Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1963 · Page 18
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 18

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1963
Page 18
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P«g« B-10-4NDEFENDENT LMH tuck, eta* T»n. Uri a. isi MAKE MONEY any time through Classified ads! Sell ro-longer-uscd items for cash. «SI C013IKUTOS ' MISS fOITUNt $1,3(3 IKKfOT TOMORROW 1:11 Defatej itfiVv} I "Girl Hemtt Temikl* S. Viet A T ow President Bans Public Tivisting SAIGON fl'PI}--President Ngo Dich Dieza'l govern nrnt rfrancH »rsotr*r urt blanket around the frivoJou* wt in Saigon" Monday by birring the twist in all public places. sources said the Infocmed government soon will ask the American Embassy to ban the twist music on the broadcasts', of the VS. armed forces radio} station here. It was another step in implementation of the LB. Symphony Is Superb in SRO Concert;'Julien Musafia Masterful By RACHEL MORTOX Show Times Not only was the auditorium of Long Beach City College sold out Sunday night ' for the fourth concert of the (performance by her teacher.iwas the recipient of several «.*-·«...,. »v I i I J · u* ·* i -- «.. _!~B~ _t , . ° Beach Orchestra, but OfEN NOON [ 11ACABEMT AVTAETS | CPE* 4 P.M. u"vt L.I. tntntm^nt I ACACEMT AWAI3 MOMIWATIOM "DATS OF WINE | AND ROSES" -tin! a JLJjn 0?EN i:ll R. MJtcfwm S. MacLxn* *T*t Fir thi Sn«»" . JKCWl ·» JiJO-ll-H 1 S. M«l« . tux Tmfr I -Klu'l Col Ui idiei* M Color--10 OiK DOOM OPEN 7:3 S TAIH AT I" "'THE BRIDGE" T.rn JACKPOT ~_ ' · · · . . , ac*3*ju ui "morality'.- Uw. Syiaphoay |ThU statute prohibits cock-J standing room was sold as fighting, dancing, contracep- welL r.-es, and · the ' singing oT moody Vietnamese l o n g s . -- -which are believed in official^*?- ***^. ««*? circles to lower morale. O W N E r KOIW4U i. ll«n Tl 14111 :ci tr nniEi" ... _"!«··» TI i-mi ·CHITII!) IF t»!S1 MTIU" ·FIU.I1 Til IITf on ait. itt. t-t. 1 1 · in mi SIIIITI -Jti if ntmi" ^ given was worthy of a capacity audience. It was broad The outlawing of the twist , scope, well contrasted and -- both words and music--'well performed, ollowed an order from U-S.I Bach's Brandenburg Con- military chief Gen. Paul D. certo was made noteworthy Harkins b a n n i n g "intense by the superb artistry of pi- areweHs" between Gls and mist Julien Musafia. His lim- IF.OONBO IE4CH mm tut. I « · n 11::« -I »n.u ii «iJim- -jsttitn ti COMrTON II 14111 UIU« G4COEN GIOrE IIGfl n I-till ··I nius TI ·until" ·usiioii n WltUINGTOV 1*11131 ItiittnUcn) I l « 1 0 H1 U FI1UIII- II ·llltt- S4NT4 JIM* ST1TI 1IT. Kl W. « » U Ml! -toil w:i ii latssf* ul II »lit "Fltll »!T1BOT 1 mi- -ItgiTII ITU1SUI- 11 v:lJI9i Aluftra Fimtan 01 I-IEI -/0»l»- ·TCU«» III I1TI- ltOIT. 1l7IINrtl. »!»« »i ru:i ii tn loi* i. ft] ·- »»«i ir»« » ·-·osie »»i- -WHl ItniHt Tl lltl Hit* ~ iwnrci p-itnmisi ·tiDitiiii ir mitt n!in* ·win CBI in itrici- This augurs very well for successful future of the which Berlioz remembered from his sojourn there. The viola, as the solo instrument, U heard intermittently, being Here are the starting times of features at local theaters^ as furnished by theater managers: WtIT COUT _ ts. · jaT DOVT MISS the fine selection of home values offered Williaa Primrose. ·Hirold in Italy," in four movements, depicts musically ..._ the impressions of I t a l y evening was Richard Strauss' Primrose would have proud of her. ATLANTIC v» ion.- 151. lllfWOOO . , "Caurtidi* ol FUtiw." *.« The greatest music of the »a "»·«»· »» ·«»·" ··«· ·TUvortt, I1ili«*"lvl«.- I.C. 10« Tenn rt Trt*!.- I «i «CIT Tone Poem, "Don Juan" and it was given a magnificent' performance by the orches-| tra. Lauris Jones conducted really a part of the orchestral: the whole prodigious pro- Rim J.JT W.OClU OPEN W JL*L-*ft» ALL MICkT Jmn ITlWA»T-Cf»ct KILLY MittftcaC* HJ M C*W "REAR WINDOW" SUM. *»GXI« -- J*m COU.IKI COmatt O · I :tx -- C«Wr "STOP OVER TOKTO" CM BAIUT --C»jrts*T HUFT "UlEERWiTER WIRBIOR" i their Vietnamese girl friends at the Saigon airport. pid tone, impeccable phrasing Israeli Air Chief in U.S. for Planes and effortless interlaced the performance solo violin. played by Edwina Smith, and the solo flute, played by Barbara Moore, and gave impor TEL AVIV IfV--Israel's air tance to the whole. Both force commander. Brig. Eier.ladies are accomplished mu Weizmana, and Deputy De- sitians and the trio unaccom fense Minister Shimon Peres pmied was of a lovely blend flew to Monday the to United States in music typical of the Bach complete ne-Jchorales. All forces joined in gotiatons on deliveries of jthe allegro in a grand sum Hawk ground-to-air intercep- ming up. tor missiles for the Israel; armed forces. MARGARET MAIN, violist The a n n o u n c e m e n t on!was the featured soloist in Hawk deliveries to Israel to Berlioz's "Harold in Italy.' ensure a Mideast arms bal-| She played upon the priceles ance was tember. whole, rather than nant entity. For this reason.' the great Paganini refused to play it and for this reason he soloist does not have much opportunity to shine. But in "Scenes of Melancholy," Margaret Main made he tones of the viola sob. A it fast seemed the "Pilgrim's March," with its lugubrious recurring horn note, but the cross-bowing of the soloist was effective in smoothness and clarity. . · · « IN THE folk-like music of the Third Movement there was opportunity to hear the rich, velvet tone of the viola in the solo serenade. The highly dramatic "Orgy of the Brigands" was frantic indeed with horn blasts in shrill triplets and clamorous strings. In the quiet interludes, the gram memorably. made last Sep-iGuarnerius riola made in 169[which was loaned her for thi viola shone with resplendence. The work is long aw! arduous, but genuinely inspired. Margaret Main recalled enthusiastically flHELUOOD KA5.J530 «sirl._t««tt« tux :I-FIEE rucme ENDS TONIGHT! CLEKK fO*V\ rUNNIXtT ·COUITSKir EDDH-J F1TKII' "FOU.OW THE IOrS' -- COLDI STARTS TOMORROW! SOI MIRACLES WORLD lBvt_JHilB. ·UMoM/^Ml, J.«. TOWKC ·TM IIKfTY Wlfcw.- I Ii »:«, «.» 1.3d "Imaot of U)»TBt." 12. C. 1:2 i ii I.B. »TMo".. ,, ., .^^ ...... _v... t.flCL t-'ft ll:li wnM Tver Haopcned to Babv Jane," 2:31 'PA LAC EM n run »vi--PHONI i-- "UAjotrrr OF OMI- ·GIDGn GOES HAWAIIAN" 'IOT WHO STOU UllUON" AST UNITED "COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER" I AT! ARTISTS "FOLLOW THE BOTS" ALL COLOR UNITED ] STARTS IDS ALTOS ARTISTS *'«·»·· DRIVE-IN ^^JIOMORROW^S3 METRO »LUJ -ACTION CO-HtT ·el JOHN I1ELAKO "No Time to Kill" WESTCOASTlOMORROW CIRCLE »u»cctt. j STAR |J Uno,^, The Legendary Conflict of MANKIND'S MIGHTIEST MORTALS! The only all-Jet service to Delta's convenient dally Jet schedules to the Southeast pot Los Angeles passengers ia Dalh* in time for that afternoon conference . . . an evening of fun ... or the "first-thmg-ia- the-racjmins" appointment Choose First Class or Tourist, Either my, the service is in the famed Delta traditka . . . always personal, Quick yrv^ exceedingly thoughtful. LOVE FIELD Lv. 8:00 am air. 12:34 pm Lv. 12:05 pm air. 4:39 pm Lv. 5:10 pm air. 9:44 pm Lv. 1:35 am air. 6:11 am Jetonrist $72^0 The only Jets to ATLANTA The only Jets to QRlANDO/Cape Canaveral The most Jets to NEW ORLEANS The only Jets to BIRMINGHAM* The only Jets to S AH JUAN The only Jets to MONTEGO BAY* The fastest Jets to CARACAS OH Delta at NE 9^50 or w your Travel Agent i he air line ulth the BIG JETS A N O T H E R O F . M - G - M ' s "GOLDEN OPERETTAS"! Today Only 5f "MERRY WIDOW" SHOWN AT 1:15.3:45. 4:20. 8:50 errvmiDoia PLUS-- -IMAGES OF LUANGA"-- COLOR PACIFIC THEATRES - jL TOWU . U25 ItllBtit "IIEIIt »IBSW» ji. ti j-ini ·nitEi ii i»nt«- IITDII KE t j:n lias roiieir. -usit m- tl Illl JH[" STJTI till leiilin 0«a« ( fat *· "««-»· ""'"« " " HE 7 Mil nt i-tltl "' "'"" " STXITS JOUOItOW AT itrou 'DATS CF WI«£ 113 IOSES' *rrj CK.T PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES 10 J tlTCS " term: 3(- )f - ^'IWtWOOD HSl TIIIIIT! 3f e»rs»«, Ckerrj*- »"»-«· «·«'" 3f a 1-9331 ' "'" " " l " it1 "' CI1CLI )^_ TnBx Cinli 5f CE ittr- *'CHT8FF1IU 111" IIDS reinir Wj«vtr II Imirit .| a ., kftT ., JnIl4 , JTXIII TOU01IOW AT LOS ALTOS It HiHiae* it til HarWi Flo' "13 TIME TB WLL" HI-WiT 31 _ _ ,, _. . Ir. C.G. KttL a Jt [iDt iiittin . l»*u-Ltt liaicb -IITI IT .^ ··WIUIIVIUIIII" IT4IT5 TOMOIIOW xr cuctE "8¥U OF TIT4IS* "TiJZll, THE KICIIFICtrP 1I3S LOIS IEACH «.^. r. ITIIII S93T1 F» -t:ISl »F -Jltl ^-nf^lH H»IItlSTI:i' Til 4- IIJI HI IIILIil b Ci!«r »«L 111 rilTIIEl ··OBll - I I I ir CIET Til Flllir* »D«»1- 5t UKOLI )f U 7-2223 nat ·P[l:tl IF itjmintir- II ti!«r XSi! I l l l PEI I l l l t THICIR -Y17-35)i -trtakfui «t TBtiij'l" JtJI ft! ciiuai ST4ITS TOUOdOW LINCOLN -«irta men* -ttlPSUIT WALK* ST41TS TOUOIIOW WJINE1 -SH.EIDOJ II THI tEASS* "Will H THE WHO SICE* STARTS TOMORROW! THEY HAD A. DARING PLAN., ana* the courage to use it! WALT DISNEY MlRAUEcftheWHFTE STALLIONS tn toicn luj curr TAYLOR-PALM ER'JURGENS HDS-- SECOM9 O3TST1NDING FEATU1E! BKWEQNE iurri. NICHtt BAT · FZCMIX KIVCIA *ITLIHTIC : '·" "^MBO" ; cTM, * IS^K.£"· "FOLLOW THE BOTS" J .fcl* ? *******t. »"!t«T »«i»0 KOMmlt *****+***** ART 1 "DIVORCE ITAL1AH STTLF 1 * «'" 5 I'M US' I "TERM OF TRIAL" { ^JJr » I HIT DAT - - CUVlH-tWOml ."BORN YESTERDAY" emus THURSOAT, Vinitf t»l r»t»c/i»t litany if Mi f irrj H»|« TT Uow »^ 13iPJH.CU William Talraan

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