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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
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Monday, January 20, 1975
Page 30
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C-HMNDEPENDENT (AM) Dr. Leary o testify for state SACRAMENTO (UP1) Dr. Timothy Leary, onetime apostle of LSD and recently a w i t n e s s for federal authorities, is expected to testify for the state in its case to fire a prison psychologist, it was reported Sunday. The Sacramento Bee said Leary would appear sometime this week at a closed meeting before a s t a t e Personnel B o a r d hearing officer along with Joanna Harcourt-Smith, a companion of L e a r y ' s s i n c e f e d e r a l narcotic agents f o u n d h i m t w o years ago in Afghanistan. T H E B E E s a i d t h e hearing would be held at an undisclosed Northern C a l i f o r n i a correctional institution c o n c e r n i n g charges against Dr. Edward Wesley Hiler. Hiler, a staff psycholo- g i s t al the California Medical Facility at Vacaville, was fired last Aug. 13 in an incident involving Leary. Leary, a state prisoner on "loan" to federal authorities, has been kept under close and secret guard since his testimony last year before a federal grand jury in Chicago on n a r c o t i c s a n d u n d e r ground terrorism. At t h a t time Leary's credibility as a witness was attacked by his son, .lack, 24. and several former friends at a San Francisco n e w s c o n f e r - ence. They charged that the man who introduced LSD to the public consciousness in the 19BOs had fabricated stories to get out of prison. HILER, 50, is accused of interviewing Leary at the Vacaville facility last year without authorization and of taping ihe sessions for use by a magazine writer. The Department of Corrections also charges he failed to report a visit to M i s s S m i t h and threatened the woman that he could delay Leary's parole if she reported the visit. San Francisco attorney J a m e s McCready said Hiler denies the charges. While conceding Hiler 1 did speak with Miss Smith, MeCready said the meeting was at Leary's request and that no threats were made. Fugitive gives up in bank fraud SAN FRANCISCO UP Chinatown b a n k e r Q u a i land Tom returned from A s i a S u n d a y to f a c e , c h a r g e s of embezzling S436.000 from his bank, the FBI said. Agents arrested him at San Francisco International A i r port as he got off a plane from Tokyo. The FBI said the sur- r e n d e r w a s a r r a n g e d through T o m ' s lawyer. George Davis, who said his client has a "sense of honor" and had "come to thi 1 realization of the futility" of trying to live as a fugitive. Tom. 40. is a former manager of the Chinatown branch of the San Franci.--co Federal Savings and L o a n Association who immigrated to the United States from China as a boy. He became one of Chinatown's most influent i a l figures, a founder of the Chinese Cultural Association. Authorities said he left · his home and *36.000-a- ear job Jan 7. Association officials b-aid he became evasive and left the o f f i c e when they confronted him t h a t day with a SKt.fiOfl shortage in one account. C o m p a n y p r e s i d e n t T h o m a s Mitchell s a i d Tom, "one of our most I i n s l e d employes." appeared to h a v e forged withdrawals and altered IxKjk:, on ai leabi 25 ac- wainih. Mitchell said the shortages were uncovered by an audit. Tom was charged with embezzling $436,000 between May 2, 1974, and Dec. ifl. The FBI nuiu ilie money ended up in Tom's persona! account al the Bank of Orient. Arraignment was scheduled for today PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) TIDES TE Iwl FERA.TTJ RE S UfC_ATUCp C/MUC^ACT Long Bwch »«J Vicinity: Fatf lonight'thrwoh*Tuevlav CooU* day* Chance o! Iw w-'.r the coast tonight and Tuesday owning. Low toniah' near 50. Highs today uPW '0-. awl Tuesday tow ?!i. Oraiw County MdrapoMltn Art*: fair lonlghi through Tuesday. Cooiw da« Ownq h f Mountain Arejn Fair tonight through Tuwdar East *o northeast wirxJi ' S to W mp*i at limp* oXrravlng lodav. A little cooler tuevJav. Ovtrmghl krws 3S 'o SO Highs tod.w » tp '.S «nd Tuesday generally in S£h Interior Md D«Wt Reslwi- Fa ; r too'gM th'o-jyr! Ty«r1^¥ Lotfll ·W 1 * wioOi U '0 ?5 ""·(* pao Dorfion dwcailrtg today. / little cooler Tuesday. Qvernigtil tow^ 78 to M rnoh desert 3S to 4fl lo* desert. Highs today mostly in 7Cr high desert and 78 to 85 kw ow' Higrri TuewJav U io7S high desert and generally in the i(n kwdwwt. imperial Coachetla arri tower Cotorido Rlw Valley*: Fair lonigW through Tu*«J_a* t. iiMlp coo'or dan Overnight lowi in the «H. Higirts today 1b to S3 Highs Tuesday ir fw- Offshore Wind and Weather Forecavt (Point Conception to Mexican Border); Lc-jt ·wires'! winds IS to ?? Inch ly-tow canyons Irom Santo Monica norinwvtv/arc lo SUN, MOON AND TIDES Today's sunrise: 7 OS a m Sunset: S i S p m . Woonrise: 11 W a r n Tuesday's sunfise: 7 fU a m Sunset: i 15 p m Moonrise: 1l'*e a m Today's tides: Highs * 7 tw?t a t ^ I T a m .itd J.4 Iet1 a( *'JO o m. UAS 1 1 *«1 ill n U ,1 m -mci ; 7 f«) at $ 4? p m Tuesday's tides- High*, S i Irel at 4 U ft m and ? 4 K-t-t 31 10:39 P m Lov/s; 0 i to* )' i? 'I /· m -ind ; t iy:J ,il 10-39 pm nape threat held valid reason for · ·'-: - ' ' " ' · · : - ' · ' ' · ' _ ' '·: escape from jail By LACEY FOSBURGH New York Times Service SUNDAY WEATHER REPORTS California Bi'-ifti L Prc Pair P i V Vwr Bo-v B-r.'on Across'he Nation L Prc. Canada H L Prc. Edmonton 37 IS 0? Montreal V, 3 n 06 Hicihest li?mw?rfl1ure Sunday in trip 48 adiocont stoles v;as 38 al Long Btacrt, Caltlornia. Lowes) was 23 below at International Falls, Minnesola. L Prc- SJ^-lOO- Thr Air Pollution Control District predicts liltlc- or no smog Icxlav in Los AncHes County. Thp APCD issued ttw following forecast !or atmospheric conditions: OZONE -- Maximum levels of .05 to 10 parts P^r million in all areas. SMOG EFFECTS - Little or now generally. VISIBILITY - Minimum of ·' to 7 miles generally, excepl 10 to 1! miles in the San Fernando Valley. Vessel Arco Prudhw ( T V ) Buena Sui-r1e (Li TV 1 Caracas B fly (Ufll Coiumbialflrxl (S*t Da Noli !Hi Ev«)Nurnherg (Li Til EvtjoniitG iGrl Eagle (Li) FossTOl |Bol .. . . POTTOS (6dl . Golden Boar oiyifioa Summor l(.yl Gult Prince ( T V ) ACTIVE VESSELS IN PORT Compiled Bv Marine Exchange Berth Opera LBiia U)-Anc Hat i-stcr HollisHeribertj (Br) Iberian Reefer (LO . InsQuren (Br) . . Idaho . . Jrilamohgi 1 (In^ KeitenMaru ( J a ) - - Kinrifl Dan {Da T» Long Beach L.-lfce Pfllourdo (Li Tk) . Lompoc iTk-) Mochica ipvt fAoiscstPs T V ) Nchalcm iBgt Nortlland tGe) Norlhern Breeze (Lil 09den Missouri (Pa) .. OtMlo(Sw) ..... Kcrixum INO !»-) Roval Viking Strir (No) , Sun Princess (Brt Ti-nflco Minnesota i T V i . Amencart Leqio" - · David Salmon (Sw) Kristin Brovia (No) Manchester Concept ( . 731 E ?il U*. L B I ' O JO . . L8MS 77J . I.B-18 . . LB46 LIHH 164 LB73 . . . 273 5S . . LB3 10' . . LB?1 93B 169 LB?;B LB-ftw. LBAnc . . 232d LB37 LB83 . LB7W ' . LB312 . . 195 . «a 10; ' VESSELS DUE TOD1Y From Operator , Oakland 0»kland Arto Coritincnlal Oil Reiritipratcd Express Hanyjaitc: Vaasa. . . . Italian Line E»«on Co Orion Global Chjrtt Euro-Pacilir Foss Launch Foss Launch Call) Maritime Y S L i n o .. Gull Oil Japan Lino . . Cavmsn Ulrind VLSW! Launtieo Peninsul-ir Salon Rwfcr Slates Line ^cindiii Steam . . Govl 01 Jflpdn . . . . Shell TanVe 5 . - Se.i Land Barracuda Tan^ Hendv Inlernaliondl Retiigerated Express Southern Liquid. .. Sause Bros - - «,1,inri.ird Fruit . . Ctiilean Line . . Unimarinc Walten'tis Line Perlaoil Marketing . Rovai ViKing Line Princesi Cruises . .. 1'iaco rlny Kecluny Charleston Bremerhaven Pac Australia . US Lines.! Swedish Gulf R c t l a S S Seaway. . . American President Wallenius Due to Sail For \"Ci Drill River I '73 Vancouver l'I2 Balboa 1 '7J Vancouver ... 1'21 Barcelona 1'?? Singapore Indel i '20 Oakland) !."?! Vfllrtr-7 \'1\ Vald07 1-21 Balboa I 2J Guavmas 1 '10 New Orleans I 70 Yokohama . . I'2! Sea 1 it Auckland 1 '19 Tokyo 1 '?6San Francisco 1 33 San Francisco I 23 Honolulu Inde! 1 20 Oakland I '72 Khara, Is 1 21 Port San Luis 1 '22 Balbo.1 1 /20 Cutuco Indel I '23 Tokyo I 70 Valparaiso 1 20 .Yokohama 1 19 San Francisco 1 20 Vancouver I '19 Marallan 1 19 Puerto Vallarla Indel Berth lit I.B230 LBM LB2M .. 22» 87 2320 SAN FRANCISCO--For the first time in what it said was 238 years, a California court has ruled that under some limited circumstances a prisoner is right to escape from jail. In a -1,000-word decision, the California Court of Appeals r u l e d t h a t in some instances the threat of homosexual r a p e is fearsome enough for a p r i s o n e r to justifiably seek to escape from jail in order to avoid the attack. The ruling, w h i c h is' couched in terms of civil liberties, is the first since 173fi, the court said, to raise the possibility that r e p r e h e n s i b l e l i v i n g conditions in prison can in and of themselves become so intolerable that the inmate has the "human" right to leave. THE decision, written by Presiding Justice Robert Gardner of the Court of Appeal, F o u r t h District, in Southern California, is being appealed by the slate attorney general's office. Significantly, however, the appeal is not based on the ground that "necessi.- ty to escape," as it is called, is not a legal defense. Instead, t h e a p p e a l asserts t h a t the justice's opinion may simply have been too broad. "It's a f a s c i n a t i n g c a s e , " explained Conrad D. Peterm a nn, deputy attorney general. "Things are tough in prison and this complaint, that conditions can justify an e s c a p e , has been brought m a n y times before, but never successfully. Maybe now its time has come and it will be a new defense," he said. Gardner himself tried to w a r n against t h i s interpretation. "We do not concede t h a t we h a v e created a new defense to the escape charge," he wrote. "We merely recognize as, did an English court 238 years ago that some conditions 'excuseth the felony' of escape.". v However, he wrote, "be- f o r e L o v e r c a m p , ( t h e n a m e of the case) becomes a household word in prison circles, and we are exposed to the spectacle of hordes of prisoners leaping o v e r the walls screaming 'rape,' we hasten to add that the defense of necessity to an escape charge is extremely limited in its application." The chief restriction he placed on its admissibility is that the prisoner must h a v e s o u g h t virtually every recourse to protect himself f r o m s e x u a l attack before choosing to escape. F u r t h e r m o r e , upon escaping, he must turn himself o v e r to the authorities as soon as possible. The case is based on the escape of Marsha Lovercamp and Linda Wynashe from a narcotics rehabilitation center in Southern California where they, as potential addicts, were sent for compulsory treatment. G A R D N E R described the situation this way: "They were threatened continuously by a group of lesbian inmates who told them t h e y were to perform lesbian acts or be physically beaten. They complained to the authorities several times and, finally, escaped to save themselves. The trial judge ruled that the women could not speak of these conditions as a justification for their act and, so, consequently, they offered no defense. They were then convicted of escape but appealed the issue to the higher court. INTERRACIAL MARRIAGES 11ST FORT- Bjrbcv . Cavuna Constant . Duki'h Hammond Henderson Hoel H o l l i s l r ' Hull Marvin Shields Jphn S McCain Pier 7, Navsuppac Pier 6. NSY Pier 9, Navsuppac Pier 1, NSY Pier 2, NSY Pier 3. NSY Pier 3. NSY Bethlehem Stivl Hier 'L NSY Pier v. Navsuppac Pier 6. NSY McKean Todd Shipyard Oriskany - DDL NSY Oirellel Pier 2. NSY Peacock Pier 9. Navsuppac pluck Al Larson Boat SHOP HMAC Perth (Aust). . Pier 2. NSY Pledge .. Pier 9 - Navsuppac Phoebe . Pier 9, Navsuppac Pt Loma Fellows-Stewart Shipyard St Louis Pier 9, Navsuppac Wichita Pier3.NSY HONOLULU ( A P ) Interracial marriages in H a w a i i h a v e nearly become the rule instead of the exception. A recent computer tabulation by the state Office of Vital Statistics showed that 43 per cent of new marriages h e r e in 1973 w e r e interracial. But when nonresident couples w e r e excluded, the f i g - ured jumped to about 50 per cent. "We really are getting supermixed w i t h e a c h other," said George To- kuyama, registrar of vital statistics.. The 43 per cent figure compares to 37 per cent in 1960 and 31 per cent in 1954. Sorting out the mar- r i a g e patterns is confus- i n g , Tokuyama a d d e d , because many of the 1973 marriages involved people who w e r e the offspring of interracial bonds. The quickest least expensive and most e f f e c t i v e way to communicate with an unknown audience when you have something to sell is with a low cost ad in the Classified columns of this newspaper. Why? Because the very people who are in the market to buy are reading these ads every day! Give us a call today. We'll help you word and place your ad for people to read and respond to! I,P-T Classified Ads phone 432-5959 P. Cl 1.282-1? MortuaryJ36-2284. BOULDEN, Robert M. Born 85 years ago in M i c h i g a n . He is survived by his wife, Jessie f Long Beach; daugh- er, Elizabeth Niswander of 'Reseda; sisters. W i n i f r e d Boswell of Pronto, Canada and Margaret Waters of Weland, Ontario; grandson, Robert Niswander. He was a charter member of El Bekal Shrine and a 50 y e a r m e m b e r of Palos Verder Lodge 389 A M . Services ednesday 2:00 p.m. unnyside Park Chapel d i r e c t e d by Mottell's Mortuary. BUNTIN, Lillie Alice age 93. She is survived y a a son Charles Jore- ;ensen. Services will be Tuesday at 11:00 a.m., G r a c e Chapel, Inglewood Park Cemetery. Hunter Mortuary direc- ors. COLLINS, LeRoy V. Services Tuesday 12;00 noon, Church Of Our Fathers, Forest Lawn Cypress. Dilday Family u n c r a l Directors in h a r g e . 436-9024. 4369024. . DIECKMAN, Don R. SUNNYSIDEMORTU- ARY. 424-1631. FEEHAN, I d a J. Be- oved aunt of Margaret il. Burke and Catherine klark. Recitation of the Rosary Monday at 7:30 ).m. at Utter-McKinley _,akewood Chapel, 2727 5. Carson Street. Mass of Christian Burial Tuesday 9:00 a . m . , St. iarnabas Church, 3955 ) r a n g e A v e . , Long ?each. Announcements AURE, Laila Elenore. heelar/Stricklin Mortu- rv. 426-3365.. SACRY, J a m e s G., ge 69, of Long Beach. Died Saturday. He i urvived by his wife, )orothy Ellen; brothers, Lloyd and Jack Sacry; and sister, Ethel Mae rlarincovich. He was member of the Reorgan zed Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. Services will be Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. at he Chapel of B.W. Coon funeral Home, Long (each. SHIELDS, Cecil. Dil day F a m i l y Funera Directors. 436-9204. COFFMAN, Clarence . Graveside services M o n d a y 11:00 a.m.. Sunnyside M e m o r i a l G a r d e n s , Sunnyside Mortuary, 1500 E. San Antonio Drive. SUNNY- IDE MORTUARY. THRAPP, Floyd C. iied January 16, 1975. le is survived by his w i f e , B a r b a r a ; s o n ) a v i d ; mother, Eliza ieth Bluhm; and sister, .ilamae Davis. Private ervices were held. Holon Son Mortuary. GAMBILL, Lawrence J.S U N N Y S IDE MORTUARY. 424-1631. HILL, Nester J. SUNNYSIDEMORTU- ARY. 424-1631. HOWELL, Ethel Lcola. Services Tuesday 10:00 a . m . , -Mottell's Mortuary. JONGEPIER, J a n . Motlell's Mortuary. 4362284 KISSINGER, Clara Alice. Survived by son, Max G. Souder; daughter-in-law, Robbie G. Souder; grandchildren, June Featherston, harles G. Souder, Aled H. Souder, and Max Ft. Souder; brothers, M a r v i n L. Brown eorge Brown, and Ben Brown; sisters, Mrs. E u l a G r o u t t e , Mrs. E t h e l Ethridge and Mrs. Gertrude Coleman; and;j.9 g r e a t grandchil- dre'il? Services Wednesday 11:00 a.m.. Hunter Mortuary Chapel. Family suggests contributions to the American Cancer Society. L E N E H A N , Orton SUNNYSIDEMORTU- ARY. 424-1631. LOPEZ, Nellie Ann Sunnyside Mortuary 424-1631. MILLER, Thomas S U N N Y S I D E M O R T U ARY. 424-1631. MILLS, Roy C. Sunny side mOrutayr 424-1631. MULLIS, Oran R "Tex". Beloved husbanr. of Mary W.; father o John and Marylou Mul Us, and Susan Murray brother of Drayton Mul lis and Mildred Priest son of Mr. Mrs. Johi E. Mullis; alsp survive by 2 g r a n d c h i l d r e n Services will be 1:31 p.m., Tuesday, Church of Our Fathers. Fores' Lawn-Cypress, Fores Lawn Alortuary. NICKLE, Stanton H. passed a w a y Januarj 18, 1975. He is survive by his w i f e , Leota daughter, Mrs. Pcnnj Phimower; granddaugh ter, Amber Lee Philhow er: mother. Nellie Cass brother, Clifford Nickle a n d s i s t e r , M a r j o r y Frazier. Mr. Nickle wa a member of the Lonj Beach Pharmaceutica A s s o c i a t i o n and th Masonic Lodge No.32 FAM ^of Long Beach Funeral sufVlcOS will be held Tuesday, January 21, 1975, at 3:00 p.m. a Westminster Memoria P a r k Chapel. F a m i l s u g g e s t s donations t Memorial F u n d Lon( Beach Pharmaceutica Association of t h e favorite charity. PR1GC.EE, Lula M S U N N Y S I D E M O R T U ARY. 424-1631. . M Sur- ROBLES. Angelita 77) of Bellflower. S- vived'by sons, Roy, AT- iold, and Manue Robles; daughters Jary R. Pacheco, Molly ihoemakef, Ro=ario "'il- ox and Carmen Galaz; 3 grandchildren. Roary Tuesday, Funera Jass Wednesday both a 1 St. Pancratius Catholic Church. Visitation Monday 6 to 9:00 p.m; Luy ben Family Mofutyayr Chapel f VANDEN BOS, Henry H. Born in Amsterdam lolland in 1890 passec away January 18, 1975 a xmg Beach hospital. He s survived by sons ohn H. and Henry M VandenBos; daughters, Rika Linn and May Ste- ihens; also survived by g r a n d c h i l d r e n ; 1 reat grandchildren lephew, Dr. Bob Van denBos of Amsterdam, lolland. P r i v a t e serv ces were held. SUNNY IDE MORTUARY. VANDERHOOF, .label C. Patterson nively. 436-6201.. VanDETJEN, Ray ervice pending. Meaher's Colonial Chapel iellflower. 925-5536. WESCOTT, Frank W Graveside services Mon day 10:00 a.m., Los Angles M a t i o n a Cemetery. DidayFamiy- FuneaDietosinhage. WILBUR, Emslie L. )ilday Family Funera Directors. 436-9024. WILSON, Virginia Mottell's Mortuary. 436 2284. Funeral Directors 1 SUNNYSIDE ] MEMORIAL GARDENS J N r CEMETERY - MORTUARY CREMATION-CHAPELS FLOWER SHOP 4725 CHERRY AVENUE LONG BEACH, CA 90807 PHONE (213) 424-1631 FAMILY Funeral Director SINCE 1906 LONG BEACH 1 250 Pacific Ave. 1M-5024 LAKEWOO 3?34 Woodru HA 1-84 WESTMINSTER MEMORIAL PARK MORTUARY-CEMETERY In Westminster 431-45 BELLFLOWER MORTUARY John A, Mies 10333 Alondra BELLFLOWER 867-1 Luyben Family Mortuary Utter-McKiniey WHITE'S FUNERAL HOME 9903 E. Flower, Bellll. m-W\ BROTHERS MORTUARY (714) B42-7771 (2131 438-11 Florists FLOWERS ALL OCCASIONS FAST SERVICE VICTOR'S FLOWERS 4333 South St., Lakewood 92W676 4362 Lincoln, Cypress (714) 828-8066 Cemeteries and Mausoleums 1 CHOICE Crypts. Angeles Abb Complon. w. Mezzanine. Mo Bicta, Opening , closing incl asking price. Kearney, S3J4813 COMPANION Lawn Crypl, Gar Of Protection, Forest Lawn, press. $750. Sacrifice! 4M-5140 TWO Crypts in Westminster Memo al Par*. Save MOO now. By Call lor intor 1714)534-7130 Cremation Ji LARRY REICHNER STUDIO INCE'53 ReasRafe's Abacus Financial Consultants 19034 NORWALKBL w fsrritos . (213)865-5275 JENKINS TAX SERVICE' QuIcKonddenllal-Experl ·_ '· **TSttJSffi* fil - '" FlreslonfrNoTM! 11469 Fl Norwlk 868-1001. Bonded Tax Piwer OUR Home. 7 Days Jo io;PM. Since 1949. Federal, Calif .all states. Courteous Reasonable. 835-3751 usiness Services; KKPG, my home. Accts. p receivable, payroll, profit sheet. U hr. Fast peceiida service. 847-5716 betw 2-5pm dafi, Greetings yfi TO THE 4TH FLOOR .. . ii-. SPECIAL FRIENDS ·- Are Hard To Find, ; c Thank You All For A Very ' Memorable 6 Months! '* Love, EJeMy , LENA - BEFORE GOD FOR THE REST OF I I'LL NEVER TAKE ; DRINK. LOVE ERIC I SWEAR *VH A E V R S ersonals 50 PROBLEM ; PREGNANCY'" Our Trained Counselors listen, understand help. -Many alternatives to choose Irom Male Female Sterilization Birth Control into available. _ Pregnancy Testing. . \c_ CALIFORNIA PREGNANCY COUNSELORING SERVICE, INC. A non-profit Agency (?13) 233-5123 or (71d) M2-1436 f 714J 956-3600 CALL COLLECT Se habla espanol - LOWEST FEE END MARITAL DIFFERENCES.'- FREE BANKRUPTCY: MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION Counseling Assistance".- Calif Council lor Social Services Non-Profit Agency M i 42W5Q3 DISSOLVE ; Your Marriagf The easy.way- We do trier TYPING, FILING, SERVING U.S. SERVICE CORP. 424-6J03 Member of Ihe B.B.B. ABORTION : BY MD SPECIALIST, NO OVER NIGHT STAY NECESSARY: ALSO MALE FEMALE ' STERILIZATION (213) 635-0083 · ' NEED MONEY? 440W. ANAHEIM FREE PREGNANCY TESTS 1350 PINE AVE. 599-4554 ie." teenagers, owns home, financia secure, seeking responsible marriage-minded Female 35115 with or without children. Write Box A 4831, I.P.T. Classified Dept.,'604 Pine Ave, L.B. 90344 r PUSMA DONORS NEEDED HIGH FEES PAID Be Married Immediately n Beaut. Chapel. All legal pap here if living together $20. Cert cate tape 437-3333; 435-6004. OVERWEIGHT TTRACTIVE; active, widow-slim, 5'4". Owns home, wants male companion 60 to 70 w-car. . Box A 4838 Class Dcpt. 1PT, 604 Pine LB 90844 TTR. Widow interested m sincere gentleman around 65. Write Box-A 3944, I.P.T. Classified Oept., 604 Pine Ave., L.B. 90544 OUNTRY 8. Western artist for nsw record label. Must have own material. Over 21. Traitors Music, P.O. Box 966, La Mirada, Ca. 90657 a- ads TCI fNnuncc CA/MCTV i UUVT iin;w *rv\.i». i i NOW serving Oranoc County The original low-cost complete CREMATION SERVICE Longest esl a Wished largest group not undertaker atflllatcs Dignity, Intwrlty, Economy For Information or wrvi« (714)95MM)(24Hrs.) No salesman will call piyv wjn-rVtmsid Mflr. 1M g. Ball Rcl. Anflholm CREMATION $250 Complete Wllh Cerllllcd Oltposi lion oi Ashes. As* Aoui our we rood plan. No Membership Requlr ed. Day or Nieht. Call (213) 867-1770

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