The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 10, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1920
Page 2
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS IHE DAILY FREE PRESS MARTIAL LAW IN KENTUCKY-4 DIE Established 1«0* Weekly 1877 Free Press Publishing Co. Wit*. JOHN T. QALBRAITH Editor and Manager Telephone - - 218 TERMS , ~~35ifCrtptkHi 16 cents a week. Aiverttolnu bills due weekly. -Jo* iror* strictly caan.' ! . -ANMUAL, SUBSCRIPTION $7.80. , —W.W* at the postofflce at Carbon^••JB, JDIiaoIs, as second class matter. vOAoe' in the' Free Prw§- Building, <>sr««t Ilaln Street. Feb. 10, 1920. +• ANNOUNCEMENTS - \- ("HiGHWAY COMMISSIONER. • The Free Press is authorized to an- c. ao«nce GEORGE A. FOR.E as a candi- . date^or Highway Commissioner of Garbondale township,' subject to the v-Hepublican Primary,March 20. ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR. ", Free Press is authorized to an -oounce WM. „„„.„,„ ,._.-.. M: HOIfjSAY as a candidate tor reelection for Assistant Supervisor of Carbondate township subject to the Republican Primary March 20. KEEP GOING When some one stops advertising; ..: rspmej one stops buying. •When some one stops buying, Some one stops selling. ^Whett some one stops selling, „.- Some one stops making.. , When some one stops making, •v Some one stops earning.. ' VVhen ^very one stops earning, ......JSverybody stops ouying. - r Keep going.—Western Druggist. ... 'ifteen Others Wounded at Lex-.. ington as Lynch'Mob Is Quelled. MRS. LAUREN'S-' M.'. HAMILTON DISORDER BEGINS OVER NEGRO Assailant of White Girl Put on Trial, Confesses, and Is Sentenced to Death in Record _ Time— Mob Not .Satisfied. Lexington,. Ky., Feb. 10.—Martial law prevails here. Six hundred federal and state 'troops are patrolling the~streets to prevent further rioting, which exacted 'a toll of four" dead and fifteen wounded. Five hundred additional United States troops are en route from Camp 'Taylor, Ky. Lexihgtpu 'ind all. of Fayette county was placed under martial Ia\v by Brig. Gen. F, C. Marshall upon his arrival from Camp 'Taylor with 300 troops of the First division. . Martial Law Proclamation. .General Marshall's proclamation follows: "Whereas, a state .of-lawlessness exists in the eounty."of Fayette, state of Kentucky, with which the state authorities are unable to cope. and. "Whereas, The governor of said state of Kentucky has asked for tbe aid ' of the United States in retorinc; •and maintaining order in the said unty of: Fayette; "Now, therefore, I, Brig. Gra. Frans C. Marshall, United States army, immanding the United States troops the said county, do hereby declare state of martial law .in the snirt .mnty, and do. assume all functions, oth civil <and military, in said county. "All citizens are warned to respect nd obey my orders and those-of my abordinates. F. C. MARSHALL, "Brigadier General U. S. Afmy." Rioting began ; when a'mob bent on •nching William Lockett. a negro, 'ho confessed to the murder last reek of ten-yenr-old Geneva Hard- _ian, was fired upon with rifles and machine guns by state militiamen as Laureus .Morgan Umuiltoii of. New 112 Millions' used last year* ,t6 KILL COLDS; —in tablit remedy for 20 .years form— aafe, sure, 'no reahs up; a', .cold'; in 24 •relieves grip in 3 days; V back fails. 'The wine ' box : 'has •p- witlv Mr. picture. ... At All Drug S Red' Hill's OSBORN IN NEWBEr.RY CASE .Witness Surprises by Story of Work for Another Contender in Sena- toria! Race. Better to have Insurance and not itj than to need it aad THE INSURANCE AGENCY. PHONE 303. here;" said Special Frosee'vftfir Diilley Winney relied;-:inac tie „ bail • «i""»been asked tha*. ' ... / .' 'Grand Kfrpids,' 5D.cli.-,.-.Fe'.v.. 1.0.— TTW ' prosecntirin. progressed . •pveiL.tiuriltes, in tlie NoNvhm-ry election '• conspiracy ' ' ' ' •trial ' gives up his- new Uride. who was Sirs. Gertrude Win-ren. Young -Hamilton is a" grandson of rhe liite J.-P.-Morgan and the son of Mr." ami Mrs.. William Pieraon Hamilton. He is only twenty, while his *ife is -thirty-four. -Hamilton is his wife's third husband. -She won a beauty, prize En St. Louis several years ugo. ' '.•'•' . • .... One witness Roy E. Winney, former- duty at ^DEMOCRATS IN CAUCUS So on Record as Opposed to Military Training. one- frf Henry- ETortr» plants, in "Detroit, detl'slisHl,when lie testified NOT THE EX-AIKSASSADPR Bernstorff Dsmanctaii by the 'Allies IB - a 'Cousin 'of: the .Former .German " .Berlin. Feb.. 10;— The' Bernstorlf who fS:demamleii.'liy tliV.nllies for friul aiorijj with more. than 300 'other German na- .tin : n;ils' is hot the .former, ambassador trwithe. United •;.Stat<?s, • Count -Tohanu Heinrich von Tiernstorff,- frat his cousin, u ;<unjor/ : .who. v.'as a coi:jiu:iudnnt of Sr. .Quentln.. during th''> fTermnn occu- eA].lmlidl »1 . l'<";il'-^lltril . >. iiv ii Ji.t»tiiv* or. lju«rlll III •. Ulll 111^. .Ifl.. ' on cross-examFmttinn that $10 a day i jxrtfuri of that stronghuUt. had'~ne™ pnict Win for nine diiys'work ; .T7ie FallciMihpyti on. the extradition for Chase SI (Offcorrt in' tlie 1918 cam- ]j<<r j s not the former clii'ef of the-geh- puijrir. '. . •••"'•'• oraf staff iinj c'onq:r.:r!ir of Uoumania, "Yntr never mpnt;v>m-(l Osliorn before hut 'an -officer of tlie .s::me inline who the irrnnd. jury or in. r'i'e' 1 .'stn'tenient' you., w;is |n phnrgfii'of jfij-jpriso'ir ramp; , made us to wlmt "on cnnld testily' to •' ' '. '•" GILLETT DRAWS LABOR FIRE Gompers Says Speaker's Attack Is Wholly Unwarranted and Entirely- Unjustified fay Records. Washington.- Feb. 1.(;.T-"Consress h;is absolutely' protect the people from the trusts, and ..'profiteers."' .declared Samuul flomiiers; presideuPof the American Feilsratloh .of "Labor, in replying to u n-ijorred statenieric by Speaker Gillett rhi'it lubor Is" becoming- a menace to the country. . -• "The attack is wholly unwarranted."said Gnmpei-s. "It is a gtiitultous attack upon those who are striving for a decent living • wage. Asl; any citizen, ask any housuwife. whut they think of consres'S has done to the trusts' . ^President-Fails to Blpck Action, and .Resolution Is Adopted by Vote ' of 106'to 17. Washington, Feb. 10.—Democrats of •' the house-in caucus went on record as oiVposed to compulsory military train - .ing or service at the present time iBy a vote of 106 to "17 tlie following • . resolution'was adopted : , '• "It is the sense of this caucus tha •. no measure should be passed by thi . congress providing for universal com ipulsory military . service or training. Ttie. action followed the receipt. o v R .'letter by Secretary of War Bake ."rom. the president, .urging that th •.caucus take no action committing th democratic membership of the house' .against the policy of general military .training. i Mr. Wilson said it would be "nnfor- •'iunate to make a party issue on this subject, particularly since within "a- *ew- months the party will assemble •In convention and declare the principles upon which it deems it wise to • .•cpmmit.itself in a national election." •The president recalled that he gave -ills approval in principle to the -"very moderate training projects suggested , by the. general staff" and expressed , .i'-Ii^. -strong feeling against action by 1 '• ytn'e caucus which would tend^'to interpose an determination to the consideration which ? this vgub.ject should "receive from the best thought of the members of the house." .The call for'the caucus'Avas issued Jby Representative C'iark, tlie Demo- ->':ratlc leader, on petition of n number . of Democrats ap'posed to general mil. -Stary training. :tx^iimc £"»"? w.i "LV..— -- - . , -\Yn(i^ COIim «>ft iiu> i ie mob was stormingf the Fayette nn(1 Hlij - iinB , ver V ;ill be reudily forth- ounty courthouse to get the negro I coming .- ' uring his trial. | , The attempt to lynch Lod;ett was , made "just alter he had confessed to the murder and as the jury found him juilty of murder in the first degree. 3e was sentenced to die in HIP electric chair March 11. • Troops Fire Into Crowd. The cry,--"Let's pet him," from a farmer on the outskirts of the crowd, turned the crowd into a mob which" jegan surging toward the entrance to. the building. Soldiers and police.! ".ettlem'cir's Shoe Hospttal a . i-as installed th^ best soTe>, stitcher on the . ma "fleet";,;. and we are now r^ady to"" handle all kinds '•>{?>hoe repairing;'. A"' work'-dojTf" ! hy'••''';:. the Gobdvfar W^lt Machines therefore -we can make your old shoes look like n-w. Sewf-d «--plfs :snd rubber he^ls our sp.e<"'?lfv. Thesf machines '; re something new to Carbondale. . ' Located nf>xt door to-Barth's new theatre. Give us a trial arid be convinced. SETTLEMpIR'S Shoe Hospital SAY WAGE BOOST'MEANS RUIN .Western Coal Mine Owners Tell Strike Settlement Committee of Their ' Predicament L11C Ullll^lllo. fcjvyl\.li.-i .J ...... i.. -I dropped back into close formation and j trained their guns on the mob, which | never hesitated. Adjutant General Deweese, in command of the militia men, shouted a final warning to the crowd and then fired a revolver into the air. It was the signal for the troops to fire. Soldiers and police fired into the crowd and a nearby machine gun rattled. From the windows of the courtroom above another hall of bullets spattered down on the asphalt street. . Four men fell at the first volley. Dead and Wounded Left Behind. The mob, which had surged half way up the steps, pressed back and broke. Quick action on the part of the authorities got the negro out of the buil'ding. Those killed in the clash were R. F. | Carrier and T... M. King of Lexington, and John, Thomas and William Effing- tort of Versailles. . . Among those wounded were J. W. Stnnsell, W. J. Eees, Otis Sha'rp, Emmett' Dozier, Irwin Gwynn, Eminett Dajiziger. Fred Sowders, H. G. Weathers, Mrs. E. T. Cross and James Has- sevgall. ' The shooting temporarily dispersed the mob and gave the authorities time in which to take Lockett to a place of safety. The mob reformed, however, and looted pawnshops and hardware stores to get firearms. Fearing an attack on the handful of National Isuardsmen on duty, the authorities' appealed to Governor Morrow for assistance. As a result. -'300 troops arrived -from Camp Taylor. The federal troops immediately began the work of patrolling the streets to keep crowds from congregating. m te^- :Washington, Feb. 10.—Hepresenta- ••elves'of bituminous operators in Jlon- - tana and .Washington told the coal strike settlement commission that permanent application of the recent 14 per cent wage advance to coal miners might force them to close their mines. W. A. Barnham, -spokesman- for tlie . Commercial Operators'. association of -'Washington, said' the government could not protect' the Northwestern opera-, •tors, if it advances wages,| 'fixing a higher maximum pi-ice for •coai. PROBE HALT ON GRAIN LOANS Senate Orders Investigation Into Federal Reserve Bank Action — Gronna Makes Charges.' " Washington, Feb. 10.— Investigation of the extent to which federal reserve banks have withdrawn loans onrgrain held in storage was ordered .by the senate. Chairman Gronna of the agriculture committee, who proposed the inquiry. said the curtailing of credit by the banks had resulted in an artificial de- ^and welcome for three splendid reasons, especially in these days of soaring"costs— because;; Qilumet gives three big positive helps in reduction of Uving expense^ You save when you buy it—moderate in cost Leaves you more money with which to buy other things. You save when you use it^-has more than the ordinary leavening strength—therefore you use less. You save material it is used with. Never fails. "SBSS-i CALUMET ia! ' „ , , nves«ion of the price of. grain. . rie Competition of Canadian coal and j.P . ,. a s , tuation wfts being California .oil caused a .total loss of I * n - mo re than $600,000 . to Washing on ™ and'country elevators mines east of the Cascade mountains. ul UIB , •in the -first ten months of 1919, he said. Kobe'rt A. .Harlen; representing the Washington district of., the "United jttlne Workers, urged before-all other .demands that they be granted a 30-. llwur week. Baking Powder „ "BEST BY TEST" Makes Most Palatable and Sweetest of Foods Produced in largest, finest, most sani.tary Baking Powder Factory -in the World." Contains only such ingredients as have been officially approved by United States Food Authorities. The first choice of millions of housewives for a ichird of a century. Order from your dealer. Save 3 ways—fand have much better bakings. Into'the large centers." Desert Flyers at Khartoum. - Khartoum, .Eastern Sudan, Feb. 10. —The" airplane owned .by the.London Times, which is attempting the Cairo to Cape Town flightjhnsl arrived here-j * with three cylinders jjin bad condition. Remember when you buy Calumet, you get a full pound, if you want it. 16—not 12 ounces. "We need 25 more Girls in ourGarme'nt. Factory at once. Some of our giriis who started a few- months ago are now earning between : $18 to $20 a Week You can do the same. Apply Garment Factory j Marx-Hats Clothing Co. L The Peril -- By VICTOR ROUSSEAU A story that grips | the imagination and | holds the .reader spell- | bound with awe over the possibility that the silent and mysterious depths hold just such a. horde of strange creatures as the author has conceived, that might some day rise from the coral caverns of the ocean floor and overrun the earth. A r e m a r k a b 1 y thrilling tale that vies with the imaginary fiction of Jules Verne, Rudyard Kipling and H. G. Wells. Don't fail to read it! < . Our Coming Serial I You'll find the first installment in an early issue of this paper. .vioriey "back without oucmtaoa >f HUNT'S Salve fails in the rcatment oflTCH, BCZEMA, RINGWORM. TETTER or other itching slnodiseaws. Try t 75 rent box At our ri»k. ~ HEWITT'S DRTTO STOKE. MO MUTINIES ON TRANSPORTS Secretary .of War Baker Enters Denial of Charges by Congressman Britter.. Washington,, Felx 10.—Denia!. that mutiny lias o'ccuvrcd-on. nny' war de- nnrtjiiient trfinFport""\vn's in.ide hy .Secretary Baker; .in.n letter to Chairman' Knhn'of, military <;omihi-tte.e. : Mr. Baker, said charges .in iv resolu- l.iou introduced by 'Eei)resei:tatfve Britten of Illinois-.of "inefficient, u^-~ scuworthy; -.mutinous, dangerous and almost murderous .operation of transports" were t "unjust."'' ,., Bela Kim Has Acuto Asthma, 'Vienna, Feb. lO.-^Belakun,- Hie former; Hungarian; communisb-dictator,: ia suffering from acute asthma. He has. hecn removed . from J the internment junp at Karlsteln to- a military* tuw-. pHal. .'.'''•[': : ' --.. -.^ •"; • ;•

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