop, for offlc* or ileeptac room*. Apply Mis* Rfeth, Normal md Monr*C' •"''" '• "• " 'FOR RENT—Five Phone 466 K;" room house. .-^l RENT—Storage tor houiekolC good*. In the'one story brlok bcedtni, cement floors, em slley beck of mnr Bkrth Theatre. Apply HIM BMh. FOR RENT.—. 2 furnished Ught housekeeping rooms; 411 South Poplar.' ' ' "' ''• ; ' '''' ••'. ' " ". FOR RENT—Furnished room, 'modern. 310 West.Monroe. • . - FOR SALE. FOR SALE—Mare, buggy and harness. Cheap, if taken at once. Opera House Drug Store! ',. . FOR SALE—Pony. Inquire 703 West Pecan.' FOR SALE—Five room house and large lot, close to town, $1500. Call at. 305 East Main St.:. . * FOR .SALE—-Five -room house and large lot, close in town, $1500. Call at 305 East.Main: St- SPY LAW -FINE IS UPHELD Read Our Advertisements ',••',. a% -. •* «»i 'V ' -rr AflU "rOIlt D¥ * U. S. Circuit Court at San FfarTciseo .Affirms Three Years and $iO,000 Penalty. ; San Francisco, Feb. United States circuit court of appeals affirmed a decision of the district' •jHrart,'-. imposing a fine of $10,000 and .•Iff-hree years', imprisonment on Hiehrr I Albero, ja>-.' Pacific ." coast miller, "on- of violating the esplo««l«; - "-^: . ..._ . - ; ' ' -»

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