Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 16, 1976 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1976
Page 6
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6 · Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Friday, April 16, 1976 ' Simon Heads Unauthorized Effort To Draft Humphrey ·WASHINGTON (AP) -- If you|contribute money, Simon turns a'?k Rep. Paul Simon ab'out'thcin down but keeps Ihcir be President." j In addition lo being a fresh- 1 man Democratic congressman from Illinois, Simon beads an ; unauthorized bill not totally dis- ; couraged effort lo draft Humphrey for the Deiuocr'itfj presidential nomination. ' A n d u n l e s s Hr nipluoy quashes Ihe plans. Simon'writ formally establish a draft Humphrey · · c o m m i t t e e after Pennsylvania's primary. Not t h a t Humphrey's n n n campaign looks in need of help. The Minnesota 'senator calls the presidential primaries" "political masochism" and he's staying out of them. But non - candidate H u m p h r e y doesn't deny he'd like lo. be president and continues to win applause, if not delegate votes, in appearances around the country. This week, before an editor's c o n v e n t i o n i n Washington. Humphrey said, "We don't 'nve any committee, . . . Nor has anybody been authorized lo -peak for me. solicit for me ; ,alk for me, or embrace for ·ne. Period. I'll do all (hat for myself." But -Simon says, "If h- Lindsey Promises New Resident For Commission I u m p h r e y committee is or mod, he can start accepting ontributions. Simon guesses Gcorgia Gos r . J i m m y Carter will lead t h e irst ballot at- the 'convention vith about 8oO votes. H takes ,505 to u'i nthe nomination. "that's his peak," he said ·Humphrey is going to have iround. 300 voles on the first ballot. My guess is thai you vill see Humphrey emerge in iach ballot with 1 more votes." And finally, according to the Simon scenario, that support will become a hmdslide and Hubert Horatio Humphrey, the lappy Warrior, wilPsland be- 'ore the, convention in his i more familiar' role as an active' candidate for president. SKAHCV. Ai-k. '(AP) -- Jim Lindsey, a candidate fo.r the Democratic gubernatoniil noni* iiialion. said Thursday that K elected IIP would appoint a 2nd Congressional District resident to ttie slate Highway Commission. Lindsey told Uic L While Conn ly Yonn« Democrats tlial the 1st District and -jth District have two ' coniniissioncrs each while the 3rd District has one representative on the commission.' The 2nd District is not represented on Itio commssion Lindsey criticized Gov. David Pry or , for : appointing David Solomon of Helena to the High \vav ,Comuussion in 1375. Lind: said George Kell'of Swift on was also serving From the 1st. District and that Pryor should linvc used the op port unity to uppoint someone from the 2nd District. ' - · ' · ; ·' "Your, incumbent .governor lias chosen arbitrarily lo ignoi'o both the moral and legal righls of all people living in the 2nd Congressional District." . Lindsey said. "It is a moot micstio whether he has acted to gain political support or to escape campaign promises he may have made Uvo years ago. He has indicted ami convicted himself on charges of favortistri." Undscy said a new appointment to the Highway Commis sion is to he made by the governor next January. Ex-Policeman Charged With Conspiracy 'JONKSHOKO. Ark. (AP) -- rhrcc men -- including two Cor mer policemen -- were sen- .cnccd Thursday lo terms ranging from two to font \ c u ni prison on charges of conspiracy In rob a bank. . \ The t h r e e ' w e r e charged w i t h cons|)irEng to rol) Citizens Bank's Ituliiii Mall branch on Soul. 12, 11)74. · U.S. District ' Court Judge Oren Harris of E Dorado POII tcnccd former Joncsboro Police Oct. Syt. Larry Edward Hen cJrix, 32, lo four years in prison H a r r i s sentenced Larr Wayne Brown", 20, of Joncsboro a former Newport and PaiM gould policeman, lo two year n prison. State Police Communications Funds Favored For Springdale LITTLE : ' HOCK (AP) -- ] cgislativc · subcommittee recommended Thursday approval of renucsls lo buy $30.000 worth of equipment Tor the Slate Po ice, The gear would ho used at the Iwo new State Police com- immicnUuns stations approval b\ the logislatm-o hist .laniwry. One will ho at Springdale unit the other at Hoi Springs. Each \viirhavc a communication low er al least 100 feet tail. Officials said 1 the two new stations will complete the Shite Police communication system in Arkansa: The subcommittee rccom mended the purchase of a total o[ $83,000 worth of comma- nicallon cqiili'imcnl requested In \nriou UU afirncic'i Onlj two members of tlic sulicom- nitlce -- Heiis, John Miller and Boyce 'Alford -- attended Ihe meeting. I h c i r recommendations go on to the Legislative Commit- niuilions Study Committee. Miller and \ltord iccom mcnilcci liic purchase of SM.OOO dollars worth of mobile .radios [or the Forestry Commission's iclnclc and the puicha e of S3 700 \ \ o i l h of liiml held two \\.-rj radios fui cimpu secuntj officers at Henderson ' State. Huiiler on official repoit $1(1 000 worth of thefts in the last :ix month: Miss Hearst Suffers From Malnutrition liKDWOO'D CITY. Calif. (AP)' -- Patricia Ilcai'sl is' sulferlnx f r o m tnalnutrUlon and inny eventually Imvo to undergo additional siirflery to remove an aii'-lillcd blister the size of a silver dollar .on. her rifiiil Unix, .a doctor says. The 9[)-]ioiilul heiress, on a hi|!fi-prolein diet Id build up her weight, is .making' satisfactory progress aflor · suffering a collapsed lung. Dr.; Donald Rowlc.s said Thursday. Her condition ronVains [air. Ho said Hie 22-ycar-olil .wom- V} was stitl experiencing discomfort and Hint the blister; medically linown as a' bleb- could riinl'ire again "and .cause, the right lung to collapse for a 5-"-:'if' Lmic. , . , "There i s . a .cliance for eyc«v lual surgery to . remove it." Howies said. "Bui it could nonUncously heal." Septic Tank Regulations Claimed Unfair "We were ( moving toward for- septic tank regulations as "ar- mally getting Ihe thing going," bitrary and u n f a i r " Thursday. Mji!er made the comment at "of the Committee on Local Government of m a y g e n g e n g going, he said. "And Humphrey, hea'd - lit J Q 1 U . .1I1U l i U l l l ^ i l l t J , UC.l I .,.,,,,.. ,..^,.^ ,... ,.,, . ,,. about it and he said, 'Please, a meeting "of the Committee on don't do it. As a personal favor st'Jte and ' ~ ' " . » ^v . . . ..o « H ^.^,,m L _ _ - _ O l j l v - a i n , IA itut u u K . i u u i i . i k i VIL to me/ So, we held off. But it'sjthe Legislative Council. Lvident Dr Rex Ram5av Health De- nnetl. . _ _ _ _ i -i; i ] i: · becoming increasingly evid-^j that something h\is to happen.' Simon said he and Humphrey first talked about a Humphrey' 1 for President Commiltee late last year. "I, s a i d . i t seems to me soaie * things ought to be done if Hubert Humphrey is to he the nominee/' Simon /recalled. "And be said, 'Paul, you may : be right. But I've just decided , I'm not going lo lift a finder They know me; they know what I stand for. If I eJid up · .being the nominee, fine. If I don't, that's fine, too.'" Simon, Rep. Bob Bergland. D-Minn.. and others have been · calling people already c h o s e n as delegates lo tho Democratic national convention and telling them that "we hope you'll keep Hubert in mind." ; So f a r , Simon, u former Illinois lieutenant governor, said - he has spent little money on his Humphrey campaign. "I'm spending some on phone calls and a little on postage. I made one trip to Illinois, but that's been ft," he said. : · When people cull who want to Reserve District No. 3 ~~ partmenl director, and Jimmy Wallace, director of sanitarian services, will be asked .to appear at the committee's next meeting lo explain the regulations. They will be asked about why some of the regulations apply lo subdivisions platted since Oct. 1, 1972, when the revisions weren't adopted until March 25. 1976. - ' Miller, who is in the rear estate business, was upset about the minimum lot sizes for septic tanks in the regulations. "Anytime you set H regulation that you must have Hi acres even when the soil perks, you're being arbitarry --" it's not fair." he said. Marcus Halbrook, Legislative Council director, reminded Miller fhal the minimum I 1 ,?-acre lot size and 200-foot width applied only when, a well and septic tank were to be Ideated on :the same property and when tests showed that the soil would percolate or asbsorb the ef- t f l u e n t from the septic tank. Stale No. S7 CONSOLIDATED REPORT OP CONDITION OF MclLROY BANK TRUST of Fayellcvillc,'Ark? 72701 and foreign and domestic subsidiaries at Ihe close of business March 31, 19TB, a stale hanking iuslilulion organized and operating under the b a n k i n g laws of this State anrl a member of Ihe Federal Reserve System. Published in accordance with a call made by the Stale Banking Authorities and by Ihe Federal Reserve Bank o[ this District. ASSETS Cash and due from banks $ U.S. Treasury securities 4,346.00000 ObMgalions of other U.S. Government agencies . . a n d . corporations . : . . . · . . : . . : 6,236,000.00 Obligations of Slates'and political subdivisions 8,860,000.00 Othnr_bonds .notes, and debemilrcs $-113 7 0000 Federal Reserve stock and corporate slock 93.000.00 Federal funds sold and securities purchased under agreements lo resell in domestic offices .. 5 500.000.00 Loans, Tolal -.-...· , $3.106,000.00 Less reserve for possible loan losses 455,000.00 Loans, riel '.; ; 30,651,000.00 ujrcct lease financing :..W.. 944.000.00 Bank premises, f u r n j t u r e and fixtures, and other assets representing hank premises-.. 2,024.000.00 Real estate owned other than bank premises 256,000.00 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations . ..................... Time and savings deposits of individuals. partnerships, and corporations . ............. Deposits of United States Government ............ neposils of State and political subdivisions . ...... Deposits of commercial banks ...... '. ........... Certified and officers 1 checks, etc ....... . ........ Total deposits in domestic offices .361. 330.000.00 a. Total demand deposits ...... ____ 25.711.000.00 b. Tola] lime and savings deposits . - 38.610.000.00 Federal f u n d s purchased and securities sold under agreements to repurchase in domestic offices ................... ............. Other liabilities ............................ TOTAL LIABILITIES ............ ;... ........... -iborriinated notes and debentures ......... ....... EQUITY CAPITAL Vmmon stock -a. No. shares authorized ... ..... 25.000 h. No. shares outstanding ... ____ . 23,618 Surnlus ......... . ........................ Undivided profits ..................... ........ Re.serve for contingencies and otfier capital reserves . . . . TOTAL EQUITY CAPITAL TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY CAPITAL . . 517,406.00000 2623300000 7300000 .16.86200000 3.137,00000 47300000 500,000.00 46100001) S65.29rooo.oo 397.000.0(1 530,000.1X1 2,500.000.00 410.000.00 ·S.5SI.OOO.OO S70.279.000.00 MEMORANDA Average for 15 or 30 calendar days enrling with call date: a. Cash and due from b a n k s 6.772.000.00 b. Federal f u n d s sold and securities purchased under agreements lo resell 833.000.00 c. Total loans d. Time deposits of $100.000 or more in domestic offices in.362.000.00 e. Tolal deposits 61,051.000.00 f. Federal funds purchased and securities sold under agreements to repurchase 5n3.000.00 S'anrlbv letters of crfiriit o u t s t a n d i n g 560.000.00 Time deposits of SIOO.OOO or more in domestic offices: a. Time certificates of deposit in d e n o m i n a t i o n s of 5100,000 or more ..; 19.2)6.000.00 h. Other lime deposits in a m o u n t s of $100,000 or more I. Hayderj Mcllroy. Chairman of the Board, of the above-named h a n k do hereby declare that this report of condition is tnie to the best of my knowledge and helicf. I f a y d e n McTlroy We. the undersigned directors, attest the correctness of this report of condition and declaro t h a t it has hrcn e x a m i n e d ' b y us and lo the best of our knowledge and belief is Inie and correct. Oherl M. Undent. E. i. Ball. f.. L. Baxter. Directors State of Arkansas, County of Washington, ss: gvtorn to and subscribed before me Ihis 12th day of April. 1376 Tamsy Samlford. Notary Public My Commission Expires 10 6 70. Special 9.99 Wcslern style jacket of brushed polyesler/cotton denim. Sizes S,M,L,XL. Special 6.99 Men's weslern slyle jeans of brushed polyester/cotton denim. 24" flare. Western Shirts. Special 6.88 Men's western shirts of . polyesler/cotlon; contrasting yokes, S,M,L,Xl. Special 4.99 Men's short sleeve dress shirt of polyester double knit. Long point collar; pocket. Assorted colors. Sizes 1414-17. . 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