Independent from Long Beach, California on January 20, 1975 · Page 32
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1975
Page 32
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CJ2-WOfEND6NT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) UMM*dtCMI.,l*M.,jM.»,im CUMIFItO HtMtM .,v HELP WANTED 1 HELP WANTED Office , US Office US -'·' BOOKKEEPER 1 Ex«f. Full-chjiroe. Through trial balance, payroll i General ledger, Worked ofrpctly with public accountants. Nr Florence Exit L.B. Fwy. 58S-73B BOOKKEEPER F.C. Thru TB PM_. acctg exp wet to SWD. M«l plan. Lkwd, SJl-TfiO BOOKKEEPER,F.C. $750 AI i i/vnf IMVV rnttr MUU JUDO luuTS rn-uc. Employment Service Aseocv 927-3385 Bookkeeper {Full Charge) Parl Time. Hours Flexible. Cv- rxess area. Serw resume to ATLAS AMUSEMENT CO. 2K V.3 Lo'pD- CYPreSS 9W30 ttrne. With fccal RM' Estate o'fice Eemkwer. Sale*-*- Own. AS*, to* .'rm..i38-n«5 OOKKEEPER- SECRETARY Eraer.. pecesw L8 a'ea Who ( e- ^=«te Nurwrv Se*w resume i. ss 1 a-v requiTmerts to- Box R? a fc l P 7. Classified Dert. ·?* P,T~ Ave..l_8. 9Qu BOOKKEEPER i£ T 0. Sma'i cooje^ia! local Co 1 Gewa' ledaerv trial balance t wme- TCD- ' n °' NEXVV.6RK AGENCY 2S43 E. tmoeria! H*Y 63?-JAi5 Clerical-Recept Front desk position fo- righi gal Must be sell starter who toiiw.'s phones people Mature atiitita* 1 excellent benefits, atmosphere. Interviews conducted. Mon, Tues, Wed. Only. Phone Mrs Olsen tor APPt. 6314631 CLERICAL operation i worV sales pnonc. Wi train. Established manufacturer Apply Monday ft a.m. to 4 p.m. VACO PRODUCTS J47 E. Gardena Blvd. Gardens An equal opportunity employer WE'RE HIRING STENOS, TYPISTS, CLERKS, BOOKKEEPERS, GEN OFFICE PBX. ALL CLERICAL JOBS YOUR A R E A - NO FEE ONE TRIP TO APPLY THEN-ON-TO-WORK S.I.S. TEMPORARY SERVICES 1161 Paramount Blvd, Do\vne\ 923-0373; 634-1870 CLERK General Office S2.50 U SERVICE PERSONNEL AGENC 3360 Pacific Ave LB 426-7161 CLERK STENO SS89 Plus Benefits. Work Sun Thr Thurs Midnight to 6am Federal Funded Proaram Must be Unde Employed for 30 flays to date- Hire. Requirement!, : Type Min mum siTwPM, Xlnt knowledge English Grammar Punctual 10 Prior cxper in transcribing tro Dictation Wvach ! desirable. Apt) at, Sional Hill Police, Dept; 1600 E - CLERK TYPIST Part time. 53 per hr. 436-B983 COUNSELOR TRNEE Leam the personnel business from the insibe-out! if YOU are eage office orlenled interested in mak ina a lot of $$ call today! ZO AGENCY 17820 LKWD BL LKW 925-3702 Co pays fee, also fee iobs SERVICE PERSONNEL AGENCY 2360 Pacific Ave LB J?6-7181 CREDIT . Evperienced. Typing, billing ant ac-noral office work. Medical an other trinoe benefits. BRAND JEWELERS LakewoodCntr 63« Customer Service Manager Must be able to talk with handle customers by phone cprrpsDondence. Exper. Preferred. Good Personality. Use 10 Kev Adder. Lite Typing. Good WorkinQ Cond. Write Box A50M IPt Classified Dept. «M Pine St. LB Ca. 90B« Dictaphone Sect'y $600 COMPANY PAYS FEE Local Co. wants a sharp girl wl has good typing skills good wor record w-dictaphone exper. Supe company, super benefits. MANY OTHER FREE FEE O'NEAL EWPL. AGENCY DOWNEY 780S E Florence 927-*i« HUNTINGTON PARK 62I7"7 Pacific Bl. 582* documentation elks to 51000 marin personnel 117 e 8th, 433-8911 EXEC SECT'Y (3) $775 COMPANY PAYS FEE Local Co. wants a top notch seer tarv tor one o) their VIP's, this is super Co. w-above average ben M MANY OTHER FREE FEE O'NEAL EMPL AGENCY DOWNEY 7BOSE. Florence 927-44, HUNTINGTON PARK 6317'": Pacific Bl. 5S3-S1 EXECSECTY S900 trx-e-to the president -also fee iobs Jane Allen Professional Agency 4130 ATLANTIC AVE 427-54J, EXECSECTY $9048. Fine estab local firm seeks POisev, indiv to ioin their exec set. Call Jo Harpir-fUOS Dennis f* Dennis Personnel Apenc AAJ W. Ocean Bl Suite SU. LB EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Full time. With Performin Arts Organization. Bookkeeping, record keeping, typing must. No shorthand nece ssry. Health benefits. Varied responsibilities. Fascinating non routine position. Salary commensurate with exper ence. Send resume to: 4756 HAZELNUT AVE SEAL BEACH.. CALIF 90741 F.C. Bkkpr $750 Up Loral Co wan!* a ci'l -s-a ?^^ JfnCK record able to oo thru ; - incl P L statement* taxes TI! RCOJCWJ aai | s US-M pcwy d^count ;sa,e SS5! Free he "O'NEAL EMPL. AGENCY DOWSEY 7^5E Flort-rKe W-l^ HUNT1NGTOS PiRK i3ir: Pacific Bi. 5i!-Sl- F-C BOOKKEEPER to 5M». Are you wa'tina vour taiem c VO'J oesire a chsngo' This w? esiab firm sf^eks ca r e-;-r person to ort^TiqeouS position Fantajt , U'n-^ifb. Call Bill WmKler J3?-6-i05 r?nni' Denni'- Personnet Agent W J W . Ocean B! Suite S1J LB -IGURE CLK-10 KEY TOUCH SJ? A E A AGENCY = 11 iNG, Typing. Phor^S SS-- v.ERVtCE PERSONNEL A G E N C Y "wO Pacific Avt- LB ^26-?!e: Freight Siller $65fl Tronsp. Co. exp, type- 50- , xlnt Co 1 GOLDEN WEST AGENCY FRIDAY PERSON $520 FEE NEGOTIABLE Mature chterlul person tp handlo phooi-s !».- iC AE A AGENCY ·iOU Long Beach Blvd ^^-CTi jot triday, posh 1 bofc, ir« S7W *tnt rftist"S, flliO fee marina po r sont'-l rtC)CV. 1)7 Bttl 431-6?] I GAL FRIDAY $650 Por So. Gate vrrvict Oepl 0' n-,,"u laclurino firm. Bkpg i'«wr u-oi" id, lypo'S-SO, n o S H Scnln-sum.: lo Bon A-187? IPT Clasi Dtp! tk-: Pine A«. LB Calif W84J g t ,l (ri, (ia aot. free S7J5 nwnnfl ' pfrwmtwl aocy, also Ice ioOi 117 c dm, i;.»ll :,[ NLRAI. Otfico Clerk, Parl- TITO, (,1H Ok «7J bolw t:30-9t JOam " GENERAL OFFICE 'FITTING MODEL Up to $600 ' CoPanFoc, AlwFco Jobi VOGUE AGENCY ·,'»(* Ailanlic AVC. LB ni-iiii GENERAL OFFICE nterc$ting position In purchasing dept of small expanding manufacturing Co. Typing pleaynt telephone voice required. Pleasant wnrkina conditions, oood aav Mnge bonctlts proflrarn Including INDUSTRIAL TECTONICS INC. \m S. Santa Fe Honh Long Boach area (Sanls Fe at Vlstoria) 537-3750 Eq'jflt Opportunity EmplOVPr GENERAL OFFICE Pa^l time girl fo' tight typing, (it- r9, etc Sal ooeri- Call 422-2J110 or General Office-Part Time Even-.ngs Some weeKmls W.sle v Female «onv? ti-p-ng necessary. Pie-awCaif for aoo). ELECTRO TV Til E. Wa-olo* L.B Jji-O^V EKER«L, 10 key, rV-"?t Call f-* = -ii?S ENERALOFFICE $433 Gcoi*iin '.oures. 10 key. tyDe C-OLDtfJ '.VEST AGENCY 11C- P'.-v? Sui'O 309 HE 7 J)H1 GEN. OFFICE $600 nec-ds Nationally Known local Co. a snarp individual for a variety o' office duties which incl. heavy phones lite typing. Outstanding Co benefits incl. Profit Sharing! O'NEAL EMPL. AGENCY DOWNEY 7806 E Florence 927-44W HUNTINGTOM PARK 671 7 1 7 Pacific Bl. 583-61^1 GEN OFFICE 57800. Rapid qrowinc) tlrm seeks onerg?.-! ic indiv tor diversified duties. Xln bcntlits. Call Dusty Rhodes J32 Si05 Dennis Dennis Personnel Agency dJJ W Ocean Bl Suite 814, LB LB children's program. Hrs l-9pm S5?5premo. Gloria, 531-1533 GIRL FRIDAY S500 Phones-Like SH-type-Local Jane Allen Prolessional Agency d!30 ATLANTIC AVE 427-54.1 INSURANCE OHice, typing, tiling, telephone, 10 Key Adding Machine. Full Time. Reply P 0. Box 31 B Long Beach, Ca. W501 JR ACCOUNTANT FREE $700 MO DOWNEY ALSO FEE JOBS CALL MR FAIRCHILD FAIRCH1LD AGENCIES 747 Florence Ave. Downey PH 927-4483 582-825 KEYPUNCH FrecSSSO. CMC £ 129 for local Co. (also fe . iobs) NEW/AARK AGENCY 3543 E. Imperial Hwy 63v-M3S KEYPUNCH OPERATOR 10,000 Spd 6 mo experience Staff Builders Temp Personnel 437-0806 KEYPUNCH OPERATORS AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING BETH GRANT (313) 531-3900 KEYPUNCH OPERATORS CAL TASK FORCE No Fee, V900 Lake KEYPUNCH OPERATOR Senior, 426-7561 KEYPUNCH OPER Temp Long Short Term Assign T-Girl T-Ma 437-2846 KEYPUNCH $5. 10 Hr 4 1 ': Hr day lor union Co. NEWMARK AGENCY 35« E. imperial Hwy 639-4435 LEGAL SECRETARY Calif exp. Personal inlury. Salary open. Benefits. 436-9781 LEGAL SECRETARY EXPER PI WORKMANS COM PENSATION. Busy, small Wl mington OHIce. SALARY OPEN CALlROD: B30-2121 LEGAL SEC'Y TRAINEE Young woman w-good shorthand typing skills required. Artesi MAIL CLERK. TRNEE "The Mail Must Go Thru". Organ izer will keep it moving for th local eslob firm- Call Joan Grimm 432-8405 Dennis Dennis Personnel Agenc MEDICAL BOOKKEEPER S450. Thru trial balance general ledge - knowledge of medicare med cal tor local Dr. NEWMARK AGENCY 3W3 E. Imperial Hwv 639-4435 OFFICE CLERK EXPER S3 * PER HR. Call Mr. GODRE (or appt. NORWALK 921-866 DFFICE GENERAL OFFICE Good math aptitude adding ma chine skills required. Include some light typing, inventory con tro! experience helpful. Excellen benefits · pleasant surroundings. APPLY IN PERSON 9-5 PIC 'N SAVE, Main OHice 2430 E. Del Amo Blvd. Carson OFFICE GIRL, MATURE Needed lor 3 Girl Office. 6 or mor yrs Exper. Salary Xint if Qualified Call 637-3111 'Ippirp MftP tn Wflfl- Local-exper-decision maker Jane Alien Professional Agency ilM ATLANTIC AVE 427-5448 SERVICE PERSONNEL AGENCY 2360 Pacific Ave LB 426-71 81 ORDER DESK CLERK Experienced in air compressors P3i"t sorav equipment preferred Company paid benefits. Call 636-1767 PAYROLL CLERK to $750 irw-to comojter top co. also fe^ 1 icfcs. jane illen Professional Agency PAYROLL Freehs. FiaLTetime cards enter on in-pu shoo* 'or computerized payroll some tvpirtq. (also fee iotisl NEWVARK AGENCY 3543 E. Imperial Hwy 63^--li35 PAY ROLL Free SS30. Spanish spea^-ino, some coltece oxoer w -computer ire fl pavro' NEW.V.a.RK AGENCY 3fJj E H,vy 639--143S PAYROLL PBX OPERATOR Co'i tw^ro Gcxxl KpisT Call :Cx Co^ ber.vxri 10 am 5 om. PAYROLL to Lena Beach, has immedia' cc'ition ppen to work full tinv Vo-vlav Tnru Friday davi- Po^itic^ rc-3s..ire expedience in an i?c«?'s o PT* rc ! ' ificii-'dirta *?v 'eooflsno Co^tact'PiVwr.nei 5«-13M Ext 337 .OS AL.AV.iTOS GENERAL HOSPITAL 3751 ato!ls Ave. L« Aiamite- EQU.^! Opportunity Emplovt-r ^£36 Atlantic Ave LB 5«-13^ PBX- ^ecep'ioniu SS^ Bd S53o '-ERVICt PERSONNEL AGENCY 2SD Paalic Ave LB J^-'Ul PBX-TELEX TOS5S. S'lgtit, peasant, cord bo.ircl exc Vor busy ioO, XlnT Co, LB, car GOLDEN WEST AGENCY DO Pine Suite W HE 7-OW PERSONNEL ASSISTANT V.usl nave at least 2 yrs expe Admm St-niorily o'hor Provision o' Union Contiricl Ability to typt routine corres perform clC'f-ca functions w-Hi Dwroe of Accurjc Nee Please submit Resurne o OuaNtications to tPT Classified Dcot Box A*478 604 Pirn' Ave LB *WJ RECEPT-GIRL FRIDAY HtTt'-'s your chance to be import an ir*e challenge ne?rfed tc hou vf)D' .nterosf with this fdntastic ft'm CiiH Dusty Rhodes 433-M05 Dennis Dennis Personnel Aocrtcv 4-uW OctnnBI Suite 814, LB RL-CHPTIONIST Frw S5?S. N^ ot-cywaliV for front Ocsk lot) i* yoj eniov mt-eting people! Some typist) (diw fi-e iobs) Nt-wr.'.ARK AGENCY 3ii3E lmperifltHwvft»-ii35 RECEPTIONIST G'H Tnd.iy fo' Eflrl fA,inmnn. AvO'rt »»· * tn S routine. Sleep 'fl't' A wort ) to 10 pm PAifl vACAlions f, Hohrtrtvs. irftuP inmrnrtce. Typ- irtfi. Muil to rt'lrdttivP, OfPorKlftblc fc hflvf pioiwni ipertkinq voice. Salary otvfl (iflrl W,.\nfiinp D^fKC --f«ol.n(\« iA".fi msr.nA oervinncl ,iqencvll7ceih43Jwn HELP WANTED 1 Restaurants Clwbs m NEW D A D / C DUD 0 niiAiir- f\r- TIJP n\r n ^ \ / / / "numnur i HE BIG Bur WAITRESSES WAITERS CASHIERS COOK TRAINEES DISH MACHINE OPERATORS NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY INTERVIEWS 9AMto4PM Jan. 19 to Jan. 22 6405 E. PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY LONG BEACH NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE Equal Opportunity Employer M-F HELP WANTED Otfice 161 RECEPTIONIST Wilh light accounts payable, accounts receivable 8 payroll experience. Permanent w-xlni pay benefits. Better than average position tor better than average person. Call 638-7769 Ask for Mrs. Pierce SECRETARIES-TYPISTS VOLT Temporary Services 3S20 Long Beacn Blvd L.B. 105 476-2140. ,EOE SECRETARY Free to J900. Start at the top! President needs help with correspondence keep- in.g his schedule organized, (also fee iobs) NEWMARK AGENCY 3M3 E. Imperial Hwv 639-4435 SECRETARY FREE $850 MO UNION SHOP-VERNON ALSO FEE JOBS CALL MR FAIRCHILD FAIRCHILD AGENCIES 7847 Florence Ave. Downey PH 927-4483 582-8251 SECRETARY LEGAL Exoer tor Torrancc Trial Firm Shorthand, stenoiette, IBM type writer, salary open. 530-3990. Secretary · Receptionist Wanted (or Sales OHice Call: 595-4419 ask for Terrl SECRETARY To Branch Mgr Type 60, YD SH, Figure apt S650 NO FEE NO FEE HO FEE American Career Agency 320 E. Anaheim, Lonq Beach Phone U5.7481 SECRETARY To the Minister ot downtown church Must type. Short nan prelerred. Send resume to Dox C 4958 Classified Department Independent Press Telegram 60J Pino Ave. Long Beach 908J4 SECRETARY-TYPIST tncl. some exper, lite accl's pay ab '°M.A. NISHKIAN CO. 3724 Long Beach Blvd, L.Q. 434-1627 SECRETARY 537-3880 secty, 1 b otc $750, neg fee marin personnel agcv 117 e Blh 432-8911 SECTY TO VP FREE $750 LONG BEACH ALSO FEE JOBS CALL MR FAIRCHILD FAIRCHILD AGENCIES 7847 Florence Ave. Downey PH 927-4483 582-8251 SECTY $600 (ret'-top co-sharp stable person also («? iobs. Jane Allen Prolessional Agency J130 ATLANTIC AVE J27-5U3 Steno-GenOfc TO $614 S-H SO, type 60, prof ins. exp. LB GOLDEN WEST AGENCY !10 Pine Suite 30? HE 7-050 Steno-GenOfc $586-614 S-H dictaph, type 50, like ins. ex GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 110 Pine Suite 309 HE 7-050 STENOGRAPHER Bi Lingual 5700 2*00 E. 7th St. J33-S761 Ext 17 TEMPORARY S20 BONUS FOR 1ST 40 HOURS WORKED SECRETARIES KEYPUNCH TYPISTS BOOKKEEPER FIGURE CLKS DICTAPHONE Please (eel needed! We need you t help busy bosses. Long or short r assignments. Top wages - S2 honu* for 1st 40 hours wo r ked. NEWMARK RESERVES 3W E. Imperial Hwy 63V-4439 TYPISTS -HOME S5-*5 WPM, need own transport a tion Rental IBM available 531-2130 TYPISTS-PART TIME TYPISTS WE HAVE THE JOBS' WE NEED THE WORKERS' Wor by day or wecK. never a fee CALL or COME IN PROMPT Temcoran, Soviet's 17S13 Lakewood 31, La^-vood 630-1017 Professional 170 JOB DEVELOPER Bi Linaual S?W 2KO E. 7tti St 433-5^1 Ext 17 REAL ESTATE SALESPERSON TEACHER FOR PRESCHOOL in Beli'iQAV 9.X-i:sl T E A C H E R S ' English .1$ :nd Ljn qu^.-jt- A. Gen Ed^aii^ 5: LirvnAH Si5fl. TtOj E. 7!h St 433-S761 Ext" 17 Ppctaiirank A flnh*; 171 BAR GIRL Davi Exper Apply tvto^e noon The Annex. 4X0 Slea'ns. S97-?I7( BARMAID, NIGHTS Top neighborhood twr. Good sal BARMAIDS Tooless Comho Need flttrrtctiw wornen. Good money tJ5 47t? Hf$ 4pm-?(im Clo^M Sunday BAR MAID WANTED. 242 W. Carson, Corson. BARTENDER Attractive Female. Apply 10-13 Noon 3908 Atlantic Ave. LB BARTENDERS FMMI*. Too Pav. ApPiv in person. '0 AM to 1 PM. Saratoga. Ne* Yorker, 304? So. Plrw Ave , L B BIKINI COMBO TOP wv · TOP working cond. THE HOLIDAY 944-6584 HELP WANTED Restaurants Clubs 175 BREAKFAST COOK. Apply 2-4 PM 3400 Sludebaker Rd. LB COCKTAIL Waitress. Call between 2 6 pm. Closed Mon. Don Juans, 6602513 COCKTAIL WAITRESS BARMAIDS Younq attractive, top salary SILVER DOLLAR 3] L.B. Blvd COCKTAIL WAITRESS Exper. 8. ATTRACTIVE TURC'S 14321 Pacific Csl Hwy. Sunset Ben (213) 592-9159 COOK Convalescent Hospital Experience Required. Apply. Community Convalescent 3H50 E. Esther, Long Beach COOK ( Full part time) Rochelle's 3333 Lakewood Blvd. COOK WANTED NIGHTS. Apply in Person before 1 AM. See Leeroy; THE VELVET TURTLE 530E33St.LB NIGHT BAR GIRL 2630 E. Spring, LB 427-9568 WAITRESSES Full time. Retirement home set ling. Kaiser Permanente Insur ance. Apply in person: PALMCREST HOUSE 3501 Cedar, LB WAITRESSES GIRLS for last food take out dept. Apply Phillip's Chicken Pie Shop, 737 Pine Ave. between 3 5 cm WAITRESSES We are looking for a dependable exper waitress Tues Wed 4 PM 12 , Thurs, Frl 8. Sat 12-7 AM. 1 interested in this shift apply: ORBIT RESTAURANT 590 E. WILLOW Interviews Irom V.30-3 PM only WAITRESS ' Experienced. Age 22-30. Efficient Afternoon Eves. Good tips. Apply d:OQ P.M. MARRI'S PIZZA SldOLong Beach Blvd. NLB Anp y Bob's Restaurant, 33 Pine Ave, LB. WAITRESS Wanted also hostess fo coffee shop. Apply m person. Stox Downey Retail Stores 180 SHIPPING-RECEIVING Minimum 2 yr. recent EXPER w retail firm. Fringe Benefits L.B. City Collcqc Book Store DRY CLEANING HELP Spotter, Pr^sser, Counter Alt. Apply ,\M only. No Fees HARBOR CLEANERS ASSOC. 2292 Long Beach Blvd. Upstair LIQUOR CLERK Experienced Only. Local Refs. Apply. 311 Redondo L.B. LIQUOR CLERK Exper, Part time Sat-Sun morning \ nlte. 634 Cherry Ave. LB. Bondable PARTS PERSON $8320. Priceless oppty awaits outstanding indiv w-this rapid growing firm Cal Bill Winkler 433-8405 Dennis Dennis Personnel Agency 444 W. Ocean Bl Suite 814, LB RETAIL MGR TRNEE to 59,000 Steer your career in the righ direction. Local Co seeks briqh aqqressive indiv for this exciting position. Great benefits! Call Mike Jones 432-8405 Dennis Dennis Personnel Agency 44j w. Ocean Bl Suite 314, LB SALESPEOPLE MONTGOMERY WARD 3100 Imperial Hwy Lvnwood fsppw^ Southern California Personnel Records Clerical Must tvoe 55 WPM. Protor personnel records experience, but will consider General business background. Excellent working conditions Application Accepted-. VON thru FRi 10 am to 12 noon Personnel Department (ROBINSON'S, LOS ANGELES) 600 W. SEVENTHS! TELEVISION S. COMPONENT SALES xlnl opportunity tor evpor. person Free filu 8. rruior medical, Mid vacation. soitK, etc 373-7373 KEN CRANE'S MAGNAVOX CITY Sales 183 MEN WOMEN WANTED FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT II you are new 'o Loni Beach or L A . , temporarily discontinuing your education, recently discrwrg- Ml Irom the service, or for any reason woKimj temporary or c.i- reor employment, consider tnis unique opportunity, the people we .ire looking lor nwv be tired of (plcling papers, ware- hou'-e iobs »nd working (or a limited income. Wofk with vourwi people. Ripid advancenxnt posst- bir-. l( yt)y «ro 18 or over and would be iWflilfltwe to start work tmmedi- .itelv.Cciil (714) S39-1183 HELP WANTED t.te 1»3 ATHOM.E PART TIME Well kno-wn local llrm need* people over 30 to do telephone conf« work a) home approximately 3 hours per day-hourly wage. PHONE : MRS. MCDONALD 422-6522 WEEK-DAYS ATTENTION i Face Lid. Results Guaranteed CALL NOW: 438-1291 AUTO MECHANIC Import experience preferred! Apply in person at LONG BEACH HONDA 1760 Long Beach Blvd. L.B. AUTOV,OT,VE E SERV SALESMAN i. Hooded for our British Leyland Dept. Xlnt. Pay Plan Fringe Benefits, Contact: Lovd Coats BOULEVARD BUICK 591-5611 AUTO PARTS MAN w-EXPER. to helo run Oil-Read Accessories Manufacturing Bus ness Call DICK or NORM B69-7919 DOWNEY SALESMAN Professional salesman with desire to make money! Combo., all fringe benefits. For lonq established BuicV. · Opel dealer. Contact John Capanna or Bill Peairs at PEAIRS BROS. BUICK Bellflower 925-6611 AUTO SALES Salary plus commission No Experience necessary Free use of car Harbor Auto Liquidators Lakewood Artesia Blvd $$ COSMETICS SS AVON EARN CASH WITH AVON for alt the "extras" you need and want, it's easy and fun! For details call: DISTRIBUTORS needed for new weight control products. Leads furnished. Call 667-2937 FULL OR PART TIME EASY HOURS GOOD PAY Start Immediately ' Must have reliable trans. For information interview 592-2277 bet. 2 5 p.m. Only FULL OR Part lime. Sal or comm, which ever is greater. Nr Los Cerritos Mall. For interview call 92J-1713 HELP! 5150 wk to start. Must be over IB. Help service estab Fuller Brush customers, LB. Call 432-1602 Part time avail also. MEN LARGE NATIONAL "WHOLESALE ONLY" HARDWARE CORP. Needs Sales Rep's INSIDE ONLY No Experience Necessary Will train, work location closest to home EARN WHILE LEARNING $175 to $245 PER WEEK IF QUALIFIED Comm 4 bonuses 4 many benefits For information Call Personnel Headquarters (213) 537-9000 Monday only, January 20 8a.m. to 4 p.m. ' MEN-OR-WOMEN Over 21. Part time work from home. 12-30 hrs a week. To S216 per month. Call 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. !213) 592-1811 or (213) 598-65-*0 NEED A JOB? Earn 56 to S10 an hour. Top jewelry company. For appt. 425-B226 NEED MONEY? DC a Sarah Coventry Rep in your area. No investment. Phone car needed 431-4569, 430-0036. work Nights, Wkends . Holidays. HELEN GRACE CANDIES 2102 Bellflower Blvd, LB. 55.00 per hr. $2.50 guar. Part Time PROFESSIONAL SALESMAN THINK ABOUT THIS!! Are you spending more time driving than selling? Here's an opportunity to use this valuable sales time selling in the same community in which you live. We are seeking men women with 2 years successful sales or public contact experience. The individual we hire receive a guarantee. (Not a draw), formal training at our expense, exceptional benefits including the famous Sears profit sharing. MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES, unlimited income potential plus MUCH MORE!! Contact this representative, Dave Peterson, 714 558-6322 Mon or Tues 9 am -4:30 p.m. or send resume to: ALLSTATE 1750 E. 4th St. Santa Ana An Equal Opportunity Employer J27-G991 for confidential interview An equal opportunity employer. REAL ESTATE -COME WHERE -THE ACTION IS! -NO PROMO Reputable, well estab. firm. No body can beat our career benefits bonus plan, health ins., manager ownership plan. Dynamic Mgm offered with a rapidly expandmq company. We sponsor new licen sees place you in our quick-star training program. For contidentia interview call Conrad Holsomback ELLIS SCHRADER INC. 213-598-8701 714-954-3122 REAL ESTATE OPENINGS THERE ARE NO LAY-OFFS in REAL ESTATE! Are you used 1 making S15.000 TO 530,000 YEAR? If so - call mo NOW fo FREE PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE TRAINING SALES MANSHIPCOURSE. . All inquiries confidential Century 21 REAL ESTATE Ask for Van Lizzen 422-0977 REAL ESTATE SALE S300-S400 WEEK DRAW Quality? Call todav if you male our profile. Sales training, lead iurn. Little or no exper. 866-9761. REAL ESTATE SALES New experienced sales people Wi? have a sales office for you i Cerritos Top commission, adver tising support - bonus S. medica P "PIMM ask for Wayne, 924-6477 ELLIS SCHRADER, REALTY REAL ESTATE SALESMAN Now local ton- Nieto Colorado w plush ofc centrally located tor Be monl Shore surrounding areas Will pay high Comm. rat.?. Stop i ask tor Harry Kay S97-8881 Real Estate Salesmen Wanted Ambitious pvroo lor active otfico AlbO hdfKJIo foreclosures. Lots o Moor time. LANTING Rltrs 865-1265 R.E SALESMEN. Top Commission CANNON Realty W) S78-3J3J CLASSIFIED ADS Call HE 2-5959 HELP WANTED I HELP WANTED | HELP WANTED r.u. uiL- .^-.i . T.-J^ lit irpchnicai a Trades "5 ROSE HILLS NEEDS MATURE MEN, WOMEN FOR COUNSELORS Experience unnecessary. We have a free compreherrilve Iralning program, Counselors representing Rose ·Hitls have the added advan- t55c- Of precise, stability and association with a 60-year old local firm. Many earn WOQ-S120Q per month Hitri ittlno a nrnrtiirt which evervbody'needs'and wtileh is discussed daily in the media. Benefits inc ude retirement plan and hospital ration. No investment. For see: Monday through Friday from 9a.m. lo 4 p.m. Mr. Seth Britton at Rose Hills Memorial Park, 3900 S. Workman Mill Road, Whittier Route Sales -Grocery Specialty Food Distributor needs energetic person w-prior exper. in Grocery Retailing Driver-Route Sales to grocery stores. Welt established co. has Xlnt Fringe Benefits. 8ood Comm, Truck Furnished- all- wkdaysbetwBS. 12. (213) 638-1108 ROUTES, SALES PERSON Experience Necessary ALES EQUITABLE Lite Assurance Society is looking for an Agent. Cal Chris for appt. 7U-B35-4545 Eciual Opportunity Employer M F ALES: Exper nee, woman betw 3555. Technician to work in facial 11 J! ALES-Fuller Brush, Established routes. 541-7146 or 92S-M26 LAST JOB! National corporation manufacturing lighting products for industrial and commercial accounts has openings (or salespersons in local areas. Must be non-pressure, honest and sincere individuals looking for their LA5T JOB! must be qualified to open new accounts as well as upgrade established users. Repeat business, secure future Liberal training compensation, benefits. (CALL) TOLL FREE 7AWI-- 2PM MS.THUMANN 800-631-1998 An Equal Opportunity Employer M-F SALESMAN Assistant to Manager Must have clothing experience. Top salary, permanent. APPLY LONG BEACH UNIFORM 200 Long Beach Blvd SALESMAN P arn $800 to $1600 while learning, avday every day if qualified. Con^ tact Max Markovitz (or persona' interview. 868-1731 (9-1) SALESMEN LEADS-LEADS-LEADS REMODELING-New const. A 1 deals financed. Call: Dale 714-894 0506 SALES MEN WOMEN $20,000+ Year ARE YOU INTERESTED IN GOOD HEALTH PHYSICAL FITNESS? we need dedicated, hard-working dependable salespeople with strong direct sales backgrounds. S175WK To Start (Commission paid w-in 30 days) IN JUST A FEW MONTHS EARNINGS CAN REACH.. $550 Wk APPLY IN PERSON JACK LALANNE'S European Health Spa 5364 WILSHIRE BLVD, LA. TUES THURS 1-5 PM ONLY NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE SALESMEN 18 years and over with car to serv ice established account. S145 week lyplus BONUS. FULLER BRUSH SALESMEN 3 Manager Trainees 2 Earn $800 to $1600 While Learning Complete training it you qualify Call Roy Levy for personal inter view213-«3-2J16 SALES S.O.S, Start out smart. Do you work for A Company or have a iob that you · hate to 90 to every day? Lite is too short!! 1 have a position fnr you that you will love and the money i great. You should earn 5300.57 pc week to start. CALL ME 436-1261 SALES STOP LOOK ACT Are you unhappy with vour presen job? Need salesminded men for ca reer opportunity. No canvassing o soliciting. Earnings should exceed S300.63 per wk. to start, with in crease each year. Exciting sale Paradise, fringe benefits, unusuo opportunity. CALL ME (213) 864-2145 Sales IB COMHISSION SALES BPiPPJ NORWALK BUILDINS MATERIALS HARDEN EQUIPMENT CARPET SALES SPORTINfi GOODS Complete Company benefits include group Insurance, Retirement Plan, paid Holidays, Vacations, Employee Dis- APPLY IN PERSON 12051 E, Imperial Hwy. NORWALK AT SANTA ANA FREEWAY Equal Opportunity Employe* FABRICATION ' MACHINE BURNER LAYOUT , WELDER . . FITTER · :,. Must be able lo work plate steel, read blueprints; do set-ups, have own hand ioois. Apply 8 to 11 Mon thru Thurs. FULLER CO. 2966 Victoria : - : ' 639-7600 An equal opportunity employer HELP WANTED . HELP WANTED ales 183 ALES Professional Corporation to provide financial services. Our most successful peopfe have had a background in books, vaccums, softners, Home study.. Complete Mo Salary f Commission. Leads.- i^ R mN msm ALESPEOPLE STOP YOU are reading this ad because what you do now does not make success oriented people to introduce a revolutionary consumer service thru-out Southern California. Exceptional commission (paid weekly). Complete training and leads, combined with 52 Million Dollars in advertising , equals the finest opportunity of the decade. Your financial independence is Richards for personal interview. (213) 592-5325 SALES TRAINEE Interested in posiHon with a maEor ly, good company benefits. SEND RESUME TO: PO BOX 1369, SOUTH GATE, CAL. 90580 ALES YELLOW PAGE SALES THE WESTS LARGEST INDEPENDENT LOCAL TELEPHONE DIRECTORY PUBLISHER is in new B. existing accounts for yellow page advertising. Work is in Orange. Co. S.E. L.A. Co. Full time*, permanent. Training given, but some sales exper. preferred. Interviews Mon. 5-6 PM. LUSKEY BROS./ INC. SER^G^K'T^fN^,^ ALES-S100 DAY COMM. Placing Mini Billboards in L.B. 693-6119 · Sales, $10,000. UP Call on Clients of SL's tor. Mortgage Co. So. East Area. Incl. LB. Norwalk 8. La Mirada. Mr. Thompson 9 til noon 927-0041 or 677-2444 (213) SALES $30,000 FIRST YEAR Sound impossible; Not at all! Mobile Homes resales is where the SSSs are. If YOU have any sales experience and are tired of the grind, why not work in pleasant surroundings and make the BIG MONEY, call Mr. Martin. 925-7447 TELEPHONE SOLICITOR Sal -v Comm. Exper preferred. 8:Mam - 5:00pm 5 days. Guarantee Termite 213867-7223 63J-4681 TEXAS Oil Company needs dependable man who can work .without supervision in Long Beach area. Contact customers. Age unimportant, but maturity is. we trairi. Air Mail G.G. Dick, Pres., .Southwest- TIME FOR A CHANGE? Was 1974 a successful year for you? Does your present iob offer all the opportunity you want? COME ALIVE IN '75 We turnish bonaHde leads at no cost to you. Spend your time selling, not looking. Earn 5150 to $500 per week while you learn. For personal interview call 213-426-8983 TOOLS-ELECTR ICAL-HARDWARE Wats Lines S150-S300 Com 424-8681 WE ARE LOOKING ' For College Graduates . WHO are interested in a career in Real Estate. WalKer Lee is one ot me leading companies in the field. Our top sales representatives earn 535,000 a year. If you are interested in a career with rapid a BSc n rs e ss,7 khishMycall;Mr - · WALKER LEE REAL ESTATE Technical Trades 185 Advertising NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING LAYOUT ARTIST wanted for permanent position on large daily newspaper. Must have minimum of 2 years experience in newspaper display advertising layout department. Requires ability to illustrate and make both speculative and production layouts. Excellent working conditions, salary and company Benefits For interview phone Grant Wonn, ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS MA Nishkian Co. 3724 Long Beach Blvd, L.B. 42J-1657 Positions open Mech, Arch, Elect'l Engrs Draftsmen. ASSEMBLER Electro Mechanical varied duties, AccuBeam position. Constructors Supply Co. 921-5541 or 7U-523-OOW ASSEMBLE R-MECHAN 1CAL Must have own tools. Min 5 yrs AUTO GLAZIER Must be Exper Permanent LBArea Co. Benefits CALL GARY LAWS at: 435-4806 Auto Mechanic Import. Prefer BMW-Mercedes Benz experience with tools license. Busy small shop: Huntington Park-Vernon area. Phone "Beny" 587-1600 AUTO PAINTERS HELPER TOP salary. Pleasant working conditions. 5 day week, Paid vacations holidays. W. F. McPheeters, Inc. Auto sales - service · finance 1450 L. B. Blvd, L. B. 599-3481 Auto Parts Counter Help 1 yr exper. Must have valid lie, NLB area. 213-965-9137 Auto Parts Manager Need reliable man. Prefer CMC cxper. Xlnt opport. w-local well established Olds-GMC dlr. Contact BAKER Experienced preferred. Apply Win- chells Domjt house. 135JO Cenlralia Rd. Lkwd. WO-4S09 BARBER: StuinKh speaking prcf. ttl UUa T.MH.Cil nr J11.0UI Gun. Mon" " BEAUTY OPERATOR BIXBY KNOLLS «WS15 SEAUTY OPERATOR Earn 70S i wlln rollowlng, rent M)jcc. 4)-«JS BEAUTY OPERATOR Full or part time. Bixby Area. No Sundays m-vW. «7.«8« BEAUTY OPERATORS «H»18 Wi-HM Technical Trades 185 EAUTY Operator Wanted! Full Ime, Guarantee,- Must do Blow cuts. Vacation pay. Clientele pret. Call Linda's. 437-5028 EAUTY Operator. 60% .8, Guarantee. Very Busy Shop in a . Vons, Sav-on Shopping Center. Lkwd- Cerritos Area. Call 925-1489 IEAUTY Operator 575. Guarantee. 16131 Brooktiurst, Fountain Valley. .Woolco Center 714-5W-0410 CABLE TV INSTALLERS Experienced. Apply: LONG BEACH CABLEVISION 2935 REDONDO AVE, LONG BEACH Equal Opportunity Employer CAMERON OPERATOR Must be able to read 6" ruler within .30 seconds of an inch. Know shop math Excellent bsnefits conditions ARLON PRODUCTS Carson-Dominguez area Call Mr Taylor 537-7140, Bam 3pm ARPENTER-Handvman, Hang Doors Repairs, Age no Barriar, Xlnt Oppor for Right Wan! 547-1136 CONSTRUCTION Gen'l See last Sunday Peace Corp-Vista under 170. CONSUMER COUNSELOR S6310 Year. Experience, 1 year college considered. North Long Beach resiuen.= only acMK! DRARS PERSON Ability to interpret Interior prospective concept for elevation,. re- ifected ceiling plans 8, specifications. Call 537-8200 JRILL PRESS 54.40 630-1017 PROMPT Employment Agency 17813 Lakewood Bl, Lkwd ELECTRONIC TECH Manufacturer of 2 way Communications has openings for experienced' Electronic Technicians. Will consider Military or Commercial experience or graduate of approved Trade School. Must have working knowledge of Communication Equipment 'good background in Solid State. Excellent opportunity with fast growing Company. GOOD FRINGE BENEFITS (213) 325-1290 . .- Electronic Tech · $5-5.50 Hr 5 yrs exp, digital circuitry Free Job (Fee Jobs Also) GOLDEN WEST AGENCY. 110 Pine Suite 309 HE 74150! '.FIBERGLASS · -Experienced 'or Trainee: chopper gun operators, rollers, trimmers, gel coalers, finishers for industrial Fiberglass Mfg. Good Paving Benefits. APPLY. B to 3PM F BERON, INC. 639-26BQ 1B52 N Central, Compton = 1ELD Service Trne WUp SE ^CEreRsS5Etfc e EBcY 2360 Pacif ir Ave LB 426-7181 fURNlTURE MILLMAN " , Fvtvr w-shaper pattern-sample piiSfes,.K ^STco^l (No. L.B. Area)537 - 3S2 ° GLASS INSTALLER Exper m residential glass, mirrors, auto, etc. Shop In Huntington 3RINDERS, O.D.- t.D. Precision, Spherical, General. S5. - 56. an Hour, if qualified. .(213) 564-3351 Mr. Swalley GRINDERS Wanted. Form Grinders, Tool Cutler Grinders. Min. 5 years experience. TOP pay 8. Benefits. 630-5923(213) 630-1017 . . PROMPT Employment Agency 17813 Lakewood Bl, Lkwd HANDYMAN Carpentry, electrical, plumbing odd job experience. $600 + bonus. 6 day week. Apply: Birdhaven Convalescent Hospital 16910 Woodruff Ave., Bellflower INSTALLER AUTO RADIO Large private corporation will pay for career minded individual with electronic background in auto radio repair installation. BOMAN INDUSTRIES, 869-4041 9300 Hall Road, Downey LAYOUT INSPECTOR Oil tool equipment mfg Call 832-5395 LEAD MAN " Sml L.B. Manufacturing Co. Looking for individual w-supervisory background. Who is willing to learn ail. Must have manufacturing exper Be Bilingual (Eng.-Spanish) Xlnt Oppor for Right Individu- Cat! 437-3911 MACHINE OPERATOR Drill press. Min. 3 yrs exper. Lvn- wood 566-31 31 MACHINE OPERATOR Exper with Lathe, Mill Grinding Equipment Preferred. 'ATLAS TESTING LABS 6929 E. Slauson Ave, LA 685-4242 . HELP WANTED HELP WANTED _ i ^ fc .i«ii Trades '» 1 MACHINE awreRSONNSL,, (; MACHINIST :-! russ "A" Profile Mill . ' T o^te^r": ! BRICO Engineering Co. T§^«MM|II t JACHINIST^,.-! m?rrVei«r.TMiri «TMT " Monogram Industries Inc , . AnE ^, E 6rSSr, hUS nV,v C ia,er. } MACHINIST;; \ Large Lathe experience - = - T orrance Area : ; Call 832-5395 : MACHINIST Mill Profile operators SHANE INDUSTRIES 737 E. 223rd St, Carson Call 830«84. ' MACHINIST ; N-C Lathe i Will ; (Experienced only) PRATHER ; . · Engineering, Inc 3285 E. 59th St, No Lng Bch MACHINIST Oil well tools. Must have own tools, ; , must make owns^ups. ! . 424-8564 MACHINISTS Buramaser 13900 S. Broadway, Los Angeles MACHINISTS Dyna Drill Co' ' Has Immediate Openings: DAY SWING SHIFTS Journeyman Machinist Tool Joining Experience · $6.00 per hour, up DAY SHIFT "A" MACHINIST . Turret Lathe S5.25 per hr up Excellent employee benefits, paid vacation, sick leave, pensiqn, / group life, medical disability mS ° ranCe NON.DEFENSE Contact Personnel . . · M50Cer fell flnal Hi ": J ' i Equal opportunity employer -,. ; MACHINISTS $ For Hie following type machines:-* (SwIngShift) :r --ENGINE 8. TURRET LATHED .; -- RADIAL 8, MULTI- SPINDAL DRILL PRESS- · --DRILL PRESS ' -- MILLING MACHINE · PUNCH PRESS-100 ton ~» --TOOL CRIB ATTENDANT-MuSt exper. In tool cutter grtndlilgv Call Mr. Riley or Mr. Davis, 1 '770-1509 VAREC, INC. COMPTON TOPIMSTOTIME - ' Howard Turner Mtg Co. ; 424-1456 Must have own tools. Minimum 1 yr exper. Lynwood 566-3131 ,, -. ELECTRICIAN Must have industrial Mfg. exper: be able to trouble-shoot. . ^ MECHANIC , Must have industrial plant 4 machine repair exper. " '· Permanent, Xtnt. wage benefits. No. L.B. . - 537-3520 MAINTENANCE; Good dependable Maintenance men. Experience necessary in all phases maintenance and repairs. Salary open. .. ", BAY HARBOR "HOSPITAL 325-1221 Ext- 363 '·' MAINTENANCE MAN An all around man capabiero) keeping a small parts manufacturing plant in top operating condition* Must have knowledge of installing electrical conduit, plumbing S some carpentry. This is a 9000 tot for the right man. Top waaes. 3220 Industry Drive, Signal Hill MAINTENANCE WORKER " Experience 1 NAVY EXCHANGE NAVAL SUPPORT ACTIVITY LONG BEACH B31-8881 Ext. 323 · tqual Opportunity employer M-F MANICURIST Full-time. Mens Hairstyllng Shop. 424-2161 · MATE (LICENSED) ALSO: OILER' For research vessel in cotstwise operations. Permanent position. MECHANIC (HEAVY DUTY) Experienced 5 years with Cranes, diesel. Excellent fringe benefits. Apply in person only Mr. Peter Me Cowan Superintendent Nat'l Metal 8, Steel Corp 691 New Dock St Term Island Interview Hrs. .8 AM to 10 AM ' MECHANIC Must have Class A Smog Lie. 5 Day Week. Benefits. Domestic Cars Only 596-3737 ····- 596-3737 MECHANICS: See last Sun. Peace Corp-Vista ad under class 170. MILL MACHINE U7S PROMPT Employment Aaencv 17813 Lakewoofl Bl, LAKEWOOD Technical Trades 185 ABEX NEEDS PRECISION GRINDERS Must have 5 years experience in I.D., O.D., and Surface Grinding. ^Extremely close tolerance. ' i Write or Apply in Person to Personnel Office or Call (805) 486-1666 ABEX CORPORATION i 11 ri «**««.» e»u C*MMA» jut ttcai .MII ancci Oxnard, California 93030 " V 1 Equal Opportunity Employer !

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