Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 7, 1962 · Page 16
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 16

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1962
Page 16
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HUMBOLDT STANDARD Saturday, Apri 7, 1962, P. 16 Fish-Game Loses Fight Against Water Release PETALUMA (UPD-- The Call Fornia Water Commission has ap proved a release of water rights application on the Feather Rivei after two years of hearings. The application went to the H ichvale Irrigation District Fri flay for its $200 million Middlcfolk J ouer Project. It had been bitter y opposed by the State Fish ana Game Department. The water commission also icard about 50 witnesses discuss .he north bay aqueduct with mos saying it was too early to make a decision. Wi nesses indicatec hey would prefer to develop the Russian antl Eel Rivers first They also objected to a Dec. 31 ]%3 deadline set by the depart men!, for contracting for water. The commission also approvec ·i loan of $1,550,000 to the South Sutler Water District for its camp "or hi:' west project on the Bear River. Liz, Eddie Split Endangers Future Of Adopted Baby MUNICH. Germany (UPI)-The eparation of Eddie Fisher and Slizabc'th Taylor has endangered lie future of a H-monlh-old Gernan baby the c'ouple adopted late asf year, court sources said oday. They said the Munich Court of rhancery has not yet given its nai approval for the adoption ncl probably will not do so now eeause of the Fisher-Taylor roakup. Tlic baby. Pctra Heitig ot Mehr- ig near Augsburg, was taken lo ionic by Fisher shortly before Tirislniiis. Wlil. and ived in Miss 'aylor's luxurious villa there liner [be new first name of Maria. Tbc baby's father, a factory orker, agreed to give the child nay for adoption in aiswer to newspaper advertisement. He cceivccl no money, informed ources said. Fisher al that time said he anted lo adopt the baby to light- i the marital bonds between him- clf and Miss Taylor, the sources aid. The Munich Court of Chancery itends to ask the German Em- assv in Rome for a detailed re- ort of the Fisher-Taylor breakup, f it decides to refuse final ap- rnval of the adoption, the future f Ihe girl would remain undc- ided. Tries To Steal United Airliner REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (UPI) -He just wanted lo use the wash- oom, Tomas Barcas explained, ut police suspect he was trying o steal a $2 million United Air Jnes DC7. Barcas. a 25-year-old laundry vorker, came to America three ears ago from his native Philip- ines. lie put on his best suit Friday, acked an attache case with othes and souvenirs, and bluffed is way past an airport guard by ratifying himself as a Philip- incs ambassador. Maintenance men found him ooking at the controls of the air- raft. He said he was flying home o Manila. When he refused to leave Ihe anc, he was led away and ooked for attempted grand theft. ·espassing, and resisting arrest. Iceland ACROSS 6 Snuggle island of a Distinct parts volcanic ,^ nest , bonc 7 Its laneuacc has !0 g r j cnlal ; d , . maintained i?*!??.,' 1 !'-' [t s 11 Head (Fr.) 6 Missing In Hotel Debris After Blaze RENO, Nev. (UPI)-Fire Chie Wagner Sorensen said today tha the bodies of six persons still un accounted for in Tuesday's Golden Hole fire may be still in the rubble of the basement. We probably won't get down there until tomorrow," he said. The missing include Caro Mayc, 20-year-old blonde showgir who was captain of the 10-gir chorus line in the "Playmates ii Paris" revue at the Hotel. A Sa inas, Calif., woman des cribed Friday how Miss Mayc might have saved herself Jiad no she been gripped by panic. Mrs. Margaret McCollum sail she had struggled with her and :ried lo get her in o Mrs. Me Collum's room to await help. "The smoke was not so heavy there as out in the hall. But she iust panicked and broke away rom me. "I look her by the arm and Iried to move her into my room ut she ran away nto the dense Allowing smoke and I couldn't see her any longer though I could still hear her screams." Mrs. McCollum was later rescued by a hotel security guard. Only one body, thai of fterlrude Mbrook, 68, of San Francisco, las been recovered from Ihe ashes of Ihe S5 million fire which gutted the four-story building near ton's famed casino row. Others still missing are Mrs. Marie Colnar, Roseville, Calif.; Walter H. Klilz, Herlong, Calif.; Lucia Pedlar, a permanent resi- dcnl; John Schmidt, Staton. Ore., and Nathaniel Banks, hotel shoe shine attendant. Mrs. Colnar was tortured by re 10 years ago by members o a notorious mountain gang lhat atcr included murderess Barbara Graham. Emmelt Perkins. George Books Jr., and Jack Santo applied fire- jrands to the arms and egs o: Mrs. Colnar and her gold buyer msband in an atlempl lo discover he hiding place of gold in their Folsom, Calif, home. Frankfurter's Condition Eases WASHINGTON (UPl)-Suprcmc Court Justice Felix Frankfurter ·emained hospitalized for "a siort period of rest" today nil his doc- or said the condition that caused lim to be rushed lo Ihe hospital uid "cleared spontaneously." ·The doctor said it was a tem- wrary interference with the blooc low to the 79-year-old justice's brain, wiicli could mean anylhing mm a mere fainting spell to a mild stroke. But he said it "left 10 residual after effect." LEGAL NOT CE No. 1530] Dept. 1 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Superior Court or the State or Call- ornia lor Ihe County of Humboldt. Estate of FRANKLIN B. LEWIS, also nown as F. B. LEWIS, Deceased. Notice Is hereby given by (Me under- igned Execu trices or the Last Will and ho known as F. B. LEWIS, deceased o the creditors of and all persons laving claims against the said decedent, o Ipave (hem with t ie necessary ouchers w thin six months after the rst pub cation of this not ce In the fllce of the Clerk of the above en- tied Court at the Courthouse, Eureka, alifornla, or to exhibit them wllh the cccssary vouchers w Ihin six monlhs ftcr the first publication of th s not ce a the Executrlces at Ihe law o f f ces f Mitche 1 Henderson, attorneys lor a d Executrices, BM Seventh Street, : ureka, California, the place for the ransacllon of the business ot said estate n snld County. Date of i rst publkal on of this otice: March 31, 1962, L. PHYLLIS CHERRYHOLMES ELIZABETH A. COUSINS Exccuirces of the Last Will and Testament of FRANKLIN B. LEWIS also known as F. B. LEWIS, Deceased, MITCHELL HENDERSON, Attorneys for Executrlces. J/31 4/7, 14, 21 (5) Answer to Previous Puzzlo Sfeslij kklN |b fei AIM ^A-liLlrBT^ ']§ ^[ffllul[^£J3® '- ^SlSl.^1^1 ointment "" Osll!lr 5 r with that' of ^E c 5 cie . nt Norway n Rodcnl ^? ! T -H ! ?|L:' = T|A§! S O M E RE ER 1 E ARC? RiEfo SITAS 6 Pour but a 25 Existed 37 Fruits 48 Distant So/ferine 28 Above 38 Wlnglikc part 48 Regulate! 7DretcdsTM » °« a " , '5?TM'"'" «W"S«lof 8 Slintinfl movement 42 Noblemen Greece 0 Indian wpipht 30 Lethargic 43 Sincing voice 50 Saucy ilSicknesT 32 Steamship (ab.) 44 Cralm 52 Employ .3 Chess piece 33 Chapters (ab.) 45Encountcr 541nlquity 7 Folding beds 1 2 3 ' B 15 .I Corp 13 4 Italian goddess fi Arabian gulf 17 BHia 7 llivcr in Ml Switzerland ' ' ' i-^j -1 Exhaust |23 |24 \K 1 B JEucharislic | g wine cup fT m 7 Speedily " a Knock n 1-1 Rcwrap a flag * 3 Guarantee *r ' !· 5 Fuller's plant * B 6 Worker 1 1 1 Jii-ffi 7 Emphasis 1" r' appellation « K " H" DOWN 5f" '"· O 1 Fish 2 Loose garment 55 | j priest 57 I 1 4 Natural channel 6 Utopian ' -- ' -- ' -- ' -- u - S I a 19 110 M 12 '* IG \T ·' BBSS "" En- ' * RST ]Bg27 b 29~30 ·*TM^^HI · : -- HnHBl |SrWS^BRiH 1 n_ ·U» 49 60 :=T4f- NEWSPAPEU ENTEnriUSP, ASSN. LEGAL NOTICE t » ' ' ' /^^y/Vl^^TO^SP TAXPAYERS NOTICE! The second installment of County Taxes for the fiscal year 19611062 is now due and if not paid by 5:00 p.m. Tuesday. April 10 1962, a G% penally and costs wil be added thereto. All taxes on the secured roll are payable at the Tax Collector's office, Room 125 Court House, WALLACE E. MARTIN, Treasurer and Tax Collector Humboldt County. County of Humboldl Stale of California NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS SEALED PROPOSALS will be re celveo ar the,, office of the County Clerk, Court House, Eureka, California until 1:00 P. M., on TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 1912 at which time they will be pub Mcly opened and read for performing work as follows: CONSTRUCTION OF STORM DAMAGE REPAIRS TO YAGER P-222, PROJECT NO. 12, LOCATIONS 9 AND 23, No bid will be received unless It I made on a Proposal Form furnlshet sy the County Surveyor. Each bid mus be accompanied by cash, cashier's o certified check made payable to Ihe County of Humboldt, or a bidder's bond made payable to the County of Hum bold), and executed as surety by some corporation authorized lo issue surety bonds in the Slate ot California, for an amount equal to at least five per cent (5'', ) of the amount of the tola Did, such guaranty to be forfeltei should the bidder to whom the contrac Is awarded, tail to enter Into the con tract within ten (10) days from and alter Notice ol Award. All bids are to be compared on the basis of the Counly Surveyor's estimate of the quantities of work to be done No bid will be accepted from a Con tractor who has not been licensed in accordance with the provisions o Chapter 771, Slatutes of 1929, as amend ed. Plans may be seen, and forms of pro posal, bonds, contract and specifications may bo obtained at the office of the County Surveyor, 1106 2nd Street, Eu reka, California. ' The special aiiRt!gn of prospective bidders is called to the "Proposal Re qulrements and Conditions" annexed to the blank form of proposals, lor ful directions as to bidding, elc. In ' accordance wllh the provisions o Section 1770 of Ihe Labor Code, the Board ol Supervisors has ascertained the general prevailing rate of wages applicable to the work to be done as follows: Copies of the wage schedule adopted jy the Board of Supervisors are avail able upon request In the Counly Clerk's office. Court House, Eureka, California All crafls not represented by Hum joldl Building Trades are secured from San Francisco Building Trades. Apprentices to all crafts are subjec to working scales set up by the Appren ticeship Council. Eight 13) hours shall constitute a days work-- Forty (JO) hours per week Overtime: Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, governed by craft Involved. The following holidays shall be ob served: New v-_- rir 's Day, Memorla Day, Independence Day, Labor Day Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Ad mission Day and Veteran's Day. The Counly ol Humboldt reserves the By Order gl the Board of Supervisors Dated: March 27, 1962. County ot Humboldt FRED J. MOORE, JR., Counly Clerk. By s/ W. E. SCHUSSMAN, Deputy County Clerk. 3/31 thru 4/9 (S) No. 15293 Dept. 2 NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the superior Court of the Stale o 1 :alilorn!a In and lor the County o In the Matter of the Eslale of AN ANDERSON MESCAT, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned Administratrix of the estate of said decedent, to the credilors o and all persons having claims agalns he decedent, to file them with the necessary vouchers- in the office o he Clerk of the Superior Court of the State of California, in and tor the County of Humboldt, or to presen hem, with the necessary vouchers, to the Administratrix at Ihe office of her attorneys, Falk 8, Falk, Room 307, 350 E Street, Eureka, California, which said last named oflice the undersigned selects as her place of business in al mailers connected with Ihe eslate o said decedent, within six monlhs atler Ihe first publication of this notice. Date of first publication: March 24 1942. PAULINE M. MATTZ, Administratrix ol said Estate FALK FALK, Attorneys for Administratrix. 3/14, 31-- A/1, U (S) No. 40259 Dept. 1 SUMMONS (General) Superior Court of the State of Call- ornla for the County of Humboldt. RUTH M. SMITH, Plaintiff vs. WILLIAM SMITH, Defendant The People of the Slate of California To the above named Defendant: You are hereby directed to appear and answer Ihe complaint of the above named plaintiff filed hi the above en- itled court in the above entitled action brought against you in said court, wlth- n TEN days afler the service on you of this summons. If served within the above "named county, or within THIRTY days if served elsewhere. You are hereby notified that unless 'ou so appear and answer, said plain- Iff will take judgment for any money or damages demanded In the complaint as arising upon contract, or wil apply to the court for any relief de- Dated: April 3, 196!. FRED J. MOORE, JR., Clerk. Seal) LUCY F. URE, Deputy Clerk. MATHEWS TRAVERSE Attorneys at Law 07 F Street Attorneys for Plaintiff J/7, 14, 21, 2B (S) NOTICE OF HEARING Aoplicallo'i No. 43872 ion of the State of California. Application ot THE GREYHOUND oute passenger stage service between Englewood and Myers, Humboldt County, ver relocated U. s. Highway 101, and or Incidental relief. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that he Public Utilities Commission of the tale of California has set the hearing n the above entitled matter before Examiner Daly for Wednesday, April B, 1967, at 10:00 a. m.. in the Multl- urpose Room, Weott's Elementary chool, Wcott, California, al which time nd place nil interested parties may ppear and be heard. By order of Ihe Public Utilities Commission. Dflled at Sfln Francisco this 19lh ay of March 1962, R. J. PAJALICH, Secretary Public Utilities Commission Stale of California 4/7 (S) No. 15313 Dept, 1 NOTICE OF HEARING Superior Court of the State of Call- ornia for the County of Humboldt. In the Matter of the Estale ol ANTON SCHMIDIG, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that MARY MEISTER as Executrix of the Will of the abovs named decedent, has led herein a PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL reference to which It hereby made for further particulars, and that he tlm« and place of hearing the same as been set for Monday, April 9, 1941 t 9:30 a. m.. In the Court Room ot epnrtmcnt No. 1 ol said Court, In tht ourt House, In the City of Eureka, allfornla. Dated; March !A, 1MJ. FRED J. MOORE, Cli-rh ol lain" Court, By LUCY P. UftE, Deouty Clerk. MAHAN. H A R L A N D A GROMALA ». 0. Box 465 : firt»nn, California Hiiphpnr: Randolph S-447A Allorneyi for PcHtionrr. 3,:?-4/3, 7 (S) DEATHS AND! 1 FUNERALS^! THORLEY, MISS LOLA MAE April 6, 1962. 472 Summer St., Fortuna. Cousin of Mrs. Mary Alien of Sepulveda, Mr. Gayle Melvin of Elderville, Penn. Mrs, Anna Carpenter of Pittsburgh, Penn., Mrs, Ossa McMillan of Pittsburgh, Penn A native of Hanlin Station Penn., age 81. Services will be held at Bethel Cemetery, near Eurgettstown, Penn., next week Local arrangements under the direction of Coble's Fortuna Mortuary. ALLEN, NAT S.. -April 5, 1D62, 4257 Fairway Dr., Eureka. H.'s- band of Marion Allen, Eureka. Father of Eileen Allen, Eureka, Mary Ann Allen of Eureka; Spencer Allen of Eureka; Lawrence Allen of Eureka; Arthur Allen of Eureka. Scoutmaster for Troop No. 36, Native Sons of the Golden West; Veteran of World War II Marine Corps; Contract Sales Manager for Montgomery Ward. A native ol Denver. Colo., age 48. Services will be held Monday 11 a. m., at Sanders Funeral Home. Interment will be held in Denver, Colo LEGAL NOTICE No. 107619 On April 26th 1963 at the hour of 10 o'clock A. M. cf said day, at the en trance to the office of Belcher Abstract Title Company, 527 Third Street, In the City of Eureka, County of Humboldt Stale of California, the undersigned BELCHER ABSTRACT 8, TITLE COM PANY, as Trustee, will sell at public auction to the highest bidder for ^sti In lawful money of the United States all payable at the time of sale, tha real property situated in the County o Humboldt, State of California, bounded and described as follows: BEGINNING on the subdivisions! line at a point distant thereon 1133.26 feet southerly from the northeast corner of Lot 2 of Section 17 in Township 4 North Range 1 West, Humboldf Meridian, said point being the southeast corner of the parcel of land firstly described In the deed from Alfred Bell et ux to W. A. Skaggs cl ux daled March B, 194B and recorded April 6, 1948 Humboldt County Records: thence south B9 degrees 17 minutes west 260 feet to the southwest corner of the land conveyed to Norman L. Stalcy et ux by deed recorded August 2B, 1957 as instrument No. 12918, Official Records; thence north 0 degrees 54 minutes east 175 feet to the northwest corner of the Staley land, said point being Ihe true point of beginning ol the land to be herein described; and running thence from said true point of beginning, north 0 degrees 24 minutes east 160.1 feet to Ihe northwest corner of the land conveyed to Ralph 0. Ramsey et UK by deed recorded December 1, 1948 as Instrument No. 11712, Official Records; thence north B9 degrees 17 minutes east 120 feet; thence south 0 degrees 24 minutes west 160.1 feet to the north line of Slalcy land; thence south 89 degrees 17 minutes west 120 feet along the Slaley land to the true point of beginning. ALSO a non-exclusive right of way over a strip of land 15 feet wide, the north line of which Is described as follows: COMMENCING at the northeast corner of the parcel of land herelnabovc described; · and running thence north 8? degrees 17 minutes east 140 feet to Ihe northeast corner of the land conveyed to Ralph O. Ramsey et ux by deed recorded December 1, 194B as Instrument 11712, Official Records; ALSO a right of way over an existing road 15 feet wide leading from the norlheasl corner of the land conveyed to Ralph 0. Ramsey by deed recorded December 1, 1948 as Instrument No. 11712 Official Records, northerly and northwesterly to the Slate Highway. Said rights of way above described are not exclusive, but are to be used In common by parties entitled thereto. Said sale will be made wlthou covenant or warranty, either expressed or Implied, regarding title, possession or encumbrance, to satisfy the obllga lions secured by and pursuant to Ihe power of sale conferred in that certain Deed of Trust executed by KENNETH DAVID and ROSA M. DAVID, his wife Trustors, to BELCHER ABSTRACT 8, TITLE COMPANY, Trustee, for the bene fit and security of RALPH 0. RAMSEY and YVONNE RAMSEY, his wife as iolnt tenants, dated February 7, 1958 and recorded February !1, 195S In Book 479 of Official Records page 513, Re cords of Humboldt County, California. BELCHER ABSTRACT TITLE COMPANY A/ W. G. CAVE, Vice President. /s/ L. J. SUCHANEK, Secretary-Treasurer. 3/31-4/7, 14, 21 (S) NOTICE OF TRUSTEES' SALE Sale No. 56963 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on April 17, 1962 at the hour of eleven o'clock a. m. in tha lobby of Ihe office of HUMBOLDT LAND TITLE COM PANY, ill "1" Street, Eureka, Call fornia, HUMBOLDT LAND TITLE COMPANY, corporation as Trustee wil sell at public auction to the highest bidder lor cash In lawful money of Ihe United States, all payable at the time of Ihe sale, the following described real property In the City of Eureka, County of Humboldt, State ot California, to-wif: COMMENCING on the North line of Tenth Street at a point 60 feet Westerly thereon from the West line of 1 Street as said streets are established according to the official surveys and monuments of the City of Eureka; and thence running Westerly along the North line of Tenth Street, 60 feel; thence at right angles Northerly, 110 feet; 60 feet; and thence at right angles Southerly 110 feet to the point of beginning. SAID SALE will be made; without possession or encumbrance to satisfy he obligations secured by, and pursuant to the power of sale conveyed n that certain Deed of Trust executed by DEAN T. TALLMAN and DIXIE ) TALLMAN, husband and wife ,and LENA H. SPORTSMAN as Trustors, to HUMBOLDT LAND TITLE COMPANY, a California corporation, as Trustee, in avor of LEE CHAPPELL, * single man and recorded February 7, 1961 under Recorder's Serial No. 3141, In Jook 633, Page 132 of Official Records of Humboldt County, Stats of Call- ornia. Dated: March 15, 1962. HUMBOLDT LAND TITLE COMPANY, as Trustee. 9y: M. E. A^NOT, President. 3/19, 26--4/2, 7 (S) BIRTHS 1 GENERAL HOSPITAL Gaiarian, Mr. and Mrs. Robert 16S4 Nedra Girl, March 31 Denny, Mr. and Mrs. John 874 Summer St. Girl, March 31 Tarrlo, Mr. and Mrs. Richard 2734 Dolbeer Girl, March 31 Colbert, Mr. and Mn, Dick 1105 t St. Boy, April t Gill, Mr. and Mri. Bonnie 6139 Avalon Dr. Girl, April i Lonq, Mr. and Mrs. Ray 1401 E St. flny. April 1 Polston, Mr. and Mrs, Robert 810 1 Sf. Girl, April 4 Walter*, Mr. and Mr*. Carl 3596 AllhliCA R(f,, AfCflU Girl, April 4 WrMburn, Mr. and Mri. Tom BIRTHS 1 BUSINESS SERVICES BUSINESS SERVICES BUSINESS SERVICES WANTED-MEN, WOMEN 54 P. 0. Box 551, Samoa Boy, April 5 REDWOOD MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hydesvllle Boy, April 3 Aucher, Mr. and Mrs. Loult · Arcala Boy. April 4 Pelenon, Mr. and Mrs, Edward Eureka Boy, April 4 Pretrok, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cflrlotta 'Boy, April $ ; Del Blagglo, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fortuna Boy, April 5 SEASIDE HOSPITAL Dickason, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crescent City Girl, March U Thomas, Mr. and Mn. Leon Brookings Son, March 29 Stone, Mr. and Mn, James Crescent City Son, March IB Henry, Mr. and Mri. Raymond Brooktngs . Son, March 28 Guthrle, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Brookings Girl, March 29 Graves, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth City Son, March 31 · Gllmore, Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Brookings Girl, March 3D ST. JOSEPH HOSPITAL Peters, Mr. and Mrs. John A. 4900 Herron Rd. Girl, March 30 Kimm, Mr. and Mrs. R9dney 2111 Harris St. Girl, April 1 Gundlach, Mr. and Mrs. Shirley 123 Randolph St, Boy, April 2 Del Grande, Mr. and Mn. Joseph 3570 Albee St. . Boy, April 2 Gage, Mr. and Mrs, Eugens 4072 Excelsior Rd. Boy, April 2 , Heathman. Mr. and Mri. Gilbert Rt. 1, Box 41? Girl, April 2 Lelthelfer, Mr. and Mrs. Harold 1302 F St. Boy, April 3 Berland, Mr. and Mrs. Maynard 3846 Wellington Boy, April 4 Eastburn, Mr. and Mrs. Dale 4955 Boyd Rd., Arcata Girl, April 4 Simmons, Mr. and Mrs. John Rt. 1, Box 227, Ferndale Girl, April 4 TRINITY HOSPITAL Stonebarger, Mr. and Mrs. Bob P. 0. Box 424 Girl, April 1 Wackerly, Mr. and Mrs. Marland 3004 Central Ave. Boy, April 1 Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. David Rt. 1, Box 34, Samoa Boy, April 3 Knasel, Mr. and Mrs. James P. O. Box 2234 Girl, April 3 . Glpson, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne P. 0. Box 54, Crannell Boy, April 4 Hess, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Rf. 1, Box 191, Bayslde Girl, April 4 MARRIAGE LICENSES 2 April 5, 19S2 Allen Earl Parrls, Arcafa and Kay Frances Phillips, Eureka Wayne Fred Beltelspacher, Fort Smith, Arkansas and Judith Lynn Laeger, Redway Ronald Lee Dunsing, Arcata and Edith Merfhella Prater, Arcata David Thomas Extine, Eureka and Claudle Marie Stanfleld, Eureka IN APPRECIATION 9 "CARDS OF THANKS ARE GOOD FORM" --Said Emily Post I "Cards of Thanks" may be used appropriately to thank friends ot the deceased. "In Memonam" and Mass NoIIcei afford friends the opportunity to send appropriate messages lo the family of the deceased. To Insert Cards of Thanks, In Memor- lam Mesa Notices- Memorial Dedication, on this page, phone HI 3-1711, Ext 204 and ask for Eve Edwards. She will gladly assist you with helpful Information regarding correct wording. LOST FOUND 15 CLASSIFIED LOST AND FOUND Anyone finding keys, glasses or lost articles, may bring them to the COURTESY SERVICE Counter at Eureka Newspapers where owner may claim! Found: 1 small brown black dog. HI 3-53B3 after 5 p.m. LOST -- Female German short hair. Chll dren's pet. REWARD. VA 2-1993 Lost: Young greay Persian cal In vicinity of Del Norle I \ Sts.. April 3. Chll dren's pet. REWARD. HI 3-0974. Lost -- Small black female dog. Very crooked front legs Reward. NO 6-5016 LOST: Ladies aqua dinner ring In Eureka Bowl Friday evening. March 30. REWARD -- HI 2-1541 AMUSEMENTS 19 HUMBOLDT GRANGE, SPRUCE POINT Card Party Every Tuesday Games, 7:30 -- Cards, 8:30 PUBLIC GAMES EVERY WEDNESDAY et B P.M. Eagles Hall, 1317 California Street. ^UBLIC GAMES every TTiursday -- B p.m. Moose hall. 107 Fifth Street- Card Party at Carlotta April 7. Games 7:30 Cards B:3D Complete Birthday Parlies. MINI-BOWL 2575 Harris HI 2-541? PERSONAL NOTICES 23 PLAN ELIMINATES Funeral Expense Persons ages 1 to TO are now eligible to register In a plan that provides tlon to providing funds the plan enables the person to specify funeral plans. Tho plan costs only a few cents a day. For complete Information without obligation, write the PURPLE SHIELD PLAN, Box 278 c/o Eureka Newspapers, Inc. Or Call HI 2-1079. MOVING AND STORAGE Free Estimates HI 3-3161 IN 4-4412 Credit Union Members: Low premium rate auto insurance, Cflll JOHN ALLEN, HI 2-3151. .rjflc Telephone construction man In Palo Alto would trade with same In Eureka area. VA 2-14B2. TASTY HOMEMADE PASTRY! NORMA'S Murray Field Restaurant HI 3-i?01 Eureka CONVERT NOW! Double breatlcd jultt fa tingle breasted (22.50. VAN'S TAILORS a. CLEANERS, 317 E Street HI 2-3012. BULLER'S, th* friendly Texaco Service serve you a. m. to 10 p, m. daily- Sundays 8 a. m. to 1 p. m. HI 3-5200. "TOAST to the TOURIST". . . Breakfast In the FLAMINGO ROOM at WALT'S, 3331 fl'dway, HI 2'9769 UNWANTED HAIR fit moved permanently. Estellft Hemcn way. R. E., 423 Henderson St. HI 3-0944. FOR THAT E X T R A BIT '0 PEP MASTER'S TOAST LOAF ocki need repmrma? Insure your snfrty with Security. Locksmith. Shop, JJl ifh St. HI J-7177. WHO'S WHO siisi*Br; f3r i. in the Humboldt 0|^f^' . Ms Crafts : A DP A "·: ·.;/.. li?'1 ?"*];.'' AKtA " ' ' · Professions Air Ambulance Air Ambulance comparable lo ground ambulance rates. 3 new airplanes for 19e2. Also airplane sales, leases, renlels, charier. HI 3-50U. PIERCE FLYINS SERVICE Alterations Dressmaking Alterations DressmaKlna, Tailoring, Ma chine Emhrolrierlng, KemstlllchlnD, But ton and Buttonholes. The' Cameo Fashion Shoppe 710 Fltth St. HI 3-2040 Auto. Glass McBRIDE MOTORS AUTO GLASS INSTALLED ?!6 Broadway, Eureka HI 3-73B9 Bail Bonds EUREKA BAILBOND cur RAIE LOWEST RAIDS S, FASIEST SERVICE Across the street from the lail HI 2-5795 ANYTIME II you want to get sprung call RAY GENUNG 924 4th St., Eureka HI 3-1606 -- PAUL WILLIAMSON -Dan Hays Bail Bond Agency HI 2-67S9. Bottled Water Spring and Distilled HI 3-3023 iNgersoll 44611 LIST YOUR SERVICE IN THIS DIRtCIORY 3 Lines-- 7 days i 4-20 3 Ltnes-1 month ·· *!*.* 3 Lines contract rate-- 1 month $11. » Phone Hi 2-1711 -- Ext. 207 Chimney Cleaning cleaning, repairing and odd lot*. HI 32922. Commercial Refrigeration BARKER'S REFRIGERATION Contractors -- Commercial Refrigeration Custom Farming PLOWING, DISCING, LEVELING, back fill, lot clearing, rotary cutting. F. E. LEE, 1940 "S" St. Phone HI 3-3501, Dry Wall Construction Taping, texturlnu. Quality work reasonable rates. Free estimates. D. L. Breckner. HI 3-2917. House Moving HOUSE MOVING Our Specialty.- Call HI 2-4511 for a Fiee Estimate. A. C. JOHNSON, House Movers. 3134 North Highway 101, Eureka. Lawnmower Sharpening LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED EUREKA SAW WORKS 1829 -- 4th St. HI 2-0160 PERSONAL NOTICES 23 PERSONAL NOTICES 23 CUT RA1 KNOW YO If arrested you have a rig call to a Bailbondsman. Ma sure to get results -- the only ON THE JOB-- ccross the s o day. YOU GET ONLY ONE C · EUREKA E will alway LOWEST RATES AND FA If you want call RAY Across the stre 924-- 4th St (4th J) [E BAIL!!! UR RIGHTS ht In nnjs hut HW1 Y OMF ;e that call where it will be' bondsman in town who LIVES treet from the jail-- 24 hours ALL DON'T WASTE IT!!! 3AILBOND 5 offer the iTEST SERVICE IN TOWN lo get sprung GENUNG 2t from the Jail -Eureka HI 2-979S anvtime SUBSCRIBERS IN EUREKA If you foil to receive your Standard by 6:00 p.m., Ph. HI 2-1711. Lines open till 7 p.m. on Standard. If you fail to receive y o u r Times by 7:30 a.m., phone HI 2-1711. Lines open until 9 a.m. on Times. FORTUNA -- If you fail to receive your Humboldt Times by 7:30 a. m., call Mike Coletta, RAndolph 5,2077.. Complaint calls taken until 8:00 a. m. ONLY! If the Humbaldt Standard isn't received by 6:00 p.m., call Mike Coletta, RAndolph 5-2077. Complaint c a l l s t a k e n u n t i l 7:00 p. m. ONLY! ARCATA If your Humboldt Standard isn't received by 6 p.m., call VA 2-0462 not later than 7 p.m. If the Humboldt Times isn't received by 7 :30 a m., call VA 2-0462. Complaint rolls taken until 8:00 a. m. ONLY! In Crescent City, if you do not receive your Humboldt Times please phone Clyde Stennett, INgersoll 4-3734. If no answer Phone INger- soll 4-3171 Complaints are taken until 10 a.m CASH REFUNDS FOR CLASSIFIED The following Standard-Times classified advertisers have cash returns due them. They paid cash with copy- got low rates for their ad and re- date of their ad. Here's proof of the fast, effective results of Times-Standard Classified Wanls Ads. Is your name listed here? BRIETA BURCH 1200 Allard Ave., city 3.38 Glade Campbell t3 W. Pacific, city 2.2B Frank M. George 853 Westgate, city 1.60 Cecil Green I Rt. 1 Box 51SA, Arcflta 95 J. W. Johnson Gasquet, California 96 Ray H. McConnel P. 0. Box 96, Arcata 3.14 Herman Parton 959 D St., Arcata 1.7* Philip Santa Rosa 2018 Jt St., city 96 Wm. Sheppard P. 0. Box 4H, Fortuna 2.28 If your name h HUM above please come Into the Tlmei-Standard Clasit- fled Dept., 328 E Street, Eureka, within 30 days. Upon proper identification, we will gladly relund the monny due you. Peanut brittle. . . Peanut butter. . or |ust plain PEANUT RATEI Let's tio to LITTLE JOE'S whero you get S hamburgers for (1.00 to 30 1111 Broadway. DRINKING PROBLEM? Alcoholics Anonymous HI 3-3181. PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR HI I-rlCIO RAYMOND F. POSCIC FOR SUPERVISOR A meal -- that's real CHINESE OR AMERICAN -- LENTEN SPECIALS -Wee Bee Cafe 322 F Street, Eureka HI 3-H34 PERSONAL SERVICES 30 COATS, DffESSES, SUITS restyled. Also general alterations, 2320 Hillside Drive. Ht 3-3742. JOBS WANTED-WOMEN 50 Babysitting by hour or flay. Also pro- rates. Call HI 3-4395. Day care for 1 preschool child. My licensed home. 2837 Calif. (Grotto St. entrance.) HI 3-2059. Day work nigh) babysitter. HI 2-582B Live In as companion or housekeeper to elderly lady or -couple. RA 5-3027 Widow will do bachelor apt. or house cleaning. .Experienced practical nurse. HI 2-7570. Day care for your small child In my home. Also, home typing. Reasonable. HI 2-5203. Invalid desires office work at home. Phone 92fi-5309 or write to: Box 155, Alderpoint, Caif. Convalescent Care, Motet, Ironing or what-have-you. Own transportation. References, experience. HI 2-1961. Will do housework oy hour, ($1.25 hr.) Also practical nursing. HI 2-7570 JOBS WANTED-MEN 5! I pickup and deliver. Cut like new guaranteed. HI 3-3326. Service Station attendant with 5 yrs. experience with own station. CARPENTER FOR HIRE. 12.50 oer hour. New construction or repairs. TE 9-2180 after 5:30 p. m. Dependable man wants yard work. Vicinity Henderson Center. HI 3-2371 CUSTOM LAWN MOWING HELP WANTED WOMEN 52 MANAGER TRAINEES Excellent opportunity for advancement. Need career minded women willing to take responsibility. Able to relocate atler training. Age 15-45. If you have had retail selling or managerial experience of any type call Miss LEE MILLER, HI 2-6441, April llth, 9 B. m. to 7 p.m. or send resume to Box 281, c/o Eureka Newspapers. BOOKKEEPER Office experienced In accounts payable, bookkeeping machine and typewriter. 5 day week. Start $290 mo. Raise (n 3 months. ALLYN PLACEMENT AGENCY 730 5th St., HI 2-1677 or 2-9344 WOMAN . . . Experienced In Ready-To-Wcar soiling. Apply IN PERSON ONLY, »t KENT'S. Experienced women only need apply. Mature, responsible woman as live In Nice home -- $60 monthly. Hi 2-D45B bofore S p.m. Rf-llable Elderly L»dy for Housekeeping. Small homo. 2 men pensioners. In Rotincrvllie. Write 3540 Church 51. Reliable Woman for Child Caro f, tight housework. 2-3 days per wk. Mv home. HI 34920. EXPERIENCED SALESGIRLS Wnnled !nr Rhtrln's of Arcatfl A Eureka. HI 3-6?D7 for appointment. \ Machine Shop Hanien Machine Weldlno Works Metalizing -- .Gluer Roll Grinding 7th and Broadway ' HI 2-2917 Pointing PAINTING -- PAPERHANGING Including Scenlu Sanltas, Reasonable. John Boyce, RO 4-3714, RA 5-3B45. Pumps BAY FUMP IRRIGATION For all pump supplies reapirs VA 2-44'0 days -- VA 242.51 nights. Tire Recap Sales Commercial -- 820 W. Murray Truck Repair DAYTON MURRAY BODY WORKS Rebuilding wrecked trucks a specialty. 8th and B Streets HI 2-A295 Well Drilling RICH JOHNSON TE 9-2992 Gravel Packed Wells TE 9-173! TE 9-2286 TE 9-1341 Yard Work 'YARD CARE L S, C Yard Service Ht 3-4027 HI 3-3808 HELP WANTED WOMEN 52 Mature, reliable woman for babysitting in my home. Must have own transporta tlon references. VA 2-OB47 after 6 p. m HELP WANTED MEN 53 - WANTED Carrier Boys Times and Standard Several excellent routes available soon. Out of town areas please write the Circulation Dept., Eureka Newspapers, Inc. giving name, address and age Boys in Eureka, Arcata, McKinleyville and Blue Lake, phone Ihe Circulation Dept., Hillside 2-1711. Here 'ii on excellent opportunity to earn your mm soendinc money and win many fine anc valuable prizes. Tire Service Salesman Applicant must be able to first sell, then service his truck tire accounts. Polential Income S7000 annually and upwards. Compensa* tlon Includes salary plus commission. Applicant should be between the ages ot 2J 35, and be a permanent resident of this area. WARD'S CALL HI 3-3033 FOR APPOINTMENT WANTED Boys 12 years or older in Crescent City area to deliver Humboldt Times routes. Call Mr. Clyde Stennett for i n f o r m a t i o n at INqersol 4-3734. ing routes available soon. INVESTIGATOR TRAINEE National organization needs man to train a? an Insurance Investigator Prefer single man who could train in Vallejo and then work In Eureka ofte training. This is a permanent salaried position In Eureka. Must have car be able io type and have complete! high school. Car allowance, bonuse and full company insurance benefits Good opportunity for advancement White Box 432. Vallejo, listing you qualifications and employment history Sales -- FACTORY REPRESENTATIVE National AAA-1 Mfg. Co. needs representative to work established territory with great growth potential Compensation discussed In Interview For appointment writs Box 248, Eu reka Newspapers, Inc. EARNINGS UNLIMITED for a young ambitious man In the field of direct '58les. 4 county area -- mus earn b!g commissions! Write Box 28 c/o Eureka Newspapers, Inc. WANTED 2 MEN AGE 25-30 Dependable credit rating and reputfttio above average wages. Must be In posl tlon to buy or finance truck. Ca Pepsi Cola Bottling Co , of Eureka fo Information and appointment. HI 3-4B56 Experienced Journeyman re-capper Mus be bondable. union scale wages olhe company benefits. Apply B. F. Good rich Re-Cup Plant, Short Whlpple St Ask for Mr. Chas. still. VAN OPERATORS, TRUCKMEN NEED ED. EXPERIENCED OR INEXPER Make more money. Year-round work with fastest growing mover. Be in business for yourself. Paid training II needed. Latest furniture trailers, all loads supplied. Age 21 or over, pass physical, own or can finance 'S? or later tractor, 260 cu. In. or larger. Writs Mayflower Tranilt, Box 107, Oept. V, Indianapolis d, Ind. MEN Over 21, go to work Immediately. No seasonal layoff. Plenty of overtime Hiring from 9 a. m. to U noon. 310 1= Street, Eurckfl, Room 109. ness duties varied interesting H 3-im for Appointment. WANTED MEN, WOMEN 54 Experienced prcsior ror cleaning plant Woman or man. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. Apply 10) Jlh St., Eureka NEW TROV LAUNDRY AND CLEAN EPS. . JOB CENTER \ ERVICE station atlendant ... $1.25 hr. Experienced · i REFRIGERATION engineer ... $1.50 hr. Experienced SPLIT makers Piecework Experienced SAW (Her $2.65 hr. Department of Employment Offering Ihe area's largest source of skilled, semi-skilled, and labor lobs 311 5th St., Eureka . HI 3-080) CLARKE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY. VA 2-0742 days. HI 3-4996 eveningi ALLYN PLACEMENT AGENCY Specialists In office personnel 730 Fifth Street HI MS77 SCHOOLS INSTRUCTION 57 HUWBOinr BUSINESS COLLEGE Day Evelng Classes B12 6th St. HI 3-7308 loom free to an employed middle aged woman In return for companionship to older woman. Henderson Center area. HI 2-073B. PEACEFUL COUNTRY SET (ING Room, home cooking care for elder- ! ly ladles. McCRANIE Guest Home. · 13S1 -- Q, Arcata, VA 2-2M4. We have openings ror older men or women al the Harris Rest Home, 1750 K St., Eureka, Hi 3-294'). ROOM BOARD TV LIVING ROOM. Home atmosphere. Men only. 1303 Eye Street ' Have vacancy for i elderly lady In HUTCHINS NEW licensed Guest home. TE 9-2461. We have a vacancy for 2 ladies. Licensed vocational nurse in charge. Overholt'i Guest Home, HI 2-5654, ROOM-BOARD WANTED 61 Gentleman, not too fussy wants room and board. Will furnish references. Write P.O. Box 457, Eureka. ROOMS FOR RENT FURN. 62 CLEAN modern, heated rooms, J9 per week and up. TV in lobby. Some kitchen privileges. Men only. 603 K St. RILLINGTON ARMS · NICE CLEAN HEATED ROOMS. Daily Maid service. S10 and up. Men only. 903 A St., Eureka. Gentleman: Furnished sleeping room t In private home with private entrance, j Non-drlnkurs. 944 N St. ! ' 1 CENTRAL HOTEL 4th E ' Reasonable-Downtown-Elevator-- TV SLEEPING ROOMS -- WITH GARAGE. MODERATE WEEKLY RATES. TOPPER MOTEL 1919 4lh St., Eureka Travelers Hotel, 6th and H Sts. Daily and week rates. Free T.V. In ! lobby -- HI 2-2957. Clean heated sleeping room. Kitchen privileges. Men only. S30 per mo. 1446 C St. Nice healed sleeping roam In private home. Near Henderson Center. SB per week. HI 3-5222 1 ' after 3. Clean healed room and apts. $T to J3S week. Men only. Club kitchen, T.V Room, Colonial Hotel, 213 G Street. Warm comfortable room on busline. $3 per woe*. 2312 C St. HI 1-0665. SLEEPING ROOM on Jitney line. Near shopping center. Ht !-3!68 service, telephones, TV. 110.50 wk., up. Hotel Vance, 2nd K. G Sts. 3 Sleeping Rooms. $30. Men only. See While house across from Manila Mkt. on Samoa Rd. FURNISHED ROOM WITH GARAGE. Close-in. Young reliable man preferred. HI 2-7714. APARTMENTS 64 DELUXE LIVING: , Capri Surf Apartments' ' 1 t, 2 bedroom unitj. Large closet storaga. All electric kitchens, wall to wall carpet, swimming pool and carports. Furnished or unfurnished. 230 W a hash HI 2-4940 or 1335 6th St. -- HI 3-«G3. Brand New Duplex -- Eureka 1 carport; plenty of storage} built-in oven and range} utility room; hardwood floors. S9/.50 per month. H. E. i W A L T E R CO., 944-H St., Arcata, : VA !-2975. Evenings VA 2-3578. Best for the Money Very clean moaern sunny coiy furnished apartment. Venetian blinds, two good gas heaters, dry store rojm, garage. One or 2 adults. No pets. It's a love nest among colorful shrubs. Peaceful surroundings. Ht 2-32S2. S6S Downstairs 1 a nished apt. Closed in Sun porch. Private bath entrance. Washing facilities, no pets. S10 deposit. 2303 Summer or inquire U25 G St., Eureka. 1230 -- H St., APARTMENT OF CHARACTER. 1 bedroom, (win beds optional. 2 generously sized closets. Nicety furnished. Utilities paid. Adults please. , IN DOWNTOWN FORTUNA J Attractive clean fully furnished one i and 2 bedrooms. McLEOD'S FOR- i TUNA REALTY, 1741 Main, Fortuna, 1 RA 5-3311. SPACIOUS $120 -- Furnished 2 bedroom apts. Built- in electric kitchens. Wall to wall car- 4 garbage paid. Older child^OK^HI 2-2402. PARK PLAZA APTS ager. 1SP5 H St. VA 2-v203 or VA 2-1661. ARCATA Lovely furnished 1 bedroom garage apartment at 3329 L St., in the rear. For bachelor or couple. S75 per month with water and sewer paid. Call Hi 2-4264 afler 6 p.m. S75. Downstairs apt. Unfurnished except refrigerator 8, slave. Nice location. All HI 3-67B7 days - HI 2-7263 eves. ' Furnished -- 3 room Sunny flat. New furniture and paint. Close In Quiet place. Garage. $70. Adults. No dogi o!4 llth St. 2 - 1 bedroom bachelor apts. Clean, furnished. Water, garbage, electricity pa'd. HI 3-4365 belore 3, or HI 3-SSOO anytime. / 3 room furnished apartment. Clean. Near Plara. VA S-0446. W5 -- i bedroom flat. Slave and re- (r '9 flr a»or furnished. Near Wabosh WO - 3 room clean modern unfurnished except refrigerator iiove. Water garbage. Inquire 1002 C St., HI 2-1276. FURNISHED APT WITH GARAGE In Fortuna. Ideal for 1 or 2 persons. 2 ROOM APARTMENT. Furnished. Good lor couple or jlnflle person. HI 2-2380 or 1111 D Strccl. S6S, 3 small room furnished apl. Very tlflan, SitltAblo for bachelor or couple. JSO - Small 1 hfdrooro unfurnished housa with enroot. HI 35438 J

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