Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 16, 1976 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 16, 1976
Page 5
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Prices High; But Ham Is Easy To Prepare Oven Food "·'· · GOOD BUYS ', POULTRY. - Fryers, whole turkeys and parts, eggs, ·U'OIIK:-- Uarns and picnics, ·ausage,' fresh shoulder roasts. vflKEF:-/Ground beef, cliuuk roasts and steaks, round steak Ilvcr, ".,; , OTIUiRS- - Milk, cheese, lunch . mwitsj franks, luna, frozen l i s m . shortening. .VEGETABLES - -Potatoes, c a b b a g e . IcUuce. carrots, onions, turnips, celery, dry beans -and',peas, rice; canned and frozen .vegetables. - FRUITS -- Bananas, oranges, graperrmls.. lungermos. apples, pineapples/,, canned peaches, applesauce; frozen and canner juices. · By; MESCAL JOHNSTON ; Ham and eggs, always welcomed together- on Arkansas ables, usually make separate Easier appearances. Since last /car, liam lias advanced from ts usual economy position to a cost per serving equal Lo that )I most other oven rousts. Ham s still an casy-to-prepare oven roast, and its economy varies with type selected. ROASTS COSTS Ham costs vary from 27 about GO cents per serving, depending on size and type purchased. Most economical, for those,who can use or store 10 to 20 pounds of ham, is the whole or shank liulf. ot a fully- cooked , bone-in ham. These choices require an initial investment of 12 to 22 dollars, but yield about four servings to the pound at a cost as low as 25 cents for each 3 ounce serving. cooked boneless ham, or four servings from canned ham or cured boneless h a m , These choices, at current prices, cosl 45 lo 55 cents per servings. At or below, the cosl ot whole or half hams' are whole fryers, beef pot roasts, turkeys, and fresh or cured iiork picnics. Cost per serving of...bone-in beef ^oL roasts and large turkeys are Ham center roasts provide four 'about the same as those for to five servings to the pound whole bone-in hams. Boneless Cured bone-in whole or half I iams are about the s'jme price icr pound as iully-cooked ones, )ut yield only about three servings to the pound, at a cost of 35 to 40 cents per scr- iirg. For families who want to buy a 2- to 5-pound roast, ham por- .ions, center cuts and small canned h'ams are possibilities. and portions (or h a in ends) provide two to three servings. Their prices differ as much as their yields, making the cost per serving ot center cuts and portions 45 to 55 cents, Boneless,'wrapped hams may be purchased In parts, and beef pot roast costs comparo favorably w i t h those of ham portions. Prices and yields for pork loin and beet rib roasts vary wiUi the section of the wholesale cut from which- they are lakcn. They yield two to three servings to the pounds canned ham sizes vary from at a cost of 70 or more cents 3 to 12 pounds- Plan on five (per serving. 'servings to Hie pound of fully-;I An oven ttMt holds* constant empcralurc (300 to 325 degrees ·\) and an open pan arc the jnly required pieces of equip- iienl for roasting lender meats, hough a rack for the roasting pan is desirable. The- i-on^t ;iiam, fresh pork, or beef r i b ) ' should be placed tot side up n an open roasting pan and seasoned with sail and pepper, [ desired, A meat thermometer inserted .n Hie center of the thickest part of the muscle lakes tne guesswork out of roasting, and many meat thermometers arc marked with recommended ntcrnal temperatures to which different meals should be roasted. In case your meal thermometer is not a recently purchased one, latest US DA recommendations for internal temperatures to which cuts table In a recent cookbook for cooking limus. At 325 degrees , ^ ~ - i -i --1;__. _:u 1 and If vnu do not have a meal makers" prefer to hake cured cook ci'gs wHhoul boiling, cover Ihcnnome er consult a S tams « « cu « rcd I'TM- OVCT lte "* wilh cold watcf a " d Ihcnnomelcr, consult, .a ume f ^ fd| nk mc '^ 0( , does bring to a boil in a heavy. lot 'produce Ihe roasted texture covered |ion. Remove HID 'pan V,iyrj(\"u6 mi.vj. .n ~--j ..* n .~-,.. . .. ^ i u _ i - · . . . . F. a 6-nouml standing rib roast ana Ir . ,, . - , . _ , . . . - roasting requires 2 lo 3 hours cooking ---. lime, depending on whether jsmokei. y o u prefer y o u r roasl 'arc.'degree. {favor thai open-pun from heal and let eggs sel in does, but retains the i hot water for 20 to 25 minutes, flavor to a g r e a l c r ' C o o l . cooked eggs quickly by ; placing them in cold water. rmidlumT'or well done. A 4- toi Size is less important fo 6-pound frcsli pork shoulder Easter eggs tlian it is for olhc. roust needs 3 to 4 hours uses, but aUcnlion lo ciualtly . f o r j To dye the egg shell and not her the while, shirt the cffgs that do not have cracks in their i Man; 81, Evicted ! ·From Home For Parking Loi ··· MIAMrV'pla. (AP) -- Alvin ·Arens, 81, built, a simple frarn/* : house for his mother 51 years '', ago ami now faces eviction to . make w a y - f o r an access road : and parking lot for a new ; school. . i ;- "This is a matter of life and t death to me/ 1 Arens, small and -white-hatred, told Circuit Judge rSa-m Silver,.Thursday. "If lh,ey lake my. home away from me I canVlive, 'I-have to die." ; Arens'- property - w a s con- jdemned along with 25 other 'parcels of land two,years ago by i Dade '.County . for construe i t i o n of a new school to replace 1 overcrowded -' Edison Senioi High.a few blocks away. 1 Everyone''else on the blocl · vacated · their lands, but the · county allowed Areiis to remain ; in his liou^c until last. · · Assl. County Attorney Mur i ray Grcennerg said that Arens ' l a n d is needed now and Ih · h o u s e ' m u s t be lorn 'down. Fur : tlier delays'could increase con ·struction : cosls "and push back : the-February 1978 target date ;he sisid. -''· , · . - · · The county has offered Aron ,§11,400 for his property, but th .retired : carp enter wouldn't ac i ccpt it, arguing that taking th ' money conflicted with his rel · gious; belief. ' - "It's not valued in money ' It's · valued in the love of God, »he told'the-judge. ; -. Arens has turned down an o . fer. to"be'relocated in a publi housing-unit a few blocks awa -: w h e r e ' h i s - r e n t would be ver : low. · " , · · Judge-'Silver asked Arens ; he-would; agree to having-,lv ; home-picked-up and moved I -another , place in (he satn \ neighborhood. '· "That' house is my blood ..'Arens replied, breaking- in · tears. "It's the result o f f m ^shedding my-blood. It can't b · moved." -· - "But -what about the otn - l a n d ? " the judge asked. "Isn · 'it God'S'land loo?" ",Yes il'Is;" Arcns responde ,'*bul this land has ttfen. r : deemed ;by- my blood. 1 can leave it."- '. · ·BforthaifBt Arkansas Sinirs or Youth Writes Letter To Abby As School Assignment . By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: Our English teacher said we had to rile to omeone in another city as a homework asighnment, so I am ling to you. Dear Abby, You are solving my problem .without even noing it bccm I loze you to rite lo. I think your colum is pritty good. I don't always agree with our,'ansers but then nobody is pcrfek. I shur got to give you Hot of credit. It takes a lot of guts to tell people what to do ECU?, you no what happins to people who slik there nose in ther people's biznis. . · Very truly yours, ; : "F IN ENGLISH" DEAR ABBY: I have heard (hat men who are bald at an arly ace have a very low sex drive. Is lhat true? , GOING WITH ONE DEAR GOING: Not necessarily. Just because (here's chrome n Ihe dome doesn't mean (here's tin porver under the hood. DEAR ABBY: I am writing from my hospital bed where I lave been confined, for.three weeks. I'll be here for at least anther three weeks for treatment", but [bat's not. my problem. My problem is a relative who comes to visit me nearly every day. I never saw that much of her when I was well, and lie aggravates rhe. She always brings me bad news and the worst kind of gossip., If I have other visitors while she's here, *he doesn't let anybody else lalk, She is a very Imfd and over- rearing person. And she's an authority on everything, Sh'e asks questions that are none of her business, such as: 'How much does it eost lo stay here and how much is covered by insurance? 11 Then she ends up by telling me lhat most, peo lie go home sicker lhan they were when they came to t h e lospital because there Is so much disease around there. Also, she said, ''You aren't really sick at all; it's all in your lead." Abby, how can I keep that woman out of here? 1 don't w a n t :n put a "Do not disturb" sign on my door because I like company -- hut not her!: What can I do? - ' ' ; TRAPPED IN THE HOSP1TA1 DEAR TRAI J PEl): Enlist the help of your mivses anrt/o your doctor. Ask thenrto please tell (he woman lliaf her visit arc upsetting and she Is not to conic again. Hate to write loiters? Send $1 to Abigail Van BUTCH, 132 Lns fcy Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif. 90212, Tor Ahhy's.booklet "How \ Write Letters lor All Occasions." Please enclose a long, sell addressed, stamped (26c) envelope. (C) by Chicago Trlhnne-N.Y. News Synd. Inc. MEN Friday, April 16, 1976 · 5 !"!:'!! JLIUI. ..... HDIIIDDIIIII Benefit Dance-In Scheduled By 4 BSP Chapters Cancer and music would Xt chapter of BSP under tb iccm lo he an odd combination, general chairmanship of Mrs but the two will go hand in Jena Bcrtus and is being co hand when .members of Fay- . sponsored by the other fou cLtcvllle's Beta Sigma Hlii Faycttcyille chapters of Bet fh?P ll!r; i. .sponsor benefit "Dance-In" al Ihfi Rockwood Club here Thursday, April 22. The dance is scheduled From p.m. to midnight with all pro- ecds from the affair going to Jeta Sigma Phi's Thcnnogra- hy Machine Fund. Three popular area bands, Sigma P h L ' Donations in including free ricluding "River City", "Ktis- well as fun evening al the mif*, 1 '· and "Gary Jusliis and " " """ lie Mtnutetncn" will provide continuous dance iniisic at the BPW Club Hears Program On National Conference several forms space of the tlahcing facilities at the Rockwood Club, benefit, performances of the three bands, and gifts oE beverages to be sold d u r i n g the dance from two local companies, indicate :i profitable as The April d i n n e r meeting of he Fayeilevillc Business a n d rofcssional Women's Club was icld at, Wyalt's Cafeteria on Monday evening. ! "Lobbying: A Democratic technique" was Ihe.subject of he program planned and presented by tlie legislative cormniUce t h e members of vhich are Frances Wood, chairman, Barbara Mitchell, Ann Silton and Adair Whattey. Miss Wh alley, an assistant irofessor of dala processing at. ,he University of Arkansas was recently invited by Mrs- Elmo Woolf, stale president of Ihe BPW. lo accompany her lo Ihs National BPW legislative conference in Washington, D.C. She related her experiences on (he trip. ' .' · . . On "the first full d?:- t -if the conference arrangement hac been made for each stale dele gation to meet with Its lalors at a breakfast. Congress man John, Paul Hammersch midt tnel with the Arkansa Delegation and shared idea and views with them on pendin; matters o Malpractic legislation and public interest. . . . insurance and disaster insu'r an.ce were two of the topics dls cussed. After breakfast the A r k a n s a delegation which also include Mrs. Margaret A. Ramsey tate BPW Ircasurer. accom-] aniecl Congressman Hiimmcr- chmidt in h i s car lo Capitol lilt where they t a l k e d ' with ongrcssmcn Wilbur Milks and .ay Thornton. In the Senate, chamber they ound Sen. Dale Burnneri of \rkansas presiding. Miss What- cy spoke of her sense o[ awe t being in the Very room vlierc so many of our f a m o u s latesmon have made and in luenced history for most of our ;ountry's 200 years.- One of the highlights of the conference the banquet al ,'liich President Ford made a s u r p r i s e appearance. T h e speaker at t h e banquet was Representative Milliccnt. Fen vick from New Jersey, who impressed her audience with ler sincerity a n d . concern toi what is happening in America- She urged I n n American people to seek out and elec men and women of good morals who are compclcnl to f u K i l l duties ot the offices lo whicl they arc elected *nnri who wt! serve their country's interest and not their own selfish ends. Other events of the confei ence were a special tour of Ih White House with the ftjafln Band playing for the delegate and an open house at th National BPW Headquarters o Embassy Row.' . Following the program guests ere introduced, They were Irs. Rachel Parker. Mrs. " -r: s, registrar al the e a s t am nn s of Fayetleville H i g h chool, and Miss Barbara cruggs. a teaching assistant nd doctorate candidate al 'ennsylvamu College. During the business m"f:liiii? here was an election of officers or the coming club year. I£lcc- ed were Adair Whatley. presiienl: Mary Miller: first vice- president; ' Margaret Clark, cc'and vice prcsidejil; Brcnda J r u c c ; treasurer; Jackie , Brown, recording secretary and Bertha Sacks, corresponding secretary. They will be installed it the May meeting. The Liberty Cell Award was ^resented to 'Oihclia Paul in. recognition of hur success in ging in the niosf new in em tiers during the past year. Plans were made for a craft and recycling sale lo he held at the Legion Hut on M a y 1 ! . The lables' were decorated with Bicentennial candles, dulls, miigs f i l l e d with dogwood, bells and key chinns. At Ihe end of the m e e t i n g - D o r i s Cook, club president, ashed each member and guest lo one of the items as a gift from her. The inccting adjourncd wilh the emblem benediction. icncCil. The drive to raise $27,000 necessary to obtain the cancer- d e l e c t i n g thermograph m a c h i n e ' f o r Regional Medical Dance-in,, according to Mrs. Bertus. All proceeds including the admission cost and beverage sales will he turned over to the funds, she said. Assisting Mrs. Berlus in the HINTS FROM HELO1SE adopted by (he five local thap- Icrs of Beta Sigma Phi less orjanizalion of the DancD'ln, Washington I arc members ol. the coor- was tUnating commitlce which than - two years ago. Funds raised thus tar have rcacnal the hall-way mark. - -- . A Ihermography machine lor early cancer detection is . nnl now' available In Northwest 'Pop' Removes Corrosion eludes all five local chapters of Beta Sigma Phi. They are: Mrs. Joan Ray and Mrs. Catny Hale Mrs. [roin Xi Alpha Epsilon; Nancy Harris and Mrs. D^ar Headers: . | 1 am so proud of myself. I almost ean'l stand it. 1 went rtllh. 1\ dllUy IltlLL J b dilll rtlL 1 !. F . , . , . · Marilyn Durkctl of Gamma Xi; 11° m ?' car yesterday to go-home Mrs. Merriley Cooney and Mrs.j and it wouldn't start. . .,,,,, , «».^ Mary Klingaman. of Upsilon; I know you are supposed^lp Arkansas according to Mrs. ; Mrs. Connie Williams and Mrs. onen'lhc hood. So I did:' YeK' .. .^ . - , . · _ . p . r : ^ ^ n c;.,. ..r i-i..n n ft.:. «..^ "|'~" tlic engine was slill there. Now half/iry. Brilliant, don't y o u * h a n d lotion and see if Ihe think? i results aren't about Uic isame Well, 1 started thinking a n d : -- with money saved. -- Martha realized 'thai the buzzer loi'-.thc] EIH6U ' . - . v . i seat belt didn't work. So 1 looked al the ' fuses and sure enough ona of them was : blb\vn out. So t got out an. extra Dear Hcloisp: . : /., ' My brother Ihought of a very l . IS,',"' Mary ··.^Bicentennial Recipe Books I-' Available From BSP Chapter : Recent mcelings ol Ihe Delia : Chl chapler ;nf-BDla Sigma Piii Shave focused on clirrcnl events land iiostesses have l]een Mrs. : Sherry Garner and Mrs. Steve Tcnnanl/V'/: j . Onesl speakers dunno the 'meetings, "have been Mayor ' Good .Ham Glaze Clilnese.'.duck sauce. tisiMlly 'server! along with liol muslard, wilh Chinese egg rolls, makes 'a good g t a x e ' f o r baked ham 'or 'smpk'e'd . boneless pork i shoulder; ."-You can . l l h i n the ·sauce wilh'a little orange juice ' a n d add aUittlc preinred mus l a n d , ' I I - y o u . , l i k e , when you are using it as a.gla/e. Taste}.For Salt When ymi are m n k i n g i clictldar. cheese sauce or soup i la.slc it berore you add salt -' n o , matter .what the recipe - dirccls. You -may lintj lhal th . cheese -you: are using add enough salt Patrick, chairman o f : Linda Sigg of Delta Chi; and Beta Sigma Phi's Living Mrs. Corrinne Levvjs and Mrs. Memorial Fund. The machine) Faye Saunders of Preceptor s used for screening and carlyiZela. · i . , - . , - , - . j - j , · ,, detection in soft tissues in both General publicity c h a i r m a n dead and decided to j u m p '! ini: -NIL in: v:;!i»: n men and women. P l a n s f a r tlie Announcements Aarion Orton and Miss Calh .rvey, who spoke on "A Voman Chooses". H is announced that Eicon cnnlal Recipe books are now /ailftblc through members ami lie state convention will be held t . the Camelot Inn in Little *ock July 9-11- Plans arc also being made or the Founder's'Day banquet ·I for April 29 al the Arkans; The National Association of Retired Federal Employes (NAMFE) will meel al 1:30 p.m. April 20 in the Community Adull Center at Fayellcville. U.S. Congressman John Paul lammerschmidt is.expeclcd to make a b r i e f appearance preceding the business session: Mreshmcnls will be served. Jnion on tlie University of The Current Book Group of tlw American Association of Uni- \rkansas campus, and a "plant jarty" set Eor April 27. M e m b e r s a r e providing refreshments [or Hie Hichard- m Trainahlo School and a askct of food Items given to needy Springdale lamily. Mrs. Tom Hilt has been el led president lor Ihe coming year and olher officers are Mrs Ken Merrill, vice president Mrs. Greg Dowers, recording sccrelary; Mrs. Tennanl. corresponding secretary: Mrs. James Harvey, treasurer; Mrs. Jimmy Thavp, cily council representative and Mrs. L a r r y McDanlel. allernale. Mrs. John Williams is an cx-o[[[cio member of the club's official body. versily Women be held al 1:30 p.m. April 20 in Iho ot Mrs. Tommic Buchanan, 725 Anna Place. Mrs. Ruin SheSton will review "They C f f t i n " whal? 1 figured Ihe battery must be u . u ....... ,,,.....» . , ,, popped It in and then rc-Iumpcd! He look egg cartons a n d : c u t "- ------- J " ------- ' ' .for the a f f a i r is Mrs. "Dance-in" vere organized by Ihe Gamma y Mrs. Joyce Stafford of Sorority Gives Toward Monument SPttlNGDALE -- Tlie Hcla Sigma Phi Sorority donated $5011, toward the purchase of a menu- i mcnl in t h e proposed Shiloh Memorial Park .Thursday. The \ park is lo bo devcloncd along; Spring. Creek from Johnson lo ,,,. ,,.,,=..,, Hunlsvllle Avenues. Called Me Gertrude President ol Ihc Beta Sigma . Alpha Epsllon and Mrs. Neila Gilbreath and Mrs. Nancy Harris of Gamma Xi. Olhcr committee chairmen include; Miss - Freda Kellv, Samrna XI, tickets; Mrs. Slgg. K.aU'y .(, Well, Ihe battery posts looked like a mad dog foaming at the mouth. That must be the trouble! [he car atid il starled. At llrsl 1 was a bit amazed, but naturally acted like 1 had II all planned in Ihe firsl place. So, remember the soda. each division apart :ahd placed these under Elic legs, of .Ilia chairs; lab!es!and t couches when I rcri\embcr/?d a hint f h a t ^ w e j s c e what they have to say. -- ,aii about u s i n g a cola or| " ome kind of carhonated drink shampooing tlij*'caVfiel. __, ' T h e n for his rocking chair, Some people may look at you he look the lids of Ihe cartons little slrange and sny "now and placed them under each !o" rocker. · ,. : . .-.,, _ -, The ogg carlcvis arc .thick, what is the crazy dame UL j but when the car starts, then to clean the corrosion olf. This Dear Heloise: . , therefore very unlikely to Lear. --Greg's sister; . -,· · - - De'ar lleloisc; , When doing a mass mailing, I j f a LI' 6 Stein". Fhimhig Hill's G a r d e n . Club meeting scheduled for Monday, April 19, has been changed lo Wednesday, April 21. Members meel a.m. at Evelyn Hills and go lo Bridge Village for .luncheon and a nature walk. Phi city council, Mr*. Phillip Laughlin, and the sorority'3 service chairman. Mrs. Jim Ritter. presented the check to Mayor Hoy IliUer, Lcc Zachary, chairman of the Bicentennial Committee, and Mrs. KicliMrd . Lynch, - the, pack committee chairman. ; The monument that will be The life of Revolutionary writer Thomas Paine, author of "Common Sctise. " was given l»y Dr. Dwain Manske at the Tuesday meeting of the Major Brown Pcndleton chapter of the Daughters of The American Colonists. At the luncheon held at Iho Holiday Inn, Mrs. · Howarc Magrudcr, Miss Elinbclli ?"llis and Dr. Louise Henry were hos iaiiiMMmiiiiBffliimiiiriiM Ddiiy Calendar Of Events .. / , Tonight'"' : Alcoliolics Anonymous - Women, Orarks Guidance Center, : P NWA Cal Club, Ozarks Electric Hospitality Hoom, 7:30 p.m. · Parents Wilhoul Partners, 1702 Arapahoe Dr., Springdale, : - Headers Theater, Room 4M, Communicafions Building, 8 p.m. OA Dance Company "Spring Performance." Fine Arls Center Ttiealcr, 8 p.m. Bridge News creeled In Ihe lhal Ihe pork park will site has note been ADULT CENTER Winners al the Tuesday night I bridge party, in consecutive! order were Hobcrl Winn, Oscar While. Mrs. Mazcllc Feller. Mrs. A n n l.auderdale, Mrs. M-,irgarcl Bell and Harold ^ellcr. SMITH'S Communication 2-Woy Radio - Your 2-Way Radio Headquarter* In Electronic* fine* in* S» N. College J43-52M QUAKER DRUG Zt E. Cwter - «2-«44 CHy PirklnjX 1*1 In ««' Saturday :i Alcoholics Anonymous, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. - - Al-Anon, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. L . Ballroom Dance Club, Springdale Ugion Hul, 7:30 p.m. Dudes and Dolls, Asbell School Cafclorlum. 8 p.m. locaEcd un whal once was Olcl Wire Road, the Cherokee Trail of Tears and Mill Street. Coin, flour and wool mills once were locuted along (he creek. Money Tor the development of the park - - which is mow only f l a t , bare slrip of land -being contributed by organizations such as the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority and Ihe Washington County Historical Society. Businesses acid individuals arc also making donations. Mrs, Lynch noted that donors of $50 or more will '-avc liieir names engraved in the marble t esses. Eighteen members and l.wo Egg Hunt Sponsored An Easter egg hunt will be sponsored by the Businessmen! Club of Springdale al 2:30 p.m. Sunday at Ihe intersection of Hwy. 71 and Hwy. 264 in north Jpringdale. .- . The ail'Jir will feature 330 dozen eggs and 25 additional prizes. All children under 12 years of age arc invited. slabs t h a t make up the sidewalk. She said Emerson ;\3onumenl is conlhbuling die murble slabs, as wwl as part of (lie cost of the monument. Mayor Riller said work on he park will follow the comple- ion of engineering plans thai are. now underway. I.rt 01 hrlp w i t h jviur w t-vcrjOifnir (n r r h a n ; U n r n i , silrcr. rrjsta!, d tmnWni. 3 f/ifjidrttu ( S^int^Tp, Fajel(nilU). l- "Ali Rents And Sales Centers" guests. Dr. and Mrs. were present. The lunchooi tables were decorated w i t h spring flowers and Kastcr orna mcnts. Mrs. Ellis, regent presided over a short busincs: ndciing. Dogwood Foir Set JASPER -- The Nculoi bounty Arts and Crafls Guit( s|)onsor llic third annua ing Dogwood Trail Arts an Crafls Fair and sa'e /pri!."? " at I h ^ Ncwlon County Fair grounds. TJie Tairgronnds are 1 locale Lwo miles soulli or Jasper o Hwy. 7, according to the an nounccmenl made by (he gui] secretary, Mrs. .luanila l-anc. ST, GnAtt JOSEPH'S 1-S. F a j f l l t v i l l r . Aikansus. Pi inr [[.»!: Sr. JTarj R n l h OSB S(. jOTfph's Sfhncl w thlldTen of any race, c^nr o No tbild will be di.ttimlnaled SCHOOL .afirfTe SCitrl. What I have learned oboul ars is from necessity, and not ecause I really wanted to at lie time. But now I am glad nat I did tarn.) So I honked everylhing up ike it was supposed lo be. tarled Mother's car and voila'. My car didn't slart... Well, wiih my vast mechanical knowledge I thought it had be something besides the McKinpey Speaks To Credit Women Boh McKinncy, insuranc executive of Fayctlcvillc, was iiesl speaker ul the Wednesday m o r n i n g meellng · of Crerii W o m e n International FayctteviUc at the Holiday Inn The speaker outlined Ehc purpose and origin of credit life Insurance and conducted question nnd answer per lot following tlie talk. Mrs. Rulh Varner. president ^.mounced phns have hcsi completed tor an organ meellng lo lie held in April 24 to form Credi NVomcn's chapler to serve Ih Rogers-Benlonville area. The Extension Coinmitlec Fayellcville chapter and Mrs Margaret N'.lil ol Kayclteville slate president a r e directin the [ormatton of the ne' chapter. __ . THI N A T I O N ' S . S f U O l O Did we forget you? We Are Now Scheduling Appointments! Call Elizabeth Wood at 442-7377 1 am gains lo cover another ze for a sett -- Mrs. David ebster · · car Hetoisc: Women who buy expensive lion to use .before shaving icir legs should try using a I R.F.'Colcman edges in one action, close each separately and Lhcn press Iho pile of them together to s^al Ihe n't. : ' ' - . " . · ' ' These HUle lips - arc worth considering lo - save lime, before shaving; money and your temper. --- £18 extravaganza, Springdale, Arkansas Located downtown ;U Sliiloli Plaiii jnd city parking lot. Grand opening April 30, May 1 ^- 2. C o n t i n u i n g every otlicr wcexend. Dealers W a n t e d . 300 choice slices inside and outside. We will have: Rocks, Needlework, Plants, Produce, A u t o ['arts, Tools, A n t i q u e s , Coins, Stamps, Hollies,Jars, Jewelry, Furniture, Ciyslal, Hooks, Ceramics, Silvcc- warc, Appliances, Pocicry, Pels Birds, L e a t h e r Goods, linporls.CH Radios, Paintings, ISronzt, Plates, Pewter, Toys, Guns, Macrame, Old Advertising, Candles, Mim-slutcs, Quilts, Home Made Jams eV Jellies, DccoupagC, Knil C r u c h c t , Wlial have you'; COMING TO : IT. SMITH LITTLE ROCK T E X A R K A N A DEALERS: WATCH FOR OPENING DATES IN DENVER,PUEBLO, CHEYENNE. For itifotmaiion call orwrilc. ARKANSAS FLEA MARKETS PO Box 924 Springdale, Arkansas 72764 Ph. 501/751-5070 Watcli for future toll free number.

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