Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1969 · Page 23
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1969
Page 23
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C-6--INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM [PM] L ~" *'**· c ""- TUM LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE DENNIS THE MENACE By Hank Ketcham By Harold Gray MARMADUKL HOT WEE IS SOMEONE BLOOD?" RESEM8LIHG WHRHJCKS WE MUST THEM KtfHEISSTjLL CONCIUDEWT I ffriHEHOSPlWL OME U«S AN POSTOR" ft.1 THE HOSPIWL IS BEYOND DISPUTE! AHD'THE PROOF EVEN YOUR LIMITED toENTflLITY Cfifi GWISP THISSiMPtE rWHEMCTML EQUflTlOri-CHEPlUS J21LMOKES TWO!? THESE (CE2E TWO RUDYS WHCT^TX leFTTKE W1TSBUM 1HflT7rl£IMPOStOR WHsaivfi? U'flRBUCKS!' By Johnny Hart ID LJUE TO £= ETHlNfe IM A'J AMTKSUE CHAIR. I KNEW we coold make a skier out of'him SOME way I" WE WON'T WWTO DRIP THE TERRY AND THE PIRATES TUiUBLEWEEDS By Tom K. Ryan A(ARRIEP?/TOTHISSKEASy-HAIKEP HERE WE SO, IQVIR.. VICTOR ANPI AH N 6I60LO?/AH, HAH.' NOW I'M EEC-WHINS TO CA«E POWH HESETO/.1AKE L WE, WE WTENP TO SET HKRfP W WE SET THE PICTURE-B»LMA/ WANT PEACE AM? HAKMCW M THE ITU BE LIKE : FIRST TJCA-OiPA v^ixc, ONLY KPAKICA DIFFERENT! .ANNOUNCING-: LEAVE A SOUVENIR AKXINP \ ttHICH'PAWtt: SOTH Or YOU popyouRSMiu?. ONE'LL BE LIKE? SEMINAR 1 ; r- n jvrEt ^H POW \VCM CIRCLE iLCOUNCH-PK: By Bob Montana ANIMAL CRACKERS RIDICULOUS/ JUSF BLCAUSEX HAD MY OFFICE PAINTCD.-- WAN IS H£R ROOM REDECORATED r-- YES/ II ^ /^ ."9 V J JUST WENT BY AND SHE HAS A PAPER HAN6ER ALL RIGHT! ALL RIGHT! VOU TRAPPED ME.ELWOOD NOW CUT ME DOWN! WHATfcE V* WAITING FOf?? CAIOT CAKRV A POCKET KW1FE UWTILX'M SXTEEK) - By Carl Grubcrt OH COME ON, PETEE.'ANVONE CAN TB-L THIS IS A HORSE.' TMATS A GIRAFFE THE HORSE I THE OTHER PIECE OF PAPER.' OF COURSE) r HEY.' HOW ABOUT THAT? J1MMIE 'r-1 ITHATS A COOL LOOKING COW! DADCY, DO YOU WANT-TO SEE WHAT 1 DREW IN SCHOOL TODAY LOOK, FLO.. WAS CLEARING OUT SOME PRAWER5 AND I CAME ACROSS THESE OLD PHOTOGRAPHS OF YOUR WEPPIN6 THtRES ONE OF EB HELPIN5 YOU CUT THE CAKE IF Mr MEMORY SERVES ME RISHT, THAT'S THE LAST TIME HE SAVE Mt A HAND WITH MY7HING. MARK TRAIL CROSSWORD PUZZLE PRISCILLA'S POP WEVE CAUGHT OLD CLEM TWCF BUT SOMEHOW HE ALWAYS GETS OFF WITH A SMALL FINE/ VOU KNOW, IF PEOPLE WOULD QUIT WEAJ5INS ALLIGATOR SHOES AND BUVIN BAGS AND WALLETS, IT WOULD STOP ALL THIS GATOR HUNTING/; I RIGHI...SUT RIGHT NOW, DUR PROBLEM IS TO STOP POACH/NG AND THAT YOUR JOB, SCOTTV/ 1= Pt-iot- to World War I Austria- was a naton ...Which later was broken up into Austria, Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia and Hungary... 61 Pro 62 Plant of gen Atnplex 66 Verne charade 47 Hebrew month 68 'Rowdy one 69 Suffix with cyclo or magnc 70 River to Yellow sea 71 Platform 22 Well-known organization: abbr. 23 Herring 24 Vestment 25 Inhibit 29 Personage: 2 words 30 Apiarist's field 33 Wee Tierra del Fucgo people 36 River of Italy 37 .Dice; slang 38 Winter carriers 4 1 Spider monkey Tools 48 Off the 50 Pesters b I Inconsiderable 52 German coin 53 Historic Texas site 54 Hard substance 55 Japanese city 58 "I little pony. . ." 59 PdrtofQED 63 Exclamation 64 Machine part 65 Work in garden DOWN 1 Suitable 2 One -million 3 Cavity 4 Greenland settlement 5 Least usual 6 Former Turkibh title 7 Textile fiber 8 Permeate 9 One of tlie stales 10 Thriving" I T Keep in me grcund 12 Nursemaids 13 Belief 2! Holler OKAY DAVE ILL TRY/ DONALD DUCK By Wall Disncj FOREIGN CARS I THAT'S THE \/ IT SURE TROUBLE LOUSES UP WITH HISTORY. ...then came \ World War I ) and more / TELI.ME SOMETHING CARE vou BOTHERED tr MUCH sv SHOPLIFTERS? A:?;: YOU THE MANAGES?/ chanoes... ) . JACKSON TWINS Monday, February 24, $ CAP ArSWEfJINS DESCPIP- TON AT AB4NPONEP FAW. TEN MILES SOUTH OF STONE RIK5E VILLAGE.' VOJOWEWCXJDIDNT TO HELP I NEED TO ME. /NOT TO/COME.' I 5V/ YOU -ONLY WeOTE COULD EVEI2 ^ MDU TO S4V LOVE ME ' / GOOP0VE GOODBYE ff AND FCR ONCE THE TWINS £RE IN RIGHT OVEP THEIR POINTED LITTLE HEADS AND CAN ONLY SIT AND WATCH ' I WANT Of JLY ONE THIN IN LIFE. you~rwins ONE OR BOTH, BUT I CANT IIAVET -VOJ '. Forecast for Wednesdaj ACROSS 1 See 20 Across 6 Luxurious 10 Fuel 14 Girl's name 15 'District 16 Martha--; comedienne 17 U.S.S.R. republic 18 Did in 19 Algerian port 20 With 1, and 57 Across, an old saw; 4 words 23 Turf 26 South Abian people 27 Tax 28 Instanfly 30 Blue or green color 31 Rocket-assisted take-off: ebbr. 32 Western, Indian 35 -Bedouins 39 iMr. Guinness 40 Firs 42 Honored figure 43 Combining form; self-service 45 Space agency: dbbr. 46 Number *7 Off 49 Abruptly irregular 51 Plays for lime 54 Crescent 56 Letter 57 See 20 Across: 3 words 60 Soviet range I . Your birlhdav today: Material reality is onen to manipulation and imorovt- 1 rncnt. Your intuitions are a swift ,irid sure ou'de or doing what Is aonroDririic lo get tl.c ojors to o^cscenty ODCn. ll-p ; uroe is t 0 olunge ahead with such activ- res'. IO-MV s .wtivcs usuilDv ire . ur,KlKril. rr.o-jrc.etul A R ' E S (March Jl-Apirl 19): Your von r-jn 1,1;^ ,j nmtlif il |o-.n, Ljld/ it i siydi'j'i-. sn -,v reasonable diiinov, hut . 10 VO- r 'o.Tf"! Or""'-,. "'" ' " lmUS '" fl : TrtURUS (April M-M,lv 10): f-inwnnnl f'ti.i in r o'usidr. nci ,ill oi iiicin'ii'iwjri- 1 r C'" vt/u ornv/ ( c iiiiiicnd-il:o:i. 1 In-iurrtw ,·,, ,, cymijlt^ u , )v . I GfcMlNI (M.iv Jl-Junc 30: Coino»li- 'ion -or .iiicftiifjri Blossoms .ill iirou-id i \oj. f.'tiv/ f'oc, riot Dciorcr YOU or ln-li) vcur iito'irr-/,. no nailer |io\v '.'rdiii-itic Hip '.ucicss ol olhcr', niiiv br. Your tu'ii tomes fjv tind t)/. CANCER (June 31- July 12): You' coiniiiijniiv Jiuobs wiih surnnsrs Stick ·.vith ttip Mmihcir r.itncr Hinn wild dra- MKitK oufsideis. Gather friends tonignl. LEO (July 33-Auq. ''I): Your Intuition rises bnqhl ^nd clear in the morn- ir.y. Movo slronuly in vour own sell- lnt^^c^^. .lust he sure nobody is unfairly hindered bv you do. Your as- soridir-j follow wiiti hitlc persuasion VIRGO (AuB. 33-Scnt. ;?): This Is a nitc dciion. socculafions, or any form LIBRA (Scot. 23 Oct. 22): Financial pictures being a cvcle of Improved condition; keeo nu'ihinp conservnlive ao- my3C"os lo sound invesfment. Entertain with ouiel cignity rattier than tieavv ox- ocnsc. SCORPIO (Oct. 33-Nov. 31): Your ernoiional needs have been restrained ^o c 1 .. M.iilv iltMOn M.c Wdgors ur sn^iuldti'/c irwcilmenis should be nitit.e only v/tih extra funds set aside lor such SAGITTARIUS (\Nov. 32-Dec. 71): You II-IVP more energy aw tildi)le nov/ -- use il un Me iiiOil nc-'iicctcd aic^i ot vour (.-·· it cr-buMdmg odiviUcs. Theic is no tn»c u^OQftimi, o'cinninq realistic ooai'j, ic- CAPRICORN (Dec. JJ.Jnn. 19): Sornev/here in this U.iy there is a subtle relief t.ictor ,it worK, so thai vour tno ·'.-IL rise; .ind vou think J bit bioocr. So celebrate lomohl. AQUARIUS (Jan. ?Q- Feb. IB); Oav- diciiniino takes an original form todiv; it might even be salable as 'itcrature if worked out well! Make some note*. PISCES (Feb. 19-Mnrch 20): The mr clears, particularly If vou have man- aocd no) to unset anybody Important. You have some true friends who nre solidly behind vou, saving Htlle until llio nerd arises. Make amcnMici rccognlmiB of ^ -- - / MAK1A, CAN M: / IMPROVE MY / APPEARANCE TO THE POINT \ OF BEING \OH,SOE-EAUTIFUL? / NO. UT WITH A LITTLE / HAPP WO^K WE MIGHT t3E APLE TO GET YOU UP TO V " NOT-TOO-TERR^LV-HOMELV .'

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