Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1963 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1963
Page 19
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Television Log MXT t UU CUraa't Kcer ~--· u TUESDAY, APRIL 2,193 + PAID ADVERTISEMENT J 4:00 PJNI . . -iM 1 2 Amos'rf Aady 2 Farm and News Report 6:00 AJM. 2 College of Ain-Economy" ·I Cent. CLissr'm: "Physici" 3 Use -aur|injj World 4 (Color) Contin. Classroom: "American Government" {civil rights in VS.) 7.-00 A3L 2 Capt. Kangaroo: Glass 4 Today. Hugh Downs with circus parade from N.Y. railroad yards to the Garden. 7:15 7 Daily Word; News; Farms 7:30 7 Chucko the CJown . 7:15 5 For Kids Only, 5k. Frank 5 Bozo's Circus," V. Col rig 7 American Bandstand. Guest Bobby Vinton 9 Here's Uncle Johnny 420 2 Life of Riley. Wm. Bendii 5 Jungle Drums of Africa 7 Discovery "63: "Statue of Liberty- U Rescue 8, Jim Dam 34 Reloj Musical (variety) 4:53 7 American Newsstand 5:00 PJVL 2 Movie: The Fleet's In." Dorothy Lamour C42) 5 Popeye. Tom Katten Top Viewing Today fcS»--WORLD OF DARRYL ZA.NVCK on channel 4. Hour-locg documentary on the Hollywood movie- maker. . : 9 PJVL--nSHLNG FLASHES en channel 13 in color. Long Beach's "Mac McCIintock returns for his | deals with women fishermen. RADIO r A ic--in un-ii» uu-iut uic-iui UW-711 Kn-4ll uu-- mi uii-mi U1T-ISM KTit-ISI *cn-- mi rut--I7i irrs-iu ru-im mi-mi twu-iin IWIW-IM Shangri-la to Cilmo JACKSONVILLE. FU. «V -- The c a r r i e r Shangri-U MAKE MONEY any time." sailed from its home base »t through Classified ads! S«U Mayport Monday for six no-knger-ustd items for cash.. weeks of refresher training in' : vessel the Caribbean. The operate out of the naval TUESDAY, APRIL 2,19S3 lfcS9 P3L--METROPOLITAN OPERA AUDITION WINNERS on channel 7. Mezzo-soprano Rise Stevens introduces the five winners of the 1962-63 auditions. TV Servlet Sptcialist GUAUITEEO ESTIMATES I JAT1SFACT101 taf.a. mt i-- ·"--- .- -* LM . IABC--NtwlArmit* World «WL Rios Powc!] r« . MT C 2535 i. lnBd»i| ultoa ttwts Jr. KNX--Krwt: Cwcning R«st KCR~-H«*v«n ft Hrt Hr 00 AJM. One «.FI--*r«; Hi «w *o«d Among movie-makers who tor HOME TV REPAIRS --· _ _ -- fc^qyv ' cTr«i«^.i"*«M"»'»|« 9 rerapt linrlct-- iiiuubli bin EJedwifc Scrrki Auocn ."* Hft 5-6266 IU1 (Mill jv. ; I last of 7 Around Town, D. Hickman coons." 9 Big Babysitter (cartoons) 8:00 A-M. 2 Panorama Pacific, R.Rcrwe with architect Richard Neutra, Indonesian dancer 30 7 Zoorama (San Diego) 11 Topper, Leo G. Carroli 13 Felix the Cat (cartoons) 9.-00 AJ\L 2 Calendar, Harry Reasoner Films of Sikkim wedding. 4 Say When, Art James 5 Romper Room 7 I Married Joan. J. Dans 11 Kit Carson. Bill Williams 13 Yoga for Health 9-iS 4 Edwin Newman, News 9:30 2 I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball 4 (Color) Play Your Hunch 7 Movie: "Over My Dead Body," Milton Eerie f 42) 11 The Jack LaLanne Show 13 Guidepost Soc. Studies 10:00 A3L 2 The McCoys, W. Brennan 4 (Color) The Price Is Righ 5 The Jack Barry Show 9 Movie: "Bandits of Corsica," Richard Greene II The Mary McAdoo Show 13 Public Service Film 10:15 13 Guidepost: Livinz in Wes IO-.30 2 Pete and Gladys 4 Conctntrat'n, Hugh Down: 13 Guidepost to Science (S) 11:00 A-M. 2 Love of Life 4 (Color) First Impression 5 Medic, Richard Boone 7 December Bride, Byingto 13 Guidepost to Spanish II 9 The Engineer Bill Show 11 Superman, George Reeves 13 The Lloyd Thaxton Show 34 Un Canto de Mexico 530 1 Casper the Friendly Ghost 4 Motivo 3e Alarma (fire) 4 Believe It or Not (5:40) 5:4i ·I (Color) Curt \lassey Show know him best. Darryl F.of . *,,»_.»,· Zanuck is described as .*the'nued TV and film thespians.:«t«^»:Syr the Hollywood ty-l Most recognized, but not CABC-BQ»' jto Myra. The 60-year-old -tycoon.") who was called in last to salvage the floundering she said -But he was a per-] financial fortunes of JOth^ect gentleman to me any- Century Fox, admits that the way." | brand implies ruthlessness. 7 PJL "Anybody that has had toj "Across the Sei-en Seas" carry a lot of responsibility (4) in COLOR takes a trip to --Boa Crarit Show Kr Mart Crcwiev l»X-»«w» KFOX--B.n Cotli* fto 3) I r*wt KGEIl--Lona Bc»c Band t». 17:55) X---Aa*i j action $;00 A-M. J**C--Vr? WUHami; N*» 'KWY^Ni *n Hour i ~ -- » · · * -- . . KKABJJS. «.» 3:00 PJVL IIWX--Me-j»:ODOh| at N KCt*-Rr* vtor C* 7 0 I.BIX--As* DirrXfrVOfl .-03 PJL KT(--News; Tempo KJLRC--MFWI; Rcbt. O*-l ,H,«1X--City Edror Reoort K.FOX--Frarh Simon RCEB--TMl-r-t Pr*.s« Mi t ABC--Joe rvne SSoo R « X -- Ask Jftjvor YorN KCEK-A. U. ti I IH Transmission Leakinj tonpleli Sul kk. FBrti BB Ubw, BI Kail tan A. L Tranjmissioa Eich. I S53I tkerr, £i I4STI PRE.SCHOOL-* NURSERY u Aon I nr S-Mon. Kr. Frt». ScMSutrt rro«r«m--Hoi loncTJ , Temple Baptist Chnrch) IMS E. IDtB SI. GE M i l l 2 Harry Reasoner, News 1130 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 Truth or Consequences 5 Mickey Hirgitay Show 7 Seven Keys, Jack Narz 9 Heritage: Dr. Chas. Mayo 11 Sheriff John. John Rovick 13 Play Bingo. Johnny Jacobs 2 The Guiding Light 11:53 4 Ray Scherer, News 7 Fashion Review. "Safari" 12:00 NOOX 2 Burns and Allen Show 4 (Color) Ben Jerrod 5 Night Court, Jay Jostyn 7 Tennessee Ernie Ford. Guests: The Four Amigos 9 Looney Tunes Cartoons 13 Midday Report; Life line 1113 13 Milestones of the Century 4 Floyd Kalber news (12:25 4 Hispano America 3 Bill Johns News (550) 6:00 PJNL 4 (Color) News and Sports 5 Whirlybirds.KenTobey 7 News Hour. Baxter Ward 9 Supercar. Mike Mercury 1 The Mickey Mouse Club 3 The Ann Sothern Show 34 Elena (dramatic serial) 6:13 4 (Color) Brown-Peterson 630 2 Big News. Jerry Dunphy 4 Huntley-Brinkley Report 5 Beat Odds. Dennis James 9 OurMiss Brooks. E-Arden 13 (Color) Touche Turtle 34 Noticicro 34 (News) 6:15 4 (Color) Jack Latham News 7 Ron Cochran w/the News II George Putnam Dateline 7:00 P3L 4 (Color) Across the 7 Seas. 1 Jack Douglas: "Acapulco." Tour of "sunshine ShangriLa." with Dolores Del Rio at sailboat regatta 5 The News, Bob Arthur 7 Ripcord, Larry Pennell 9 People Are Funny II Huckleberry Hound 13 (Color) Wonders of World "Hyenas in EthppiaTM 34 Niebla (dramatic serial) 7:15 2 Walter Cronkite, News 7JO 2 Marshal Dillon, James Arness. Range war looms 4 (Color) Laramie. Bob Fuller, Ron Harper. Im-' poverished homesteader faces strong temptations ·when he finds $300,000 worth of gold. as to be ruthless--they havejAcapulco, Mexico, with JaneWi-i»d;rr ?·» _. * L. A _ « ~ » » r~,t *+ r«i4 Cl-t-tf.^ -*««4 !«* f«_ +f+raff "-ER--JOfS* ftre« no o t h e r way out,' Zanuck. "You find a company not in a healthy condition and 'Roaring 20's" (S) helps a| io.-00 A-M. you try to b r i n g it in acting E u r o p e a n prince jf healthy condition, and you evade his entourage so he can'Ef._ m . Jlrwu have to automatically hurt a see how real Americans live. J^Jz^J^y*. tot of people to do it. | said Sitton. stand-ia for actress Arlene DahL 8 PJVL «-*ij.ik»«« Hour ( UNA--Tht Storv-4Jnt j a JFt-*e«i; Music ttiimer KGES-X vrmm ** 'iH^BA'.SUr McO« . KABC-- Wmccn Wot't - The Story Line U 331 4.-00 PJL tfl N«*i; Otv* Sft«w ItABC--«fnino»*v w«r I Boa ConS'dLnt « TO 9*0 PJL I F O X - K ; S/nilrv KCER--Ov«TxoinSnB tfft I'm happy." Shortly after Zanuck was named president of 20th Century Fox. he fired several « u KFl-JiUnlc Tm«. C. CK« KABC--Jim McCufl*. lurwi KABC--Alex Dr C ;cr; Tom M*rmon loorti 4 4Q» MX--Oiarm C01IIR9- K.OR-- Rw. tr* srici^rr I till KFl--T«mDO. Bob K«rf KABC--Jc* Pv^t Show KKX-Mega'opol.i « Mm I f » 1CFI--Soorti.' TcrrDO JKCER--Or. Orr, B bit 10:00 PJM- 9-30 PJSL ·The Jack Benny Program" (2) has the host - "-'««*"*'·· ··deopatra." * · · * THIS ASPECT, as well as other facets of the tycoon, are covered in "The World of Darryl Zanuck" at 830 p.zn. en dummy. ' . 10:30 P.M. | tDragnet" (5) interviews; KCCB^h?i*Ti*«"ClIurts«rB i* 01 KABC--Nr»l U 5 C I V F I 5K)0 PJL J J J X R zzuto. tats (VIO X--SoutJfcin' Oc«con . --Jc« Pyrw She Hamilton Combt *'f*'il »t Hit* tt.9 forces In MWoet KCK-Circrct KelcS I IKK) PJNL KFI--Nrwi; Soortx Final Soviet spies in Canada. on retire- TM? ment are worth repeating.! Says Zanucfc "I though of retiring a lot when I was 40 or 45. but I lave no idea of retiring now. 1 "It used to look to me to C I G f i R E T T E S ALL TOP SUIIDS ' niTM TIP. · t t.rl.. DOOIEY'S M4RDWXAE M4HT MIS IOIB IU;H tun.- · IDKTH IfiU'lEACH MAC IS BACK- "FISHING FLASHES" tt Color . TUESDAYS. « P.M. -^., KCOP 113) f- · ACTIOK FILMS * t * · flSHINS KtWi 11:1 Dana Andrews, Gene Tier- Havoc star in movie ·a.a KFf--Bnttun: sxaaf-t v«. Mev JlAtxlca Cniv. FM HIGHLIGHTS 'How the West was Won" be a great dream to be ablejat 9 im. on KOLA .. . John not to worry and not to care.Keating Orchestra in multi- and not to h a v e that re-'plex at 11 ajn. on KGGK ... sponsibility. ..·' Philharmonia Orchestra at "Now, and I suppose it's^noon on KFAC ... Gershwin more or less normal, having music in multiplex at 2 p.m. the responsibility is a chal-'on KMLA . . . Leroy Ander- lenge that gives a kind of a'son at 4 pjn. on KBBI zest to life." Idebanoff Strings at 6 p.m * · · · on KGLA . . . Paris Con- LOXG B E A C H ' S Myra'servatory Orchestra in stereo Crotwell plays the role ofjat 7 pm. on KFAC ... Terry KASC--Cctn Lire !K»X--Tn« Stor»« KFOX--Oiff:« Store KCER--Or. Orr. B.b! I IS KNX--Hugfl AAcCn; Krwl 1I:U t(W P M XFf-TKlng tuiel IH« ^Jj--^, »"» MIDNIGHT KABC--C(h»rd P. Worojn KFI-- Ron McC» !9 S) KHJ--Ktwt; Brvct H«vts KMJ-- TTi* K«wt-*t)rel |KNX--Nnn: Bkn:ncn !*.NX- * ~ ~ ~ 5 By Numbers, Jack Barry (policewoman W r i g 1 e y on ! Snyder in multiplex st 9 p.m. 7 Combat! Vic Morrow, Antoinette Bower. Saunders tries to persuade mentally-shattered French girl and her servant to flee their home 9 Maverick, Jack Kelly. -Black hand" society terrorizes town 11 Thriller. Boris Karloff: *Big Blackout," Jack Carson, Jeanne Cooper. A-A. member, with blackouts in his past, is hit by fear 13 (Color) Wanderlust. Bill Burrui "Viking Nations" 34 Premier Orfeon (musical) 8:00 PJII. 2 The Lloyd Bridges Show: The Last Lion." Barbara The Dick Powell Theater" on KMLA . . . Helmut Zacha- at 9--30 p.m. today, channel4.'rias in multiplex at II p.m. She says'a few lines to ac- on KGGK. 34 Penumbra (drama serial) 930 2 The Jack Benny Program. When Benny refuses to take a salary cut, his sponsors replace him with 2 As the World Turns 4 The Doctors, Jock Gaynor 5 News; Movie (12:35) -Daniel Boone," George O'Brien (Ml) 7 Father Knows Best. Young 9 Movie: "Music in Manhattan," Dennis Day f 41) U Your Name's the Game 13 Racket Squad. R. Haffley !:OOP_M. 2 Password. Allen Ludden 4 Loretta Young Theatre 7 Genl Hospital, Beradino II Movie: -Big City." Mar- paret O'Brien f4S) 13 Felix the Cat (cartoons) 1:39 2 Art Linkletter House Party F-dith Head shows costumes from The Birds" 4 (Color) You Don't Say! 7 Girl Talk. Virginia Graham 13 Movie: "Change of Heart," Susan Hayward 2:00 P-M. 2 To TeH the Truth. Collyer 4 Match Game. G. Rayburn 7 Day in Court: Juvenile 9 Movie: "A Wraaan'i Secret," Maureen O*Hara (·49). Gogi Grant is ana lyrcd prior to film. 2 Douglas Edwards Newi 2O3 4 Sander Vanocur, News 5 Telecopier News 7 Alex Dreier Report 230 2 The Millionaire. M. Miller 4 Make Room for Daddy 5 Trouble with Father 7 Jane Wyman Presents 3:00 P-M- 2 The Seart Storm 4 Bachelor Father, Forsythe 5 Walker Erfmiston Show 7 Queen for Day, Jack Bailey 11 Movie: "I larder in the neet,TM Robt. Taylor f35) 13 Felix the Cat (cartoons) 330 2 The Edge of Night 4 Movie: "Hen Raideri of the Deep." FJeanor Ross' Drxzo (ItaL-'54). Frogmen *:4S 9 Feature Page, John WTffi Shelley. Peace Cprpsman in Africa hunts lion which killed his predecessor 5 Roaring 20's. Donald May J GUIDUE FEDERAL S1Y11GS mJEHTS "fROSE"--OR. EUR« II Louden. Skits involve an understudy, gangsters, and the "wonderful year" (??) 1929. George Putnam. News 10:00 P-M. 2 The Garry Moore Show, with singer Jane Powell, comedian Jack £_ Leonard. British comedian Roy Cas-; tie, comedienne Dorothy i a blue-eyed dummy. 4 The Dick Powell Theater "Epilogue," Lee Marvin, Ricardo Mpntalban. Claude Akins, Patricia Breslin. Robert Crawford. Psychotic ex-Marine can't forget he was trained to kill, and clans to add the family of his wartime captain to his six victims 7 Trie Untouchables, Robert Stack, Don Gordon, Harold Stone. Rival hoodlums double-cross each other 11 The Best of Groucho Communist history of Red » Thi^ 3 * Da* son. Andes China. 4 Pecado Mortal (serial) S30 2 The Red Sfcelton Hour. Guest Ginger Rogers illustrates 11 popular dances from the minuet to "The Cling." and then plays mother to "mean widdle" Junior. 4 The World of Darryl F. Zanuck. Alexander Scourby narrates last cf season's four "World of--" productions, a portrait of Zanuck. who has been called "the last of the Hollywood tycoons." and the changinL face of the movie industry as seen through his eyes. Films show hin skiing in the French Alps, at offices in N.Y. and Hollywood, at, a conference in Paris and, producing "Cleopatra" in Spain. Also films from his' personal vault, unopened since 1945. 7 Hawaiian Eye, Grant-Williams. Gerald Mohr, Beverly Washburn, Gregg unwittingly trails a man to Tokyo for a client who means to slay the raarry 9 Movie: "Arizona Mission," James Amess f56) 11 Aquanarrts, Ron Ely, Peter Falk. Mike is suspect in homicide attempt 13 (Color) Vagabond. Bill ' Burred: "Colorful Colo." 34 Lhrvu de Estrellas 9:00 P.M. 5 Roller Skating Championship (Olympic). Dkk Lace ii TISHIIG rums* C(ir til Afiiilins fisHtf lews, Cuttiis (Mason premiere). Mac McCHntock shows films of women aboard the new 85-fu tportfisher off San Cemente Island. · 13 Bill Johns. News 34 WORLD CHlMPIOSSHir SOCCER MATCHES!! VS. vs. Guadalajara 10:15 13 HaroM Fishman comment ICK20 9 John Willis. News 10-.23 13 Alan Sloane. Weather 1030 4 Chet Huntley Reporting on how Boston residents^ have been affected by the murder of ten women between June 14 and March II. 5 Dragnet. Jack Webb 7 Metropolitan Opera Audition winners. Rise Stevens is hostess as 23-year-old IKFOX--N IKFOX--tnjgn Cbcrnr (ID « Adler conducting the ABCJ 5 Dateline Europe (1250) Puerto-Rican bass Justino Diaz and the four runners-up make their network debut, with Kurt Symphony. Diaz received a full season's Met contract, plus a $2000 scholarship. 9 Trails West, Ray Milland 11 The Paul Coates Show 13 It's Country Music Time 11KWPJVI. 2 News. Dunphy and Hart 4 (Color) Jack Latham news 5 The News. Bob Arthur 7 ABC News; Baxter Ward 9 News. Willis Brundige I1 The Tom Duggan Show 13 Movie: -Sun Shines Bright," Chas. Winning er 11:15 4 LA. Election Returns. Jack Latham, Bill Brown 5 Cliff Norton, Weather, Steve Allen Show with Johnny Mercer, Pete Fountain. Jennie Smith 9 Movie: -Iron Curtain," Dana Andrews f 4S) 7 Weather News (11:25) 1130 2 Movie: "Safari." Douglas Fairbanks Jr. f40) 4 (Color) Tonight. Johnny Carson with Ronnie Gra ham. Jimmy Breslin. Four Freshmen. Margot Moser 7 Around Town. D. Hickman 34 Noticiero 34 (News) 1230 7 Movie: "Submarine Alert." Richard Arlea f43) I11 Movie: The Get-Away " Robert Sterling f4l) 12:45 9 Movie: "Bandits of Corsica." Richard Greene f 53) 1:00 AJM. 4 News Round-Up 1:15 2 Movie: "Comm* round the Mountain," Bob Bums 230 11 All Night Movies: T Sweethearts," Topper" and "A Letter for Erie" n" evi cut AN3 PASTE o** i*c» Cf rouR rv SET ·- '·" -'" I L : Expert TELEVISION and RADIO Repair 9 QQ7 ."Vt^VV"", 1 ,,", 1 ! 5095 Cg*fl f crii rm »!ti It. ti f \J\I I timt I [» liillti Itnxt ^ IOSTH LOIS IUCH, UKEWOOO »l tUKOIT SHOSt 19*3 IT for Bl lent Iccafioi Ifil RCA VICTOR · ZENITH · NEW COLOR Oft* f l t l O A T EVTN1NCS UKTP . . . 202 East Fourth'Street EgJ3Vi«M WE REPAIR H^S TAPE RECORDERS ' *3U1 AN3 rASTI ON SACK O* TQU» HT f El MBWi*wm^M RETIREMENT LIVING C O U P A R E o u r r e t i r e m e n t homes, positioned around recreation park with its many !*· cilities. From J11250, include* ».«. carpet, buitt-ins, 3 )rr. ins.' policy. Na loan or escrow fee. TCC«;M: t!t t ttix Ai-e. KW11: Stitt I Johnson Si. Sun fartj by ««ll IROS, WC. "I DO NOT KSflR ,: TOO WELLl" '; Is this a problesi with yon -- or someone in TOUT famirr. perhaps w« can help. Expert testing end consnliatun c! TOUT needs. In your bore*'or cur cEces. . E= F. F. Mclnnci IflGOUSTICONof BELLFLOWER/,! LEARN PIANO TUNING ·n (Koranic M«n»4 »nd -B«it«---«· MuvcX »DXJ» DraorH *· Am Bjrr«r--4tanw STUtfv-trudmt C*in«1--trn IMornutiofl CiI Tick Tni Ictooti i«SI Aortic, lint tuck U Z 5U THE tATEST S E N S A T I O M * SPECIAL PURCHASE * CONTINUOUS FILAMENT NYLON CARPET I. l i l t C t O H S p»Tt IKOJ* 19 Ifft* fflffrly L Qto'tt eo'cn, CeTTpftftTy tn- INSTAUATION HERRON'S EST. 17IS 4114 ORliSE *¥£. » M i l l 14jr UIMS -- NIW LOW iKitttrr ttit FREE Hexalum PATIO COVERS xV«j reals -- yo« cost »f tti BRICK WALL II lucfcti HT«k . . . cr Rt^uTar Ir'ck "\ Our 3700 LONG ELICH NO WONtT DOWN -1 TIil$ TO fAT Mr rttC rUHiiOTi PHONE GE 3-0946 MY TIKI AITT BAT BY MAUSICE CHEVROLET fv« been i imoker fa Vvtt yeari no*. Smoked jo rnxri I made nry driver past cut once. Then I rrtt a cute l.t- tl« i Cfl;r.der jca »to told rr« abcut Lemi Belch En- fine Pebrildcn at 2125 Isnf BeicS Bhrtf. 7/t!!. f had their i.ri tni ntvt jot for only O.S5 *n4 tve never felt better. G«t such good mikaie nc* rry owner decided ts keep me. CiI CA 4-MS7. You ton t even money ... Use you . too) A ua(e vir Uons vtea iws Trail Bosses fijtt to t: first in the cattle drhre to Doiie! *\ TOH1GHT 7:30 PM

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