Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 30, 1950 · Page 15
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 15

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 15
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'',' -*'" 5 ' ' ' " ' , ' ' , " ' Special Holiday In Mexico ^A .' - · - ,,-·/ By RTJIH Frew Co-respondent CITY--Wednesday, on the Catholic calendar, is'the? day ·which Is dedicated .to all' saints · known and unknown.- It,. Is -lol lowed by AH Souls' ··.Day, sa^tlme for 1 remembrance of those wJio have died and rejolclngV.wlth\thern?^'^ Halloween in Mexico Is'-»'very - special' kind of holiday. ~N$ In hstited gloonrof druld and Puritan casts a shadow over the Day of the Dead in Mexico, where to. die is as 1 natural and pleasant as to live. In this country, where famine am poverty and the belief in Immortality are woven Into the fabric oi history, Death Is a welcome guest Each Nov.'2 marks- a new climax In his age-old reigfi and to pay him tribute, the day Is set aside as a national holiday and celebrated with feast and song. Halloween }s not a onfrday affair in ,Mexlco.' For more" than a week, preparations go on all over the country for the reunion with the departed members of the family and with friends who will return. During the last week in October, bakers are laboring over the special panes de" muertos^ (bread of the dead), which Is cooked in the form of animals or humans or simply In round balls decorated with cross bones. The windows of gweet shops and bakeries are full of- pink, greeif, white and blue tin- Celled candy skulls with names- Felipe, Maria, Jesus, Carlos, Lutsa --Decorating the brows. , : Cavalier Dress 'In the markets on street comers and in the "country aie pastel-colored skeletons concocted for the day, some of them in rakish plumed hats and cavalier dress. Stalls and shops offer, spectacular --if macabre--toys for, the children; miniature funeral proces- ·ibns, 'tiny ^corpses which leap in and. out of their coffins at the jerk of a string.; Lettered - wags bend over desks 'to compose biting '. satires about public figures which are distributed on the- streets. 1 And, at least once every family in the city settles down to a night at the theater to hear the stanzas of "Don Juan Tenorlp," the famous ill-fated lover, repeated from' the -stage.';· ·: 'In small silent .^Mexican villages. processions of men, 'women 'and children walk through the streets carrying lighted jack^oyanterns es ' lignal lights for the dead. 'Many of the homes set up elaborate altars, decorated with paper festoons, statues, .candles and the finest woven coverings. On;these altars are spread out the favorite dishes and toys-of the dead young- aters on Nov. M;. on'.Nov. 2-more ·ubstantial delicacies, are arranged for.the.adults.. . . . . . -, : : , '(Nov*1, the .day which is technically act aside as .All Saints' Day, Ir-also-^the day for welcoming the dead children or the angelitos as they are .called. However, the ·dult dead may be sure of a wel coine on that ..day,, or during the nig£t of Oct. 31 as well as Novz.2, yrhlch. is their-own day. 1 )·---"\~- ~-~ '?J trse'Plrecraclcera 'On the eve of Nov. L.famiUes anxious lest the angelitoslose their way home, set off firecrackers. In Bbme, cities they strew flower petals in a path from, the grave in Diego Rivera produced this famed painting, "Day of the Dead at Janitzio." the cemetery to the door. During :hat. evening, too, .men and- boys go roin house to house to sing songs of prajse for the' dead. The neighbors of those who are the honored Pro - Nationalist reports from the ipirlts 'greet the singers' with iulque and, food/part of the feast vhich has' been prepared.-for the In Indo-China. dead. Candles' are'.lighted in the doorway-- and on altars: one ; .for said'the troops were from Red Gen. ach spirit;which' will' return. .-_ ·All through the November day 'pu can?.see them--tireless.'proces- ions of men and children," women wearing their face-shadowing .'re- bozos., winding'their way through he streets to'the cemeteries where their dead lie under' the/hot Mexican -sun. In their''arms are tHe irilliant yellow -and, orange 'calendulas which .will brighten the graves.. In .their ."hands T are the laboriously.' prepared "picnics"-the ; -\vrapped i-dellc'ac'ies, : the- T; tor tillas, : '-.the "clay:-Jugs .of .pulque which'; will; -be-shared ;wlth- the dead.- Toys, are taken, too (for the a~ngeiltos)--and-by the end" of the day, v the' ; long rows, oi ; crosses-^ and the mirrored- tombs' are a. riot of color; Report £0,000 Troop* Move To Aid Vietminh TAIPEI, FormosaT Oct. 30. (S 3 )-- ially in Saxony. Religious Side On'JRrank Night religious significance pointe,d';QU£by a.Proti h the Halloween sea- man,ris/that,the great There is a connected -with son observed in many churches throughout Christendom. Tomorrow night actually Is All Hallows' Eve, meaning holy evening, the vigil ,of the feast of All Saints' day. All-Saints'-day follows on Nov. 1 and All Souls' day on Nov. 2. A1J Saints'-, day is - observed in Roman Catholic, Church of England, Episcopalian, High Lutheran and Eastern' Orthodoxf-churches. It is set aside as a day for honoring saints and Christian martyrs and is a holy, day of obligation in the Catholic church. All.Saints' day.,was. observed to the early church after the cessation of the persecution of Christian martyrs. It was retained in the Church of England and in many Lutheran churches following the Reformation and has largely fallen into disuse in Lutheran churches. The institution of the feast of All Souls was due to Odilo, abbott of Cluny, who ordered it in the Cluniac monasteries -(about 1.000 A,D.) following a vision of souls in purgatory seeking heavenly rest. The practica of interceding for the dead is of great antiquity. Impetus to this practicing-,of graying for the departed was. given byOdilo and - became .practically universal by the end of the 13th century; ~ All Souls' day was abolished by the Church of England but has been revived by the "Anglo-Catholic" church in both, that denomination and the Episcopal church In. Ms country. Some "high" churches in the. Anglican 'communion-'"now devote the month of November to prayers', for the dead. Among .continental. Protestants, the tradition of All 'Souls" day has 'tenaciously maintained,, espec- L. Protestant clergy_ ...,., great saints of the churcfiT'are~honored onxNov. 1 and the souls.'of'the departed relatives", friends-.and 'others, are .prayjed for and jemfimbered on All Souls' v day. Churches .observing All- Souls' /'do-^so with conviction that the departed.-souls which at death'' are not ^^sufficiently purified-to' enter direc.tly. Into heaven''may'be helped'by thV prayers'of the 1 ' faithful tin'earth." ·"-. · * . · , Chinese ·^mainland" -said today the Reds were sending 30,000. regular troops to'aid theofletminh rebels The Saints' difference between ; . All and All Souls' . day; as The reports -- n_ot.' confirmed -- Liu Po-cheng's;army. The troops will move Into Indo- Chlna. through Langson, the re-j ports said. , . ORDER NOW WINTER LAWNS Tucson Fertilizer Co. DIAL 5-1274 , Grass Seeds-- Lnim Mulch Phoenician Doctof On, \ *"* '*'**} Surgeon CollegelBoard BOSTON, Oft -30. (ffjU-Dr. Alton Ochsner.pf Titian? uniyersity will serve as president of the American College of Surgeons for 1951-1952. He was elected yesterdsy and will take office at 1 , the next-clinical congress to be held In San Francisco. Other officers chosen include Dr. J. W. Baker of Seattle, Wash., second vice : president. Those named to the board of governors for three-year terms include: Dr. Allen M. Boyden, Portland, Ore,; Dr. George V. Brlndley, Temple, Tex.; Dr. Arthur C. Jongs, Boise, Idaho; Dr. Ahce F, Maxwell, San Francisco, Calif.; Dr. E. Payne Palmer Sr.,' Phoenix, Ariz.; and Dr. .Robert 'A. Scarborough,:. San. Francisco, Calif. 'Elected for' two-year, terms to succeed governors who have died were- Dr. Earle L. Crevellng, Reno,- Nev.', and Dr. Helmuth Jack Etilers, Houston, "Tex. CLEANING SERVICE 20% Cash and Carry Discount 135 East Ninth St. Dial HM2 -- WB DELIVER -- · ' . To , J. G. "George" Kime REAL ESTATE AND APPRAISALS' SO Tears in Real Estate I Business. In Tucson ! 1097 E Lowell Ph. 4-0?64 Cleveland Art Museum Purchases Rembrandt Sends Car To;PeronV JFi/e, Eva LONDON, bet; 30. ;(fl=5--The Rolls Eriyce Co.: said''today' one of 'its 6Uyerr-.Daw.n'. .five-passenger salon car»"has Been dispatched-to South- hanipten consigned to Argentine President- Juan D. Peron's wife, Eya".' Srhe car, which is a production model with steel body built, by the company,- has a listed price of ;£'2,750 ($7,700). ' . Eainted'in a "jewel.blue" coldr, the car has no special modifications the; spokesman said. Earlier reports said the car was ·pecially built at a cost of "£11,000 (S3Q.SOO). , ·- . ^ TUCSON-NOGALES Cleveland Oct. Museum of. BUS SERVICE SOUTHBOUND ·4:' M5 A.M. ' I:*J A.M. "* 10:1S A.M. 1HSO A.M. MM P.M. NORTHBOUND Lt«v« Tucnn t:« P.M. . 4:00 P.M. 8:00 P.M. '-. 8:30 P.M.' 12:30 A.M. Ltivi Nogaln , :«'A,M. - '- 4:00 P.M. 1:15 A.M. ' 8:00 P.M. ' 10:41 A.M. . t:30 P.M. · · 1ZI30 P.M. 1:30 P.M. «;1» P.M. _ 10:30 P.M. C.«nn*etton at NoatU* for Htrmoilllo ·nd GuftytMBs · 'CITIZENAmo r M/YES Onjhoand Terminal Ph. S-05311 _ -- The Art ha's t of a Student," c-ne Sot Ji^jJinest. pictures ln : the collection ^of the late aft patron and financier, OttojH. Kahn. The Knoedler galleries, where the picture was put on display test April, ' announced the-^ale yesterday. The price" closely approached the $125,000 evaluation placed on the famous work of art, It \vas reported.^ The Rembrandt WM acquired bv Kahn In 1910. It -is, believed', to have been painted in the 1650s ajd is - ; considered .. an outstanding ex ample of the artists most mature work. ',- · Proceeds bJ the sale will go to the Metropolitan Opera association. The picture -was given to the Metro-; politan last spring by Kahn's Children in memory 'of their father and mother. GENUINE MURPHY IN-A-DOR BEDS 'FOR REMODELING OB A SPARE ROOM Simple and Compact- Concealed Bed Installations (Recess, Pivot or Roller)' Also A -truly fine fabric In .the world's most comfortable suit! - . IMPORTED GARNETT FLANNEL In our own design ... Arizona Lounge For real clothes-enjoyment, get to' know the Arizona Loungs ... ..Toby's own .styling for an Arizdna way of · life New styling mates it more comfortable, more flattering . , .-only at Toby's. Try this new type of suit in · this classic fabric ... in Pewter Gray, Oatmeal Brown a r d Air'Blue. . . . · Specially Priced at $80 Accessories Furnishings of Distinction:- · IB,Santa Hotel End W'ar With Germany OTTAWA, Oct. 30. W--Canada will end its state of war with Germany "as soon as it is in-a posi- tiort to do so." (This announcement by the external affairs department yesterday followed a recommendation by the United- States,,- Britain' and·-· France that non-Communist members the'United.^Nations'end?their state of war with Germany early in 1951. Canada said ts decision prompted by the "desirability of bringing the federal republic of Germany into closer association with the community of free nations," ' It added that ending the state of war will be "quite distinct" from any final settlement and will not affect Germany's obligations debts and claims. Note I* the time plant your - Winter Rye Lawn. NEW CROP RYE GRASS SEED and Hy Test MANURE Pulverized Prompt Delivery Phone 2-8854 PEOPLES F U E L F E E D CO 883 St. Mary's Bead flatten Bafljj fflflfrrn * N U T R I L I T E Thailand Mission Food Supplement HAM KEDD1B, A«Mt Od ' Dlttribctor Meets With Chiang 10S1 K. 6th. Tncaon Dial MOM Broadcast Monday- Ihronjh Friday 9:40 a.m. DUI 1450-- KOPO: TAIPEI, Formosa, Oct. 30. President Chiang Kai-shek has, re ceived a j W-man-.-Chlnese- mssion pledge support of plans to recover the Chinese mainland. Creamy Halloween Make It a Double Scotch! New suits and mated topperi of imported .Scotch iwe«d» . . y each « masterpiece: of color, 'texture and asinred elastic lines . . . Impeccably tailored tbeie 'featherwelglit tweedi'-lit'" ·izc* 8 lo 40. MURPHY- (ABRANETTE KITCHENS Exclaslve DIstribnfor* CARLO. MENG 1640 E. Van, Bnren Street Phoenix, Arizona Ph. CAVA NOTED THROAT SflCIAUSTS- REPORT ON 30-DAY TEST OF CAMEL SMOKERS. Not one single case of throat irritation - w - - ·"·-.. : = - - - : ' - ··/ , ' · . , -· ··.;. , :, ; ..'" due to smoking CAMELS ' Yesi these'were tte findings of noted thrott ipecUliiti »ftcr a.total of 2,470 weekly . . ex»min«tioos of the throats of hundredt ot men and women who smoked Camel?--· and only Cameli--for 30 consecutive dayi. K. J. BtncJii ljtica.Co..,WInit«i4iltffl,.K. e. . v "My throat sure gets a workout, so it's easy to see why I smoke the mild cigarette...CAMEL! 97 MAN OF A "THOUSAND VOICH" --mister mimic...bril- ,!aft r atuor t o :"roie*~ Peter Hayes even adds pppu- ' £i hii vocal 'reptrtoirt, ,,·· | JUdio, night dubs «nd raovi»k«p this ibow- itom-coMtto couc. SAN XAVBEE IS PROUD TO THE F. B. PACHECO · C O N S T R U C T I O N C O M P A N Y i ·r HELPING TO BUILD. I T H E fTUCSON OF T O M O R R O W I T O D A Y # S«01 V. 22 DIAL 3-7566 ROCK ««) 5ANDCO, 'Ml TY DAILY schedule of shows and.-', . rehearsals -puts a lot of ftrain on my voice -- so mildness is ..very important to me. My cigarette is CameL The 30-Day Mildness Test proved Camels agree with my throat! "The 30-pay Camel Test is the sensible testi I might add^No tricks. I didn't have ·tar of stag* and f ·Uvlsim .to decide on one puff or one sniff--a quick inhale.or exhale. T took my time and enjoyed Camel's fine {flavor day after day,. ^ , for 30 days. Acd; fielieve -me, 1 found" out' for sure just ho''^inild'afld--gobd tasting a cigarette can her ItY'no wonderrto me that more people smoke Cameli than any ftber cigarette." MORiPEOWE CAMEIS than any other OK

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