The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 5, 1957 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1957
Page 5
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1 <. * •*. f U I""' V ) / TV T^S-x" 1 ' ' t ,-*f* K "VJ& ^3* * f- ^ -, "V^",^ ^ ^T'T^^.^^^g __^.. ... * 9fi ***** tFtfttftimftttft^Iftd^ iy Services Effiphasiif et Creation bers From West Columbia T0£ On ioyterWWlUftei^ Party, f A &•• #ftf^*i&*irf" trJtt' u0 s iiuwercu cm n wv B ififo summer, CoRdn Ii ftbw _ fretf aimty -Mwwnf;. es 10 cartwheels diSffl is pattern, !! you're ift thft market f • ffittft, -,... *M JJ you'rt style nfid quality. * ufttfriev has total 1 MM. -. «*• ... i n nfitl m^ u&& A&0 iJKteM JftMft, S. Gwria Tlfiflttir the sunwesm leader, Mrs, As S. QBffift *«d Mrs. J. J. SlSht. "~« frSup we*8 urged 18 at£»«*»«»;4»> an** K^i-tieiiu tnft WOTU tl^tfSiif nt God'S ertalifcn will lado*. oft June" 41-51 ~ Sis* at Christian CMS Wathi* of old tteeari services Sunday irt i will be camp pastor f« tne Rei treat, with Mrs. Aaron Hanth* bhly cause and!"** of OkiftHoftia the frtisiibn- " will be the Lesson- «ry-^ charge ot »3.1S ii made topic. Sible selections "** j read include the follow frOm .Tsremiah 'Bt:l6i: t Lord Following the business . '— " Wade Bogy nca* ... . a program on Brokert A table with * |iass was placed on the _„„-. .,..h the passage, "Who- 'soevef drink of this water shall ithirst igate." Miss ftelke led «,, ^ .. - i*. '-"r the froup M. a song, followed i" bv Mary ftaker Eody by « Song by Mrs. E«neSt Ju- ytde the following (275.17'- bela. "iHsdort is wise but Irtsi Mrs, Quinn led a part, as- 18m; n* truth i* irite. no'stated by Mrs. Jubala, Mrs. :•,« lovely, no life i* life: Tielke and Mrs. Plummer the divine: no sood is. Smith. Other parts were given e socd God bestows" 'by Mrs. R. T. Pack, Mrs. Lloyd he Golden fexss is fforti| Brand V nd Mrs. Carl Bess. Station (4:11): "thou art 1 . Assisting were Mrs. Hattie "h.v. O Lord, to receive S 6 * 1 ^* 1 ^ *!"• Mab fi F" 11 ?"- r j and honour and ptwer:'J???' "• ?V T '?£"' [fhou h8st created all thin?r «?« «;<.!!;$?' .«5 <t~ ttw 4l*»^ fei£n«iti>«t 4UA«* MVIA IVir5 * opencc «nG Kits. . ior iny pleasure incy are ipn*«tWM,rh A .u, in** — ^ crea4d.» g&S&f ^ ff ° Up Jsbands Guests Skit Given PEG Dinner oter of their husband* recent-1 by high Speech MISS IftCKfi MAHILYH fRIDXY'i *n«a 9 »m* B t to Wlfl. na» J. Mulch Jt.. son ei M». and MM. WilUaffi J. Mute* St. «t Lik* J«tk»6ii i* ann«uae*d bf n*» ps«nU Mr. Ind Mrt, Ito* M. Friday H £>«irol(. Mleh, "tha CAXipl* plajt t July It wtddhig at in» St. Mary'* Slat et !•# 8*a ftalh. olie Chureh. WCJC "Srarlettes" Training Will Charm, Home Decor s with "Ten Miinon Minks,", • bwttlet tellini hew to ofieck quality^*f tHe.fur, ttfMHMin •the varlou* mutatlofts, and giving R complete from i CHICAGO ^W— ttdlfle fur- nishihgs of 1957 will borrow "aa air of mystery and Inttigttt from the veiled women ot the •Jear East,'.' aCbfirdlng U Will- of 0r. and Mrs. O. Johmoti on Plantation in Lake Jackson, dirty-four persons attend« event, including * gue*t, Berniece Wade of New Jly, Ind, to-hostes*e« with:Mrs. John\ included Mrs. George Dris- Mrs. B. W. Graves, and Dwight Wetherell. R. R. Swanke drama- book, "No Time For J-geants," as feature.' the entertain- the A charm course designed to it will be personality, pois^ good Jlr^' to '«**•"* «"«««««, 'vill includmp adults, jf there *:«i*hrti ;AM *KAU» a» v «w* , -| be offered [next fall at the demand for it. Mrs. Margo Austin, a a Pahlmann. said color will . | strike the most important note, Mr, Jte»K it, kw •§«««««, titr, and Mfi, «. S. ». M««*w «t €aii* Law. f h* th* -Htfd By ^infiplt^ (earn with "the ... Modefn ' Cleaners dressed state a»e jOldJ in'_ mallne '(the ne\Ve»t nAltltfon,' a place beige fur). the carpet bag stlH fs Oft fh« go. This spacious tih-y * nil, which dates back tp Civil Wflf dajs and the Reconstruction, period, shows ort handbag coUnT « • , «. i ine jonn ««^-"«^2^i^S^t^ Vanessa la Here School of Houston, creators of ecunv-e secWta^T ana ' ffitS^a^M^*"*^ frY*** W#«'*»««W '*> "the'^tfit* £«« «& 3±' - A- r -i^^iP^iiP^^iJwSs^i? - Rates are up, but... rs a better to insurance , posture, atjd.volce control. lesson* will cm-er aU , , , e*!* eithetfsun- "!^ !S" y 1 }?, n<JctaHe<1 * et or » n « e . quicksilver green"a ' s woman develop into the charming, graceful, poised and , pleasant person. GWs who pre-regUter this summer for participation in the Starl«tte« will automati- callr be included in the chartn ' Most Popular Man StizATH, y. 1. Mm- Anthony Schemaniky 1* the mo«t popular man at Magnolia Metal baited with sugar to lain and enamel, will be conversation pieces. ' The decorator also looks forward to the return ot the window "as a unit, as a relief from the acre* of flats and miles of fabric that give an institutional look to the home." "Elegant .grille* and screens," said Pahlmann, "will catch pattern* of light and shadow, Booth ":--—f—'i —.-. Yvfition of) Fre«port. Reva Young, Mai-y ', a trade, th« fashion in- report* that the cape ireliram Nortjf :Ftteport, Li* (* br '« this opting. „„..,„.., Wear Dally, the trade publlcnc tion, says that the fashion undoubtedly has been given, a. big boost recently by it* appearance throughout the movie, "Around the World irt 00 Days," the leather, good* carpet ^ h .!i~fiVoriti with-wotoen Smith .Chrysler-Plymouth since; It now makes it in wool plsyerj with a 2,359 point to-1 carpeting,: tapestry, gi-ps point, tal for a threc-game series \v a -,needle potrtt, ana Ughtweight given the award /of highest * Ua ««6r- fabrics. ••••-••••••'•••• Serlel of the year. .Close be- Itind to pWt up second place t , , pace , T ook for thc rtchnesa of gold Robinson-Texaco team 1°' ) .?« P» r '°'_ljjf ; fall fashion ?* 01 ^,?* . le * dta « »"• , ln chUd JS" * weif "»'* . i ho J!??' from . tverint*. .••' "f i • i ™ w> ^"ra ana ensembles have •The Edwardiin Inhuent*, H""** J* C u ke "-' Coat * >•'*• which has been so strong with hlflU " H h " %1 " -~- -"" J , Flfcsgeraid, Jewell Rei!, Nettle Ma«;F.rathcr, and Mary Louise Oahl, alt of freeport. Also, Cliarlene Brimaga and Wanda Adkin* of Jones Cre*k, .with Lou Patterson,; Ruby Houston, fiachel ,T*acy, Lucille Robuubft "and Wanda ! White, all of *H-ee{kirt. , A\v«rds wer«! presented to the outstandinlt' teams and individual players for th* year. the ..t*»v« top team av/nrds W*n,t to' th« Smlth-Chir'.V.iIer- PlymoUth team, first; Robin. son Texaco Service Station with 2.314 rolled points. The individual ' ~ *— x "* w *•«*« momon picture. The National Ascocla- tion of Blouse Manufactu. er* to Dorthy McGlnsls of Clutr- for rolling a of 236 points, In second place wi'b 235 points was Coral Grahpm of Freeport. Awards for (he high series went to Dorlhy McOinnis with a eso for' h^ii series of a threesome : total, Picking up second place: mutcci antiqiKr.looklflg shade, as ils leading color-fen fall promotion, i f , The floral touch show* throughout the 'accessories as spring and sum- ;th'B.I cng up second place: vrtUi^e^al.fadc-Jito,;;,; n «8« pahits was Joyce Beard. i?,lher ; TA,,ihe.:tl6irat 'blouses, to Special awards :^Wehe--: re- oe^vbrh \With ta.ik j Special awards J-'yehiB-:"; pre- *"^6d, to variou.c r mtenibet* of the teams, with - Wanda Aak"Snj deceiving an arm patch for be- A lie was formSd beiwwn in-? the only person to roll a Myrtle ?ullaid of the Modern '"'"' -• : Cleaner* ; and Myrtle EfWd ; of the Kaylor Butariev team' for the Iniprovement .award. Both Improved their average by 21 i of Md dependable wrvic. ft« m *• company founded by Sean. Lart yew alone AJUtat* peJd wtr tm,~ 000.000 in claim* to protect ito polfcy- boiden. Proof that, whatever happen*, you can be cure you're Jn band* with Allatate! th» njn, time, AUrtate'f net ooet haa olwoyt been low! Partid- psting Teiaa policyholder« have re- c-ived eubetantial dividend savings «wy year in the paat Before you buy or renew auto kwu-ance, aee or phone you» AU«tat« Agent and let him show you why now, more than ever before. Allatate fc you* be* auto insurance value! CLARK ElMR FLOURNOY i, Boebuck and Co. £ldg. , Tew* Phone 3-8988 A N V »««TV<:TICIM Iriplc score of 138 each.'DOr- team.; second; and to the Dar M ^, ^5 .•-;—•• -•••• ,"«vo b '** d back*, *yen children'* patch for being the first and . ----- „ . — super-sophisticatej . only person sO far to roll 800 and over series. forgotten in th* path of liv * bl « traditionaFstyl «nd toproying modern design Novelty Suiting BATES Disciplined SPJ5CIAL PUBOHASE! FAOTOEY OLOSE-OUTB WAMSUTTA FABRICS , Reg, $1.39 STRAWHT. ilMPt-E LINES w wUeved U tki* lerely cMaa eabin.1 by th. <UU«a4« furring Uiw* el On bia«« War Milk* .lidinj MUM* dwn, Tlie biau into/ add* * oU«min« touch »| richa*** t« UM #»•, U fee* •*» 4» tiact, ha«r«v««. feom the btaiOy ei the youdonfttavaio FULL BOLT SCRATCH PONGEE 810X97 fcj* it when you u$e WANT APS

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