Independent from Long Beach, California on March 11, 1966 · Page 18
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 18

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1966
Page 18
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+LPTJMER ED WHITE GIVES TIPS -- .-^t*)-, ,-*f,· ' - . . * * - - · - . * . MS V^ m. r M^t L_7 JK. M. M. I^J |i fEdsy Does If Is Sage Advice for Space Stroller J- SfjCK.CENTER, Houston, keeping tabs on an Agena "IF YOU try to keep the eood." rales from kickint? off 1 .Tex..!^--A smile creased the rocket --their docking target jfagKpf Air ForTM Lt. Col, Ed. -- nnrt Scott. At times Scott nay be up to 100 feet from wmty. White and he cracked: (|',r^4 "it sure'looks iike it's Jgoing to be enjoyable . , . I'd jfrade (with him) right off." *; White, first; American to vwalk in space, spoke of'the 2 |hour and 40 minute stroll Air 'Force 'Maj. David R. Scott ;iplans outside Gemini 8'; next ;jVVedpesday. White's venture jinto 'the void lasted only 21 -,rnihutes.' , . '.;·. Scott and his command pi ;!lpt, Neil A. Armstrong,.have ;spent many hours with White ·jMjdz-ihjs Gemini 4 commanc ;pikithAir Force Col. James A, -McDivitt, picking up tips. there and not know -where ·ou're supposed to go," Me- Divitt said of the command lilot's job. 'The man can move around, and so can the spacecraft. MOST important sin..,,._, r .~Mot advice: "Don't get -;in;i {hurry. .'··-.;. V;V;Take things slow ahif try ^hd' hurry and rush because ·.yoSjcan'tido things in a rea l:r a p |'d vmanner · up there,' ;;White?told Scott. -','It's better ^t.o^govpn tjie slow, deliberate : ; }'Tjurihg Scott's walk, Arm ^strong has the.complex job o: ·flying the spacecraft while GIVES ARRIVALS ^ ,. DE JANEIRO (m-- :vBra£itian health a.uthorities i are?^taking temperatures of ; * :iij l -lopking passengers ar- }g ' f r o m overseas at | ^International Airport, cially those from the West Coast, te idea is to detect po- 1 ai carriers of influenza ij; from epidemic cen- .plOlEY S|LLS FOR LESS! mt. itkiti«« of rtfrlgera- r'!, i · ' li tW EMtr* Arcs! : he hatch at the end of __a ether. "You don't want to get up you one; "IF YOU try to keep the spacecraft pointed at the man, pretty soon you may lose the other object (the Agena), and then that object could conceivably come over and smack "On the other hand, if the astronaut outside came over right next to'you and is sit- ing on one of the rockets (on the spacecraft) when you fired; It, that wouldn't be too good." He noted that in weightlessness, only a slight force could send the spacecraft into a spin. "It's like standing on a 50- gallon drum in water," McDivitt said. "You know if you touch it and it rolls, it rolls quickly. There's nothing to keep it from rolling. "YOU COULD get reasonably high spacecraft (tumble} rales from kicking off from the spacecraft and things like that." Several recommcnda t i o n s by the Gemini 4 crew have been incorporated into equip ment and procedures for the Gemini 8 venture. A m o n g them: --Take the camera off the hand-held space gun and let Scott string it to his arm so he can hold it while taking pictures. "I had to aim my gun to take a picture because it was mounted on top," White said. "It was very bulky and difficult to use. I got some pictures of things I wasn't too liappy with." --Improve the hatch-closing e q u i p m e n t . McDivitt and White had trouble clamping the hatch shut to repressure- ize the space cabin after 1 White's walk. A new spring' type closing device has been installed. --Increase the fuel for the space gun, a small unit that looks somewhat like a rabbit CMI.. m, MJT. 11, nu INDEPENDENT--Pag» A-19 cared television antenna and operates like a rocket. Frcon will be used for fuel In Scott's! gun instead of Oxygen. Also, the freon will come from a pack on Scott's back Instead of smal! tanks on the gun like White had, giving him about 10 times the maneuvering capability. '· REFRIGERATORS Top 9 ua 'ity Refrigerators of Low-Cut Prices! 10 128' eu.ft. Dtluxi ... 148" 19 «.«,- \L 2-Ooo . Ooor 14 eu.ft 2-Door 208" H , eu.H. AAA8S -2-Door £00 u "FROST-FREE" 15.2 Z 246 88 2-Dtor--Bottom Fn««r 112 Si 377" I Giant Bottom Frttztr i New 1966 4-fotpJcrinir '!·' UPRIGHT FREEZERS i 148" 12 r 176 8 15 en, It. . 268" FREE DELIVERY, SERVICE AND FULL fiUARANTEE Dd'OLEY'lS "Hardware Hart .H75 LM« Stock Mvtf. HOfTH LOHC UACH i. AH, SPRING! Brings out all the flowers and the usual garden pests. Shorty has everything you need except a remedy for "Fence Bugs". (CLyBS ONSPECIAt - A I U 5 I A ElVO. "'SOUTH sr. '.:'*:.-^ 173i6Wb6drufjy|! *m^fmH*U w9jmi .. , ; . . .\~'.7'jTM'-'TrTL TM » ~ w TM'TM, ^TM «·· ·^····v* I - . - . i £ii^%$^^i$t*4is-»£" '·**'! '.-''.r^,v'' 'v; ·,-··':.'.-'* ·^····^···············^^···^··^··^··i^BrtBIHMHHH I'-^^W · ,.. ^ : ? ."' f . j icr ; ;; i ?H^ T-'.:j--^Wwr* ifi !l DOIfflNCUEZ IN THE HOUSEWARE DEPT.) J0l^ili^feljtilMii^Mif^i*Ji^ BIRD OF PARADISE I SHADE AZALEAS Hemombor lhat song, "Weaiing a Bird of Paradise, etc." . This I gotla ECO. The thing makai big orang* and blue blosioms, Tory pjetly. GAL. SIZE BOOM! 79' DECORATIVE BARK National's . Own W* check all the bark and H 11 doetn't look 10 good we nay, "Okay Batk. out, next Batk please," (Once in a whU* a little woof gets thru.) 2 CU. FT. In bud and bloom* lush rod lonl BtocV, Put in ^a row ol these ; . ' ' and you'v'e got something nice going lor you. · GAl. SIZE . \ KRRUMPH! 77, JOHNSON'S 2-4-D WEED KILLER Advertised specials good until March 16, 1966 SQUASH! i WEEKDAYS 9 to 9 - SATURDAY and SUNDAY 9 to 5 GLIDDEN'S SPRED GLIDE-ON GLIDDEN'S SPEED SATIN 100% Scrubbable 100s of Colors 100% Latex Dripless, homogenized Tasty Stuff SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK 5 GAL. FACTORY DEMONSTRATION SAT.-SUN., MAR. 12-13 See the Experts Messup. 6 FT. FAN TRELLIS Train your plants and vines, you'll be more pleased with the results. All redwood. K.D. (Means you put it together.) ZIPPO BANG 66'! SCOTT'S DICHONDRA FERTILIZER with cutworm killer Covers 2,500 sq. ft. Dry formula for longer lasting eiiect. (About 2 hrs, and then forget it.) REG. 5.95 ZAM-BIFFO 2 97 ! WINDOW SCREENS All aluminum, full frame, perfects. Not a baddie in a carload. All sizes up Io 3'0x4'0" (bigger we got for more dough). ZZZZAPFP , I 39 ! JUNIPER TAMS The greatest plant made.,.No fertilizing, no trimming, nothing to do but enjoy its lush evergreen look. Tony loves them with a little French dressing and some onion. KA-BLUNG 491 GAL SIZE RORDER FENCING The while wire/ easy io bend or curve/ keeps the doggies av/ay, dresses up your planting and trees. 18"xlO Ft. Great exterior masonry pcrint, goes on 10 easy, creamy, one coat covers. For ilucco, brick, concrete, tile* and block. Some prelly wild colors. WHAMMO! 5 S9 You have a w«od lhat loughs al you? One that ot this and you arc . again master ol Y o u r house. (Don't tell y ol n w!to or sho'U break your aim.) 500 SHOT REG. 1.39 CRASH! 99' OUTSIDE WHITE Gol a liltla collage or lonco you'd Hke Io Jan up wilhoul spending loo much, liy this. Thousands gallons sold and no complaints (our paint man is oighl feat loll). GAL. GAL. KRUNNCH! 99 1 INTERIOR-EXTERIOR VINYL WIF 99'! ALUMINUM SCREEN DOOR Our popular Diamond Grill wilb the pneumatic cloier and all necessary hardware. (Thought we'd bust th market up early Ihil year.) POW! For all · lucco, plai- ter, and \ »uch. Good f buy for the money (Whal does that mean?). (Mean* don't plan on ten year*' wear). ZZING! 1 87 GAL. SPACE SAVER A Iwirly gadgef (Say, do you lisp?). Lazy Suion like. Handy on th« «upper lable or If you like Io play Scrabble, best in ihelvei to double the uiable area, SINGLE TIER POLYURETHANE LIQUID PLASTIC 6 97 GAL. ^?P? PPINNGG! r Nothing resisls smog or industrial fumes like this. Rock hard surface, won't fade, protects like nothing you've ever used. CERAMIC TILE WRAP! 99 1 2 TIER 1.49 Le to feel you'va ac- compllihed something? Like to lee what you can do? (Forgel it, walch TV). Tile a table or something, you'll get a kick out of it- BAMMO! 12"xl2" 39 'the goodTsiutf at tire Tight prix:e'

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